Leadership Team

Jerry Fiddler

The Future of Biofuels and Green Chemicals
Solazyme’s success in producing large quantities of algal oil is based on its proprietary strains of wild and engineered algae that metabolize a diverse array of carbohydrates into functional oils. Algae have evolved highly e cient pathways for oil production and much of the oil we are using today originated with ancient algal bloom. Unlike other microorganisms, algae are incredibly e cient lipid producers and have high metabolic ux through the lipid pathway. Advanced Biofuels Solazyme is the only microbial biofuel company to produce an oil-based fuel, Soladiesel™, at commercial manufacturing scale with production capabilities currently in the thousands of gallons, with plans to ramp up production for demonstration purposes. Jet fuel has passed the eleven most challenging speci cations needed to meet the ASTM D1655 standard, the world’s rst microbial-derived jet fuel to do so. Soladiesel™ is the rst and only algal biodiesel to have been successfully road-tested and demonstrated in road tests up to B100, and has demonstrated better cold temperature properties than any currently produced biodiesel. Soladiesel™ is fully compatible with existing infrastructure and can be used with factory-standard diesel engines with no modi cations. The fuel can be used ‘neat ’ or in blends with conventional fuels. Soladiesel™ renewable diesel has passed D-975 speci cations. Solazyme has received $2 million in funding from the NIST to produce a very high quality biocrude. Renewable Chemicals Solazyme’s microalgae produce linear fatty acids and esters, which can readily be converted to value-added chemicals, such as surfactants, lubricants and polymers. These lipids are highly tailorable and boast consistency and versatility beyond their competitors. This addresses supply, a ordability and quality issues seen in other natural oil sources, such as soy, palm or canola.

Solazyme, Inc. is a renewable oil production company and the leader in algal synthetic biology. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in South San Francisco, the company harnesses the power of microalgae to renewably produce clean and scalable high performance biofuels, industrial chemicals and health and wellness products. Solazyme’s unique microbial conversion technology process allows algae to produce oil in standard conversion technology facilities quickly, e ciently and at large scale. These oils are tailored not only for biofuel production, but also as replacements for fossil petroleum and plant oils in a diverse range of products running from green household cleaning supplies to cosmetics and foods. Solazyme’s oils and biofuels provide compelling solutions to increasingly complex issues of fuel scarcity, energy security and environmental impact while tting cleanly into the pre-existing multi-trillion dollar fuel infrastructure.

Jonathan S. Wolfson
Chief Executive O cer/ Director

Dr. Harrison F. Dillon
President & Chief Technology O cer/ Director

Dr. Arthur Grossman
Chief of Genetics

Tyler W. Painter
Chief Financial O cer

Dr. Troy J. Campione

Why Now?

Solazyme Process
CO2 in CO2 out*

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Jurgen Dominik Global demand for petroleum and natural oil-based products increasing
Biofuel Renewable Resources
C3 H5 (OH)3

Senior Vice President of Process Development and Manufacturing

industrial wastes (glycerol) starches

Algal Fermentation

• biodiesel • diesel • renewable diesel • jet • biocrude

Dr. Peter Licari
Senior Vice President of Research and Development

Environmental concerns heightening

sugars (cane & beets) CELLULOSE switchgrasses wood waste begasse etc.
C3 H5 (OH)3 C3 H5 (OH)3 C3 H5 (OH)3

C3 H5 (OH)3

Algal Oil

Green Chemicals
• surfactants • lubricants • polymers

Geo rey J. Brooks
Vice President and General Manager of Health and Wellness

C3 H5 (OH)3

Health & Wellness
• surfactants • skin care • nutritional supplements

National Energy Security

Solazyme’s engineered algae

Dr. Michael V. Arbige

Beauty from the Inside Out
Today’s cosmetic and nutraceutical markets are exciting growth opportunities driven by increasing consumer demand for natural, science-based products that deliver real bene ts. Solazyme is commercializing novel and clinically- researched marine and microaquatic compounds for a wide range of health and wellness products. Cosmetics include novel anti-aging compounds in patented delivery systems. Nutraceuticals o er excellent animal trial data with powerful multi-bene t cardiovascular compounds.

Algae converts natural resources into oil


to 95% reduction in CO2 versus fossil fuels




William Lese

Energy independence desired

Competitive Advantages
Only advanced biofuels company producing oil at scale. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Chevron. Feedstock exibility – cellulosics, including switchgrass, corn stover and industrial waste streams. Soladiesel™ is superior to other current biodiesel and has exceeded the requirements of ASTM D6751, EN 14214 and Military Speci cations.

Daniel H. Miller

Solazyme, Inc.
561 Eccles Avenue South San Francisco California 94080 T 650.780.4777 F 650.989.6700 solazyme.com

Edible Oils/Nutrition
Solazyme oils naturally o er zero trans fats while maintaining high stability often lacking from other plant based oils. They are nutrient rich and may one day herald a new generation of super foods. Solazyme also o ers highly nutritious and tailorable animal feed products.

The second oil crisis – edible/natural oils

World class scienti c team including Dr. Arthur Grossman, 2002 recipient of the prestigious Darbaker Prize & 2009 recipient of the Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal.

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