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Kassandra Martinez Period4 Feb.21.2013 Black History Month Graphic Organizer and Greeting Card Questions Answers 1.

Name and address of the website you found the poem. 2. What is the name In memoriam: Martin Luther King, Jr. of the poem? 3. Who is the author June Jordan of the poem? 4.insert a picture of the author.

QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

5. What does the title tell you about the poem? 6. Explain the first thing you notice about the poem 7. Why did you select this poem? How did it interest or inspire you? 8. What mood did the poem create in you after reading it?

The title tells me that we are celebrating the memory of the black history month. And the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr The first thing I notice about the poem that he is talking about Freedom I selected this poem because Martins poem always inspired me since third grade.

She created the poem in the mood of love caring and freedom.

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Dear Chris, February is the black history month. I know its the end of black history month. Some of the lessons about struggle and survival and prevailing are rooted right in their community. We celebrate black history month because it represents their freedom that African Americans fought for. Its important because black people have been through a lot. They fought for freedom to gains respect and to be treated like the white people. I selected this poem because martin Luther king made a change in the life of the black people. Reading the poem made me feel happy.

Honey people murder mercy U.S.A. the milk land turn to monsters teach To kill to violate pull down destroy The weakly freedom growing fruit From being born


Tomorrow yesterday rip

QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

rape Exacerbate despoil disfigure Crazy running threat the Deadly thrall Appall belief dispel The wildlife burn the breast The onward tongue The outward hand Deform the normal rainy Riot sunshine shelter wreck of darkness derogate Delimit blank

Explode deprive assassinate and batten up like bullets fatten up The raving greed Reactivate a springtime Terrorizing

Death by men by more Than you or I can



They sleep who know a regulated place Or pulse or tide or changing sky According to some universal Stage direction obvious Like shore washed shells

We share an afternoon of mourning

In between no next predictable Except for wild reversal hearse rehearsal Bleach the black long lunging Ritual of fright insanity and more Deplorable abortion More and More