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By A. J. Weberman

Ron Paul is not much of backwoods doctor, and will never make any great advances in medicine as others, such as Louis Pasteur, have. But Ron Paul thinks he knows better than Pasteur and is willing to risk the health of you family to prove it. Despite overwhelming evidence raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks Paul tacitly recommends raw milk to his zombies and on May 11, 2011 Paul introduced H.R. 1830, a bill that would effectively overturn the federal prohibition on raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce. Paul, who had introduced the same bill in

the last session of Congress, remarked, “Hard as it is to believe, the federal government is actually spending time and money prosecuting small businesses for the “crime” of meeting their customer‟s demand for unpasteurized milk! Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment about what products best promote health.” According to an analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 1993 and 2006 more than 1500 people in the United States became sick from drinking raw milk or eating cheese made from raw milk. In addition, CDC reported that unpasteurized milk is 150 times more likely to cause food-borne illness and results in 13 times more hospitalizations than illnesses involving pasteurized dairy products. This is Paul‟s latest Nazi newsletter: WHEN THEY CAME FOR THE RAW MILK DRINKERS…by Ron Paul While I oppose most gun control proposals, there is one group of Americans I do believe should be disarmed: federal agents. The use of force by federal agents to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws is one of the major, albeit overlooked, threats to liberty. Too often Americans are victimized by government force simply for engaging in commercial transactions disproved of by Congress and the federal bureaucracy. Of course Paul wants to disarm Federal Agents. He is a neoConfederate who opposes a strong central government. And who decides if these laws are unjust, unconstitutional and a threat to liberty? The Courts? No Ron Paul does. He will decide if the laws are a threat to his version of liberty, “liberty” to commit genocide. For example, the offices of Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, have been repeatedly raided by armed federal and state agents, and Rawesome‟s founder, 65year old James Stewart, has been imprisoned. What heinous crime justified this action? Rawesome sold

unpasteurized (raw) milk and cheese to willing customers – in a state where raw milk is legal! You cannot even drink milk from a cow without a federal permit! James Stewart jumped bail, having failed to show up for two court appearances. In one of cases, he was out on a $30,000 bail in Los Angeles County on charges of illegally selling raw milk. In the other, he was out of a $100,000 bail in Ventura County on charges of illegally raising funds for Sharon Palmer‟s Healthy Family Farms, according to an article in The Complete Patient. Stewart was into the notion of the „sovereign man,‟ which urges people to claim their „Common Law Inherent Rights‟ and defend themselves against “all levels of abuse from Government and Statutes.” Sharon Palmer supplies Rawesome Foods with raw goat milk and other dairy products from what is known as a „herdshare.‟ Under a herdshare arrangement, the members don‟t consider themselves as buying the milk since they own the animals. Palmer has no license to sell raw milk in California, a state which does allow retail sales of raw milk but which also has very strict laws governing raw-milk production and sales. This is hardly the only case of federal agents using force against those who would dare meet consumer demand for raw milk. In 2011 armed agents of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many millions of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to stop Allgyer from selling his raw milk to willing customers. On February 2, 2012 Federal District Court Judge Lawrence F. Stengel ordered a permanent injunction against dairy farmer Dan Allgyer prohibiting Allgyer from distributing raw milk and raw milk products across state lines; under Judge Stengel‟s order, the injunction was to be in place for a minimum of five years Stengel found that Allgyer sold raw milk to members of Grassfed On The

Hill, a food buyers club, at various distribution points in Maryland and the District of Columbia in violation of federal labeling laws (the milk containers Allgyer distributed were unlabeled) and the federal regulation prohibiting raw milk and raw milk products (other than raw cheese aged at least 60 days) in interstate commerce. As a result Allgyer closed down his operation. The use of force against individuals making choices not approved of by the political elite does not just stop with raw milk. The Natural News website has documented numerous accounts of federal persecution, including armed raids, of health food stores and alternative medical practitioners. The Nazi newspaper Spotlight, that supported Ron Paul ran stories like Peroxide for Improved Health by T. Valentine, an interview with Fr. Richard Willhelm, SPOTLIGHT, August, 1986. They advertisers were the purveyors of quack cures.

These type of police state tactics used against, among others, raw milk producers, and alternative health providers is justified by the paternalistic attitude common in Washington, D.C. A member of Congress actually once told me that, “The people need these types of laws because they do not know what is good for them.” This mindset fuels the growth of the nanny

state and inevitably leads to what C.S. Lewis said may be the worst from of tyranny “…a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims.” All Americans, even if they do not believe it is a wise choice to drink raw milk should be concerned about the use of force to limit our choices. This is because there is no limiting principle to the idea that the government force is justified if used “for our own good.” Today it is those who sell raw milk who are being victimized by government force, tomorrow it could be those who sell soda pop or Styrofoam cups. Therefore, all Americans should speak out against these injustices. African Americans between the ages of 20 and 39 were shown to have the most fast food and supersize non-diet soda pop in their diet when compared with their Caucasian and Hispanic counterparts, as one-fifth of their calorie intake came from quick service restaurants. Just another part of Paul’s hidden agenda to destroy Blacks.