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“Theoretical football is the notion that American football is an exceedingly complex sport that requires a branch of learning. Its goal is to accentuate the cerebral, academic, and quantifiable aspects of American football.” - Denauld William Brown

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NEXT TOPIC: Mike Bobo Offensive Coordinator University of Georgia . We will discuss the pre-snap formations run by then Head Football Coach of the University of Oregon Chip Kelly. We will also give an in-depth look at some of the formational intent that defines this master architect.Defending The Best Offensive Minds Topic: Chip Kelly Head Football Coach Philadelphia Eagles By Denauld William Brown This is a continued series on how to read and defend offensive formations pre-snap.

The quarterback. as that need to be asked about this case the quarterback mentioned in previous this formation. In this case the reason's for this are many the “Z” confirms this. Meaning that motion “behind” the “F”. The motion is . Can there be an receiver “behind” the running The chances of the “F” effective run game out of this backs. the depth becoming a receiver out of formation? If the answer is of the quarterback gives you the backfield is more likely yes than what brand of run a feel of a 4 back philosophy than the “R” because of the game will be employed? The by Chip Kelly. and a considered running backs of players is the key. In unique because. If running backs are clearly in you have the possibility of the “Z” were to motion “in” no position to receive any two independent lead “front” the “F” than the type of hand off from the blockers and two independent opposite would be true. not just articles. Consider a passing play backs “below” the The motion by the “Z” or #2 scenario with this formation? quarterback. but an running backs is significant. Lets us first should be considered. positioning of both running actual running back.Pro Slot Number of running backs: 2 Number of receivers: 3 Number of Tight ends: 0 Formation Type: Female Formation demeanor: Pass 1 Their are so many questions lead. his motion behind the begin with the irregular a threat to run the ball. running back to follow his opportunity. In a quarterback and the “Z” or however “MO”. makes logical sense. The motion by backs. as well as. the “M”iddle X traditional case having a lead #2 receiver should be “Of” the 5 offensive eligible back as a blocker.

“Slot” sets are relying on the “personnel defined as have “Z” and “X” group” crutch. Chip Kelly is unique even among the top play callers because of his illusion of slot. A basic question Knowing the personnel group is that needs to asked about this the best way for a defensive formation is why would Chip Kelly use “spin” motion by the “Y” player? It could simply be that he wanted to see what coverage the defense is in? Another likely reason would be to threaten motion into the backfield to force the defense to preemptively check there coverage or spin their safeties? Ask the questions and get to the heart of the formational intent of this master play caller. Slot formations are something we talk about quite a bit in these formation evaluations. In most cases studying formations from the that would likely be true and in defensive perspective? Unless the NFL.Pro Number of running backs: 2 Number of receivers: 3 Number of Tight ends: 0 Formation Type: Female Formation demeanor: Pass 2 This formation like the previous formation is an inverted wishbone that features the quarterback as the focal point. eye when identifying Formations are a big part of formational intent without this illusion. the “Y” is. players like Rob you are in the same room when Gronkowsi or Kellen Winslow the offense is game planning. Unusual but very smart and an definitely key signature in a Chip Kelly offense. However these days Essentially the offense could be you need to have a very keen very different week to week. Why is that so can assume that the “Y” in this important when it come to diagram is a TE. you essentially have to identify However this “Y” is a wide who the “X” and “Z” are receiver by scheme that we can without know the true intent of Xconfirm after the fact by the offensive play caller. watching film. He also has a knack for having very specific game plans of coach to help him identify who each opponent he faces. For example we on the same side. run like wide receivers. That being said there is a definite pattern with all these master play callers and it is there use of slot formations that separates them from the others. .

Lets takes the formation formations are built for the pass and simply gone “tackle over” but Chip apart piece by piece. The question that should eligible that in the “M”iddle “Of” the intent will be based on the be asked is if there is any chance “new” 5 offensive eligible players? formations he employs. Teams that use them often asking the “Y” to do? Now. Now that the “Y” is “new center” for two reasons. do and really puts into perspective flag for the defense! Unbalanced The “Y” is not an eligible receiver so how great of an architect he really is. In this case when Kelly decided to re-center his obvious variation on this formation is you place two players on the line of formation by covering the “Y” with that the “Y” and the “Z” are both on scrimmage that automatically should the “Z”. They can really make a defense offensive guard to the offset “R” challenge given the nature of this go bonkers without proper back has now been engaged as the college offense. . This is a very smart thing to the line of scrimmage.Pro Number of running backs: 2 Number of receivers: 3 Number of Tight ends: 0 Formation Type: Male Formation demeanor: Run 3 At a first glance this formation looks that this play will be a pass rather The “R” back is the middle player of rather normal. Many teams would have from that. Immediate red indicate a high percentage of run. The most others for the run. formations are hard to gauge other than block what is Chip Kelly I would be excited to see how Chip sometime. But there is no doubt understanding. what Kelly will adjust his formations to the have a specific purpose or game about this “offset” pistol back? The NFL Hash marks? This will be a plan. However a well than a run? You don’t want to guess the 5 and now the focal point of the trained eye will tell you that it is far in these situations but some formation. in my mind that defensive teams covered that now engages the “X” as Excluding the “Y” X and including the versus the Philadelphia Eagles this a motion threat in this Chip Kelly “Q”. who is now the offensive year will need to figure out what his formation.

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