Group Action Sheet One

This is an exercise to help members of each group get to know one another. 1. Give your name and a short introduction about who you are. Do not say what you do or don’t do for an income. 2. What is your favorite season of the year and why? 3. Explain to the group what you do in a typical week. (now you may talk about your “occupation” is you choose.)

Group Action Sheet Two
This is a storytelling exercise. 1. Either you or one person in your group should read the Arch story book to the rest of the group. Make sure to show the pictures. 2. Children love to ask why. Instruct the group, that after the story is over to follow the lead of little children, and ask the storyteller “why?” 3. See how many levels down you can go asking “why?”

Group Action Sheet Three
1. Instruct each person in the group to use the crayons and paper to draw their life story. This should take about 10 minutes. 2. Ask everyone to pass their pictures around the table. 3. Give each person an opportunity to explain their sheet.

Group Action Sheet Four
Now each group is going use their imagination to worship the Lord. 1. Ask each person in the group to share something in creation that reflects God’s glory. 2. Now instruct each person to worship God using their imagination and their hands by finger-painting. Children make pictures for their parents to hang on the refrigerator. Make a picture for God. Remember, children don’t worry about being some great artist. They express their heart in the creation. We also have crayons, scissors, and construction paper. Use whatever you need to make a picture for the Lord.

Group Action Sheet Five
Do not read all the directions at one time. Complete each step before beginning the next. 1. Using the provided, have each person write a story using only pictures. Draw one picture per page. The story can be fairly short (5-10). 2. Once the pictures are complete, have each person arrange them in the correct order and then pass the packet to the person on the left. 3. Now instruct each person to pick up their new packet, look over the pictures, and write the story they see on the back of each picture. 4. Once they are complete, go around the group and let each person tell their story. 5. If you have time left over, talk about the experience.

Group Action Sheet Six
Working together, the team is going to become a machine. 1. Each person in the group must play a vital role. No one observes. 2. Your machine is

Group Action Sheet Seven
Now it’s time to get the blood flowing. Everyone can get a snack and walk outside. 1. This is a short one. Every group has a sheet and a ball. Take the sheet outside, and have each person on the team grab a piece of the sheet, forming a trampoline for the ball. Now the group has bounce the ball on the sheet. We’ll see which team can bounce their ball the highest and the most times. If the groups get the hang of it, we can try to play catch between different groups. 2. When you return inside there will be three items on your table. Your group must select a story or parable from the scripture. Write a short little play. Be sure to use each item on your table as a prop in the story. Try to use each item as two different props. 3. Practice a few times, and then we’ll have a short performance.

Group Action Sheet Eight
An informal communion will be the final group activity. 1. Before you begin, hand out the evaluation forms. Ask the people in your group to complete these forms and return them before leaving tonight. 2. Each group is going to share the bread and grape juice with one another. 3. Now go around the table, and ask the group members to pray a blessing for each person in the group. Don’t rush this. Give time for the group to listen and share anything they feel led to share or pray. When you feel the group is finished praying for a person, move to the next person and continue all the way around the table.