REAL LIFE TITLE SUSPECT VICTIM PLOT Identity theft, Hacking Anyone Anyone As anyone can be both a suspect

and a victim. Taking really good care of one’s identity is a great defense against this Cybercrime.

MOVIE “Untraceable” Owen Reilly(Joseph Cross) Helicopter pilot, newscaster and Dowd.
Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) is a widowed single parent living in a suburban Portland home with her daughter Annie Haskins (Perla HaneyJardine). By night, she works in the FBI's cybercrime division with Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks), fighting identity theft and similar crimes. One night, an anonymous tip leads them to a website called The site features a streaming video of a kitten being tortured and killed. After the kitten's death, killwithme's webmaster (Joseph Cross) 'graduates' to human victims and makes their deaths correlate directly with the number of hits the site receives. At a press conference, the public is urged to avoid killwithme but, as Marsh feared, this only increases the site's popularity. The videos are recorded in the killer's basement and his various victims include a helicopter, a Newscaster and Dowd. At first it seems the victims were randomly chosen, but this is not the case. The first two victims were chosen because they were part of filming or presenting the suicide of a junior college teacher. The teacher's unstable, technoprodigy son, Owen Reilly, broke down and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When released, he decided to wreak vengeance on those he felt had exploited his father's tragedy. Dowd was killed because he came close to the truth of who the murderer was. Marsh, who figures this out, is soon targeted as well. Reilly Becomes “Untraceable” when he steals other person IP Address(exploited sites) to use as a mirror server so when authorities shut down his site, his site is safe while the exploited one will shut down.

REAL LIFE TITLE SUSPECT Cyberterrorism, Hacking Anyone with great knowledge in hacking high breech security network Individuals and/or Corporation with weak security implementation Leaving a weakly protected network can lead to hacking of one’s network. Accessing viable and critical data such as name, bank account number, passwords, credit card’s information and more serious damages include deletion of data, manipulating and taking control of one’s machine, falsification of data.

MOVIE “Live free or Die Hard” a group of terrorists led by Thomas Gabriel(Timothy Olyphant) U.S. Government



NYPD Detective John McClane lives in Brooklyn, and he's now divorced from Holly Gennero, who lives in San Francisco. John has faced some brutal terrorists in his career, but now, he's about to face what may be his most dangerous enemy yet. John, who occasionally does jobs for the United States Department of Homeland Security, receives a call to bring in a hacker named Matt Farrell, because there has been a breach in an FBI computer system. Farrell is one of the many hackers who are suspected in the attack, and all known hackers are to be questioned. But after John gets to Matt's apartment, a group of men show up and try to kill John and Matt, who barely escape with their lives. As it turns out, a group of terrorists led by Thomas Gabriel are systematically shutting down the United States computer infrastructure. They crash the stock market, crippling America's economy. It turns out that Matt knows enough about hacking to know exactly how Gabriel is shutting down the USA. Gabriel, a disgraced former Department of Defense employee, plans to bring the country to its knees, but he doesn't count on John and Matt figuring out what's going on. Gabriel wants John and Matt out of the way, and for John, the situation becomes personal when an enraged Gabriel kidnaps John's daughter Lucy, who is a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Gabriel may think he now has the upper hand on John, but he has no idea how far John is willing to go to rescue Lucy.

REAL LIFE TITLE Hacking and Invasion Of Privacy People with computer that have internet access and capable of hacking secured networks Anyone with weak security defenses Not installing a Anti-spy ware or not updating it, choosing a weak password

MOVIE “So Close”


Lynn (Shu Qi) a.k.a. Computer Angel of


Chow Nunn and Chow Lui's giant computer company The brothers Chow Nunn and Chow Lui's giant computer company is facing a tense crisis - a powerful computer virus is rapidly wiping out their computer network. At the last minute a cyber-friend arrives to join the battle. The mysterious '' battles the virus and saves the company. Invited by Chow Lui for a visit in person, arrives in the form of the beautiful Lynn (Shu Qi). But it turns out Lynn is a professional assassin with amazing hightech and kung fu skills.


REAL LIFE TITLE SUSPECT Malware and Malicious Code, Hacking Ranges From ordinary user who proliferates the malicious code to a season programmer who can actually create one Ranges from ordinary user who contacted with an infected file to high threat of security invasion A user got an infected file and unknowingly activates the virus (or malware for that reason)

MOVIE “Swordfish” Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman)


Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is an elite hacker who infected the FBI's Carnivore program with a potent computer virus, delaying its deployment by several years. For this, he was arrested by Agent Roberts (Don Cheadle), convicted of computer crimes and spent two years in Leavenworth. A condition of his parole is that he is forbidden from touching, much less using, a computer. His ex-wife, Melissa, has sole custody over their daughter Holly and some form of restraining order against Stanley from seeing Holly.


REAL LIFE TITLE SUSPECT VICTIM Hacking, Bank Fraud, Cyberterrorism Syndicates of thief, hackers, and terrorist Nations with weak security defense, bank with weak security measures and weakly protected networks Bank account having less or more than the true amount,

MOVIE “Eagle Eye” ARIA (Computer) Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf)


The film begins with the armed forces getting a lead on a suspected terrorist. As the man is a recluse, getting a positive ID proves difficult, and the DOD's computer system recommends that the mission be aborted. From continued aerial surveillance of the area, the suspect is apparently attending a funeral but the possibility that it is a facade makes those present all nervous - the system continues to recommend abort. The Secretary of Defense (Michael Chiklis) agrees with the abort recommendation, but the President orders the mission be carried out anyway. This turns into a political backlash when all those killed turn out to be civilians, and retaliatory bombings are carried out in response. The scene abruptly shifts to the life of Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf), a Stanford University drop out who not only lacks any real direction in his life, but also faces great financial difficulty. He gets a phone call from his parents telling him that his twin brother, Ethan, is dead. Following the funeral, Jerry gets a $1,000 check from his dad. When Jerry tries to deposit the check and withdraw some money from the ATM, he's surprised to see that his account is filled with a lump sum of money. Soon he returns home to find his apartment filled with a large amount of weapons, explosives, and forged documents.

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