4th House

Houses 9-12
This class first I want to go throught the last four houses in the char, the last cycle, Houses 9-12, where we connect the 4 Purusarta’s of Dharma, Aarta, Kama and Moksha with the highest Universal Principle. However much we’ve worked through our self’knowledge and our relations with others, we then take that into the more universal sphere. Houses 9-12 relate to those areas of life. We left off in the 8th H of ‘absolute terror and realization of death!’ That 8th H of wanting to be liberated from others and liberated from our illusions around others, our delusion that other people ar the answer, that we’ll find our salvation in that/them. The 8th H leads to 9th H. Once we face our mortality and face these trtuths of life that we’re going to die, lose it all, and everyone is going to perish, then we need to look for a higher prurpose, a higher meaning, a higher Truth, the highest Truth. The Universal Truth which is the 9th H. that highest dharmic truth. This is why we start that section of the zodiac with our ghighest dharma, our deepest fears create that search. We have some philosophy based on what we think is going to happen. We all have some philosophy about that painful realization that came at some point in our life, this painful realization that we can’t control what’s going to happen; that we’re all going to meet w/ that fate. At least our physical life, our life on Earth, that compels us to look higher. That’s the highest dharma, the truth of the 9th H, that highest wisdom that is beyond our identity and beyond our relations w/ others, this thing that takes us into that universal realm. This is why it’s about religion and those who teach us that higher teaching such as astrology and things that connect us to the highest universal truth. It also has to do w/ man-made truth. We need to be realistic: everyone is not very religious, or if theyu ar, it’s somewhat iffy about how sincere they are. Most people definitely aren’t spiritual, which means, willing to face the real truth, that they need to transform; they’re on this evolutionary journey; that we need to do this deep, intense meditation, all the things we talk about in the Vedic Sciences, realize that, especially when you start talking about the 9th H, even Jupiter and Ketu and liberation, etc. They can sound very noble, very haughty, very high and mighty. That’s not how most people experience them. Much of the time our 9 th H winds up being some kind of religion, higher meaning, higher purpose that’s bigger than just myself, my relations and my little sphere. It often compels people to dedicate their life to some big purpose, some big teaching. That’s very related to the world. Some things related to the 9th H have to do w/ law. It’s not just God’s law, it’s also man-made law; things that are bigger and higher that keep the order of society together. Just things we didicate ourselves to that are bigger than just our own and loved one’s happiness. It all gives great meaning and purpose to our life. That’s what the 9th H is about that’s really the seed principle. As much as you want to understand that it’s higher concepts, many times within the evolutionary process of the 9th H it’s evolving beyond our own personal philosophy or philosophy of the world, which is often where it hangs out. ‘Make the world a better place.’ My sense of meaning and purpose; that I’ve raised my children well, been a good parent and a good citizen. Think of what we say about people when they die, and that’s a lot fo the 9th H. That’s where it kind of hangs out most of the time. Last year Steve Jobs died. He was sort of this religious figure by the time he died. He turned into a 9th H figure. They certainly weren’t talking about how spiritually enlightened he was in the highest spiritual sense like we talk about. They talk about his creativity, his vision, what he gave to the world, how he made the world a better place, left this legacy of creativity. Those kinds of things are also 9th h. inspiring figures that teach us things about the world is also 9th H. That’s how it usually works. In the highest sense tho, it’s obviously these grest inspiring teachers and gurus, and that amazing wisdom that we believe in, that informs us about the meaning of our life. So that highest dharma, the universal dharma, is the 9th H., comes after the 8th H. we look for a ghigher meaning and purpose and that’s where we find it. You can also see how children/5th H, relates to the 9th h, our higher purpose, at least at the time when we’re raising the children. I also make the correlation, as a teacher. Teachers are very much 9th h and their students are very much 5th H. there’s a real correlation between the 5th and 9th houses. There’s the principle of Bhavat Bahva: 5th from the 5th and 9th from the 9th. The 9th H is 5th from the 5th; the 5th H is 9th from the 9th. It shows how teaching and learning, students and teachers, children and parents, our sense of hope and purpose have very much this relationship/correlation. Our sense of meaning and purpose, 9th H is very personally creative, gives us a lot of intelligence and wisdom/5th H. They’re very related in the highest sense and even in the worldly sense, even in a more creative, mundane sense. Steve Jobs was very creative as a 5th H figure, and in the end he became a very inspiring leader as a result. He

like the Steve Jobs example. You see people’s impact in the 10th H.4th House inspired a lot of people to pursue their creative visions. making an impact. This is a very tricky thing that you need to understand in this way. 2nd H is literally ‘wealth’ 6th H is literally the effort and work produced by having that baby. that sense of our highest dharma and our highest wisdom and the answer we seek. it whosw how our values impact the worl. This is how the 10 th H is also related to the 6th and 2nd Houses as the highest octave of aarta. This is why the 10 th h is the ‘Karma bhava’ Because this is the aggregate result of your karma. or whether is’s our public self at worl. There’s never a mistake w/ our karma. serve for those inspired purposes. we’re all impacting the world exactly congruent to what our values are and how much we actually put into practice. We need to do thid work and we feel this result that comes in the aarta house. That’s what the 10th H is really about: our highest principles/9th H. wind up rising in life very high. how much our vision is appreciated. It’s really the highest Aarta. creative force we are. that’s the dharma of this section. or who we would like to be. We’ll be impacting the world in ways that are not congruent w/ who we would like to be. or even if its w/ our circle of friends. 9th H leads to the 10th H in that way. This is also related to the 10th H. They’re all related. that is often based on our reputation. They actually are congruent w/ who we are. the 10th H. you can look and see this. We all have an impact in the world. who’s going to produce a lot of work. We know they can handle and will serve in the higher sense. wind up getting alot of power in the 10th H because we trust them. the Karma Bhava. that’s actally how much your’re putting your principles into practice. what comes back to us as a result of our philosophies and our teachings. Meaning how much you are willing to actually sacrifice for principles. Ther’s suffering when it’s not congruent w/ who you see yourself becoming. It comes after the 9th H. the tangible result of who you are. the food you eat. the are congruent w/ who we actually are Not who we think we are. which is our highest values and that’s what we would like to be known for. That’s the 10 th H. the impact we have. Those who are willing to subjugate their personal needs and desires and serve that vision. However much you impact the world. He followed his creative vision and became an inspiring figure at work. So they’re quite related. It shows in the cateer. 5th H. So based on how much we are pursuing our creative heart’s desire. However much of an inspiring.’ Or that’s the Asrta rather of ‘other people’ (6th H) Whether we’re graceful when we have to deal w/ other people who we don’t love necessarily. you see the friends. 6th H becomes much less unpleasant. It’s an Aarta house. the 10th H is known as our house of career. etc. It shows in the impact we have in our life. Even if it’s just working at a company. 2nd H. we have a certain sense of hope and inspiration in the 9th. our highest values opeating in the world. that allowed him to really impact the world in the 10th H. how much we actually DO. the clothes you wear. producing a result/10th H. It’s the same kind of thing. We’re inspired in the Dharma house. the wealth. then you see how much our values impact the world. how much we inspire others. but how do we change others’ diapers when they create a mess in our life? That’s the 6th H of ‘other people. principles. that gives a certain impact in the 10th H. we’re going to spend a lot of money on it. it comes to us as a result of our reputation which is based on our teachings and principles. 6th H is the tangible result of how you deal w/ others. or the ones who have the most impact are the ones who are the inspiring teacher-types. Very powerful. It produces something(10th H ) 2nd H is your environment. sense of our big ideas. When we remember that we’re all children of God. through everything that’s come before. That’s how much power you actually have. for instance. we impact in the world of our career as well. Literally what you are putting into practice. If we’re not willing to do that. We’re willing to change that baby’s diapers. because we don’t deal w/ each other that way. We feel like the karmas and the duties we have are not congruent w/ who we are. Even in your circles. The Aart. whether it’s a public figure like that. We get alot of power based on our philosophy. we’re going to need to develop one. we struggle w/ messes that others create. because we’re going to face the pain of the 8th H that leads to the philosophy of the 9th H. think of how well people who are graceful under pressure. That’s always the case. based on how we’re perceived. tha’w what the Aarta houses are. Our highest values and how they impact the world. the result. the philosophy we have about life. which is karma. That’s how we would like to be impacting the world based on this inspired purpose of who . it’s a direct correlation to who you actually are. the money you have. 9 th H. But the truth is. It is your highest values impacting the worl. It’s the culmination of our values/2nd H. It actually comes in the 10th H. At least this is what we would like in the 10th H. it’s going to require a lot of attention.

that would be the greatest thing ever. this is the area of life where people feel like they’ve been cheated that their karma is not correct. there’s nothing else to do except let your life fall away. No mistakes. As long as we’re striving towards this amazing beautiful thing we can create in the world. . Everything in this section of the zodiac is the highest. We would all like to be. That karma somehow punishes us unfairly. compesorate to how much we’ve actually learned. which is ‘letting go. relative to your principles.’ We all have it. You see a lot of frustration around here . That’s after worldly desire is gone. or go back in the 11th H and serve. My life is not mine. of who we’re becoming. nvery simple. this is how our’re knowl. It’s congruent w/ our true teachings. which is liberation. personal desires. 7th H. we’re on the wheel of karma because 11th H is our highest desire. that’s how much you’r actually impacting the world. ther’s an ambition. 12th H. their 11th H becomes very much about service. and actually work at doing it. Spiritual people often . which is service. That’s the meaning of their life. highest worldly desires. We have this utopic idea that ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do that. It’s exactly right. The concept of yogis. that’s the culmination of what peole accomplish on earth. Or this is what you talk about w/ these great beings that they sit and they serve. Howerver much pwer we really have. Making a difference. which has to do w/ surrending the egho and merging into the Cosmic Unityu. You can’t really talk about that. People who don’t conceive of things that way. On some level. setting up foundations. people naturally talk about her service. based on that beautiful teaching that we believe ourselves to be. Based on our capacity to impact. that’s after the last desire. those of us who can conceive of liberation. nothing less. Things that outlive just my life. Some actually pursue it. 11th H is that highest desire.4th House we are. The’s nothing unfair. Your’re known as an inspired person. Some peoples’ philosophy is to make a lot of money and enjoy life and that’s fine. to make the world a better place and to serve because it’s not about my personal power. or to whom it sounds too abstract. That’s the high desires that we have relative to how much we’ve learned and how much impact we have. It’s just lived. As we get more evolved in the 9 th H and we look higher and higher for a better philosophy. 11th H. Based on that power. It’s pulling us higher and higher. This is a very worldly thing to do. or at leat we’re only going to be able to satisfy the desire commensurate to how much we can impact the world. desires w/ other people. That’s 12th H. your capacity to impact is based directly on what you’ve done. we have ambition. Once that happens. Becauseee the 9th H iand the 5th H are also houses of wealth. because wealth is a great boon. You hear how people are described after theyu die. si the point of their life.’ That’s the 12th H. Nos slop in the process at all. where we cycle through our highest personal desires. or however inspired you are and however much you’re willing to sacrifice for that and show up and serve that high cause. Those highest amtitions is the 11th H. the there’s nothing else to do. 11th H becomes things like charitable giving. become universalized through the 11th H. 11th H is the culmination of our highest desire and that leads to 12th H. So many times people who have a lot of mone in the 9thH. which is our highest Moksha. the highest service. as far as a yoga version of liberation. Those of us who can conceive of that. This is why 11th H is also a house of service. our highest kama operating. I have satisfied my worldly desire. except surrender in the 12th H. Their life becomes the culmination of the 11th H. then you have a lot of impact in the 10th H. Those of us who really are working in that way. and try to do some good. That’s it. is perhaps the culmination of our life. fulfilling those highest desires. It’s not about my personal desire anymore. Nothing more. have that reputation. like the culmination of that energy. 3rd H. Our capacity. I’ll make the world a better place by donating a lot of money. It’s a big theing. our highest ambition. 11th H. There’s a desire then to do something with it. and however much capacity to impact we have. I usually don’t talk about Amma as someone who has entered NirvaKalpa Samadhi. no there’s nothing left but to surrender into that mystical union w the Cosmos. our desires chang as our teaching change. My highest desire is to universalize my personal desire. This is the evolutionary process of the 11th H. then it becomes more universalized where our personal desires/3rd H. You can’t pursue spirituality without wealth.’ ‘liberation. After those high desires in the world are fulfilled. weher we envision that my life is going to impact the entire world. we all have this Utopic vision of who we would like to be. for instance w/ my guru amma. When I discuss Amma w/ most people who don’t know anything about this. somebody which is deathless and who is immortal. Simple. my personal self and self-will with that of everyone else. in these big 11th H ways also. which is the 11th H.

and we satisfy that last desire. Even 4th H which is a house of liberation and 8th H.’ Most people aren’t that spiritual and 12th H feels like loss. because we don’t know who we are. In the 12th H it definitely does. most people ar not looking at it this way. 12th House 12th House is the culmination of that process. What hgappens in the 12th H is we have to face that. That being doe not want liberation. We want to be liberated from suffering. The true quality fo Moksh. literally can take stuff away. that universal liberation. Moksha is about ‘letting go. It’s often quite difficult. They lose their money. people. all the activity that we engage with them. We let go. liberation sounds very evolved. and highest loss. or find the truth. 12th H stuff. ‘oh that’s very spiritual. They have a hard time staying present. we have higher and higher worldly amtitions in the 11 th H to do that. We want to be liberated from pain and still have the good stuff. having money. They’re losing their money. where after that we’ve found a deeper prupose in th 9 th H. and we want to keep the good stuff. trying to not only be about me.4th House 4th House 4th H is personal Moksha where ‘I need to check in through my own meditation. I can’t control my partner. So our highest gains int the 11th H. the people that we are.’ The way most people experience the 12th H . On some level it’s really much deeper and much more true. my children. if you see a lot of planets in the 12th H or where the 12th H ruler goes somewhere. If you think not. they’re losing their health. the Moksha houses. I’m going to lose it all. Most of the time we don’t want to be liberated from the good stuff. It sounds so peaceful. they’re losing their job. we’re so scared or jacked up and triggered. or whatever our teachings are. having success. and even what we conceive of. Moksha. 1st H ruler. 12th H. understand. until eventually we realize we truly realize the nature of this worl. constantly losing. how easy is it to meditate? How many people actually meditate a lot? And how much of the meditation is actually silent and still? And peaceful? Most of the time it’s not. Liberation is actually liberation. but we don’t want to let go of anything. is loss. you’re very spiritual’ that ain’t how the person experiences it. it represents loss. The thing to know. frankly. It’s not pleasant. but we don’t like being liberated from our money and from our health and frm our family and from things that we have. This general feeling that they’re not able to stay present or stay connection. our ego. that being. Understand that. Because in the 11th H it’s also like our high. We have these personalities and this separate nature.’ 8th House 8th H is where all of theat attachment to other people and all of that clamour of the world and my desires. 12th H is like CRASH. but be about other people leads to this feeling in the 8th H that ‘no matter what I do. especially in the 12 th H. We . the Karma Bhava needs to be congruent with those teachings or else we’re going to feel like we’re not making the impact in the world we would like. Things are always getting lost. because the mind is going all over the place and we’re aware how crazy we are. Often they have a hard time concentrating. We’ve got to do something to calm down the mind. constantly losing. our deepest losses. they lose. People love the idea of liberation. Liberation feels like loss. but it’s often painful. which sounds very beautiful. taking it away. 4th H is were we notice how we really feel. we then change our actions/or that could cause us to change our actions/10 th H. my family. we are willing to be responsible and change our actions in the 10th H. we’re communicating in this class. accomplishment. This is a big mistake people make: ‘oh you’ve got a lot of planets in the 12th H. 2nd H ruler. That person. It feels like loss and loss doesn’t feel good usually. health. Well what does it all mean then?‛ 8 th H is where we need to go deeper into these mysteries of life and find peace amidst others. we talk to each other. when you talk about liberation. Whatever planets are there. They’re losing their partner if the 7th H ruler is there. It’s gone. that it’s hard to do. Something to realize. If the 10th H ruler is there.’ Liberation is about ‘letting go. That being wants to be liberated from suffering. 12th H is where we need to let go of it all. because again our philosophies once we find ‘god. Oh my god. other people. 4th H is all this intensity and stress and fear. my own practice in my own heart and know if the things I’m doing in my life are creating an environment of freedom and of peace. By the time we’re sitting to meditate in the 8 th H. So be careful saying things like. As we get more power to make that impact. does not want to be liberated from things.

the rocky shoreline of reality with people. this big desire. They often start in a very immature way. our ideas about people. cause all that’s gonna change. so they try higher and there’s even more loss and disappointment in the 12th. 12th H. this relationship we have with our highest ambitions. I’m going to lose it all. there’s alot of evolution of this principle because. My relationship with the world. 3rd & 4th houses. The Upachaiya’s I want to talk about the last group of astrology houses we’ve studied so far: that’s the Upachaiya’s. My philosophy is faulty. just like it did in all the other sections. Houses 3. my worldly ambitions. which allos us to change our philosophies and principles in the 9th H and this process keeps going. What winds up happening is. ‚well I need to do different things. Just like the crisis in the 4th H. The way to deal with other people. This is just in a general worldly sense. I need to change (into) who I really am/1st H. it all starts with Dharma. where we realize that those interests and those things I thought were going to take me closer to myself don’t feel good. it’s just like our relationships.6. then that would be it. in the 8th H. I had this big ambition. and I got it. then they feel disappointment in the 12th. makes us go back and rethink our own paradigm in the 7th H and our own relationships with them. 11th & 12th Houses are the highest because we have these high ambitions. ‘we’re all God’s children. Same is true in this last section. Aarta. causes us to shift. my ambitions in life. The actor. We’re going to talk about these classifications of houses later. this crisis. The loses in life make us go back to the 11th H and reevaluate our ambitions. This isn’t it. a triangular relationship. The other houses. which lead us to the deepest philosophical re-imagining in the 9th H. It’s not about my ambitions. this is why the things I am striving for. and I realize it’s not true. ‚God if I had that much money. more appreciative in the 5th. Then they get that level of achievement in the 11th H . we want to accomplish things. leads to the greatest disappointments. comedian and actor. ‚I wish everyone could become rich and famous just for a couple of months. So we go back and re-evaluate our ambitions. that this was it. so you want to look in that document that says ‘house qualities’. Three of these houses are cruel in nature. In the middle section it’s 8th H. has a great line. with the cosmos.‛ You realize. Eventually this ambition/disappointment cycle of the 11th-12th houses makes us go back and say. Dharma. Like: we want to be successful.4th House need to be willing to do that. ‚Oh!‛ to learn that lesson. Just like in the other section. and I’m aware of that in the 12th H. we want to have money. the angles and trines. It’s the very nature of life. It’s not about the actions. Then we go back and do it again and eventually we realize. just so they could realize that that ain’t it either. how those interests feel to us. like that people have in their job. Other people are not here to make me happy. the problem isn’t with the world. and our interests. to do what I want. That was the meaning of my life. it doesn’t matter. It’s not just my worldly power. I thought other people were going to make me happy. measured against what’s ‘Really Going On’ in the 8th H that we can’t control. We take different actions in the 10th H which gets us aligned with different principles and values in the 9th. is not just limited to the world. Jim Carey. My philosophy is messed up. The angles are square. 11th H. That makes us more humble in the 6th. 10th H. 7th & 8th houses.‛ We all hold this in our mind. 9 th H. it doesn’t change who you are. Kama and Moksha. That is how that section (9-12) in the zodiac works with Dharma. so this highest worldly sense. You just want to know what that means. 5th H. Ambition in the 11th H leads to loss and disappointment in the 12th H. The problem isn’t with my actions and karmas. this solid figure of support. in the 11th & 12th houses. They get better over time. the trines are the same element. It’s about my teachngs and my philosophy. which allows us to re-evaluate our duties and our commitments in the 10th H. It was terrible. The houses have so many . the painful reality that gets smashed on the rocky shore. 7th H and our ideas about people. Their results get better over time.10 & 11 are houses of increase. but they’re of the same element to each other. They’re also equidistant. that. 11 th H) just leads to loss and disappointment. have a sort of spatial relationship to them. He said. The Upachaya’s don’t really have any relationship to each other. But they are houses of increase.

They’re actually difficult houses. it’s where we will think independently and rebel against our teachers. 3rd H is said to be a house of intelligence and it’s intelligent because we look for the answer ourself. This ara of life gets easier over time as we become less focused on our personal enjoyment and develop things of greater meaning. or whatever it is that we love. where we bring our ideas. Or if thse things don’t make sense to us. 6th H: the unplkeasant details and hard work of life.‛ Someone might be really young. We want to make things good and bad so quickly. It shows the things we like to do because we enjoy doing them. It’s because we don’t like what someone is making us do. I do this for my child. or trying to get us to do something. Pointing this out. then we’re going to creatre an enemy of that child.6.‛.6. houses 3. not that we need to have children. Mother loves her child more than she has an aversion to changing diapers. The things we love create the most work for us. We must do things if the child is to grow. the mother starts to see. 6th H is the repository of unpleasantness in life. ‚they get better over time. Yet this is probably the most independent and rebellious house in the astrology chart. which is the 6th from the 6th.10. which is an Upachaya. it gets better over time. 3rd & 9th are opposite in this way. ther’s no grace flowing. It’s a Kama house (3rd) and it gets easier over time because we make mistakes. we may win some battles but we will lose as many and have no luck or deeper insight with what we are able to accomplish with our own limited understanding and knowledge. why do I have so much aversion for showing up fo this other person. We need our teachings/9th H. Not only that. Houses 3. In calling them houses of increase we acknowledge that these are the areas in life that are initially difficult. We’re here to understand the world and our teachers. we mayl argue and rebel in the 3rd H. it’s not a Dharma House. Through the pain we experience in these areas of life we learn to act with more skill and thus these areas improve over time. the 9th H.&11. Similar is trhe case with other relationships and people who stand in the way of the things we want and the things we love. 6th H also has that quality. & 11 are initially difficult houses. It’s very easy for astrologers and students to say. It’s a Kama house the grace flows through the opposite house. losing sleep and spending all of her money on the child. but because of how much good it can do and how much love we have for that thing. But ther’s not grace there. if we begin to resent the child because it uses our money or due to having to change its diapers. convetion and naything else we think might be trying to impress us or lord over us without merit. We push our ideas and we have these strong opinions and we find out we’re wrong. The 6th H teaches us to sacrifice and so does the 11th H. So this is how that works. Three of them are cruel. which gets better over time. It’s the house of arguing. It’s important to understand our teachings but we also need to know the limits of our intellect. which is bigger than our aversions to all that unpleasantness. We learn hopefully to be a little more careful before we push our opinions on everything and on everyone. My example of changing the diapers or some unpleasant work we fight against in the 6th h. But it’s where we’re testing or ideas against someone else’s. When we serve our creativity and those things we love. We would like to do things that are pleasant and keep our money. like someone who’s trying to discuss something. An important principle: 6th H things get easier over time because we make eneies once we have children. 6th H problems occur when we begin to resent the hard work necessary to maintain the things we want to keep growing. in service of them? . because many times you’ll hear it said. 3 rd H is where we rebel against teachers and anything else. It’s the main house of ego and the sense of separateness and suffering that comes with it. but it takes awhile because these are difficult houses. we won’t do that kind of work for other people. Because we see thngs through duality. We must serve those things we love or else they will not continue to grow/5 th H-6th H. After a while. we end up serving and going through all that unpleasant work. 3rd H is self-willed nature in pursuit of our worldly desires. about ‘ideas. independent intelligence. That making it mean that it’s a good house. ‚oh this in the 3rd H. not because we necessarily enjoy. often the argument comes in the 6th H because it can be competitive.4th House implications. If we’re too much in the 3rd H. to make sense to us/3rd H. we really learn the 6th H area of life. Best thing we can do with 6 th H matters is servide without the expectatoion that we will enjoy ourselves. yet there’s no grace flowing through the 3rd H. And we look stupid. It doesn’t have to be an argument.

Learning more skill in these areas of life allow us to act with more courage/3rd H and humility/6th H and align outr actions/10th H to benefit humanity/11th H these are some ways to look at how these things evolve. 10th H is an Aarta house. we have the 11th H that comes next. that shame. and turn it into our own likes and dislikes. This gets tested in the 10th H. where our 10th H is delivered with the most force in order to shape our life and contain our circumstances. That’s based on who we think we are. Then we handle authority a bit better the next time. How our principles and values shape our life. we don’t get into all these battles. Our life is really an aggragate of the actions we’ve taken. However as we satisfy these worldly goals. Which is 4th H. Our greatest power in life is shown by what we value the most when we are young and immature we may see external value and approval of others in the forms of mane. but that higher sense of purpose and meaning come int the 9th H before it. we may just chase excessive goals. We feel that in the 4th H. the service-oriented approach allows us greater fulfillment in life and in the world. that starts to evolve. So more life experience.4th House Eventually those great beings see us all as their children and they don’t see that difference. Once we start to serve something higher. This means we see how much power we have in the world. It’s not until the 12th house that our desires of the world are finished. 10th H curtails our power and impact when we abuse our authority. houses 5=8. our ambitions change as well. If we want to be free of the burdens of the past we must align ourself with a true source of greatness and power. our level of self-esteem. If we know and remember that. It’s the Karma Bhava. Mars. 11th H Again with the 10th H. It is generally better in the astrology chart. highest Kama. an inner emptiness is revealed. in these houses because they will have the strength to overcome the difficult aspects of life. How much confidence we have in that whole thing. Therefore over time. . We let go peacefully. our highest worldly ambitions. showing the tangible results of our higher principles (9thH). When we are immature. how much power we think we have. As long as we still have desires for the world we will be incarnating with attachments and desires left to fulfill. in many ways there are a lot of attachments to our story and how our past brings about our present situation. Based on our level of power and circumstance. This comes in the form of our teachings. The Upachaya’s also build on each other as we learn more skill in pursuit of our desires (3rd & 11th houses are Kama houses). Over time we learn to align ourselves with what is truly valuable based on inner wisdfom. (6 th & 10th H’s are Aarta houses). to get cruel planets. Which leads to embarrassment. The truth is we are all children of God. we’re naturally going to go through this cycle of abusive suthority at times. And learn the true value in life and learn to be less competitive in chasing welth. that which is beyond this world and of the highest value. good teachings and what is most internal and sensitive in us. The world will never satisfy us in the way we have imagined. Saturn. status and recognition. As our power and circumstances change. which are Sun. how much value we place on that. 10th H is attachment to our past actions and circumstances. glories and failures. it is also after 9th H. stimulation and have a sort of bottomless pit of ambition. Eventually our true values will be revealed and the loss of status will level the playing field. It is the great ambitions of the 11 th H in contrast to the great loses of the 12th H that eventually free the soul and complete the karmic cycle. 10th H shows amount of power we have in the world as well a the personal authority it gives us as well as the potential abuses that may follow. The 11th H is the last house of incarnation. That’s the other thing about the 10th H. This house follows the 10 th H of power and karmic circumstances. That teaches us to learn a bit better in the 9th. It is the house of worldly consequences. we have ambitions. 4th H is opposite 10th H. the excessive and at times ruthless ambitions of the 11th H become universalized into a sense of service to causes that are greater than our own personal happiness. which is our highest teachings. That’s this section of the zodiac. our highest desire. our highest value is expressed in the 10th H.

We pay our bills at the last minute or even things like. Eventually this will harm us. brings a lot of stress and worldly attachment. make a distinction. These are the results of our self-willed actions. Most of the time. When you see people that have a lot of planets in the 6th H. Also the planet that rules these houses will bring that nature. even tho they’re difficult houses where things break. So the thing that happens with the 6thH is eventually we need to fight these battles. When we get into house rulerships. Just like the 12th H shows if we’re immature. Dushtana Houses Then we have the last group of houses called the Dushnana’s. facxing these things makes us mature. that can be very painful because we lose things. So when the’re in these houses they tend to manage that difficulty a little bit better. 6th House So the 6th H is Dushtana. It can mke them quite argumentative. when Mars and Saturn are there. Remember this. That’s all 6th H stuff that we do willingly. get better over time. 8 th H breaks things but that can be very liberating. In fact. difficult houses. They are difficult. Be aware of that quality of the 6th H. They’re difficult. these Upachaya’s improve. because 6 th H is actually a crel house that brings a lot of attachment. we’re actually avoiding the difficulty of the 6 th H. We mujst face them. or the ruler is strong. Sudden and shocking events in life. they’re worried about all the problems in life that are lording over them. They feel all these problems that are making them worried. they don’t necessarily bring attancment. It’s about service to things that eventually we need to take care of.11. we dig deeply into the nature of life and it becomes incredibly creatiove. We tend to want to avoid things that are difficult. But if not. that problem of the 6th H. they are neutral. 6th H is about health problems because we tend to be kind of lazy until we get a little bit sick and then we start to pay attention to it. think of all the unpleasant work we do for the things we love. where we must learn to be alone and . If the 6th H is fortified. we retreat and run. often the person is argumentative. with as much intensity. but they’re not necessarily cruel. In and of themselves. we will simply manage those tasks when they come up and then move on. They actually liberate us. apathy or both. lies. because usually the Dusthana houses are soncidered to be difficult. like houses 3. you’ll see this as well. deceits and mortal fears all find their origin in the 8th H. It shows difficulties in areas of life that we must improve through effort. They sense all of the stuff that needs to be done. Planets in these house get stronger over time and the houses that those planets rule. a difficult house where things tend to get broken. These are houses where things tend to get broken or destroyed. It shows the things we must let go of. it can be quite creative.6. They don’t bring a lot of attachment. for instance. 3. and grow up. I’m making a distinction. trhere is a possibility when we are faced with death. In otherwords. The biggest problem of the 6th H is neglect. 12th H show draining away through fate. they’re usually woriied. Mars and satrun are the energies that take on difficulty. 8th & 12th Houses. It is also possible when death comes. we face those things with much more willingness because they’re aligned to take care of ‘difficulty’ anyway. the weight of things we don’t enjoy. because they’re scared and worried that one of the difficult things is going to get them. improve these difficult houses. tho they’re not cruel. remaining foolish and ignorant.4th House They will thus be able to work towards improvement. houses 8& 12 bring liberation. Thus 8th H breaks things when their time is due and we must adjust. eating food.& 11.6. I should say that upachaya’s the houses of improvement. Again the reason why I use the example of the child so much. in and of themselves they’re not. When planets occupy these houses we can expect this type of activity. we’re not doing things we love. The 6th H problems can eventually break things. all of that unpleasantness. 8th House 8th H shows the difficult effects of the past and the things we cannot control. When there’s a lot of planets in the 6th H. then we do those things that support our health that we previously felt lazy about. We’re not serving the things we love.

especially if you want to accomplish anything in this world. Usually the energy that gets into facing that. Saturn in the 12th. You have to deal with people you don’t like. They really show where things get broken. Many times w/ 12th H there’s those kind of apathy about things. we learn to be more realistic and chang. how we look. All of your lack of confidence.10. the person will have a hard time being attached in their relationships. Because we love the baby. That’s exactly what AJ is. So the person always feels that they are pulled into something that“and it does demand their attention.. deal w/ all these people you don’t like. where things leave. big. Saturn is the ruler of her 7th H/Capricorn. 8 & 12. Our fate and limited power are often things that are confusing and mysterious. The babgy would die in the 8th H. We feel used up and instead of facing our attachments. CHARTS Angelina Jolie’s chart: Homework question was about Venus in the 1st H you can se Venus is also right on the Ascendant. To have Venus righ on the rising sign degree. Mars in the 9th. So that’s the big problem with the 6th H and where eventually we love this thing so much that we face this about ourself. Then we become. It takes your money. That’s the biggest problem. That sor of viewpoint. 6th H is very unpleasant and often gets us involved in things in the world that are very unpleasant. That’s what the parent does with the child.12. If we don’t have a lot of attachment. serving that beautiful thing. screaming. Where with the 6th H. like really deep kissing one time in the press. the baby is there screaming in the 6th H. 11th H-12th H 6th H is where that unpleasantness is showing up. Saturn is in the 12th H. 12th H is also a Dusthana H where things tend to get taken away. Other things are also screaming at you in the 6th H. I said if the ruler goes into the 12th H. No.’ it goes into the 12th H. The first thing that happens is it’s a lot of hard work. we gotta face it. Eventually our neglect and escapism in the 12th H becomes liberation through meditation where we let go of our ego and identity. They’re houses of liberation. 9 th H. Your physical body requires a type of routine. It takes your time. In fact it’s right there. we need to be ‘present. we start to make a better impact based on those values. She’s got all the other planets in houses 9. 8th & 12th H’s will lose something. let’s say. which is our body. then it starts to spiral on ourself. where things actually get taken away. Then we learn to deal with people better/7th H. Rather than serving your creation. Where it literally feels very difficult. It’s not like we’re losing something. pooping. ow where we lose things or where things can get destroyed. a certain softer quality of life. How we deal with something being gone is the problem with the 8th &12th Houses. we can let go. you want to create an astrology practice or a healing practice. So it’s a hard area of life. Moon. We lack a certain amount of attachment and concern for 12th H matters. When we talk about the nature of the planets as house rulers. you wind up channeling towards arguing with other people. We might lose something. With the 12th h we are often not paying attention and we are flippant about matters of the world. transform/8th H. constantly demanding our attention. where we have to do all this hard work. waking us up. etc. Being provocative. That means in the form of the career that you imagine. That’s what usually happens in the 6th H. a certain maintenance. we’ll talk more about her chart and her Venus. it’s not like the 8 th & 12th Houses which is often liberating. Why haven’t you won them yet? Because you’re too busy battling with other people about them. 10th H ambitions go higher. we have a lot of attachment. kissing. all those battles that you haven’t won yet. Obviously you can see this in her appearance. Dusthana means houses that are difficult. actually. needing our money. the Ketu. We must learn to put forth effort to hold them together in the world of consequences. It’s there. Other things in your life: you’ve go to pay your bills. Jupiter. big reason why people don’t succeed in their career or don’t wind up doing what they love and pursuiong their heart’s desire. which is like being ‘cheked out. we go. again. It’s a big. and it’s gone. Two of the houses. so in relationships which demands our attention . It feels very against our nature. then we get better teachingas and we become a better teacher.11. because all your stuff comes up. the thing isn’t gone. She had a lot of sexual explorations in her previous marriages. if it’s going to work.’ like wanting to be somewhat liberated from the . ruled by Saturn. are moksha houses.4th House accept. all the time. There were things even w/ her and her brother. 6th H. Also a cerain nature. we want to retreat and escape from them. Venus is also a sensual planet. The thing that you want to create. Sun Mercury in the 11th. The reason it’s not happened yet is because there are parts of yourself that you haven’t faced yet. Talking about the 12th. I wanbt to make that distinction. like a baby. She’s just beautiful and that’s a boon from Venus.

makin ghte workd a better place through the UN. What is her personal values related to? Well Sun is in Taurus. In fact. Even if she was a stay at home mom. so this person will want to do good. You see Ju. The Sun isour power. that’s the power of Cancer is the power of their values. adopting a lot of children. understand this is how it works. with higher causes.’ So her very sense of value and her values and are aligned with making a difference in the world. but where does the Sun go. Tha’s only because she has that much power.’ providing a stable family. Taurus is the 11th H so her personal values. Mars. It probably surprised many astrologers who saw her chart and realized that Ju. a lot of satvic energy there. he’s also the 3rd H ruler which is about her persona and courage. As we’re talking about it now. She won’t be able to rest unless she’s doing something ‘high’ on that level. spoiled actress. As much as she is able to accomplish. Mo. Again she can do it at a very high level because of her capacity to impact. also is very ambitious. Because her 2nd H ruler. 11th H. let’s say she didn’t have Ju. Because those are really powerful yogas. because that’s what you see in her birth chart that makes her have/create so much power. we’ll talk more about this later. she used the power of being a celebrity. And also to make money. It’s a satvic sign. I actually saw that she did some things in India. Beyond that she’s obviously known as an inspiring figure and a figure who is helping the world. 9th H. then what? That’s actually secondary to the planet that rules the house. 10th H. Even if she didn’t have that. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. 2 nd H is onew’s personal values. They look for inspiration and they look to sinspire others. It goes into the 9th H w/ Ju & Ma. speaking out in these higher capacities. so for Cancer the Sun. her ambitions. The way you read this is to look at the planets ruling the different houses. To not just make movies. the power of her communication skills which is Mercury to communicate. because the 11th H is ambitious. she would still take however much power she had and align her values. But look at what she does with that. So she takes her personal drive and ambition and uses that as a way to bring things she believes in into the world. something where she is doing as much as she can. her ambitions are as high as they can be with the power she has. . Questions are: what if ther are no planets in the house. her personal values are aligned with higher principles. Sun. for Cancer Taurus is the 11th H which is ‘highest ambitions and making a difference in the world. 2nd H. Ma in the 9th H makes her a very inspiring and inspired person. Venus is going to bring that quality to her appearance. doesn’t mean ther’s nothing happening. which comes from which house? The 10th H. She literally went in Indian ashrams. the planet in the H is secondary to the planet that rules the house. She’s been in and out of reltionships. the poer comes through our values. A lot of her ambitions. she has to try to do. who’s always looking higher to the deeper philosophical meaning and purpose. AJ definitely fits that bill. Iot’s also a wealth producing yoga. Ma in the 9 th H. 3rd H ruler Mercury is also the speechgiver. Pisces. Mo. the 11th H. she would do that regardless of whether she was an UN ambassador. Her ruling planet. Maybe it would be like a PTA meeting or cub scout mom. which is ruled by the Sun Leo. which is very much about ‘family. It’s definitely going to make a person philsophical. we’ll talk about that later. Ascendant Cancer is ruled by the Moon. she has to use the power of being a . also enjoying life. She could just be a lazy. but the way it typically expresses itself is in these things that make the world a better place. Sun is in the 11th H. Very 11th H kind of things you can see this playing out in her life very easily. It acts per its nature. what’s in the 11th H? her 2nd H ruler. Venus in the 1st H. Who knows how spiritual she is in general. which is her values and Mercury. The planet is also not just a house ruler. went to on e of the ashrams. as an example and you see it: I think she was married three times. She’s accomplishing as much as she can with the power she has because her 2nd H ruler. and also uses that in a very high way to serve the world. 9th H is about teachings and philosophy. the ruler of Leo? Even tho ther’s no planet ther. Taurus is ruled by Venus. we need to get out of the idea that I’s always about spirituality. Still you see the 7 th house ruler in the 12th H. AJ takes them and brings them into the public sphere of doing the highest good she can. There’s no planet in the 2nd H. follow her power. So the Sun rules Loe. She’s also got 3 planets in the 11th H which shows a lot of ambition. several different marriages and not being as present with the partner as they would hope at times. which is in the 9th H with Jupiter and the Moon. or someone is looked at as an inspiring figure. to do higher things. goes to the 11th H. She elevates it and turns it into a very high principle. Mo. stable home environment. bringing beauty into the world. The’re aware of the deeper teachings and values of life. her 10th H ruler. Ma in the 9th H. drive and ambition. Ther are other things that show her loyalty.4th House pressure of being accountable and having to show up there. 2nH is very Taurus-like. which is what? The speaker. because she has that much power. So she uses the power of her speech. 2nd H is our values. but to also represent causes that are bigger than just herself.

When he found her. Everything has to do with the Dasa’s theo it’s not going to come until later. In fact. You can see that Venus in the 6th H. He doesn’t have nay planets in houses 9-12. Look at all these planets in that section of the zodiac: Mo in 5th. the family man. That’s a different level. in his appearance. He got reelected into his 2nd term after he went into hi Sa MahaDasa. That’s the real planet that attracts women. This is true satvic energy. Obama less so. the ruler of life in the 5th H of children sauys a lot. the Moon is in Pisces. It’s a beautiful placement for him as a family man and loving his children and loving his wife. Ju is smooth. He and michelle are so much in love. You see that so this is the power of that Satva. It makes him very good in that way. He’s a teacher. And she’s in Venus Dasa. Sa some of those cruel planets go to the 6th H. Other thatn that he has JuSa in the 1st H. She really anchors his life. when Ma. Mre Su in 7th. you can’t say anything particular about their life based on that. He was elected president in his JuMo Dasa. we can see a lot of how much he disappointed his constituency. Back to Obama. even when he’s attacked. Obama is considered to be an attractive man. especially the Moon Dasa. Ju & Sa are both retrograde in the first house. You can see that. is in the 5th H. It’s easy to think Sa would create someone who is unattractive. Definitely the Moon Mars Dasa will be quite muystical for AJ. Mo is also the ruler of his 7th H. Ju is an inspiring presence. We’re going to talk about jow these things play out when you start to look at someone’s life. Needless to say. He’s very gracious and graceful. it’snot so much about the hope anymore. Very much about: don’t give up. Sa is also skinny. Any gentle planet in the Ascendant is going to make the person attractive. We need to finish the job’ all this Saturn talk. especially when Sa is in its own sign and if Ju is there because Ju creates attractiveness. even in the face of his competitors. which is ‘the partner. course Ju & Sa in the 1st h is going to show his nature. which means his wife is a very anchoring principle in his life. Venus in 6th H. right on the ascendant. Now of course she also has a lot of personal desires because Venus is a rajasic planet. an inspiring.we’re going to look at that more. Those who voted for him in his first term. they’re both tall. He’s also got Me and Sun aspecting the 1st H. There’s a whle king of thing around that w/ him. which is 6th H. So one would imagine he puts a lot of importance on how to deal with others as individuals. South Node. thin. how they’re looking at things. Why? Look at all this satvic energy. AJ has this very universal perspective. It’s a fascinating study to wee when she adopted her children.4th House celebrity in a very worthy way. himself and other people. Sa is tall & skinny. we’re going to talk about aspects. Mo in 5th H. Obama is known for this as well. Especially among the women vote. Moon is in th e 5th H. He doesn’t have any planets in that last section of the zodiac. or else she will be letting herself down. it’s Ju. Theyu very much admire Obama. The highest good. I would say there is very high potential for mysticism and spirituality.’ So the 7th H ruler. He’s got Capricorn Ascendant. Ju is the real attractive planet for a man.’ like AJ’s Venus in the Ascendant. You can see how the rhetoric changed. He’s a leader. based a lot on his Venus in the 6th because he . Ketu is in the 2nd H. Ra & Ma are in the 8th H. hopeful figure. Barak Obama fits that bill. those people we have to deal witn to accomplish what we want to accomplish. Course the 5 th H is literally the children and the Moon is what we love and serve. It doesn’t necessarily mean just because the planets go there. the highest energy. joined its ruler. ve in 6th. especially Venus. Ra Ma in 8th. this produces raja yoga. which comes in a few years. Their family and their relationship literally really creates a strong foundation in his life. You can look at the physical nature of the planets. Sun and Ma have a little more of that willfulness. Everything has to come through the dasa’s as well and the naure of the planets in those signs. That inspiring masculine figure who is inspiring and gracious. which might be surprising because he is a world figure. Most of his planets are in houses 5-8. a satvic sign. You can see he has a ju Sa nature. Houses 5-8. Me and Su are in the 7th H. Moon. you could have difficult planets there and it’s going to maybe disrupt that area of life. he really found himself a lot more. which are the houses that show us how to deal with others. every other planet is in house 5-8. Ju is tall. She’s a cancer which is a satvic sign the ruler of Cancer. Jupiter a satvic planet. It just gives an insight into their real core motivations and how they’re wired. Ju. He’s the inspiring figure. stay determined. even tho that’s going to be a focus. can also make us very gracious when we have to face the unpleasantness of dealing with others. Even more than Sun and Mars. if not ‘sexy. Obama Chart Another chart we can look at is Barak Obama’s chart. etc. JuSa. Not really the case. Some of this you can see because of those planets in the last section of the zodiac. It’s ‘don’t stop halfway.

ruler. And it’s joined the Sun. This is why Obama is looked at as an inspiring teacher.’ This is why I said before that the 7th H is really important because it’s the 4th from the 4th and the 10th from the 10th. his recent competitor. a lot of his emphasis in life still winds up being in his mastery and his skill. If we did know. Again. And understanding how to speak directly to one person. love. Mitt Romney’s chart: MR’s chart compared to BO’s 7 th H . with surveillance. 9th H ruler. He’s got the 9th H ruler. who is in the 7th h. 7 th H isn’t just a romantic partner. Trinal houses give great fulfillment. he knows how to make it seem like it is just you and he having a conversation. A lot of democrats who voted for him the first time. He inspires them. These things are jarring to a young person. How important is it in our career. and to understand the psychology of other people. And what is it? It’s his 7th H. the 9th H. he tries to turn enemies into allies. What he says is of great value and seen as great wisdom to the people. and the people we are serving or being with in the 7th H. the indicator of teachers. He gets you. especially as it relates to warfare and 8th H matters that are hidden. 7 th H and 1st H. intelligence. his children are great source of inspiration and hope to him and a great source of strength and foundational cnchor in his life that allows/supports him to accomplish his goals. So he strikes too soft of a bargain w/ Venus in the 6th. like the king. so it brings all of this power and wisdom and capacity to influence as a teacher. that we can deal with people well? In his case you see how he deals with people. Jupiter is na inspiring figure. planet that rules the 9th H is in the 7th H. Mars in the 8 th H. to get his vision through/Moon. in a romantic partner sense. if you look personally. into the 7th H. we probably wouldn’t be as inspired by. that RaMs in the 8th shows a lot of changes and loss. which is a little tricky. It really kept that cycle of higher evolution of Self through learning about other people and learning how to accomplish his goals by becoming very skilled with other people. You see that a lot of his character. As an inspiring leader.’ So he’s an inspiring figure to the people. Like. we’ll talk more about. This whole RaMa in the 8th H. Smooth talking with his constituents. as a ‘business house. with taking away rights. these are powerful yogas. his speeches sound like they’re tailored just for you. wisdom. skillful talker. This is what’s called Raja yoga. as a leader. which is not easy. Things are going to change. which is an angle. Philosophy is 9th H.4th House compromises too much with his competitors to strike a deal. It keeps going and evlovoing. He slides on his principles too much. he needs to deal with those 6th H people. as a figure. He needs to develop a bertter philosophy about people. There’s also hidden agenda’s and hidden things. ther’s a lot more that what meets the eye. he’s got Mercury there in the 7th H. especially with things that have to do w/ warfare. In order to do the things he loves for the people he wants to stay in relationship with/7th H. It’s the 9th H. the planet that rules the 9th H for Capricorn is Mercury/Virgo. As a person. That tends to show that there’s more than meets the eye perhaps. He’s got the Moon in the 5th . The people are willing to be taught by him. and those who he has to contend with who are in between the things we love/5th H. are one thing. with other people/7 th H. look at the planet that rules that house. It also shows a lot of breaking and changing and transformation and change. so he’s able to really effect people by the power of his philosophies and his skill of oratory. Mercury: skillful. oratory skills is Mercury. Then he goes back and realizes he can’t really rely on people. a lot of his policies don’t seem very different than his predessesors or Republicans of the past/ For instance. For a Capricorn it’s Mercury. which is ‘other people’ and a great anchor in our life. skillful debater. then be of greater service/Venus. Which are the citizens of the country with him as president. Me/Su in the 7th H. What’s the angle? It’s a support. Mitt Romney didn’t connect very well at that at all. He’s go Venus in the 6th H. turned him into the person he is. MeSu in the 7th. Also. which is again. In his case. Even tho hi’s doing a presidential campaign. which is his partner. really became very disillusioned that he was leading from behind so much. to people that he is aligned with. So there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with him and maybe behind the scenes with the government that maybe we don’t know. Him as a leader. Of course we know about adoptions and living with extended family and relatives and moving to foreign countries. why are you constantly cutting a deal with the Republicans? That’s just his nature. He’s the Karaka. the support. because the 8th H is what’s hidden. Ma in the 8th H.. Let’s just be real. where there’s a lot of conspiracies out there that we should know. beauty. he’s got this whole thing going on. which is the part of us that’s inspiring. Which is the speaker. hidden agenda’s. and we see a lot of it in his first term. Then he’s got rahu. Because of that Ra. secret drones and drones killing citizens. a lot of that is also seen by having RaMa in the 8th. Sometimes he’s too compromising. the 7th H is his constituents. We want to distinguish between angles and trines. is in the 7th H of ‘other people. So Mercury the 9th H ruler. his voters and the citizens of the country. ‘Enemies’ is 6th H. these are raja yogas. things he did diplomatically well. as a political figure.

He’s got the 9th H ruler in the 3rd H. You can see it. Romey did not elecit any sort of good feeling from people as far as grace goes. not only that his 9th H ruler. It’s not even an opinion. which is the house of grace. At least the pundits. He’s not a graceful person. because when push came to shove. it tells the story. not only is it the 3rd H ruler. I mainly wanted to contrast his chart with Obama’s and that 7th H which is very different in the two people. 9th H is the house of grace. then of course you can do that. O’s got the 9th H ruler in the 7th. no grace flowing through the 3rd H. R has the 3rd H ruler. what is their relationship of these energies. His 3rd H ruler/Moon. His whole thing w/ the public was not very good. both of them have the 8th H ruler there. both of them were trying to connect with the public/7th H. 9th H ruler for Romney is Sautrn. Obama has Mercury/9th H ruler also ther. their relationship with the public and the 3rd and 9th houses in each person’s chart. You see a lot indicated by these 7th houses and their spouses. who do I trust more. . Anyway because of his willful communication style. It just doesn’t see like it. for Romney. They were competing against each other. unless you’re really looking to find fault. You see the difference in their personal styles and in the resolves ot the things they want to accomplish because both men could have become president. Not only is he inspiring w/ his 9th H ruler in his 7th H (BO) but his spouse is inspiring. in his 7th H. Romney has a debilitate Moon in 7th H and Jupiter in 7th H. and a powerful person who is an asset to him. It was a little different when you look at the swing voters. Tha’s why he won all the swing states and the margin was much higher than a lot of people thought. Look at the 7th H’s between Obama and Romney. He really didn’t get any extra grace. A lot was found where it didn’t seem like he was on the common person’s side. key word. He’s not trustworthy. Romney has debilitated Moon there and Ketu. It’s hard to look at her badly on some level as a Mom. Obama clearly won. that planet is in the 3rd H in his chart. And Jupiter. Especially to the minorities. He doesn’t feel like he’s sincere. So then you need to see and compare. She seems to be a very nice and humbling person. ‘grace. It’s very tricky. where there’s no grace. you naturally gravitate towards Obama and the relationship he and his wife have. 9th H ruler in 7th H his partner is an inspiring person. whether he is or not. There was no grace flowing from him to the other people. Jupiter rules the 8th H. look at the difference of how the did it/ Romney had a hard time winning over anyone who wasn’t dye-hard Republicvan or who was anti-Obama in that 2012 election. is debilitated in the 7th H. South Node. Remember. not so much. Anyone who rises to that level of power could do it. for Obama Sun rules the 8th H. the 8th H ruler. Where Obama gets a lot of grace. Anyone on the fence about who understands me more. Who is more like most of us. the South Node.4th House in and of itself. He didn’t get any grace. it’s the debilitated 3rd H ruler. She’s an inspiring figure to people. Mitt Romney’s wife. Ketu and Ju in the 7th H look at the difference in the 7th H which includes the spouses also.’ from the public. Only the most cynical of the other side looks at Michelle badly. which is difficult. and he’s got the 3rd h ruler in the 7th H w/ Ketu. seeing a black woman as the First Lady. because MR’s 7th H has debilitated Moon.

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