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Atiim Chenzira, also known as Black Bomani or Blackulah is a triple threat rapper, singer and poet known for

his eclectic and constantly evolving artistry. Atiim began writing songs at the young age of 12 and performing by 14. However, in 1987 a single Whoudini lyric added fuel to the re. The lyric, which read, “You can look it up, again and again, but the dictionary doesn’t have the meaning of friends,” helped Atiim develop a new respect for the powerful educational value of lyrics. By Junior High Atiim was an active member of several progressive groups. He joined Ganstas By Heart, a Berkeley based group dedicated to expressing an alternative to street violence through powerful lyricism and trained with the Live Lyricist Society where he improved his freestyle performance, writing skills, and public speaking. Atiim also joined forces with his brother, best friend and cousins to form a family rap group named 5N’Dime where he wrote lyrics, choruses and developed song concepts. The group, who released an album in 2005 called The Classic, performed at showcases in Los Angeles and recorded at Skyline Studios and Pajama Studios in Oakland. Eventually Atiim took a step back to become more uent in poetic expression. He embraced childhood in uences like The Last Poets, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder who spoke of revolution, oppression, friendship and love. Artists like these shaped the way Atiim began to view love itself. However, love was a touchy subject. After growing up listening to gangsta rap and being in uenced by artists like Too Short and other Oakland rappers, Atiim was ashamed to speak out loud about love. Instead, he wrote lyrics and poetry.

Eventually Atiim’s personal love life allowed him to break free from the misogynistic gangsta rap lifestyle he was used to. He fell in love with a peer in Southern California and with her support successfully released his debut album In Pursuit of Happiness on his self-started label Ridah Ridah Entertainment. The album is a passionate, funky and fun collection showcasing Atiim’s rapping and lyricist skills. In 2004 Atiim began to explore a more vulnerable side wile coping with the death of his father, and a divorce. He began accepting opportunities as a vocalist challenging himself to begin writing with a passion that he is uent in today. He accepted a role as support vocalist for the band Bekka’s Frogland Orchestra and became lead vocalist for a six piece band called Shotwell 25. After the thrill of performing live with a six piece band Atiim successfully gathered a group of musicians and formed a band called SupaFrendz (later Bomani Music) in 2005. The band toured the local bay area and eventually began recording at Ex’pression College of Arts in Emeryville CA. After continuing to tour with several bands Atiim realized he needed a stronger nancial structure and enrolled in graduate school to study marriage and family therapy. Although he pulled the plug on managing major projects, he remained active in the art community. He became smitten with a vocalist named Divasonic and eventually wrote material on 3 of her solo projects while inspiring her to explore performing with a live band. The two became creative partners and toured the Paci c West Coast from Bellingham and Seattle to San Francisco and Tijuana from 2006 to 2010. While in graduate school Atiim was introduced to Xandra Copra of Con Brio (2009). He began performing with the group and eventually appeared on their sophomore album The Bay is Burning. After graduating and working hard in the non-pro t world Atiim disappeared to North California where he bought three new beautiful guitars and began teaching himself chords. After writing 3 songs and enjoying the countryside Atiim decided to re-emerge in the city in 2012. Upon his homecoming he was approached by Divasonic drummer and guitarist Thomas Perry who was interested in starting a group! Atiim jumped on the opportunity and successfully gathered a group of artists to form the band FatheR BrotheR Son (FRBRS aka Funk R&B, Rock, Soul). Currently the band is ready to record an album and begin performing live. Until the Atiim is hard at work producing his most eclectic project yet called Aspectz Of Me, a collaboration pulling together some of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets.

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