A.V.Vladzymyrskyy, E.T.Dorokhova, V.G.Klymovytskyy, Donetsk R&D Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Dep.of Informatics and Telemedicine, Donetsk State Medical University, Ukraine avv@telemed.org.ua Todays digital communication technologies allows to orginase unlimited exchange of anykind of an information. So, it’s possible to create so-called “Best Practice Models” (BPM) for telemedicine and eHealth. Powerful information providers can orginase BPMs’ data bases from different parts of the world, different decisions, solutions, advises etc. The importance of creation of such BPMs’ data bases was marked on General Assembly of International Society for Telemedicine (ISfT) in 2004. Nowdays Department of Informatics and Telemedicine (Donetsk R&D Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Donetsk, Ukraine) has own unique experience and decisions for telemedicine. Its provided scientific, practical, organizational, technical, medical, economic, methodical decisions and information for another telemedical and e-health organisation. We have developed four BPM and created special part on Internet site „Telemedicine in Ukraine”. Special part „Good Practice Models” was created on IsfTeH official web-site. BPM 1. Best practice model for teleconsultation’s theory. Background. Teleconsultation is one of simple and accessible telemedical technology for the help in acceptance of clinical decisions when the physician collides with a complex and rare pathology. Main goals: terminology and classification, indications, choose of technology. BPM 2. Best practice model for telemedical equipment. Background. For anykind of telemedical procedures it’s necessary: 1) to create an effective telemedical work station (TWS) with adequate free or/and licensed software, 2) connect TWS to somekind of telecommunication line. The basic requirements for telemedical equipment: an opportunity of processing of anykind of the medical information, cheapness, standartisation, availability, simplicity and reliability of use, technical and information safety. Main goals: equipment for telemedical work station, telecommunication lines, software. BPM 3. Best practice model for telemedical law and ethics decisions for Eastern Europe. Background. Many countries in Eastern Europe have no special laws for Telemedicine and eHealth activity. But laws about medical care, preservation of information, ethical and social position in health care system are very similar. We believe that it’s possible to use our Best law-ethical practice model not only for Ukraine, but for all involved countries of Eastern Europe. Main goals: preservation of medical information, preservation patients’ rights to privacy, confidentiality of any telemedical and eHealth system, responsibility for the patient. BPM 4. Best practice model for teleconsultation in urgent trauma. Background. The increasing of quality of treatment for traumatized and polytraumatized patients is one of the most important problems in modern medicine. Due to telemedicine not only the doctor in charge or the staff of the local hospital are concerned with treatment of the patient, but the “collective intellect” of all the physicians of our planet. Main goals: equipment and communication, technologies. Full text Models are available at http://www.isft.net and http://www.telemed.org.ua.

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