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The sprawling 1666-acre Ramoji Film City, set up by Ramoji Group in 1996, is the land of million dreams, where comprehensive and world-class filmmaking facilities await dream merchants for a celluloid journey. Certified by the Guinness World Records as the worlds largest film studio complex, at Ramoji Film City a filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film. The massive dreamscape vibrant with flamboyant locales,picturesque avenues, make-believe sets and outstanding film-making infrastructure make it as filmmakers paradise. Numerous films in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Bhojpuri, English and several TV commercials and serials are produced here every year. Apart from comprehensive movie-making opportunities that it is best known for, Ramoji Film City is also an extremely popular destination for tourists seeking recreation. Approximately 1.5 million tourists come to Ramoji Film City annually. The wonderland is also a perfect location for HOLIDAY MAKERS Nothing pleases us more than the glimpse of joy that flashes on the faces of our tourists when they recognise where and how their favourite movies were made. FILM-MAKERS Ramoji Film City was created to enable filmmakers to bring their vision to life. Everything else here has grown and flourished from cine-magic. WEDDINGS We take pride in our grand weddings. Our events team organises everything from sagaai to bidaai. Ramoji Film City makes the dream wedding fantasy come true. CORPORATE CLIENTS An RFC signature corporate event is a fullfledged gala, with creative themes hosted in magnificent locales, supported with impeccable services, gourmet cuisine and extravagant entertainment programs.

Over the years, we've won a fair share of accolades for a lot of different work

Guinness Book Of World Records Times Of India Seven Wonders Of Hyderabad

Golden Pony Award For Excellence & Innovation 2007

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Families, schools, colleges and several groups experience Ramoji Film City every day. The excitement is palpable as they board the swanky red vintage buses for the daylong tour. Couples love our numerous themed gardens with their innumerable species of flora, Movie Magic is popular with every film lover in India while kids enjoy love Fundusthan. The entire family's vacation dreams come true at Ramoji Film City. Not To Miss:Ramoji Film City has something for everyone, so be prepared for a fully packed, fun-filled day with us. Our
regular daily shows are constantly being fine tuned so even if this is a return trip, don't miss the daily entertainment programs. Make sure you stop by the Enquiry Counter to confirm the day's show timings.

EUREKA The Eureka Complex lies in the heart of Ramoji Film City. It's a place of fun, wonder and amusement filled with games, rides, shopping, restaurants and entertainment like you've never experienced before. Come experience a fun-filled day at Eureka. Go back in time and wander through the Mauryan Era at Alampana or rewind back to the Wild West and savour the musical extravaganza that we present every single day. WELCOME CEREMONY { 10:00 AM} Start your day at Ramoji Film City with a colourful parade that features folk and filmy performances assorted from various cultures we serve India on a platter for our visitors. Our team of dancers, traditional musicians, acrobats, gymnasts, stunt men and clowns come together to welcome you with full fanfare.

THE WILD WEST SHOW Don't miss our action-packed Wild West themed stunt show filled with guns, bad guys and damsels in distress. Watch our heros dodge bullets, whips, lassos and punches while our plucky heroines help them tackle the bad guys.

SPIRIT OF RAMOJI An all-in-one variety daily program with dancers, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and other amazing performers from all over the country. From gymnastic clowns to hoop-dancing, anything is possible in this exciting colourful show.

CLOSING CEREMONY { 5:30 PM } Everyday ends with grand performances on the Eureka stage. Meet our dancers, jugglers, acrobats and more! Our Entertainment Team is constantly evolving their act, so don't miss the closing ceremony.

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Hop on to our open air vintage red tour buses for a behind-the-scenes peek at all the sets and shoot locations scattered throughout Ramoji Film City. Check out our airport set, Jail set, rural+urban railway station, our medieval court halls, 4-in-1 administrative building set with a College facade, a court facade, a police facade and municipality front. We've got entire villages, complete Indian towns and even international cities. Take a look at our demolition area, a building frame where we conduct controled demolitions and explosions during shoots. Stroll through our customisable aeroplane set that can be turned into a Jet Airway flight or an Air India flight within hours. Marvel at our fake caves, temples and dozens of other locations that you've seen in movies. Bhagavatham: The timeless mythology is translated into opulence and ultimate ambience at the incredible Bhagavatham period setting. Butterfly Park: Thousands of colours splashed on beautiful tiny wings of butterflies just signify the spirit of freedom and joy of being a part of this wonderful world. Join those little wonders and cheer them

Vintage Bus


Angel's Fountain

Askari Garden

Japanese Garden

Mughal Garden

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North Town

Princess Street

Sanctuary Garden

Bhagavatham Set

Sun Fountain


One can experience the audio-visual illusions of the reel world by being a part of special effects, dubbing and editing through chromo screens. The real action has been the most consistently discussed attractions of Ramoji Film City. Cut to the Filmi Duniya and you need no visit visa to travel across the time zones and timeless cities on the globe. The icing is of course the craft and creativity, which hoodwink the sense of reality. Hyderabad is in the safest seismic zone but some earthquakes are unstoppable. Children can playfully shout out of excitement when they feel the tremors and several other acoustic effects at Ramoji Tower.

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ACTION STUDIO We take you on an one of its kind interactive and film-based journey behind the celluloid to learn the secrets of shooting, special effects and soundtrack that come together to make a film. Any volunteers ?

BAGAWATAM Enter in to mythological city which will mesmorize you and your family

FILMI DUNIYA Take a mini-train ride through the world's landscape of movies, from London, Paris, New York to Oklahoma past filmy Mt. Rushmore on to Bangkok, let our Dolls tell the tale.

RAMOJI TOWERS Experience the world collapse around you in this thrilling 4-D free falling ride for adults and children, its a thrilling ride that is sure to shake things up a bit.

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.FUNDUSTAN Fundustan is the realm of Dadajinn, where kids are free to explore and run into pleasant surprises at every nook and corner. Fundustan is filled with fun for every kid, with enough play areas, gardens, shows, puzzles, and challenges to keep them busy all day long.

thrillville: rides Be very careful in the land of adventures, you never know what awaits you

dadajinn's ark: video games parlour Race, fly, shoot, go wild in our video game parlour borasura Take a stroll through the exotic house of magic, defeat dragons, cross molten lava to discover hidden secrets enthraller: dome amphitheatre Unicycles, acrobats, contortionists, rope tricks and a dozen other circus acts Ballerina fount: dancing fountain Dancing Fountain breaks a leg and puts up a show four times a day, just for kids wonderville: toyland Every child's dream comes true in our own version of Toyland

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presto magic: toyshop Dont miss kids favourite merchandise at this magical toyshop

timberland: play zone A wonderful play zone with unlimited excitement and entertainment Ramoji Film City offers visitors a wide range of dining options. We have several themed restaurants for guests to choose from.

CHANAKYA Chanakya is our signature vegetarian food outlet done up in epic period style and best known for its typical thali. Popular with guests from around the world, Chanakya's regal interiors take one back to another era.

ALAMPANA Alampana is also the setting for a simple open-air restaurant that offers authentic Awadhi cuisine including the quintessential Hyderabadi Biryani.

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GUN-SMOKE Gun Smoke is the Wild West main eatery. The restaurant dishes up fast-frontier-food so get your fill of burgers and steaks before you head out.

SUPERSTAR At Superstar while you indulge in the extravagant course of various delicacies the most important palate is the film ambience that is omnipresent across the restaurant. The larger-than-life cinema photographs, a feel of shooting ,pictures of matinee idols make Superstar a super hit among visitors. As per food the inimitable delicious spread just stands testimony.

JIMMY's DRIVE-IN Stop by Jimmy's Drive-in, our retro-styled fastfood joint. Refresh yourself with a quick bite or pick up some finger food to munch on as you stroll through Ramoji Movie Magic.

DIL SE A Bollywood themed restaurant at the entrance of the Eureka compound, Dil Se can accommodate large numbers and is extremely popular with larger groups.

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MEENA BAZAAR Visit the world of Alampana, the Mughal Period Set perched inside Eureka and offering imitation and semi-precious jewellery and other items.

WILD WEST SOUVENIRS Our Wild West set also houses some souvenir stores for day visitors to browse through. Pick up wide-brimmed hats and other cowboy merchandise from here.

MOVIE MAGIC MEMORABILIA Don't forget to visit the store within the Movie Magic complex for RFC tshirts, caps, key-chains, stationary and other knick-knacks.

Ramoji Film City can be reached through an hour-long drive from Hyderabad City, straight down Vijayawada National Highway. It is well-connected by a steady stream of public and private buses so that our visitors can reach effortlessly. Regular buses operated by the state transport corporation connect Ramoji Film City to the city. Tourists can also reach Ramoji Film City in cabs.

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ARRANGING TRANSPORT FROM HYDERABAD AIRPORT For out-of-town visitors to Hyderabad, we have a special airport extension counter at the Airport itself. You can easily make arrangements to Ramoji Film City upon arrival. Smaller groups can rent a taxi while larger groups can directly sign up with our travel desk for the right sized private bus. Autorickshaw From Hyderabad City Rickshaws are readily available for hire to Ramoji Film City. To be on the safer side, take one from an authorised stand to ensure your driver charges you fairly and by the meter. Out-of-town visitors arriving by bus or train can expect to take either one of the following routes; From Mahatma Gandhi Terminal Subcardinals - L.B.Nagar - Ramoji Film City From Nampally Railway Station to - Abids - Koti Subcardinals Bus From Hyderabad Women's College Bus Stop at Koti For the local fan, RFC is just an easy, inexpensive bus ride away. Visitors can catch a direct bus from Hyderabad's Koti Bus Stand. Here is a list of the buses that ply this route; 207, 204A, 205, 205A, 205B, 206, 299. Private Travel Partners Visitors can also drive down by private vehicles, buy their tickets at the highway ticket counter and park inside the Ramoji Film City main gate parking area before heading for our tour buses.

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