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Discover whats behind the

An evening of:
Discovering how to relate to various aspects of self Learning an avenue to finding personal peace Exercising the muscle of choosing ones center

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

6:30-8:30 pm
6225 University Avenue, Suite 208, Madison, WI

Must RSVP. Please attend entire class. Free for first-time attendees, $50 for returning

The Foundation Workshop

A fun, nurturing experience exploring what we are made of while discovering the grace and ease that is possible authentically expressing ourselves.

April 20th & 21st, 2013 9a-6p $300; $250 each when 2 or more register together!

For more information or to register, please contact or call 608.238.7328

Who are we not to SHINE ?

to stay true to the teachings At Perennial our commitment is ression of the practice. a and to offer students a full exp of yog a, offering 40+ yoga We specialize in kid and adult yog and lots of workshops. and meditation classes per week

rg 5500 E. Cheryl Parkway, Suite 101, Fitchbu 608-288-8448

Whats your story?

After my car accident, I was getting migraine headaches on a daily basis. Since Dr. Anunson, no more migraines and my TMJ symptoms, ear pain and chronic infections have also decreased, and I have a better quality of sleep at night. Rikki M.


Since Dr. Anunson, I have experienced only one migraine! And now I rarely take any kind of medication. The results have been amazing! Sue D.

8215 Plaza Dr., Madison
Most insurance accepted. Dean Network Provider. Just off Watts Rd., next to Brennans

Dr. Wade Anunson

March 2013 | Natures Pathways

sOUtH CentraL WIsCOnsIn March 2013

22 Feature Story
In the spirit of service

oN tHe CoVer:
Ken-ADIAnDsAllyrAerIngof Tri-Unity Wellife Associates LLC, with their dog, Princess Daisy
Photography by Taylor Greenwood

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The endorphins of Irish music Somatotypes exercise according to your body type The case for cloth diapers Green cleaning for a green home Not your mamas metabolism Magnesium the essential mineral making a comeback What is gluten intolerance? Dowsing connect with your intuitive self Its a dogs world! What the world needs now is The health consequences of leaky gut and SIBO Loving yourself = success and health! Tension and trauma releasing exercises (TRE) Breaking the cycle of antibiotics

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reflections from the editor healthy pets fit bodies healthy kids herb blurb healthy eating intuitive insights community calendar community partners advertiser directory

What the world needs now is


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Dowsing connect with your intuitive self


Loving yourself = success and health!


Natures Pathways | March 2013

Lose up to Lose up to Lose up to 2 --5 lbs a week. 2 - 5 lbs a week. 2 5 lbs a week.
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easily and learn how to keep the easily and learn how to keep the easily Lose weight quickly,easily and learn how to keep the safely, and learn how to keep the weight off for the long term with weight off for the long term with weight off for the long term with easily and learn howweightoff for the long term with to keep the the Habits of Health. the Habits of Health. the Habits of Health. the Habits of Health. weight off for the long term with Before Before Before theBefore of Health. Habits Free Support of aaHealth Coach Free Support of a Health Coach Free Support of a Health Coach Free Support of Health Coach Free Support of a HealthClinicallyProven Products and Program Coach Clinically Proven Products and Program Clinically Proven Products and Program Clinically Proven Products and Program Ted* Ted* Ted* Ted* lost lost lost lost Clinically Proven Products and Program No Counting Calories, Carbs or Points No Counting Calories, Carbs or Points No Counting Calories, Carbs or Points No Counting Calories, Carbs or Points 132 Calories, Carbs or Points 132 132 No Counting lbs! lbs! lbs! lbs!
Results not typical. Results not typical. Results not typical. Results not typical.

Who picked out your health plan?

Did you have a choice?
Employers all over Dane County know theres no such thing as a one-size-fits-all health plan. Thats why so many offer Group Health Cooperative side-by-side with other plans so people like you can compare and choose whats best.


Chuck Urmann Chuck Urmann Chuck Urmann Health Coach ID#: 30192408 Health Coach ID#: 30192408 Chuck UrmannHealthCoach ID#: 30192408 608-215-5517 608-215-5517 608-215-5517 Health Coach ID#: 30192408 608-215-5517

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support program. AAAHealthCoach isis notaasubstitute for aaphysician oror qualifiedmedical practitioner for monitoring support program. A Health Coach isnot a substitute for a physician orqualified medical practitioner for monitoring support program. Health Coach is not a substitute for a physician or qualified medical practitioner for monitoring support program. Health Coach not substitute for physician qualified medical practitioner for monitoring those using Medifast Meals. Consultyour physician before starting a weight-loss program. those using Medifast Meals. Consult your physician before Medifast weight-loss program. those using Medifast Meals. Consult your physician before starting a weight-loss program. those using is a Health Coach for your physician before starting ry represented in this advertisementMedifastMeals. ConsultTake Shape For Life, a startingaaweight-lossprogram. A Health Coach is not a substitute for a physician or qualified medical practitioner for monitoring ast Meals. Consult your physician before starting a weight-loss program.

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Willy West: 6825 University Ave., Middleton (608) 284-7800 Willy East: 1221 Williamson St., Madison (608) 251-6776 Open 7:30 am- 9:30 pm daily w w w . w i l l y s t r e e t. c o o p

Salad Bar, Soups, Hot Entrees, Prepared Meals, Made-to-Order Sandwiches, and so much more!

Tasty Lunch
Falafel Wrap

Options Daily!
(vegetarian/vegan) Bunkys Cafe falafel, tomato and red leaf lettuce. Topped with our housemade cucumber yogurt sauce or tahini and cucumbers.

I prefer to go to Group Health... Its really confidence-building to know that youre going to a place that strives to achieve the maximum. - Richard (GHC-SCW Member)

Join for as little as $10 for the first year, or a one-time payment of $58.
Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) MK12-51-0(6/12)A

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nature's pathways is a monthly magazine and online resource that provides accurate, relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our editorial content, and the best community-based healthy living publication throughout our regions. WhaT makes us unIque? Nature's Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: We are community based the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. the majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers. Why Do We subscrIbe To ThIs busIness moDeL? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. this unique concept allows our readers to learn more about how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in their communities that can serve as trusted resources.

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Natures Pathways | March 2013

from the editor
Jackie Peters

The anticipation is growing spring is just around the corner!

For most of us, cabin fever is in full effect, and we are more than ready to cure this winter boredom by getting outside and interacting with nature. Ah, the joy of whats to come! For now, though, we can make use of our expanding daylight hours and growing supply of energy by decluttering our surroundings. Sure, it sounds like just another chore, but there are actually health benefits to this activity. Experts say disarray can cause stress, while clean can facilitate calm and peace of mind in our lives. Check out some reputable health and wellness websites for more information on the therapeutic effects of decluttering! March is the month we observe National Nutrition Month. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. There is so much to learn in this area; consider researching these topics before things get too busy outside! Youll find some helpful tips and resources on the academys website ( We have so many great articles to share with you this month. Marcia Simler educates us on gluten intolerance and symptoms we should be aware of. Dr. Wade Anunson explains why we should rethink our use of antibiotics. Laura Schuch shows us how loving ourselves makes us better able to handle our challenges and achieve health and success. And, theres much more, so please read on!

Enjoy the anticipation of spring, and take some time to prepare for your healthy future! In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please email Jackie at or Thanks for reading! March 2013 | Natures Pathways

The endorphins of irish music ......................................................................

by cecilia Farran

ever known to stuff their feelings, the Irish let them flow in music, song, story and verse from what poet W.B. Yeats called the deep hearts core. The world over, Irish or not, there are few indeed who are not uplifted or touched in some way by hearing a spirited jig or reel, or by being drawn into a soulful ballad. Simply put: Irish music makes one feel good. It is a time-honored source of endorphins.

So just what is irish music?

Irish music comes in two basic kinds: instrumental (called tunes) and vocal (called songs). Tunes traditionally accompany dance and depending on time signature are called jigs in 6/8 time (if you can say flanagan flanagan to the rhythm it is a jig), reels in 4/4, hornpipes in 2/4 and slip jigs in 9/8. Non-dance tunes are called slow airs and take on a wide sweep of feelings, from melancholy to soaring. Tunes are traditionally played on the harp, uilleann pipes (a form of bagpipe played with an elbow bellow), fiddle, flute or tin whistle, once called the penny whistle because of its price. (Note that the fiddle is actually a violin played in a folk setting.) The traditional Irish drum, the bodhran (pronounced BOUGH-ron),

Music to the irish is a living delight, a mysterious key to a host of undiscovered emotions lying hoarded in the secrets of the soul. Mairtin Byrnes
keeps the beat of musical triplets and is played with one hand using a double-ended stick called a beater. The other hand is pressed against the backside of the skin in different spots to change tone. Vocal songs are either sean-nos (unaccompanied, with the singer using the voice to create intricate grace notes and

Healthy Choices Small Town Hospitality Mindful Living

PeaCefuL SurroundS & BeauTifuL GifTS informative Books Symbolic Silver and Stone Jewelry Music for Meditation and relaxation
a HaVen for MindfuL inSPiraTion 8

Spring g reen

Mindfully sourced & full range of organic foods. artisan cheese. espresso. Wine. Lunch. Join us for fresh Wisconsin Trout Dinner fridays 5-7 p.m. rSVP by Thurs at noon
orGaniC MarkeT deLi & Cafe

South Albany Street Shops | 608.588.3313 | Winter hours: Fri.-Sun.

140 S. Winsted Street | 608.628.1001

Natures Pathways | March 2013

embellishments, often in Gaelic) or ballad style, which tell a story, paint an emotion, extoll a remembrance or rivet a moment in history. They are sung to accompaniment of traditional instruments or guitar. With emigration as early as the 1600s the Irish brought their music into the mountains of America, forming the roots for the now traditional American sound of bluegrass, clogging and square dance. By definition, that is what Irish music is, but such a definition does not capture what it does to ones heart and soul, for the intricate notes and embellishments, lyrical melodies and poignant lyrics are music to not only the ear, but also the heart. Irish writer Mairtin Byrnes has said, Music to the Irish is a living delight, a mysterious key to a host of undiscovered emotions lying hoarded in the secrets of the soul. Such music is played and sung from the deep hearts core. It becomes a force so strong and deep that it draws in, nay, welcomes in, the spirit of every listener whether of Irish heritage or not. So this St. Patricks Day, when venues from nursing homes and schools to concert halls and pubs feature some form of Irish music, check out the paper and avail yourself of this pleasant way to alter your mood. I personally recommend the Old Feed Mill in Mazomanie, where I will be on March 16 and 17, as Celia, touring songstress in the Irish tradition, returns home to her native Wisconsin for two Celtic cabaret shows of comedy and song. Beguiling with her warm smile and red-haired beauty, Celias expressive voice evokes the emotions of the heart and embodies the soaring sound of Celtic women. Her genuine warmth is reminiscent of groups like the Clancy Brothers as she accompanies herself with bodhran, guitar and sound looping technology. Mix all that in with a sprinkling of comic Irish characters and one has a recipe for a great Irish St. Pats Eve on March 16 or an afternoon on the High Holy Day of St. Patricks Day itself, March 17. As a delicious extra, the March 16 show (6 p.m.) begins with a corned beef dinner made to perfection using the recipe of owner Nancy Vistes Irish grandmother; cabaret follows at 7 p.m. The March 17 show begins with a corned beef brunch at 11:30 a.m.; show follows at 1 p.m. Might I offer you a personal invitation to join us there as you come away to a world of enchantment so far from this one. In the words of W.B.Yeats: Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand. (Leave) the worlds (thats) more full of weeping than you can understand. I will be there raising my endorphins and perhaps, O human child, if you too would like to be beguiled into an evening of Irish magic, so will you.
Cecilia Farran is owner of 43/90 North Earth Gifts in Spring Green, 608.588.3313, where tickets can be obtained. Tickets/info also available: or 608.795.4909. Choose either St. Pats Eve Cabaret: Saturday, March 16, with a corned beef dinner beginning at 6 p.m. (doors open at 5 p.m.) or St. Patricks Day, Sunday, March 17, the Celtic Cabaret will follow a corned beef brunch beginning at 11:30 a.m.

LIFE IS THE SCHOOL, LOVE IS THE LESSON. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
ANAIS NIN Synergistic Natural Health & Healing Modalities Offered:
Reflexology Professional Workplace Communication Skills Building Womens Retreats Intuitive Guide/Reading Individual Spiritual Counseling Sessions Personal and Professional Goal Setting and Clarity of Purpose

Natural Healing on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Levels Qivana Natural Health Systems at

ROSE NICKSIC 608-628-4041

Madison, Dane County and the Surrounding Areas

Rose Nicksic, M.S. and M.A. Educational Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, Trained Reflexology Practitioner, Experienced, State Licensed Educator

Walnut Grove Clinic

Back pain, nerve pain, disc pain, injuries Hormone testing for women and men Food allergy testing Adrenal and thyroid testing for low energy olistic treatment alternatives: nutritional, herbal, H glandular, protomorphin therapy

Voted Madisons Favorite

Medicare, BadgerCare & Insurance New patients warmly welcomed!

Call ahead for coverage details
4200 University Ave. Madison, WI


Uncover Hidden Health Problems by Full Body Survey. Your Specific Health Issues Analyzed. Call Now Its Free!
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dont use luck to choose supplements

Learn which vitamins are bad for your pet! ...............................................................
by Dr. Jodie

asically, there are two types of vitamins: the whole food type, which are found in the fresh foods we eat, and the synthetic type, which are manufactured in a laboratory and found in the processed foods we eat. When you purchase synthetic vitamins, you are relying on luck as to whether or not they are the right ones, in the correct combination, that may or not be useful or even harmful to your pets body. When you provide fresh food or whole food source vitamins, you are relying on nature and the

bodys innate knowledge to select from the presented array, the needed vitamins and combination to be properly assimilated and effectively utilized by the body. In basic biology we learned that vitamins need their cofactors and appropriate food combinations to be utilized by the body. Yet, even natural health sources tout d-alpha tocopherol as natural vitamin E. In reality, it is not utilized without selenium. Your best whole food source of vitamin E is wheat germ oil. Doctors often say, take your vitamin C to prevent the common cold. Unfortunately, ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. It is only one chemical constituent within this complex nutrient. A great whole food source is rose hips. Have you ever wondered why one study says a particular vitamin is good for you and another study says it is not? Sometimes it is because a study is based upon utilization of a food that contains large amounts of the particular vitamin vs. another study where only a chemical constituent of the vitamin is used. Ever hear the old adage, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Indeed, nature has even put into its plants constituents, which protect against or balance the negative effects of another constituent, within the same plant! This protection is not present if one consumes a partial vitamin or synthetic version. There are many nutrients in a carrot that work synergistically. There are many

components that affect the functionality of a carrots vitamin A, not just beta-carotene. Why is the ingestion of synthetics so bad? And why does an individual often see results when consuming synthetic vitamins? Cells have vitamin receptor sites. A body with a vitamin deficiency will have cells with empty receptor sites. Initially, the synthetic vitamins will adhere to the receptor sites and stimulate a beneficial response. The excessive and repeated presence of the synthetic vitamin will cause the tired receptor sites to down regulate, making them no longer responsive to the synthetic or the presence of the natural vitamin when it arrives. So, after some time, an individuals symptoms of vitamin deficiency recur. This is why health practitioners often say excessive amounts of a vitamin can become toxic. Cells do not do a good job of recognizing and releasing synthetic vitamins. Signs of deficiency and those of excess are often quite similar. This is why synthetic vitamin supplementation can be very confusing and dangerous.
reAd lAbelS!

Read the ingredient label on your pets bag of dry kibble (the synthetic vitamins are bolded): brewers rice, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, animal fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), dried egg product, vegetable oil,


Natures Pathways | March 2013

chicken liver digest, fish meal, DL-methionine, L-lysine, taurine, L-tryptophan, preserved with mixed tocopherols, citric acid and rosemary extract, beta carotene, minerals (potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, salt, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), vitamins (choline chloride, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, ascorbic acid (a source of vitamin C), niacin, thiamine, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement). Now read the ingredients on a bag of fresh, raw food: rabbit, pork fat, ground rabbit bone, pork liver, pork heart, apples, carrots, butternut squash, ground flax seeds, montmorillonite clay, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, dried kelp, apple cider vinegar, parsley, honey, salmon oil, olive oil, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, persimmons, inulin, rosemary, sage, clove. Pet parents who cannot feed fresh food, should never supplement synthetic vitamins with foods which already contain

Pet parents who cannot feed fresh food, should never supplement synthetic vitamins with foods which already contain synthetic vitamins.
synthetic vitamins. It is imperative to only supplement with whole food vitamins. Dont be misled to believe that these processed foods contain adequate amounts of vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are poorly absorbed. It is safe and a good idea to add blended fresh veggies to your pets food. Organic is always best. (Avoid grapes, raisins and

onions.) Your pet may benefit from specific combinations of whole food supplementation depending on if he has a particular imbalance. For example, eating liver, milk thistle and beets are excellent if your pet has liver disease. Standard Process is an international company based in Palmyra, Wisconsin, that makes human and pet whole food supplements. They have made supplementation easy for humans. Chiropractors and acupuncturists have been recommending these products for people for years. Veterinarians have this same option available to them for pets. The Standard Process Canine Renal Support contains ingredients such as bovine kidney, kidney bean extract, pea vine juice, beet root, alfalfa juice and more. Mmm good, easy and real!
Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA, has been practicing veterinary medicine in Muskego, Wisconsin since 1987. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist by the Chi Institute. Dr. Jodie is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, an integrated, full-service small animal practice. For more info, healthy products or educational DVD, visit

Kayser Nissan is the number one Nissan dealer in Madison. We are a part of Kayser Automotive Group, one of the premier auto groups with over 85 years in the area. From the moment you walk into our showroom, youll know our commitment to customer service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Kayser Nissan a good one helping you determine which vehicle will meet your needs and providing you with vehicle information that is clear and concise. Our goal is to be your dealer for life. We have a number of class-leading fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles with 30+ MPG as well as a 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions. Whether you need to purchase, finance, lease or service a new or pre-owned Nissan, youve come to the right place!

2510 West Beltline Highway, Madison 608-276-0236 March 2013 | Natures Pathways



Calculating your calorie needs made simple .....................................................................

by Tony bednarowski

hether youre just curious or have a serious need to evaluate your daily calorie needs due to weight concerns, you may want to consider your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This figures the amount of energy (calories) ones body uses when in a resting or non-active state. The BMR calculator is one of the most widely used measurements in determining ones basal metabolic rate or base. This excellent tool is often used by dieticians, personal trainers or individuals in conjunction with the body mass index (BMI) calculator. The BMI calculator is used to figure out where a persons healthy body weight range is. The BMR calculator is then used to help figure out how many calories a person should be consuming to get them to their healthy body weight. So here is where most people (and yes, even some of our trusted professionals) go wrong while using the BMR calculator. While using this standard measuring tool, you must first understand what you are measuring and why. Muscle is calorie active tissue, which means it is the physical place where calories are burned for energy. Fat is simply storage or extra energy. If you can grasp this concept, then you will also understand that when using the BMR calculator to help with weight loss, you must take into account your body fat percentage. Why? So you can accurately calculate the right amount of calories needed based on calorie active tissue (your true fat burning machine) not overall body weight.

whAT fOllOwS Are Three SiMPle SUggeSTiONS TO helP yOU deTerMiNe yOUr dAily CAlOrie NeedS USiNg A bMr CAlCUlATOr SO yOU CAN AChieve yOUr weighT lOSS gOAl MOre eASily: 1. Go to a trusted source, either a recommended local personal 2. Take your actual overall body weight and subtract your body fat For example, if you are 150 lbs. and you are at 22% body fat, Your lean body mass is 117 pounds.

trainer or health professional and have your body fat level taken.

level to determine your lean body mass or calorie active tissue. figure 150 minus 33 (22% of 150), which equals 117.

3. Search the Internet for a BMR calculator. Punch in the four

calculating components it will ask you for: gender, height, age and weight (be sure to use your lean body mass NOT your existing overall body weight).

There you have it. This will give you the amount of calories needed to maintain your current body weight in a non-active state. Any more calories than that results in weight gain, any fewer calories than that results in weight loss. Its just that simple.
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Natures Pathways magazine, Your Path To Healthy Living. He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, Be Well, Live Well. He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit
Natures Pathways | March 2013

Somatotypes exercise according to your body type ......................................................................

by Leia mccumber
ou may have heard the phrase, If you just work hard enough, you can have the body of your dreams! Unfortunately, this is not always true. Our body type is what determines how we respond to exercise and nutrition, no matter how hard we may work at it. This is what accounts for a lot of disappointed and frustrated dieters. Have you ever stuck to a healthy diet and exercise regimen for months on end, only to be frustrated with the lack of results? Your somatotype may have been the culprit. Just because a certain celebrity does a certain workout and looks a certain way, doesnt mean you can do the same thing to get the same results. Your bodies wont look at all similar, unless you have the same body type. Even then, its hard, as there are many variations and combinations of the three main body types. We will talk about the main three here: 1. eCTOMOrPh: Slender, narrow shoulders and low body fat. Naturally fine boned, long limbed, narrow-waisted and unlikely to gain muscle easily. Famous ectomorphs include Lisa Kudrow, Kate Moss, Brad Pitt and Seth Green. dieT TiPS: In order to put on some muscle, ectomorphs must eat more calories than any other body type and consume more protein. Otherwise, their fast metabolism causes them to burn off any muscle gains. Ectomorphs benefit from diets high in carbohydrates and proteins, and moderate in fat. Complex carbs provide long-term energy to fuel the ectos naturally fast metabolism. Whole-grain breads, oats, pastas, rice and polenta are excellent choices. exerCiSe TiPS: Avoid lengthy cardio sessions. This can be detrimental to the ectomorphs quest to gain weight/muscle.

Ectomorph training should be heavy lifting to focus on gaining muscle, and should be in short durations. Use full-body movements like squats for total body workouts. 2. MeSOMOrPh: Tend to be muscular. Have large bones and solid joints. They often have well-developed calves and forearms. Naturally well-proportioned, muscular, strong, prone to having a highly efficient metabolism, highly responsive to any type of workout routines and generally good at sports. Famous mesomorphs include Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Venus and Serena Williams, and Jillian Michaels. dieT TiPS: Be sure to eat within an hour of rising each morning. Complex carbs, unsaturated fats and protein foods are important for a balanced, energy-packed breakfast. It is best to have five to six small meals throughout the day. Snacks must be healthy choices of whole fruits and protein foods such as raw nuts. Generally speaking, Mesos have no need to cut back their complex carb intake in the evening meal because of their highly efficient metabolism. exerCiSe TiPS: If youre seeking lean muscle while losing fat, use light weights with plenty of repetitions to change your physique. For best results, go for an equal mix of cardio and weights to lose fat deposits and gain muscle mass. It is essential to minimize rest between sets and repetitions to around 30 seconds and no more than a minute to maximize muscle development. 3. eNdOMOrPh: Typically characterized by round body type, with more fat carried around the waist line. Naturally medium to
continued on page 17

Serious Fitness
Is a gym membership too expensive, or are you too busy to find the time to go? Are you lacking the motivation to get in shape, or dont know where to start?


Leia McCumber 608-438-6306

One-on-one personal training in your home I come to YOU! No equipment required. Free education on diet, nutrition and supplements included. Change your life and meet your fitness goals in the comfort of your own livingroom!
Call today and mention this ad to set up your FREE consultation. For more info, please visit and Like us on Facebook for daily motivation and tips!
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The case for cloth diapers ...............................................................

by rick martin
ts a fact: chemicals are everywhere today. Its most alarming though, when you consider the products you use to care for your children. Unfortunately, numerous studies show that disposable diapers the very first product most of us buy for our children pose a risk to them. Disposable diapers contain undisclosed chemicals chemicals that arent found on the labels of Huggies and Pampers. Try calling Proctor & Gamble as I did, and they will transfer you until you are about blue in the face, and then wont tell you what they expect you to wrap your childs bottom in all day and all night long. This is your childs clothing we are talking about, and you have no way of knowing all the chemicals that he or she is in constant contact with, many of which

can seep into their pores. What we do know about plastic disposable diapers is that they contain the chemical sodium polyacrylate, a superabsorbent polymer (SAP), which can absorb as much as 200 to 300 times its mass in liquid. The original superabsorbent diapers on the market contained five to six grams of SAPs per diaper. Todays new, thinner disposables have less wood pulp and more SAPs: 10 to 15 grams per diaper. According to the American Journal of Pediatrics, the use of disposable diapers should be limited because a study had found that they caused more frequent and more severe diaper rash. SAPs can also cause severe skin infections or worse. In the late 1980s, SAPs were removed from tampons because the material increased


Mother Nature's Diape

r Service

931 E. Main Street, Sui

(2229) (608)251- BABY iap


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gentle onderfully healthy and Your baby gets the w irritation tton diapers. And diaper comfort of our co is vanishingly low. you. We bring the diapers to ut them rinse used diapers. Just p You don't need to d we'll come get them in the diaper container, an from your doorstep. r in our our house. The freshene They dont smell up y melling diapery. use from s containers keep your ho losing diaper covers d for safety pins. Velcro-c No nee in place. keep diapers in ess in our diapers than Babies spend a year l let training e average time until toi disposables. Th of 0 months vs. an average with our diapers is 24-3 es. abl 36-42 months in dispos nment! Its better for the enviro

the risk of toxic shock syndrome. A study in the Archives of Environmental Health found that laboratory mice exposed to various brands of throwaway diapers suffered eye, nose and throat irritation, including bronchoconstriction similar to that resulting from an asthma attack. But, enough of all this! As a reader of this publication, you know that it is best to stay as natural as possible when making choices about the care of yourself and your family. You probably cook your own veggies for baby food (or buy from Yum Tum) and have every fact available about breastfeeding and drug-free childbirth. Well, the same is true for diapering your child. Youll be changing 10,000 to 15,000 diapers in your household if you have a couple of children, depending on the number of changes per day, of course. And since some people choose to take full advantage of a disposables superabsorbancy, some children are changed less frequently at the expense of the babys health. With huge numbers like this, you have the power to make a big impact on beautiful Mother Earth! In future articles, well talk about the environmental impact of different types of diapers, even the differences between home laundering and commercial diaper service laundering. Well site our sources! Well name names! Just know that since you are reading this, you are on your way to being the best parent you can be!
Rick Martin is with Mother Natures Diaper Service, which delivers fresh cloth diapers to your home in the Dane County area. He encourages you to keep your precious child wrapped in natural cotton comfort all day long! For more information, visit or call 608.251.2229. Gift certificates available!


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green cleaning for a green home ...................................................................

by kris koenig
aving a green home isnt just about the building materials. Its also about how you care for your home. Does it make sense to build a green home or sustainably remodel your home and then add toxins to it? Thats what many homeowners do when they clean their homes. According to the EPA, levels of pollutants in indoor air can be from two to more than 100 times higher than outdoors. Many of these pollutants come from the products that are used to clean homes. The products can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which give off gas into the air we breathe. The off-gassing happens when you use the products and also when the products are in the bottle. The VOCs seep under the caps and through the sprayers of their bottles, so even if you have the bottle closed tightly, the harmful chemicals still get into the air in the home. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reviewed and rated more than 2,000 popular household cleaning products with grades A through F, based on the safety of their ingredients and the information they disclose about their contents. In their research, they found that many of the common spray cleaners contain ingredients that cause asthma. They created a report called EWG Cleaners Database Hall of Shame. The most common cleaning products are listed in the Hall of Shame. The problem is not only about the air quality in the home, but also about the surfaces that homeowners, their children and their pets come in contact with.

For instance, what are they cleaning their kitchen countertops with? They use products that they think are cleaning their counters, but in reality they are making their counters dirty. The first thing many homeowners do before they prepare a meal is clean the counter top with a common spray cleaner or wipe. Then they prepare their meal on top of this surface, completely unaware that they may be preparing food on top of a known carcinogen. Keep in mind that companies are not required to list the ingredients of cleaning products on the labels. So how do you know if the product you are using is safe if the ingredients arent disclosed on the bottle? And how do you know if an ingredient is harmful? The EWG has made it easy for you. On their website,, they have a database of over 2,000 cleaning products and their ratings. When you click on a product, it shows you how it stacks up in terms of the environment, asthma/respiratory, skin allergies and irritation, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer. Its a very useful tool that can help you in your purchasing decisions. The EWG database is also useful in understanding which products are greenwashing, or making claim to be green when they arent. There are no regulations about the terms natural, green, eco-friendly, etc., so a company can put these words on the bottle whether it is safe for the environment or not. There are products that claim to be green that earn an F on the EWG site. The EWG Cleaner Database is such a

powerful tool that takes the mystery out of buying products off the shelf. Making cleaning products with ingredients found in the home is another option. There are many resources online and in books that provide recipes for cleaning products. One of our favorite resources for nontoxic cleaning recipes is, which has recipes and tips in the Healthy Living Home section. You can get a lot done in your home with just baking soda, castile soap and a microfiber cloth. But you have to do a little research if youre going to make
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Not your mamas metabolism ..........................................................

by Dr. steve Puckette

ust like Alice gazing through the looking glass, things are not always as they appear. Metabolism is not just about a simple process of calories in vs. calories out. It is the centerpiece of our own personal energy infrastructure, the driving force behind converting inputs to our body into the energy needed to sustain good health. Think for a moment about how a coal power plant works. Coal (the fuel) enters the power plant. Under the direction of a central control unit, a variety of machines and processes turn the coal into electricity, which then powers millions of homes. Similarly, metabolism requires the same three components (i.e., fuel, power plant and a central control unit) to produce the energy needed to power millions of cells. Lets look at these three pieces individually. Bodies require oxygen and sugar, just like a campfire needs oxygen and wood. Sugar is the easiest fuel for our bodies to use. Unfortunately, it has earned a bad reputation as junk food. But sugar itself is irreplaceable. If there is not enough sugar present in our bloodstream, the body can also use fats and carbohydrates from our diet as fuel sources. Next, every single cell in our body has its own little power plant called the mitochondria. These biochemical pathways convert the carbohydrates and fats we have taken in, into ATP, the electricity of our body. Building efficient power plants requires quality materials: the proteins, micronutrients and phytonutrients of food. Throughout life, our dietary needs
Natures Pathways | March 2013

fluctuate to satisfy the fuel and repair needs of our body. Being responsive to those needs requires us to pay attention to what we eat and how well we satisfy it. Up until about 100 years ago, people lived on organic foods. The development of fertilizers and pesticides introduced us to conventionally grown foods and a better living through chemistry attitude towards food. The high demand for convenience and shelf life degraded our food supply one more step and brought us to the Standard American Diet (SAD) of highly processed and junk foods, which have little, if any, nutritional value. Phytonutrients, the magic of food, come from the natural properties of herbs and spices. Garlic, for instance, naturally boosts the immune system. We may never know how many of these have been lost during the processing of real foods. We are bombarded daily with new fad diets. While there are always some people for whom these diets appear to work, they usually do not work for the masses. The centerpiece of a good diet is vegetables. We all need protein, animal fats and carbohydrates, but the proportion will vary depending on which of these fuel sources our body thrives on. We need to find the individual balance appropriate for us. Another aspect of our metabolism is how well we absorb the nutrients we eat. Digestion requires coordinated action of the stomach, small and large intestines, and liver. When digestion is off, we may experience constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating

or worse. We do not absorb as well and we become malnourished. Our central control unit, the brain, runs all of this. Our brain monitors how much energy we have and how much energy we need in order for all of our body systems to function optimally. The nervous system sends nerves to every organ, but not to every cell. Our body communicates to each cell through hormones manufactured by specific glands, primarily the thyroid, adrenal and pancreas. Thyroid hormone increases cell activity and is needed by every cell in our body. Adrenal glands increase the amount of sugar in our blood stream, and insulin makes it possible for the sugar to get into individual cells. Metabolism affects the nervous system, which in turn affects the metabolism. Poor metabolism results in a vicious cycle, a downward spiral of one dysfunction causing another dysfunction. Taking care of your metabolism can turn this process back into a virtuous cycle, where improved function in one area of the body leads to improved function in another and another and helps to return you to your optimal health.
Dr. Steve Puckette owns Puckette Chiropractic, 6315 Odana Road, Suite 101, in Madison and has been practicing chiropractic since 1994. He has taken over 700 CE hours in functional metabolic assessment, functional blood chemistry and nutrition, and is currently enrolled in a three-year diplomate program in chiropractic neurology through the Carrick Institute. Dr. Puckette has Hashimotos thyroiditis himself and became involved in this type of work when members of his immediate family developed autoimmune conditions. For more information, please visit or call 608.276.7635.


SomatotypeS exerciSe according to your body type continued from page 13

large boned, apple or pear shaped, prone to gaining fat easily and losing weight slowly, and strong but often fatigued. Famous endomorphs include Oprah Winfrey, John Goodman, Roseanne and Kate Winslet. dieT TiPS: Go lighter on the carbs and fats and moderate on protein. Eat more turkey, fish, chicken, whey protein, shellfish and salmon, olive oil, flax oil, peanuts, almonds, canola oil and walnuts. Eat most of your complex carbs (brown rice, grains, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, sweet potatoes, whole-wheat pasta and bagels) in the first half of the day when you need energy, and cut them back in the evenings while increasing your lean protein foods. exerCiSe TiPS: To lose fat and build muscle, an endomorph should follow workout programs that include both weightlifting as well as cardio. Weight lifting workouts should be low to moderate weight workouts with a high

number of repetitions per set. The endo builds muscle easily so the focus should always be on calorie burning and muscle shaping. Short rests of 30-60 seconds between sets are highly recommended, and maintaining an elevated heart rate throughout the workout is essential for fat loss. Slowing down or resting too long will cause the endo to lose the benefits of the weight lifting workouts. Consider circuit training and supersets. What is YOUR somatotype? Find a trainer who is educated on somatotypes, and learn how to feed and exercise YOUR body in order to work with the shape you have and get the results you want!
Leia McCumber is an ACE-certified personal trainer and owner of Serious Fitness, in-home personal training for women, in Madison. Leia has also been a massage therapist for six years and owned her own day spa since 2007. In 2011, she sold the business in order to focus on her fitness career. She provides practical, functional fitness training for women in the comfort of their own homes. For more information, call 608.438.6306, email or visit Like Serious Fitness on Facebook for more diet and exercise tips, daily motivation and healthy recipes.

green cleaning for a green home continued from page 15

your own products because theres a lot of myths and bad advice online. You have to make sure you understand how a product may affect the surface you want to clean. Its a little more work, not just because you have to make the product, but because you need to understand pH levels and what your surface can and cant tolerate. Green cleaning is one of the most important steps in creating a green home since it affects your indoor air quality and every surface that gets touched on a daily basis.
Kris Koenig is the CEO of Natura Clean, a family-owned eco-friendly cleaning company based in Middleton. She is the first and only IICRC/ cleantrust certified Home Cleaning Technician in Wisconsin. Kris serves on the city of Middletons sustainability committee as its vicechair. She has a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and an MBA from Edgewood College, where she received the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award. Natura Clean received the 2012 ARCSI Professional Image Award for best company logo. Kris can be reached at or 608.215.6737. Requests for quotes can be sent through the website at

Alternative Health Care Options Designed For You!

Puckette Chiropractic is a health care center dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of each of our patients. We test patients metabolically, structurally and neurologically. By supporting areas of dysfunction, we work to return you to the most optimum state of health possible for you.
We have helped patients with a variety of Chronic Conditions including:
Thyroid Conditions Celiac IBS and Crohns Fibromyalgia Vertigo Sciatica Type 2 Diabetes/Insulin Resistance Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Peripheral Neuropathy Chronic Neck/Back Pain PCOS/Infertility Migraine/Chronic Headaches ADD/ADHD Symptoms Insomnia

I have more energy than ever in life, I feel like I owe Dr. Puckette my life.
Dr. Steve Puckette Serving Madison since 1994

Our health insurance does not cover alternative care, but Dr. Puckette was well worth every penny we spent. We thank Dr. Puckette for all of the care, attention, concern and time he took to listen to Rollands concerns. NANCY AND ROLLAND I sleep better, have less bloating, my appetite came back after 10 years. My nails and hair are growing faster. Ive also lost some weight. CHRIS For more information, please visit our website at:
Puckette Chiropractic is located at: 6315 Odana Road, Suite 101 Madison, WI 53719 (608) 276-7635


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Magnesium the essential mineral making a comeback ......................................................................

by niki young

he essential mineral magnesium is at last developing a much-deserved spot in the good health limelight. It is known to play a part in at least 400 reactions in the body that are necessary for everything from maintaining bone health and muscle function to regulating blood sugar levels and


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"early signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, poor memory, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, apathy and depression."
metabolizing carbohydrates and fats for energy. It is involved in neurotransmitter and hormone production. And one of magnesiums most important roles of all is the part it plays in maintaining and restoring heart health. This underestimated mineral helps with such important processes as regulating blood pressure, maintaining vascular tone and regulating heart rhythm, and is possibly even involved in the reversal of arterial plaque. Early signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, poor memory, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, apathy and depression. As the deficiency worsens, numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms and coronary spasms can occur. Eventually, if the deficiency continues, chronic health issues such as arthritis and diabetes can develop. Magnesium is considered an essential mineral because the body doesnt naturally synthesize it; therefore, it has to come from the diet and/or supplements. Usual recommended dietary sources are green, leafy vegetables such as swiss chard, spinach and broccoli, sea vegetables, chocolate and some nuts and seeds. However, as soils have become increasingly depleted of magnesium (and most other minerals) and waters have become more polluted, it has become difficult to consume enough magnesium from dietary sources alone. In fact, it is estimated that between 70 and 85% of Americans today, even those consuming what is considered a healthy diet, are deficient in this mineral. Other factors present in our modern lifestyle that likely contribute to

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magnesium deficiencies include over-consumption of calcium (balance of minerals is important), alcohol abuse, sugar consumption, caffeine, stress, the use of prescription diuretics, antibiotic use, liver and kidney disease, and oral contraceptive use. For all of the above reasons, most experts in the field today recommend the supplementation of magnesium in tandem with a good diet. Magnesium can be found as a supplement in two basic forms: chelated and non-chelated. Chelated forms are those that are attached to another molecule (often an amino acid). Common chelated forms include magnesium orotate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium aspartate and magnesium malate. Magnesium can also be attached to an organic acid (like citrate) or to a fatty acid (like stearate). The non-chelated forms of magnesium include magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate and magnesium carbonate. Some research suggests that chelated forms of magnesium bound to amino acids are better absorbed than other forms. Suggested supplementation amounts are usually between 400 and 800 mg. per day.*
MAgNeSiUM ASPArTATe - A chelated form containing an ion of magnesium oxide attached to the amino acid aspartic acid. It is considered to be well-absorbed. MAgNeSiUM glyCiNATe - A chelated form that is bound to the amino acid glycine. This form of magnesium is less disruptive to the bowels than other forms, which can cause diarrhea. Magnesium glycinate is easy for the body to absorb; individuals suffering from conditions like celiac and Crohns disease might benefit from this very bio-available form of magnesium. MAgNeSiUM MAlATe - The malate form of magnesium is derived from malic acid, which plays a key role in energy production. Magnesium malate is of specific benefit to individuals such as athletes, as well as those with musculoskeletal problems like fibromyalgia. MAgNeSiUM CiTrATe - Derived from the magnesium salt of citric acid, this chelated form has a lower concentration, but a high level of bioavailability. Magnesium citrate is commonly used to induce a bowel movement, but has also been studied for its ability to help prevent kidney stones. MAgNeSiUM Oxide - Some people use this non-chelated form as an antacid to relieve heartburn, sour stomach or acid indigestion, or as a laxative. Do not take magnesium oxide for these reasons for longer than two weeks unless advised to do so by your healthcare practitioner.

Common forms of magnesium


Using botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle, nutrition and appropriate supplementation to repair poor health and achieve optimal wellness.

*Those suffering from kidney failure or kidney insufficiency, or whose hearts already beat at a slow rate (less than 60 beats per minute) should consult with their doctor before starting magnesium supplementation, and, as always, check with your healthcare practitioner with any questions before using.
Niki Young, owner of Green Earth, 6333 University Ave., Middleton, is a certified nutritionist with a background in dietetics and nutrition, holistic nutrition and herbalism. The focus at Green Earth is to provide a place to turn for quality natural healthcare products as well as the guidance to use them successfully. For more information, please visit or call 608.831.2845. References: Carolyn Dean, Paul Bergner, Michael Murray and James Duke.

Holistic HealthCare Options LLC

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Dr. Carrie Kaiser MA, ND


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what is gluten intolerance? ......................................................................

by marcia k. simler, cnhP

luten intolerance is a malabsorption syndrome caused by a reaction to gliadin, a gluten protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. People with gluten intolerance cannot digest this protein and, as a result, suffer from various bowel abnormalities. Are you gluten intolerant? You could be if you suffer with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, weight gain, bone or joint pain, dental enamel defects, depression, infertility, anemia, alopecia areata (hair loss), migraines, multiple sclerosis (MS), psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or any of the dozens of other symptoms now believed to be connected to gluten intolerance. While gluten has been a food staple in the Western world for hundreds of years, today the enormous scope of gluten intolerance is a health problem that cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that the symptoms they are experiencing could be a reaction to the gluten contained in the wheat, rye, barley and oat products they consume on a daily basis. While the world is just beginning to understand gluten intolerance, scientists believe it developed hundreds of years ago when our ancestors who used to forage for nuts and meat first introduced grains such as wheat into their diets. People with blood type O have this common problem, along with type A and type B. Blood type AB may tolerate a small amount, but its best to avoid all gluten. We do not have the natural grains we had 200 years ago. With years of modifications to these seeds, it is a shame the heritage seeds of yesteryear are not used presently. The villi in the small intestine normally responsible for absorbing

fluids and nutrients become flattened and deficient in digestive enzymes, severely reducing the area available for absorption of nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. One of the main reasons gluten is so devastating is that the place in the small intestine where it wreaks the most havoc is the site where B12 is absorbed. This vitamin is crucial for many cellular functions, including the bodys manufacturing of red blood cells, nerves and neurotransmitters. The best way to check out a gluten problem is to eliminate it completely from your diet for a few weeks. Most symptoms of inflammation will disappear within that period of time and be completely eliminated by the time you go gluten-free for six weeks. The best advantage to go gluten-free is weight loss. Our fat around the middle (spare tire) is due to gluten intolerance. Many people lose 20, 30 or up to 50 pounds or more just by eliminating gluten. Wheat gluten can spike your blood sugar worse than pop or candy, and be the culprit for diabetes and heart disease, according to the author Dr. William Davis, M.D., of the book, WHEAT BELLY. I suggest you check out wheat-free/gluten-free products to keep your body healthy!
Marcia K. Simler, CNHP (certified natural health practitioner), owns Natural Health Works Holistic Clinic and Natural Spa with offices in Verona and Monroe. She is a certified kinesiologist. Visit her website at The Monroe office is located at W4745 Blumer Rd. Phone numbers for the Monroe office are 800.753.1689 or 608.325.3209. The Verona office is located at 201 E. Verona Ave. Call 608.848.8378 or 877.753.1689. Natural Health Works offers therapeutic massages, hot-rock massages, emotional release massages, detoxing foot baths, hand baths and more.

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dowsing connect with your intuitive self ......................................................................

by sonya Theis

owsing is an ancient art with roots going back to all manner of people and cultures. Divination, which means to have perception by intuition, instinctive foresight or unusual insight, is another appropriate name for dowsing. Historically it has been known as the process of using L-rods or pendulums to search for underground water sources. You may also be familiar with dowsing as the process of using a pendulum to tap into the intuitive mind using a series of questions that can be answered yes or no. The pendulum used in dowsing is simply a tool or piece of equipment. What actually makes this tool move is the persons own autonomic nervous system nothing supernatural. The movement is created when the nerves in the fingers respond to the messages sent from the brain. Heres how the process works in dowsing: the left brain (logical brain) asks the question; the right brain (intuitive brain) interprets the question and responds back; the left brain then translates this answer into a signal through the autonomic nervous system and sends this signal down through the nervous system to the finger tips to give the yes or no response to the pendulum. Learning dowsing is a very personal journey. A student can be educated either by self-teaching through books or by taking a class from a teacher who has the expertise in divination. He or she learns how to be connected to their intuitive self by being grounded and centered in Spirit, often facilitated by meditating beforehand. In knowing this important connection, their pendulum is then their communication between their own conscious and subconscious mind, and nothing else. As with anything, it takes time to learn

this skill. A student must stay focused on having a positive attitude, being patient and trusting himself. We all have intuitive abilities and dowsing is one way to direct those abilities in a positive way. For example, a practitioners yes or no question could be related to their own experience in the areas of food, nutrition, relationships, essential oils, chakra balancing or anything else where they want to know what is in their highest good. It is important for practitioners to keep ethics in mind when dowsing. If working with someone else, it is necessary to obtain their permission to ask questions about them, as to avoid invasion of privacy. Also, questions to the future are based on information available today, and due to changes in people or events, the answers will change with that. You can find a variety of resources on dowsing through the American Society of Dowsers, Inc. at There are also excellent chart books to assist students of this art, one being: The Pendulum Charts Volume I by Dale W. Olson. This ancient art does lead the practitioner onto a path of self awareness and enlightenment. Try it for yourself and enjoy!
Sonya Theis, SRT practitioner, is owner of Rooted Spirit Wholeness Center, located at 6670 University Ave., Suite 102, in Middleton. She is certified in spiritual restructuring and spiritual response therapy, and is a teacher of dowsing. Sonyas spiritual clearings through SRT direct Spirit to inner peace by replacing negative energies with positive. For more information, call 608.220.0406 or visit

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Ken-Adi & Sally Rae Ring honor spirituality in their bodywork, hypnosis and community service efforts

By JAcKie PeteRS

aving a brush with death can certainly give you new perspective on life. some whove had such an experience even go on to devote the rest of their lives to contributing to the greater good. One such gentleman is Ken-adi ring, CHt, CI, LMt, of Madison. at the age of 19, the Mazomanie farm boy was involved in a horrific, fiery car crash that put him in st. Marys hospital for 74 days and through 14 reconstructive surgeries. It was a difficult journey to say the least. With extensive third-degree burns to his face, head and neck, and having lost an ear and a finger (which was reattached), among other injuries, he felt helpless, self-conscious and lonely. Ken-adi still remembers clearly the impact the nursing students and assistants had on him back in 1965. the massages they delivered each night made him feel good; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Imagine that, when being in so much pain and anguish, healing touch gave him hope. When they put their hands on me, it made me feel connected, that someone cared, he recalls. after his long recovery, Ken-adi decided to study massage therapy because of the tremendous impact it had on him during the struggle to regain his health. He found he had a natural knack for touch, for knowing what a body needs and for connecting with people. He concurrently found his studies in the art and science of yoga and meditation to be equally gratifying. It was then that Ken-adi found his calling and his way to serve people. He dedicated his life to the harmonious integration of mind, body and spirit tri-unity.

on a mission of knowledge and service ever since opening his business: He is a senior licensed massage and bodywork therapist/instructor (longest practicing in the state of Wisconsin, in fact, with 38 years of professional service); certified hypnotherapist practitioner/instructor (10 years of service); certified yoga and meditation practitioner/instructor (39 years); mindfulness and intuitive arts consultant (30 years); reiki master, energy worker, hands-on healer (20 years); spiritual consultant, author, speaker, teacher, caregiver and wellness/spiritual events promoter. Ken-adi has had a full life traveling, practicing and teaching internationally. (He has been teaching massage since the 70s. He inaugurated the first massage school in Madison, the Wisconsin school of Massage and Bodywork, 1987-1989, and an associate Milwaukee campus. He closed the school to focus on his practice and creating events.) What seems to drive him, and draw others to him, is his spirituality. I believe in the spiritual presence of one light. I bring spirit to every treatment, person, class or group, he says. In our ever-changing world, the spirit within is a never-changing constant source of grace. Our essential nature is spirit. this spirit permeates all things. We are a manifestation of the One. due to Ken-adis further studies and dedication, services through triUnity Wellife associates continued to grow over the years and included many aspects of wellness and awareness exploration that bring peace and healing to the individual and our planet. the philosophy of the groundbreaking a Course In Miracles (aCIM) and the Landmark Forum have been an ongoing influence in his life. He continues to offer the community a splendid avenue of personal and spiritual growth and describes his business's mission in this way: tri-Unity Wellife associates is an association of staff and volunteers dedicated to the harmonious integration of mind, body and spirit. We strive for wellness and harmony individually and in our local and global community. We support sustainable, environmental and ecological balance. Our commitment is to serve the highest good of the individual, contributing to a healthy functioning and participation in our community.

In the spirit of service

Tri-UniTy Wellife associaTes llc

Ken-adi officially started his service, tri-Unity Wellife associates LLC, in 1975, and it has been thriving ever since. due to his curiosity about reincarnation and ability to see energies around people as a young boy, he found it a natural progression over the years to study related modalities such as intuitive arts, spirituality and energy work. all of my studies have made me a more whole person, he explains. It is evident from the following list of accomplishments that he has been

100+ hour hypnosis training april 7-14, 2013 Contact Ken-adi today to register! KarinG HypnoTHerapy

given to agrace HospiceCare and porchlight Homeless shelter, another one of the many ways Ken-adi gives back to his community. Many partners and assistants were a vital part of tri-Unity Wellife associates and Ken-adis life through the years for whom he is grateful. Most importantly, is his wife, sally rae ring, rn, LMt, who has had a lot on her plate as well, recently retiring as a neuroscience nurse (st. Marys Hospital) after 33 years of service. Her passion for helping others and being of service continues through her increased responsibilities at triUnity Wellife associates, where she serves as massage and bodywork therapist, and co-director at Wellife enterprises, where she is the on-site manager of special events. sallys interest in pursuing massage and yoga, while still a nurse, was piqued after a 1995-1997 apprenticeship under Ken-adi. she went on to massage school and became certified, and has practiced her healing art since 2000. Ken-adi relishes in her creativity and her ability to artistically express her inner being and spirit. they share not only a love for each other, but also a love to serve others.

a health scare of another kind that came to light 15 years ago led Ken-adi to pursue his interest in hypnotherapy. as use of his hands became threatened and more of a struggle over the years due to carpal tunnel issues, he contemplated the fact that he may have to give up his massage practice. Ken-adi believed that hypnotherapy would give him the ability to continue to help and heal people. thanks to successful surgery 13 years ago, ring is able to continue his massage practice and now hes doing great with both services. as a trained certified hypnotherapist and instructor, and member of the national Guild of Hypnotists (nGH) since 2003, Ken-adi opened KarInG Hypnotherapy. His passion for this practice remains today as does his excitement about the capacity of hypnosis to treat people and to help individuals overcome issues and reassert personal power in life. I believe hypnosis can relieve, revitalize or move an individual to a better state of health and wholeness, he says. Be it the desire to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome phobias, sleep disorders or anything else, hypnosis can help release the hold of addiction and unreasonable fears. Ken-adi describes fear as an illusion that we self-perpetuate, and says, It can be treated. He has also had success with helping individuals improve sports performance. In addition to hypnotherapy sessions, Ken-adi also offers a 100+ hour certified hypnosis training approved by the national Guild of Hypnotists twice each year, spring and fall. His next course is april 7-14 at Belle Haven Lake House in Beaver dam. He describes it as world-class training that will define you as a professional hypnotist and give you amazing tools to at the very least enhance your practice or give you a new career option.

Karen foxgrover, Ken-adi's event managing assistant. another important partner, Karen Foxgrover, his event managing assistant, began assisting Ken-adi and Wellife enterprises in 2001. as he explains, although challenged by muscular dystrophy, Karen is unstoppable and central to the production team. Without her management and empowerment skill set, we would not have been as successful in bringing events and services to greater Madison and the south central Wisconsin community. she was a blessing when she first came into my office and still remains that to this day. Looking back, Ken-adi admits that his career involved some risk-taking, pursuing projects few have. He has always taken comfort in this quote from a Course In Miracles, simply, there is nothing to fear Love is all there is. Love is the purpose for being Ken-adi further adds, to discover the honor it is to serve each other and to do so out of love. When we do, we are simply serving our self. experience a massage session (Ken-adi & sally) or hypnosis session (Ken-adi) with these unique providers by making an appointment at 608.256.0080. For more information about their services, visit or email

20th Wellife mind, body, Spirit expo March 9 & 10, 2013 sheraton Hotel, Madison Wellife enTerprises

through his Wellife enterprises, one of south central Wisconsins premier transformational special event producers, Ken-adi has brought countless nationally and globally known presenters and artists to the Madison area, including dr. deepak Chopra, Wayne dyer, ph.d., Marianne Williamson, Bernie siegel, M.d., Joan Borysenko, ph.d., r. Carlos nakai and Chris spheeris. His efforts in this area have served the community of Madison well. He organized and held the annual Mother earth Festival Gathering (1978-1997) as well as psychic and wellness fairs several times annually since 1987. In recent years, Ken-adi has been able to offer two Wellife Mind, Body, spirit eXpOs in Madison each year through this organization, the 20th of which will be held March 9-10 at the sheraton Hotel. twenty percent of door receipts for these expos are

Ken-Adi plays a key role in my mental and physical well-being. It is with his healing work that I am able to enjoy a great deal of success as a triathlete. Colin S. I am a cancersurvivor. In the 1990s, as a part of my treatmentprotocol,my doctor encouraged me to see a massage therapist.I have been seeing Ken-Adi ever since, rarely missing a week. I find his work far superior to others I have tried.He provides me with consistent, top-quality professional work.I have had 100s of hours under Ken-Adis skillful hands, and I credit him in assisting in my recovery process. Barbara R. I am a Catholic priest and have been seeing Ken-Adi as my massage and bodywork care provider on a monthlybasissince the mid 80s.I find his massage treatments veryrelaxingand revitalizing. I usually get 90-minute sessions. I am very grateful as Ken-Adi delivers a great massage. Father John H.

its a dogs world! ......................................................................

by mandy Penisten
he dogs world, though technically the same as yours and mine, is perceived very differently by your canine species than it is by the human species. Your dog makes sense of the world through his nose; while you and I primarily use visual cues. A dogs sense of smell is amazingly more capable than that of any human. Their genomic set-up provides their nose with millions of receptor sites in their nasal passages, which allows a dog to detect and code smells far more than you or I. They also have an additional organ in the nose, the vomernasal organ, which allows them to further detect smells through pheromones and other chemicals the dog is able to bring into its mouth. Imagine that everything you see has a smell to it and that each smell is available to you at all times so the jacket across the room not only smells of the person who wears it, but also the office they wear it to everyday, the car they drive and the coffee they drink (and tend to spill on the front). It


Holistic Grooming

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tells a story through scent that you and I are completely unaware of. So when Fido greets you at the door and is sniffing you and giving you kisses, he is also finding out what your scent story is or in other words, asking you how your day was. For dogs, hearing is a great way for them to map out their world. Your dog can hear much more than you might think; even though he may not be listening. Dogs are capable of discerning different tonalities in our speech. What this means is that they know when we are angry, sad, upset, happy, etc. Amazingly, they can even tell the difference between a question and a statement through the way in which we raise and lower the endings of our sentences. There is much more to the canine world than scent. Their sight is also very different from yours and mine. While a dog can see just fine, they tend to be able to focus much better on moving objects. This makes sense when you think of how breeders of hunting dogs have selected dogs that are able to pick up on small movements in the brush and the like. That being said, we cannot say that all breeds of dogs are the same or even characterize all dogs within a certain breed. Just like humans, they come in all sizes, shapes, temperaments and capabilities; some with extraordinary abilities and some without. How does this information help us to better communicate with our dogs? Understanding how a dog perceives the world will better enable you to engage your dog and motivate him to perform the tasks you want him to. I always tell the clients in my training classes to have multiple kinds of treats in their treat pouches for classes or training times. This allows them to entice their dogs smell and taste buds with multiple sensations, while also engaging their brains, as they will not know which treat is coming. In addition, utilizing hand signals can be much easier for dogs to understand initially when training and certainly from distances. Lastly, utilizing the notion of pitch and tonality can help you to engage your dog to listen more attentively and pay attention when needed. Using a high-pitch repeated sound to grab your dogs attention is going to be much more affective than a low, monotone come. Bottom line: the dogs world is much more complex than one might think. If you take a moment to step out of your own bipedal world and attempt to imagine what a world of scent might be like, you will come to realize that the human world we live in is truly much different than that of our beloved four-legged family members.
Mandy Penisten is the general manager and lead dog trainer at Tabby & Jacks Pet Supplies and Holistic Grooming in Madison and Fitchburg. She has been in the dog industry for many years helping pet owners ease new fur babies into their homes through training, care and nutritional advice.

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what the world needs now is ...........................................................................

by Doug brown
ts obvious isnt it? We need food, water, clean air, a thriving planet, peace and, as Burt Bacharach and Hal David remind us, love, sweet love. Easy question, easy answer. End of story? Hardly. More difficult than knowing what we need, is knowing how to get what we need. This is an especially vexing problem today because it is our own actions and human nature itself that are depriving us of what we need. We stress the web of life, risking environmental collapse; we over-consume fossil fuels, exacerbating climate change; our burgeoning population is outstripping the worlds resources; our most brilliant minds have created the possible nightmare of nuclear blowback, and the greatest violent threats we face are from humanity itself. If the problems are of our own creation then the solutions must also lie within us, but our inner workings remain a great mystery. If we knew ourselves better, we wouldnt be our own worst enemy. It certainly isnt our intention to destroy ourselves. We just dont seem to know how to stop. So what is it about us that perpetuates our self-induced problems? People have blamed ignorance, shortsightedness, distraction, denial, depression, fatalism, prejudice, mutual mistrust, selfishness and a myriad of other human traits. If the root of our problems is, in fact, these collective dysfunctions that are the aggregate expression of our individual failings, can they be changed? Can we, for example, replace our short-sightedness with broader frames of reference? Can we change distraction into attention, despondence into determination and fatalism into faith? Perhaps we can. Techniques for transformation have been studied and practiced in every area of human endeavor. In science we learn how to learn, explore and evaluate. In prayer we connect with our highest hopes and aspirations. In meditation we learn how the mind functions, and practice peace and compassion. In martial arts and athletics we learn to stay centered and responsive in the face of challenges. In social settings we form bonds of friendship. And in the public sphere we break down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding between ourselves and others, learning to collaborate with and appreciate one another. So there is much we can learn, and the most important lessons ultimately teach us to know ourselves. Tricia Yu (founder of the Tai Chi Center of Madison and my teacher) first learned meditation and Tai Chi in Taiwan. She believes such mindfulness practices are critically needed today. Todays rapid pace of change, high levels of stress, lower levels

of physical activity and constant flood of sensationalized media distractions combine to close us off from ourselves. Mindfulness practices restore the inner awareness we will need to understand and effectively meet the global challenges facing us. Perhaps because we sense this, more people than ever are engaging in meditation, yoga and Tai Chi. The challenges of today are likely the greatest humans have ever faced, and they call for a supreme, global effort to meet them. There is much to be done. But before any great effort comes a moment to gather oneself, to commit to the task ahead, to take a deep breath before plunging in. So, to meet the problems of the world, let us start by stopping. Stop and discover stillness. In stillness and quiet, we find repose and equanimity. Here we can notice what we know and what we need to learn; we can feel what is precious to us, what we want to protect; we can face our fears and realize our strengths; we can perceive our connections to the earth and find inspiration in its beauty; we can recognize our kinship with all people and be energized by love and friendship; and we can envision wondrous possibilities and be emboldened by hope. Thus prepared poised and balanced, feet firmly on the ground, drawing calmness in each breath, knowing we are all in this together perhaps we will begin to see not only what the world needs now, but also the way to get there.
Doug Brown has been a professional musician for 35 years. He also directs the Tai Chi Center of Madison, founded by Tricia Yu in 1974 and one of the oldest Tai Chi schools in the United States, offering classes for health for adults of all ages. For more information, call 608.663.8299 or visit

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boom or bust?
Kids favorite beverages not always healthy .....................................................................

ealth-conscious parents often worry about what their kids are eating. Those greasy fast food French fries kids love might be cringeworthy to parents, but its not just the foods kids request that parents should monitor. Adults and children alike have favorite beverages that may or may not be healthy. But which beverages are beneficial and which should be avoided? The answer to that isnt always absolute. The following breakdown can help health-conscious parents determine which drinks their

kids can continue to enjoy as well as which ones they should limit or avoid altogether.

Sweetened drinks

Sweetened drinks can include some fruit punches and other fruit drinks that arent called juice. Labels on these beverages often claim Made with real fruit juice. While that might be true, theyre all too often made with a lot of sugar as

well. Typically, these drinks do provide some nutritional value, including some vitamins and minerals. However, these drinks are often high in calories, and the amount of vitamins and minerals provided is minimal. The American Heart Association suggests the less adults and children have of these drinks, the better off they are.

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The symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger, so kids who dont drink enough water could be mistaking mild dehydration for hunger. drinking more water might just help kids avoid eating an extra snack or two, indirectly helping them lose weight.
Still, the drinks are not entirely devoid of nutritional value, so parents might want to decide if theyll allow kids to drink sweetened drinks in moderation or remove them from the refrigerator entirely. valuable nutrients like calcium and protein, contributing to strong bones and teeth while helping build strong muscles. But when choosing which milk to give kids, choose fat-free (formerly skim) or 1 percent milk, each of which provides the same amount of nutrients as whole or 2 percent without also providing unnecessary fat. Even chocolate milk can be a healthy beverage option for kids. Just be sure to apply the same principles mentioned above (namely, choose nonfat or low-fat chocolate milk) and keep in mind chocolate also comes with extra calories thanks to sugar. So monitor how much chocolate milk kids are drinking. more water might just help kids avoid eating an extra snack or two, indirectly helping them lose weight. To learn more ways to help kids get healthier, visit the American Heart Association at
Source: Metro Creative Connection.


Sodas have taken quite a public relations hit in the 21st century, and thats likely because they provide no nutritional value. Whats more, many sodas provide more sugar than a childs body needs, which will lead to weight gain and possibly even cavities or tooth decay. Children typically love soda, so parents might find it difficult to stop kids soda consumption entirely. However, sodas status as a sugary, highcalorie drink makes it one beverage most parents will want their kids to avoid. If kids must drink soda, try diet soda instead. Though diet soda also provides no nutritional value, at the very least its a lowercalorie alternative.


who work Holistically with your Clients (or want to) GAHP is here to support you to build a Thriving Holistic Practice!
Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, is a Holistic Psychotherapist and the Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy.
Visit the GAHP website: to get your FREE Holistic Practice Building Kit or you can call 1-877-346-1167
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Milk is perhaps the most difficult beverage for parents to gauge. Many parents assume all milk is the same. However, whole milk and 2 percent milk contain extra fat the body does not need. All milk provides

Kids might be indifferent to water, but water helps maintain a healthy body temperature and can even make skin look better. Waters also important in digestion, helping the body digest food. Kids should drink water every day. In addition, parents who are concerned about their childrens weight should encourage them to drink more water. The symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger, so kids who dont drink enough water could be mistaking mild dehydration for hunger. Drinking



(Ginkgo biloba) ...................................
he ginkgo tree is one of the oldest types of trees in the world. Ginkgo seeds have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and cooked seeds are occasionally eaten. Historically, ginkgo leaf extract has been used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, fatigue and tinnitus (ringing or roaring sounds in the ears). Today, folk uses of ginkgo leaf extracts include attempts to: improve memory; treat or help prevent Alzheimers disease and other types of dementia; decrease intermittent claudication (leg pain caused by narrowing arteries); and treat sexual dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus and other health conditions. Extracts are usually taken from the ginkgo leaf and are used to make tablets, capsules or teas. Occasionally, ginkgo extracts are used in skin products.

insulin resistance and short-term memory loss associated with electroconvulsive therapy for depression.

Side effects and cautions

what the science says

Numerous studies of ginkgo have been done for a variety of conditions. Among the most widely researched are dementia, memory impairment, intermittent claudication and tinnitus. An NCCAM-funded study of the well-characterized ginkgo product EGb-761 found it ineffective in lowering the overall incidence of dementia and Alzheimers disease in the elderly. Further analysis of the same data also found ginkgo to be ineffective in slowing cognitive decline, lowering blood pressure or reducing the incidence of hypertension. In this clinical trial, known as the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory study, researchers recruited more than 3,000 volunteers age 75 and over who took 240 mg of ginkgo daily. Participants were followed for an average of approximately six years. Some smaller studies of ginkgo for memory enhancement have had promising results, but a trial sponsored by the National Institute on Aging of more than 200 healthy adults over age 60 found that ginkgo taken for six weeks did not improve memory. Overall, the evidence on ginkgo for symptoms of intermittent claudication has not yet shown a significant benefit for this condition, although several small studies have found modest improvements. There is conflicting evidence on the efficacy of ginkgo for tinnitus. Other NCCAM-funded research includes studies of ginkgo for symptoms of multiple sclerosis, intermittent claudication, cognitive decline, sexual dysfunction due to antidepressants,
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Side effects of ginkgo may include headache, nausea, gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, dizziness or allergic skin reactions. More severe allergic reactions have occasionally been reported. There are some data to suggest that ginkgo can increase bleeding risk, so people who take anticoagulant drugs, have bleeding disorders, or have scheduled surgery or dental procedures should use caution and talk to a health care provider if using ginkgo. Fresh (raw) ginkgo seeds contain large amounts of a chemical called ginkgotoxin, which can cause serious adverse reactions even seizures and death. Roasted seeds can also be dangerous. Products made from standardized ginkgo leaf extracts contain little ginkgotoxin and appear to be safe when used orally and appropriately. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.
Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Herbs at a glance. NCCAM website. References: Brinkley TE, Lovato JF, Arnold AM, et al. Effect of Ginkgo biloba on blood pressure and incidence of hypertension in elderly men and women. American Journal of Hypertension. 2010;23(5):528533. DeKosky ST, Williamson JD, Fitzpatrick AL, et al. Ginkgo biloba for prevention of dementia: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2008;300(19):22532262. Ginkgo. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Web site. Accessed at www. on August 20, 2009. Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.). Natural Standard Database Web site. Accessed at on August 20, 2009. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract. In: Blumenthal M, Goldberg A, Brinckman J, eds. Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs. Newton, MA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2000:359366. Snitz BE, OMeara ES, Carlson MC, et al. Ginkgo biloba for preventing cognitive decline in older adults: a randomized trial. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2009;302(24):26632670. Solomon PR, Adams F, Silver A, et al. Ginkgo for memory enhancement: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2002;288(7):835840. Strmgaard K, Vogensen SB, Nakanishi K. Ginkgo biloba. In: Coates P, Blackman M, Cragg G, et al., eds.Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2005:249257.


The health consequences of leaky gut and SibO ......................................................................

by Jack a. erb

what is leaky gut?

Leaky gut refers to a situation where the intestinal membranes have been damaged by inflammation so they cannot filter out toxins as effectively. This allows toxins to be absorbed into the blood stream, thus irritating the rest of the body.

what causes leaky gut?

Leaky gut is caused by any number of things introduced into the body, including medications like antibiotics, antacids and corticosteroids. Other triggers include stress, diet, infections and decreased reproductive hormones. Leaking toxins can burden your liver and immune system! The damaged membranes can allow bacteria and viruses to pass into your system to damage other organs and systems. So you can see that this could lead to any number of other health problems.

what can you do to improve leaky gut and the many health problems it causes?

intestine. Most of the bacteria should be in your large intestine, or colon. Too many bacteria in your small intestine can damage the enzymes that are there to help digest your food. If you have an overgrowth of bacteria here it can leave sucrose (sugar) and isomaltose (starch) to sit there unabsorbed. This in turn leads to bloating, constipation, diarrhea and eventually, leaky gut. It is estimated that 35-50 percent of the general public has SIBO! If left untreated, it can lead to much more serious problems. Just a few diseases linked to SIBO are acne rosacea, anemia, autism, diverticulitis, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and Crohns disease. So, needless to say, it is a good idea to get tested. There are test kits that you can order through your doctor to determine if you have SIBO. Be sure your doctor is educated about these conditions. It will eliminate a lot of problems down the road of life!
Jack A. Erb, a natural health consultant, performs health consultations and analysis. He also sells Natures Sunshine products. Natures Sunshine is a 40-yearold company that has the ability and wherewithal to research where their products come from and whether they are getting the right part of the plant with the most nutrients. If youd like more information, visit, email or call 608.655.4248. References: Steven Horne, Tree of Light Publishing, PO Box 911239, St. George, UT 84791,, 800.416.2887.

There are a number of steps you can take: Avoid intestinal irritants like food additives, drugs and chemicals. Make sure you have plenty of fiber in your diet to improve the time it takes for food to move through your colon (this should only be 18-24 hours). Fiber also binds the intestinal toxins, which can protect your colon from irritating foods, drugs, etc. that you are not able to avoid. Drink plenty of water (alkaline water is best). Water is essential as is eliminating all soda and carbonated drinks. Consider an herbal laxative and, of course, food enzymes. Laxatives should not be used on a long-term basis, however. Evaluate your diet. Cut out greasy and fried foods. Drastically reduce hot bread (toast), biscuits, muffins, waffles. Cut way down on sugars and sweets. Do not drink when eating, but wait at least one hour afterwards for the enzymes to help digestion. No liquids with your meal means no coffee, tea, milk, wine or beer. Exercise and stay active. Just taking a walk is good.

For leaky gut its best to start with a cleanse. Try out Clean Start for 14 Days. In Apple or Wild Berry Stock #s 3992-6 & 3993-8.

Over 600 Natural Herb Products

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JACK A ERB The Erb Group PO Box 370, Marshall, WI 53559 608-655-4248

what is SibO?

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth is a condition where more than normal numbers of bacteria are present in the small
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Chicken and Red Pesto Pita Pockets

Ingredients: 16 oz. chicken breast 1 clove garlic red onion, sliced 1 red pepper, sliced 2 T. red pesto salt and pepper 4 small, whole wheat pita pockets 2 c. fresh spinach Directions: over pesto, salt and pepper in a nonstick pan 1. Saute chicken, garlic, onion, pepper, r. medium heat until chicken runs clea ken and veggies among pita pockets. 2. Divide chic

nutrition facts (per serving): Serves 4 Calories 280 Total Fat 8.5g
Total Carbohydrates 20.5g Protein 30.5g

Shana Conradt is a personal chef, author and speaker. She has been a fitness instructor, weight loss consultant, teacher, educator, counselor and competitive athlete for more than 15 years. For more information, visit


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loving yourself = success and health! .............................................................................

by Laura schuch, acsm-cPT

he foundation for success in ANY area of life, including attaining your health and fitness goals, is having a healthy self-image and loving yourself. This does not mean having an inflated ego or being narcissistic; those are entirely different than having a healthy amount of selfesteem. Loving yourself causes a cascade of wonderful positive things to happen and by nature draws more good to you than bad. Life is never perfect, and it always has its challenges, but people who love themselves handle their challenges with greater ease and in healthier ways than people who suffer from low self-esteem. When it comes to fitness and weight loss, especially for women, loving yourself changes the way you approach exercise and healthy eating. For most people, the focus shifts from a panicked feeling of needing to lose X pounds RIGHT NOW no matter what it takes, to a gentle and kind attitude of doing things that are healthy simply because they are healthy and make you feel good and being pleasantly surprised when one of the side effects turns out to be the attaining of long-held weight loss goals. One other side effect usually ends up being the long-term adoption of healthy habits with more ease than when the motivation to do that is driven by a negative self-image. Learning to love yourself is a very individual journey. In order to learn to love yourself, you must truly WANT to love yourself, and be willing to consistently put the effort in to face and change old behaviors and thought patterns that do not serve a positive purpose in your life. The journey isnt necessarily a very linear one, either. There are twists and turns, and sometimes

steps backwards along the way. But so long as you are prepared for that and prepared to always get back up and keep going, you will be successful!
AlThOUgh The JOUrNey TO diSCOveriNg Self-lOve iS very iNdividUAl, There Are SOMe ThiNgS TO be MiNdfUl Of: Quit criticizing yourself. No one is

Learning the art of self-love is one of the most worthwhile journeys you will ever embark upon. The road may not be straight and easy, but it will lead you to success beyond anything you can dream of, in every area of your life.
Laura Schuch is a certified personal trainer (ACSM) and the owner of BodyFit Solutions, a personal training studio exclusively catering to womens unique needs, in Middleton. Her mission is to empower women to be their best, healthiest selves through exercise, proper nutrition, and fostering their confidence and positive self-images. Laura was active in figure skating and color guard with the Sound of Sun Prairie in her youth, has been an avid Pilates fan for a decade and enjoys long bike rides around the lakes in addition to regular strength training sessions. Find her at or 608.203.8600.

perfect! If you make a mistake, it is a learning opportunity. Accept yourself for who you ARE, not who you arent. Forgive yourself. The past must be left behind in order for you to move forward, and part of that is forgiving yourself. Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to treat yourself this way, just as you would treat your children or other loved ones. Dump the self-hatred. Start speaking love and acceptance to yourself instead of intolerance and hatred. It may take awhile to get used to, but the effort is well worth it. Praise yourself, even for the tiniest things you do well. Soon it will become a habit! Take good care of your body because it makes you feel good, not because you have to look a certain way or hit a certain number on the scale. Eat lots of fruits, veggies and lean unprocessed protein. Drink lots of water. Develop an exercise habit if you dont already have one. Find forms of exercise that are fun and that make you feel good both mentally and physically. Have fun. Be grateful for everything you have.

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A monthly advice column for your energy system ......................................................................

Everything in the universe contains energy, yet energy is something many of us dont understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is here to answer any questions you have about your energy system. Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balancing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. The ideas written here do not replace medical attention. Always listen to your

body, mind and intuition when receiving advice of any kind. Dear Tina, Recently, I have had so many ideas. I am bombarded with projects I want to do. I make sketches and lists, and the ideas just keep coming. The problem is, I dont actually do anything about them. Its not like I dont have the ambition, but I just dont get off the couch and take the steps to accomplish anything. What is wrong with me? Creative Procrastinator Dear Creative Procrastinator, Ah, nothing is wrong with you. Your true energy is aware there is a problem and recognizes an imbalance. Thats huge! It sounds to me like your 2nd chakra, which regulates creativity and ideas amongst many other areas, is working hard, evolving and going strong. The issue lies with the 2nd chakras connection to the 3rd chakra. The 3rd chakra regulates motivation, goals, to-do lists, success, confidence, personal power, etc. So the creative energy you are developing isnt reaching the area of your energy system that can do anything about it. You said this started recently. So, was there a time that you were able to accomplish tasks with more ease? If so, when was that? What happened between then

Creating Peace - 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30-8 p.m. ($10 donation suggested). Learn to move chaos aside and find the peaceful place within you. Day of Peace - 11th of every month, free massage for people in service professions, visit for more information.
CAPW is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of TIBIA, Inc. ( Your generosity will allow us to broaden our outreach.

and now? Make a list of anything that occurred in your life physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and/or spiritually. For example, did you get a promotion at work, or did you get laid off? Make a list of anything that happened, whether you think its related or not. Once you discover the reason your 3rd chakra shut down, you can begin to restructure your beliefs about this area. If you have always struggled with this issue, even as a child, I would consider the possibility that you came into this lifetime with a blockage in your 3rd chakra already. If you believe in past lives, I would examine this in a past-life regression session. You know that you have these ideas to fulfill them, and that is why you recognize the issue and are discouraged. Examining these potential blocks will not only help with this area of your life but will also open up much more. Good luck to you!
Tina Bensman, a Madison-based intuitive counselor and energy healer, is a lifelong student of the paranormal. She had her first clairvoyant vision at a young age and continues to see and hear energy. Tina is trained in clairvoyant reading and many modalities of energy healing, but through professional training she was disappointed in the methods many schools used to devalue everyones natural gifts. Tina started The Chakra House to teach how natural and easy it is to work with energy. She believes that everyone has natural intuitive gifts and can access their abilities if they realized their potential.

Visit us on Facebook, at, or at 6225 University Ave., Suite #210


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MARC is the largest provider of community and center-based employment, day services and personal care for adults with developmental disabilities in Dane County, Wisconsin. MARC supports nearly 300 adults at five Dane County locations and at 100 community-based job sites. We assist persons with diverse abilities in securing employment.


3939 Lien Road, Madison 608-241-2929
MARC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and can accept tax-deductible donations. Such donations are typically used to provide goods or services that would not otherwise be available.

Serving adults with l developmenta disabilities for . over 50 years

30 Days for $30 of Unlimited Classes





Tension and trauma releasing exercises (Tre)

What are they and who benefits from them? ......................................................................
by Jacy sundlie

RE is a revolutionary technique using six simple exercises to release stress and tension from the body that accumulate from everyday circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences. TRE is being practiced by thousands of people around the world and is quickly becoming a popular way to release stress. TRE evokes a self-controlled muscular shaking process in the body called neurogenic muscle tremors. The uniqueness of this technique is that this shaking originates deep in the core of the body in the psoas muscles. These gentle tremors reverberate outwards along the spine, releasing tension from the sacrum to the cranium.
SOMe Of The rePOrTed beNefiTS Of Tre Are: Easily learned. Self-empowering. Self-help. Promote less worry and anxiety. Reduced muscle and back pain. Greater emotional resiliency. Increased flexibility. Easily integrated into a daily routine. Promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Once a trauma befalls us we are forced, whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not, to follow its life-altering path. At times,

Benefits include: Better sleep Easily learned Reduced muscle and back pain Greater emotional resiliency Reduced symptoms of PTSD

release rebalance renew


this process can lead us through episodes of helplessness and hopelessness. It can terrify us by unveiling the fragility, precariousness and vulnerability of our humanity. It tears at the very fabric of our identity and radically redefines our view of life. However, it is precisely because this experience has burned the bridges of our past ways of thinking that we are forced into a new way of being. The old ways of thinking and relating no longer work for us, and a new way of being emerges. We discover that on the other side of this frightening journey we have the potential for a new life of compassion, peace and wisdom. David Berceli, Ph.D., is an international, renowned expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. For the past 30 years he has provided trauma relief workshops and designed recovery programs for international organizations around the world. Dr. Berceli has developed specific processes enabling people to manage personal trauma, as well as bringing healing and reconciliation between diverse groups. He is the creator of TRE. Dr. Berceli continues to be involved in trauma recovery programs and has just recently returned from working with the community, health care workers and first responders in Newtown, Connecticut. He has personally taught and facilitated the TRE technique to more than 1 1/2 million people. To learn more about Dr. David Berceli and TRE, please visit He will be conducting a 2-day TRE workshop on March 9th and 10th in Madison. This workshop is free to all veterans and first responders on the first day.
Jacy Sundlie is a TRE Level III trainer, who recently moved into the Madison area and will be conducting TRE workshops here. To learn more about her upcoming workshops or about Dr. David Berceli and TRE, please visit You can contact Jacy at or 970.948.5154.

Jacy Sundlie, TRE Level III Trainer 970-948-5154


Natures Pathways | March 2013

breaking the cycle of antibiotics ...............................................................

by Dr. Wade anunson
ne of the most costly issues this time of year is lost work or school time due to illness. In 2005, 69 million workers missed days due to illness, to the tune of 478 million days lost, totaling $260 billion of lost economic output that year. Much of it is avoidable yes, completely unavoidable. Its true that we are constantly being exposed to viruses, bacteria, molds, etc. One school of thought is to kill the bugs with medications such as antibiotics and, most recently, prednisone. Although this very common approach is well accepted within the medical community, it definitely has its consequences of further weakening the bodys immune system. This shows up in repeated infections, furthering this downward spiral. Also well-known is the fact that continued use has created superbugs that have become immune to the antibiotics, constantly making infections harder to treat with these same medications. So how is it that some people make it through this time of year without getting sick or run down, while others seem to be sick more often than not? Well, they either have super powers or a healthy, adapting body!

true! I realize that if youre reading this article, you already see the body as having an amazing capacity to heal and adapt. This might simply be confirmation for your already holistic viewpoint of the body, and hopefully supporting what you believe to be true and self empowering. The cause is not the seed or the bug, but rather the inability to adapt to the environment, which is like the soil. In farming, cultivating a healthy crop requires a lot of work in preparing the soil. If shortcuts are taken, the yield is less than desired. There is no
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Madisons Community-Based Art Gallery

The soil or the seed?

How do organic farmers continually create such beautiful, flavorful, nutrient-rich produce without the use of chemicals and fertilizers? How is it that some farmers believe you cannot have successful yields without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, while organic farmers do it successfully without these aids? In our body, treating the seed by attempting to kill the bacteria or virus only makes them stronger. This is because as a biological organism, innately designed to adapt to its environment, it too is evolving to survive. The inevitable increase in repeat infection is due to the antibiotic destroying your naturally present healthy bacteria or normal flora found within the body. The insanity is to continue to treat the recurring infections without getting to the cause (the soil) and strengthening the bodys immune system.

Glass Flowers by Nathan Gieseke, $22 each

2322 Atwood Ave.

Madison, WI ph.(608) 249-9100
March 2013 | Natures Pathways

its more than luck its natures wisdom!

What if your body was designed to build immunity from continued exposure to bugs (viruses, bacteria, molds, etc.)? Well, its



Create the life youve always wanted!

Spirit Elan is a healing destination where youll experience the expertise of renowned intuitive Roi Solberg. She has dedicated her life to helping and healing people through her intuitive services, psychic readings, hypnotherapy, Reiki and archetypal readings/consultations. Solberg explains that she is energized and gratified to no end when she hears clients say, You gave me hope. By formally studying intuition in the 70s, Solberg learned how to identify and manage the intuition that had been with her since birth. She went on to offer psychic readings, sharing with clients what the future held for them in issues of love, career, health and abundance. By the 80s, Solbergs practice became more interactive as she enhanced the focus of her work actually helping clients create that future that was found in their readings. Using her intuitive skills to go beyond the known into the unknown, she could identify blocks that kept her clients from living the lives they wanted. Her clients became actively involved in creating the plan to achieve the changes they desired in their lives. This process included assignments, suggested reading and work to assist them in getting their lives back on track. Years later, Solberg further refined her work when she pursued her interest in the archetypes and how they influence peoples lives. When studying medical intuition with Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy, she was amazed at how quickly situations could be clarified and problems resolved by identifying the archetypes in the conflicts.
Natures Pathways | March 2013

According to Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance is a new approach to self-discovery that helps you evaluate your life and regain the power of your own spirit. 48 archetype cards, beautifully illustrated by Dorothy RittalMcIntyre, symbolize the attributes of each archetype. Spirit of Archetypes is a comprehensive book that fully explains this powerful new approach and introduces you to the illuminated and shadow side of each archetype. Detailed card layouts show you how to use the archetype cards. Quick Guide to the Archetypes provides a brief definition of each archetype for fast and easy reference. When youre aware of which archetypes are active in your life then you have a strategy to make the changes that empower and improve your life, Solberg explains. These energy patterns of expression or thought are actually available and active from birth. As archetypes became a vital part of her work, she made up her own set of cards to use with clients. After countless requests to make similar sets of cards available for sale, Solberg collaborated with Dorothy RittalMcIntyre, an artist whose work is beautiful and powerful. Today, The Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance is available to clients as well as the general public through the website and PayPal. In addition, Solberg offers archetype workshops where she helps each attendee create a new story that empowers them to create their dreams and goals. It is a 3-hour interactive, experiential and fun experience for those who want to learn how to use the archetype cards for personal growth and understanding of how they are designing their life. Solberg works with clients in private individual consultations, group sessions and business consultations in Madison and Milwaukee, as well as across the country via telephone or Skype. She is also happy to be a guest speaker at group functions and is always available to share the archetypes in interviews. Call Solberg today to get started on your journey to reconnect to the passion of life and find new purpose and meaning in each day!

Available through PayPal from

Roi Solberg PO Box 8886, Madison 608.224.4220

Spirit elan, llC

breaKing the cycle of antibioticS continued from page 35

difference in our preparation for a healthy winter season in Wisconsin. Preparing the body means taking care of its needs, nutritionally and physically, with proper balance, exercise, rest and rejuvenation. To break the cycle of sickness antibiotics sickness antibiotics, you must STOP the insanity of simply treating symptoms while the deeper problem goes uncorrected. I know this requires your awareness of a fast-paced, out-of-balance lifestyle that actually means we might have to change. OUCH! See, you were right. Youve already known this, youve just been avoiding it. Your immune system is not only connected by the nervous system, its controlled through the nervous system. Your nervous system is the interface that allows you to appropriately adapt to your environment. Natures bugs are always around and always will be. Your immune system is subject to weakness and being thrown off track as a result of day-to-day physical, chemical and emotional stressors youre continually exposed to.

"your immune system is subject to weakness and being thrown off track as a result of day-to-day physical, chemical and emotional stressors youre continually exposed to."
antibiotics and then ear drops, only to end up being told I needed tubes put in to let the chronic infection drain. Thankfully my mom asked questions, chose to finally break the cycle and took me to her chiropractor. Im a chiropractor today because it changed my life. Adjustments restored nerve flow and allowed my immune system to develop as it is naturally supposed to. Adjustments are a foundation for a healthy, adapting body, not a cure. Its that simple. There are plenty who will argue that drugs and chemicals are always the way to go, while others will defy the mainstream and take accountability. I believe in you and your incredible healing potential. Every day I see seemingly average people healing through amazing challenges. I have the blessed opportunity to share

whats possible with my community, empowering them with solutions that strengthen their bodies. If you are faced with a health challenge that seems disempowering, look within, not for whats wrong, but for whats not allowing your innate potential to express health. Restoring the balance of power is a process requiring time combined with effort and discipline. Be prepared for you and your child having to get through a crisis without an antibiotic handcuffing the immune system. If someone has always come in to fight your battles, you never get the chance to develop your own strength. This is the same with your immune system. In the end, youll win youre worth it!

experiencing the wisdom first hand

As a child, I was the kid with frequent ear infections that were treated medically with

Dr. Wade Anunson is a native of Wisconsin Rapids and a 1994 graduate of Palmer College of Chiroractic in Davenport, Iowa. His holistic approach to patient care stems from his own process of self discovery through chronic respiratory problems as a child. His refreshing approach comes from a perspective of self empowerment and creating health from the inside out, from a patient and doctors point of view. With 19 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Anunson remains fascinated with the amazing power that lies within each of us. His passion is to share the bodys extraordinary nature and unlock stuck patterns that block our ability to adapt, grow and express our potential. He currently directs a thriving practice in Madison, Anunson Chiropractic, SC. For more information, call 608.829.2250 or visit

March 2013 | Natures Pathways


March 1-31 phoebe Saunders art exhibit phoebe saunders is a fiber artist and has created a body of modern embroidery work with many of her materials being sourced from absolutely arts re-art sWap. artist Jennie nuese presents mask inspired photography and large scale woodblock prints. phoebe is the lead designer and Jennie is the graphic artist at absolutely art. We are thrilled to feature the works of our talented staff throughout the month of March. Friday, March 1 and Every 1st Friday 6-7 p.m. yoga-empowered girls with heidi greengus Girls 11 years and up will learn new yoga poses, practice breathing and relaxation exercises, and journal about growing a healthy attitude towards self. Yoga guides youth to their own inner resources, building outer and inner strength, stability and balance. the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., Madison, 608.237.6128. Cost: $12. register now at www. under events. Saturdays in March usui and Karuna reiki reiki for children reiki translates as Universal Life-Force energy and is an energy system that is easy to learn and use. Classes include guided meditation, instruction, practice and a reiki attunement. participants will learn the history of reiki, about energy and the chakras, the hand positions, and how to do reiki on themselves and others in person or distant. as a reiki student you will learn a wonderful method for centering and relaxation that is always with you, which can be used easily at any time. Fee: adult classes $200, children's classes $100. Classes are held at Loving Heart reiki, LLC, 433 Grand Canyon drive, suite 2, Madison. For more information contact teresa at 608.346.3424 or visit Every 1st Sunday 6-7 p.m. introduction to reiki with Susan Shinn Learn all the basic information: what it is, and is not, a brief history, how and why it works, and answers for your questions. then stay for reiki sharing and try it for yourself. Believe Gallery, 155 W. Main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. 1st and 3rd Sundays 7:15-9 p.m. reiki Sharing hosted by Susan Shinn Get an energy boost from local practitioners and enthusiasts while enjoying warmth of fellowship with like-minded people. everyone is welcome, whether youre familiar with reiki, or just want to try it. Believe Gallery, 155 W. Main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. Every Wednesday in March 5:45 p.m. classes on a rotating Series of chronic health conditions talks are given at the puckette Chiropractic office, which is located at 6315 Odana road, suite 101, Madison. Call 608.276.7635 for topics and registration. Every 1st Wednesday 6-9 p.m. reiki Share group If you are reiki Level I or higher, join us the first Wednesday of every month. We'll begin with a meditation to leave the cares of the outside world behind, we'll share our reiki experiences and then provide each other with a reiki treatment. Class is free. Classes are held at Loving Heart reiki, LLC, 433 Grand Canyon drive, suite 2, Madison. For more information contact teresa at 608.346.3424 or visit Friday, March 8 and Every 2nd Friday 5:30-7 p.m. Kids pajama party yoga with heidi greengus Kids K-5th grade will enjoy a night of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation, story, song and games in their pajamas while parents can have a night out! please pack a meal for your child for our dinner break. a stuffed animal is welcome too. the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., Madison, 608.237.6128. Cost: $12. register now at under events. Saturdays, March 9-23 12:30-2 p.m. therapeutic yoga for Women 3-Week Series with tammy Sytsma this series class teaches breathing techniques combined with poses to help regulate and balance hormones no matter what stage of life you are in. We will also address the common ailments of women low back, neck and shoulder issues by stretching, strengthening and building awareness in these areas. this class uses common yoga poses, so some familiar-

rn, Come Have Fun, Lea urces plore Your Local Reso & Ex g for Natural Parentin

For a full schedule of events and to buy tickets, see our website:
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Madison Birth Center SPONSORED BY Madison Birth Center


Natures Pathways | March 2013

ity with the physical practice of yoga is helpful but not required. the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., Madison, 608.237.6128. Cost: $60. register now at under events. Every 3rd Sunday 6-7 p.m. energy exploration with Susan Shinn each month well discuss and try some exercises or activities from a different topic or teacher in the world of energy work and energy healing. possible topics include chakras, labyrinths, color therapy, tapping, mindfulness, affirmations and thoughtforms, visualization, earthing, dousing and more. Keep your energy high by staying for reiki sharing immediately afterwards. Believe Gallery, 155 W. Main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. Saturday, March 9 9 a.m.-6 p.m. tabby & Jack's big Sale One day only! Visit tabby & Jacks in Capitol square or Fitchburg for amazing deals! see for more info. Saturday & Sunday, Mar. 9 & 10 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wellife mind-body-Spirit expo sheraton Hotel, Inspiration Ballroom, 706 John nolen dr., Madison, near turville park. Free parking. admission: $5, 20% goes to aGraCe HospiceCare and porchlight Homeless shelter. Our exhibit hall of rich opportunities and special features & presentations: cultural and sustainable applications of healing technologies including wellness, arts & crafts, crystals, jewelry, gifts, artist gallery, healers, energy workers, psychic readers, conscious, sustainable service, home and business consultants, unique workshops and more. Contact Ken or Karen at 608.256.0080, or visit Monday, March 11-Thursday, March 14 chiropractic opportunity Week receive a consultation, exam and report of findings ($75 value) in exchange for a donation to second Harvest Food Bank, Gio's Garden or the International rett syndrome Foundation through anunson Chiropractic, located at 8215 plaza drive, Madison WI. Call 608.829.2250 for an appointment today or vistit for more infromation.

Tuesday, March 12 6:30 p.m. in office lecture at anunson chiropractic Lecture is open to the public. More information to come. please contact 608.829.2250 for additional information. 2nd & 4th Thursday of March 7 p.m. a course in miracles (acim) aCIM book study and discussion group meets at triUnity Wellife associates, 629 spruce st., Madison. please kindly notify Ken or sally at 608.256.0080 or email them at with your intent to attend! Free attendance, will offering/donation gratefully accepted. I invented the world I see; I am not a victim of the world I see. aCIM Friday, March 15 and Every 3rd Friday 6-7 p.m. family time yoga with heidi greengus enjoy playful time with your family ages 3 and up practicing Hatha yoga. Increase your well-being and connection with each other. $12 + $3 for each addl family member. the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., Madison, 608.237.6128. Cost: $3-12. register now at under events. Saturday, March 16 Dinner at 6 p.m., show at 7:15 p.m. or Sunday, March 17 Brunch at 11 a.m., show at 1 p.m. celtic cabaret and corned beef dinner Celia, touring songstress in the Irish tradition and Wisconsin native, returns to Wisconsin to entertain with two Celtic cabaret shows of comedy and song. expressive vocals evoke the soaring sound of Celtic women and the intimate warmth of pub songs and ballads. also comic Irish characters, bodhran, guitar and sound looping technology. Old Feed Mill, 114 Cramer street, Mazomanie. For tickets and info visit, call 608.795.4909 or stop in at 43/90 north earth, spring Green, 608.588.3313/608.795.4909. Cost: $30, includes show and either dinner or brunch.

Friday, March 22 and Every 4th Friday 6-7 p.m. piloxing with becky pelnar piloxing uniquely mixes pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle-sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape. experience the transformation as you attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image. at the core of piloxing is the principle that feminine is powerful, and it aims for women to attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image. piloxing blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of pilates. add to that the fun and sexy dance moves, and you have yourself a piloxing class! the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., Madison, 608.237.6128. Cost: Various options include $30 for 30 days of unlimited class (new, local residents only), $14 drop-in, $110 10-class pass, $200 20-class pass. register now at under events. Sunday, April 7-Sunday, April 14 Spring hypnosis program at the beaver dam lake house this 100-hour certification training program will define you as a certified consulting hypnotist and professional hypnotherapist. Instructor Ken-adi ring, CHt, CI, LMt provides a certification course giving you the possibility for a new career and added dimension to your life. the program is approved by the national Guild of Hypnotists (nGH). Certificate upon completion with a year professional membership and great benefits! In just 1 week: 75-hours in class and 25-hours independent study. apply now for this program. Learn, experience, and share hypnosis demonstrations and practice. earn a rewarding living, improving the lives of others. please contact Mr. ring at 608.256.0080 or email Ken at for this great course, professional private and group sessions! Saturday, April 13 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Kids day at anunson chiropractic We'll have face painting, balloon sculpting & snacks! Chiropractic can help stomach, teething, colic, headaches, bed wetting, leg cramps, attitude, trauma (especially birth/sporting), allergies, ear aches, colds and adaptation to growth. receive a complimentary consultation, exam, report of findings and adjustment ($115 value). Located at 8215 plaza drive, Madison. Give us a call at 608.829.2250 for an appointment!




March 9-10, 2013
706 John Nolen Dr., Madison, WI $5 admission; 20% of door goes to Porchlight Homeless Shelter and to AGRACE HospiceCare.

Sheraton Hotel

10am to 6pm


March 2013 | Natures Pathways



peaceful heart 123 South Main St., Oregon 608.835.5288

Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

automotive ServiceS
Kayser nissan 2510 West Beltline Highway, Madison 608.276.0236 Kayser nissan is the number one nissan dealer in Madison. We are a part of Kayser automotive Group, one of the premier auto groups with over 85 years in the area. From the moment you walk into our showroom, youll know our commitment to customer service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Kayser nissan a good one helping you determine which vehicle will meet your needs and providing you with vehicle information that is clear and concise. Our goal is to be your dealer for life. We have a number of class-leading fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles with 30+ MpG as well as a 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions. Whether you need to purchase, finance, lease or service a new or pre-owned nissan, youve come to the right place!

live and grow. this can only benefit our neighbors and our community.

basics cooperative 1711 Lodge Dr., Janesville 608.754.3925 Basics Cooperative is a full-service natural and organic grocery store owned by our customers and open to the public. Our goal is to provide high-quality natural, organic and locally sourced foods and supplements to our community at affordable prices. We are dedicated to providing valuable information and healthy choices. eat Well, do Good!

peaceful Heart strives to offer products and services that promote and enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We have many tools available in the form of books, Cds, classes, events and speakers to assist in understanding what our emotional needs are as individuals. We also have a wide selection of unique, fun and uplifting gifts including jewelry, music, scarves, crystals and angel cards.

blue Sky School of professional massage and therapeutic bodywork 2005 West Beltline Highway, Suite 201, Madison 608.270.5245 Blue sky strives to inspire and challenge our students as they become professional massage therapists. We integrate community outreach, holistic practices and wellness into our massage therapy program. We have full- and part-time options. Financial aid available for those who qualify. Open houses year round! touch the lives of others and become a massage therapist! Call today!

health & WellneSS

heidis healing house Heidi Kelley Verona 608.575.4183 Heidis Healing Houses main focus is working with the energy of her clients and their environments. she raises their vibrations to allow manifestation of abundance, joy and love into their lives. she offers a variety of services including energy healing, soul coaching, space clearing, etc. she educates her clients on ways they can heal themselves at home. there are many articles and testimonials on her Web site/blog.My desire is to assist individuals, to turn their lives and their homes into sanctuaries, to create sacred spaces and to be a blessing to others. Once a month, she holds a

booKS & giftS

absolutely art Meghan Blake-Horst, Gallery Manager 2322 Atwood Ave., Madison 608.249.9100 absolutely art is a communitybased art gallery, featuring a wide variety of fine art and affordable gifts. We purchase from local artists to help create a greater sense of place and to stimulate the local art scene. By buying locally, we help keep Madison a unique place to



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MeetUp Group at her Keller Williams office, Living the Law of attraction, Mind, Body & spirit. this is a group open to the public that is bringing like-minded people together. loving heart reiki, llc 433 Grand Canyon Drive, Suite 2, Madison 608.346.3424 Loving Heart reiki provides private sessions and classes in the energetic arts including Usui and Karuna reiki, chakra balancing, the eMF Balancing technique, crystal healing, holistic aromatherapy and spiritual mentoring. each of these healing modalities offers its own unique and life-changing experiences and creates for the client a sense of balance, health, well-being, vitality and empowerment.

here to support you to build a thriving, successful holistic practice! to get your Free Holistic practice Building Kit visit the GaHp Web site:

cies. We check over 80 points and suggest the natural way to heal. We specialize in essential oils and Bach flower remedies for stress & emotional balancing, eating for your blood type diet and sell wheat-free and natural foods.

maSSage therapy
blue Sky School of professional massage and therapeutic bodywork 2005 West Beltline Highway, Suite 201, Madison 608.270.5245 Blue skys massage clinic is a teaching facility. Massages are performed by students who have not yet graduated but have completed the educational requirements to enter student clinic. a great opportunity for our students to complete state required massage hours while offering professional quality massages at a discount to the public! Make an appointment today!

Spiritual aWaKening
whitedoor, llc (previously TIBIA IntuAction Institute) 6225 University Ave., Ste 208, Madison 608.238.7328 discover whats behind the whitedoor the journey of awakening to the inherent perfection of who we are. By exploring and testing self-imposed agendas/restrictions that limit the experience of joy and fulfillment, individuals are empowered to make choices that can transform their lives. whitedoor offers support through individual sessions workshops intuitive training retreats essential oils.

holiStic pSychotherapy
global association of holistic psychotherapy Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC Holistic Psychotherapist Madison 877.346.1167 Global association of Holistic psychotherapy (GaHp) is for therapists, coaches and healers who work holistically with your clients (or want to). GaHp is

natural health practitionerS

natural health Works Verona/Madison Clinic 201 E. Verona Ave., Verona 608.848.8378 Monroe Clinic W4745 Blumer Rd., Monroe 608.325.3209 We are a holistic natural health care clinic and spa. We use herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and natural foods. appointments are available for kinesiology to find your imbalances and nutritional deficien-

urban farming
goin lupi 5121 Loruth Terrace, Madison 608.274.1674 somewhere between doin nothing and huggin trees, regular folks are goinlupi! Using humor to educate and empower everyday people, Farmer tina is a public speaker, trainer, community builder, motivator and (very) eccentric urban farmer. summer and early fall, she sells gourmet tomatoes, peppers, garlic and herbs at local farmers markets.

YES! I would like to get on the path to healthy

WellneSS Studio
the chakra house Wellness Studio 664 W. Washington Ave., Madison 608.237.6128 the Chakra House is a space for you to find balance physically, emotionally and spiritually in a fun, natural and intuitive way. every class, appointment and workshop incorporates your unique style, awareness and innate gifts to validate your ability to balance, heal and connect with your true self.

living by subscribing to Natures Pathways magazine for just $35 per year.

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Find out more information on advertising your business in the Natures Pathways Community Partners Directory. Contact: 608.320.9432
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Come join the community at, where we are committed to helping you become healthier, happier and more active through information and education. Our goal is to motivate, inspire and guide you to a healthier lifestyle by providing:
Delicious, easy-to-make recipes Informative blogs by our expert and guest experts Forums to connect and share your successes and struggles with others Education and Nutrition information for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Celiac, Crohns and MORE
all completely FREE! So if you want to lose weight, minimize your need for medications, eat to increase your bodys immunities, shop smarter, cook healthier, become more active or even teach your family how to Be Well we have the answers and the expertise!

We feature stand-alone categories such as:

Be Well: Weight Loss Be Well: Diabetes Be Well: Kids Be Well: Celiac Be Well: Crohns Be Well: Heart Disease was created just for you to Be Well and Live Well!
OUR MISSION: To educate, connect, support, inspire and assist you on your very own personal wellness journey!


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Experience Safe and Effective Pain Relief

From my clinical experience, I have found Curamin to be highly effective. It is the #1 pain-relieving product that I recommend. * Duke and The Doctor
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Occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse **Member of the EuroPharma Scientic Advisory Board


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Now is the time to stop the pain, discomfort and unsightly appearance associated with varicose veins. Signs and Symptoms Tiredness in legs Heaviness Restless legs/feet Cramping Burning Numbness in legs/feet Swelling Itching Changes in skin We invite you to call or visit us today for your free consultation. Treatment may be covered by your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid too. We accept most insurances. We Welcome Men and Women Mention this ad and receive a gift!

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Bruce W. Cardone, MD, RVT, RPhS Board Certified Radiologist Diplomate American Board of Phlebology