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Appleton 10 Wellness vs. too! and depression 14 Is it time to give hemp another look? 69 Holistic help for anxiety 16 This spring. Wellbeing: Part 12 12 Aging gracefully with whole body vibrations 63 Three stretches to keep you active and prevent back pain 66 Compost piles hibernate.Contents nortHeast WIsConsIn March 2013 54 Master Jesse’s gift of healing feature story on tHe CoVer: Photography by Taylor Greenwood MAsTer Jesse — Zenith Master and co-owner.com . 94 “Be still and know I am …” 96 Face-lift options for your droopy face? The bliss of silence 52 Creating healthier family eating habits 80 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www.naturespathways. nuts. say goodbye to pain! 17 Are you hiding? 70 Obtaining peak performance 71 Clear your clutter: Part 1 72 A key to weight loss success: subconscious emotional stress patterns 18 Ingredient matters 22 Inappropriate language: how it’s hindering green efforts 24 Health & wellness Q&A 26 Is your low thyroid treatment optimal? 74 Year of the upper body 77 Gluten-free stuffed peppers 78 Stress and the body 83 Stay healthy while traveling 87 10-year anniversary of 88 Mind over matter: transform your life hair — an emotional issue seeds and even beans! Tri-County Partnership 29 Transformational breathing 36 Woman of faith battles cancer 38 Erase the effects of your High costs of ADHD 40 This detox is for you 44 The supportive work of a doula 47 Sustainable soils: Part 2 48 It may look pretty 50 Is your life on automatic pilot? 56 Addicted to sugar? 58 Making sense of low back pain 60 Mentioning menopause: Part 1 42 8 20 28 30 32 34 46 62 84 86 97 98 104 4 desk job with Rolfing® SI departMents reflections from the editor healthy pets fit bodies healthy kids crystal revelations healthy finances intuitive insights healthy eating average jane herb blurb community calendar community partners advertiser directory 90 Women and thinning 92 Soaking your grains. Mystical Earth Gallery.

.fixmedoc.migraines fibromyalgia cancer diabetes neuropathy high blood pressure Tried "everything"? http://fixmedoc. “We are restorative not palliative.php/case-studies Still sick? thyroid disease asthma Crohn’s disease answers allergies Corrective Chiropractic Care — Science Based Nutrition When you have had enough of trying this and that .com/index.” & www..com • (920) 731-0715 .

com COntACt us: 877. this unique concept allows our readers to learn more about how to live a healthy life.com Taylor greenwood Creative Director tgreenwood@naturespathways.com rachael Wolter Graphic Designer rwolter@naturespathways.479. LLC or request additional information.com kimberly byrne Graphic Designer kbyrne@naturespathways. relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition. and also about the businesses in their communities that can serve as trusted resources. WHAT MAkes us unIque? Nature's Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: • We are community based — the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. fitness. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. relaxation.naturespathways.7209 info@naturespathways.209. they are the subject matter experts. personal growth. please contact Kim Baumann at 920. Tony bednarowski Co-owner/Publisher tbednarowski@naturespathways. responsible with our editorial content. • The majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers.com kim baumann Senior Account Executive kbaumann@naturespathways.we are Our MissiOn To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting healthy living experts with the communities they serve. scan this code to learn more about nature's Pathways 6 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www.2524 or email kbaumann@naturespathways. and the best community-based healthy living publication throughout our regions. Deadline for advertising is the first of the month prior to publication.com Connect with us! naturespathways.com ADverTIsIng InquIrIes: to advertise with nature’s pathways. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings.com . A team with a passion for healthy living! AbOut nAture's PAthwAys nature's pathways is a monthly magazine and online resource that provides accurate. wellness. WHy Do We subsCrIbe To THIs busIness MoDel? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry.com Jackie Peters Editor jpeters@naturespathways.com. and organic and green living.

March 8 – 8:30-11 a. perimenopause. De Pere | (920) 339-5252 www.m.com New patients welcome. She has a special interest in women’s heath issues. . Cheryl Rentmeester. NCMP Women’s Health and Hormone Expert $25 each or $20 each with a friend Currently accepting new patients. Cheryl Rentmeester. is a family nurse practitioner with close to 10 years experience in diagnosis and treatment of women of all ages. informative look at how hormone changes affect us as we age. NP. March 27 – 5:30-8 p. She believes open communication and education is key to forming a valuable partnership with her patients for effective treatment results. Randi Mann. 1480 Swan Road. NP. menopause and sexual health treatments to feel happy. Natural Options . Family Nurse Practitioner Wise Woman Wellness is the area’s first innovative hormone and wellness center. Friday. at this educational and entertaining seminar. March 13 – 5:30-8 p. specializing in holistic. to our practice.m. PMS. No referral needed. WHNP-BC.wisewomanwellness.Healthy Lives Stay Sane. NP. Wednesday.L I O N In Like A lamb Out like a This is how our patients feel after they have had their hormones adjusted properly. Slim and Sexy! Join hormone expert Randi Mann. This seminar is designed to help women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone therapy. Women only! Join us for a fun. low dose bioidentical hormones. integrated care and use of customized.m. Wednesday. NP. energetic and sensual — no matter how old you are! Wise Woman Wellness is pleased to welcome Cheryl Rentmeester.

com.naturespathways. but there are actually health benefits to this activity.com spring is just around the corner! For most of us. Sure. Rebecca Brown cautions us about the dyes found in our food. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Lindsay George encourages women to work on their upper body strength and shares the value of body-weight exercises.com .com or info@naturespathways. so please read on! Enjoy the anticipation of spring. We have so many great articles to share with you this month. while clean can facilitate calm and peace of mind in our lives. Thanks for reading! www.org). Check out Joan Ek’s inspiring article this month! There are also some reputable health and wellness websites that offer more information on the therapeutic effects of decluttering. And. it sounds like just another chore. we want to know! Please email Jackie at jpeters@naturespathways.refleCtiOns from the editor Jackie Peters jpeters@naturespathways. we can make use of our expanding daylight hours and growing supply of energy by decluttering our surroundings. Lisa Schmoock touches on the sensitive issue of hair loss.com 8 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. consider researching these topics before things get too busy outside! You’ll find some helpful tips and resources on the academy’s website (www. Todd Rockweit continues his sustainable soils series with a lesson in nutrients and soil biology — just in The anticipation is growing … time for lawn care planning. there’s much more. March is the month we observe National Nutrition Month. Ah. and take some time to prepare for your healthy future! In health and happiness.naturespathways.eatright. and we are more than ready to “cure” this winter boredom by getting outside and interacting with nature. There is so much to learn in this area. the joy of what’s to come! For now. though. cabin fever is in full effect. Experts say disarray can cause stress. Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion.

naturespathways. Entire coupon must be presented for discount. & Sat. not good with any other offers. With this coupon. sale items. Dine-in & Dinner only.com 920-733-3003 facebook. Fri.com One coupon per customer.s Ladies’ Night! 253 W. 10 to 8 Sun. WI 5 Off $ 1000 Off $ 2000 Off 00 OR OR Any $2500 Purchase Any $5000 Purchase Any $10000 Purchase Only one discount can be used on this coupon. Casaloma Drive West of the Fox River Mall 739-3663 Appleton. Main Mall Entrance Fox River Mall Cookware • Bakeware • Serveware Barware • Cutlery • Gadgets Tableware • Glassware • Kitchen Electrics Specialty Foods • Kitchen Housewares Gift Cards Available 767 N. electrics or on prior purchases.Sat.. serving your family for over 33 years! $ N The Store for ALL COOKS! W S E Casaloma Dr. limit one coupon per customer. Expires 03/31/13. coupons. 767 N. Appleton s Award-Winning Indian Restaurant Tuesday . 4:30-9:30 pm. – Sat. WI 739-3663 Hours: Mon. In-store purchases only. Expires 3/31/2013. . Appleton ½ off EntréE with purchase of the 1st entrée at regular price..com/sairamcuisine Lunch: Mon. Closed Sunday Our family. Some restrictions apply. Northland Ave. 11-2 pm • Dinner: Mon. NP0313 www. cutlery.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 9 .TheWireWhisk. Casaloma Drive West of the Fox River Mall Appleton. Not valid with other offers. – Thurs. 4:30-9 pm. X Michael’s Dr. gift cards. College Ave. 11 to 6 www. Family Owned Since 1999 SaiRamCuisine.

Do the following: • Provide a large box containing the most expensive electronic toy you can find. Wellbeing. Outdoor activities trump indoors ones. • What do the toddler and the kittens do? They play with the box! So what is the takeaway from this? We overworked. Unsupervised activities. Jen Rietveld 130 E. making them want to continue.net DivineLightWorkers. lose track of time and forget who they are in real life for a while. “The opposite of play is not work. ClCP O ur final segment in our 12-part series Wellness vs. What exactly is PLAY? Play has no purpose. and in 2007. Catherine’s University in the Twin Cities and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Just for MeTM Wellbeing Program is designed to enhance wellbeing. You engage in play for its own sake. Please join me each month as I introduce the Wellness vs. oTr. individuals who focus on wellbeing are more likely to be healthy and whole. Schools are slashing art programs and eliminating recess. Wellbeing is the foundation for overall wellness. • Proudly place it on the floor. St. rider.” Eighteen million people in the U.wellness vs.com Rev. suffer from depression. suicide was the third leading cause of death in young people. Wellbeing addresses the importance of play in our wellbeing. safetyobsessed parents. while adults are working longer hours with shorter vacations. inspire and ensure movement forward on that intention. • Carefully remove the toy from the box. expand your ability to manage stress and further enjoy what you do. stimulates nerve endings and increases www. wellbeing: Part 12 – Play & rejuvenation: refuel your spirit by Julie A. Franklin Street Appleton • 920-268-6345 lightworkers@earthlink.naturespathways. fitness wise.com 10 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . Louis Park and Prior Lake (both in Minnesota).G. Each participant in the Just for MeTM Wellbeing Program sets an intention at the start of the program and each week the focus is on one of twelve realms to encourage. And lastly. cities of St. • Spend an hour assembling it. And lastly. play makes you feel like a kid again. you must seek the wisdom of the masters: a 2-year-old and a pair of kittens.” –H. it is depression. strengthen your relationships. It has implemented successfully at Target Corporation.S. adults can benefit from pointless. play-deprived adults need to realize that fancy toys don’t hold a candle to improvising. stupid activity. A kitten’s play is anything but pointless as it builds muscles and activates joints. Wells Divine Energy Light-Workers Ministry Spiritual Counseling • Energy/Light Work Cellular Release • Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Past Life/Soul Release and Karmic Cleansing Meditations Weddings • Property Clearings and Blessings Funerals and more! According to Brian Sutton-Smith. To learn the art and science of play. that terrify modern. • Read all the safety warnings. are good for developing brains and bodies. Play has the ability to draw people to it. exploring the Just for MeTM twelve realms that will support our overarching intention of creating wellbeing throughout our lives: Play & rejuvenation: refuel your spirit “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race. As mentioned in previous months’ articles.

com M. “Just for MeTM Wellbeing: A Program for Personal Wellbeing” Call 920.org/summit T Skin? Keep it naturally beautiful and healthy with spa quality natural skin care and cosmetics exclusively at Botanical Indulgence. Julie coaches individuals to seek unique methods for generating change – where they choose the “how. healthy natural cosmetics at 10% off. Got he Food Sovereignty Summit logo represents the Three Sisters Philosophy. Women of all ages are invited to schedule a personal coaching appointment or join her group coaching program.” “when” and “what” as part of who they are. April 15-18. Closed Sunday March is the annual Clean Sweep Sale Bring in any old cosmetic and replace it with new. SERIOUSLY! A movie about PLAY turns the work ethic on its head and reveals how vital play is to our health. happiness and the future of life.naturespathways. Call Julie today to see how she can help you move your life from ordinary to extraordinary. In short. As a licensed occupational therapist and certified life coach practitioner. play makes us more flexible and adaptable. and they are planted together in collaboration to provide life sustenance for the people. CLCP. Each provides an element of support to allow each entity to flourish.339.communication.seriouslythemovie. Tu. beans and squash. As humans. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of playing than in a year of conversation. we engage in fun activities to make cognitive connections. W I For information: www. www. According to the philosopher. Like the Three Sisters.5252 to register. Saturday 10-5. Our ancestors discovered the value of creating an environment to maximize our sustenance. a holistic wellness and hormone center located at 1480 Swan Road in De Pere.com. is a member of the Wise Woman Wellness LLC team. F 10-5:30. OTR. Join us to learn more about: Food Security Best Practices Value-Added Products Farm to School Organic Farming Biofuels Youth Stewards Marketing Products Federal Programs Animal Disease Conservation Programs Exhibit Booths Workshops BotanicalIndulgence A NATURAL BOUTIQUE 1162 Westowne Drive.” How does play allow you to witness your inner character? What values are you honoring when you engage in play? Creativity? Humor? Wellbeing? Health? Ask yourself: How willing are you to jump in and engage in something silly or fun? What did you do as a child that was fun that you could recreate now for fun? When did you stop allowing fun into your daily life? What needs to change? Do you need to schedule FUN in your planner? What new place could you allow fun to take you to today? To get you started go to www. W. The “Three Sisters” are corn.firstnations. 2013 SAVE THE DATE The Oneida Nation. For details visit www. It is as vital to our wellbeing as sleep.wisewomanwellness. Plato.com Hosted by : March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 11 . Watch the trailer! Julie A. Neenah • (920) 725-1380 • www. we will create a structure of collaboration and support for all First Nations’ people to flourish.com. First Nations Development Institute & Intertribal Agriculture Council will host: RADISSON HOTEL G R E E N B AY. Rider. Th 10-7.botanicalindulgence.

• Fond du Lac. Whole Body Vibration Machine.ly/1eEij). liver. This oscillating movement creates a gentle workout for the body that is easy and effective. This technology began in 1960 and was used in the early ‘70s to allow our Featuring the T-Zone VT-15. neuropathy. balance.com 12 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. (You can check it out at http://bit. while new to many of us. bowel and bladder function. along with a few pounds? Do you feel you are too old. including restless leg syndrome. incontinence. WI • 920-921-1211 • Next to Menards (east end) • www. and have more energy? Would you like to move that body and lose a few inches here and there.naturespathways. • Improves lymphatic drainage. weight management and more. too tired or too achy to do anything about it? Then whole body vibration (WBV) may be just what you’re looking for. today we have it available to us at centers or for home use. These machines have been used on The Biggest Loser show and have been talked about on The Doctors show. hip and lower back pain. A study of elderly patients with a risk of falling found that standing on the Whole Body Vibration Platform machine for ten minutes.Aging gracefully with whole body vibrations by Deb lewis-Hasenberg A Are you looking to feel better. FREE WEEK TRIAL DAY SPA PACKAGE MACHINE SALES ENERGY AWARENESS CLASSES doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS CLASSES 1211 Rickmeyer Dr.goodvibrationsstudio. fibromyalgia. Whole Body Vibration machines. arthritis. relieve some aches and pains. Ten minutes on a Whole Body Vibration machine equals an hour at the gym. have actually been around for years and have been studied thoroughly showing consistent improvements in many of the limitations that are age-related. three times per week for six months improved balance and functional fitness compared with controls. Whole body vibration can improve bone density and prevent falls. varicose veins. • Burns calories and tones the body. • Relieves stress and aids in sleeping better. for yourself. diabetes. with a base that gently rocks back and forth. Whole body vibration technology machines are usFDA Approved Class I Medical Devices with the following benefits: • Stimulates energy flow. Whole body vibration training significantly increased bone density of the what is whole body vibration? It is a way of achieving health benefits by standing on a machine similar to a treadmill. astronauts to stay fit in space. • Improves kidney. approved by the FDA Come in and experience the tranquility of this healing space. • Increases blood circulation to the heart and brain. fatigue. • Strengthens major muscle groups (reducing falls).com . FREE trial of our far infrared sauna and Amethyst Bio-Mat. osteoporosis. neck pain.

com and www. Appleton (920) 380-1365  call for appointments chris@valleythermography.968. March 21st @ 5:30PM Join us right here at Natural Healthy Concepts to hear nutritional author and educator.salixhost2. we are dedicated to helping you make the changes you need to restore or enhance whole body wellness.com www.Terry Lemerond! Thursday.com 1111 N. prognosis and therapy monitoring for: • Back Injuries • Arthritis • Nerve Damage • Fibromyalgia • Dental/TMJ • Artery Inflammation • Breast Disease • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Skin Cancer • Stroke Screening • Digestive Disorders • And many others! To Find Our Schedule Visit: NaturalHealthyConcepts. You are also welcome to use the sauna and Bio-Mat during your free week and experience a bit of Heaven on Earth! Deb Lewis-Hasenberg and her sister. in Fond du Lac. While here. Kristin Lewis. how their cholesterol and blood sugar counts have improved and how they feel better because of using the machines. Ste.uk/osaka/abstracts/P506. Miyamoto et al 2003 Whole Body Vibration Exercise in Elderly people http:// www.goodvibrationsstudio. are the owners of Good Vibrations Studio.com/retail-store. Our services are designed to help you detox your body in a pleasant environment and to provide education on healthy alternatives to help you make better choices that empower you to live a healthier.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 13 .2350 or stop in to sign up .1211. goodvibsstudio@gmail. There was no change in the bone density of women performing twice as much exercise using gym equipment. At Good Vibrations. You are welcome to try this whole body vibration 10-minute workout at Good Vibrations Studio in Fond du Lac.19:352–359. You will be amazed at the conditions that can be helped by these therapies! Non-invasive • No radiation • Painless • FDA registered There will be a prize drawing! Ask the Expert . 1211 Rickmeyer Dr.hip of post-menopausal women in a six-month trial of exercises performed on the Whole Body Vibration Platform. SAT 9-5 valleythermography.921. Appleton WI OPEN M-F 9-7.naturespathways. happier life. meet the people and hear how they lost weight. Good Vibrations Studio – “Where spa and fitness meet!” Resources: Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study J Bone Miner Res.it’s free! CranioSacral & Visceral Manipulation Thursday.com 920.h. 14:4: 55-62. certified clinical thermographer 310 N. Lynndale Drive. 202. You’ll hear firsthand how people are sleeping better and their symptoms with fibromyalgia have improved.com.2350 NaturalHealthyConcepts.968. Try a machine in your home for a whole week or come into the studio for your FREE week trial. Your health is the best investment you’ll ever make! Vitamins & Supplements Herbal Formulas Sports Nutrition Personal Care Products Natural & Organic Homeopathics Aromatherapy Pet Products Household Items We have travel-size necessities for your next vacation! Flexi Accouble Spen nt Ap ding prove d SPEAKER SERIES Call 920. Bosco et al 2004 New Trends in Training Science: the use of vibrations for enhancing performance New Studies in Athletics. March 7th @ 5:30PM Sharon Blake will share her knowledge in Advanced CranioSacral Therapy as well as Massage & Lymphatic Drainage. Contact us for more information and ask about a one-week FREE trial: 920.html Chris Haase. Westhill Blvd.co. Terry Lemerond of Terry Talks Nutrition & Terry Naturally speak! Thermal Body Imaging Aid for diagnosis.

known scientifically as Cannabis sativa L. fungicides or pesticides.C. which are among the Earth’s longest natural soft fibers and are also rich in cellulose. and www. It’s easy to 100% Organic. more absorbent and more insulative than cotton fiber. is high in B-vitamins and is a good source of dietary fiber. salad dressings. Marijuana is the flowering tops and leaves of psychoactive varieties of Cannabis that are grown for their high THC content. • Hemp seed is nutritious and contains more essential fatty acids than any other source. • Presidents Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp.industrialhemp. from fuel pellets to liquid fuels and gas.com . Development of bio-fuels could significantly reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and nuclear power. stronger. The federal government subsidized hemp during the World War II and U. according to the Hemp Industries Association (HIA). Non-Toxic Toys Glass & Stainless Steel Water Bo�les & Food Containers Reusable Shopping & Produce Bags Composting Supplies Organic Lawn & Garden Supplies Natural Body Care Housewares Natural Pet Products Gifts & More! Live Greener Just Act 14 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Natural The store that makes green living easy Downtown Appleton • 129 E. • 920.000 years to the beginnings of pottery. • Hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber on a sustainable basis. The distinction of the two is this.naturespathways. and your pets may have played with it. • According to the Department of Energy. College Ave. It is the opposite with marijuana.is it time to give hemp another look? by J. • The bark of the hemp stalk contains bast fibers. Hemp fiber is longer. soaps. The hydrocarbons in hemp can be processed into a wide range of biomass energy sources. Hemp fibers or hemp oil is found in clothing.net: Industrial hemp has low levels of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and high levels in CBD (cannabidiol). going back more than 10. desserts and even dog toys. is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans). hemp as a biomass fuel producer requires the least specialized growing and processing procedures of all hemp products. is the non-psychedelic cousin of the marijuana plant. “It” is some form of hemp — in its fiber or oil state. Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world and is an ecologically-sound choice because it requires no fertilizers. Hemp is also a natural weed suppressor due to fast growth of the canopy. farmers grew about a million acres of hemp as part of that program.justactnatural. Natural Fiber Clothing & Accessories Safe. according to www.S. Hemp can also be grown organically because only eight out of about 100 known pests cause problems.2932 • SHOP ONLINE: www. Paustian y ou’ve probably worn it. but you may not have known it.com other interesting facts gathered by HIA: • Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet. Hemp. lotions. washed with it and eaten it.574.

The DEA has denied every permit request for the past 70 years or so. right? So. www. Although not a bill specifically aimed at industrial hemp production. farmers need a special permit from the U. College Ave. according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).justactnatural.” can be used for every quality of paper.500 years old has been found.2932. what’s the problem? The problem is hemp is not grown here in the United States. Hemp flourished briefly during WWII. Increase your Goodwill Donate! Shop! Change a life! Visit us at www. • Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petrochemical products. according to HIA.naturespathways. even though we are the largest consumers of hemp in the world. which outlawed marijuana. visit www. Learn more at: www. For more information. Research is being done to use hemp in manufacturing biodegradable plastic products: plant-based cellophane. located at 129 E. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not allow this crop to be grown. farmers can grow this versatile plant.S.org. Hemp paper more than 1. etc.574. recycled plastic mixed with hemp for injection-molded products and resins made from the oil.“the united states is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not allow this crop to be grown. primarily Canada.com or call 920. and www.. and does not yellow with age when an acid-free process is used. Appleton. • Hemp fiber paper resists decomposition. but was quietly shut down after the war ended. dashboards.net. Hemp prohibitionists and legislatures continue the stranglehold of the antiquated law. industrialhemp. green and sustainable. the Fox Valley’s first all-green retail store. legal limitations posed by the legislation quickly put an end to the onceprominent industry.org. and Dianne Paustian own Just Act Natural. All sounds good.goodwillncw.S. It’s a law that’s been entrenched since 1937 called the Marijuana Tax Act.org www.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 15 . • Hemp fiberboard produced by Washington State University was found to be twice as strong as wood-based fiberboard. but industrial hemp activists continue to press the issue and hope one day U. Technically. to name a very few examples. Hemp paper can also be recycled more times than woodbased paper. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). However. All forms of hemp are imported from one of about 28 other countries.norml. J. it IS legal to grow it. luggage racks.thehia. even though we are the largest consumers of hemp in the world. Over two million cars on the road today have hemp composite parts for door panels.C.

Plus. in a clinical study of osteoarthritis. The first ingredient is curcumin. You’ll want a boswellia that screens out much of a compound called “beta-boswellic acid. But before you reach for aspirin or ibuprofen. In fact. high-absorption curcumin and high-AKBA boswellia can turn that around.” because otherwise. Not surprisingly.com 16 . walking distance and joint line tenderness scores. epinephrine and norepinephrine.5 The curcumin and boswellia combination was better than celecoxib in relieving pain.l-phenylalanine. When it came to relieving pain. they actually help your joints heal from damage — whether from your most recent exercise or over time.3-5 Boswellia is a perfect partner to curcumin. you should know about powerful. after a burst of activity. So what you’re looking for is a boswellia that sharply reduces inflammation but retains naturally higher levels of another compound. dramatically reduces inflammation and pain. The “d” form of phenylalanine inhibits the breakdown of enkephalins — related to “feel good” endorphins — which are associated with keeping positive mood. our muscles and joints let us know when we’ve overdone it. efficacy and tolerability of the herbal combination used in the current study was shown to be superior to those of celecoxib for treating active osteoarthritis. It also relieves muscle pain in its own right. However.”5 These ingredients are more than powerful pain-relievers — they actually help heal the damage done over time to joints. stiff joints. it is truly important that you find the right curcumin.2 This curcumin inhibits COX-2 enzyme activity and stops cellular damage from free radicals — two things that cause muscle pain and joint damage from exercise. the boswellia can actually increase inflammation. effective and fast-acting ingredients that don’t harm your stomach lining.” The next ingredient you need for an active life is boswellia (Boswellia serrata). because standard extracts can be difficult for the body to absorb. to really boost the effectiveness of the extract. Here again. protects you from free radical damage. This improves the absorption and blood-retention time dramatically — up to 10 times that of standard extracts. or dusting off your bicycle and taking it for a spin after a long winter. too! Along with high-absorption curcumin and high-AKBA boswellia. This amazing compound from turmeric (Curcuma longa). you need an amino acid combination called d. heart or liver like pain relievers. Of course. The “l” form boosts mood-elevating natural chemicals in the brain. you’re saying “hello” to muscle pain and sore. Maybe it’s going on hikes. a unique combination of bioavailable curcumin and boswellia was judged to be superior to the prescription arthritis drug.this spring.1. Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 “these ingredients are more than powerful pain-relievers — they actually help heal the damage done over time to joints. So even if you haven’t been active for some time.6-8 It can’t be underestimated how important a positive outlook is when it comes to dealing with inflammation continued on page 21 www. we all tend to emerge with a big list of outdoor “to do” items. reduced to a very small size – and blended with turmeric oils. Don’t just reduce pain — feel better. including dopamine. It blocks inflammation along the 5-LOX pathway and also stops damage to your knees and other joints. celecoxib (the generic of the brand name Celebrex®). and is a true “desert-island” ingredient if you had to narrow it down to just one. it’s important to get the best extract. digging up new beds for a garden. also known as DLPA. acetyl-11-ketobeta-boswellic acid (AKBA).naturespathways. 64 percent of those taking the herbal ingredients versus 29 percent in the drug group improved to such a high degree that they were able to move from having “moderate to severe arthritis” to “mild to moderate arthritis. It seems like the minute you’re saying “goodbye” to colder weather. The best curcumin extract is micronized – that is. say goodbye to pain! by Terry lemerond A s the weather warms up in the spring.

Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach and occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience. In doing this. My new favorite is the use of SoulCollage®. the individual is aware and attempts to keep others from becoming aware of these issues. These can be seen by disease or medical conditions such as headaches. In this example of hiding.naturespathways. there is a reason. When images strike a chord. through: • Workshops • Teleclasses • Groups and individual sessions • Seminars • Newsletters and free reports To live the life of your dreams. The things about us hidden in the shadows can come to us very clearly in a gentle awareness through this process. using counselors is another and the use of energy work such as Reiki is yet another.makingartoflife. At other times. Visit Teresa on Facebook or her website: www. go to www. “Am I hiding?” We all have things from our past that we might not be proud of and wish to keep to ourselves. Then further detail can emerge as we are ready. Just exposing these and bringing them into the light will help release that energy holding you back and assist you in manifesting what you desire. Ultimately. Either way that one hides from parts of themselves. participants stay out of their thinking mind and into emotion and spirit. We are all creative beings and that creativity feeds our spirit.makingartoflife.com www. which are common side effects from hiding issues from yourself and others.com for details. Sometimes even more devastating are the emotional disconnections or issues as a result of hiding. there can be all kinds of ramifications. ask yourself. In SoulCollage® participants use intuitive thought to select images that speak to them in some way. Teresa will be hosting SoulCollage® workshops and drop-in courses throughout the year.Are you hiding? by Teresa van lanen i f you are struggling with having your intentions coming to fruition. There are several ways of addressing hidden issues. Creativity can be a catalyst for positive change in your life.makingartoflife. Sometimes the images address one or more hidden parts of personality. awaken the childlike innocence of your authentic self through the creative process To contact Teresa and to see what new events are planned. ignoring them is one way. having unresolved or hidden issues will affect your relationship with yourself and with others and will affect your manifestations and life intentions. She works with individuals and groups to release blocks and increase their levels of joy and happiness. issues or memories can be so deeply hidden that the individual may not hold conscious awareness of them. Let Teresa Van Lanen help you tap into your creative energy to balance your life to its fullest. Look for the two-day SoulConnection workshop in April by viewing www. stomach or digestive issues. and liver problems. These can include anxiety and depression as well as mood swings and anger.com.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 17 .

com 18 . the product is properly labeled.gov) The Environmental Working Group (EWG).. and the countless beauty potions she used over her 94 years of life probably didn’t hurt either … or did they? When it comes to the matter of being concerned about the dangers of cosmetic ingredients. not alarm” and admit “much study remains to be done on exposure levels and health risks. and the use of the ingredient does not otherwise cause the cosmetic to be adulterated or misbranded under the laws that FDA enforces… . moisturizing lotion. I refer to my Gram’s beautiful skin and her long life.fda. conditioner. how can you ensure that you and your family are safe? In the FDA Basics video concerning cosmetic safety.” But truth be told.org) Think about it.gov) Are you convinced? Is generally safe good enough? The Environmental Working Group has done extensive research and perhaps says it best when they recommend “cause for concern.” (www.” But what the EWG feels most strongly about is: “that such study — and direct consumer action to avoid known www. insect repellent — the list goes on. and if [the health and beauty products] weren’t [safe] they would not be on the marketplace. Ingredients matter. and we also do our own research [which includes] surveys of different ingredients or different products that are marketed. comments on what she thinks is the biggest misunderstanding about what her office does: “I think that consumers think that we do approve cosmetics and we don’t … we regulate in a post-market arena … what that means is that we don’t get to see an application for a cosmetic or ingredient before the cosmetic is marketed.ingredient matters by Mair runge P eople would comment on the creamypeach smoothness of my grandmother’s complexion. cosmetics. other companies choose to use known human carcinogens or developmental toxins like coal tar and lead acetate. director of the Office of Cosmetics and Colors in the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.fda.” (www. soap.fda.gov) “In general. Manufacturers are not required to register their cosmetic establishments. styling aids. “While some companies make products that are safe to eat. is we look at the safety issues once it is on the marketplace … and we’ll assess information that comes to us from the industry [and] consumers … we go through the literature to check to see about safety issues. a manufacturer may use any ingredient in the formulation of a cosmetic provided that the ingredient and the finished cosmetic are safe. deodorant. heredity had something to do with it.S.org) So. market it as a beauty product and bank on the probability that the general public is blissfully unaware of the fact that beauty products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to making their way into the marketplace. file data on ingredients or report cosmetic-related injuries to the FDA.” (www.fda. shower gel. what is the message here? Should you go through your medicine cabinet and shower caddy to throw out the array of health and beauty products you’ve amassed? If you keep using them.” states the Environmental Working Group. lip balm. and accumulation of these products used day after day on your skin can affect you and your family more than you may think.naturespathways. Dr.” Sure.ewg. and they do … [and] some we ingest directly from our lips or hands.gov) In a FDA Basics video on the safety of Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 cosmetics in the U. But they are wrong about this … [and] people apply an average of 126 unique ingredients on their skin daily. Katz claims: “In general most of the products that are cosmetics … are generally safe. the stakes are high … cosmetic ingredients do not sit tight on the surface of the skin – they are designed to penetrate. The responsibility to guarantee that products and ingredients are safe before marketed to the general public falls on the cosmetic manufacturers. toothpaste. but that should not be confused with believing that the FDA approves cosmetics. as did her avoidance of the sun. shaving cream. and I think: “Cosmetics can’t be that harmful. sunscreen.”(www. “When risky chemicals are used in cosmetics. But what we do. diaper cream. Linda Katz. (www. a nonprofit organization formed in 1993 that labors to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment warns: “Most people use these [health and beauty] products without a second thought. a manufacturer can put just about anything into a bottle. The body’s largest organ is the skin. The FDA has strict approval methods when it comes to color additives used in cosmetics.” (www. and believe that the government must certainly be policing the safety of the mixtures in these myriad containers. How many health and beauty products do you and your family use in a day: shampoo. and she would always reply: “That’s the Norwegian in me. except for color additives and those ingredients that are prohibited or restricted from use in cosmetics by regulation.ewg.

naturespathways. Mair Runge is a freelance writer and teaches product knowledge at Gill-Tech Academy of Hair Design.8684 imagine your future Enroll Now for 230 S. sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) & sodium laureth sulfate (sles) – detergents and surfactants used in 90 percent of personalcare products that foam. 7. 6. McCarthy Road • Appleton $5 SAVINGS Regular price: $23 Basic Facial Please present this coupon with your service. making you more vulnerable to bacteria. Alternative: organic essential oils. 5. causing depression. from “Terrible Touch-Me-Nots” (www.organicbeautytalk. $18 FACIAL www. Health and beauty products may be helpful or harmful. Fragrances – clinical observation proves fragrances can affect the central nervous system.332. • Bad odor. (www. Alternative: ammonium cocoyl isethionate. therapeutic essential oils. March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 19 . a long-standing cosmetology school in Appleton.com/gill-tech/specials and click menu. DeA (diethanolamine). • Incomplete or inaccurate product labeling. Alternative: therapeutic essential oils. One promo or coupon per customer.org) be your own advocate be on the watch Report with www.1088.gill-tech. Polyethylene glycol (Peg) – potentially www. causing skin sensitivity and irritation … animal studies have shown almost all of them to be carcinogenic.toxic ingredients — is absolutely essential. jojoba. • Unusual color that suggests contamination. 9. Valid through April 30. • Infection. Alternatives: moisture magnets (saccharide isomerate) from beets.739. DMDM hydantoin & urea (imidazolidinyl) – preservative that often releases formaldehyde … exposure may irritate the respiratory system … and cause side effects that include weakening the immune system and cancer. FD&C color pigments – synthetic colors made from coal tar. Propylene glycol (Pg) and butylene glycol – solvents that … easily penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure … commonly used to make extracts from herbs … because PG penetrates the skin so quickly. But the evolution of our society since her time has taught us that what we slather on top of our skin may affect our health at some level. clogging the pores … interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins … slows down skin function and cell development. ceramides. it is wise to realize that health and beauty products are not totally innocent. • A problem that occurred whether you followed directions or not.com • 920. • Hair loss.org) My grandmother survived the lure of the pretty bottle and its secret ingredients and so will I. You decide between help and harm when you educate yourself on some of the most frequently used ingredients that will matter when you invite them into your body.ewg.” (www.gov/Safety/ Medwatch or call 800. 3.com) 1. 10. when using cosmetics or other health and beauty products. a petroleum derivative … drying … irritating solvent … dehydrator … strips your skin’s moisture and natural immune barrier. Alternative: water extracted herbs.ewg. Mineral oil – petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic. 4. the EPA warns against skin contact to prevent consequences such as brain.com 10 inGreDients tO AVOiD carcinogenic petroleum ingredient that can alter and reduce the skin’s natural moisture factor … used in cleansers to dissolve oil and grease … adjusts the melting point and thickens products.gill-tech. 8. To learn about safety of ingredients in personal care products. a little selfdiagnosis may be necessary. you notice: • Skin reactions (rash). All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors. molds and viruses. liver and kidney abnormalities. isopropyl (sD-40) – made from propylene. resulting in premature aging. .gill- www. 2. two product lines made by companies with reputations for carefully selecting their ingredients and keeping the health of both consumer and environment in mind. Wis. containing heavy metal salts that deposit toxins into the skin. Alcohol. hyperactivity and irritability.fda. giving it high scores as a risk to both human health and the environment … a hormonedisrupting chemical with toxic effect. if. Gill-Tech Academy carries Jane Iredale Cosmetics and Dermalogica Skin Care. the Environmental Working Group compiled an electronic database of ingredient labels for namebrand products and cross-linked it with toxicity or regulatory databases. MeA (Monoethanolamine) and TeA (triethanolamine) – hormone disrupting chemicals that can form cancer. When experiencing discomfort or mysterious symptoms. 2013 CODE NP12 Nails • Cosmetology Manager please visit www. Tricolsan – a synthetic “antibacterial” ingredient … the EPA registers it as a pesticide.

pet hotels. Program may be completed in one year starting in Spring & Fall. Service animals help people with disabilities live normal lives. For stress-free health and healing.naturespathways.69 percent.8 billion in 2011. why have a pet/human relationship? Research has shown that pets exude healing energy for emotional and physical conditions. They make us smile and laugh. fun and happiness. Ms i have cared for and shared my life with animals (my “kids”) that have medical conditions for the past 35 years. MH. They renew our will to live. Twenty-eight percent have two dogs. Fifty-two percent have more than one cat. and I have an energetic bond with each one of them for eternity..com Life Force Wellness Center 920.com . the Census Bureau estimated that there were 114. “It is my passion.lifeforcewc. etc. with an average of 2.com Blue Sky offers you: Grafton: 262-376-1011 •Locations in Grafton. I give them a chance at LIFE. physical and spiritual health. MS 404 N. Sixty-five percent of this number was spent on food and vet costs.825. So. health. MH.4 million owned cats.’” In 2010. binkowski. Suite 106. exercise. I always smile when I hear these words because peace and calm come over me. They have taught me patience. there are approximately 78. They help with better communication in marriages. Twelve percent own three or more dogs. They help facilitate social interactions between strangers and improve social behavior for mentally impaired people and prisoners. They help children learn responsibility for another living entity.. Main St. boarding. According to the 20112012 American Pet Products Association statistics. They help lower blood pressure and stress. It is a soul connection for me. Their emotional. Pets are members of our families. There are approximately 86. sessions are done in the comfort of your home. Americans spent nearly $51 billion on their pets in 2011.com www. It is one of the reasons I walk this planet.healthypets Pets and their people by Alexandria s. many goodbyes I’ve had to endure.. security.com CEU workshops for bodyworkers 20 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Working with pets and their people to build their special bond by developing emotional. There is only one answer. nD.2.1769 LLC www. what do they deserve/need/want in return? Much like us: LOVE. Do you find yourself longing for a more meaningful career? Touch the lives of others by becoming a Massage Therapist at Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork! Natural PET/Human THERaPIES Holistic Health For Pets & Their People Energy Medicine • Emotional Health • Therapeutic Touch • Flower Essences • Kinesiology . It gives purpose and meaning to my life. ND. APPLY TODAY! Attend an Open House! Visit: BlueSkyMassage. which averages to 1. bringing back interest in life. When I look at them. “Why do you do it?” People wonder about the financial responsibility. Oshkosh asb@lifeforcewc. They give unconditional love and acceptance and will never give up on us no matter our flaws. Pets help us stay physically active. The list of benefits to us goes on and on. Alexandria S.428 households in the United States. respect.2 million owned dogs in this country. compassion and humility. pet-sitting and day care surged to $3. loss of freedom in my life. The number one question I have been asked is. De Pere & Madison•Student massage De Pere: 920-338-9500 clinics•In Good Health retail Madison: 608-270-5245 stores•Wellness classes• BlueSkyMassage.217. Thirty-three percent of households own at least one cat. Binkowski. Grooming. Thirtynine percent of households own at least one dog. They help us cope with the loss of loved ones and with other major life changes. lack of sleep. it reminds me that ‘not all angels have wings.

1995.com or call 920. essences. 3. professional mediator and naturopath for pets and their people. 10. 2. but the potency of the remedy is not. Kuruvilla B.72(12):1100-16. Analgesic properties of enkephalinase inhibitors: animal and human studies. Debra. ND. This enzyme extract helps to carry the other ingredients through the bloodstream so they can get to where they’re needed most — including your sore muscles and joints. nurse. Benny M.9. Judy N. 5.5:30pm TH 9:30am . etc.7(2-3):157-72. With animals. Ammon HP. 7. bright weather and “goodbye” to the pain that keeps you from doing what you love. 1982. 1985. There are many natural modalities that keep your pet healthy. Poeckel D. Curcumin: from ancient medicine to current clinical trials. ed. Kariya K. located in Green Bay at 2625 Development Drive. References: 1. diabetes.victoriasallnaturalpethealth.m. 2005 Oct. Fujii R. and that’s why it should be part of your relief formula. Cho J.1769 for more information. grief. Fujita M. Ind J Pharm Sci. 2006 Oct. Last. until 7:00 p.65:1631-1652. Biol Pharm Bull. anxiety. Cell Mol Life Sci 2008.29(3):190-6.m. San Diego. PDR for Nutritional Supplements. MH.4:00pm March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 21 . Boswellic acids in chronic inflammatory diseases. Energy medicine is highly effective. Their bodies contain the same systems and organs as the human body.m. Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of experience in the health food industry. Nutr Res. You can be active and enjoy it. is a holistic psychotherapist. Hatcher H. softball games and weekend afternoons in the backyard. injuries. jealousy. Massage and therapeutic touch work wonders as pets love to be stroked. She owns Life Force Wellness Center. et al. Shen MC. Ehrenpreis S. Herbal medicine is the oldest of the healing arts. and from 9:00 a. Ehrenpreis S. just off the south GV exit from highway 172. urinary tract infections and behavioral problems. sadness. to 4:00 p. He hosts a radio talk show that is archived at www. Antony B. NJ: Physician’s Desk Reference. Nattokinase also helps reduce circulating fibrinogen — a compound that causes stiff muscles and can actually damage muscle and joint tissue in elevated amounts over time. Flower essences work on a vibrational level in a subtle way to heal stress and emotional imbalances. September 15-18. 2011. MS. In: Hendler SS. et al. A pilot cross-over study to evaluate human oral bioavailability of BCM-95 CG (Biocurcumax™) a novel bioenhanced preparation of curcumin. Iyer VS. Nishimuro S.217. Induction of central signaling pathways and select functional effects in human platelets by beta-boswellic acid. Prog Clin Biol Res. the dosage is the same as ours.com. etc.com.). Their chakras have very similar colors and vibrations as ours. master herbalist. Lin JS. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is used for emotional blockages and determines which foods. This amazing natural combination of pain-relieving ingredients lets you say “hello” to the warm. Clean water. Planta Med. Presented at the Osteoarthritis Research Symposium Internationale (OARSI) Annual World Congress on Osteoarthritis. Joyal S. nerve and skin issues.965. It is safe and cost effective. Call 920. Planalp R. 2008:189. Kizhakkedath R. 8. Visit www. air. 2nd ed. 9. restful sleep. I look forward to writing next month’s article where I will be addressing the death of our pets and how to deal with this loss in a healthy manner. both in retail sales and in dietary supplement formulation and manufacturing. heart problems. 4. cataracts. CA. Poster presentation. It’s the season for camping trips. 2008:445-449.TerryNaturally.naturespathways.com SAY goodbYe to pAin continued from page 16 and pain. Domestic and wild animals go to plants naturally when they need medication or detoxing.lifeforcewc. 6. our four-legged kids do have feelings of abandonment. The store is open from 9:00 a.“Do not treat pet ailments any differently than you would your own. Montvale. Nattokinase decreases plasma levels of fibrinogen.m. Alexandria S.com. Altmann A.192:363-70.TerryTalksNutrition. Br J Pharmacol. factor VII. feline leukemia. make sure you have nattokinase in the mix. natural nutritious food (without byproducts and chemicals) and supplements are the best for preventative medicine. Do not treat pet ailments any differently than you would your own. www. DLPA. Remember.10 Spring is a wonderful time of year.6:30pm SAT 9:30am . Thrombolytic effect of nattokinase on a chemically induced thrombosis model in rat. Homeopathy bridges the healing gap between the physical and nonphysical bodies. LLC. on Saturday. Hong K.1002 or visit www. Terry and his wife.18(10):1387-91. Acupuncture and acupressure are great techniques for orthopedic problems. Ito Y. www. are best for your pet. Hsia CH. 2009 . Tausch L. D-phenylalanine and other enkephalinase inhibitors as pharmacological agents: implications for some important therapeutic application. A special bond is created with this interaction. Merina B. et al. Binkowski. and factor VIII in human subjects. Antony B. fear. cancer.146(4):514-24.” energetic and physical well-being must be met for them to be at their holistic optimum. The site also features his weekly educational columns and other valuable health resources. Monday through Friday. are co-owners of the Terry Naturally store.. Lennertz K. cAupunct Electrother Res. Consult a well-trained experienced professional. email asb@lifeforcewc. rejection.com MTWF 9:30am . energy therapist. Clinical Evaluation of an Herbal Formulation in the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis. They also have an energy field (aura) that needs to be kept flowing freely without blockages.

com . While some environmental enthusiasts become offended when “green” terms such as these are used by those who don’t understand what they’re saying. “Green” terms and buzz words are often used by media and advertising agencies that don’t illustrate the true meaning of the words. Many think hybrid and electric cars are the same. and few seem to know what “eco” stands for in the word “eco-friendly. It’s been suggested that composting reduces our carbon footprint and that we should be eco-friendly in everything we do. you’re not alone.inappropriate language: how it’s hindering green efforts by samantha Zastrow i nappropriate language is all-too-common in American culture. recycle. terms related to caring for the environment are interchanged and used inappropriately by those who don’t fully understand the words’ definitions. as it turns out. What do these green “buzz words” mean to the average consumer in Wisconsin? Well. During one meeting of a group of well-doers. compost and buy a hybrid (or is it electric?) car.” If you’re reading this and feeling a bit embarrassed that you don’t know the difference between Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 an energy efficient appliance and one powered by renewable energy — don’t worry. When neighbors lament about the higher cost of organic food. Over the past year I’ve met with many different people and groups to discuss their perceptions of what it means to “live green. ask them if they know why organic produce is preferred and if they’ve ever considered working together on a backyard garden. choose organic products. overflowing with green paint. few seem to know the definitions for common terms associated with the green lifestyle. There’s certainly no proof those stereotyped as “tree huggers” have particularly vulgar mouths. ask if they’ve calculated the savings of an electric car that doesn’t need oil changes — or even from a hybrid car that requires less maintenance than their current vehicle. an image of a paint can. was pinned to a board for inspiration. We’re told that buying organic produce supports sustainability and recycling is even trendier than up-cycling and down-cycling. I view it as an opportunity.naturespathways.” While everyone wants to protect nature and mankind. even though they are interested in protecting the Earth — people like me! All too often. When co-workers comment on the cost of oil changes. but few understand how they can actually afford to make 22 www.” which is the negative term used to describe organizations that portray an image of environmental awareness. The image’s creator was indicating “green washing. so definitions are morphed together in the mind of the average consumer. The common misbelief is that carbon is the most dangerous gas released into the atmosphere. The language I’m referring to is used by people who have minimal knowledge of environmental science. not a whole lot. nor do environmentalists have a reputation of foul language. but in reality have business practices that severely harm the environment. Some advertisements tell us we should buy fair trade coffee. from laundry to our choice in cat litter. specifically by those who claim to care about the Earth. Consumers have been bombarded with messages about saving the environment for years.

naturespathways. Samantha Zastrow. Sustainable practices – Practices that occur without exhausting natural resources or causing severe damage to the environment. which are limited resources that will eventually run out.” which is actually a branch of biology that deals with the relationship between organisms (anything that’s alive) and their environment. energy conservation – Reducing the amount of traditional energy used by electronics (energy efficient refrigerators. Traditional energy burns fossil fuels (coal.small lifestyle changes that will directly benefit the lives of their families. is coordinating The Answers to Energy Eco Expo. safety and pocketbook! I could offer many definitions and examples of commonly misused words. health and communities. many in the agricultural industry also utilize sustainable practices in traditional farming.ecoexpowi. To help avoid using inappropriate terminology in your efforts to better the environment. but I think it’s better for you to research for yourself! Did you know that sustainability is not exclusively connected to organic produce? The commercial agriculture industry also incorporates sustainability into its business practices. a large-scale event focused on educating attendees on how “living green” can benefit their families. green washing – Term to describe when an organization markets itself as invested in being “green” to fit into the fad. Renewable energy – Energy created by natural resources that can be replenished. event coordinator at PMI Entertainment Group.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 23 . such as wind. consider how it could positively affect your family’s health. here are a few definitions to help you understand what you’re reading: eco-friendly – “Eco” stands for the word “ecology. transportation (electric or hybrid vehicles) and in your home (heating and cooling). Find out more at www. www. which lessens the amount of Earth’s resources consumed by mankind. sunlight and plants. while ignoring business practices that harm the environment. While many organic farmers boast of being sustainable. oil. Rather than seeing the “green lifestyle” as an obligation to mankind and the environment. Also referred to as “alternative energy” and “clean energy” because the emissions released are safer than traditional energy sources.com or email samantha@pmiwi. ovens. TVs).com. There is so much to learn! Did you know that the maintenance costs of a hybrid car versus an electric car are significantly different? Are you aware of the government-funded programs created to help you lower your energy bill? These are just some aspects of “living green” that the average consumer can learn about to benefit their family and community — while also helping the environment. gas).

however. I was thinking coffee might help with this. workouts. and I’ve had sore knees recently. I was told that running on a treadmill or on grass might help with the pain. Question: I’ve been having a tough time with my energy levels for my 6 a. heart disease and diabetes. fruits. Is this really a sound nutritional plan? Answer: There’s no doubt that the Paleo diet is getting a lot of traction in the media these days. If you’re experiencing www. the goal of consuming more of your food directly from nature is great. so running on a treadmill vs. Many people think that running on a slightly softer surface will help with knee pain. And let’s not forget the fact that following a true Paleo diet is almost impossible in our current environment. vegetables and berries. In the end. This is certainly hard to dispute! The Paleo plan is made up of meat. and it certainly beats the traditional Western diet. roots. low-fat dairy and legumes.health & wellness Q&A by karmen nenahlo Question: I keep hearing good things about the Paleo diet. Sounds pretty healthy on the surface. elliptical or rowing into your training. and then hopefully you can continue to run with little to no pain. and that seems to make sense. eggs. Even those of us wanting to avoid as many processed foods as possible can find it to be quite a challenge. a Mediterranean diet or any of the various vegetarian plans. and that we should avoid grains. However. Give it a shot though. this is not the case. shellfish. if the pain gets too severe. you may want to take some time off and/or go see a sports physician to see if the pain is stemming from a more serious injury. Your best bet would be to change up your modes of exercise and incorporate a little more biking. Fans of this diet claim that we should eat more of what our Stone Age huntergatherer ancestors ate. Is this true? Answer: This is the prevailing theory. but unfortunately. But it’s the force of your overall body mass on your joints that is causing the problem. This will give your knees some much-needed rest. some of the claims about Paleo are a bit far-fetched with little science to back them up. tree nuts. and you may find it to be needlessly restrictive. but the restrictions mentioned earlier seem a bit impractical. I would argue that we simply don’t know how it stacks up against a traditional Asian diet. Remember. Wild game is not widely available and most plant foods are not grown in the wild either.m.com . and see what you think! 24 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Question: I’m an avid runner. Any cause for concern before a workout? Answer: First things first. fish. There is an overwhelming body of research touting the healthful aspects of whole grains. They also argue that the typical Western diet is largely responsible for many of the ills of today. but it seems like it’s always getting mixed reviews. including obesity. pavement really doesn’t matter. dairy and legumes because we simply haven’t evolved to consume them. amongst others.naturespathways. Many Paleo diet fans are quick to point out that it’s the healthiest diet out there.

569. C 920. Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness. March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 25 . D. respiratory rate and blood pressure.882. This will definitely provide the much-needed energy you’re looking for. the word itself says ‘i’m possible. or even a bar or a shake. especially for healthy folks. For more information. and it can make you a bit jittery if you’re a newbie.1000 MenAshA 430 3rd st.com. the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. much of the research these days is focused on the potential health benefits of coffee. Chiropractor Megan Hoffman.. C.1441 Our mission is to help you feel wonderfully well Our goal is to help you live a long & healthy life Our staff is caring. Not bad for a little cup o’ joe. In the right amounts.naturespathways. and you’re not necessarily focused on fat loss.5000 ripon 1073 W.0500 oshkosh 312 n.4888 hoWArD 2445 lineville rd. Luckily.. 920. visit www.338.anytimefitness. rather than any health risks. Must present this ad at time of enrollment. 262. 920. M.. 920. try having a small breakfast. Nancy Soliven. Caffeine is actually considered an ergogenic aid.D.730.T.424.569. ste. The caffeine in coffee is considered a central nervous system stimulant and will provide a boost of energy.434. multi-disciplinary. huron rd. meaning it enhances physical performance. coffee is an excellent alternative. Military rd.725. 920. before you go workout. However. Longview Dr. As a team we seek and treat the causes associated with a wide range of medical issues. 920.2600 neenAh 872 Fox point plaza 920.com 14 DAYS FREE! OR $ 0 ENROLLMENT Some restrictions may apply — see club for details.732. if you’re trying to drop body fat and you’d like to avoid calories that early in the morning. which means your workout will seem easier than it actually is. In fact.. 920.S. paradise Dr.720.748. Dr. and highly skilled health care professionals. compassionate & highly skillful At our treatment center you will be greeted and cared for by compassionate.8500 West BenD 790 W. Expires 3/31/2013.C.6813 MArinette 2003 Marinette Ave.338. Suite B.6351 Green BAy eAst 825 s.’ 24/7 OPEN Green BAy West 450 n. koeller st. 920. Casaloma Dr. 715. coffee does increase heart rate. Diplomat www. Appleton 920-734-6389 Cranio-Sacral Therapy Chiropractic Nutritional Counseling Lymphatic Drainage Herbs Food Intolerance Testing Appleton eAst 162 eisenhower Dr. nothing is impossible. huh? Keep in mind.1900 “Wonders of Wellness” Between Traditional & Alternative Medicine 424 E.low energy levels.2272 Appleton West 1725 n. suite 700 920. though the effect varies greatly among individuals.7880 De pere 811 Main Ave. Fond du lac st. caffeine has been shown to reduce the perception of effort during a workout. these effects are relatively mild.

• Fatigue. estrogen. please call 920. Levoxyl®). Your body produces TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Unithroid®. lithium and phenytoin. • Hair loss. Levothroid®. review the symptoms of low thyroid and circle any symptoms you have. To understand why this might not be the best tool to measure effectiveness of your thyroid treatment. diabetes. you need to understand how the thyroid gland works. the body senses this and thus lowers the level of TSH. also known as T4. • Cold hands and feet. The best way to measure this is to test more extensively. • Cold intolerance.is your low thyroid treatment optimal? by John sowinski. Many times the doctor will say that the blood test says your thyroid level is correct. obesity and stress. iron. they often miss a common problem. though. • Low body temperature. T4 is high. or underactive thyroid. if TSH is high.) When you take liothyronine. You may not win any friends. Since you are supplementing both T4 and T3. often 3 to 4 times a day. there are other choices. so it contains both T4 and T3. alcohol. only your doctor can diagnose this condition. This becomes a balancing act where.482. If you are a poor converter. which raises your thyroid hormone called levothyroxine. (This list is not an attempt to allow for diagnosis of hypothyroidism. The problem is that Liothyronine has a very short halflife. • Inability to concentrate. many times you will feel better on this medication. rPh h ypothyroidism.naturespathways. If you have a lot of symptoms. is the owner/pharmacist at Custom Health Pharmacy. • Puffy eyes. Your active thyroid 26 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 thyroid Production Pituitary gland TsH Thyroid gland Poor t4 to t3 Converters Pituitary gland TsH Thyroid gland T4 T3 effects on the body ✕ T3 ➔ effects on the body T4 hormone. • Weight gain. • Dry skin.CustomHealthPharmacy. As your T4 level goes up. The additional tests recommended are a free T3 and a free T4.3145 or visit www. Manitowoc. Since TSH only reacts to T4 levels. Another reason is if you are taking certain medications such as beta blockers. compounding allows for making a timed-release version of liothyronine. but they don’t efficiently convert T4 to T3. • Elevated cholesterol. Many people will have adequate T4. the doctor should be reminded that he is not treating a blood test but a patient.) If you are already being treated for low thyroid. If you are seeing your doctor about your thyroid. measuring TSH alone will miss this condition. do you recognize any of these symptoms? If so. birth control pills. 1011 S. Deficiencies in nutrients like iodine.. These include desiccated thyroid. but you are the patient. When compounding it allows a patient to take the medication only twice a day. This means that liothyronine must be dosed multiple times a day. but the most common are: • Brittle nails. zinc and selenium are one reason. there are options that can help treat this condition such as getting just levothyroxine (Synthroid®. liothyronine and compounded combinations. www. is liothyronine or T3. For more information. T4 is low and if TSH is low. it goes into the body and is eliminated very quickly. There are many symptoms of low thyroid. RPh. Physicians usually measure TSH to determine if your thyroid levels are correct. consider the possibility that your treatment isn’t optimal.com ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ . is a condition that affects about five percent of people over the age of 12 years. John Sowinski. 2009. Liothyronine (T3) is available in tablet form. according to Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism. Since doctors commonly use only TSH to measure effectiveness of thyroid treatment.com.94(6):1853–1878. Alternatively. For those who don’t like the idea of taking an animal product. (Half-live measures how quickly a medication enters and is eliminated from the body. Resources: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism. Other conditions that can cause poor conversion are aging. T4 travels to the liver and it is changed to T3. 10th St. Desiccated thyroid is essentially freeze-dried porcine thyroid gland. There are many reasons why you may not covert to the active form of thyroid.

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Calculating your calorie needs made simple
by Tony bednarowski


hether you’re just curious or have a serious need to evaluate your daily calorie needs due to weight concerns, you may want to consider your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This figures the amount of energy (calories) one’s body uses when in a resting or nonactive state. The BMR calculator is one of the most widely used measurements in determining one’s basal metabolic rate or base. This excellent tool is often used by dieticians, personal trainers or individuals in conjunction with the body mass index (BMI) calculator. The BMI calculator is used to figure out where a person’s healthy body weight range is. The BMR calculator is then used to help figure out how many calories a person should be consuming to get them to their healthy body weight. So here is where most people (and yes, even some of our trusted professionals) go wrong while using the BMR calculator. While using this standard measuring tool, you must first understand what you are measuring and why. Muscle is calorie active tissue, which means it is the physical place where calories are burned for energy. Fat is simply storage or extra energy. If you can grasp this concept, then you will also understand that when using the BMR
Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013

calculator to help with weight loss, you must take into account your body fat percentage. Why? So you can accurately calculate the right amount of calories needed based on calorie active tissue (your true fat burning machine) not overall body weight. What follows are three simple suggestions to help you determine your daily calorie needs using a bMr calculator so you can achieve your weight loss goal more easily: 1. Go to a trusted source, either a recommended local personal trainer or health professional and have your body fat level taken. 2. Take your actual overall body weight and subtract your body fat level to determine your lean body mass or “calorie active tissue.” • or example, if you are 150 lbs. and you F are at 22% body fat, figure 150 minus 33 (22% of 150), which equals 117. • our lean body mass is 117 pounds. Y 3. Search the Internet for a BMR

calculator. Punch in the four calculating components it will ask you for: gender, height, age and weight (be sure to use your lean body mass NOT your existing overall body weight). There you have it. This will give you the amount of calories needed to maintain your current body weight in a non-active state. Any more calories than that results in weight gain, any fewer calories than that results in weight loss. It’s just that simple.
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/ publisher of Nature’s Pathways magazine, “Your Path To Healthy Living.” He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit www.naturespathways.com. Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for BeWellCooking. com, “Be Well, Live Well.” He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit www. BeWellCooking.com.

transformational breathing
Breathe consciously. Gain insight. Be empowered.
by Parnee Paras


xperiencing a breath session is the only way to truly know what it is. Words cannot genuinely describe this powerful, magical, sacred and healing experience. However, hearing what transpires during a session often puts people at ease and encourages their participation. The first focus during a session is reminding the student to take deeper breaths. Once their deep breathing is more stable, the instructor then brings their attention to the last part of their breath, where their upper chest rises. These two steps form waves of breath, oxygen entering the lungs and carbon dioxide and other waste exiting the lungs. What happens during this experience is different for everyone. Similar to our fingerprints, our breath pattern is unique to us, as are all of our life experiences that affect our pattern. When we are scared, we tend to hold our breath, and this can sometimes affect our pattern permanently unless we are trained to change our pattern through transformational breathing. With this amazing self-healing tool, we can improve our breathing pattern with daily practice. It only takes a few minutes a day and consciously paying attention to our breathing to make lasting and profound changes. Many people say continued breathing practice, facilitated and on their own, heals past trauma, helps reduce their anxiety, alleviates their depression, transforms their lives/thoughts, reduces their use of inhalers, promotes clarity, deepens their meditation practice, helps increase their energy level and much more. The people that benefit most from a breath session are open to experiencing a bodywork session they’ve never had before. They tend to have an open mind, which is equivalent to opening a door to a new perspective of their current reality. If you’d like a new outlook on your life, please contact me for more information about my monthly classes.
Parnee Paras teaches people to breathe fully, offers therapeutic massage and teaches Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts at her studio, Revolution Dojo LLC, 225 N. Richmond St., Suite 206, Appleton. Visit her website at www.revdojo.com  to learn more.


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healthyKIds boom or bust? Kids’ favorite beverages not always healthy h ealth-conscious parents often worry about what their  kids  are eating. Those greasy fast food French fries  kids  love might be cringe-worthy to parents. Providing effective counseling to teens and adults by a licensed counselor. Children typically love soda. and that’s likely because they provide no nutritional value. The following breakdown can help health-conscious parents determine which drinks their  kids  can continue to enjoy as well as which ones they should limit or avoid altogether. JOY. STRENGTH. If kids must drink soda. the drinks are not entirely devoid of nutritional value. LPC. sodas 3405 Commerce Ct.com 30 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Brenda Velissaris MSE. and the amount of vitamins and minerals provided is minimal.. Though diet soda also provides no nutritional value. Suite F. www. the better off they are. including some vitamins and minerals. Appleton • 920. high-calorie drink makes it one beverage most parents will want their kids to avoid. sweetened drinks Sweetened drinks can include some fruit punches and other fruit drinks that aren’t called “juice.naturespathways. they’re all too often made with a lot of sugar as well. However. Anxiety • Anger Management • Depression • Disordered Eating EMDR • Grief/Loss • Holistic • Life Transitions • OCD • Panic Disorders Professional Consultation • PTSD/Trauma • Weight Loss often claim “Made with real fruit juice.364. so parents might want to decide if they’ll allow kids to drink sweetened drinks in moderation or remove them from the refrigerator entirely. these drinks are often high in calories.com . What’s more. However. The American Heart Association suggests the less adults and children have of these drinks. HARMONY. But which beverages are beneficial and which should be avoided? The answer to that isn’t always absolute.” Labels on these beverages RENEWAL.” While that might be true.com • sariscounseling. at the very least it’s a lower-calorie alternative. which will lead to weight gain and possibly even cavities or tooth decay. try diet soda instead. these drinks do provide some nutritional value. many sodas provide more sugar than a child’s body needs. Adults and children alike have favorite beverages that may or may not be healthy. so parents might find it difficult to stop  kids’ soda consumption entirely.9078 sariscounseling@yahoo. Still. soda’s status as a sugary. NCC Owner/Psychotherapist Sodas have taken quite a public relations hit in the 21st century. but it’s not just the foods kids request that parents should monitor. Typically.

org. But when choosing which milk to give kids.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 31 . choose fat-free (formerly skim) or 1 percent milk. 2013. The symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger. Many parents assume all milk is the same.com hours: Mon-FrI 5aM-10PM • sat & sun 7aM-5PM ♣ Friendly and knowledgeable staff ♣ the cleanest facility in the Valley ♣ 80 group exercise classes each week all included with your membership! ♣ Zumba • Cycle • Yoga • TRX • Les Mills aqua classes and more – all included! ♣ Personal training ♣ executive style locker rooms ♣ Complimentary towels and amenities ♣ radiant floor heating in the pool area ♣ 4 lane lap pool and 10 person whirlpool ♣ Cardiovascular training center with personal TVs ♣ extensive variety of strength training equipment ♣ Men’s and women’s soothing steam rooms ♣ tanning and massage ♣ Swim lessons • Outdoor tennis ♣ relaxing cafe area to enjoy a Free cup of coffee ♣ Complimentary WiFi in our cafe ♣ secure playcare for your children to play Special held over! No Enrollment Fee! Some restrictions apply. Drinking more water might just help kids avoid eating an extra snack or two. •INFORM•CONNECT•INSPIRE• www. 730 Lake Park rd. so kids who don’t drink enough water could be mistaking mild dehydration for hunger.naturespathways. In addition.” and 2 percent milk contain extra fat the body does not need. Menasha 920-882-8900 • www. expires March 31. Source: Metro Creative Connection. However. visit the American Heart Association at www. contributing to strong bones and teeth while helping build strong muscles.heart. each of which provides the same amount of nutrients as whole or 2 percent without also providing unnecessary fat. but water helps maintain a  healthy body temperature and can even make skin look better. water Milk Milk is perhaps the most difficult beverage for parents to gauge. one coupon per person. so kids who don’t drink enough water could be mistaking mild dehydration for hunger. not valid with any other offers.“the symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger. All milk provides valuable nutrients like calcium and protein. helping the body digest food. Free VIP Pass in March First-time guests enjoy LPSF with a FREE 7-Day VIP Pass in March 2013. whole milk Kids might be indifferent to water. 730 Lake Park rd. choose nonfat or low-fat chocolate milk) and keep in mind chocolate also comes with extra calories thanks to sugar. indirectly helping them lose weight. Water’s also important in digestion. Menasha • 920-882-8900 Must be 18 or over and a local resident.  Kids  should drink water every day. Just be sure to apply the same principles mentioned above (namely. With this nature’s Pathways coupon. parents who are concerned about their children’s weight should encourage them to drink more water. To learn more ways to help  kids  get healthier.lakeparkfitness. Even chocolate milk can be a  healthy  beverage option for  kids. So monitor how much chocolate milk kids are drinking.

This includes those on this plane and with those from the spiritual planes. pyrite will guard against negative energy – created from pollution – entering the auric field. granular. It allows us to recognize the unfolding of the universe as physical perfection in its purest form. we bend down to see what caught our attention. Pyrite acts as a conduit to physical perfection and health. It can help to clarify the mind. stalactites. Pyrite. astral spaces and the stars. www. Adding a bit of sparkle to quartz crystals is hematite. the sun hits something just right and a bit of shine catches our eye. nodular or cubic formations. they were “fool’s gold” or known to us now as pyrite.com . We all seem to love a bit of shimmer and bling. Hematite on quartz crystal also has a reddish color created by iron oxide. These energies help to produce golden white radiance. The magnetic energy balances the meridians and the body from electromagnetic pollution caused by today’s modern life. bismuth and chalcopyrite are the favorites. we all imagined that the shiny gold stones we found were real gold. enhance memory. A s we are walking down the street. It’s natural. On a physical protection level. It will assist in the balance of the mind. quartz with pyrite speeds up the progression of the timeline on unification of one with other. It is a brassy gold color. Helping to attain higher dimensional awareness. as they help one achieve abundance in life. Maybe it’s a copper penny or maybe it’s gold. As children. it amplifies the energy of the quartz crystals. which is further enhanced by the pyrite. Hematite is called a stone for the mind. soul and spirit as it grounds the body’s field. When pyrite is found with quartz or as part of a quartz cluster. Pyrite with quartz crystals is known as a stone of manifestation.naturespathways. On a physical level. when we were out looking for stones to pick up. powerful specimens. The quartz and the pyrite create beautiful. hematite balances the yin-yang energies. aid one in the creation of original thoughts and increase comprehension of technical data. Quartz is a wonderful generator and magnifier of energy. physical and emotional. Pyrite can take the form of mass. 32 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Close-up of a quartz crystal cluster with pyrite. Pyrite is an excellent stone for protection. It Pyrite cubes are found in this bed of quartz crystals. pyrite and quartz crystals assist with meditation. attune one mentally. Of course they weren’t.crystalreVeLatIons Crystals with bling! by Jane Hamilton Chalcopyrite is in a variety of iridescent colors. This crystal will lend one to think logically and turn emotional thoughts into logic. Further. Carrying a piece of pyrite acts as a shield to repel negative energy on all levels: spiritual. That’s one of the reasons why people who visit the mineral gallery are always drawn to the mineral specimens that have a bit of sparkle. which in turn leads one to the understanding of our previous associations in past lives.

Downtown2013 | Nature’s • 920. allowing one to feel universal love. Once oxidized. and Master Jesse. This attribute helps The geometric steps set bismuth one feel relief from a deep apart from other crystal formations. It connects different cultures so that we may understand the knowledge of those cultures more easily. it resembles those minerals and is silver. It provides one with the opening needed in astral travel. Book your appointment today! Tues. Transforming the energy associated with the crown chakra. spiritual and emotional isolationism. everything carries a vibration. located at 112b E.1122 or visit www. Open by Appointment Hours: Bridging Science & Spirit www. If you vibrate at a certain frequency and come into contact with something with a different frequency.. with Walk Around Session: $60 or FREE with $100 minimum purchase. Known as a stone of transformation. Bismuth assists one in moving from the physical plane to the inner-spiritual world. 10am to 4pm Closed Sun. 11am to 6pm Sat. greens.-Fri. downtown Appleton. are from Mystical Earth Gallery. calm experience.com. It fosters an understanding that lends itself to a knowing and assists one in the performance of customs so that no one is offended. Inspiring one to understand the universe.will dissolve negativity.mysticalearthgallery.com Mineral Walk Around Master Jesse Would you like to know which mineral vibrates to your frequency? As simple physics explains.naturespathways. Enjoy the beauty and the attributes of minerals that give us bling! They make great additions to your collection. For more information. colors.993. Master Jesse can “see and feel” which mineral is best for you based upon your frequency and the attributes you seek for healing and meditation.com 112b E. owner. chalcopyrite opens the mind allowing for an unfolding of the self into the vastness. cubic reflect into a rainbow of and nodular formations. this lab-grown hopper crystal glows with a variety of iridescent colors: blues. www. Bismuth helps one to create a feeling of serenity. creating a path for one to find wisdom regardless of the physical location or circumstances.1122 Appleton Pathways® 33 March . This formation into trigonal or hexagonal systems is caused by a higher growth rate around the outside edges of the specimen. pinks and purples. Chalcopyrite is the stone of the mystic and lends itself in the creation of understanding the ancients. College Ave. & Mon. Zenith Master. Copper and zinc crystallize with chalcopyrite to create an iridescent specimen.993. please call 920.mysticalearthgallery. It has a geometric structure of spiral stairs. Bismuth historically has been confused with lead and tin because before oxidation. you will be affected by that frequency. bismuth gives us direction to a calm orderly progression towards the change we seek. It helps one connect with the universe and its entirety.. The thickness of the oxidation layer forming on the surface of the crystals produced different light wavelengths. College Ave. this energy in turn stimulates the base chakra propelling us towards change in a meaningful. which Pyrite collage with sphere. Jane Hamilton.

com 920-819-3774 681 Baeten St.. employers and other businesses that use it to evaluate your applications for credit. boat.consumer.gov). How have you managed debt in the past. If you’re in the market for a vehicle loan. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s website (www. Equifax and TransUnion.naturespathways. Peace & Wellness Center “Trish is a caring professional that gives 100% to help her clients through hypnosis and thoughtful conversation. Credit report – This is a snapshot of your creditworthiness and includes information like your address. Experian. here are a few things you’ll want to consider to increase your chances of getting approved and receiving the best rates possible. insurance.” such as credit card debt? In addition to other factors.” The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) mandates each of the three major credit bureaus (consumer reporting companies). a legal action to have your debts reduced or forgiven. a time synonymous with buying a car. You can access your credit report once every 12 months free of charge from each of these companies at annualcreditreport.” – Ruth Hypnosis • Reiki • EFT Reconnection • Consultations patriciampoole. ftc.com or by calling 877.8228. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.com 34 .com is not free — it’s an introductory offer to a credit monitoring service that incurs a monthly fee if you don’t cancel the subscription. Two more main tools that lenders use to help them determine whether you are a good candidate for a loan are your credit report and your credit score. insurers. to provide consumers with a copy of their credit report. whether you’ve been sued or arrested. Zierler s pring is in the air. your bill payment history. and are you a good risk? Have you paid your bills on time? What amounts do you owe. freecreditreport.322. and if you’ve ever filed Trish Poole for bankruptcy. your financial relationship and history with your local credit union are important indicators of your creditworthiness. Contrary to popular belief. where you work.healthyfInanCes tips for getting a loan What you should know before you apply by Alan M. Green Bay Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Creditworthiness – What creditworthiness means to a lender is how likely you are to pay back the money you borrowed. employment or renting a home. ATV or other vehicle. “Nationwide consumer reporting companies sell the information in your report to creditors. and who do you owe it to? How much of your debt is “secured” (like a home or car loan) and how much is “unsecured. www.

Federally insured by NCUA. Actual rates may vary & are subject to change without notice. ATVs. Headquartered in Kimberly. Zierler and his wife.naturespathways. Capital Credit Union has over $449 million in assets and serves more than 34. cycles. or pay more than the minimum payment. Bundle Up On Savings! Save on your next vehicle loan from Capital with: • The Best Rates Around • Bi-Weekly Payments • AutoPay Rates as low as: Up to 5 years on cars. every financial institution has its own parameters and strategies for approving loans and determining rates. Zierler is the president and CEO of Capital Credit Union. especially when it comes to getting loans for cars. ATVs and more! *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. • Consider a fixed rather than variable or introductory rate. Most of the credit bureau scores in the U. A good rule of thumb is to respect credit and always use it wisely.annualcreditreport. Rates based on 2008 & newer autos. especially when it comes to getting loans for cars.000 members. Maintaining your creditworthiness can pay off by making life more affordable overall. Rates as of 01/08/13. are generated using software developed by the Fair Isaac Company (FICO®). When accessing your free credit report at www. All loans subject to approval. 2.” • Get pre-approved for your loan to help you stick to your budget. where he has been a board member for 24 years. Judy. 2. personal watercraft and snowmobiles. There are several versions of FICO scores.com 920-731-3195 | 866-731-3195 (toll free) www. • Shop around for loan and credit card rates. along with formulas unique to each credit bureau. • Read the fine print when applying for credit cards or loans.“Maintaining your creditworthiness can pay off by making life more affordable overall. are commonly referred to as FICO scores. $5000 new money required.75/$1000 borrowed on a 60-month term. and they have three children and nine grandchildren. $17. Rate is determined by your credit score & account relationship.com. homes and other needs. that can be used to calculate your score. snowmobiles.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 35 .49% available up to a 60 month term. you will be given the opportunity to obtain your credit score at a nominal cost.49 % APR* capitalcu. • Pay off credit card each month if possible. While credit scores are usually taken into account when making lending decisions. keeping your credit in shape – There are several ways you can positively impact your credit rating and improve and increase your chances of getting a loan at an affordable cost. boats. Here are just a few: • Make payments regularly and on time.S. campers. and thus. homes and other needs. trucks. have been married for 35 years. Credit score – Though similar to your credit report. based on the information reported to the credit bureaus and which scoring formula they’re using. your credit score is more data based and includes information that the credit bureaus keep on file about you. These scores may vary from month to month. among others. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Silver Lake College and serves on the board of directors for Corporate Central Credit Union and the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley. Alan M. • Make biweekly payments (saves on interest).

Even worse.org 36 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www.” As a volunteer. Going through a medical crisis? Need help with planning a Celebration of Support party for a friend or family member who is going through a medical crisis? What is a Celebration of Support party? It is a one-day event that helps the family raise funds for living and medical expenses. but I have to make sure it’s the right choice. and son-in-law.” she says. “I wear long earrings and a head wrapper. Community Benefit Tree is here to help assist you in planning a Celebration of Support party for your loved one who is going through a medical crisis. “Finding humor in everything is the only way I’ve made it.” Even so. referring to her son. But she doesn’t let it get her down. and she has burned it without ever feeling the pain. and it provides strength.. is losing her hair. and I found really cute hairstyles. it’s not always easy to keep going.naturespathways.” she says.com . “I believe that volunteering inspires people. Family is very important to Torres. Suite C. “Sometimes I think I should stop getting chemo. Jeimes. I kept it really short this time.” That happiness was curtailed two years ago when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 2 breast cancer and started undergoing treatment. I never let my hair grow. WHERE LIVES ARE CELEBRATED! 2204 Crooks Ave. hope and joy to experience all the support from the attendees of the event. I can feel fine one day and the next I’m not able to move. she finds something to joke about. Torres’ left foot is completely numb. high-energy person who loves to volunteer. too. she interpreted for eight years for the Salvation Army Christmas program.” she says.woman of faith battles cancer by kathi bloy C armen Torres describes herself as a “vibrant. Losing her health has also cost her that opportunity. I’ve embraced the shorter haircuts. I have a twelve-year-old that I have to live for. She suffers from side effects of both cancer and chemo. Community Benefit Tree also provides education. Torres misses working. The neuropathy in her feet makes it difficult to walk any distance and also requires special care not to burn herself in the shower.” She says. “I was an interpreter in the area for over 20 years. I’m happy when I can help other people. support. Adriana. “I never know when I’m going to feel good. I also was a Spanish rep on a healthcare sales program at West Business Services. resources and financial assistance for families struggling with a medical crisis. I don’t want it to grow long and then go through that trauma again. Jabari. and she loves being a grandmother to one-year-old Jeimes Jr. she says. Kaukauna (920) 422-1919 • www. Torres will tell you that even when she’s in the emergency room.communitybenefittree. son of her daughter. It motivates us..

” “I’m a person of a lot of faith. But God is always there. Certified Colon Hydro Therapists 920-830-3909 Do you suffer from. Appleton Between Fox River Mall & the Timber Rattlers’ stadium www. You can also send checks to Community Benefit Tree. support. Kaukauna. • A large selection of gluten-free meals and great vegetarian dishes. When I’m unable to cook or I end up in the hospital. “I always have to keep gas in the car for doctor appointments. Her Celebration of Support event didn’t raise enough money to pay for continued treatment and related expenses. she found Community Benefit Tree.OsoriosLatinFusion. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.” Torres says.“I don’t have the option to quit. “I’ve had to move several times. Looking for help to pay the high cost of chemotherapy. visit www. Suite C.” Today.communitybenefittree.. Offering . I’m grateful for that.naturespathways. WI 54130.communitybenefittree. Colon Hydro Therapy can assist you on your path to purify & rejuvenate your body Specializing in a Closed Gravity Fed Colonic System www. And it always could be worse. Appleton March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 1910 Casaloma Drive. resources and financial assistance for families struggling with medical crises. “We don’t always get what we want.org and click on Carmen Torres’ button to donate.. & Wisconsin Ave.com Open by appointment only Located at the corner of Drew St.955. Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.. They help families. “And I have a lot of support from my church. Upscale Casual Dining We carefully and thoughtfully prepare all of your food from scratch in our kitchen. but mine are very short. There are down times. CBT has assisted with more than 450 Celebration of Support events in the last eight years.org or contact CBT staff at 920. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps people facing extreme medical costs. Torres’ cancer has progressed to stage 4.com 37 .” she says.. • Private & semi-private rooms.1919. 2204 Crooks Ave. Wis. celebrates people’s lives and supports them during medical crises. Community Benefit Tree. somebody from church always steps up..” If you would like to assist Torres in raising the funds she needs for continued treatment. and I always have unexpected hospitalizations. • Lunch & dinner 7 days/week.422.3766 www. For more information.naturalhealingsolutionsllc. friends and co-workers plan Celebration of Support events for their loved ones and provide education.” she says.com • 920.. you can go to www.

By addressing different fascial segments of the body in sequential order and by facilitating perceptual changes in how a client relates to his or her environment. We may even begin to notice that we feel tired from just trying to hold ourselves upright while sitting in a chair. • This encumbered movement may lead to tightness and restrictions in your back. in response. so that even if you stop using the mouse. injuries and life experiences. it is natural to fall into a routine. healthiest and most efficient alignment. or repetitive motion. emotional or physical trauma.erase the effects of your desk job with rolfing® si by victoria l. the 38 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www.com . Rolfing® Structural Integration (or Rolfing® SI) is a dynamic and holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and somatic education that restores and balances the whole body to its natural. surgery. • Now. your shoulder pulls forward and your arm does not swing as freely. cause it to become tight and dense in response to injury. the body’s continuous web of connective tissue.naturespathways. Over time. Huss w ith the pressures and distractions of everyday life. our breathing becomes restricted. get stuck in a rut or forget that there are alternatives. Something as simple as using a computer mouse all day — every day — can eventually cause your forearm to “stick” in a palm down position. accidents. limitations. Our bodies become suitcases for patterns. you may still walk with reduced smoothness — which sets you up for more problems. your whole body has to change the way it walks to a way that requires more overall effort. The protective properties of fascia. the connective tissue becomes thick and dense to hold your forearm in that position. This is what can happen next: • Your muscles don’t like to work too hard so. our movement becomes less fluid. our posture suffers and pain increases as we become inflexible in a myriad of ways. Your body unconsciously adapts this new pattern of walking. • When your arm does not swing freely. your hip … all the way down to your foot. • Because your arm is rotating inward. your shoulder starts to roll forward as well and gets stuck in the same way.

Victoria offers free 30-minute consultations.naturespathways. This work is usually done through a series of ten or thirteen sessions. Victoria L.com or 920-832-5800 Photo: Michael Leschisin. but can also be tailored to the recipient to address specific issues or complaints. injuries and unhealthy office jobs from the body. By addressing our body histories. Suite 601 • Appleton. provide access to healthcare and education. or our bodily awareness and perception become heightened.myvalleytransit. Huss is a Certified Rolfer™ and owner of New Possibilities Integration LLC in downtown Appleton.com Located in the Zuelke Building Valley Transit Connecting the Fox Cities For more information on our services: www.7653 • www.com.wisconsinrolfing. www. our pain eases or disappears. Huss. Certified Rolfer™ 103 W College Avenue. thriving community. and support a high quality of life. Image Studios Public transit is an integral part of a healthy. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you get it back! Rolfing® Structural Integration Benefits: Ease chronic pain Rebound from injuries more quickly Restore flexibility and mobility Improve posture and alignment Heighten bodily awareness and perception Process stress more efficiently Experience deeper sleep Deepen a meditation.com Photograph: Image Studios March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 39 . martial arts or yoga practice ® FREtEns! Consulta io Victoria L. we may find that we stand taller. By restoring our balance and alignment. injuries and unhealthy office jobs from the body.” body is balanced around a vertical line.“undergoing a series of rolfing® si sessions can be akin to erasing years of accidents. For more information.427.wisconsinrolfing. contact her via phone at 920. Undergoing a series of Rolfing® SI sessions can be akin to erasing years of accidents. WI 54911 920.7653 or on the Internet at www. She finds joy in helping people unfold and find freedom from rigidity and chronic pain.427. Rolfing® is a registered service mark of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration. Public transit helps to retain jobs. we become better able to access the possibilities of the present moment because we are no longer held in the past by our fascia.

There are over 77.D. Umbilical cord blood was found to contain over 200 toxic chemicals. and I am sure we all do. N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a supplement that. Remove the metals. will increase glutathione. a chemical that was outlawed over 30 years ago. is that the environment we live in can best be described as a toxic milieu. and now. helps ll your face out. Dr.S.com 920. W IL LI A M J. and the fibromyalgia can disappear. lessens wrinkles. William J. and provides for a better t and nish. an organelle that is responsible for all energy production from heart beats to breathing and any muscle movement to thinking clearly. For example. Mitochondria. Heavy metals and chemicals that won’t break down — called persistent organic pollutants — are everywhere. is amazing breakthrough provides underlying facial support which plumps your lips. When these chemicals are inside us. D. over 50 of which were cancer-causing. leading to fatigue. There are very effective ways to increase glutathione in our bodies through nutritional strategies. is one of the main players in the detox process. Weyauwega. traditional dentures. calling them the fountain of youth for denture wearers. a protein made by the liver to protect every cell in the body. when metabolized by the liver. DC w henever I discuss detox with anyone. So let’s establish that we live in a toxic world.867 .3101 studies in people of varying age. “Why do I need to detox?” or “I take milk thistle.economy dentures. Patients absolutely love them. it usually raises a lot of questions like. DDT.com F aceliftDentureswi. introducing Faceli Dentures.this detox is for you by scott vander Wielen. The first important thing to understand. becomes impaired in its ability to function and produce energy (ATP). Twohig De nti Nat ural and Ho listic st ry 417 East Ann Street.000 peer review journal articles written on glutathione. TW OHIG. Studies have found that autistic children either have very depleted glutathione or none at all. Glutathione. WI 54983 info@faceliftdentureswi.com 40 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . was found in fat liposuction Join the "FLD" phenomenon! “Faceli dentures changed my life. There www. It is critical for protecting our cells from the toxins that can harm us.naturespathways. it is felt by just about every cell in the body. Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are what can result from heavy metal burden to our bodies. so aren’t I detoxing already?” So I thought it would be appropriate to touch on the most important things to understand about detox and how we can each benefit from the process. ” ere are three types of dentures .

The best way to increase glutathione is by nourishing the liver so it is made continuously.naturespathways.“having trouble losing weight no matter what you do? then detoxing can be a solution for you because it can be the critical obstacle to your losing weight.” are multiple ways to raise glutathione levels besides taking NAC. and a good nutritional strategy should include several ways. Empower the liver to detox whatever is in the fat. Our brains are made up of mostly fat. Every one of us needs to discern that our bodies are working very hard every day to protect our cells within every organ from toxins that can bring on fatigue or any number of chronic diseases. The half life of glutathione is so short that it isn’t worth the money to continue taking it. To best service his patients. a patientcentered practice employing techniques promoted by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Having trouble losing weight no matter what you do? Then detoxing can be a solution for you because it can be the critical obstacle to your losing weight. So what is actually going on when we detox? Essentially fat-soluble toxins are converted into a water-soluble toxin so it can be excreted by the kidneys — that’s it. even though the liver benefits greatly from your taking milk thistle. licensed nutritional counselor and functional medicine practitioner. spine and extremity care. it is an antioxidant/protectant and cannot detoxify or raise glutathione by itself. Vander Wielen provides an array of chiropractic services including: functional medicine.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 41 . LLC. Let’s realize. Scott Vander Wielen is a board certified chiropractor. so is your brain vulnerable to environmental toxins? You better believe it! It is very possible that your body’s mind does not want to release the toxins held within the fat because of the harm they could do. For more information. stress management. and the fat can then come off. that the body stores toxins in fat that it can’t detox. including cancer. Dr. It requires alot of energy (mitochondria) and potent nourishment so the pathways within the liver can be up regulated to accomplish this. Our Creator equipped us with a liver with the ability to do just that.healthymetoday. Dr.com or call 920. Also.2100. too. taking glutathione orally has been shown to not be effective in increasing glutathione. Incidentally. nutritional counseling.722. A part of every wellness strategy requires an effective detox plan to protect our vitality so we can realize a long life with an overall sense of well-being. He owns and operates Vander Wielen Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center. advanced diagnostic testing and in-office lab work. www. visit www. board eligible chiropractic internist.

” www. Because the frontal cortex of the brain in someone with ADHD has less blood flow and more difficulty using glucose. for example. “When the frontal cortex is underactive. it’s important to understand that attention deficits don’t generally fix themselves. extra study help won’t make a difference. Selective attention is the 42 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 cognitive skill that prevents the child from being easily distracted. An attention deficit could pertain to one. Jody Jedlicka i f you’ve ever seen a child struggle to sit still or to pay attention (or get attention!). The constant stimulation provided by video games. For children with ADHD. it doesn’t function as well as it should. it’s not always just attention that’s affected. impulsiveness and hyperactivity. there’s stimulant medication. selective and divided. immediate reward is often the only way they can stay on task. but they are better able to pay attention. Sure. it simply masks the symptoms with a short-term fix. can keep kids with ADHD engaged for hours.” “This causes the child to pay attention to everything. the brain’s ability to screen out irrelevant stimuli is decreased. And because tutoring is about instruction in a particular subject (such as history or science). co-author of “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child. Sustained attention is the cognitive skill that allows your child to stay on task for a long period of time.naturespathways.ADhD: the high cost of attention problems by Dr. ADHD is now the generally accepted umbrella term for the three types of attention disorders. but they are not overly active and usually don’t display disruptive behavior (formerly called ADD). not strengthening weak brain skills. • Hyperactive/Impulsive Type – people are fidgety and can’t control their impulses. but all medications run the risk of side effects. initiates behavior and controls working memory. While weak learning skills may not seem like a big deal in third grade. In children with ADHD. you’ve got a general idea of how the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) manifest. This is bad news. The three forms of ADHD are: • Inattentive Type – people with this disorder have trouble focusing.com .” says Tanya Mitchell. two or all three types of attention: sustained. Other brain skills often suffer as well. especially considering that the frontal cortex inhibits impulses. Many parents don’t want to medicate their children until they graduate from college. understanding what’s behind ADhD So what is the solution? To answer that you first need to understand what ADHD is. Divided attention allows them to do more than one task at a time. But beyond the squirminess and lack of focus is a deeper issue: weak learning skills. • Combined Type – applies to people with poor attention. including what used to be generally referred to as ADD. After all. medication doesn’t do anything at all to actually eliminate attention struggles. and studies show that ADHD medications only work in about 70 to 80 percent of people. which obviously makes staying on task very difficult.

as many well-meaning school administrations have done. treating the root cause — not the symptoms So where does that leave the child with attention problems who is destined to struggle to learn throughout school and beyond? The answer is not accommodation. Find out more about LearningRx at www. • Difficulty getting into college. attention. There is no one known cause of ADHD. strengthening weak brain skills can raise IQ by as much as 12 points! The cause of ADHD is still up for debate. The only proven. brain training can treat the weak attention skills of ADHD that threaten to diminish a child’s potential to learn and thrive.“untreated ADhD can lead to major crises. She received her Doctor of Audiology degree from the Arizona School of Health Sciences and has worked with children in a variety of settings. making the user “feel better. LearningRx trains the underlying learning and reading skills necessary for easy and efficient learning. Attempts to reduce workloads and remove distractions never actually fix the underlying problem. Children with ADHD usually have at least one close relative who also has it. more confident learner? The cost is too high. we correct it. intensive. find faster routes to process information and increase the processing speed of existing neural connections. • Poor grades. Unlike digital brain training games.naturespathways. And because IQ is simply a measurement of cognitive skills.” “We’re not talking about little nuisances. because these substances increase the production of dopamine. and then we practice that new skill until it’s second nature.” says Mitchell. most children would never need stimulant medication. But there are other factors — symptoms have been linked to environmental issues like food dyes and toxins. • Significant time-management challenges. • Chronic disorganization. Jody Jedlicka is an audiologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of auditory processing disorders.” the high cost of not treating ADhD Getting in trouble for yelling in the library or not turning in math homework will seem like minor infractions once you consider the long-term risks of not treating the root cause of ADHD.. Here are just a few symptoms you could see throughout school. auditory and visual processing. Offer good through April 15. 2013. is actually decreased in children with ADHD. Treating the root cause of attention struggles will ALWAYS pay off. relationship difficulty. “The long-term consequences of attention problems can’t be shrugged off and ignored. relationship difficulty. which regulates things like movement and balance. one-on-one brain training uses the brain’s plasticity to rebuild neural connections. substance abuse and chronic health problems. nicotine and methamphetamine. • Anxiety and/or depression. we strengthen your child’s underlying cognitive skills (those basic skills that need to be in place in order for learning to come easily. logic and reasoning. faster. financial issues. As you can see. production of dopamine. We don’t tutor or simply mask the symptoms of a learning problem .” weak attention skills with cognitive skills training. college and even into adulthood: • Low self-esteem. substance abuse and chronic health problems. Even without a definitive cause.  An “ADHD gene” has also been identified that brings an increased risk of having ADHD. and processing speed). Dr. LearningRx is a totally different kind of program.learningrx. It may also explain why adults with ADHD have a much greater risk of abusing stimulant substances like cocaine. scientific solution is treating the root cause of www.. financial issues. all of which improve dopamine function. Why risk your child’s future when there’s a scientifically proven method to make him a stronger. March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 50 OFF NP0113 43 . such as memory. There is a genetic factor: it tends to run in families.com $ Skills Assessment & Consultation With this coupon. including employment challenges. • Difficulty managing money. these patterns can have a significant impact on one’s entire life. and is the director of LearningRx of the Fox Cities. and children whose mothers smoked while pregnant with them are twice as likely to develop ADHD.com. We actually train your child’s brain to learn more easily. Untreated ADHD can lead to major crises. By strengthening attention and other cognitive skills with brain training at an early age. Using a scientifically proven approach. New clients only. This explains why stimulants (like Ritalin and caffeine) work well for many children with the disorder. including employment challenges. Another interesting fact: Contrary to what many believe.

$ THE SPORTS BAR 6 Includes shoes! All-You-Can Bowl Sunday-Thursday FREE wiFi! lunch Served Tues. She is well versed in coping strategies for labor. music and aromatherapy. and like many of our “new” natural remedies. offers breastfeeding support and takes pictures. Once it gets closer to your “guess date. your desires for labor and delivery.naturespathways.the supportive work of a doula by lindsay Dorff i magine going to a prenatal appointment with your caregiver. to discuss your pregnancy. Wisconsin Ave. usually in the second or early third trimester. make you more comfortable.com 44 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . In the event of a cesarean. This miracle “drug” is already at work in your community – in the hospitals.-Fri. births were traditionally attended by women. when birth moved from the home to the hospital. and she informs you that there is a new drug on the market for labor and delivery.733. what does a doula do? A doula meets with you. a birth center or a hospital. but she can help you understand your rights and get the information you need to make an informed choice.. She cannot tell you what medical decisions to make. but today’s doulas are skilled professionals who go through training. and what kind of support you want from her. She also wants to know your partner’s feelings about labor and delivery. The benefits: It can shorten your labor. 11am-2pm Dinner Served Daily. Once labor starts. 4-11pm www.. This role used to be fulfilled by the mother’s friends and family members. and how he or she anticipates being involved. a doula will join you whenever you begin to need support. You also have a higher chance of successfully establishing breastfeeding.” a doula will be on call and ready to assist you when labor begins. birth centers … even at your neighbor’s house – and it’s called a doula. Appleton • 920. The side effects: You’re more likely to feel positively about your birth experience.com 618 W. Once the baby is born. workshops and hands-on experience. it is an old (even ancient) idea. physical comfort measures and emotional support. and reduce your chances of needing a vacuum. Whether you are birthing at home. the doula promotes bonding. including massage. including independent study. a doula offers information. to earn certification. your partner and your own abilities as a mother.the10thFrame. what is a doula? A doula is a professional birth assistant.1929 • www. Up until the early 1900s. and helps your labor space feel more relaxing with low lighting. counter-pressure and movement. Do you think it’s too good to be true? Think again. your doula will labor with you at home until you’re ready to go (if you’re at a birth center or hospital) and then stay with you until after delivery.or forceps-assisted delivery or cesarean section. During labor.

) Philadelphia. H.com. J. or aveda. (2012). is a certified ICEA birth doula.8239 or email shebirth@gmail. Find the latest cuts..0849 room in their schedule. Doula myths debunked! Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about doulas: Myth #1: A doula is like a midwife. including natural. H. March 23. ©Aveda Corp. Find the latest cuts.. 2620 Development Drive.434. examine the mother or take on any kind of clinical duties. The Doula Book (3rd ed.“Doulas attend all types of births. including natural. 10am-2pm Globe University. while she cares for the mom.918. M. They do not check the baby’s heart rate. H. They review the birth and how the mom is processing her experience. P. is more objective than friends and family. owner. March 22-28: Green Bay. www. color and style at your local Aveda salon/spa. GREAT STYLE. WI www.4247 and style at your local Aveda salon/spa.. They also discuss breastfeeding. March 23. focus and inspired artistry offered by some of our Find other Aveda locations fresh new talent. Doulas attend all types of births. the doula.com Photo usage rights expire: 08/15/13 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 45 . Doulas in your community Learn more about doulas and meet some of the women practicing in your area at the following events celebrating National Doula Week. 5045 West Grande Market Dr.com. if you don’t try. NEW TALENT. & Klaus. 2620 Development Dr.328. Book your appointment now — while there’s room in their schedule. NEW TALENT. Also. You’ll never know. medicated and cesareans. Book your appointment now — while there’s at 800. “Doulas are Good for Everyone!” ©Aveda Corp. Kennell. medicated and cesareans. Source: Klaus.com out of Sheboygan. Sponsored by Better Birthing Services.betterbirthingservices. Saturday. Grand Chute Lindsay Dorff is a stay-at-home mother of one. Saturday. She owns Hello Baby! LLC and is a birth doula serving the Green Bay area. Most doulas also follow up with a postpartum visit within a week to a month after the birth.” she stays with the mother while the father bonds with the babe. call 920. focus and inspired artistry offered by some of our fresh new talent. it is not the doula’s place to judge a mom’s choice of coping strategies. Myth #2: A doula is like an extra friend or family member. 10am-2pm Globe University. It is not the doula’s place to judge a mom’s choice of coping strategies.naturespathways. 5045 West Grande Market Dr. how the mom is feeling emotionally and any community resources the mom needs. color 920. For more information about midwifery services. Doulas do not perform any medical tasks or offer medical advice. Bellevue. if you don’t try.. WI You’ll never know. Doulas go through training that the average friend or family member does not have. childbirth classes. Get the personalized service. Get the personalized savoyehairstudio. Rachel Pugh.com service. birth pool rentals and breastfeeding support. Myth #3: Doulas only attend natural childbirths. La Leche League leader and midwife. Grand Chute. Bellevue Appleton. PA: Da Capo Press.. doula services. GREAT STYLE.

would feel so awkward being in a loveless house after living in a home with love all her life. “Yes. And as for my brethren that call themselves soothsayers.com. All the walls must be washed with love by the family that is to live there. Poor Frankie.. I introduced myself. She explained: “I have lived here for over 60 years and it has always been a sad place. I don’t think anyone ever visited that house and Frankie never bought any of his friends over. isn’t it?” I asked. A cleansing alone.993. I sensed a deep emptiness. if he or she is open to it. He speaks of battling poltergeist as though it is like taking a walk in the park. located at 112b E.” “Yes. noticing an elderly woman hanging some laundry. I know the leader of the group. As for the ghost-busters. Zenith Master. One could even say Auntie appeared to lust over spooky. musty smell. “Your new neighbor hired me to inspect the house. Two days later. but unused. I suggested many plants and lots of dinner parties. The kitchen was the only room that appeared to be in good repair. In the case of this woman’s house. I sat alone in that house all night. in all the years I have lived here. No poltergeist.” I responded. I have been expecting your call. Overall the house did not have a good feeling to it. Over time the sadness of the house will be lifted and replaced with unity. There was a somewhat damp. however. I am just like you. He claims to do battle with poltergeist and demons.mysticalearthgallery. You see. Master Jesse. I speak to the spirits and most of my friends are gifted as well.” “History is best forgotten. and fear as well.” she replied. as the aunt wanted acceptance from her family. Since she would be living there alone most of the time. www. is just the beginning of what the house needs. The day he turned 18. It would be helpful if we can learn about the history. She sees them as real life.” She talked and talked for some time. is from Mystical Earth Gallery. It was mostly empty: a small loveseat and coffee table. Followed by. I performed a major cleansing of the home. One can start by interviewing the landlord or prior owner.” It didn’t take long to see Auntie lived through Stephen King-type novels and spooky movies. Frankie couldn’t wait to move out. Painting should be done by the family to occupy the house. I started to get a pretty good picture of what was going on. a very lovely bedroom set.” I think he got his training watching Scooby-Doo. Just a house that had never known love.” she replied. “Good morning! It looks like a great day to hang laundry. the previous owner moved to Arizona after selling the house and had no interest in talking to me on the phone. “Yes.com . Frankie rented it out to people. It’s always been a sad place. She also gave me the names of the other three so-called powerful psychics that claimed the house was haunted. We continue now with the inspection … i t is always a good idea for the inspector to get as much information as possible on the property in question. “Are you my new neighbor?” “No. I greeted her with. A new house vibrates to the rhythm of its inhabitants. downtown Appleton. All carpeting must be removed and the floors scrubbed as well.and 6-year-old sons so they can learn the trade. old musty carpeting. So I went to the house and walked around the outside. It was easy for her unstable aunt to pass her beliefs of fear on to her niece. For more information. It turns out that I knew two of them and it seems to me they got their training from horror movies. my client. deep sadness. it is. His dad died not long after Frankie left and his mother drank herself to death over the years. I don’t recall anyone visiting. gentleness and love. College Ave.” “Frankie. mediums and psychics: you have an obligation not to make a carnival of our work. 46 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 mostly rough types.intuitiveInsIgHts inspecting a house for unwanted spirits (Part 2) by Master Jesse You may remember last month’s article about the Oshkosh woman who met with me due to fears about her new house being haunted. please call 920. “It’s no problem … I even bring my 4. Yes. It must be done with love. And so it was with this house. a small dinette set. he joined the Army.naturespathways. I began the inspection of the home. Next I called the Auntie who claimed the house was haunted. No ghost. that’s the last owner. She instantly bellowed out. It’s no wonder the new owner.1122 or visit www. which was a wedding gift. his mom and dad were mean to him and both heavy drinkers. No one stayed very long and he got tired of all the damage done to the house. The last family left it a real mess and he sold it for nothing. and unpacked boxes stacked in every room.

but nitrogen. • Your referral will also receive 5% off their 2013 services. soils are Midwest are typically heavy in clay. ration levels. we are going to take a • Don’t use a cheap test. “Generations of gardeners have been brought up on 10-10-10 and 39-912. are a few suggestions to assist you: available for the plant. Evidence shows that soils low in calcium and For new clients only. 5-15 percent organic us who are trying gardens. and products.. however. Our soils in the to “fix” or “maintain” our matter. weed pressure and are prone to compaction. a safer environment 2013 Early Sign-up Special: www.naturespathways. Soluble values tell conjunction with plants. knowing binds up nutrients and makes them nitrogen. ship between calcium and magnesium. phosphorus and potassium are just three of many nutrients that plants need to survive. which magnesium ratio of 7:1. Offer expires 4/1/2013. cation function and soil biology work together to your soil. tion and further damage to your soil. most of • Make sure your test is checking for As indicated in family or business a pH value of 6-7. Here you the amount of that nutrient that is need to understand cellular biology. must mention this ad to receive offer.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 47 .” Two additional nutrients to consider when evaluating soil’s sustainability are calcium (which stabilizes pH levels and biological activity. however. in this article.. loosens soil. nent that promotes plant growth). Inexpensive tests • Make sure your test checks for the much simpler look at how soil nutrients.net www. you really nutrient levels currently in your soil. which can result in over-fertilizaexchange capacity (CEC) and base satuform a sustainable environment. An equally • You’ll receive an additional 5% off for every referral important factor to consider is the relationthat signs up for 2013 services. Anything above shrubs using organic land care the continued on page 49 on fertilizer bags. but we’ll address that in future discussions. plant are likely to paint an inaccurate picture of pH. organic matter percentage.sustainable soils Part 2 – How nutrients and soil biology work together to form sustainable soils and healthy plants by Todd rockweit o understand how soils work in A good soil test will provide you with inaccessible to plants. 920-730-3253 • 888-200-0446 • info@backyardorganics. t a healthier lifestyle. and trees andsoluble nutrient values. high in magnesium tend to exhibit greater Limit of 50% off for one year’s service.backyardorganics. CEC of 10-15 and a calcium to healthy concerned about the NPK numbers lawns.net There are additional secondary nutrients and micronutrients to consider. Ideally you are looking for Providing yourFebruary’s article. phosphorus and potassium levels services is only the start to creating a of a product sustainable soil. is a major component Residential & commercial organic land care services & products since 2004 of plant cell walls and is a key indicator of weed growth) and magnesium (which holds Scan to learn more! soil particles together and is a major compo• 20% off yearly services.

You can also find egg-free. and the synthetic chemicals do nothing to improve the nutritional quality or safety of our food. contain red 40. Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. Let’s get accustomed to Earth-colored birthday cakes. for example. an all-natural. drinks. Yellow 6 and Blue 1.” label on their products. asphalt and tar! Companies prefer to use this method because the dyes are brighter. call 920. are required to have a warning label? The label states that the food “may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.. Chemists test each batch of dye to make sure these tolerances are not exceeded. Resources: http://www. more stable and cheaper than natural colors derived from fruits and vegetables. facebook/happybellies.7771 or find them on Facebook at www.S.s.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/04/13/the-dark-side-ofthe-rainbow-of-food-dyes-being-used-to-color-your-food. especially when it comes to our food! The use of artificial food dyes has increased fivefold since 1955.S. which has since gone up five times (15 million pounds of food dye is now used per year in the U. baking mixes. annatto and paprika extract.” So those ever popular M&Ms are not so brightly colored in some countries outside of the U. fruits. The FDA’s testing shows the three main approved dyes make up 90% of all dyes used.mercola. In the U.. which all may be contaminated with carcinogens. Whether or not we can defend or participate in this long-standing debate. Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars. there are a few problems with these tests. Did you know that food products containing artificial dye in the U. these dyes are now derived from petroleum. boxed macaroni and cheeses.aspx.S.html.it may look pretty by rebecca brown l ooks can be deceiving. baby shampoo and hand soap! Note: Color additives are not required to be declared by name on labels in the U.. Watch your toothpaste. Yes.naturespathways. sauces and chips. in 1990. Kellogg’s® nutri-Grain® Cereal bars. the question comes down to this: Do we need to use these artificial colors in our food? There is absolutely no added benefit to adding dyes to our food.com . and these bright hues are found in everything from pickles to salad dressing to box mixes to bread. according to the CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest). gums. yellow 6 and blue 1.com. annatto and paprika extract. cleaning products and medicine. the same oil product that also happens to be used in gasoline. because manufacturers would rather do away with the artificial dye than have to put a warning 48 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 “in the u. They are Red 40. The FDA has established legal limits for cancer-causing contaminants in dyes. The second problem is the FDA did not consider the increased risk that dyes pose to children. The same bars in Great Britain (made by the same company) contain beetroot red. However. http://articles. for example. who are both more sensitive to carcinogens and consume more dyes per unit of body weight than adults (a carcinogen is any substance that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer). visit www. popsicles. mouth wash. beetcolored candy and clear soda! Rebecca Brown owns Happy Bellies Bake Shop. the same bars in Great britain (made by the same company) contain beetroot red. meats. The legal limits were based on dye usage in the U. happybelliesbakeshop. puddings. soy-free and refined sugar-free alternatives on their menu. contain Red 40.). where they specialize in allergy friendly and more nutritious options. but may be declared simply as colorings or color added.851. gluten-free (and mostly dairy-free) bake shop in the Fox Valley.S.cspinet. pickles.K. www. Once made from coal tar.org/new/201006291. artificial food dyes are also found in many cosmetic items. diesel fuel.S. For more information. Aside from the laundry list of candies. yogurts.

have a bioassay test done on your soil to get a basic understanding of your biological activity. LaJava a roasting house is a small batch specialty coffee roaster.naturespathways.851. the soil food web needs to continue its cycle with the help of arthropods. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with their soils. Visit our website! 920. By suspending the micronutrients of quality compost in a liquid form. fair trade coffees. there is no way for your grass or other plants to take up those necessary nutrients and very little defense against pests and diseases. naturally rich with nematodes and protozoa. we also offer fresh • handcrafted • all-natural over 70 bulk teas. more sustainable approach to maintaining your yard and gardens. happy bellies BAKE SHOP 105 North Durkee Street Appleton gourmet coffee. and extracting them using an actively aerated brew process. consider not only the nutrients the plants need.3253/888.544. Once the synthetic nutrient is absorbed into the plant. Todd and Tara Rockweit are owners of Backyard Organics. shade-grown coffees and single estate coffees.200. Wisconsin’s first organic land care business accredited by NOFA. Our menu is totally GLUTEN-FREE. This is why synthetic fertilizers are so harmful and why we have become so dependent on them. bulk tea. many organic farmers and land care professionals create and use custom blended compost teas. Diversity is important because every soil is different. Not just gourmet coffee.net or call 920. In order for the bi-products of the microbiology to be of any value. our unique blends plus a large selection of flavored coffees. LLC. Exudates are a food source for bacteria and the start of the nutrient cycling process within the soil food web as well as the start of sustainability. garden or farm. pets and property. So. At the Lineville location we serve breakfast and lunch from 6:30 to 1:30 each day of the week.SuStAinAble Soil continued from page 47 or below these numbers will likely require inputs to adjust and this could take months or years. the runoff leaches into the ground. If possible. nematodes and protozoa (the shredders. and you have insufficient biological activity in the soil. To read more about our products and services.0446. we can inoculate the soils with the necessary biology to ensure all necessary components are available for a healthy.7771 • happybelliesbakeshop. email info@backyardorganics. one of two organizations in the country that accredit Organic Land Care Professionals (AOLCPs). all-natural food coloring and free-range eggs. Once the organisms are gone. So. Backyard Organics has been supplying natural and organic products and services for people. if the soil is lacking in biodiversity. however. We use non-gmo ingredients. vegan. soil organisms need to digest the organic material (nutrients) and smaller organisms (soil food web) before any plant can benefit from the micronutrients.com kie s r Coo bellie k Suga py hap roc am Sh s 430 Cardinal Lane Howard • 920. We offer fresh. sustainable soil. or if you would like to submit a question. If you are applying a dry fertilizer to your lawn. please visit us at www. the plants and soil organisms can access the benefits of the compost/nutrients far more quickly and. which release exudates. We then add a variety of appropriate nutrients that help the microbiology live and prosper until your soil is able to sustain itself. including a complete do-it-yourself program. thus killing off the microorganisms in the soil. but also the biology and the whole ecology necessary to sustain that environment. refined sugar-free. egg-free. we have dairy-free. Backyard Organics provides the necessary predators by using good quality compost.662. Having a wide variety of bacteria and fungi handles a wide variety of deficiencies. nut-free and soy-free options. if you are considering taking a healthier. predators and grazers found in the third trophic level of the soil food web). handmade and all-natural baked goods.8230 49 www.net. you become dependent on the synthetic fertilizer.backyardorganics.730.com @myLaJava 2300 Lineville Road Suamico • 920. In an organic environment. Plants give up nearly 60 percent of their energy to their roots. coffee and tea accessories. Since 2004.0500 www.lajavaroastinghouse. now that we have a basic understanding of nutrients. gift baskets. To speed up the nutrient cycling process.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® . how do we get the nutrients into the plants? This is where biology plays such a critical role in soil sustainability. We offer organic coffees.

lCsW D o you ever forget where you put your keys.com .. but when we live on autopilot. I have seen many clients make the shift from automatic pilot with HAPPIER & HEALTHIER LIFE BEGINS TODAY We offer a “Mindful” approach to integrative counseling Individual.W. couples and group counseling for a wide variety of presenting issues: Depression • Anxiety/panic attack • Bereavement/grief issues Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Stress management YOUR JOURNEY TO A Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing the center is enrolled with most health insurance companies and therapy is covered by most policies. l. By becoming aware of my limited thinking and difficult emotions. and accepting them as learning opportunities rather than judging them or fighting them. suite 210. A couple years later. I have always felt there was something missing in that theory. How DO you gain control of your own thinking? As a cognitive behavioral therapist. It has an opinion about everything and keeps us awake at night analyzing all that we did and said that day. negativity and powerlessness.is your life on automatic pilot? by Judy rogers. For me. I learned about mindfulness and changed my practice to “attend and befriend” my thinking and emotions. It is going on high speed telling us things that aren’t always true.naturespathways. we are not aware of our thinking or beliefs. I taught people how to overcome emotional pain by changing their thinking about themselves and the world. After attending week-long training with Deepak Chopra in 2009.s. It rarely has anything nice to say. When we do stop to hear our thinking.c. mindfulness is the missing piece in cognitive behavioral therapy.com www. neenah 920-722-7245 www. I think real change goes deeper. M. or have to double check to see if you remembered to lock the door or put the garage door down? Is your life so busy that you are going through on automatic pilot? We have all heard that we must change our thinking and beliefs to change our lives. 50 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Judy rogers. we find a never-ending chattering voice. I was able to achieve an increase in clarity that gave me more confidence in myself and my ability to change my life.mindfulnesscenterforwellbeing. I started a daily meditation practice. It keeps us stuck in habits of thinking that create fear.s. By changing my counseling approach to include mindfulness training along with traditional therapy. 18 Jewelers Park.

journal questions and readings that are excerpts from various authors. It does not come from the external world of having and doing out of concern for how we and others may judge us. we realize that our freedom comes from an inner strength of living a life consistent with our inner-most values. a CD meditation. Placing our attention within by following our breath and ignoring the chattering mind. members are able to establish a daily practice that works for their individual needs. For more information. They offer individual. A mindfulness practice teaches us acceptance along with an increase in attention. LCSW. By developing a daily mindfulness practice. sets us up for a deeper understanding of who we are and what we want.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 51 .722. negativity and powerlessness. www. they are able to enhance the best of Western medicine. is the owner of Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing. We have fewer conflicts in our relationships and we let go of the need to be perfect.com or call 920. We are no longer going through life on automatic pilot. The Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing offers eight-week mindfulness groups. visit www. they are able to sustain that shift and continue their journey to a happier and healthier life. sets us up for a deeper understanding of who we are and what we want. couple. It moves us toward more peace and calm. It is through attention that we learn what it is that is standing in our way to make the changes we wish. A group goal is to develop a daily practice that includes at least ten minutes of mindful meditation. Check out the website for more details and when the next group begins. Concern for gaining others’ admiration often drives us to a life of mindless busyness and isolation. an affirmation. Through a daily mindfulness practice. It is through acceptance that we end the judgment of ourselves and others. we are able to change our thinking and beliefs and thus change our life. journaling and contemplation. it moves us toward more peace and calm. With awareness.” negative thinking and constant analyzing. mindfulnesscenterforwellbeing. a private practice specializing in integrative psychotherapy. Judy Rogers. including mind-body medicine.7245. Each week the “Mindful Turtle Study Guide” includes a quote. to more emotional freedom and wellbeing.naturespathways. By the end of eight weeks. By integrating evidence-based therapy practices from Eastern medicine. family and group counseling. repeating the same thinking that brings fear.“Placing our attention within by following our breath and ignoring the chattering mind.

. It’s free. I will get ready for silence. where I will not hear it vibrating if a call comes in. • Experience a sense of well-being. study groups and more.739.unityofappleton. just silence. • Discover new desires. creative and renewed? The good news is that it’s not necessary to go on a long retreat to a faraway place! All it takes is some time in silence every day. youth ministry. Yes. www. you’ll love Unity! Join us for Sunday services. • And so much more! The first step is to make a decision and cast a vision. Lawe St.m.com . and no matter what thoughts occur to me about what I need to do. For example. • Hear what your inner wisdom wants you to know.” Notice the importance of making the decision and then creating a mental picture of exactly what this will look like.healthy in spirit: the bliss of silence by rev. “I will set aside five minutes to sit in silence tomorrow. I will sit in (designate the room and chair.m. Suite 400. When it goes off. • Feel joyful once again. I will turn off the electronics and leave my phone in a different room. I will have a kitchen timer (or stopwatch — but not your phone). At first.4823 • 1800 S. I will remain in this place until the timer goes off at 7:05 a. effortless and good for you — and that’s a winning combination! A time in silence can help you to: • Find your center.naturespathways.org • 920. I will set the timer. place in nature or wherever you desire). April kain-breese w ould you like to feel clear-headed. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. it may A community for spiritual growth If you like Deepak Chopra. I will get ready for work early (or I will stay in my pajamas until after this time of silence). I will set my phone alarm for 6:55 a. Appleton 52 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. • Restore a healthy perspective.m. At 7 a.

Sunday services and youth ministry occur at 10 a. livestock operations and wholesale/retail food management — or add value to your farm products and run your own successful business. even though it may be a challenge for you. And you will feel more joyful.” After all.4823. a Community for Spiritual Growth. Make your field of dreams a reality. No other college in Wisconsin has this program's wide range of courses.naturespathways.nwtc. and you soon will establish a healthy habit that brings “R & R” into your life every day. which focuses on spiritual well-being through affirmative prayer. taking the air that you breathe and the food that you eat and turning them into energy to fuel your body! It is not necessary to repeat a mantra or even empty your mind. You will become aware of some new desires that feed your spirit.“it is not necessary to repeat a mantra or even empty your mind.unityofappleton. Make sure you set yourself up to succeed in the beginning. (800) 498-6982. newsletters and upcoming events. There is bliss in silence! Give it a try! Rev. 5457 l www.739. to reconnect with yourself and to feel grounded within. gardens and internships: organic soils livestock • gardening • world food • • beekeeping & pollinators cheese making & fermentation • fruits. By sitting in the silence. Focus on it! It deserves your attention — remember that this is an amazing switching center. ext. your mind will clear and your body will relax. you will begin to hear the voice of your inner wisdom providing you with answers to questions.edu (920) 498-5457. You will experience a greater sense of overall well-being and find that your perspective on life becomes more balanced. bonita.willems@nwtc. including Sunday talks.org or call 920. you have places to go and people to see – but your body and your mind need silence. visit www.edu/sustainableag www. You will be amazed at how your breathing will slow. working farms. With continued practice. just sit in silence and breathe for five minutes. you will be free to breathe. Make the decision each day that you will do it again tomorrow and visualize when. positive thinking and daily application of five basic principles. your mind will clear and your body will relax. April Kain-Breese is with Unity of Appleton. The best way to determine if this is a practice you want to adopt is to DO it. so just try it. nuts & berries • • artisan meats herbs & health • edible landscapes • managed grazing • • Apply today! Classes start September 2013 Contact Bonnie Willems at NWTC. Once you have settled into your special place and have left your electronic devices in another room.“ sound difficult and not very appealing to abandon your morning routine for five minutes of “just sitting. you will be able to find your center quickly and easily.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 53 Nature’s Pathways .m. you’ll… Prepare for careers in sustainable garden and field crop production. less likely to become irritable and less likely to make those frustrating little mistakes that can make a day unpleasant. You can think about whatever you want. you will begin to find yourself. You will be less likely to over-commit. New _ Respecting and balancing the needs of people. Just sit in the silence and breathe. Just sit in the silence and breathe. This is the center of your physical body. where and how. Try us out! For more information. Newcomers are welcome. planet & profit. As this regular daily practice becomes more familiar. Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems Associate Degree! With this associate degree. you will be amazed at how your breathing will slow. especially at first. Breathe from your abdomen.

The Jour�ey of a Healer Growing up in the projects of Chicago in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Still. At that time. etc. At one point thereafter.” Terrified and confused as any young man would be by all of this. he visited a psychic named Cleo. resulting in his ability to actually create energy instead of just channel it like other healers.000 sessions and eight years of study. . While it is always made clear that he does not diagnose illnesses or disease. It isn’t just the conservative Midwest’s “eccentric” population that appreciates his gift. You were born with talent to heal. • Those seeking to understand their life’s journey. Jesse is the first to admit that the path of a spiritual healer can be long. Jesse recalls the intense anger and rage he had towards God during those years because of the inequities of his situation and the way he was “made. “There are many obstacles — both personal and societal — to overcome. one of which included leaving his unstable home of Chicago. A monumental point on his healing journey came twenty years ago. Jesse Martinez was surrounded by violence and despair. While he still didn’t want to believe in himself. who had quite a reaction when doing his reading. chakras and frequencies. studying various spiritual and emotional disciplines.ter Jesse’s Mas gift healing OF BY JACKIE PETERS after 10. he lived in a root cellar in inner city Las Vegas as he worked with the homeless there. Soon. multiple sclerosis. quantum physics — it can be intimidating stuff for the average person. It requires dedication and an understanding that the journey of acquiring knowledge and honing skills never ends. • Those wishing to relieve strong anxiety before job interviews. Clients come to him with all of the issues above. provided hope to those society had forgotten. • Those in search of their spiritual path. he had a “visitation” that lasted three days. he made some very adult decisions. etc. broad acceptance continues to grow for the alternative healing methods he offers. “You are responsible for what you do. and he works to liberate them. And so his journey took him throughout the North American continent over the next decade. and practicing his healing art. he reached a point where the visions could no longer be blocked and just became more intense. • Those desperate to find relief from physical pain. He wanted to give them hope. Have faith that you have been made right. Quite an advancement! A wide variety of people covering a large spectrum of human conditions now seek out Master Jesse at his Healing Center within Mystical Earth Gallery in downtown Appleton. special life events. ‘What was there was not right’ as she picked up the cards over and over again. “I remember her saying. to venture out on his own.” She knew then that Jesse had a gift. Master Jesse started seeing other components in the flow of energy. • Those in search of forgiveness of self and others. It needs to be cultivated.” As an adolescent. during his four and a half years working on the streets of Las Vegas. he took on the title “Master. The spiritual healing and energy work he administers facilitate the body’s healing process. It was a difficult existence. lonely and quite difficult. Master Jesse is able to complement traditional medicine programs. when A Closer Look at the Ar� of Healing For what reasons do individuals seek out healing? Clients of Master Jesse include: • Those wanting to release anger and be more peaceful. to escape his visions. during which time an angel said. though. considering what’s involved with the topic – sacred geometry.” he says. • Those interested in complementing medical treatment for diseases like cancer. Jesse. While there. Jesse pondered the possibility of his insanity.” In addition. through his healing work. Jesse turned to the vices of the troubled — alcohol and drugs — at a young age as well. two and a half years ago. further exacerbated by a lack of family support and by visions he began having as early as age three.

something we inherited from our ancestral belief systems. prepare them to make their transition in peace/without fear. there have been miracles! The Love Energ� Master Jesse explains that he “saw” unconditional love about 23 years ago during a demonic situation he encountered. “While it is clear that it will take a miracle. It all stems from the belief that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. In fact. who then adjusts frequencies in the body through APEX™.” Zenith Healing Initially. giving one optimum balance between body.” APEX™ Sacred Geomet�ic Healing® After 22 years of practicing with the Zenith method. Master Jesse’s healing work was based on a healing modality known as Zenith Healing. he uses universal love to direct energy and color vibrational light to aid his clients on their own path to spiritual healing and growth. As Master Jesse explains. He is interested in discovering why a client feels the way he or she feels. Master Jesse will tell the client why they were out 112b E. the frequency of love came through his entire body. “If properly executed by the practitioner. he relays. As the focal points for the reception and transmission of energy. the healing will continue to unfold in the individual for four to five years. I still do what I can to bring them through it. A year and a half ago. he persisted in consistently working towards mastering the frequency. The person was liberated from their spiritual affliction.” “happier” and “more energetic” afterwards. As a Zenith Master Teacher. Fear comes to light most often. This advanced color-light management system incorporates vibrational energy while producing electromagnetic energy in order to induce healing. This energy is created through the healer (no machine or devices). and if the family allows. Master Jesse can remove their pain.” So what should you expect when attending a healing session? Many times. neither he nor his work has to be intimidating. I am not lonely and I have a beautiful peace inside of me. Most clients report feeling “lighter. And. Next he moves the client to the healing table. APEX APEX™ Sacred Geometric Healing® and “The Love Energy.” he explains. consisting of Zenith Healing. determine their flow and move magnetic fields. Master Jesse is able to measure chakras with his hands. Master Jesse is able to: 1) pull stagnant or negative energy out of the body. This table work brings the body.mysticalearthgallery. For those not familiar with chakras. As he did battle. Rev. Master Jesse is especially pleased with the long-term effects of this art form. Upon completion. consultations with Master Jesse begin with psychological/spiritual counseling.” Removing blockages enables an individual to obtain greater balance in body. and his healing work as complicated. difficult path. During this process. Master Jesse shares that he especially enjoys watching clients with low self-esteem “unfold” after their program’s completion. It’s that simple. offering clients assistance in a variety of afflictions.” he shares.” “smooth. Master Jesse created his own healing art form: APEX™ Sacred Geometric Healing®.of balance. but if I had to do it all over again. I would. “These energy centers permeate from the physical body to the subtle body layers. which is now the foundation of his healing work. be there to help them pass over. Sat 10am-4pm. Unfortunately. however. Nothing too intimidating there! A client seeking more advanced healing work then remains on the table for what Master Jesse calls the basis of his work.993. “It’s been a long. People should know that his main purpose in life is liberating people from their pain. Appleton 920. College Avenue. mind and spirit. it is essential that they are kept stable. and 3) inject energy into the chakras to align or balance (so that all energy is moving in the same direction). And after 30 years. and by appointment Bridging Science & Spirit . How he then programs the client’s energy is unique to each individual after this. He describes it as “an energy management system that enables practitioners to release blockages that interfere with optimum vibration of the cellular structure. for a client with advanced stage 4 cancer. While Master Jesse says people misinterpret his thick aura as negative male energy (he says his aura is a side effect of 30 years of energy work). they are points that emit energy from the body. Twenty-two years ago. For example. mind and spirit into harmony. many individuals wait until their illness is terminal to reach out to Master Jesse. yes. and obtain his master’s degree. estimating a 70% success rate. possibly due to stigma or fear. where they remain fully clothed.1122 www. including the human body. and he says he knows of no practice that removes blockages as effectively.) Master Jesse begins with some chakra work. mind and spirit. (If a client presents with severe physical pain. For the first time. He never turns them away.com Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm. For 22 years afterwards. William Wiltshire. It is very sophisticated work. mastery was achieved and now he can produce the love frequency on demand and transmit it into the body of another. 2) infuse pure or positive energy. He takes responsibility until the end. be it emotional or physical. Master Jesse still has a passion for moving his healing work forward and making new discoveries. according to Master Jesse.” Without direct touch. Master Jesse was able to study under Zenith’s creator. “I appreciate my life. they go directly to the healing table.

So what can you do? Start reading labels. energy drinks. It is perfect for processed. which tricks the body into wanting to eat more food and.naturespathways. Do you ask yourself. for example. at the same time. avoid artificial sweeteners. as food companies are targeting them the hardest. “Why do I constantly crave sweets?” There is an answer for this – sugar is hidden in many foods you would never expect! Not every food screams out. The average American teenage boy gets thirty-four! The worst member of the sugar family is the evil high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). gout.Addicted to sugar? by kim neher. Of course. fridge or freezer. without having to give up your favorite foods. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recommends ten teaspoons per day as a limit for sugar. eat as little sugar as you can and avoid HFCS completely. Think flavored milks. but on a list of ingredients. If you find foods that contain this — toss them! There are healthy alternatives to just about anything out there.com 56 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . and cheap ingredients for the manufacturer. rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes (to name a few). adds calories. The scary part is how the younger generation is especially drowning in sugar. convenience foods because it allows for a longer shelf-life. bread and pickles. avoidance of freezer burn. A great place to start is within your own home pantry. When you start reading labels. Your hunger hormones are also tampered with. How do processors get some taste back into the food? By putting sugar in it. raising your triglyceride level. HFCS’s best attribute is that it is great for weight gain. has no helpful nutrients. Ms w hat do you picture when you hear the word “sugar”? Holiday candy gifted on Valentine’s Day or Halloween? Cotton candy at the local fair? Ice cream that melts faster than you can eat it on a hot summer’s day? It’s hard to imagine that something connected to so many happy memories in life could be doing so much damage to our health. since many processed foods with sugar don’t taste sweet — like salad dressing. there are some exceptions. our body processes it differently than regular sugar or corn syrup. When we eat too much of this. Too much added sugar in any form isn’t good for your health. foods that end in “ose” — such as glucose — and any “syrup” refer to a sugar. “I’m sugary!” Commercial processing of almost any whole food will blunt its flavor. The sugar that other people put into your food is what is causing clothes to become snug and cravings for more sugar to continue each day. The result is a decreased metabolism and a liver that begins to kick more fat out into the bloodstream. Lastly. Putting a little sprinkle of sugar into your morning oatmeal or coffee is not the problem in people’s diets. and forces your body into an insulin and inflammatory response that can eventually result in asthma. you will be in shock how many grocery items contain sugar. to store more fat. sodas and convenience snack foods. And you cannot trust your taste buds to tell you when. These are not healthy replacements to www.

health.removing unhealthy foods from your home • Supplement analysis and advice • Eating on the go and restaurant menu advice • Family & Children nutrition • Elderly nutrition Like us: www.5764 or kimneher@nutritionalhealingllc. food sensitivities and allergies. but pretty soon it’s hard for your body to tell the difference between what is sweet and has no calories. Your overall health and waistline will thank you! Kimberly Neher. Flotation Experience total rejuvenation and relaxation in a float tank Intuitive Energy and Therapeutic Touch Massage Therapy Sue Noffke. wellness. Menopause Evaluation. sports nutrition.A Body Weight Composition & Therapeutic Lifestyle Program Kimberly Neher is a Clinical Nutritionist certified in Metagenics First Line Therapy (FLT) which is a clinically proven program to coach and educate clients how to reduce and reverse their risk of chronic disease.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 57 . while also eliminating body fat.com www.850. fat-free mass and total body water. Body composition analysis: Human body composition assessed with printout providing values of fat mass. is the clinical nutritionist located inside The Chiropractic Advantage. contact Neher at 920.naturespathways. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% SERVICES First Line Therapy ..358. Ingredients: See our services.rr. not just weight loss. Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues.0440 snoffke1@new. one at a time! *Percent daily values are based on a daily regimen of balance in all % Daily Value areas. MS. or Adrenal Stress General Nutrition Consultations for any health condition • A clearer understanding of your blood work and lab test results • Healthy grocery shopping . change your life! Kangan Water Complimentary Kangan Water to all clients H E A LT H A N D W E L L N E S S T H R O U G H N U T R I T I O N (9 2 0 ) 3 5 8 . high glucose levels. c o m % Daily Value * Nutrition 100% Balanced Enjoyable Meals 100% Portion Control 100% Mindful Eating Water Supplements Vitamins Minerals Activity Stress Management Not a significant source of: Quick fix destination. the average American teenage boy gets thirty-four!” relax with Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy “The deepest. To learn more. sure. most luxurious massage on the planet" renew LLC real sugar because they change what your taste buds think is sweet. Neenah 920.com 10 off firST MaSSage $ Nutrition Facts Serving size: Serving all of the Fox Cities Calories: TBD Calories from fat: Under control Change your water. high cholesterol/triglycerides. thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. they have zero calories.5 76 4 • K i m Ne he r @Nut r i t ion a l H e a l i n g l lc . and absence of disease.NutritionalHealingllc.Personal Shopper • Alternative recipe ingredient help • “Pantry Pitch Parties” . LMT Lic. Contains: The necessary tools to pave the way to a life of vitality. and what truly is sugar and caloriedense without nutrients. Female Cycle. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Essential for monitoring sustainable fat loss. #10767-146 8095 Tribute Dr.com. Guess who ends up overeating? How sweet it will be to make the change for healthier replacements.“the Center for science in the Public interest recommends ten teaspoons per day as a limit for sugar. and general health concerns such as high blood pressure. Food Sensitivity Testing/Education Salivary Hormone Testing Profiles: Male. If you’re using artificial sweeteners. nutrition is an ongoing process of healthy lifestyle changes.

trauma such as motor vehicle accidents and life stressors can all increase your risk of experiencing low back pain and/or hamper your recovery from low back pain. poor lifting mechanics. Increased body mass. The possible contributors and causes of low back pain are numerous. Early changes in our discs. Not shown on MRI could be a variety of other sources of back pain. • Moving feels better than resting. So how do these pain-related factors contribute to spinal instability? Ever play the game Jenga? You build a tall. are truly a normal part of the aging process.com . including facet joint problems. calcium. stable tower out of many little wooden pieces. The following symptoms of spinal instability may be quite familiar: • Slight or no trauma results in a large pain flare. riboflavin & vitamins A. www.com 58 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 painless. lAT. • Shifting frequently when sitting or standing. and all of these insults eventually lead to our spine’s inability to be stable enough to deal with the stresses our body faces during the daily wear and tear of life. • Symptoms worsen as the day progresses. D & B12) ✔ Top source of three of four key nutrients under-consumed by most Americans (calcium. Most of us begin this process sometime in our 20s. only to pull them out one by one and hope and pray the tower stays standing during your turn. Our spine feels stresses and microtrauma from a variety of sources. This is the perfect analogy for spinal instability. glass ✔ Nine essential nutrients (protein. CsCs i t is a well-known fact that 80% of Americans will face the challenge of low back pain at some point in their lifetime. these changes are easily blamed for any pain patients may feel early in life because they are one of the only deficits that can be pointed out on MRI as the reason for your back pain. smoking. • Medication and imaging garner little pain relief.naturespathways. • Achiness. sacroiliac (SI) joint sprain or instability. poor hip and abdominal strength. What causes low back pain? Your low back is one of the first areas of the body to display the aging process.Making sense of low back pain by Jill Murphy. However. little tears. The majority of 30 year olds who obtain an MRI of the lumbar spine will find active disc degeneration to some extent without any low back pain.lamersdairyinc. sedentary lifestyle. vitamin D & potassium) ✔ Farmer-certified free of artificial hormones ✔ From select local family farms ✔ In environmentally friendly returnable glass bottles and Country Store A Family Tradition Since 1913 off Hwys. fissures and loss of disc height. poor seating surfaces. muscle strain or spasm. genetic factors. potassium. Typically these phenomena are Nutritious & Delicious Naturally Lamers Dairy Dairyland’s Best ✔ 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz. and muscle and soft tissue imbalances around your spine and pelvis. poor posture. phosphorus. magnesium. blissfully unaware of the insult our spine is feeling as we begin our careers and families. Appleton 920-830-0980 • www. DPT. 441 & CE • N410 Speel School Road.

specializing in personalized care with the same physical therapist every visit.215. headaches.“About 98% of cases of low back pain are effectively treated with conservative. 8-9am • 10 classes for $90 • 20 classes for $180 • Visit www. Spring into a new fitness routine & be fit for summer Classes start March 19 th Build a Better Body Build a Better Body is a fast-paced.” If we know the overall cause. foundational class that focuses on building your body stronger. lifting and twisting. While surgery is appropriate for cases of severe disc bulges that actually impinge on the nerve root and create weakness in the legs to the extent of tripping when walking. fibromyalgia and chronic pain with a hands-on. TMJ dysfunction.motionworkspt. as well as safe body mechanics for bending. that case is the exception to the majority of Americans facing low back pain. sleeping and standing. with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s movement pattern to address the source of the patient’s pain. you will definitely benefit from functional activity training to teach you how to perform daily activities without stressing your spine. 6:30-7:30pm & Thurs. 5:30-6:30pm & Sat. Jill Murphy. Finally. with dynamic flexibility.com for full class descriptions Register for classes by March 15th & save 20%! Call 920-215-2050 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 59 . She is the owner of MotionWorks Physical Therapy. manual physical therapy treatment to alleviate some of your tight joints and muscles to allow you to participate in your exercise program.naturespathways. stabilization and agility movements! 1158 Westowne Drive Neenah www. 11:30am-12:30pm Build a Better Body: Wed. manual therapy approach balanced with functional exercise. so you can better tolerate the everyday stresses of life.com • No joining fees • Small class sizes • Certified instructors • Classes are prorated – pay only for what you attend! • Choose once or twice a week: Zumba: Tues. You also will likely need some education in good postures for sitting. as well as someone guiding you to a safe return to. non-surgical approaches such as a spine stabilization program along with other physical therapy techniques. motionworkspt. a lack of stability in your tower or spine. and certified strength and conditioning specialist with over a decade of experience in treating back pain. easy surgical solution. as well as providing sports performance training on a one-onone basis. not simply just treating the injury. For more information or to schedule an appointment. licensed athletic trainer. Most insurance plans accepted. What about surgery. CSCS. It is not a quick.2050 or visit www. non-surgical approaches such as a spine stabilization program along with other physical therapy techniques. a boutique physical therapy practice located in Neenah. is a doctor of physical therapy. What you need are stabilization exercises intended to stabilize and support your spine. you ask? Patients have found that surgery is not the solution for functional spinal instability. effective and long-lasting approach to building a healthy back capable of lasting throughout a lifetime of wear and tear.com. Murphy also enjoys treating orthopedic and sports injuries and post-operative joints. please call 920. neck pain. Dr. In fact about 98% of cases of low back pain are effectively treated with conservative. You may also benefit from some hands-on. then the treatment becomes fairly obvious – we need to re-build or fortify the tower. or an easy introduction to some aerobic exercise and strength training to further fortify your body to prevent re-occurrence of your back pain. LAT. Patients are treated as a whole person. squatting. but it is a safe. DPT.

but the average age is 47. weight gain. Menopause marks the end of the reproductive years as it is the time in a woman’s life when she stops having menstrual periods (generally once 12 menstrual cycles are missed). this can help. very damp. I headed for the frozen food section and selected some frozen vegetables for my grocery cart.naturespathways. Avoidance of the subject leaves many women caught off guard when the symptoms start to affect their lives. Other triggers or causes of premature menopause vary from chronic stress. You gotta do what you gotta do … It’s survival of the fittest!” And. ladies. Women can begin this stage as early as 35. memory issues. which are sold over the counter. though. ovaries make less estrogen which can cause irregular periods. feelings like “you’re going crazy. This is the stage of life known as perimenopause. I just had a ‘doozy’ last week and had to change my nightgown in the middle of the night. Hygienists recommend the line of products from Biotene. Many women in their late 30s and early 40s — too young. you don’t have to sell the furnace at the garage sale. day or night. the hot flushes will eventually dissipate. It occurs because the ovaries run out of eggs. I was in the grocery store and had a sudden power surge that was a lulu! Needless to say. Perimenopause literally means “around menopause. no. “Brain fog” ranks high on the list of complaints. It is wise to avoid mouthwashes with any alcohol content. This past summer. Dental health hot flushes The most common symptom of menopause is hot flushes (hot flashes). not entirely.” and dryness of skin and vagina are also noted. the nouns will disappear and seemingly always at the most inopportune moments. Symptoms of menopause may vary widely. autoimmune disease. things of that nature. Yes. night sweats and mood swings. lMT. However. night sweats and occasional sleeplessness. nCbTMb. and the fact is that the whole process varies from woman to woman. guilfoyle. your entire www. It’s better to look at it as the beginning of another phase of life. Memory exercises that stroke and Alzheimer’s patients are encouraged to do help immensely — word puzzles. To help with the hot flushes. So … let’s talk about it! Yes. A client recently shared. genetic factors. with the average duration being four Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 years. s4oM “The only thing that is constant is change. The most common dental symptom of menopause is dry mouth. Being prepared for what might happen will hopefully make it easier. chocolate and processed sugar. menopause will happen — guaranteed. “I am many years post-menopausal. with up to two-thirds of women reporting forgetfulness or other memory-related difficulties. but the most commonly experienced are hot flashes. rubbing the back of my neck with one of my selections. Also. and increase intake of foods with magnesium and potassium. smoking.” –Heraclitus M enopause is just not talked about for the most part in our country. it is recommended by the medical and homeopathic people to reduce intake of caffeinated drinks. Many Asian women don’t have trouble with hot flashes and night sweats. for menopause — begin to experience symptoms of hormonal changes. When your estrogen levels decrease. These are just averages though. with a normal range from 45 to 55.” and can loosely be defined as the ten to fifteen years before menopause begins. A hot flush is a sudden feeling of heat that rushes to the upper body and face. Sleeplessness. as it was very. meanwhile. after the age of 35. These can happen anytime. but there are still the occasional night sweats. crossword puzzles. as they make the mouth even drier! Menopause may also cause problems with your teeth and gums. Over time.Mentioning menopause: what every woman should know about their unique journey (Part 1) by Casey e.5. These include hot flashes. brain teasers. The average age is 50 years. hysterectomy (where ovaries are removed and “instantly disrupt things”) or chemotherapy treatment. generally. it doesn’t have to be the end of our lives. thanks to their high soy and rice diet. For some.com 60 .

night sweats and mood swings.4912 Mon. eye health Overall vision may seem hazy during menopause. by joining three great private services in a professional. gums or other spots in their mouths. She has been in the Green Bay and Fox Valley region for more than 20 years and has the resources to assist both patients and caregivers in feeling comfortable and supported in maintaining their health. WI • 920. & Wed. 9-1 www. a positive state of mind. you will have fewer symptoms and feel healthier if you have a good diet. Karla Lunderville. It allows you to have an effective alternative to HRT for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. Ross Jensen. milky oat tops. The solution to fight this sign of menopause: Practice good dental hygiene. the culprit is a hormone imbalance. recommends beginning symptom relief with fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids and Remifemin® by Enzymatic Therapy for an initial natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). APNP. Webster Ave. dental hygienist. OD. at Wisconsin Vision. including your mouth. Dr. and Lisa Wudtke. Donna Reagan.body. personable and discreet comfortable setting. NCBTMB. Some women going through menopause may feel pain or a burning sensation on their tongue. MPH. Eye dryness can also be experienced. medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin.” by Beth W. A very rare dental symptom is burning mouth syndrome. Bridget Jandrain. They may also find that some foods taste different during or after menopause. 10-5 • Tue. and utilizes them to guide her approach to helping her patients feel reconnected with their bodies and empowered in the face of physical challenges. and a healthy liver and adrenal glands.com Hundreds of wigs & hairpieces in stock nellswigsboutique. regular exercise. and a healthy liver and adrenal glands..aspx. you will have fewer symptoms and feel healthier if you have a good diet. Casey feels that her patients’ concerns are her concerns. Acknowledgements: Teresa Arnold. Suite B • Green Bay. Again. MD. according to Dr. Kelly Dobry Kirby. When your mouth is dry. gets drier.everydayhealth. Lynn Green.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 61 . http:// www. Green Bay. In addition. No matter at what age you go through Feel Nell’s focuses on women and their needs. 2031 South Webster Avenue. Lynn Green. regular exercise. drink plenty of fluids and see your dental hygienist regularly. 10-6 • Thu. dental hygienist.393. References: “Menopause Symptoms That May Surprise You. a positive state of mind. Wig Consultations A Full Service Wig Salon & Accessories Licensed Cosmetologists Boutique Consultations Massage Therapy Licensed Massage Therapist – Certified in Oncology Massage Board Certified Mastectomy Fitter Mastectomy Boutique 2031 S. The use of artificial tears (Systane or Refresh) is encouraged to combat this symptom. lips. RN. comfortable andconfident. bacteria can grow. sage and red clover to help alleviate symptoms. causing tooth decay and making your gums bleed or recede. OD. APNP. “no matter at what age you go through menopause. Orenstein. LMT. black cohosh extract can provide natural relief from hot flashes.naturespathways. Casey Guilfoyle. A reliable. Green Bay. clinically studied. & Fri. Lynn suggests infusions of nettle. is available by appointment only at Nell’s Wigs & Boutique.” menopause. Decreasing hormones can affect your taste buds and make you more sensitive to pain. certified dental assistant. 10-4 • Sat. S4OM. Hormone replacement therapy may help to combat this.com/medical-reviewers. Ross Jensen. Suite B.

weight loss consultant. For more information. medium heat until chicken runs clea and veggies among pita pockets. teacher.5 g Shana Conradt is a personal chef. sliced 2 T.5 g Total Carbohydrates 20. Saute chicken. salt and pepper in a nonstick pan 1.com . 2. pepper.5 g Protein 30.com. 62 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. red pesto salt and pepper 4 small. educator. sliced 1 red pepper.healthyeatIng Chicken and R ed Pesto Pita Pockets Ingredients: 16 oz. r. chicken breast 1 clove garlic ½ red onion. visit www. Divide chicken nutrition Facts (per serving): Serves 4 Calories 280 Total Fat 8.shanaleeconradt. fresh spinach Directions: over pesto. counselor and competitive athlete for more than 15 years. garlic. author and speaker. She has been a fitness instructor. onion.naturespathways. whole wheat pita pockets 2 c.

com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 63 . knee to chest: This first exercise is very basic. foot next to the thigh. While lying on your back and both legs two area locations: 2595 Development Drive. knee or shin. Lying knee twist stretch. and the long-term effects of Repeat 3-5 times with each leg.PAIN bing your thigh. He is a Harvard scholar who specializes in neuropathic pain. Sitting around and waiting for the flowers to bloom and the starting position in a controlled manner the grass to turn green is a good way to fall and repeat the exercise with your left leg. lying knee twist: This next exerthis can be deadly — literally. and some of them can even be experience persistent back or muscle pain. is the medical director for Advanced Pain align your pelvis and simultaneously stretch your lower back Management in Green Bay. GrabBay and 2700 E. I often recommend to my patients that they start out with short. which can help patients go from a sedentary lifestyle in the winter to a high-inten. Appleton. Even better. brisk walks as the weather warms up to help transition into a more Repeat 3-5 times on each side. As you begin with nicer weather. APM has and posterior muscles. should you the comfort of your own home. cise stretches the paraspinal muscles and According to a Harvard Business Review strengthens the abdominal muscles. Finding ways to be active is not only important for living healthy your leg back to the center and to the ground. Our Generation.901. Then either keep your right leg outstretched injuring yourself on the first day of a project won’t just leave you in or tuck your right leg in toward your buttocks. hold for about 20 seconds. www. relative inactivity.” the average American sits for 9. In addition.three stretches to keep you active and prevent back pain by Dr. Call 888. healthy lifestyle.5 hours Piriformis seated stretch. like radiating leg pain. Tighten your core and rotate while watching television. Suite 150. Combined with a light cardio program and put into practice reguactive spring and summer season. cross your left leg over your right leg and put your chores and projects that bring more physical activity. these simple stretches can help prevent or alleviate back and prepare for a more active lifestyle that usually goes hand-in-hand muscle pain and help promote an active.3 hours a day (more than 1. Lift your right knee toward your chest.naturespathways. cross it over the left side of your longer than we sleep) and the chances of dying increase by 11 percent for every hour a day spent sitting body until you feel a gentle stretch through the back and buttocks muscles. all of them can be performed in your household projects and home exercise programs. M. it’s a great way to avoid something worse than cise with your left leg. Repeat 3-5 times on each side. While seated with a sity lifestyle in the spring. It’s important to transition into spring straight back. a consultation with a family physician or a pain management specialist is recommended. but this time. pumps and neurostimulation.D.. Hold for about 20 seconds and then alternate sides.com. out of shape. Alternate this exerand living longer. Each year I see an increase in back and muscle pain because for lengthening the piriformis muscle over time. After all. Return to not necessary. Grab your left knee with your right hand and pull it toward your body until you feel a pain. Enterprise Avenue. sedentary muscles and larly. I offer three simple stretches that can help people loosen stiff. w inter brings cold temperatures. practiced while at work. slowly lift your right knee toward your chest. gentle stretch. Most insurance accepted. Green extended out. Marco Araujo Knee to chest stretch. but can help Marco Araujo. Piriformis seated stretch: This last exercise can be good sub-zero temperatures – pain and injury.alleviate sciatic pain. for many people. Referrals are welcome. but you feel a comfortable stretch and hold for 20 seconds. pull your knee to your chest until (7246) for an appointment or visit APMhealth. snow and. Start blog article titled “Sitting is the Smoking of on your back with your legs extended out. your project will go unfinished.

fine lines and scars. articles on the company’s affiliates.naturespathways. but that is not all it can do for you. antibiotics or GMO supplements in any of the products. or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic production. Bluegreen Organix goes to great lengths to not only meet. shampoos.3099. dessert. because it also works on wrinkles. All of these products are certified organic.com) at the retail level or take advantage of their membership programs. but exceed government inspection and management requirements. USDA Certified Organic poultry from Heavenly Farms are Minnesota-raised from a select network of organic farmers who strongly believe in raising chickens as nature intended: Freely roaming with access to fresh air and sunshine. The company says the “wow” factor pretty much describes how people react to the mouth-watering flavor of the grass fed beef. coffee. without growth hormones or antibiotics in their free-range environment. cheese. from local farms located in the Midwest. along with vegetarian organic feed. hand soap. The company has visited the farms and has gotten to know the farmers and their commitment to sustainable farming.com 64 . seafood. The beef cattle are 100% grass fed on mineral-rich pastures. Their complete organic product line includes meat. lip balm. body care products and nutritional supplements. Meat is aged 21-28 days to the peak of perfection. see their website at www. The company info tells us shea butter is a “superfood” for your skin and hair. You can visit their facebook page to get information and see current specials and other details about the products. To create specially crafted smoked sausages from hand-selected USDA Certified Organic ingredients. The USDA regulations prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers. Bluegreen Organix offers two different options for customers to purchase products from their online store at discounts from the retail price.com/BlueGreenOrganix. You will receive 20% off with the free membership or 40% off with the platinum membership. There are no synthetic growth-promoters. They prohibit antibiotic and synthetic Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 hormone use in organic meat and poultry.443. and require 100% organic feed for organic livestock. shea butter balm and shaving cream. These sausages and hot dogs contain no nitrates or nitrites and are chemical and antibiotic-free. repairing by deeply moisturizing and strengthening your skin while offering UV protection. cut and vacuum sealed under USDA inspection. You will want to subscribe to the “The Organic Times. They believe in small acreage farms and are dedicated to bringing top-quality products from farms that are maintained with a sense of pride and tradition. various synthetic substances. Consuming certified organic food the Bluegreen Organix way makes it possible for smaller acreage farms not only to survive but to thrive.facebook. The folks at Bluegreen Organix believe in the farming heritage of the Midwest. The meat products carry the Heavenly Farms label and the USDA Certified Organic label. The newsletter has information about products. They frequently visit the farms and know each farmer. hormones. which also offers other discounts and memberships with several of the company’s interesting affiliates.” the official newsletter of Bluegreen Organix. They offer African black soap and shea butter.com or call 952. with a genuine concern for the animals and land. You can purchase directly from their website (http://bluegreenorganix. www. The company says the name “Manzili” (meaning: “Sent by God”) best describes all the black soap and shea butter products. irradiation. body soap.businessprofILe b luegreen Organix is a Minnesota company that brings a wide variety of organic and all-natural products to the online marketplace. Bluegreen Organix tapped the talents of award-winning Chef Bill Neimer. Their website explains the options in detail and walks you through the easy registration process. Chef Neimer’s delicious sausages are ready for enjoyment straight off the grill or as part of your favorite recipe. recipes and events the company will be attending. Their goal is to deliver to the customer the widest selection possible of organic and all-natural products while offering affordable rates. The Manzili African Organic Body Care and Shea Butter Body Care products offered by Bluegreen Organix provide a solution for consumers trying to eliminate chemicals and toxins from their daily lives. Like them on Facebook at https://www. sewage sludge.bluegreenorganix.

com facebook.com/bluegreenorganix 952.3099 • customerservice@bluegreenorganix.$ PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP with coupon code naturespath001 20 OFF A SAVE bluegreenorganix.naturespathways.com www.443.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 65 .

x 3 ft. your compost is not dead. backyard compost piles can keep chugging along through the cold winter temperatures. The microorganisms may seem like they die off during the long winter. With a little prep. It may seem logical just to make the compost pile www. When the external temperature drops.).com 66 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 ost think that once winter rolls around. Nordale Drive. but don’t worry. so will the heat inside the compost pile. it slows down the speed of decomposition occurring within the compost pile. too! by sarah everson M Now offering: Power vinyasa yoga Beginner classes Children’s yoga Private yoga sessions Workshops Nutritional coaching www. Appleton • puravidacrystal@hotmail. when temperatures start to drop outside. they will be back to work decomposing again. therefore. x 3 ft.com • 920-851-1084 2416 W.naturespathways.puravidayogallc. Most private compost piles are smaller than a cubic yard (3 ft. Think about the leaf matter on the forest floor. once temperatures warm up in the spring.Compost piles hibernate. composting continues there regardless of the weather.com . backyard composting season is over until six weeks after the groundhog sees his shadow. it is just hibernating for the winter like many animals do. There are a few things that must be taken into consideration to help a backyard compost pile survive the winter. Actually.

Rings. The ideal size for a compost pile is at least one cubic yard but no larger than three cubic yards. bigger. Regardless of whether any winter prep has been done.com or call her at 920. just remember to hang in there. that compost will not be ready to use first thing in spring. c om / n e w s / 2 0 1 0 / 1 2 / 0 6 / guide-to-composting-in-the-winter/. Protection from the cold will make quite a difference even without heat in that garage! If you can build a block structure around the pile. This will keep the moisture out while trapping the heat inside.682.html. consider building a concrete block structure around it. and remember water will drain off.-Fri.“Just remember. WI WWW. Die-hard composters have the option of creating a compost pile inside a heated garage.us/site/html/reflect/oct22.state.6223. Trekking out to the backyard compost pile with food waste all winter long is also an option. it is always wise to turn a compost pile first chance in the spring. Besides building a larger compost pile or insulating it with straw. a private composting facility located between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh. Spring gardens ideally would have been prepped in the autumn with compost created during the prior spring and summer. which may work. Earrings. Since www.COM March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 67 . Books.” continually added to a backyard compost pile during the winter. Raw and Tumbled Crystals and Stones • Essential Oils. 10-4 If you want something to grow. Spring will be here before you know it! Sarah Everson is the business manager for Compost Joe’s Premium Soils and Organics. Candles. however. Body & Spirit • Sterling Silver Pendants. For more information. A pile with material that is uniform will also be insulated from the cold temperatures. Bracelets • Over 70 Polished. Keep some autumn leaves in a container nearby to add to the food waste. References: ht t p : / / e ar th 9 1 1 . that compost will not be ready to use first thing in spring.com 1106 Washington St. Another tip is to keep all the material in the compost pile the same size. even if material is Crystal Pathway Gifts for Mind. http://www. Look at the difference between a car kept in an unheated garage versus one left out on the street overnight through a frigid winter evening.8680 • Mon. Just remember. 11-6. it is not too much harder to add a roof. College Avenue Appleton. Sat. simply make the pile bigger and put a tarp over it. even if material is continually added to a backyard compost pile during the winter. Sarah also offers seminars and private classes on composting.vt.921.CompostJoes. If building a structure around a compost pile seems like too much work. Smudge Sticks www. htm.. a wet spring or lots of melting snow can create an anaerobic state for the compost pile.crystalpathway. thus preserving air space in the pile.ehow. Having a roof on the compost pile will protect it from excess water. http://www.naturespathways. Smaller particles (about two inches) create uniform heat in a compost pile. but the microorganisms (perhaps some named Fido) will thank you. vermiculture (worm composting) is a great option. Water floods the air pockets inside the pile and your beneficial microorganisms drown. If you get the urge to hunker down and hibernate like your compost pile and the critters. Just make sure it has holes for air. why don’t you call Compost Joe’s (920) 921-6223 Van Dyne.com/m/about_6573691_ happens-compost-freezing-weather_.com yard waste is not readily available in the winter.COMPOSTJOES. Manitowoc • 920. visit  www. WI ® America’s Finest Compost Product • Environmentally friendly • Landfill diversion – “Working towards zero waste” • Cubic foot bags of 100% composted plant material • Manure-free topdressing for plants & lawns Find Compost Joe’s • Tools to start composting in your backyard Products at Just Act Natural • Compost consulting & education 129 E. Soon your compost pile will be looking like Fido’s dog house sitting out in the yard.anr.

This was served atop crisp. which perfectly contrasted the tuna. homemade tortillas and salsa. a friend and I visited for dinner and. the Cecina Wrapped Scallops. seared and baked perfectly. seasoned. quality ingredients. We started out the meal with Seared Tuna with a spicy ginger seasoning. creative cocktails. fresh jicama. I was very excited to learn that our community has welcomed Osorio’s Latin Fusion and I had to get there immediately to take on this food experience! As soon as we walked into Osorio’s. I was very excited to learn that all of the food is prepared from scratch with fresh. my work friend and I were both intrigued by the Grilled Fish Tacos and ordered the same meal. and topped with just enough tequila cream sauce for added flavor. fresh sautéed mushrooms and sweet red peppers. On this lunch visit. quite light. and. which were a bit “naughty” as they were deep fried. The friendly server convinced us that we absolutely had to try the house-made Mocha Flan. Be sure to visit with your honey or your friends! Or call Osorio’s for your next event. I ordered the Vegetarian Chile Relleno. Latin fusion is one that has always intrigued me. I could have easily stuffed myself with these alone! (We both agreed that stopping by one evening to enjoy cocktails and appetizers in the beautiful large bar would be very delightful!) After getting our fill of appetizers. I’ve been exposed to many cooking styles and techniques. I will certainly order this again! My guest ordered the healthier menu option. black beans. However. These fresh jumbo sea scallops were wrapped with thinly sliced Cecina. Appleton 920. Typically. we were not disappointed.3766 www.. topped with orange rum sauce. Casaloma Dr. red peppers with an absolutely delicious tequila cream sauce. Veggie Flautas. in fact. The authentic recipes were either handed down from family or specially created by the chef and his family. which featured flavorful fresh green spinach. with its warm colors and modern décor. so I really wanted to experience it for myself. On another occasion. black beans. a delicious “unfried” version of the traditional favorite. then seasoned.955. incredible entrées and the best house-made flan. the tortillas were not heavy or oily.restaurantspotLIgHt h aving watched many chef. The fresh corn tortillas (my favorite) were stuffed with flaky whitefish and smothered with a lot of “nottoo-spicy” flavor. They were stuffed with sautéed spinach. I am not a fan of flan. It was a great fusion of the usual surf n’ turf. mushrooms. crisp sweet corn. Since every meal comes with two side options. The different textures were certainly a treat for the mouth! The guacamole was another treat — with perfect “secret” flavors that I can never seem to perfect at home — served with thin. He chose a side of Rosemary Red Potatoes with sautéed garlic and butter with the house-made Veggie Blend. black beans.com Hours: M-Th 11am-9pm.com 68 . mushrooms and Cotija cheese. These choices were the perfect complement to the rich flavors of the marinated fish tacos.naturespathways. It was also nice to learn that Osorio’s features a huge gluten-free menu along with many delicious vegetarian options.and foodrelated TV programs over the years. which featured flavors of mocha and tiramisu. but changed to fit the latin fusion flavors that are a treat for your taste buds. once again. corn.OsoriosLatinFusion. Su 11am-8pm www. This certainly changed both of our minds and we will be ordering this in the future for sure! It was an absolute delight and we polished off the plate. Osorio’s Latin Fusion features a warm environment with private large party rooms and “mini” rooms that are romantic and cozy for couples or small parties. We also tried a vegetarian appetizer. We stuffed ourselves with Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 an array of delicious appetizers. we were welcomed by the warm and friendly staff and were quite impressed by the beautiful environment. we also indulged in the house-made Refried Black Beans (for added protein) and the Veggie Blend. Thank you for a great dining experience! Osorio’s latin fusion 1910 N. red peppers. F-Sa 11am-10pm. The baked Poblano pepper was stuffed with the veggie blend of spinach.

Matrix Energetics. but relatively easy to learn to change this programming. mental. This decreases the worry about the labels and judgments of others. depending on the severity and number of layers involved. Ann khanna M any people experience temporary bouts of anxiety or depression at some time in their lives. What can happen along the way is that.holistic help for anxiety and depression by Dr. including relationships. She owns Rainbows In Harmony and her passion is to empower others to take control of their lives on all levels – physical. She offers private sessions. and the fear of doing or saying the wrong things. over 20 million Americans have some form of depression. it can feel as though life is back on track. the person is now free to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Drugs are not without risks and side effects. According to the National Institute of Mental Health. During the teenage years.com 69 . guided imagery. many of the medications used to treat the symptoms of these mood disorders interact with the delicate balance of these brain chemicals. in many cases. a holistic practitioner will help uncover the root cause of the symptoms. there is the struggle to “fit in” and be accepted despite all of the peer pressure. usually surrounding serious illnesses or major life changes.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® www. Rainbows In Harmony Spiritual Dr. These drugs can be life-saving in severe cases.9693 Ann@RainbowsInHarmony. however. Qigong. the person begins to act according to what they think society expects of them and this restrictive and constraining behavior begins to infiltrate every facet of their life.757. EFT and acupuncture. it IS possible to break free of the cycle of anxiety and depression to live a joy-filled life.RainbowsInHarmony. Spencer St.com or call 920. but by working with a health care professional and a holistic practitioner.naturespathways. yoga.. There are a number of different causes. It’s no wonder the symptoms of anxiety and depression are frequently seen together! The good news is that it is not only possible. herbal supplements. children are bombarded with rules and regulations enforced by well-meaning adults. This becomes a problem because the symptoms can affect all facets of daily living. Anxiety is reduced and depression subsides. work and family. please visit her website at www. uses a variety of energetic healing techniques (including Reiki. Some effective methods include exercise. Emotional. but what scientists have discovered is that many people with anxiety and depression also have an imbalance of neurotransmitters. and it is important not to alter the dosage without the supervision of a health care professional. a greater number of people are dealing with anxiety and depression of a more chronic nature. family and career issues.757. 40 million have an anxiety disorder. This can carry over into adulthood when the opinions and judgments of others become increasingly important in relationship. Appleton • 920. which is why an increasing number of people with mild to moderate cases of anxiety or depression are choosing holistic methods to manage their symptoms. It may not happen overnight.com • www. For more information. Physical. Ann Khanna Energy Healing Specialist 4650 W. the brain chemicals that regulate mood. and more than half of the people with depression also have anxiety. meditation.RainbowsInHarmony. breath work. While growing up. Once these new behaviors are established and strengthened. Thus.9693. Dr. More recently. emotional and spiritual. With these limitations removed. Ann Khanna left traditional medicine in 1993 and since then has studied and practiced holistic methods of achieving health and wellness. EFT. Mental. Ideally. Theta Healing and others) and teaches classes and workshops. the pressure to be perfect. This leads to the person’s inherent needs and desires being denied (depression) and constant negative or fearful self-talk (anxiety).

” When an athlete is not performing so well. we have all had the feeling at one time or another of being on the ball or out of step. And yet. breathing and salivation are working at their optimal tempo.” Whether or not we are athletes. in concrete and measurable ways. From a neurological perspective.com . Imagine in nite possibilities.4874 • Appleton.Obtaining peak performance by Jenifer richart w hen an athlete is excelling. It means that activity is also balanced between left and right lobes. But we can do more than merely see these imbalances – we can correct them. We can literally see in one’s brain activity whether or not she is in the zone. When the autonomic nervous system operates at its prime. to ignore distractions. the brain is the master control. she might be said to be “off her game. perspiration. Brainwave Optimization provides a process through continued on page 73 www. WI 70 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 only describe with vague euphemisms. it is often said that she “has her head in the game” or that she’s “in the zone. � ��� F�� V����� Sleeplessness • Memory Loss • Learning Challenges Chronic Pain • Stress & Anxiety • Addictions braintrainingfv. Why is one sometimes “in the zone” and other times “out”? As new technology and more refined methods of investigation have been applied to the study of the human brain. many things can happen: your peripheral vision closes in. We may find it more difficult at times to focus our attentions. It controls everything we think. respiration. what we could previously Using advanced neuro-technology to brainwave Optimization how it works release the barriers in your brain.284. Brainwave activity goes out of sync. being in the zone means that brainwave activity in your frontal lobe (execution) is balanced with brainwave activity in your occipital lobe (input). You see. And it also controls the autonomic nervous system — a significant dimension of our physicality. we have come to see.naturespathways. heartbeat. or your reaction times slow. as common and universal as these states of being are. and when engaged in a challenging activity we generally have a clear sense of how close or far from that peak we are. your visual acuity dims. feel and do. your speed.  When the brain is not operating in balance and harmony. your handeye coordination can be slowed. Each of us has a sense of our own peak performance. Life’s traumas — physical and emotional — can alter brainwave functioning. strength and endurance aren’t at their peak. to truly occupy the present moment and maintain a state of relaxed readiness. we find it difficult to put a finger on what exactly is at their core.com • 920.

You’ll come out ahead over time. WHERE you begin is not what’s important.733. most of us have “dumping grounds” of sorts. THAT you BEGIN to take action is. Enjoy the freedom from the things that weigh you down. it helps to get yourself centered in what you hope to accomplish and attract into your life. Remove everything from the area. In order to facilitate new growth and abundance in your physical world. anyway? Joan M. Since nature abhors a vacuum.Clear your clutter (Part 1) by Joan M. Finally. ek In the first installment of this article.lifespectrums. With time you’ll notice a lightening of your spirit and more joy and true happiness taking the place of all your stuff. If temptation strikes to immediately refill the space. Take a look at your newly uncluttered space and bask in the feeling of “less is more. For those who may have hoarding tendencies. Clean the area from top to bottom. Reiki therapy and teaching. just be certain that it leaves the premises forever. we physically see new growth appearing.9793 or on the Web at www. Then ask yourself to see them in a way that is even more supportive to you. try to remove two items before bringing one new thing into your space. replace only onethird of it. Ek. Whichever you choose. and have more www. she is passionate about the mind/body/spirit connection.com time to enjoy the non-material things in your life that truly matter. once you remove something no longer needed. is your guest room suitable for a guest. owner of Life Spectrums. Finish by taking three more deep breaths.” If you’re feeling like a champion clutter buster.” Celebrate by enjoying the experience of knowing that you have less to maintain. For example.net March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 71 . Empowering individuals to reach their innate potential through: Life Coaching • Reiki Therapy and Teaching • Yoga Resource/Referral • Seminars and Workshops JOAN EK Life Coach.lifespectrums. yoga instruction and seminars and workshops on topics relating to quality of life.733. it makes space for something more appropriate to enter. Take three deep breaths. To prepare yourself to truly let go. She also provides resource and referral services to clients. w ith the approach of spring. including your material things. recycled or appropriately trashed. Perhaps there’s a clutter drawer or closet where you stash things. Begin by finding a quiet space and settle in for 10-15 minutes. is a professionally trained life coach. The remaining stuff can be divided up to be donated to a charity. Then carefully choose to replace only one-half of the “stuff.naturespathways. insure and clean around. Contact her via phone at 920.net. Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan and Karuna™ methods and a registered yoga teacher. Sometimes it’s the area just inside the door where we drop things as we enter our homes. She works to help empower individuals to reach their innate potential through life coaching. Take three more deep breaths. we’ll be focusing on your physical environment. you need to make space for it to come into. With over 25 years in the field of health care. given to a friend in need. See your surroundings as they are. Reiki Master Teacher. Be brutally honest. LLC.9793 | www. Aren’t those the real “things” you’re truly wanting in your life. The information that is given to you in this exercise will help direct the action you take. Check out the horizontal surfaces for clues. or would you need to have advanced notice to ready a room for an unexpected guest? Bingo! You’ve found a starting place. repeat the process above. Certified Yoga Teacher 920.

For example. OttO chiropractic Call for an appointment! Live life to the fullest! We provide the opportunity for your body to perform at its best. The most successful weight loss centers in America have a 75% return rate. The subconscious mind acts on information from the past. some people think they will get sick or weak if they lose weight or change the food they eat. shifting negative subconscious stress patterns into positive thoughts must be a priority.. When we feel fear. PhD..net Ask about our new patient special! www.com . creating negativity that overrides logic. • Identity loss. according to Robert Marshall.. Common fears associated with weight loss include: • Losing friends. The body does not distinguish the passage of time in cell memory patterns. • Anxiety. naturally and drug-free! We detect and correct the root cause of many symptoms: Headaches • Dizziness • Neck pain • Indigestion • Low back pain • Carpal tunnel Bed wetting • Numbness/tingling in hands. When we become aware of our fears.naturespathways. • Reassurance to be attractive. PhD r esearch shows that even one pound of excess body fat can create chronic inflammation and chronic “un” wellness over time. If you want to be well.ottochiropractic. Protective thought patterns are stored in our cell memory and keep us safe from perceived dangers. CCN. you are not alone. we activate established patterns of avoidance that sabotage the goals we want to achieve. arms. Fear of change is common. creating automatic responses you may not understand. Modifying your diet and lifestyle may be perceived as a threat. legs • Sinus • Digestive problems Migraines • Sciatica • Constipation • Many other ailments (920) 739-6800 308 East Northland Ave. the body can release them.A key to weight loss success: subconscious emotional stress patterns by kari uselman. function at its best and therefore feel its best . • Relationship changes. Appleton 72 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. If you have tried losing weight in the past and have failed. DACBN. making it almost impossible to lose weight or heal past traumas. These unconscious fears and rationalizations shut down cortical areas of the brain that help us think rationally. Our cells engage the memory pattern of the original emotional or physical trauma when fear-based thought patterns are activated. The thought pattern is locked in the tissue. The missing link with many diet plans and a key factor in diet failure are subconscious emotional stress patterns that have not been addressed. • Loss of youth. • Safety issues. • Weight gain. These unhealthy thought patterns must be reframed in order to attain lasting success in achieving your ideal weight and goals.

naturespathways. For more information.D. the body can release excess fat from tissue. The identification and reframing of specific fears and negative emotions are keys to change and personal accomplishment. owner of Wellness Essentials. Ph.284. running faster. beat the competition or receive the accolades. Ultimately. Specializing in Stress Reduction. Emotional re-polarization is a simple and powerful process that identifies and brings subconscious stress patterns to the surface. supporting our goals and wellness.com obtAining peAk peRFoRMAnce continued from page 70 which the brain can auto-calibrate and restore itself to its optimal. and manifest what you want in your life. you may want to explore re-polarizing subconscious fears and emotions that are holding you back. increasing stamina and focus — pros and amateurs alike have found an optimized brain has given them the edge they need to realize their greatest potential.” The key to weight loss success lies in identifying each inherent fear and emotion holding you back. Ph. or re-polarized. Kari weaves her intuition. Quantum Reflex Analysis. alleviate chronic pain. this technology has helped people who have been more than just thrown off their game. Semato-Emotional Release and Sound Healing. Whatever our goals and whatever our obstacles. It is important to seek support from experts who can help you shift fear-based thoughts into positive wellness patterns. into a supportive new pattern for change to occur. and our potential seems limitless. emotionally. LLC. Vastu BioEnergetics and Cation Mudpacks.4022. When we are operating at peak performance. which looks at the degree of balance and harmony your brain contains and provides the tools to accomplish an optimum state of brain balance. Athletes of all stripes have found Brainwave Optimization to be extremely helpful in helping them get their heads back in the game. We may be driven to win the race. visit www.com • (920) 410-4022 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 456 N. Main Street • Oshkosh Located at the Harmony Wellness Center 73 . Harness the power of re-polarizing subconscious emotional stress patterns for lasting success. reduce anxiety.com. Restore – Over 1.000 satisfied clients! www. If you have been unsuccessful in losing weight. Each negative thought pattern needs to be reframed.D. When you love yourself. Providing innovative wellness with care and integrity.4874 or visit www. supporting our goals and wellness. Once you realize this. is a certified quantum biofeedback specialist and homeo-therapeutic coach.WellnessEssentialsLLC. eliminate and consciously conquer hindrances to weight loss or anything that has been preventing your success. Quantum-State Therapeutic Strategies & Holistic Wellness Quantum Reflex Analysis • INDIGO Quantum Biofeedback Craniosacral Therapy • Innovative Technologies Vastu BioEnergetics • Complex Homeopathy Kari Uselman. Shaving ten points shaved off a golf score. What could you do with an optimized brain? Jenifer Richart is the owner and operator of Brain Training of the Fox Valley. Kari is also an advanced practitioner of Emotional Re-polarization Technique.“Positive thought patterns ignite a catalyst for transformation in all aspects of our being: physically. Even better. but really.410. To experience great achievement in whatever you choose. you can seek help in reframing fear and emotional stress. have yo-yoed over the years or are feeling depressed at your perceived failures. you are the only one who can embrace the courage to make changes in your life. integrity and caring into her sessions to support her clients’ holistic wellness and has worked with over 1000 satisfied clients. Positive thought patterns ignite a catalyst for transformation in all aspects of our being: physically. This technique helps you reframe. operating at peak performance is its own reward. balanced state. emotionally. Your internal thoughts are yours alone. Victims of concussions and traumatic brain injuries have reported significant improvement in their condition after Brainwave Optimization. Fear builds upon and evolves from previous experiences that are stored in your subconscious mind. Contact Jenifer to find out more about how optimizing your brain can optimize your life: call 920. specializing in Brainwave Optimization™. Rejuvenate. fears must be overcome and “reframing” strategies need to be implemented. jumping higher.braintrainingfv. About 95 percent of what people do and think is subliminal. stronger and more capable in every aspect of our lives. com or call 920. mentally and spiritually. we are all striving to be our very best. we feel better. enhance mobility and boost self esteem. She also facilitates Craniosacral Therapy. www. With positive thought patterns supporting your cells. and shift negative thoughts into thought patterns supported with love. individualized support and lifestyle education. Kari Uselman. Her passion is to inspire and make a positive difference in her clients’ lives through holistic wellness. Nationally Certified FDA registered technologies & products Supporting Your Journey to Wellness: Detoxify. you can receive love and embrace the knowledge that you can be healthy and actively take steps for change.WellnessEssentialsLLC. mentally and spiritually..

10-6. looks down and realizes she’s ten feet off the ground. Now.. Wed. Wisconsin Ave. in a row. 10-7.. Fri.. etc..00 order. “Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups. Appleton • 920-574-2361 www. only 4 of 17 women were successful in performing a single pull-up. Neenah • 920-486-1781 277 W. after three months of 3-times-perweek workouts focused on strengthening the biceps and latissimus dorsi. admittedly feeling a little smug. The article summarized a study performed of 17 women. cold pressed from fresh olives.. 10-4 74 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Free! Spring Special With any $25.com . I’m no feminist. without resting — take that NY Times author! I returned to my office. which in contrast to the title was not a slam on the “weaker” sex.com 1-920-332-4549 www.00 value! Like Us on Facebook www.” Before reading any further. • Aged Balsamic Vinegars & Italian Artisan Pastas. who at the onset of the study could not do a single pull-up. receive a FREE soap bag! $5. Thurs. Yes.) ceiling to this list. • We invite you to “taste before you buy.com Mon. healthy. And beautiful! So I don’t know about you. but (as my corporate students can attest to) I feel very strongly that women should be able to be successful with body weight exercises such as push-ups. Sat.” TasTe Your #1 Source for Premium Handmade Olive Oil Soap! Visit our new Neenah location! Over 100 Scents of Soap & Bath Salts! 127 W. sitting on a pole that she just pulled herself up — priceless. I immediately went out into my workout room (my full-time job is in corporate fitness) and did five pull-ups.naturespathways. life. I’ve added climbing up to the (10 ft.theolivecellar. and proceeded to read the article. Northland Ave. and 2) because it’s empowering! The look on a woman’s face when she gets to the ceiling. Tues. strong. but as a little girl I was never able to do a pull-up or climb the rope in gym class.. Even as a nationally ranked high school powerlifter and a collegiate rower. the pull-up still eluded me.joulesofnature.. planks and tricep dips — and now as a pole fitness instructor.year of the upper body by lindsay george i was recently directed to an online article of the New York Times titled.com • info@theolivecellar. I push “my women” on this for two reasons: 1) because having a strengthto-weight ratio of one-to-one is important to a long. But not anymore! A pull-up utilizes the difference quality makes! • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils. from around the world .

healthylivingevents. the sky’s the limit to what you can do — or. For those of you whose eyes may have glazed over — that’s almost every major muscle group — with ONE exercise! One of the reasons boot camps are so popular is many of them include short duration exercises that target building strength. air or sea. Active Lifestyle Expo Don't miss your opportunity to be part of the largest Don't miss your opportunity to be part of the largest display and sale of Sport. your biceps). whether it's on land. air or sea. we've got you covered! Check out the latest in sports. Hobby & Recreation brings together local and national companies thatProducts & Services in Wisconsin.com. but also: pectoralis minor and major (chest). Learn how to exercise. Vendor Registration Open Now www.  Natural Product & Organic Food Expo Saturday. transversus abdominus.1441 or email info@aerialdancepoleexercise. each exercise designed to strengthen the shoulder girdle through its full range of motion via the proper engagement of all 17 muscles will. Hobby & Recreation Products & Services in Wisconsin. body-weight and resistance band exercises to systematically build the strength to completely lift your full body weight — and not just for the sake of being able to do a pull-up (and the subsequent bragging rights!). “I don’t care if I can do a pull-up. technology and athlete nutrition. build the strength in your entire upper body. fitness & active recreation including equipment. Oshkosh 1871 N. the ceiling! You may be reading this thinking. May 4. 2013 • Sunnyview Expo Center. triceps brachii (triceps). apparel. we've farmers market season. I just want toned arms. specialize in natural and organic products. at least.com/healthylivingevents greenevents@new. apparel. green and eco-friendly products Whatever for the home.com or 920-312-0014 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® Whatever your sport may be.com/healthylivingevents greenevents@new.facebook. technology and athlete nutrition. fitness. During the boot camp at Aerial Dance we perform variations of pole pullups. whether it's on land. environmental. Kick-off theyour sport may be. local.naturespathways.rr. Dedicated to the promotion of active lifestyles! Vendor Registration Open Now Vendor Registration Now Open www. fitness. She also holds multiple pole fitness certifications and is an instructor at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise.” Well. Fitness. Appleton Active Lifestyle Expo 920-750-1441 RegisteR oNliNe New classes start March 3 www. pets and the whole family. Will this by your Year of the Upper Body? Challenge accepted! Lindsay George holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is a certified health fitness specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine. organic farmers and vendors.facebook. primarily your latissimus dorsi (your “lats”) and biceps brachii (or. exercise.com or 920-312-0014 75 .com www. levator scapulae and deltoid (shoulders). Silverspring Dr. fitness & active recreation including equipment. Fitness.rr.poleappleton. rhomboids.com www. fresh greens and free-range meat and eggs. teres major. but because all the muscles that are being utilized during each exercise promote healthy functional strength for every day living.com The Natural Product & Organic Food Expodisplay and sale of Sport. the two go hand-inhand! Ladies. as well as your pelvic floor. a friend’s wedding or maybe you just want to rock a tank top this summer — invest in yourself and your long-term health by toning your upper body. trapezius. buy and preserve seasonal food.com www. Meet and buy direct from got you covered! Check out the latest in sports. It is important during strength training to emphasize proper shoulder engagement in every exercise.750. For more information call 920. rectus abdominus and external and internal obliques (abdominals/core). Snatch up early seedlings.. natural and organic Dedicated to the promotion of active lifestyles! foods.healthylivingevents. I’m challenging you to participate in the Year of the Upper Body! Whatever you may have going on this spring — your wedding. over time. simply.many muscles in your upper body and core.

it’s all there and it’s up to you to determine what’s going to make you fall in love with your skin again. MD.. MD.3577 www. skin texture. Appleton 920. revitalization and rejuvenation of your skin. We have a variety of lasers that will address sundamaged skin. rosacea and unwanted hair. where comfort. including Latisse and Renova. Botox and facial fillers help to eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles and deep folds. created Rejuvenessence mediSpa. Make R-mediSpa your mediSpa today! Rejuvenessence mediSpa: where we restore … revitalize … and rejuvenate your skin. Kenneth Pechman. acne and acne scars.businessprofILe w hy should you make R-mediSpa your mediSpa? Is it the hybrid blend of the luxurious elements. skin tightening. and enhance a more youthful appearance.574.com www. We have an assortment of chemical peels as well as a medicalgrade microdermabrasion infusion system. Enterprise Ave. beauty and serene surroundings are blended with medical-grade treatments and results-driven products to help deliver restoration. uneven pigmentation. state-of-the-art technology. Our founder and medical director.rmedispa. 76 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Kenneth Pechman. Call today to set up your complimentary consultation to see how R-mediSpa can assist you in achieving your skincare goals. fine lines and wrinkles. We extend complimentary consultations with our board certified dermatologists to assist patients in determining the best treatments to suit their needs without any high pressure sales tactics. age spots. Suite 104. We invite you to experience R-mediSpa and see for yourself. Our menu of services • Acne light Therapy • PhotoFacial/IPl • skin Tightening • Pixel resurfacing • laser Hair reduction • laser 360™ • body Contouring • latisse® • laser Hair reduction • Waxing • Chemical Peels • Injectables • Facials • Dermasweep • Microdermabrasion • sclerotherapy • skincare Products • Massage rejuvenessence medispa 2201 E. PhD Several aesthetic prescription products are available right from our location. medical-grade treatments and products? Or is it the personalized attention to detail and the results you will see when you look in the mirror that will win you over? At Rejuvenessence mediSpa. Rejuvenessence mediSpa has an extensive menu of aesthetic and massage services.naturespathways.com . And don’t forget the physician-administered injectables. PhD.

Located in Appleton. Set peppers upright in a 9x13 baking dish. set aside.muddcreekllc. glutenfree indulgence that allows you to enliven é Gluten-Free Gourmet Fine Foods You’ll like the simplicity. Mudd Creek is a gluten-free wholesale company specializing in fruit spreads.com (920) 419-0412 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 77 .com. Mudd Creek. 3. Fill peppers with filling. 5. In very large bowl. For more information. Discard seeds and ribs.Gluten-free delicious stuffed peppers by Danielle lythjohan Ingredients: 8 bell peppers (can use any color) 2 cups cooked quinoa (follow package instructions) ½ can black beans. baking mixes. butter spices/rubs www. diced. we're all about taking our transforming them into a secret. cut into quarters ½ onion. LLC At Mudd Creek. cooked and seasoned with salt and pepper to taste 3 heaping TB gluten-free taco seasoning* ¾ cup Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese blend (extra if you want to top the peppers) ¾ cup Mudd Creek Zesty Raspepper (for a milder flavor try Mudd Creek Mango Tango) Directions: 1. Sprinkle tops with extra cheese if desired.muddcreekllc. pushing down gently and heaping up slightly on top. Submerge peppers into water and boil for three minutes. Wash peppers and cut off tops. 6. please visit www. add remaining ingredients and mix well. baking mixes. LLC. Bake 40-45 minutes or until browned on top and filling is heated through. minced (any color. I use red) 2-3 chicken breasts. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. butter spices and coffee blends. Remove carefully and let cool until you are able to handle them. Preheat oven to 350°F. It is owned and operated by Donna and Ken Klausen.   4.naturespathways.com You’ll love the diversity! Contact us at: www. *omit for a vegetarian dish Danielle Lythjohan is a blogger and product developer volunteer for Mudd Creek. 2. drained and rinsed 1 can corn and pepper combination ½ pint grape tomatoes. Specializing in: fruit spreads.

” Few of us are aware of the impact stress can have in our lives. Moreover. In either management approach. Any effective strategy to manage stress should be immediately applicable and seek to avoid a future reoccurrence.com 78 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . The strategy www. “Stress is a physical and emotional reaction that people experience as they encounter changes in life. They says. an effective management strategy should begin by accurately identifying and understanding the cause of the stress through careful self reflection. “There are numerous emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress. Yet the mind-body interaction is not always benign.naturespathways. atopic dermatitis. It is associated with ingrained and immediate reactions over which we have no control that were originally designed to be beneficial …” Stress is commonly a reaction to some perceived or imagined challenge to our achieving our goals or realizing our expectations about the future. effective strategies can be developed. In fact. we need to find ways to cope with the side effects of the stress. hypertension. hives. however. many of us have become so used to our chronic stress that we no longer recognize the symptoms. the gastrointestinal system (GERD. Our mental and physical selves are constantly interacting. whole entities.stress and the body by James Carnes t he discovery of neuroplasticity demonstrates and the placebo effect shows that we are complete. as well as autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The first is to identify the cause of the stress and find ways to resolve. redefine or otherwise eliminate the stress. the particular actions will depend on our specific needs and the situation. It might be some little thing that we aren’t consciously aware of. According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH NCCAM). However. Stress is a normal feeling. In addition. the stressed state continues. ulcerative colitis) and can contribute to insomnia and degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. heart attacks. Generally there are two approaches to managing stress effectively. If that is not immediately possible. Once understood. if the challenge goes unresolved. irritable bowel syndrome. stroke. In any case. including depression. Sometimes it produces undesirable side effects. a host of viral-linked disorders ranging from the common cold and herpes to AIDS and certain cancers. The American Stress Institute describes fifty specific signs and symptoms of stress. “Contemporary stress tends to be more pervasive. it’s hard to think of any disease in which stress cannot play an aggravating role or any part of the body that is not affected … This list will undoubtedly grow as the extensive ramifications of stress are increasingly being appreciated. persistent and insidious because it stems primarily from psychological than physical threats. stress can have direct effects on the skin (rashes. long-term stress may contribute to or worsen a range of health problems …” The American Stress Institute describes stress as America’s #1 health problem. one of which is chronic stress. peptic ulcer. This reaction is automatic and prepares us to meet this new challenge. The American Stress Institute states. anxiety. immune system disturbances that increase susceptibility to infections. The source of the stress may not be immediately obvious.

January 2013. http://www.com/northeast-wisconsin-edition/january-2013/ science-the-mind-body-connection-and-wellness/.naturespathways. For more information or appointment contact: Prof. taking care of your health.Nature’s Pathways: Science. Complete wellness with: Hypnosis.gov/health/stress. DOWNTOWN APPLETON D O W N T O W N C O O L INSIDE CITY CENTER PLAZA EVERY SATURDAY MORNING 9:00 a. Meditation. James Carnes teaches cognitive science and philosophy at the Institute for Philosophical Studies. 6. specializes in treatment of chronic stress. pain.stress. American Stress Institute.BRING YOUR GIRLFRIENDS DOWNTOWN! April 26-28 GIVING HOPE May 5-11 WINE. many of us have become so used to our chronic stress that we no longer recognize the symptoms.12:30 p. http://naturespathways. Self-reflection and Self-hypnosis. imagery exercises or self-hypnosis. focusing on the present and trying “meditation. http://www. smoking and more. taking up a hobby.See our website for details. weight. http://www. writing a journal.stress.” should also reduce or eliminate the harmful side effects as quickly as possible and for as long as possible. getting enough sleep and asking for help.March 30 50 Over rs! EBT Cards ndo Ve Accepted SPECIAL WEEKLY FEATURES . Summer Farm Market Starts June 15 DON’T MISS THESE GREAT DOWNTOWN APPLETON EVENTS! MINI GOLF ON THE TOWN April 13 B. Guided Imagery. Learning self-hypnosis can be an important tool in your strategy to manage stress.” It is clear that finding effective ways to manage our stress is crucially important for achieving and maintaining health and wellness. He is also a consulting hypnotist who uses hypnotism to help clients achieve a wide variety of health and wellness goals.Y. National Institutes of Health.stress.D.G. . Prof. Wellness Hypno-Therapeutics in Green Bay and Oconto. learning to relax your body. They also suggest coping with your stress better by getting physical exercise.org/. Resources: 1. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. American Stress Institute. 7. email carnesj@centurylink. wellness and the mind.org March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 79 .com.nih. February 2013.com/northeast-wisconsin-edition/february-2013/ health-wellness-and-the-mind/.wellnessht. Nature’s Pathways: Health. American Stress Institute. 4. WebMD Stress management health center.net and visit www. http://nccam.“few of us are aware of the impact stress can have in our lives. appletondowntown. letting your feeling out.com Check our website for details.8186. 5. call 920.com The most powerful tool you have is your own mind. http://www.com/ balance/stress-management/stress-management-topic-overview.net www. 2. November 3 . These include managing your time better.227. the mind-body connection and wellness.org/stress-effects/. . Coaching. 3. The WebMD article on stress suggests a number of ways of dealing with your stress.wellnessht. James Carnes (920) 227-8186 carnesj@centurylink. Moreover. http://naturespathways.m. For more information.m. His hypnotism practice.org/stress-effects/. www.webmd. Relaxation Therapy. CHEESE & CHOCOLATE TOUR ON THE TOWN May 18 Wellness Hypno-Therapeutics Unlock the power of your mind Hypnosis for stress.

repeat. introduce 2 percent. try. Sometimes it takes two or three times of trial before either developing a like or dislike. It may take up to ten trials before family members will gladly add a vegetable or fruit to a meal. transition and tricks by Amanda gledhill i ntroducing healthier food choices and vowing to increase the family’s consumption of vegetables and fruits may be met with wrinkled noses and less-than-enthusiastic commentary. families can adopt healthier habits – happily. Instead of packaged mac and cheese.Making the move to healthier family eating habits — trial. Grab a new fruit or vegetable and encourage everyone in the family to try at least a bite. Start transitioning to more healthful ingredients like trying ground turkey/chicken in place of ground beef. “The eating and activity habits we develop as children have a strong impact on our lifelong health and well-being. a nutritionist at the YMCA of the Fox Cities. Include kids in identifying. then 1 percent (depending on ages of young children) and then skim. try making a healthier version with whole grain pasta. Actions of older family members will influence how kids react to foods.naturespathways. “Whether we grew up with healthy habits or not. from kids and adult family members alike. so it’s critical to establish healthy behaviors early on. There are many great-tasting fruits and vegetables that many kids have never heard of. 80 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 be a role model.” says Amanda Gledhill. The more kids hear. It’s tough to make dramatic change overnight. if a grown-up refuses anything green. Transition in steps. Weekend farmers’ markets and produce sales can be great opportunities to discover new and interesting varieties. “I love salad!” or “Carrots are my favorite!” the more they’ll think positively. learning about and shopping for new items.” The Healthy Family Home program offers helpful tips to encourage families to make the transition to more healthful eating habits: Try. transition and a few tricks. If the family is used to whole milk.com . let alone tried. too. it’s our obligation as grown-ups to ensure kids have a strong foundation. Get the whole family involved in creating “new and improved” family favorites. Similarly. Makeover family recipes. real www. kids may start passing on the broccoli. But with a commitment to trial.

when kids are faced with making their own decisions about what to eat. healthy and tasty diet into their lifestyle to promote a healthy weight. Contact her at agledhill@ymcafoxcities.“Making gradual changes.naturespathways.” CELEBRATING 125 YEARS YMCA OF THE FOX CITIES 1888-2013 cheese and — for an extra boost — add some pureed cauliflower. Mix a variety of favorites and new options to help everyone make a healthier choice. Skip delivery and let everyone make their own pizza with whole wheat crust and a variety of veggie toppings and a lean protein. Offer a couple of fresh fruit options to choose from at breakfast. Healthy Family Home provides tools and support for families who are ready to take a positive step in living a healthier. The more information kids take in from their family environment. when they have free reign to make their own decisions.886.org or 920. happier life. Choices give kids and grown-ups an opportunity to exercise power and have opinions. Limiting kids’ sugar or fat intake is the right idea but if you forbid them from eating something.” says Amanda. Then in the future. Explain why fruits and vegetables are important for them to eat and why certain foods are not the best option. they will already have an idea of what to choose. introducing new foods and adapting to new tastes week by week can result in major change in the course of a year and ultimately a lifetime. She is available for one-on-one consultations or group presentations at several of the YMCA of the Fox Cities locations. sustained changes. For more information and free resources for families. “It’s all about small steps in the right direction. introducing new foods and adapting to new tastes week by week can result in major change in the course of a year and ultimately a lifetime. educate. Teach kids about what a healthy plate looks like. choice of veggies and fruits for lunch boxes and after school snacks. “Making gradual changes.healthyfamilyhome. Don’t ban foods.2127. Amanda Gledhill graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in food and nutrition. Teach them how to enjoy certain foods in moderation so they can control temptations. She has been working for YMCA of the Fox Cities for two years as a nutritionist. www.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 81 . they will choose the ones they were never allowed to have before. Amanda believes that everyone can incorporate a simple. the more likely it will stay with them in the future.” YMCA of the USA and Eli Lilly and Company have partnered to create Healthy Family Home to leverage two of the most powerful forces in health today — the family home and the proven impact of small.org or contact your local YMCA. visit www. offer choices.

CCST Amber Gloudemans. We are devoted to educating you about your body. in ammation.. We are one of the best-kept medications and side e ects. Wisconsin Ave. and more. drug-free solution to your health problems. how it works and how you heal it.com . farm-raised sh. and let them know the true cause of less-than-optimum health. Our purpose in chiropractic is to help people get better and to educate them in proper nutrition. Appleton 920. pesticides. a comprehensive review of your ing healthcare. We believe in working with our patients as partners. BS. ear infections. Optimum performance is achieved by enhancing/ maximizing the function of your body. Based on a 52-point blood panel and an in-depth analysis of your urine and hair. BS.” R oy Ostenson.below. health goals.fixmedoc. Health is self-in icted.0715 www. at’s why so many area residents seek our chiropractic o ce for wellness care. foods we o er in structural and immune-boost.731. gallbladder. Chiropractic Assistant We strive for objectivity in nutritional healthcare and the chiropractic care recommendations for supplements. mercury. In chiropractic.to avoid. weight loss. We o er handouts. so it’s our job to teach you about the proper care of your body. your Science Based Nutrition™ report includes 82 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 We believe that knowledge can be empowering. you may want to consider chiropractic. u. to make sure that every organ and tissue has an uninterrupted nerve supply. orthotics. mammograms. cervical cancer and more! ere could be a natural.com www. DC. adrenal glands. Could chiropractic help you? How well your body functions is based upon the integrity of your nervous system. We weren’t born with owner’s manuals unfortunately. we facilitate that ability by adjusting the spine and unblocking the innate health potential of your body. aspirin usage. supplements. chiropractic health and spinal corrective exercise. CCST. Contact us today! Appleton Chiropractic 2425 W. If you have one of the “conditions” listed secrets in health restoration and maintenance. frozen shoulder. DC. wild-caught vs. e more we understand our bodies and the mechanisms that cause injuries and diseases. carpal tunnel syndrome. e Fresh Start Diet. osteoarthritis. iodine. vitamin D. e body has the ability to heal itself. aging problems.naturespathways. rheumatoid arthritis. the more committed we become to getting better. vaccines. Our philosophy and care objectives We provide objective blood-based health analysis We utilize the most comprehensive nutrition and health program in the area. At our chiropractic o ce in Appleton. It just makes sense to detect little problems before they become serious problems. depression. headaches. emails and classes that relate to uoride. heavy metals. which means that we learn from each other in our journey together to maximize your health.businessPROFILE “We are restorative not palliative. food choices. is allows the body to heal itself as it is designed to do. has always been about helping people reach an optimal level of wellness through chiropractic and science-based clinical nutrition. urinary tract infections. Roy Ostenson. spinal rehabilitation and/or a Science Based Nutrition™ evaluation. MS. environment and cancer. arm and wrist problems. hydration. arti cial sweeteners. cancer. shingles. When you choose Appleton Chiro. fevers. be prepared to be happily served practic care or the combination of chirowhile you venture toward your individual practic care. baby food. we know that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence. lifestyle changes. sleep.

do not overeat and stay away from processed and fatty foods. Now don’t get me wrong. even me! continued on page 85 n dri&kin’ shrinkin’ Switch your coffee from FAT STORING to FAT BURNING nic Grown • Low Acidic • Lo w Gly Orga cem ic • B alanced Call for your Energy complimentary sample Jacquelyn Wilson Independent marketing consultant 920-737-3555 • abetteryou@new. The last thing you want is to get sick before you travel. I’m on vacation!” And here I go again … leaving for Mexico in about a month! I have started out 2013 really thoughtful of everything I do. Instead. Try local fruits and vegetables indigenous to the regions you are visiting.). Get up early and enjoy the sunrise. coffee and alcohol dehydrate you while the high level of sugar and caffeine burden your metabolism and fill you www. even on vacations. too! 1.co • BLOG: coffeewithjacque. Make sure you always have a reusable water bottle with you for refills. when I travel I think. Don’T DrInk THe WATer (this depends on where you travel). it’s easy to get out of our routine when we leave home. 5. after all. drink and be merry and not worry about the choices I make because. Your holiday is meant to be relaxing and schedule-free. you will neither feel well. “I can eat. making yourself feel better. Drink water (in-between your frozen alcohol treats). stress and jet-lag. If you want to feel great. 4. In other words. etc. it’s not called a vacation for no reason. But don’t forget that not all liquids are hydrating. Make good choices before you travel.com with toxins.com abetteryou. and if you are planning a vacation. if you deprive your body of healthy food. And remember.naturespathways. limit or completely shut-off from the digital world as much as you can (phone included). I hope you do. so I really don’t want to screw it up! Here are a few tips that I will be following. WHAT? …Yes. Eat healthy! We are what we eat. Know where you are going and what you should and shouldn’t eat or drink. By keeping your body well-hydrated. drink what nature has intended for us – water. fruit juices and herbal tea. make sure you do your homework. again.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 83 . Reduce. walk. Soft drinks. you will fight fatigue. nor enjoy your vacation. Intake of liquids is key to staying healthy. sleep well and take your vitamins! 2. shut your phone off. Make exercise a fun adventure and enjoy it while you’re doing it! 3. While this should seem like a no-brainer. but don’t forget the exercise along with that. cycle. Move every day (swim. Eat healthy.10 tips for staying healthy while traveling by Jacquelyn Wilson f or some reason. Now don’t become confused … DRINK WATER! 6.rr. Try to eat greens with every meal (look for salads or local greens).

I chose a relaxing medium-pressure massage with the Anxiety Relief essential oil (this can be added on to any massage). Each step was more and more exhilarating and refreshing. she decided to go with the Vitamin C Facial. after visiting Massage Envy Spa and treating myself to what I thought was just a “relaxing” experience. The second masque featured a shoulder and neck massage while it sat on. and to be able to get them on a regular basis — without breaking my budget — was an idea I liked! When I walked in for my 2-hour massage and facial appointment I was welcomed by very friendly staff members and therapists.731. In this case. She worked with me on pain and worked areas that she knew needed some help. Relaxation is certainly a benefit. I learned that I should certainly join after I felt much relief of my neck pain after my massage. you can join Massage Envy Spa and enjoy special discounts on massages. She explained I would be sore for a few days. There were too many great steps to count during this wonderful experience.massageenvy.com/clinics/WI/Calumet. When it was complete. that two of my family members said I was “glowing” that night!) After the facial.. where I filled out a short health review. I was escorted into a warm and inviting waiting area. I am hooked on my regular massage and facial regimen and very much appreciated the personalized experience I received at Massage Envy Spa! I am very glad you are finally in our area! Massage envy spa is located at 3201 e. She then brought me back into the surprisingly large therapy room area that features 11 rooms! I undressed to my comfort and lay on the most comfortable massage table I have ever had the pleasure of being on. I remained in the same room and was soon greeted by my very friendly aesthetician. I never thought of using massage for treatment of my spine and neck pain resulting from a car accident years ago.5300 or visit www. clean. worked with me on my pain level and made a chiropractic recommendation. It was a warming table with crisp.aspx for more information. The calming music took me down from my stressful day. but the therapeutic benefits are truly what I need. but would feel much relief after that. She covered my eyes and viewed my skin to determine which type of facial was best for me based on my skin’s needs. my skin looked new and fresh! (So much so. she gave me a very relaxing arm and hand massage. white sheets and a very comfortable face cradle. However. I chose to hear about the benefits of each step and the products Massage Envy uses. During the first masque. 84 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www.com . The facial started out with a warming steam to open the pores of my face so my skin could reap all the product benefits. which sat on for ten minutes. I will certainly be keeping up on my facials! This was an absolutely wonderful experience for me that I have recommended to many of my friends and family members.naturespathways. Once I was settled. In this case. She asked me if I preferred her explaining to me what she was doing or just relaxing. couples massages and facials. my massage therapist came in to review it with me and go over what type of massage I preferred. Calumet st. in Appleton. She was right! I was not able to turn my head fully until this appointment! After my very relaxing massage. and it was a great relief for my muscles and mind! She learned how inflamed my neck was after getting to that area.averageJane Jane enjoys a spa membership i recently learned about the fantastic opportunity to become a “member” of Massage Envy Spa after seeing an ad in Nature’s Pathways and I thought it was a great idea! Just like joining a gym. Please call 920. the aesthetician took the time to go over my experience and make recommendations to help with my skincare. After that was complete. my therapist came in and made me feel very comfortable.

a company that distributes the world’s only fat burning coffee and tea! You can reach Jacquelyn at 920.rr. She specializes in wellness.3555 or abetteryou@new. After all. Contact your local travel agency if you have any questions! 10. Sun 10-6 Open Open 77 Days: M-F 8-10. This will definitely keep you out of trouble. It is good to plan your vacation days so that you help your mind and body take the rest they need. Be cautious to not sabotage what may have taken you weeks to accomplish with just a few meals.737.coffeewithjacque.3555. a business that allows her to help people reach their optimal health goals. visit her website at www. You will be glad you did! Have a safe trip. I’ve met many fellow toilet goers who quickly rinse their hands without using soap and rush off.com. Sat 8-6.com Franchises Available Convenient Hours Memberships Available·•Convenient Hours Open Days: M-F 8-10. WI (920) 731-5300 (920) 731-5300 www. mentoring. ©2011 Massage Envy Franchising. Remember to keep your hands clean. including those in the United States. Keep your sugar intake low (mixed drinks included). Follow this helpful advice while traveling. and overall health and wellness education.737. For more information on traveling. Calumet St St. stay clean. have fun and stay healthy! Jacquelyn Wilson is the owner of A Better You. are equipped with mini posters reminding the visitors of the recommended hand washing technique. limit sugar. Keeping your hands clean.com Exclusively featuring 85 . Most restrooms around the globe. March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® WISCONSIN Massage Envy Spa Calumet 3201 E. Sat 8-6. If you regularly lose your daily dose of sleep. Sun 10-6 *See clinic forfor details. Jacquelyn also represents Boresha. is one of the major factors to staying healthy. and yet. Make sure you have sanitary towels or sanitary liquid in your handbag so that germs don’t catch you off-guard. Sun 10-6 Sat 8-6. your immune system will suffer and you will be prone to illness. WI Appleton. sleep! Lack of sleep contributes to health problems and that holds true especially when traveling. Calumet Appleton. public speaking.naturespathways.com. LLC.com MassageEnvy. 3201 E. What we don’t really realize is that a simple week away from home can have a longer lasting affect on our habits when we return home. now offering Massage Envy Spa Murad facials! ® $ $ 49 39 Introductory 1-hour Healthy Skin facial session* Introductory 1-hour massage session* MassageEnvy. especially after visiting any type of a public place. ©2011 Massage Envy Franchising.abetteryou. contact Jacquelyn at Jacque@journeysunlimited. *See clinic details. who likes to be sick on vacation? 9. business and weight-loss coaching.com or 930. know the laws and culture of where you are going. LLC. Also. LLC.StAYing heAlthY while tRAveling continued from page 83 7. 8.co and blog at www.

Journal of the American Medical Association. memory impairment. DeKosky ST. Historically. Accessed at www.300(19):2253–2262. eds. Further analysis of the same data also found ginkgo to be ineffective in slowing cognitive decline. References: Brinkley TE. • Other NCCAM-funded research includes studies of ginkgo for symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Ginkgo. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Carlson MC. There is conflicting evidence on the efficacy of ginkgo for tinnitus.000 volunteers age 75 and over who took 240 mg of ginkgo daily. 2005:249–257. et al. Fresh (raw) ginkgo seeds contain large amounts of a chemical called ginkgotoxin. Adams F. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. ginkgo extracts are used in skin products. but a trial sponsored by the National Institute on Aging of more than 200 healthy adults over age 60 found that ginkgo taken for six weeks did not improve memory. Williamson JD.). Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Web site. Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Ginkgo biloba for prevention of dementia: a randomized controlled trial. Newton. which can cause serious adverse reactions — even seizures and death. NCCAM website. Journal of the American Medical Association. Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs. Extracts are usually taken from the ginkgo leaf and are used to make tablets. Snitz BE. ginkgo leaf extract has been used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. gastrointestinal upset. dizziness or allergic skin reactions. et al. Products made from standardized ginkgo leaf extracts contain little ginkgotoxin and appear to be safe when used orally and appropriately. American Journal of Hypertension. et al. Effect of Ginkgo biloba on blood pressure and incidence of hypertension in elderly men and women. researchers recruited more than 3. Brinckman J. Today. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract. Occasionally.herbBLurB Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) t he ginkgo tree is one of the oldest types of trees in the world. lowering blood pressure or reducing the incidence of hypertension. Solomon PR. diarrhea. MA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. although several small studies have found modest improvements. Goldberg A. 2009. sexual dysfunction due to antidepressants. 2010. Roasted seeds can also be dangerous. 2008. In: Coates P. and treat sexual dysfunction. Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 Side effects of ginkgo may include headache. Ginkgo biloba. Herbs at a glance. 2009. 2002. Journal of the American Medical Association. Strømgaard K. Blackman M. • Overall. www. Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L. tinnitus and other health conditions.naturalstandard. Arnold AM. Ginkgo biloba for preventing cognitive decline in older adults: a randomized trial. treat or help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.302(24):2663–2670. et al. intermittent claudication and tinnitus. More severe allergic reactions have occasionally been reported. nausea. so people who take anticoagulant drugs. 2009. side effects and cautions what the science says • Numerous studies of ginkgo have been done for a variety of conditions. In this clinical trial. Participants were followed for an average of approximately six years. New York. naturaldatabase.com 86 . including asthma. Accessed at www. decrease intermittent claudication (leg pain caused by narrowing arteries). insulin resistance and short-term memory loss associated with electroconvulsive therapy for depression. In: Blumenthal M. There are some data to suggest that ginkgo can increase bleeding risk. eds. and cooked seeds are occasionally eaten. NY: Marcel Dekker. capsules or teas. Natural Standard Database Web site. Vogensen SB. Nakanishi K. • Some smaller studies of ginkgo for memory enhancement have had promising results. the evidence on ginkgo for symptoms of intermittent claudication has not yet shown a significant benefit for this condition. Cragg G. or have scheduled surgery or dental procedures should use caution and talk to a health care provider if using ginkgo. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.288(7):835–840. cognitive decline. Ginkgo for memory enhancement: a randomized controlled trial.naturespathways. et al. have bleeding disorders. Fitzpatrick AL. Lovato JF. known as the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory study. folk uses of ginkgo leaf extracts include attempts to: improve memory. fatigue and tinnitus (ringing or roaring sounds in the ears). intermittent claudication. Silver A. • An NCCAM-funded study of the well-characterized ginkgo product EGb-761 found it ineffective in lowering the overall incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.. bronchitis. multiple sclerosis. 2000:359–366. O’Meara ES. Ginkgo seeds have been used in traditional Chinese medicine  for thousands of years.23(5):528–533.com on August 20. Among the most widely researched are dementia.com on August 20.Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements.

We will stay committed in principle and practice to the objective: “run like a business. as we were previously experiencing a decline in business.10-year anniversary of tri-County Partnership “Run like a business” by Philip stecker t he Brown-Outagamie-Winnebago (BOW) Tri-County Partnership was formed in 2001 to adapt to the challenge of a competitive marketplace. Achieving this stability and growth was the number one goal in forming the Tri-County Partnership. Outagamie County Recycling Recycle More – Land ll Less www. produces efficiency. The above benefits come from having many municipal entities working together across county lines. reliability and certainty for the future.naturespathways. • Our services are being progressively strengthened. Both the present and future are being addressed. new technologies and new regulations. with input and suggestions from municipal officials.and private-sector customers and partners. • In accordance with the original plan. public and private customers. the following are other important benefits of the Tri-County Partnership: • Material tonnages and revenues are stable and growing. business partners and other stakeholders. and the partnership is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. One example of a large financial success was realized by Outagamie County when in 2007 the landfill gas-torenewable energy system was privatized. This allows for more efficient and effective implementation of change. The Tri-County Partnership uses a business model very similar to that of the private sector. Operations began the following year. the partnership continues to conduct ongoing strategic planning. successes thus far: From Outagamie County’s experience. The successes of our Tri-County Partnership are recognized throughout Wisconsin as a model for the state. which will yield long-term benefits to all of our customers and partners. by consolidating to fewer and larger regional facilities. This pioneering plan is recognized statewide for its leadership and innovation.” Philip Stecker is the director of the Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste and Recycling. rather than having everyone own and operate facilities alone. We continue to receive requests for services from both public. each of the three counties manages and administers services to meet the unique needs within their respective county.org Save energy www.RecycleMoreOutagamie. This regional collaboration.com Conserve resources Prevent pollution Create jobs March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 87 . as well as the economy of northeastern Wisconsin. Goals for the future To ensure that we offer reliable and sustainable services.000 or 10 percent of Wisconsin. including new investments. • We’re providing comprehensive solid waste and recycling services to three counties and 65 communities comprising a population over 500.

com/). Often this feels like failure. Having that controlled setting with personal trainers to teach skills and provide meaningful challenges amplifies and focuses personal power. Some are free and some are expensive.drmiller. This approach works well for many challenges. Inexpensive self-hypnosis programs are available online to help achieve specific goals. but anybody can find external supports with a bit of searching.potentialsunlimited.com 88 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . like eliminating unhealthy habits such as smoking or overeating. Blackwolf is an Ojibwe elder and certified addictions specialist practicing in Green Bay (http://www. there are many programs online. If the local community doesn’t have support systems like Weight Watchers. com). It can help us develop and follow a productive life path in health. This requires a skilled. Another trustworthy self-hypnosis website is offered by family practice physician Dr. education. Yet most of us have one or more bad habits and can’t eliminate them even though we understand the harm being done and exactly what changes need to be made. Emmett Miller (http://www. Unfortunately. If that’s the case. Hypnotist Barrie Konicov is one of the pioneers in self-hypnosis with recordings on over 100 topics. unconscious mind to support your efforts. My website has a free download of a ten-minute hypnosis sample that I recorded with my colleague Bob “Blackwolf ” Jones. PhD M ind over matter” is a phrase we’ve all heard before. Hypnosis helps the conscious logical mind and the creative unconscious mind work together to achieve amazing results. It could mean that knowledge. Most of us won’t have access to such amazing support. His website offers a free MP3 recording if you subscribe to his e-newsletter (http://www. intuitive.evolveability. career and relationships. A deeper step into using the power of mind would be EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to release blocking beliefs and imbedded emotional reactions from the “survival gear” of the brain.naturespathways. But where is it written that we must be capable of making difficult lifestyle changes all on our own? Television is saturated with shows like The Biggest Loser that demonstrate the amazing transformations that can occur when people combine their own inner resources with a powerful support system. they might be the very ones to undermine your plans with intentional temptations or ridicule. or wellintentioned but misguided advice. you may not want to share your plans with them. But that simple phrase has many interpretations. logic and willpower can conquer any problem.Mind over matter: transform your life Phyllis kasper.com). but they are available. Another way to interpret that phrase “mind over matter” is to focus on the power of your creative. Hopefully friends and family closest to you are supportive. experienced therapist www.

HAVE FUN! and teamwork.6202 • GrowingTime@att.evolveability. Oneida st. free-range chicken and beef from local farmers • Homemade laundry and hand soap Care for children 4 weeks - 13 years from 5:30 am - 6 pm Before and after-school care and transportation Summer program available for school-age children LEARN.com 2121 s. For more information.“hypnosis helps the conscious logical mind and the creative unconscious mind work together to achieve amazing results. depression. all available online. please call her at 920. Feeling stuck? Not living up to your potential? I hope you are encouraged by this article to re-think your situation and take action! Dr. steak. in Appleton. you might be successful in school and employment and consciously “know” that you are intelligent. 510 E.. 920. For example. peak achievement. Biofeedback. Imagine flinching at a critical point in a lift. You can learn more about EMDR from my articles in the September..693. ridiculed and shamed.468.4601. or they might be clear and evident to you. Phyllis Kasper has expertise in anxiety disorders. This can stifle ambition and satisfaction with success. Parent trusted and family owned since 1985.niemuths..com www. 2738 Manitowoc Rd.257.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 89 . Ph. She is available at Healthy Connections. post-traumatic stress disorder. but you “know” you are an impostor waiting to be discovered. EMDR. GROW. Wisconsin Peak Performance.com. but it won’t help you remove them. owner of Niemuth’s asks you. EvolveAbility Licensed Psychologist. Others might say they admire you. Do you know where your meat comes from? Check out Niemuth’s fresh selection of chicken.com Phyllis Kasper. • Participant in CSA — serving chemical-free vegetables/fruits. If you have been injured playing sports or by a violent attack. biofeedback. Logic might help you figure out what these blocks are and recognize that they are false beliefs. if your father tells you daily that you are “stupid” and will never amount to anything.net Niemuth’s SouthSide Market Deli Trays • Cheese Trays Event/Graduation/Wedding Planning Refrigerated Trailers • Licensed Bartenders Break your barriers to success! We have meat combo packs for all your entertaining needs! Weekly seafood specials Richard. My website has a testimonial from a competitive weightlifter about getting past a block caused by injury during competition.2250 or visit www. Hypnosis (920) 693-2250 • pkasper@bytehead. However. These blocks exist in levels of the mind where logic and willpower can’t reach. Psychotherapy. hypnosis. EMDR. cultural diversity and pain management.” healthy option for Discover a childcare. some part of you believes it. Green Bay 920. seafood and other meats! www.naturespathways. These blocks might not be apparent until you are in therapy.D. Appleton | (920) 734-4905 | www. Wisconsin Ave. the block will likely be an emotional reaction of fear and a physical reaction such as flinching. October and November 2012 issues of Nature’s Pathways.evolveability..

and their hair is most often front and center.com www.women and thinning hair — an emotional issue by lisa schmoock e verywhere we look in mainstream media.epiphanylaw.0000 90 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 4211 N.naturespathways. we see beautiful supermodels with long. In fact.com Call one of our experienced Estate Planning attorneys today 920. Appleton. WI ..996. lustrous hair. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful. It’s a source of great pride and self-esteem. one study conducted by Rogaine® revealed that 24 percent of women surveyed equated losing their hair with losing a limb. are your loved ones protected? www. Lightning Dr. So it’s no surprise that thinning hair is an extremely emotional issue for women.

which will increase blood flow to the scalp. Pit Bull and Bruce Willis — it remains a particularly frustrating and often taboo subject for women. For more information. which have actually come a long way in recent years and are virtually undetectable. fuller hair can be yours! 920. www. Lisa Schmoock is the owner of Haven Salon & Spa. Recently. sudden weight loss and even prolonged periods of high stress can also be to blame. Haven Salon & Spa features the Aveda product line. some hair care companies have come out with natural products containing herbs that are proven to rehabilitate and activate the follicles around the scalp. you can begin to treat it. you notice a bit more hair left in your brush or by the shower drain. dermatologist and stylist are all trusted resources to help you navigate the best treatment option for your situation. women typically notice the loss as a widening of the part or a noticeable thinning along the hairline.. The downside is typically a higher price tag. take heart.” While more and more men are embracing the bald look in recent years — Vin Diesel. It is strongly recommend that women consult with their doctors because underlying medical conditions can often be a factor and should be ruled out early. The most cost-effective and easiest-to-use solutions are topical. De Pere March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 91 . LLC. Often thought of as an issue involving menopause.com. pregnancy and child birth to name a few. A sudden emotional or physical trauma. scalp infections and alopecia areata. Other treatment options for permanent hair loss involve hair replacement surgery. Give your scalp a long.1111 or www.havensalonspa. Suite 2. Unfortunately. While men most often thin out at the top of head first. gentle massage every time you shampoo. though.. Then. www. over time. So what’s a girl to do? First off. A few common conditions are thyroid issues.. hair extensions and hair pieces. don’t panic! There are many reasons for thinning hair that are actually temporary: hormonal changes. There are hundreds of treatment options available today. helping other women in business achieve success by creating life/work synergy. medication to treat the disease often corrects the problem. the actual age for women dealing with thinning hair is 25-35. you see more and more of your scalp.339. Nature’s Solution to Thinning Hair Invati by Thicker. featuring Invati.com 1700 Sand Acres Dr. Keeping your scalp healthy is absolutely vital to promoting hair growth.naturespathways. which occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles. there is plenty of help available! Your doctor.havensalonspa. If you find yourself dealing with this issue. 97% naturally derived and clinically proven to reduce hair loss by 33 percent. Lisa is a stylist and co-active coach. the actual age for women dealing with thinning hair is 25-35. Once you know what is causing your hair loss. stopping the birth control pill. conditioner and scalp treatment.“Often thought of as an issue involving menopause. You will want to use a shampoo and conditioner designed to gently exfoliate the scalp. usually involving a specially formulated shampoo.com Complimentary 1-hour Spa Service when you come in for a cut and color WE OFFER OUR CLIENTS . lupus. The process of hair thinning most often begins subtly. This is important because proper blood flow is vital to hair regrowth. LLC in De Pere and Belle La Vie Coaching. If an underlying medical condition is to blame.339. removing excess sebum that can cause hair follicles to clog. contact our guest services team at 920. many of the topical solutions available today contain harsh chemicals.1111 Empowering our community through beauty and wellness.

the metabolic inhibitors that are protecting the seed can actually bind enzymes in our bodies and prevent their Refresh   your with a Smile natural biological processes. Here’s how to get started: AFTER Silhouette Lift ✦ Immediate. But what you may not know is how to properly prepare these foods in order to unlock their full nutritional value. the seed passes through the animal (i. preventing their absorption and carrying them out of the body. By soaking your seeds before you eat them. huh? It gets worse. the seeds are signaled to germinate and naturally lose their toxic properties. we are not only limiting the nutritional value of that food. bone loss and distress to your digestive system in the form of gas and general discomfort. seeds and beans are important staples in a healthy diet. the seeds become more readily available for absorption and much easier for your body to process.D. meaning inhibiting any digestive enzymes as the seeds pass through the animal. polyphenols and goitrogens. Don’t worry.e. while promoting the production of numerous beneficial enzymes. ✦ Newer. nuts. bA w e all know that grains.youthfulendeavors. As a result. • Cover bowl with something breathable like a cloth towel.com . As a result. long-lasting results for both men and women. you mimic nature’s own technique for releasing all of their healthy nutrients! The water allows a large portion of the phytic acid to become neutralized. • Let the seeds continue to soak as long as the type of seed requires. Phytic acid is actually considered an “anti-nutrient” BEFORE because it binds minerals. What a waste. If these compounds aren’t removed. In other words. grains and seeds are programmed to withstand unfavorable growing conditions by way of enzyme inhibitors and toxins called phytates (or phytic acid). our bodies) without releasing any of the health benefits. • Place seeds in a glass bowl or canning jar. less expensive and more adjustable than the Lifestyle Lift™. Soaking should be done at room temperature. nuts. all of our nuts. Over time this can lead to mineral deficiencies. M.. how to soak nuts. • Cover seeds with twice as much water as the seeds that you are using. seeds or grains 920. However. if possible.1800 ✦ 92 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013   Nolan Hetz.soaking your grains. natural. www. seeds and even beans! by Alyssa burnham.683. when exposed to sufficient precipitation (water!). it’s easier than you may think and the benefits are worth the extra effort! The secret is simple … water! In nature. but also deactivating important metabolic enzymes. Drain and rinse every 3-4 hours. Zero percent financing program ✦ FREE Consultations www. • Rinse well in filtered water. It is also the compound responsible for preventing the germination process and protecting seeds from being digested by predators.com Green Bay and Manitowoc locations 1 part seed to 2 parts water • Gather your nuts.naturespathways. seeds or grains.

Slowly bring water to a boil. http://www. • Store cooked beans in a covered container in the fridge for up to 5 days. BA. Quick soak: Put beans in large pot and cover with 2-3 inches of water. cover and let simmer. shriveled beans.com/2012/10/18/why-youshould-soak-your-grains-beans-nuts-and-seeds/ www.5252 to schedule a personal wellness appointment to achieve optimal health today! For more information.com. visit www. running water.com Green Bay and Manitowoc locations March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 93 . Reduce heat. • Now it’s time to cook! Put beans in a large pot and cover with 2 inches of water. increase energy. You can also freeze for up to 6 months.how to prepare beans 4 parts water to 1 part legume • Sort beans on a sheet pan and pick out any ugly. Drain and rinse beans. She is an expert at helping clients improve their health and reduce disease. certified Firstline Therapy® lifestyle educator and a team member at Wise Woman Wellness LLC. Bring to a quick boil for 2-3 minutes.tv/articles-1/ the-benefits-of-soaking-nuts-and-seeds http://wakeup-world. • Soak your beans. Drain and rinse beans. Stir occasionally until beans are tender (usually 1-2 hours).wisewomanwellness.naturespathways.com Redesign Yourself with GPSLipo™ Laser Liposuction Nolan Hetz.1800 F www. a holistic wellness and hormone center located at 1480 Swan Road in De Pere. M. FirstLine Therapy® offers exciting. Turn off heat and set aside covered for an hour.com/recipes/ food-guides/beans http://foodmatters. skimming any foam off the surface. There are two soaking options: 1. Alyssa Burnham. Let soak at room temperature for 8-12 hours. • Rinse in cold.wholefoodsmarket. Call 920.339. Zero percent financing program F FREE Consultations 920. 2. dry and dark place. life-altering ways to lose weight.youthfulendeavors.683. Note: uncooked beans can be keep up to a year (lentils for 6 months) if stored in a cool. Regular soak: Cover beans in bowl of 2-3 inches of water. reduce chronic disease and avoid prescription medications. is a wellness coach.D.

7721 or Sharon@frontiernaturescents.com 920. (Think: memory. Just like essential oils do. inhaling spring’s freshness does something to your brain. Listening with your heart. brain processing center.“be still and know i am …” by sharon kay beyer A nyone who knows me often hears me say “just journal about it. A great forgiveness oil worn on the heart.733. Nature acts upon the giant impulse to resurrect herself and spring blooms! It’s a time to spend with the natural forces and indulge all of our senses: Whether you’re watching the eagles fly.com . 15 minutes of whatever meditation you choose is vital to being true to yourself. Its uplifting fragrance does bring joy to the heart and enhances the frequency of self-love and confidence.) Young Living’s grade-A therapeutic oils are 100 percent pure and cross the blood-brain barrier producing superior results to those sold in most “health” stores. listening to a cardinal or The FronTier OPEN HOUSE EVENT — FREE! Saturday. I put a few drops on my palms and deeply inhale before applying to the base of my skull. balancing oil. I’m saying pray about it. In a sense. www. palmarosa.” in response to whatever it is they’re asking me about. and enjoy hands-on experience with the Everyday Oil collection. ylang ylang and cedarwood. Users of essential oils believed (and still do) that the fragrances stimulate nerves in the nose. instinct. geranium. God. thus. A blend of spruce. Idaho balsam fir. at The Frontier Learn about essential oils and how to use them. Aromatherapy isn’t new-age hocus-pocus. In honor of the vernal equinox and Christians celebrating Easter.m. It keeps my heart-light glowing. It’s actually been used with prayer throughout history. Connect with the highest part of you that knows all — the part of you that is of the One. Whether writing in a journal or sitting in the absence of sound. (And it’s fabulous in your medicine chest for cuts and scrapes as well as a natural sleep aide. I simply mean: Be still and listen to yourself. lemon. mandarin. It’s not the brush-off. Joy is an exotic blend of bergamot. In quiet contemplation. March 9 • 1-4 p. But you’re worth it. Rubbing a few drops onto your heart before prayer allows you to experience stillness and trust. clarity appears as if a wise elder is whispering to your soul. they cost a little more.733.com 94 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 feeling bright sunshine on your cheeks while nibbling on strawberries at a riverside picnic. and promotes feelings of strength and protection that always result from being close to nature. relaxing. don’t you think? Five self-renewal favorites to help you breathe new life into your meditation practice and deepen your prayer time this spring are listed below with a few of their qualities. temples and wrists. the Creator — whatever name you choose to call that force that is always with you.7721 • frontiernaturescents. rose. which then send impulses to the limbic system of the brain. I’m writing about five different essential oils and blends that go hand-in-hand with prayer and inner-reflection. you hear answers that are always as close as your next breath.) Sacred Mountain is grounding. vital function control house. rosewood and Roman chamomile. Reiki overview and journaling handouts available. it evokes feelings of the sanctity found in the mountains. It inspires romance and togetherness and may help overcome grief and depression.naturespathways. ylang ylang. NingXia Mint Cocktails will be served! Please call or email Sharon for directions: 920. When I can’t get into my garden or walk barefoot on the grass (like most of us in Wisconsin in March). lavender is a fabulous calming.

com and sign up for a FREE newsletter today! Email Sharon@frontiernaturescents. And if feeling anxious or experiencing restless sleep patterns. sandalwood and hyssop. 10 E. Appleton. too! white Angelica is a beautiful sacred blend of bergamot. rosewood. Call us at 877. Please visit www. She knows which oils work on healing emotions. rose.naturespathways. bringing about a sense of strength and endurance. behind the ears and back of the neck. apply three to four drops on the bottom of your feet before bed. and it’s a fabulous prayer companion. 3-digit security code 2. Schedule your appointment today! 920. pain and disease. which means we Sharon Kay Beyer has been a distributor of Young Living Essential Oil since 1999. Card type Card number Exp. PO Box 2735. spruce. WI 54912. Believed to encourage a meditative state.• • • • Extensions Custom Wigs Hairpieces Make-up Ponytails • FREE Cosmetic • Wig Restoration • Wig Cleaning & Repair Makeovers • Bridal Services • Offering Motives Cosmetics & more! We are a National Provider. geranium. www.. Applied to shoulders. confident. it’s a great perfume worn to encourage feelings of protection and security. and helps you connect with all that is. This combination of oils was used during ancient times to enhance the body’s aura. Name Address City State Zip Phone Email PAYMENT OPTIONS: 1. myrrh.com NEW 1170 N. I hope you’re now open to experience the magic of plants and their preserved essences to rejuvenate your senses and blossom as a renewed YOU! I wish you an exciting ride on the winds of March and a most glorious resurrection from winter. and invites you to take advantage of God’s pharmacy. Mail this form with a check or credit card information to Nature’s Pathways.358.733. Appleton SUBSCRIBE TODAY! YES! I would like to get on the path to healthy living by subscribing to Nature’s Pathways magazine for just $35 per year.co City Center Plaza.5419 or online at www.com or call 920. beautiful. Westhill Blvd. ylang ylang.7209 to provide your credit card information by phone.) accept most private medical insurance plans for those seeking medical hair prosthesis.com if you missed it. It’s calming and soothing.naturespathways. it does deepen spiritual connections.frontiernaturescents. bringing balance and peace to your mind. thus.7721 today for more information! (Read last month’s “A valentine mystery” online at www.naturaltresses. Happy Easter! Appleton’s Only Exclusive Hair Extension Studio Specializing in over 20 extension techniques Hair . College Ave. 920-991-9700 March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® unique. It’s an amazing dream enhancer. 95 Frankincense is pure gold in the essential oil world. Learn hands-on about essential oils and Reiki at this month’s open house. It’s an attractive perfume or cologne. As new seeds begin to sprout and sap runs down the maple trees.479.

no one specific procedure should ever be touted as the cure-all for every situation. I can share these wise tenets in our ever-evolving field of cosmetic facial procedures. but I continue to find many negatives and risks with the many different types of procedures. trying to accomplish a complete overhaul in one surgical session in order to “just get it over with as soon as possible” is very problematic. beware of the fact that “more to redesign yourself. please send it toSilhouette Lift™ or laser skin more information on the to look at and are known to sell proce. realistic and natural result logical step-treatment approach can decrease at a fraction of the cost and with minimal the chances of that overdone. www. plas. Nolan Hetz is a certified aesthetics session and one recovery period of time consultant. Why even in concert with topically applied retinol and struggle thinking about the $25. is later followed approach is a wise choice for many patients by a one-hour simple Silhouette Lift™ under before subjecting the facial skin layers to local anesthesia could give most people a unnatural face-lift forces of “stretch. but they don’t always provide the visit www. are useful when considering all the new ways Fourth. All of these Also. without any significant infections. typically takes hours of general anesthesia and weeks of recovery. please call 920.com. Ask yourself if your quest-for. Having a cautious approach could save you the heartache of trying to reverse an undesirable result. viewer with realistic expectations. personal financial situation.000 extreme human growth factor serum.1800 or dures. Is it worth having the Hollywood “everything face-lift” or could that facelift procedure I see every day on TV be my holy grail to losing my unwanted years? Answer: While I am unable to answer this question without evaluating the degree to which your facial skin is aged and how far your face and neck have fallen. your desired level of severely aged facial skin with a laser peel realistic changes and according to your and one or more fractional laser treatment.com.rejuvenation procedures. like those broadcast on TV or you have a question you wish to be answered in a future nolanhetz@yahoo. stretched.needs and desires.youthfulendeavors. tic-skin appearance that has given some faceFinally. your treatment plan with your skin’s present Third.(one week or less) recovery time. convenience by having only one anesthesia Dr. Dr. although these five basic concepts lift procedures a bad reputation. has served as a proctor for surgiFifth. Second. or have been. 96 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 or tissue retraction happening during the AFTer healing and tissue remodeling process. a board certified gynecological surgeon.Hollywood “everything face-lift” makeover late the re-growth of supporting collagen option? Especially if a laser skin rejuvenafibers beneath the skin’s outer layer. This tion treatment. cherry-picked before-and-after cal colleagues and lectures throughout the Midwest. to help stimu. undue scarring. Be prepared that you will likely need more than a face-lift procedure to experience a truly “wow” result. For displayed in books and magazines. First.face-lift options for your droopy face? by Dr. it’s still best to make sure expensive” and “more than three procedures the recommended treatment plan is logical in a single treatment session” are not neces.to you and that it addresses your individual sarily better. such pictures certainly don’t must occur in disclose the infrequent surgical beFore sequence and in outcomes that are. If pictures.” This potentially great.” which is bundled with multiple other facial procedures.com . it’s typically best to first rejuvenate actual health status. physician workshops. Hetz performs beautiful outcome. a pelvic reconstructive TRUMPS a potentially safer step-treatment surgeon and the medical director of approach that may result in an overall more Youthful Endeavors. nolan Hetz Question: I’ve been considering taking the plunge into the face-lift abyss for a couple years now. executed with perfection in a relatively short window of time. The reason the Hollywood “everything face-lift” is risky is because the patient and surgeon have to rely on many necessary simultaneous factors. if needed. It carries slightly more risk of being left with hard-tocorrect and undesirable outcomes than the more conservative “unbundled” or three to five month step-at-a-time approach. all areas treated less than favorable. The Hollywood “everything face-lift. Seek to tailor in order to achieve a great result.naturespathways.683. are nice column.

Monday.m.1211. for more information or for the pre-screening contact Brenda at 920.405. registration being taken at good Vibrations studio.com.naturespathways. and graduated with honors from palmer College of Chiropractic in davenport. March 7 • 5:30 p. this inspirational retreat will gently guide you on a journey of self-exploration. 5045 W. suite 210. Contact: the Bridge Between by calling 920.364. appleton. L. save: $10 . We have taken the curriculum from our adult stress Management workshop and created a fun. now is the time to make the changes you have wished for. denmark. suite 210.com or www.479. deposit: a non-refundable deposit of $40 is required to reserve your space. 920. some examples are: negative self-talk. Are you ready to journey to a healthier and happier life? With the new energy of spring just around the corner bringing new motivation for healthy change. you will also create eight small mandalas after each journey.$55 you can stay overnight and enjoy dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.. gold and silver gel pens and black paper. getting on top of Stress for kids this is a 2-hour interactive fun educational workshop for kids ages 8-13. to hear nutritional author and educator. presented by saris Counseling.m. and have a chance to ask terry questions. March 7 • 7 p.com. as she shares her knowledge in advanced Craniosacral therapy as well as Massage & Lymphatic drainage. grande Market dr. 4471 flaherty Lane.m. fee: $160 . share experiences and learn a plethora of information.zastrow@pmiwi. WI 54208. featuring doula films. for more information please visit events/ Workshops at www.364. oneida st. Awaken within — A Journey to Your Soul — two-day Retreat at the bridge between Thursday.m. March 21 • 5:30 p. 1-hour adolescent group session that meets the 2nd and 4th tuesday of the month from 4:30-5:30 p. If this system is out of balance. miniworkshops and the opportunity to interview doulas. neenah. • resources to show easy ways to be more “green” in your daily life. doulas are good for everyone! attend this special seminar during World doula Week.rainbowsinharmony.722.m. Kids will learn effective evidence-based techniques to manage stress that they will be able to apply immediately. seven prismacolor pencils.864. Call today to reserve your place at 920. seminar held at globe university in appleton..ecoexpoWI.m.C. March 23 • 10 a.7245. grand Chute and at globe university in green Bay.-4 p.HealthyMetoday. find out how to overcome inner resistance. awaken Within book and 50 mandala cards along with a portfolio. suite f.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® Ask the expert — terry lemerond! Join us right here at natural Healthy Concepts. cranioSacral & visceral Manipulation your craniosacral system influences the ability of your brain and spinal cord to function properly. Mondays beginning in March • 4-5:30 p. Iowa in 2011. Check out the website for more information about Mindfulness and groups: mindfulnesscenterforwellbeing. Check out the website for more information about Mindfulness and groups: mindfulnesscenterforwellbeing. 2620 development dr.com 97 .7230 for more information and directions. originally from fond du Lac. space is limited. stay: overnight .m. these powerful holistic techniques will lead you to the breakthrough you are looking for to transform your life! presented by dr. environmental estrogens and more! Cost: free! Location: Vander Wielen Health & Wellness diagnostic Center. 3405 Commerce Ct. Location: Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing.722. fond du Lac. • Large variety of vendors. presented by saris Counseling. register now for early Bird discount! Saturday. leading by example in their daily lives. eight-week Mindful women’s group positively See Yourself facilitator: Judy rogers. • featured seminars: urban chickens seminar and natural prairie grass seminar..921. Bellevue. Come prepared to have fun. April 13 • 9-11 a. kid-friendly version. free admission. Westhill Blvd. too! do not miss your opportunity to meet the expert! there will be a prize drawing! www.. Thursday. Intention stones and essential oils will help you deepen your connection throughout the weekend. for more information or to register contact Brenda at 920. • educational seminars.7209 • info@naturespathways. a community event with hopes to inspire people to create a positive change in the environment. world doula week Seminars (2 locations) facilitated by: Laural Virtues Wauters Just as the earth is beginning to awaken from a long winter’s nap your soul is beginning to stir.com or call Christine at 920. Saturday. event held at shopko Hall. green Bay.com. and an educational piece focused on self-esteem and body image. scott supernand of Wink Chiropractic will take place at good Vibrations studio. prescreening required. 310 n.s.C. received his Bachelor’s degree from the university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 1211 rickmeyer dr. Call today to reserve your place at 920. Come hear sharon Blake.bridge-between. the group consists of a sharing and processing portion. ann Khanna of rainbows In Harmony at 4650 W. March 2 & 3 • 9 a. Westhill Blvd. supernand. chemical pollutants.1134 or samantha. spencer st. Advertise your event in the Community Calendar $20 per entry (advertisers) $50 per entry (non-advertisers) 877. to register. 1901 s. and 4) How to know when you make healthy choices. visit www. neenah.com.. 18 Jewelers park. March 18 • 6-8 p. find out the benefits of whole body vibration from a chiropractic perspective. Saturday..9078.communitycAlendAR Friday & Saturday. this is an 8-week. Menasha. eco expo this detox is for You eight-week powerful girls group for teens 15-17 facilitator: Judy rogers. Our next Mindfulness groups will be starting in March. Wednesdays. May 11 • 9 a.com.m.m. Location: Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing.9078. chiropractic and whole body vibration a presentation by dr.m. for more information go to: www. appleton. Saturday. This retreat will also incorporate the awaken Within book and cards. and learn about the benefits of including a doula in your childbirth experience.com.If you have attended a Mandala Class before and bring your art kit. Thursday..722. March 30 • 9 a.m. you will be amazed at all the conditions that can be helped with these therapies! there will be a prize drawing! natural Healthy Concepts. expo features: • Hands-on demonstrations. holistic breakthrough transformational workshop this experiential workshop is for anyone who is struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression. appleton. L.7245. so is your health! even your organs can benefit from manual visceral manipulation. presented by scott Vander Wielen. www.. appleton.2100. Costs is $25/ person or bring a friend for $20/ person.-4 p. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays beginning March 12 • 4:30-5:30 p.W. 2) Mindfulness tools for managing anxiety and depression.-2 p.s.m. 1486 Kenwood dr.W. topics covered: 1) Countering the impact of media on self-esteem and body image.. 310 n. body image challenges and self worth. terry Lemerond speak! you will learn all about “better-than-fish-oil” Vectomega.m. to be a part of the expo contact samantha at 920.m. and learn the tools that make change possible by joining a group.Includes: lunch both days. 3) Loving Kindness for healthy relationships. set of chakra stones. group sessions are covered by insurance.-12 p. March 6-April 24 • 5:30-7:30 p.m. 18 Jewelers park. dC Living in a toxic world? Learn what detoxification is and how to safely detox heavy metals.m.treeoflifeawakening. the check can be made out to and mailed to: the Bridge-Between. each session focuses on a different content topic.m.

277. re-calibrated and refined. Certified Rolfer™ 103 W. foods to avoid. blood-based health analysis with the most comprehensive nutrition and health program in the appleton area. College Ave. We carry the largest inventory of designer wigs in Wisconsin! chiRopRActoR & nutRition Appleton chiropractic 2425 West Wisconsin Ave.com Hits to the head and hurts to the heart can cause us to smoke. llc Victoria L. a review of your medications. our mission is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your style..org www.. Many of us have old habits. B.4912 • info@nellswigs. When integrated with these non-invasive techniques. WI 920.edu nWtC serves over 40. Webster Ave.C. Before and after school care/transportation and summer programs are offered to school-age children. Edison Center.com www. LCSW. C. diplomas and apprenticeships.com roy ostenson. remove toxic waste from your body and relieve symptoms like chronic fatigue. a colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse the colon and rejuvenate the body..217. drink. the body is then able to clear these restrictions.com rolfing® structural Integration is a transformative bodywork and education system designed to align and balance the body. for Valentine’s day.s. Green Bay 920. Based on a 52-point blood panel and hair and urine analysis. Suite 601.braintrainingfv. cRAnioSAcRAl theRApY cleansing Spirits bodywork Casie Pelnar Seymour.468.. Consultations are free. college/univeRSitY northeast wisconsin technical college 2740 West Mason St. rolfing® unwinds this chronic strain and offers new possibilities for standing.net growing time offers a healthy choice for your children. Clinical Aromatherapist. Colon hydrotherapy also restores the body’s pH balance. Green Bay 888. or otherwise. We care for children ages 4-weeks to 13-years and are open 5:30am to 6pm.427. lose sleep and be irritable.rootsofhealing. sad. colon hYdRo-theRApY natural healing Solutions Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists 345 E.com .000 people across the world have experienced positive changes in their lives as a result of Brainwave optimization™.NWTC www.fixmedoc. bRAinwAve optiMiZAtion brain training of the Fox valley 101 W. constipation and skin problems. Appleton 920.nwtc. it’s no wonder students are choosing an affordable education close to home.C. Huss. MSW. this means we serve chemical-free vegetables and free-range chicken. Suite #6. Green Bay 920.0715 • www.com feel healthier. Wisconsin Ave. accidents and patterns “locked” into our posture and musculature — causing chronic pain.284. work.385. It can be tuned up.3909 www. parent trusted and family owned since 1985.6202 GrowingTime@att.4874 www. With advanced technology and state-of-the art facilities. fashion. just feel disconnected from life. bodYwoRk new possibilities integration.wigS/bReASt cARe nell’s wigs & boutique 2031 S. our center uses homemade soap to reduce chemical exposure.830. your science Based nutrition™ report includes supplement recommendations.wisconsinrolfing. 98 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 www. helps patients reach optimal wellness through chiropractic care and clinical nutrition.731.COMMunity partners Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry! ARoMAtheRApiSt Roots of healing Tina Wankey. nWtC offers more than 100 degrees.393..6738 • tina@rootsofhealing. childcARe growing time child care center 2738 Manitowoc Road. We know the brain is the control center for everything we think and do. We have joined the community supported agriculture program (Csa).naturespathways. pure essential oils. cosmetic.7653 • www.naturalhealingsolutionsllc. side effects and more. Suite 224. which allows healing to begin.. Carl & Carol ann offer colon hydrotherapy through the Wood gravitational Method. reiki and matrix energetic to help the body find the proper alignment. Appleton 920. but a simple process of the brain mirroring itself back to its full potential. licensed wig salon dedicated to discreet and personable service. the body is able to recognize restrictions that are compromising the natural healing process. Appleton 920.s. roots of Healing is offering everything in store 10-60% off.3667 • clpelnar@hotmail. travel or fun.t. Whether you need a wig for medical hair loss.nellswigs. inflexibility and decreased mobility.. Customized aromatherapy products are created based on the unique needs of the individual. nearly 30.org • shop. the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthy existence.org Menasha. moving and being. Whole Health Educator and Wellness Coach 920.. with many transferring into the 4-year system.rootsofhealing. Suite B.com nell’s Wigs is a full service. aromatherapy parties can also be arranged so you and your friends can create your own products. We offer our patients objective. a sophisticated technology.com “Promoting Health & Harmony” Craniosacral therapy is a light touch and can be integrated with VHt. stimulates the immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into the blood. d.000 students annually. nWtC is finding passions and pushing potential. Appleton 920. along with beef from local farmers. WI roots of Healing is all about getting back to the natural roots of healing through the use of high-quality. boutiQue .

5101 • www.and part-time options.209. We carry an exclusive selection of hair extensions. Appleton 920.m. bakeware. Locally owned and operated. good vibrations Studio 1211 Rickmeyer Dr. you come in and spend ten minutes on a “wiggle” machine.. Hours by appointment.co natural tresses is a professional hair extension studio. educAtion blue Sky School of professional Massage and therapeutic bodywork 2200 American Blvd. the y is a place where you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself to learn a new skill or hobby. Cst is beneficial for: stress. serving your family for over 33 years! gift cards available. 10 a. 11 a. how to prevent and get rid of colds. glassware. lake park Swim & Fitness. dentAl twohig dental William J.m.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® partners www.com at Vander Wielen Health & Wellness diagnostic Center.... serveware. XX or visit www.-thu. functional medicine. club amenities and more to give our members an unparalleled experience. to 6 p. we are committed to helping you feel better. become a massage therapist! Call today! hAiR ReStoRAtion natural tresses 10 E.naturaltresses.-8 p. headaches & migraines. or bringing your loved ones closer together through our many family-centered activities. home equity and more. Iras. open Mon. specializing in over 20 different extension techniques and is also a custom wig boutique.anytimefitness. De Pere 920.BlueSkyMassage. kitchen electrics.org. FinAnciAl capital credit union 920.2524 kbaumann@naturespathways.731.6 p.com Blue sky strives to inspire and challenge our students as they become professional massage therapists. Vander Wielen offers: spine and extremity care. tMJ. Relax and enjoy a session in our infrared sauna or on an amethyst Biomat. and sun.-sat.338.m. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us.ymcafoxcities. FunctionAl nutRition vander wielen health & wellness diagnostic center 1486 Kenwood Dr.naturespathways. add/adHd.com at good Vibrations studio. Watch as your clothes become loose and you drop pants sizes.capitalcu.com anytime fitness is open 24/7/365 to provide you with the essential elements of a great workout. our family. CMT 345 E. Ann St. free text alerts. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. and loans for cars. calmer balance.com 99 .thewirewhisk. Mention this listing and receive a free one-WeeK trIaL MeMBersHIp.000 clubs worldwide. Menasha 920. dr. the flu and more. nutritional counseling.m. reflux & colic and more. Twohig. We also offer 24-hour tanning. such as savings accounts. advanced diagnostic testing and in-office lab tests.1211 • goodvibsstudio@gmail. and sat. open Mon.m. Lake park swim & fitness is the fox Valley’s newest and most refreshing health club. function better and live better! to best serve his patients.com twohig dental wants you to experience a natural and holistic approach to dentistry. both of which help to rid the body of toxins and contribute to whole body wellness. at the y.drtwohig. open houses year round! touch the lives of others. anywhere Club access allows you to visit more than 1.8900 • www. professional knife sharpening services are also available. to 8 p.com Capital Credit union is a fullservice financial institution offering a wide range of products and services. specialty foods and kitchen housewares.HealthyMeToday. Appleton 920. heAlth & FitneSS Anytime Fitness For a location near you.com We are the store for all cooks offering cookware. stress reduction.3663 www. holistic practices and wellness into our massage therapy program. personal training.com/sharonblake therapeuticpulse@gmail. We also specialize in custom makeup. Fond du Lac 920. cutlery. Enjoy Nikken filtered water.731. DDS 417 E.m.m.358. classes. cleaning and repair services.867. tableware. lymph drainage therapy.m.m. free online and mobile banking.therapeutic pulse Sharon Blake. essential oils and take part in our free classes on weight loss. Being healthy means more than simply being physically active.3195 • toll free: 866. fri.921. College Ave.. Wisconsin Ave.com See our ad on pg. Weyauwega 920. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit. Cds. Craniosacral therapy (Cst) helps the nervous system “reboot” to find a new.-4 p. ellipticals and bikes — all with flatscreen TVs — and both free weights and circuit weight machines. Appleton 920. fostering connections with friends through our lifelong learning programs. Contact: 920.722.com sharon helps your body find balance integrating craniosacral therapy. We believe in treating patients as individuals. 8 a. We integrate community outreach. We have full. 8 a.. the machine tones and helps you achieve your fitness goals as if you have spent an hour at the gym. depression.m. mind and body.882. Winnebago or Brown Counties in Wisconsin is eligible for Capital membership. health-centered office. gadgets.goodvibrationsstudio. llc 730 Lake Park Rd. we have combined the latest in equipment.2100 www. and we hold workshops and classes throughout the year. 8 a. #8.3195 For a location near you visit www. our practice is a mercury-free.lakeparkfitness.. private restrooms and showers. Suite 222. it’s not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside. our nationally certified wigmaster is on staff to service any of your hair restoration needs. wig restoration.5419 • www. custom wigs and hairpieces. visit our website. 31. Calumet..740. Menasha • 920. such as treadmills. visceral manipulation and therapeutic massage. gouRMet RetAil/giFt the wire whisk 767 North Casaloma Dr. homes.com www. free and dividend-earning checking accounts. barware. COMMunity Find out more information on advertising your business in the Nature’s Pathways Community Partners Directory. financial aid available for those who qualify. www.9500 • www.3101 • www.739.iahp.. anyone living or working in outagamie. Customer service and building a sense of community is our main focus — be a part of the LPSF family and experience the difference! YMcA of the Fox cities For a location near you see our ad on pg.

217.RainbowsInHarmony. Suite 106. treatment options and great self care. a personal.co • BLOG: coffeewithjacque. Call for your complimentary sample! divine energy light-workers Rev.D. emotionally and spiritually..6345 • lightworkers@earthlink. finally solve the issues that are constraining you and begin fully living life to your highest potential..3555 • abetteryou@new. Green Bay 920.5252 • www.heAlth & wellneSS A better You/boresha coffee Jacquelyn Wilson 920.rr..-7 p.6345. Jen at lightworkers@earthlink. wonders of wellness Dr. schedule your appointment today. reiki.T. Mann has achieved the prestigious naMs Menopause practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. she is skilled at prescribing customized.3774 • watrish@aol. bioidentical hormones when needed.DivineLightWorkers. Mon. lymphatic drainage and food intolerance testing. multi-disciplinary.patriciampoole. at our treatment center our goal is to help you live a long.net www. heAlth Food StoRe natural healthy concepts 310 N. Join me on a journey to enhance your naturally born gifts and to help you live the life you were destined for — a LIFE IN BALANCE.. she is certified through the natural therapies Certification Board and has over 1000 satisfied clients. Appleton 920. attend the introductory seminar “end Hormone Havoc — Stay Sane. seek care from an expert knowledgeable in the latest scientific research.1769 • asb@lifeforcewc.5252 • www. holistic. holiStic Medicine peace & wellness center Patricia Poole 920. NP — Family Nurse Practitioner 1480 Swan Rd.-Fri. helps women of all ages live healthy. we create Rainbows In Harmony wise woman wellness llc Cheryl Rentmeester. please email rev. athlete. energy/light work.com Cheryl rentmeester..naturalhealthyconcepts.com . artist or musician who has lost your groove and wants to regain it plus go beyond to your full potential? If so.d.757. Jen Rietveld 130 E.m.Healthy Lives www. delicious way to continue your quest for health and wellness. uselman. healthy life. hoRMoneS & wellneSS wise woman wellness llc Randi Mann. NP — Owner.819. We also have a great selection of all natural beauty products to make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.734. Boresha is the home of the World’s only fat Burning Coffee and tea! Certified Organic • Patented Hunger Control • Balanced Energy • Low Acid • Buffered Caffeine • fair trade. Collaboration. organic bulk olive oils & vinegars. We carry a full line of nutritional supplements.339.737... finances or a relationship? are you an actor. chiropractic. Call for an appointment or register for a seminar today! Natural Options . locally raised meats. De Pere 920. Appleton 920. and what makes it even better.. seek care from an expert knowledgeable in Natural Options . to schedule an appointment.6389 good health is being balanced physically. stop in and talk with our knowledgeable staff to get your health questions answered. Kari weaves her intuition.9693 Ann@RainbowsInHarmony. Sat. D. education and lifestyle guidance. Board Certified Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner 1480 Swan Rd.m. please visit her website at divineLightWorkers. Main St. ND. M. C.. llc 456 N. Main St. Visit my website to learn how energy restoration can help you! Call or email for your free 15-minute consultation. she is nationally certified in biofeedback and complex homeopathy. integrity and caring into her sessions to support her clients’ holistic wellness. and facilitates craniosacral therapy. while our unique opportunities foster financial freedom and give back to the community. emotional. Ann Khanna Appleton • 920.410.com do you have a physical. Westhill Blvd. has been in private practice since 2006. health & beauty products and much more! 100 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 holiStic wellneSS Rainbows in harmony Dr. Longview Dr. using a variety of energetic techniques. Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday. intuitive and empathic methods are used to reach your goals fast and effectively. mentally. joy-filled lives through medical and non-medical solutions. compassionate. she believes open communication and education is key to forming a valuable partnership with her patients for effective treatment results.com are you feeling stressed over work. net or call/text 920. Binkowski. Biogenesis & more.wisewomanwellness. cation mud-packing and vastu bioenergetics.WellnessEssentialsLLC. 9 a.terrynaturally.4022 • www..com WHy BoresHa? Boresha empowers you to develop a healthy relationship with food by providing a simple.339.com www.com patricia poole has been providing hypnosis and energy healing private sessions and classes for 14 years. is an advanced practitioner of Quantum reflex analysis. no matter the size! terry naturally 2625 Development Dr.. Nancy Soliven. MS 404 N. Oshkosh 920. Suite 40.com abetteryou.1002 • www. reconnective Healing and soon eft. Chiropractor Megan Hoffman.com Providing Innovative Wellness with Care & Integrity Kari a. Diplomat 424 E.268. she offers information on hypnosis. 3-7 p. llc Alexandria S. np. We offer our patients craniosacral therapy.-4 p. funerals and more! for a full description of her services.268.com. nutritional counseling. ph. and highly skilled health care professionals seek and treat the causes associated with a wide range of medical issues.m.S.965. is a family nurse practitioner with close to 10 years experience in diagnosis and treatment of women of all ages. MH. she has a special interest in women’s heath issues.com randi Mann. our caring..com Hours: 9 a.968.. contact me for an integrated approach to achieve total health and well-being. we provide free shipping on all domestic us orders. property clearings and blessings. educational and life-changing classes are offered regularly. vital.. weddings. past life/soul release and karmic meditations. np. Franklin St.Healthy Lives holiStic pSYchotheRApY life Force wellness center. cellular release. mental or spiritual issue that has you feeling stuck and in need of relief? I left traditional medicine over 15 years ago and have studied and practiced holistic methods of achieving health and wellness.m. reconnective Healing.naturespathways. Appleton 920. and offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches.wisewomanwellness. De Pere 920. one-of-a-kind healing session to help you remove individual blocks and restore healthy energy flow. Suite B. Hypnosis Cds are available to get you started in making positive changes today! Call or email today to set up your appointment. chakra cleansing and balancing. Oshkosh Located at the Harmony Wellness Center 920. specialty foods.com www. We can recommend a natural protocol for you to take charge of your health. wellness essentials.C.2360 www.com www.com rev. Slim and Sexy” to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes.com natural Healthy Concepts brings you the best dietary health supplements on the market at the lowest prices possible. Jen rietveld offers divinely guided services in the form of: spiritual counseling.lifeforcewc.m.

MASSAge theRApY blue Sky School of professional Massage and therapeutic bodywork 2200 American Blvd. they will create individually pleasing results to complement your internal beauty.com March 2013 | Nature’s Pathways® 101 . Massage envy Spa 3201 E. Zero percent financing programs are available. accepting new patients. We offer many massage modalities including swedish.. Neenah 920.722. but have completed the educational requirements to enter student clinic.. honest.com Are you ready to journey to a happier and healthier life? are you considering counseling to support you in meeting your goals? If so.com Julie rider is a registered occupational therapist. signature services and enhancements include hot stone massage.7245 www. life coach practitioner and certified Just for Me™ Wellbeing group Coach. resource and referral services. I congratulate you for being a good listener to your life. lAwn cARe backyard organics 920. we have a therapist to match your needs. convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services. challenging (and fun!) environment for individuals to explore their innate potential to heal and live the quality life of their choosing. LLC.731. at the Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing. aromatherapy. llc Joan M. wise woman wellness llc Julie Rider.wisewomanwellness. llc 18 Jewelers Park Dr. sports.rr.1800 • info@youthfulendeavors. Wisconsin’s first organic land care business accredited by nofa. and to ultimately reach overall wellness and effectiveness in all areas of their lives. Nolan Hetz. attend the introductory seminar “end Hormone Havoc — Stay Sane.683.5300 www. Judith Cornell. redesign and refresh yourself with the help of dr. social and physical health. one of two organizations in the country that accredit organic Land Care professionals (aoLCps). Journaling. Qi Qong Breath exercises.Healthy Lives intuitive touch. CLCP 1480 Swan Rd..7450 • info@backyardorganics. deep tissue. deep muscle therapy and sugar foot scrub.com youthful endeavors is one of the most comprehensive medical aesthetic practices in Wisconsin with a variety of services that combine both wellness and aesthetic medicine with a touch of high-end spa services. 8-Week Mindful Women’s group. please visit our website.lifespectrums. she is available to visit your company for group presentations with content tailored to your specific needs. email or call us. she is a graduate of the four Winds and has studied with Betsy Bergstrom. We offer free Mind Body Medicine Classes. Call today for your complimentary consultation.209.com Blue sky’s massage clinic is a teaching facility. has over 20 years of counseling experience. nolan Hetz and the certified professional staff. she encourages individuals to discover their very best self. Julie partners with her clients to empower them to stretch beyond their limits and to see opportunities within obstacles. self-acceptance and self-care. allowing you to experience total rejuvenation and relaxation in a float tank. stress Management and Loving Kindness relationship skills. our mission is to provide a pathway to wellness. mandala facilitator and reiki master.aspx at Massage envy spa Calumet.. offers her clients intuitive energy and therapeutic touch massage therapy.com/clinics/WI/Calumet.BlueSkyMassage.com relax and renew your body. Natural Options . LMT 8095 Tribute Dr.com tree of Life awakening helps you heal at the level of the soul through private sessions and inspirational classes. Ek Professional Life Coach/Reiki Master/ Registered Yoga Teacher 920. We have four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for Massage envy spa. Laural Virtues Wauters is a certified shamanic practitioner.massageenvy. OTR. MedicAl AeStheticS & woMen’S heAlthcARe Youthful endeavors Dr.C. Slim and Sexy” to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes. Backyard organics also supplies organic weed herbicides and a variety of natural and organic pest repellents either in bulk and/ or ready to spray bottles. treatment options and great self-care.com Find out more information on advertising your business in the Nature’s Pathways Community Partners Directory. De Pere 920. Contact: 920. mental..com laural@treeoflifeawakening. Become your own expert in how your mind interacts with your body to create better emotional. Laural combines her life experience and professional background to help empower others.s.net todd and tara rockweit are owners of Backyard organics.treeoflifeawakening. you will learn scientifically-validated mind body medicine skills that will enhance your capacity for self-awareness. as well as offers group coaching.544.youthfulendeavors. teaching. yoga instruction for all abilities. she is available for individual coaching in person or by telephone. Judy rogers.rr. Appleton 920. most luxurious massage on the planet. reiki therapy and www.naturespathways.733.com www. MAndAlA & ShAMAnic Reiki tree of life Awakening Laural Virtues Wauters Green Bay • 920. De Pere 920. Suite 210. as a coach. Visualization. Calumet St.net www.the latest scientific research.W. ana Laramendi and Jose Luis Herrera.mindfulnesscenterforwellbeing. Neenah 920. Call today to schedule your appointment. well-being and worth through professional. Medical Director Green Bay and Manitowoc locations 920. reflexology and more. a great opportunity for our students to complete state required massage hours while offering professional quality massages at a discount to the public! Make an appointment today! liFe coAch life Spectrums. “the deepest. and offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. integRAtive pSYchotheRApiSt Mindfulness center for wellbeing. L. she also provides ashiatsu oriental Bar therapy®. We teach simple self-care techniques like Mindfulness Meditation. Massages are performed by students who have not yet graduated.2524 kbaumann@naturespathways.338.9793 • lifespectrums@new.. to map out and achieve goals.” and flotation therapy. nurturing.9500 www. guided Imagery. Joan specializes in providing a safe. Laural received her mandala certification from dr. Whether it is your first massage or massage therapy is part of your wellness plan.5252 • www. mind and spirit at Intuitive touch.4047 www.850.339. to read more about our products and services or if you would like to submit a question. seminars and workshops to empower each person on an integrative basis. she offers professional life coaching services. our professional estheticians have the scientifically proven products to give you noticeably healthy skin.net With over 25 years experience in several areas of health care. a licensed massage therapist.850.0440 • snoffke1@new. affirmations. as well as individual and couple counseling. sandra Ingerman. trigger point therapy.com www. llc Sue Noffke. sue noffke.backyardorganics. our therapist.

allnaturalpethealth. depression and breaking barriers to achievement.rmedispa. pain and other symptoms of irritable bowel can be alleviated using a 7-session hypnosis program.. take Charge weight loss program and a full line of now vitamins.257. Ph. sandy has a staff that loves the business as much as she does.725. We also offer craniosacral.ardentphoto. Neenah 920. knowledgeable staff hand chosen by the owner. Located 5 minutes from fox river Mall. photographer. revitalize and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. 920. amy gaerthofner. relieve pain and renew hope. Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues.4601. Ridgeview Dr. We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks.1380 • www. and it shows when you walk into the store. Clinical Nutritionist 658 W. appleton or call 920. videos and dog. With her master’s degree in human nutrition and Metagenics certification in first Line therapy.com 920. our style is clean. enhance our patients’ self esteem and self image.org We are here to celebrate people’s lives and support them during their medical crisis. hormone consultations. Suite 150. ear problems and diabetes. herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease. lymphedema with vaso-pneumatic pump and electro therapeutic point stimulation..PAIN (7246) • www.215.com The mission of Rejuvenessence medispa is to restore. high cholesterol/triglycerides. colorful and classic .customhealthpharmacy.1991 www. nonpRoFit community benefit tree 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 2204 Crooks Ave. llc Kimberly Neher. Main St. cancer in dogs and cats. Wisconsin ave.9827 Fox Cities 262. transform your life through natural. diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable patients to restore function.and Cat-opoly. orthopedic.evolveability. Suite 104.com the success of a business comes from more than just the owner. breed-specific pillows. dr.462.MedicAl SpA Rejuvenessence mediSpa Kenneth Pechman.9513 Milwaukee www.com COMMunity partners 102 Nature’s Pathways® | March 2013 . our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest quality compounding possible.D.5764 Kimberly neher. a boutique physical therapy practice providing quality care to patients with spine.com advanced pain Management (apM) is committed to providing patients with innovative pain management services. don’t put it off any longer. and remedy the cause of your illness or weight concerns! peRSonAl cARe/nutRition botanical indulgence Sandy White 1162 Westowne Dr.901. pet heAlth victoria’s pet nutrition center and boutique 14 N. Quality therapy 311 Reaume Ave.4583 • www. the more you wait the more serious your problem may become. Manitowoc 920. Kimberly has an in-depth study of nutrition as a complementary medicine. health and function. We accept Caremark and express scripts. Green Bay Locations also in Appleton and Oconto Falls 888. We help family.574. We are proud to offer free consultations on all of our services! pAin MAnAgeMent/RelieF Advanced pain Management (ApM) 2595 Development Dr.. take the Winneconne exit in neenah and turn left at Culver’s..3577 • www. phYSicAl theRApY Motionworks physical therapy 1158 Westowne Drive.botanicalindulgence. M.com Custom Health pharmacy is your source for quality compounded medications.. 510 e. clinically proven methods of healing via nutrition. high glucose levels.D. hope and joy to experience the support from the attendees of the event. post-operative and sports medicine injuries. work injury. nutRition nutritional healing. thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. Kaukauna 920. will make you look amazing and you’ll have a blast along the way.com dr. Whether it’s back or neck pain. arthritis. wedding and boudoir photography studio located in Historic downtown neenah. you have a choice where you get your compounded prescriptions — you don’t need your prescription sent to you from Madison. food sensitivities and allergies.358. apM strives to deliver the most advanced. support. adrenal fatigue consultations and testing.communitybenefittree..482. Board Certified Dermatologist 2201 East Enterprise Ave.858. Kaukauna 920. Community Benefit tree also provides education. Kasper also works with anxiety/panic disorders. pet allergies.D. MS. our specialized programs include: chronic pain program. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidencebased medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. friends and co-workers plan a Celebration of support event for their loved one who is going through a medical crisis.quality-therapy. and general health concerns such as high blood pressure. is the clinical nutritionist located inside the Chiropractic advantage. resources and financial assistance for families struggling with a medical crisis.com www.1919 www. Fond du Lac 920.com ardent photography is a boutique portrait.. Neenah 920. Our mission is to provide www.com Serving the Fox Valley Quality therapy is client-centered and focused on predictable outcomes. back pain program and digestinal disorder program. Ph.923. dental.. We strive to improve our clients’ skin through our professional services and highquality products and thus.APMhealth. Suite C.com We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats.rooted in tradition and elegance. our goal is to form close relationships with our clients to make your photography experience remarkable .2250 • pkasper@bytehead. meditation and training in self-hypnosis.. evolveAbility Phyllis Kasper.693. sports nutrition.292. manual therapy approach to physical therapy can make at MotionWorks physical therapy. accommodating schedule allowing recovery in your own home. custom health pharmacy 1011 S.2050 www. apM has a pain management doctor who can help pinpoint the source of pain. phyllis Kasper is a licensed psychologist with expertise in pain management and post-traumatic stress disorder using eMdr. this one-day event helps the family with funds for living and medical expenses and provides strength. LLC.com experience the difference a hands-on.you deserve exceptional service and exquisite photography. Appleton kimneher@nutritionalhealingllc. sciatica or a painful condition.motionworkspt. a truly successful business will have an enthusiastic.3145 www. Appleton 920. Here at Botanical Indulgence. she is available at Healthy Connections. Ms. photogRAphY Ardent photography Downtown Neenah 920.422. visual manipulation. minimally invasive. We also offer: hormone saliva testing.naturespathways. 10th St. We strive to uphold the dignity of patients.. biofeedback.

the highest level of personalized, one-on-one patient care, with appointment times that are convenient to you, in a relaxing, patient-centered clinic with all the latest amenities. our results speak for themselves, as we often can help those who have not seen a benefit from treatment provided elsewhere by addressing the whole patient and the source of your pain, not just the symptoms.

osorio’s latin Fusion, llc 1910 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton (Between Fox River Mall & the Timber Rattlers’ stadium) 920.955.3766 www.OsoriosLatinFusion.com our family welcomes you to osorio’s Latin fusion! We carefully and thoughtfully prepare all of your food from scratch right here in our kitchen. our recipes have either been handed down from our families or created in our own minds and kitchens. We have a strong background in Latin cuisine, and have merged some of the sensational Latin flavors with our other favorite foods … and osorio’s Latin fusion was born. Sai Ram indian cuisine 253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920.733.3003 • www.sairamcuisine.com the area’s finest authentic Indian restaurant. Join us today to find out why we won the “Best Indian food” golden fork award from 2005-2011! We offer a large selection of vegan and vegetarian options. Catering is available and we have a banquet room for parties up to 40 people.

SpeciAltY FoodS
lamers dairy & country Store Off Hwys. 441 & CE N410 Speel School Rd., Appleton 920.830.0980 • www.lamersdairyinc.com taste the difference ... experience milk the way it was meant to be! returnable glass bottles keep our fresh taste with less environmental impact. farmer certified to be free of artificial hormones. from a select few local small-herd family farms. Lamers Dairy-Dairyland’s Best — a family owned and operated local dairy serving northeast Wisconsin since 1913. find our milk in glass bottles at select retail locations or visit Lamers Country store. the olive cellar 277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton • 920.574.2361 127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah • 920.486.1781 www.TheOliveCellar.com discover the difference quality makes with small batch world class extra virgin olive oils and an exquisite variety of aged balsamic vinegars. taste before you buy with all products available for you to sample prior to bottling. also offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffle oils, chocolate sauces and the world’s best peanut brittle. a unique culinary experience awaits you.

cclark pilates Studio Cathy Clark, Owner & Certified Pilates Trainer Marketplace Plaza, Suite 225 124 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920.410.0026 • www.cclarkpilates.com get to know your core! CClark pilates studio is fully equipped with reformers, Cadillac, tower systems, Ladderback Barrels, Wunda chairs and lots of room for mat classes. owner Cathy Clark has over 600 hours of classical pilates training. CClark has 3 different packages for the pilates enthusiast and also offers private & semi-private sessions. the new client package offers 1 private lesson and 2 mat classes for only $30.

Famous dave’s bar-b-Que 1170 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton 920.991.9700 www.famousdaves.com not everybody has the whole day to spend slow-smokin’ the best BBQ in america. But everybody has a phone. and that’s all it takes to bring home your favorite BBQ piping hot and ready for dinner tonight! or stop in to try our healthy Citrus grill. dave loves makin’ calorie watchers feel like they’re cheating. Citrus grill items are a tasty 660 calories or less. served with two juicy grilled pineapple steaks and fresh steamed broccoli. Nakashima of Japan • Katsu-Ya of Japan 4100 W. Pine St., Appleton • 920.739.6057 2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay • 920.494.4103 511 W. College Ave., Appleton • 920.882.4183 www.nakashimas.com nakashima sushi is your healthy alternative when dining out. We take the freshest fish or vegetable, wrap it in vinegar rice and roasted seaweed for a taste that is simple satori (enlightenment). We feature avocado, asparagus and spinach salad, tofu salad, Ceviches, grilled salmon and many more healthy selections!

haven Salon & Spa 1700 Sand Acres Dr., Suite 2, De Pere 920.339.1111 www.havensalonspa.com discover Haven salon & spa. tucked away in a beautiful, serene setting, Haven offers you the total experience. from the moment you walk through our doors, you will feel the difference – service designed to exceed all of your expectations. Haven is proud to provide you with quality products and fabulous services to energize and inspire you today and keep you looking your best for years to come! Call or email today for an appointment. you deserve it. your Haven awaits! Savoye hair Studio 2530 Lineville Rd., Suite 2, Green Bay 920.434.4247 www.savoyehairstudio.com our mission is to provide you with exceptional service in an environment designed to replenish, renew and nurture your appearance and well-being. We support aveda in its mission to care for the world we live in by treating it with care and respect. We, as artists, are passionate about our profession and we take tremendous pride in serving you. our team members are talented professionals who consistently refine and enhance their skills through continuing education.

unity of Appleton 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton 920.739.4823 • www.unityofappleton.org unity of appleton is a welcoming, inclusive, loving spiritual community where we practice and demonstrate a positive metaphysical approach to spirituality through affirmative prayer, healing, inspiration, education, fellowship and service. If you like deepak Chopra, Wayne dyer and eckhart tolle, you’ll love unity! Join us for sunday services, youth ministry, study groups and more.

valley thermography 1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Ste. 202, Appleton 920.380.1365 • chris@valleythermography.com www.valleythermography.com Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer, uses digital infrared thermal imaging (dItI), a non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more. dItI uses no radiation, is painless and fda registered. Call to schedule your appointment.
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valley transit 801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton 920.832.5800 www.appleton.org/vt

10th frame sports Bar .................................................. 44 a Better you/Boresha Coffee......................................... 83 advanced pain Management ........................................ 65 aerial dance pole exercise ............................................. 75 anytime fitness............................................................. 25 appleton Chiropractic ..................................................... 5 appleton downtown, Inc. ............................................. 79 ardent photography ..................................................... 78 Backyard organics ........................................................ 47 Bay area yoga .............................................................. 88 Be Well Cooking ......................................................... 105 Bergstrom toyota/scion................................................... 3 Better Birthing services ................................................. 45 Blue green organix....................................................... 65 Blue sky ........................................................................ 20 Botanical Indulgence ..................................................... 11 Brain training of the fox Valley...................................... 70 CClark pilates studio ..................................................... 27 Capital Credit union ..................................................... 35 Community Benefit tree................................................ 36 Compost Joe’s............................................................... 67 Crystal pathway ............................................................ 67 Custom Health pharmacy .............................................. 27 divine energy Light-Workers ......................................... 10 epiphany Law ............................................................... 90 evolveability ................................................................. 89 famous dave’s Bar-B-Que.............................................. 95 food sovereignty summit ............................................. 11 gill-tech academy ........................................................ 19 good Vibrations studio ................................................. 12 goodwill Industries ....................................................... 15 growing time ............................................................... 89 Happy Bellies Bake shop ............................................... 49 Harmony Cafe .............................................................. 51 Haven salon & spa........................................................ 91 Healthy Living events .................................................... 75 Intuitive touch, LLC ....................................................... 57 Joules of nature ............................................................ 74 Just act natural ............................................................ 14 LaJava, a roasting House .............................................. 49 Lake park swim & fitness .............................................. 31 Lamers dairy ................................................................. 58 Learningrx .................................................................... 43 Life force Wellness Center ............................................ 20 Life spectrums .............................................................. 71 Making art of Life......................................................... 17 Massage envy spa......................................................... 85 Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing ................................. 50 MotionWorks physical therapy...................................... 59 Mudd Creek, LLC .......................................................... 77 Mystical earth gallery.................................................... 33 nakashima, Inc. .......................................................... 106 nancy soliven, Wonders of Wellness ............................. 25 natural Healing solutions .............................................. 37 natural Healthy Concepts ............................................. 13 natural tresses .............................................................. 95 nell’s Wigs & Boutique .................................................. 61 new possibilities Integration .......................................... 39 niemuth’s southside Market ......................................... 89 northeast Wisconsin technical College .......................... 53 nutritional Healing ........................................................ 57 osorio’s Latin fusion ..................................................... 37 otto Chiropractic .......................................................... 72 outagamie County dept. of solid Waste ....................... 87 peace & Wellness Center............................................... 34 pMI entertainment group ............................................. 23 pura Vida yoga ............................................................. 66 rainbows in Harmony ................................................... 69 Rejuvenessence mediSpa............................................. 107 Revolution Dojo ............................................................ 29 roots of Healing ........................................................... 56 sai ram Indian Cuisine .................................................... 9 saris Counseling, LLC .................................................... 30 savoye Hair studio ........................................................ 45 terry naturally/europharma ............................................. 2 the frontier/nature scents ............................................ 94 the olive Cellar............................................................. 74 the Wire Whisk .............................................................. 9 twohig dental....................................................... 40, 108 unity of appleton ......................................................... 52 Valley thermography, LLC ............................................. 13 Valley transit ................................................................. 39 Vander Wielen Health & Wellness Center ...................... 41 Victoria’s pet nutrition................................................... 21 Wellness essentials ........................................................ 73 Wellness Hypno-therapeutics........................................ 79 Wise Woman Wellness, LLC ............................................ 7 yMCa .......................................................................... 81 youthful endeavors ................................................. 92, 93

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Valley transit provides

Think outside the car. transportation to the many communities that comprise the fox Cities. Whether you’re in appleton, Buchanan, grand Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of Menasha, town of Menasha or neenah, you can use Valley transit to get where you need to go. service hours: 5:45 a.m. - 10:30 p.m., Monday through friday, 7:45 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. on saturday.

pura vida Yoga Crystal M. Hill (Rohde), RYT 2416 W. Nordale Dr., Appleton 920.851.1084 puravidacrystal@hotmail.com pura Vida yoga, LLC, offers group power Vinyasa yoga classes, private yoga sessions, yoga life coaching and nutrition/weight loss coaching in appleton. the amazing staff is passionate about helping others reach their full potential both on and off the mat! Contact Crystal M. Hill ryt & owner at 920.851.1084 or puravidacrystal@ hotmail.com for more information!

Zenith MASteR heAleRS
Mystical earth gallery (Meg) City Center Plaza 112b E. College Ave., Appleton 920.993.1122 • mysticalearthgallery.com Zenith, a healing art form, succinctly stated removes the blockages which stop the seeker from their path and assists in the healing process of the body, mind and spirit. using sacred geometry, color-vibration light and incorporating his own techniques, honed after over 30 years of healing, Master teacher Jesse will develop a program to help you in the unfolding of your individual self.

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Eat, Drink & Buy Local

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Come join the community at BeWellCooking.com, where we are committed to helping you become healthier, happier and more active through information and education. Our goal is to motivate, inspire and guide you to a healthier lifestyle by providing:
• Delicious, easy-to-make recipes • • Informative blogs by our expert and guest experts • • Forums to connect and share your successes and struggles with others • • Education and Nutrition information for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Celiac, Crohn’s and MORE •
… all completely FREE! So if you want to lose weight, minimize your need for medications, eat to increase your body’s immunities, shop smarter, cook healthier, become more active or even teach your family how to Be Well … we have the answers and the expertise!

We feature stand-alone categories such as:
Be Well: Weight Loss • Be Well: Diabetes • Be Well: Kids • Be Well: Celiac • Be Well: Crohn’s • Be Well: Heart Disease
BeWellCooking.com was created just for you to Be Well and Live Well!
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