Scene 1 A = in the television studio, the crew are getting ready with the cameras in front of ten years

old boy who wants to tell his prediction. W = who is the kid?

R = ms.Wellman, I like to meet you ms.Godwin. (Ms. Wellman ignores him and still focus with that ten years old boy) W = why there is a kid here?

R = (nervously) emm... ms.wellman, that boy is Herbie, Herbert Bittman. He wasW R W R W R W R W R W = (angrily) what was he doing here?! = hmm... well, ms.wellman he makes prediction = what are u talking about?? You think I will believe you?? You want me to = (very nervously) no miss, he was 10 years old. = you bring a kid for our prime time show????? = hmm.. But miss= well than, this is his first and last show.. and (high tone) for you too.. = but miss, his prediction was always came true.. = do you think I would believe that kind of joke?? = yes, I believe soo.. = well than,, we’ll see..

kick u out of here?! Aren’t u?? How old is he? Seven? Eight?

Scene 2 N H = the television show is begin = halloo, my name is Herbie, Herbert Bittman. Yesterday, I read a good book

about mountain.. I think that a great book and u will love it.. I also read a book about astronomy.. So, I think I want to buy telescopeW R W H W R H W G W = Hah.. he wants a telescope?? Heh.. Let me give u one.. = please miss, don’t underestimate him.. = emm.. We’ll see.. = Oh yess, tomorrow morning a lost girl name _______________ will be = you kidding me, right? = (Looks nervously) emm.. = Oh and one more.. Tomorrow evening, there would be an earth quake in Los = Congratulation Herbie, we will see if that are true.. = miss, my name is Amy Godwin but you can call me Godwin, do you know my = yes, but, let’s prove it

found in the top of the Mount.________ with broken leg, at least she still alive..

Angeles.. See u next time, bye….

son has a talent to see the future miss?

Scene 3 N W N = the next morning, ms.Wellman is =Jeez,, I’m soo sleepy.. (Yawning) = She turns on the television in her living room..

(The tape pretends to be the television) Tape = this morning at 6.13 in the top of mount __________, _______________ has been found, she has a broken leg, but, she has been found!!! This is amazing a-(Ms.Wellman turns off her television) W = (Shocking face) WHAATTT@!#^%e$!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!! (Try to calm down)Ok, let’s see if this evening there would be an earth quake in Los Angeles, I will give him a chance.. Scene 4 N R W R = Ms.Wellman arrives in the Studio = Miss, do u see the news??? = well, yes, lucky guess Herbie… lucky guess… = Alright now you can say that, but see what happen to Los Angeles..

Scene 5 N R N = in the evening, in miss Welman’s office..… = Miss... Could u turn on the television?? = Ms.Wellman is working but she stops and turns on the Television

Tape = (The presenter) this morning a lost girl has been found, but something else different is happening in Los Angeles... (Other man) This is happening, EARTH QUAKE!!!! Everybody moves it… (The presenter) This seldom happen in Los Angeles... but no (nothing)— (Ms.wellman turns off the Television) (Reed smile in a victory way) R W R = see???? What I tell is true, right? = emm. Ok, Reed, you right... Could u call ms.Godwin and his son now... = ok miss..

(Reed calls them) (Outside the office) R N W G W H W H G H W H = Ms.Godwin and Herbie, you are called by ms.Wellman... = Ms.Godwin and Herbie come to Ms.Wellman office… = Please sit down… = Thank you... = I’m sorry I’ve underestimate u, Herbie.. = It’s ok miss… = so, do you still want to work for me in this Studio? = Of course!!! Why not?? Do you allow me, mom?? = Ok.. And I will give u a telescope.. = Great.. = Then see u tomorrow at 10, ok? = Sure, thanks…

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