Rohit Thakur said: (Sat, Feb 23, 2013 04:06:27 PM) Good morning friends, I would like to add one more point

that we should apply more facility. Like CC TV and we should also strengthen our police System. Our politician and people should go hand in hand to; Fight with terrorism. Thanks. Rate this: +0 -0 Neha said: (Fri, Feb 22, 2013 09:32:35 PM) Hello friends, Terrorism is a very serious social topic in India for past many years and till now it is happening, recently one day ago terrorist attack in Hyderabad cause 13 casualties and more than 80 injured. Attacks by the terrorist caused havoc among the people, and its also very true nobody is safe anywhere in any city or state. In India government continuously fails in stopping these attacks. Main reason behind this is illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, lack of government measure, lack of awareness among people. The main cause of these attacks is the religious problems, Many people and parties in country are supporting these religious discrimination disputes and taking there advantages in creating havoc and terror. People are literate and aware then they will not support these things and instead of becoming part of this inhuman activity they start opposing it. If people get employment they are less interested in involving these kind of activities as for their basic requirement they became part of it, and last but not least corruption must be checked and stopped at both higher and lower level. Government should and can play a vital role in checking and stopping these terrorist activities. Thank you. Rate this: +2 -0

Avni said: (Tue, Feb 19, 2013 05:05:05 PM) According to my view, terrorism in India is due to several reasons like unemployment, corruption, etc. But terrorism is not stopping in our country because of the lack of good government. As govt is irresponsible in taking right decisions in right time how this can be stopped? Due to this people are feared about their lives and poor people are made to become

terrorist. Due to lack of money and education. According to my view, govt should take right decision in order to help the people of their country and also try to work for the nation not for money. Rate this: +5 -0 Rahul Das said: (Sun, Feb 17, 2013 11:06:38 AM) Good morning friends. In my view terrorism is the use of illegitimate force to achieve political ends by targeting innocent person. Terrorism has destroyed the peace and harmony of the society. Approximately 1. 8 million people die every year and millions are injured. The Mumbai attack, serial bomb blast in Pune, are the most shameful acts. In the end I want to point out the fact why this happen. 1. Illiteracy among the people. 2. Intolerance and over-sentimental about religion. 3. Poverty. These are some of the main facts which give birth to a terrorist. So, let us join our hand wage a war against it. Thank you. Rate this: +5 -0

Gadhavi Pragnesh said: (Thu, Feb 14, 2013 01:18:26 PM) Terrorism is a psychological disorder, In the democratic establishment one should not go with arms and ammunition to raise his/her voice. This is the futile concept of killing innocents. The entire world is suffering with two kind of terrorism one is religious and another is economic perspective. The need of hour is to think about our posterity and should effort collectively to establish global harmony and peace. We should leave religion to individual and should be tolerant to others way of pursuing religion. In the name of economic exploitation, some intelligentsia are misguiding depressed classes and lead them to raise their concern with arms which is even endanger global harmony. There should be collective socialism till we can't reach a level of development and social upliftment of each class of society.

Rate this: +0


Md Saddam Ansari said: (Sat, Feb 9, 2013 01:25:44 AM) Hi Friends, According to me, Terrorism in India is really great violence for people of India as well as government. There are many cases happened in India which are evidence of terror of terrorist in India like 26/11 attack in Mumbai, bomb blast in 2006 in Mumbai. Bomb-blast in Delhi in different places. All are the example of terrorist violence in India. In such accidents we lost people, money, and many type of things which belongs to our nation. The main goal of terrorist is not to kill people but to spread their terror in heart of people. They do as well as in whole world. This can be eradicate by educating people, provide them financial services, provide help to backward classes, because such type of peoples participate in terrorism for money. If our government will support them it may be reduced at some level. There are many things which we have to do to eradicate it these are:. Eradication of Corruption. Create a zeal of education among people. Employment to unemployed. Financial support to poor. Rate this: +8 -3 Suleman said: (Thu, Feb 7, 2013 08:56:56 PM) Hi friends, Terrorism is like a cancer. Terrorism is a big problem for not only India. Terrorism is not only killing men it may crash down the economic conditions of any nation. Different mode are, 1. Economic crisis. 2. Economic challenges between developed countries. 3. Religion. 4. Corruption. 5. Lake of education. 6. Government policies. 7. Reservation.

Terrorism has established fear in minds of young people so that when they go outside their home they do not know whether this may be their last day of life.K. Jan 24. Rate this: +21 -7 N. 2013 04:43:09 PM) Just let all the terrorists to be killed by shoot at site. Awareness and education. If our country have enough dragging security system we can find out the terrorist movement in forest. 1. Rate this: +9 -18 Sakthi said: (Tue. 2013 02:39:10 PM) According to me. Social responsibility. Thanking you. Rate this: +17 -3 Karthik said: (Tue. hills area and sea. Jan 25. It can be eradicated only after increasing employment. said: (Thu. 3.N. 2013 07:55:43 PM) Now a days terrorism in India is more trouble for people and government. This type of law should be passed by international organization like UNO etc. creating awareness among coming generation. Jan 22. providing basic needs to poor people. the reason is security is not perfect in our country then some fraud agencies helps to terrorism for attack for people then India need more strong in satellite dragging system so our country weak in dragging domain. If we really want to eradicate terrorism up to greater extent then it should be handled on world level. the terrorism attack happen at some function days and where the people are mostly assemble that the place are attacked by terrorism. Rate this: +23 -0 Anshu Shrivastava said: (Fri. Jan 22. 2. Support to financially back ward classes. Then no one will dare to involve within such evil activities in any country of world. The solution is when the security is tight and people must be alert at any time that only control the terrorism.How to control terrorism. Terrorism is nothing but creating fear in the hearts of the people by one . 2013 06:02:00 PM) Terrorism in our country is spreading like a infectious disease affecting our country drastically.

The another aspect I would like to highlight here is. This has become the problem for not only India but for many countries all around the world. Rate this: +55 -5 Jason Stock said: (Mon. Jan 10. 2013 01:15:26 PM) To my mind. We are week. everyone knew that he was behind the 26/11 attack yet s till we looked for evidences to punish him. it is only a waste of time. Rate this: +2 -17 Pawan Rajawat said: (Fri. But in that case we can support the government. Which has sheltered in all over the world. 2013 09:26:42 PM) We have to tell every information to government so they can solve this problem fast. why these ruthless people need excuses for their deadly acts ? today one kasab tomorrow there will be more. Having the confidence and enthusiasm I will do fight with terrorism. Jan 14. And terrorists are not strong. Jan 11. 2013 01:22:46 AM) . Rate this: +16 -7 Harshit Jain said: (Thu. Indian law should be strengthened. it should be free from all the political pressures. Government should give equality to every person if it is poor or rich so they can not do anything like this problem for getting money for their daily needs and for their children so they can educate their children. So they do not do anything like this problem. because this cannot be happen without the internal support. Another important aspect is the lack of technology that we have. America being the strongest military force in the world is also struggling to get rid of these things. If we take so much time in providing justice to People of India then how can we expect that these law will provide justice to common people. Why I am telling is that. It is fact that we can not eradicate the root of terrorism but we can cut the branches of it. The political parties should unite and take strict actions instead of quarreling among each other. Jay hind. The terrorist targeting poor people to fulfill their needs. We cannot blame the government for everything. Terrorism is a world big epic. And right now it is impossible to make or country free of terrorism. Real thing is that some conman person are tolerating many problem because of that. At last what I want to conclude is People should take it as their responsibility and join hands with government instead of blaming on them and report it to higher authority people immediately if they find anything suspicious around them and stay safe guys. they don't deserve excuses they should b killed there itself whey they found there is no need to look for the evidences. So it is our responsibility to give the each and every information to the government about terrorism. there are not only killing people but also playing with the emotions of the people creating fear in every hearts. And it is my promises that as early as possible we will come out from this problem. if you take the example of kasab.or the other means.

generally a juvenile has more rage. Terrorism is mainly done by our youths. the terrorist organization are make them and trained them to do. Rate this: +26 -1 Naveen said: (Fri.Yeah terrorism is going to its peak day by day and it will also raise until a proper training of moral values should not be given in our education system. . illiterate. Jan 5. The terrorist who are trained for do any type of attack are not born terrorist. uneducated or lack of employment. Jan 5. poor and financially so weak so that they promise them that they will provide them every thing and take care over their family also. They take out such persons who may be uneducated. To gain huge resources in a short period even the higher class people. Surely there is not a complete solution to eradicate the terrorism from its roots but we can cut branches to somehow prevent it to some extent. In this way the terrorist are born for the nonacceptance. The major problem in our country is poverty and lack of moral values. it becomes a major problem for India. So terrorism is not form specified group of peoples. They took this path only because of lack of guidance and of-course money. employed. 2012 12:00:26 PM) As per my view terrorists are not confined to poor. 2013 10:45:36 AM) The terrorism is not just like a problem for India. Dec 28. Also make our security system strong and provide military training in different organization so that individual can also make its safe. Rate this: +19 -5 Pankaj Pandey said: (Sat. anger and enthusiasm among themselves so an unemployed young boy is more or less involved in such an activities or we can say they are forced to involve in such evildoing. educated are indulged in terror activities. 2013 06:47:54 PM) Well according to me terrorism is spreading like a wildfire. I think the main and the biggest cause for this problem is unemployment among youth. A proper values should be provided to every human being at our teen age in our education system through which we can judge what is right and what is wrong. so the government must have to take strong step against that kind of peoples and the terrorist who were caught in past make them hang on. Rate this: +26 -3 Ankit said: (Sat. In some cases there were also so many well educated persona such like engineering and social worker were also involves in terrorist planning and provide them felicities. They are pressurized to do it for the sake of their family and of course the biggest dumbo money.

Make it possible for them to earn the basic needs of life. Rate this: +24 -5 Denny said: (Fri. 2012 03:06:57 PM) Terrorism creates due to social and political injustice:-People choose terrorism when they are trying to right what they perceive to be a social or political or historical wrong-when they have be stripped of their land or rights or denied these. Situations and surroundings compel them to do such thrilling act. Everybody should fight against this terrorism. whole world is facing this problem. In stead of sending them to schools. Kill the head then the whole body will be damaged. But no one is born to be a terrorist. Dec 4. 2012 11:22:28 PM) Hello friends. It is not confined within boundaries. create awareness in public.this is the only gift of terrorism. It is such a topic that has no end of discussion. 2012 11:58:28 AM) According to my view no nation can completely eradicate terrorism by its root but yes branches can be cut to control its growth. No one likes to be a terrorist but its there situation that leads them to do such activities. every individual should fight for the cause not just depend on the government. Rate this: +12 -2 Lipika Das said: (Sun. find and hang the leaders of terrorist groups. let them live a happy life. according to me terrorism is evil for our country. Dec 23. And in spite of hanging the dolls like Kasab. If proper education is given. by killing innocent people. Govt should adapt more significant ways to check outsiders visiting India and for what purpose. Poor. Rate this: +7 -5 Sabita Oram said: (Tue. The government of India as well as other Nations should concentrate on the problems of the poor people.In order to extirpate terrorism. uneducated people are being used by the terrorist groups. 2012 11:12:45 PM) Killing of innocent people . terrorism can be reduced to much more extent. Rate this: +14 -3 Nishikanta Sahoo said: (Sat. Many kids in our country are deprived of the basic needs. Dec 28. Now it is a big headache for our nation. Unequal distribution of wealth is the main cause behind This socioeconomic problem which cannot be solved within a night. It needs a long term process to eradicate terrorism from every country. we should join hands. Some people are trying to change the system in a very dangerous way. Dec 22. Even USA is having problems with terrorists. by using arms. then no one will become a terrorist for earning some money. some parents shape up them as child laborers and many wise persons .

This will create terror among them and least people will join terrorism with the fear of death. All over world face this problem. Govt should take a view on these problems. Rate this: +55 -8 Shaila Bhanu said: (Mon. 2012 05:05:30 PM) Really terrorism is one of the slow poison to our country. 2012 09:09:07 PM) Terrorism in India is in its worst phase and need of making full stop to it is very much required.M. They work on the same principle and the people also get easily convinced with it due to our worst government. They show them the way of life and teach them "we should not ask for our own rights. Nov 16. Slow poison kills our nervous system slowly and at last make the whole body dead just like it the terrorism effect our country's economy directly and after a few decade if we will not eradicate it it will pull our country to the darkness of restriction and again we will treated as fearful prisoners. 2012 09:44:03 PM) . Where actually after many practices nothing comes out as a result.also support this. 2012 07:38:59 PM) Terrorism is the main problem in our nation. Dec 2. No one can born as a terrorist her situation will make as a terrorist. the government should pass orders such as shoot at site. Terrorism is not only our nation proble. Rate this: +26 -5 Sarimol. We lost our properties and people due to terrorism. Its my point of view terrorism should be removed from root. Rate this: +38 -10 Akshat Nemani said: (Sun. And the second main reason unemployment which also makes people spreading terrorism. Rate this: +15 -9 Ramakanta said: (Sat. On the other hand I have a suggestion to get rid of Terrorism. then terrorism will be wiped out to a greater extent. There is a popular phrase "we should talk to the other person in the language in which he speaks" thus as the name suggest Terrorism that spreads terror among the people. Mainly the terrorist are taking the advantage of our politicians and the people depressed with the life. India being a very big country with lots of religions and cultures the terrorist cannot enter the country without the help of any citizen of India. Nov 12. Thus I would like to say over here that we should try to improve ourselves the terrorism will be vanished from India automatically. literacy and poverty. Nov 24.S said: (Fri. rather we should snatch it" which is very wrong activity to be performed. The main reason is unemployment.

We are not secured on the borders and also not safe within them. Oct 28. and if it continues so. then we are nevertheless safe and secured in our own homes. we were ranked 7th most secured country in the world but after that attack we lost that position and now we are on the 63rd position currently. We still have 1 policeman for the 1273 ordinary people suggesting that he will be there to protect all of them. there is nothing wrong with that. Rate this: +18 -9 Priti said: (Sun. terrorism creates lot of violence in India. we will lose our properties. we lag behind because of insufficient supply of technology. But India cannot take any severe action against terrorism. there is something wrong with our system. is not good. Terrorism is not the a product which is made by some company. So some harsh steps need to be taken so that we can have the permanent solution against this terrorism and the time has come to tell all these terrorists that we will not let you people to spoil our nation and lives. Due to this terrorism India lost many properties and also number of people died. Also if we consider the situation before the 26/11 attack. Rate this: +10 -23 Gajanan said: (Thu. When India aware of terrorism and immediately destroy the terrorism before beginning it. It is a my thought. then we will come to know that there were 63 major attacks being done in India since 2001 Mumbai bomb-blasts and if we consider the overall ratio of attacks in India is about 70 per year. we all are responsible in some way. 2012 06:59:12 PM) Hello Friends. If someone is fighting for their rights. Unless quota is there based on community. We all are human being then what is the need of being biased. if they are being like terrorist then. If we consider the attacks being done in India. but the way terrorist used to. Nov 8. IF Educated people are becoming terrorist then don't you think. Nov 6. Rate this: +94 -2 Prasant Tiwary said: (Tue. Whenever there is such a situation to fight back. Though we have the 3rd biggest army in the world. 2012 05:26:47 PM) . They are also human being and.Yes. state. language I don't think someone should expect of terror free life. then only we are free from terrorism. arms and ammunition and also the man power. 2012 03:00:16 PM) Yes. cast. If India do like this. terrorism is being a very big problem for India and Indians. I do agree with this. but we are not secured from these threads which might be internal or external. Day by day this terrorism is getting deeper in the country.

the Sant paid for it with his life. If government would tighten the security from the very beginning then terrorism can be controlled at least to some extent. and a popularly elected chief minister is now at the helm of affair. The government. The audience. prudence and sagacity of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sant Longowal which. they think whatever they are doing is good for the cause which they support. A. resulted in the historic Punjab accord which not only gave a knockout blow to terrorism but also saved the nation from disintegration. By carrying out these activities they compel the government to do what they want. Terrorism could not. B. Let us hope that the country would be entirely free from this menace very soon. I feel the day every Indian knows the human values automatically terrorism will vanish from the country. It was the tact. The immediate victims. after protracted negotiations. 2012 12:43:31 AM) The real source of terrorism is the poor. It creates immense terror in the minds of these viewers. elections have been held successfully in the state. This terrorists activities can be controlled if we remain aware from the very beginning. Rate this: +39 -2 Anand Kumar Rai said: (Sun. be curbed by the law enforcing agencies alone. Terrorists do not see themselves as evils. The terrorists have lost the sympathy and co-operation of the people and they stand isolated.Terrorism is the use of violence against innocent people to create terror in the minds of these people. The victims include the people who either die or are injured during these terrorist attacks. 2012 11:27:18 AM) . No doubt. The main target of the terrorists are the thousands of audiences who are watching all these in television. The government enforces tight security only after a terrorist attack has taken place. There are three things related to terrorism. So our first most duty is to give social education to this peoples and make aware of human values. However. Oct 14. Sep 27. C. but it ushered in an era of cooperation instead of confrontation in Punjab and Kashmir. uneducated peoples and this fact is known by everyone. and it cannot. Rate this: +13 -11 Shylaja S said: (Thu. This people fall easy pray to the terrorist and terrorists increase there numbers and strength.

Once they start they keeps on doing these thing as they have easy way to earn money. like on occurrence of any incident they call the police. In my point of view. If we will be using the proper technique to search terrorist with with proper strategy and planing or we may use the proper technology. . After reduction only we can stop it entirely. Sep 8. Rate this: +47 -18 Deepika said: (Thu. It it is something effect the country in many field like economy. This is increasing because of government loose policies and management & less attention to the perfectionist in every field like police force. one of the main reason for the terrorism is poverty. Some suggestions. then and there shooting order who is related to the terrorism. People may involve in terrorism because of bad economic condition. industrial sector. 2012 10:45:35 PM) . They kidnapped the people and demand for money to fulfill their need. Sep 27. terrorist are using that poverty and make him against us by increasing number of terrorist. (i) Government have to take the strong decision. educational field etc. Like we are having CCTV camera everywhere but there there are no one to monitor them. to reduce the terrorism activity are. If people will be enthusiastic to their job & they will do better. then terrorism will automatically vanish. 2012 02:50:03 AM) As the name suggest it create the terror among people. Terrorism is increasing rapidly from few decades. (ii) Compulsory courses have to be taken in schools and colleges to make the awareness of terrorism. Rate this: +19 -7 Anusha said: (Sat. ie. (iii) Public have to inform to the nearyby police stateion immediately. Due to which we are inviting the terrorism. unemployment etc. if there is any suspicious activity occurs and police have to take the action without fail.Hi all.

strict rules should be there so that other person who wants to create disturbance in our country should not be dare enough but it should take just a small time. Whenever we watch a movie based on terrorist we just hate the terrorists.Bangalore and places of strategic importance.India is not the only country which is suffering from the militants based in Pakistan. Rate this: +96 -9 Ruby said: (Sun.Terrorism in the name indicates that it creates terror among the people.Pakistan also has to taste the bitter sweet of terrorism.The biggest source of external terrorists is no doubt lie on the other side of Radcliffe line. But among all what is more disturbing is the trend of growing internal terrorism.At the same time our defense policy should keep an open mind to fight the biggest country on this planet in case there is any foreign invasion. our beloved soldiers. Some of the innocent youth who have hot blood that it ill be so easy to influence both in right and wrong manner are mainly becoming puppets in the hands of terrorists.So this is high time for both countries to come forward and engage themselves in peace process and try to fight terrorism together. in our government the draw back is taking late decisions. For example if we take Mumbai attacks.Delhi. Rate this: +25 -19 Amit Kumar Rai said: (Fri.Our prime minster has officially . 2012 10:33:11 PM) Just by hearing the word terrorism our heart throbs. Have we ever thought what cicumstances have make them like. No we don't. 2012 10:55:39 PM) India today is facing two type of terrorism:external terrorism and Internal terrorism. Aug 26. But for everything there will be some drawback. If every person besides government make a voice against it.India is continuously improving its defense inventory to combat any potential attack from terrorist especially in areas like jammu kashmir and our metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Thanks to our government for providing security. In kasab's case he is a terrorist but it took three years to take a decision to hang him on. gokhul chat incident many people who are innocent are killed cruelly by terrorists. Aug 24. But fortunately our government provided great people such as commandos.destroyed hundreds of bridges and railway tracks and have hampered the development process. So. Because in actually have not so much time. We all know that terrorism mainly has its origin in our neighbour countries Pakistan and Afghanistan. it can be control. They are creating terror in such a way that many people are much worried to visit that places. Mainly some group of people who has thought to demolish the world becomes terrorists.Maoism and Naxalism have taken thousands of life. They support their own way that they are doing holy war but they are not in the truths that they are taking many innocent lives. I think we should also be dare enough to fight against terrorism and spread peace all over the world. Its easier to suggest that this should not be done and that bla bla.

Our govt must keep this adage in their mind"family member is .special cases can demand use of miltary forces to bring normalcy back but it should always be sought as the last measure. 4. Because when a person don't have these things he like to go in terrorism because government don't do anything for these type of persons and in constraint he go in to terrorism. Rate this: +13 -18 Abhishek said: (Fri. then the day for the terrorist attack would never come. they even don't think of the consequence and get involve themselves in this dangerous activity only for the shake of greed. 2012 11:15:00 AM) Hello friends terrorism is the thing which threatning the world from last several years and threaten India most as I know. 2012 05:33:31 PM) Hi friends. When people are not happy with the ploicies of government and government don't do satisfactory works for them then in constraint they become terrorist. Terrorist kidnapped there family persons and forcely made them terrorist. factories. industries. our people are responsible for this evil terrorism due to poverty.There is a need to win people's confidence in our system of governmet. 1.The government should adopt a two pronged strategy of development and engaging in peace talk with Maoists and naxalites to combat this problem. 2. etc. Rate this: +77 -11 Ruby said: (Sun. The BSF (Border Security Force) is working. institutions like schools private banks. Illiteracy. Government must make an other security force only for the security of the institutions lying on the border. etc. Because of the border attacks. I heard that the people living in the border areas think that it is very dangerous to build or construct houses. unemployement are the main reason behind the terrorism.accepted Maoism as the biggest threat to our country in parliament. poverty. 2012 11:36:28 PM) Have we ever tried to know the reason for terrorism which is spreading like a fire?reason is well known but we are neglecting are running away from it. A major role of government into this also because government don't do any action against terrorist and they are fearless from government like in kasaab's case. if they will take sudden and fair action towards all these activity. Aug 17. Aug 12. 3. Rate this: +70 -5 Chinmay S. All the above reason which I have mentioned is well known to our govt. This is also an influence of terrorism. unemployment. Terrorism in India is due to following reason. Aug 18. but not so efficiently.K said: (Sat.The biggest dilemma is that these are our own people who have turned against us.

terrorism became a big crisis for India. Because no one is criminal by birth only bad circumstances made a person criminal. 1) India is a village. 2012 01:29:40 PM) Terrorism is not by birth. corruption and unawareness. poverty. Terrorists want to spread terror fear among people. Poverty line not based on the caste system. Aug 11. Rate this: +7 -4 Rav Kumar Chopra said: (Sat. Aug 9. So for stopping. They are forced to become because of situation. Rate this: +13 -24 Manpreet said: (Thu. So they become terrorist. First we want to know how the terrorism who keep family or destroy it"so better give proper support to the family. It is an mental statement where they are experienced inequality in the society and they want to make the concentration towards their goal or theme. 2012 06:06:26 PM) As we are a developing nation we have no time to loss anything. In India. Mainly when you saw the reasons for terrorism the inequality is the only major thing. Most of the people are common people. Aug 10. These people can work very well under ones guide. lack of education. But the terrorism in our country becomes a threaten to our developing. Rate this: +11 -10 Priya said: (Fri. The people who are terrorists are not born to become terrorist. unemployment etc. Saw a mall attitude from our sides how make a person under pressure and entirely changes his attitude . uneducated and force to do like this and give them a big money. Aug 7. government should be taken a rightly way. our family would fight to protect it for every odd in future. Terrorist see men such as they are unemployed. There are many circumstances like poverty. 2012 09:39:19 PM) Terrorism is a very big problem in India. greed of money. illiteracy. After dividing Hindustan into India and Pakistan. There are many circumstances which enforces a person to commit crime. Rate this: +8 -9 Deepak S said: (Tue. unemployment. 2) young youth who are well educated could not get jobs due to reservation. poor. 2012 03:09:48 PM) Good noon friends we are discussing about terrorism in my opinion. A conman man can do anything for his common needs. Are main causes of terrorism.

Their main aim is just to create terror among people. Terrorists do not believe that problems can be solved through negotiations across the table. 2012 04:55:21 PM) From last ten years which is hunting INDIA is "terrorism". (d) Strict watch on the funds being received by these organizations. Some group of people takes to terrorist activity in order to undermine the faith in elected government on core issues like unemployment. Government has to strictly tighten the security and it is a responsible for every citizen to be alert for each and every movement. 3. Terrorism is basically springs from political frustration. If these are implemented we can hope India will be free from terror attacks. Rate this: +10 -4 Rg Mahato said: (Mon. (a) Loss of innocent human lives. (a) Strengthening of our intelligence gathering machinery. Terrorism is a planned use of violence & terror for the accomplishment of the political or group objective. social and economic imbalances. Aug 6. they are against of Indian laws. It is anti people and anti progress. Aug 7. It is a worldwide phenomenon. It came in to force by the attack of parliament in India. (b) Proper care on imparting education and Generation of employment. Terrorism is a very negative force. Many people scarified their lives and creates a remarkable mark in the Indian history. This includes. Rate this: +33 -4 . 2012 10:24:32 PM) 1. Religious and racial fanatics also turn terrorists.against you to destroy the better example is osama bin laden a american citizen who turn against america itself. The common man now feels so insecure and scared. They try to force governments to concede their demands. It causes. A number of measures required to be taken to control the drift. Rate this: +10 -5 Shekar said: (Tue. (b) Dialogue over sensitive religious and economic issues. (c) Transparency and tolerance in day to day dealings. 2. Due to the lack of education among people they are manipulated to join in the terror groups. which in many cases are quite unreasonable. (c) Increase in communities division. If people suspect anything wrong they must inform to near by police. religious & racial fanaticism and economic backwardness. 4. (d) Obstruction in economic development. rules and regulations. (b) Destruction of families leading to women widowed and children orphaned.

The government should take . rooms and what not ? Rate this: +11 -20 Vaibhav said: (Mon. Rate this: +27 -5 Sidhik P said: (Sun. 2012 04:42:16 PM) My friends terrorism which always a threat to the mankind as well as to country. educate our student from the beginning about man kind. In India there are villages in which no one knows to write and read if they all are brainwashed by some one for personal use say terrorist group whom we can blame. maoists. Terrorism is something used in negative sense causing violence and disturbing the normal life of people by behaving like psycho's. Jul 28. food etc.Aditya1992 said: (Mon. corruption etc. courtesy etc. We should fight against it. But when it comes our country even if they are caught after killing many people harshly they are being given special facilities with good food. * Failure of govt is also one problem. If it can't give proper justice by hanging them after 15 years also it is shameful thing. So if we take them on our side. 2012 10:48:26 AM) Terrorism in India became a major problem. religion then it will be a better country to live in. If our restricted minds will go beyond caste. Jul 30. Our country have lot of upliftment progamme but still which is not reach the real pointed group it is stopped somewhere. it will be easy to fight with terror. If we are not in position to punish the terrorists in our country then how we able to hang foreign one? * Before dealing with ext problems govt should strengthen internal battles like naxalists. Rate this: +12 -4 Neeraja said: (Sat. etc by having a talk with them as they are our people only. As we all know the basics of this problem is inequality of rights. Jul 29. poverty. The main root cause of terrorism is the unemployment which is going on increasing these days and this unemployment is due to the less quality education being given by institutions. 2012 11:21:49 PM) Hi all of you. It should be a long term solution that we can do today. failed to ensure the basic needs of citizen such as shelter. 2012 07:29:11 PM) * I think terrorism is spreading in country which is not at all in control is due to us only. The main reasons of the terrorism is unemployment. Jul 30. For avoiding terrorism treat every one as citizen with all fundamental right he has. peace. Even the mushrooming of institutions can also be one of the reason.

That anger move him to high pressure. And the violent make him to do something ex-ordinary movements. Jul 26. This make a man terrorist and he make a group and join such kind of people with him. inequality among the rights given to each citizen which are the major enhancer of terrorism. 2012 02:31:33 PM) Hi Friends. the explosive which caused destruction enters through which way and by whom in our country. That pressure lead him to violent. government should take care of all this. lack of education. Jul 26. strong anti-corruption laws. Rate this: +9 -9 Parul Kansal said: (Thu. In my point of view. Terrorism is due to Anger. religion discrepencies. Terrorism can be removed by having strong judicial system. But apart from these reasons the main cause is unawareness and the poor security system. There must be proper verification at public places such as Airport. There are many reasons like poverty. We should not allow them into our country. railway stations & bus Stand. of our country by the terrorists. Just think if a terrorist enters in our country with a lot of explosive he needs to stay anywhere and he demands a room to stay. Rate this: +15 -4 Shyamala said: (Sat. In schools & colleges. A person who need something more and not satisfied with his own ability then he became to search something and when he didn't achieve such thing he will become more anger. railway stations. there should be regular practices to control terrorism. 2012 12:19:58 AM) Hello Friends. Just think if a terrorist enters in our country with a lot of explosive he needs to stay anywhere and he demands a room to stay. Jul 28. Have we ever think. Rate this: +26 -5 Suman said: (Thu. But the person who provide him shelter doesn't care about who he is? they just care of their profit. Only when we can check this act. But the person who provide him shelter doesn't care about who he is? they just care of their profit. corruption. Moreover. proper distribution of funds among poor and needy persons. 2012 11:34:09 AM) Friends. public places. So. student should be taught about peace and unity. Example the 26/11 attack on Mumbai . The tight security should be held at airports.

1. ignore by government for equal opportunity to all. The government and the politicians are the main reason for terrorism. Jul 24. Religion. Even our government should satisfy the people needs. 2. More than 200 people have given their statements against kasab. These are the cause which is lead the people to terrorism. Rate this: +3 -9 Rajpal said: (Sun. unemployment. So. government Has take some policies and measures by which we can dominated the terrorist and we make them as human resource to develop the country without lost their lives. lack of political commitment etc. I think not only us but govt should make security system so tight that no one dare to do so again and why kasab is living for four years after the attack. 2012 03:11:09 PM) Terrorism is a burning problem of India. 2012 04:07:33 PM) Terrorism is very vigorous activity in India. But they are also having some kind of expectations. underdeveloped. How did the terrorists got a huge amount of explosive in the taj hotel. Jul 25. 2012 11:27:36 AM) . 1 economic power. I think main Causes of terrorism are corruption. growth of population. They should provide the remedy and we also should take a part of it. Rate this: +9 -2 Sathiya said: (Tue. Jul 22. Rate this: +8 -5 Kathya said: (Tue. illiteracy etc for them to do so. religious sentiment. We should not blame the terrorists for doing so because there might be many reasons like religion. Poverty. Instead government should take preventive measures and it should bring awareness among people and should let them know the effects to the people due to terrorism. moral sentimental motivation. We all try to progress India is a world No. Because of that they should not affect our economy. 3. unemployment. Then why is there so delay in judgement / is he alone right while other people wrong? Rate this: +18 -6 Nipul said: (Wed. Jul 24. lack of education. 2012 01:23:11 PM) Terrorism is one of the greatest threats to any country.not only India but also the world saw what was the situation. Terrorism has disturbed not only political side but also socio-economic sector. Corruption.

3. 2012 03:39:34 PM) Hello friends!the main reasons for terrorism are. Rate this: +9 -2 Sachin Upreti said: (Tue. Technology should be used in security. One more thing I want to say that moral education should be taught in school level so that students learn about the mankind. Government. A common man can do anything for his common needs. Rate this: +15 -1 Raavinaresh said: (Sat. 2012 04:16:03 PM) Hi friends. 1. The basis reason of that are weak economy as well as unemployment. Jul 17. poverty. . Such a guideline should be provided by the other people who are against to the govt policies and the people from some of the religions. In India corruption is a main cause of terrorism. illiteracy. These people can work very well under ones guidelines. Jul 14. They motivate these people by providing facilities and make them as a killer fishes. because in India approximate every person in every line is corrupted. The security system should be improved. The government should behave strictly with terrorists so that others learn from it. The people should not fight on the name of religion and caste-ism. The ghost of terrorism is prevailed all over the world. Jul 14. Everybody knows its results. I am of the view that terrorism is the global problem now a days and have a global solution. 2. But today the urgent need is that how to stop terrorism? First of all we should all raise steps against it. Rate this: +15 -1 Manish said: (Sat. 2012 03:39:37 PM) Hello friends now a days terrorism has made very serious problem in our country and hole world. If a person think about his country how he developed than all the serious problems will end one day. Thank you. Religion.As we know well about terrorism. Unemployment. Unfortunately our govt fails to provide these guidelines without providing any employment. if we have a common consent to solve this menace then the job is done. India is a village based country. Moreover the government should take actions against unemployment. most of the people in villages are common people. There are many reasons by which terrorism takes place. I would like to add one more thing than we should emphasis on our internal problem like Naxalism also so that this nation would be better place to live in. Every person want to earn more and more money due to which to gain it he do an illegal work. it has become the biggest danger for mankind.

2012 12:01:44 PM) Hello Friends ! Main cause of terrorism are : .examples of suicide bombers they just for the sake of lakh or 2 get there lives into hell. . The main mistake made by the government is not concentrating in the inequalities faced by the citizens.Rate this: +22 -3 Sasidharan said: (Mon. After growing they become terrorists and made their children also terrorists. Jul 9. so from the very base of their life they are inspired by violence. we still have to change the basic educational structures and also to enforce the government to concentrate in the problems due to inequalities. . Most of the countries are mainly concentrating in the money and education to develop their economical status rather than the cultural status which depends on its citizens personal values. Reservation should be on the basis of handicapped or below poverty line not based on the caste system. a child from our country or any other is inspired by the fighters in their educational stories. . but many children who will not able to get proper education will continue with the same violence. The society which we are living under is the main reason for the raise of terrorism. The problem we talking about is not created by us.Young Youth who are well educated could not get jobs due to reservation. Rate this: +8 -9 Riya Goel said: (Mon.Our government. take our education system. . 2012 01:33:00 AM) Good morning friends. As a matter of fact due to lack of effective long-term or short-term program against terrorism initiated by any Government security has become . to reduce the terrorism. So. but with proper knowledge.the people who are terrorists are not born to become terrorists. Jun 25. They are forced to become because of the situations prevailing in their motherland.Illiteracy. Awareness is the first step towards action and all common people should be aware of basic security and safety norms. Ways to reduce terrorism :. . only some children may turn their views after some years by further learning. not by leaders or philosophers. Right from the base.Poverty which leads to unemployment. . because no one wants to kill or kidnap any one.Corruption.

2012 06:32:41 PM) goodd morning friends. Jun 15. The main fault in our government is lack of people who control all these things strictly. But every time their expectations will not reach the mark. trains and keep them under their arrest and order the government to do things whatever they want. But we consider recently the test match was conducted between Eng Vs Ind in England.we should take the action to erradicate terrorism. So the people wants to survive themselves from these things (like corruption). Rate this: +39 -6 Jithin M J said: (Fri. So our government have to take care of people who are corrupted in public sector and the people who suffers from these things. This the way take the control over government. so we must have stronge diffence system. 2012 09:33:39 AM) Hi friends. so many life spoiled . all the England players are going to there country. Illiteracy is also main reason behind the terrorism. They choose terrorism as their way to solve their problems because all human beings have affection with their lives. At elections time people always thinks that the government which is going to take authority will survive us. even from india. Then only our country will become terror free country. There also some terrors are happened. india bordering with four countrys . we could saw that recently mumbai attack.we know that so many terrorist groups recruit youth to this activitys. The government also the main reason for the terrorism. Jun 18. But India players are not coming to our India. Jun 15. Rate this: +81 -16 Madhu Lasya said: (Mon. I would like to explain one example is in India in Mumbai Ind vs Eng one-day match is conducted. corruption tends to terrorism. And also Indian government also take it was not seriously. It was only the fault of government. The main reason behind the terrorism is poverty and corruption.the last priority in our daily life. we have to survive this crisis. Rate this: +18 -7 . It spread to all countries like a tumor which destroys the whole nation. The problems faced by the peoples like unemployment. terrorism in india is become a major problem. At that time 26/11 was happened. The terrorists doing nothing but select some people and kidnapped them or hijack the planes. Today terrorism in our country or any other country is very highly developed by the terrorists. so we must alert Rate this: +7 -7 Varma Nayakar said: (Fri. First poverty which is lead to the unemployment and other things. 2012 10:50:55 AM) Hi friends! Nowadays the main problem in all countries is terrorism.

law making body and policy rules against them to spread and . Jun 11. What ever it is True that common people are struggling due to this. Maoism. 2012 05:47:09 AM) Hi. Tezpur said: (Fri. These are directly cause to develop terrorist organization. Govt policy making bodies. 1) Terrorism is very dangerous thing. The people who are terrorists are not born terrorists. Unemployment. Terrorism is Most dangerous threat to our country as well as no one country left without internal disturbance of terrorism which are growing rapidly due to lack of factors which can directly impact terrorism like effective intelligence dept and infrastructure to catch them. Peace full country said to be good country in the world if people are going to die in the internal wars then how they protect them self from the other countries. Rate this: +20 -5 Hussainsheriff said: (Wed. 2) Terrorist killing most common people unnecessarily. 2012 12:51:20 PM) All countries in the world are struggling form terrorism. They are forced to become due to the situations prevailing in their so called motherland. illiteracy are also main reasons for growth of terrorism. We need take an serious action on this. Rate this: +11 -6 Saidattu said: (Mon. literacy. There can be some reservation. poverty. 2012 07:14:31 PM) Hi good evening one at all. So some reforms have to be made in our system also. However such factors are caused to rapid spread of terror activities like unemployment. Terrorism have to destroy in this world. from my perspective terrorism raised due to the corruption. May 18. but it should be genuine like the handicapped can have some reservation but not based on caste.Akankshya said: (Thu. Like reservation is one thing that is affecting a lot of people. May 30. Most of people are struggling to get their common needs in their own country and some people are losing their properties also. political influence. Naxalism Hence we have to built strong body. 3) Terrorist thing and doing revolution but that mainly affected in unemployed and youngsters. Jun 14. 2012 05:30:29 PM) Hi Friends. Rate this: +12 -25 Ramesh B.

A major reason for terror in India is the democracy and politics in all the way of life. Stop crying on all small things. If "WE" get united than no one can create hindrance in the growth of our INDIA. I've been imparting basic security & fire prevention Training to private security Guards in particular and to others in general but individual effort can't achieve the object without assistance from Govt. I hope we will fight with that person if we don't get a support from law handlers. As for as I concern they the thoughts of a long training of mind. it repeats. Peoples consciousness is very vital to fight terrorism and Govt. Even if this fight is against any one we should one fight. I think each one of us is a family member of the home India. As a matter of fact due to lack of effective long-term or short-term program against terrorism initiated by any Government security has become the last priority in our daily life. Since we don't take any positive step as preventive action. 2012 04:05:34 PM) . May 11.e. We should spread Love so much in our country that the hateredness in the hearts of so called terrorist will not prevail.motivation policy to surrender them. Rate this: +33 -7 Sakshi said: (Sun. These situation are not fully self created they might be self created but not all. When something happen we just express our reaction through anger and unrest and it precipitated with the passage of time. May 7. Even we don't bother to keep a handy fire extinguisher in our house to save our family members rather we can spent Rs. Rate this: +13 -14 Gaurav said: (Tue. 2012 09:58:32 AM) I would Love to ask each one of us that what we will do if our family get a threat from a criminal. 2012 12:57:24 PM) As a security professional. Rate this: +15 -5 Tridib Biswas said: (Mon. Everyone is hungry of love above all other things. The situation is grave & we are all in a state of uncertainty. 100 for a film. Let's see if good sense prevails. Rate this: +7 -13 Vimlesh Patel said: (Fri. Indians. This is the general picture every where. May 6. May 15. Has a big role to play along with media. 2012 03:07:54 PM) Actually Terrorism is a Situation of Mind that a person set for him self and does action to fulfill that. A powerless man cannot and will not be able to fulfill their requirement directly and hence the chooses the wrong tern and becomes terrorists. We should fight against every other odd who threats our family members i. I want to emphasis more on pro-activities than re-activities. Awareness is the first step towards action and all common people should be aware of basic security and safety norms.

All are human beings. The basic reasons might be that in some situations their basic needs would not be fulfilled. pota abolish by our government. Corruption is also a root cause. May 3. Many attacks are existed in our society on the national level or international level. Religion just takes people close to God. awareness of people regarding the terrorism problems and I think our government role is also important for removing these problems in our country. 2012 11:20:59 PM) We might be telling that poverty and illiteracy are basic reasons for terrorism. his caste and religion seems to be dominating. 2012 09:38:01 AM) Terrorism in India is due to our looseness in making secure system. Our politician who are making policy for oppose it. May 5. some people involving themselves in such activities are educated and some are economically from good background. But due to inequality it creates more enemity. For removing this problem the govt have need to improve our security every where. For that purpose govt need to plan that how to improve security in our country. Rate this: +67 -2 Chetan Hanwante said: (Thu. terrorist are not belonging by only poor family but they are also from literate or rich family so what's the reason of it? they are not going on the right way. they do not work properly for this. Why are they differentiated based on caste and religion? When a person comes into power. These measures may reduce terrorism atleast to a small extent. Apr 27. God is said to be one. This shows that indirect appreciation for terrorists. A strong judicial system must be enacted and the ruling candidate and ministers must have basic educational qualifications which makes them capable to lead people or government and hold major portfolios. They are not born as terrorists. Educated youth are not given proper employment due to reservation and recommendation. Rate this: +21 -9 . Why ajmal kasab is alive now till. But. I think if we wanna remove the problems of terrorism then it is not only the responsibility of our government it also need us to get unity of people in our in country.Hi! friends. Because there parents are not aware of there children and these general problems are root causes of terror and it highly influence on our society. They are. illiteracy. 2012 07:00:08 PM) Hi friend. Why goonda act. I personally felt that to remove terrorism firstly we should find the causes of terrorism and the reasons are over population. poverty and so many. They come to know about the small conflicts among nations which makes their work easier. The existing environment changes them. Rate this: +8 -6 Shobhit Bandhu said: (Fri. Rate this: +16 -9 Saileela said: (Sat.

2012 03:42:55 PM) Hi friends. The sad point is that people who are getting into terrorism are not uneducated or illiterate. gokul chat attacks no. Weather its naxalism. poverty. The causes of terrorism can be political. Now let me explain you one by one reason of each one of them. Apr 14. illiteracy. But the chief reason behind terrorism in India is corruption. due to poverty and due to illiteracy or due to lack of awareness get into terror activities. Since independence India has been facing terrorism in different parts of the country. terrorism is one of the serious problm throughout the world. Rate this: +17 -10 Bharu said: (Thu. People who got good education are moving towards terrorism. the terror attack in parliament and. ethnic. There are some people either they don't love there country enough or they are too greedy that they pass some important information to terrorist. Government is corrupted. which has not caught under the net of terrorism. Well there could be so many factors responsible for terrorism. Apr 22. How corruption is spreading terrorism. Apr 12. lumbini park blasts. Rate this: +23 -5 Ruby said: (Sat. economic. And second thing is government also responsible for terrorism activities. there are so many youth who. religion. The very factors responsible for terrorism is poverty. maoismom or any other means of terror. Mumbai blast couldn't have happened without the help of these traitors. And it is proved that our govt had failed to protect the citizens from these attacks. hardly any country we can name. Terrorism has now become a world wide phenomena. Each and everyone in the system asks bribe. Rate this: +69 -8 Madhu said: (Sun. illiteracy. You can see the examples of suicide bombers they just for the sake of lakh or 2 get there lives into hell. In last decade only Indian people suffered a lot. And they are not thinking about our nation are country. so let me introduce the factors responsible for it. What are the reasons behind terrorism around the world could be some of them I have already told you. 2012 03:37:06 PM) Hi friends according to me now a days India is too much suffering from terrorism. its spreading terror.Vandana said: (Mon. . And now let me tell you how poverty and illiteracy spreads terrorism. Of people died and injured. or religion. In taj hotel attack. Apr 23. unemployment. 2012 01:55:13 PM) Hi everyone! Well friends I think today terrorism has spread all over the world. Y is it so? Because of religious issues.. corruption and there are number of other factors as well. 2012 10:45:26 PM) Hi friends.

UK. Rate this: +10 -4 Nick said: (Mon. lack of knowledge. Rate this: +8 -5 Rrv said: (Sun. Everyone has to be alert and responsive to fight against terrorists. it is the equivalent of the mentally ill. Rate this: +20 -5 Kumar052 said: (Tue. Terrorism can be considered as a threat not only to countries like India. or do we die. It means that there is some lacking there.Unemployment. to never live. And that's why we are have sufficient power of peoples and weapons but due to improper planning they are not properly utilizes. . Always says that they have enough arrangement against the terrorism but the big incidents like hotel taj attack. The only solution possible to sustaining terrorism is to ensure that the mentally unstable or ill are watched to ensure the safety of you. but also developed countries like USA. Apr 9. Apr 10. Govt. they are not thinking about the whole country future. and others. Delhi parliament attack always lies there statement. 2012 08:03:51 PM) Plus. much better chance than Africa (south. There are many terrorist attacks in J&K to acquire the state by Pakistani. The peoples which are there in the govt are not able to make proper plan to save people and stop the terrorism. it cannot be resolved totally as long as humans reproduce. Because lack of proper guidance also youth is choosing wrong paths. Pakistan etc. 4/7). Apr 8. 2012 09:58:08 PM) The word terrorism can be related to the word "terror". poverty are the main issues which leads the people that too young ones towards terrorism. And if parents show love and effection towards their children. or Europe (east. And the reason is that they are busy in earning money for there better future. Apr 9. ". So parents be alert to protect your child's future and your country's future. India's terrorism statistics show that it's chances of liberation from "terrorism" is 9/7 in the next 10 years. 2012 11:04:31 PM) Terrorism are always become a big issue for the countries like India. 2/7) . Rate this: +3 -6 Nick said: (Mon. so the big question is "Do we live to someday die. 2012 07:43:28 PM) It is not understood to the human mind to comprehend how or when terrorism was started or how it can be solved. Terrorists are those people who not only let others live but also sacrifice their life's for some demands. For eg. your family.

I like the policy of government which defines free school every child upto 14years age. a nation is named terrorism. a society. corruption and illustration for a small scale. corruption. We should stand against terrorism and be alert. We have lost so many brave people because of these terrorist attacks. he was killed under a secret mission in pakistan One of the greatest terrorist was killed. There has been terrorist attack in the USA in 11/9. Educating people can help in fighting against terrorism. The reimberesemant given to the families of such family is very meagre. As in India the government always try to make a suitable defense with suitable equipment with best training. The main reason behind terrorism could be illeteracy. Rate this: +12 -1 . Every nation try their best to sort out this. equipment's provided to the policemen. In may 2011. Apr 8. For the external terrorism the should be effective to hold that. one of the attackers on Mumbai on 26/11. Even freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh were considered as terrorist by the british government It sometimes depends on the perceptive of the world. The whole world was shocked. 2012 06:20:56 PM) What is terrorism. Even virrappan was a terrorist. A developed country like USA was attacked by Osama Bin Laden. Telangana. but they also form the internal part of the country. the govt should spend on improving the RAW. But if we talk it on national level then these are some anti social peoples who want do disturb the politics of a nation. The activities which harms a person.Terrorists didn't only come from outside the country. And the whole nation is with them. For eg. Rate this: +54 -2 Neeraj said: (Sun. But there is always being shortcomings to apply them. There have been many cases of highly educated people supporting terrorist attacks. After all you can make a difference. no jobs. If we consider the mauists or the people from Andra pradesh. as he was working against the country. ignorance or influential. Instead of spending son much on him. improve the naval defense. The root of terrorism is poverty. India is spending so much on Kasab. People should be aware about the nation and must have to inform any suspicious incident to police. Terrorism is like a dragon trying to swallow happiness and peace from our country. it doesn't direct the murder of innocence people. May be the education will hold the internal terrorism.

Some nations still supporting terrorism to achieve their wishes.Praveen Kumar said: (Wed. we have rights to opt our own leaders to rule the country. Continuously terrorist attacks are increasing. the Mumbai attack will be the last one. Mar 27. the one who don't know the value of their life as well as other lives are terrorists. Mar 28. But now we have to take strong actions against terrorism. Rate this: +45 -7 Pooja Joshi said: (Tue. Hope. So. Through education these can be gained. So. if we choose a right leader we can have a good government to take notice of such hazardous issues well. Naxalists. Intelligent enough to avoid such attacks in future. These terrorists should first come to know what is the value of one's life. or by arranging some programs which includes going near to people and making them to know etc. Some people are continuously making innocent people terrorist because of poverty and . Who understands that value. Of-course if those demands are not good enough or not possible to implement then they must try to understand and ask for the possible ones at-least. they must choose a good way to gain them. The last but not the least. 2012 11:34:12 AM) Hello everyone. Mauvadies. Awareness among people is also required because some treason exits in our country. external terrorist are the great danger for us. Finally. India has faced many terrorist attacks from both internal and universal terrorism. If they want to fulfill their demands. No human has right to end other life as well as his owns too. will never try to attempt such a sin even. we should make people aware of value of one's life through different kind of medias especially TV. Responsible and Knowledgeable. 2012 08:55:49 AM) Terrorism is the big evil for our country. Sometimes our intelligence system can not detect proper information about terrorist attack. my conclusion is that we Indians should be alert. we Indians should be Alert. Only those kind of people can attempt such attacks with no sense. Responsible. Thank You. According to me. People should feel it as their responsibility to report it to higher authority people immediately when they perceived anything suspicious. In the context of India preventions against terrorism are not sufficient. The other thing is that. Helpful.

If these problem of corruption is solve then there will be no terrorism in our country. but it ushered in an era of cooperation instead of confrontation in Punjab and Kashmir. Terrorist are only killer. which is corrupt. Rate this: +16 -5 . religious. Rate this: +10 -3 Sourav Mukherjee said: (Mon. Rate this: +10 -5 Kumar052 said: (Thu. From long time our government spending a huge amount of budget on defense. resulted in the historic Punjab accord which not only gave a knockout blow to terrorism but also saved the nation from disintegration. Many have turned in to terrorist because somewhere they dint get their rights. Mar 22. No doubt. In actual our corrupt political leader are robbing our money from long time. 2012 07:54:17 AM) India has Little much terrorism as com pair to there countries.illiteracy. They only understand the language of weapons and war. Mar 25. prudence and sagacity of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sant Longowal which. However. 2012 05:29:01 PM) From my point of view if we want to remove terrorism and make the India corruption free then our political leader and corrupt pepole should have create love for the country like BAGHAT SINGH. The terrorists have lost the sympathy and co-operation of the people and they stand isolated. But there is no result of that big investment means they are wasting large amount for nothing. and it cannot. and a popularly elected chief minister is now at the helm of affair. poverty. corruopton types problems. Mar 26. It was the tact. the Sant paid for it with his life. elections have been held successfully in the state. Rate this: +6 -2 Deepak Anand said: (Sun. They can not be stop through peaceful talks. illitracy. 2012 01:55:10 PM) Terrorism could not. Let us hope that the country would be entirely free from this menace very soon. not the fighters of 'iehaad' as they proclaim. UDHAM SINGH. Terrorism can be due to many factors such has inequality. and deposited into there accounts. And these is the real terrorism in our country which they are doing with us. Means if our system and leaders become free from the corruption the there will be no such problem like terrorism. And the reason behind that our system. And many more REVOLUTIONARIES because if someone have not love about their land then they are not cabable about taking good decisioion on terrorism. If we want to stop terrorism so we have to do away with those who are making terrorists both in internal and external terrorism. be curbed by the law enforcing agencies alone. after protracted negotiations.

the best way to deal terrorism is to deal with the root causes behind it but this is a rather time consuming process so in the meantime. unemployment and main cause corruption. poverty. Eligible people couldn't get job and accordingly they couldn't survive their family and consequent to this they adopt wrong path. 1st is internal such as naxalites. 2012 01:23:51 PM) Dear Friends. We have ponder on the causes of terrorism and take appropriate action. effective and strong action. which is being shown by them to some anti national elements.Tanutanu said: (Wed. In sum. 2012 06:58:19 PM) India is suffering to two types of terrorism. automatically terrorism will be wiped out. but ironically most of our politicians are just do the politics with the terrorist activity and they just aiming to win some cheap point out of it. Mar 14. the policemen were fighting with their normal rifles whereas the terrorists had ak47. It was shocking to see that in case of mumbai 26/11 terror strikes. Rate this: +53 -9 . we are still not effective. Rate this: +23 -3 Hbk said: (Mon. So time has come where we should take early. Our country has faced several attacks in last decades. but besides we should also discuss on the root cause of terrorism. India is not the only country which is suffering the pain of terrorism. Mar 21. illiteracy. First place there should be a political will to deal with this problem. At second place there should a immense need of judicial activism. 2012 11:04:33 AM) I completely agree with Hbk that there are two types of terrorismn:internal and external that India has to face currently. In order to tackle this terrorrism. A strong action and verdict against terrorists will work as a deterrence. India needs to work on all the root causes behind it and also at the same time it needs to make its intelligence agency. It is high time that the governemnt invests some money to make our policemen more trained and equip them with modern artillery so that they can easily fight with terrorists and many lives instead of themselves getting killed. Rate this: +18 -3 Shiv said: (Wed. though we already discussing on terrorism. but if we talk about the will to fight it. Feb 27. And this is the initial stage of terrorism. we need to make our security forces efficient so that innocent lives can be saved. police etc more competitive. but it seems that our efforts are just not apropiate to eradicate that evil from our land. the main causes are. The way kasab's case has been streached is ironic. and 2nd is the international terrorism.

Feb 23. So I can say that ours' country defense and security system only is corrupted which is risking the welfare of nation. Despite of knowing who did it our security system didn't even bothered to even search for them. After mumbai attack People hoped that now our security system would get alert. And in return of their sacrifice some of our politicians said "It happens in big cities". Again in the year 2011 delhi attack near high court of delhi happened. They were the heroes of our country. What did our coutry do for them?It just gave their family some amount of money. Should these people and Indian public safety receive such comments? Its the heights of carelessness and irresponsibility of our political leaders. fame and power. Rate this: +15 -2 . People or Organization of people trying to create terror either have some misleading ideas to destroy others and rule themselves. It's we who need to contribute and specially helping to eradicate some of our dirty politicians who are most of the times the miscreants. No matter how. We lost some of our really great police officers into it. Illiteracy and Unemployment within and outside the country.We all know some of the many reasons are Poverty. As the german backery was the famous place for yougesters and laid in one of the happening areas of Pune. They just think about how to earn money. I request to all the Indians that think also about our country not only him/her self. many of them lost their life in the attack. 2012 01:34:30 AM) Basically terrorism in India is increasing day by day because of our politicians. some people are making it target to demoralize its growth. They made such a great sacrifice. Feb 27. Feb 22. This is the only way to stop terrorism and live life without fear. No one think about country. 2012 05:23:52 PM) As India is a very soft nation and one of rapidly developing countries. Mumbai attacks happened in 2008 on Taj Hotel.State Police and Military are of-course doing their part of work. Rate this: +15 -14 Rohan said: (Thu. But in the year 2010 again Pune German Backery attack happened. I think these people lead to corruption and corruption leads to terrorism.Mittal said: (Mon. 2012 02:09:41 PM) 'Terrorism' is a word synonymous to 'terror'. Make rule hard and follow them very strictly. It shows us that the places like high court are also not safe despite of having so many police forces over there.The Government instead of spending the budget on some irrelevant matters. Rate this: +33 -4 Neha said: (Wed.should also contribute towards maintaining safety measures like applying CCTV cameras in key areas and giving basic knowledge to the citizens as well as to how to react in such situations instead of just panicking. If our government spend some money on security of the people it may decrease the terrorism.

the money usage for the safety of kasab should be stopped and government must use that money by installing proper security devices like cctv cameras . By crating these awareness terrorism from India can be removed. Why the Punishment verdicted to them are so sympathetic. Jan 31. We have to think why the peoples who are the part of a crime are happily enjoyimg their life. Then our society called these people as terrorist. 2012 10:18:54 PM) Terrorism in India can be reduced if indian government spends some money in the security of our country instead of spending money to save the life of ajmal amir kasab . and they should given employment like other social people. Feb 2. One can easily think why this Terrorists or Terror in India is increasing day by day. 2012 02:21:56 PM) No one has borned as terorist from childhood. For example "Kasab" who was the reason for the death of so many peoples is still happily spending his days in India with all securities. why they enter into these un-social works. /authorities to see that their needs are fullfilled forgetting the fact . Rate this: +47 -5 Akash Jain said: (Fri. Those terrorists are like those people who ride at the backs of tiger just to drag the attention of the govt. Its just nothing. It is the duty of government to locate these people and study their mind. the way of their severe punishments etc. hidden cameras . Rate this: +45 -4 Biswajit said: (Thu. lack of power to feed his family members. 2012 12:43:39 AM) Some of crooks in the world sow a seed of violence in the minds of these unsatisfied folks so deep that they forget that there are innumerous other ways to meet their needs. He uses different un-social ways to fulfil his demands. It is seen that some powerful groups takes advantages of their poorness and they use these poor people in certain un-social activities to create disturbance between different communities. lack of respect in society one tries to get these things by force. Feb 3. They have to realize that this is the wrong way to earn money and livelihood. Due to different reasons like lack of money. xray machines etc at various spots in airport and railway stations . And that my friend is called terrorism I believe.Usha Mahesh said: (Tue. Rate this: +34 -4 Ajay Tripathi said: (Tue. 2012 03:57:36 PM) Terrorism is a social problem in India where every citizen of the country are living their days with No peace. We can definitely overcome this problem if we follow a strict law or rules like Arab countries. So processes should be stopped for the welfare of mankind. Feb 7. because of the Indian law what we are following.

If they want to fulfill their demands. No human has right to end other life as well as his owns too. (5) To elaborate the security of armed fources (by using new technolgies). we Indians should be Alert. they must choose a good way to gain them. Helpful.child labour. Rate this: +30 -8 Myvoice said: (Sat. Jan 21. (3) Improve the level of education system. the one who don't know the value of their life as well as other lives are terrorists. This problem can be tackled by following methods (1) Uniform civil code (there will be single rule and people will give first priority to nation). There are many terrorism agencies opened. Through education these can be gained. Thank you friends! Rate this: +13 -2 Himanshu Sachan said: (Sun. People should feel it as their responsibility to report it to higher authority people . (4) Eradicate the problem of unemployment. World bodies like UNO should step up to handle the situation and to see that the authorities are doing all it takes to ensure that the basic needs of people are saatisfied. The other thing is that. So I believe the only solution to these problem is to make them understand this fact and accordingly. will never try to attempt such a sin even. According to me.over population. Only those kind of people can attempt such attacks with no sense. 2012 10:34:54 AM) Terrorism is one of the panic situation which creates great havoc among the whole world people.that the tiger they are riding will not only take their lives but also will take many other lives as well. Who understands that value. Intelligent enough to avoid such attacks in future. Responsible. 2012 06:53:00 PM) Hello everyone. Jan 29. Of-course if those demands are not good enough or not possible to implement then they must try to understand and ask for the possible ones at-least. (2) Eradicate corruption (starting the law of :right to reject). These terrorists should first come to know what is the value of one's life.

What I think is the new type of war have been implemented by Pakistan is terrorism in which they are firstly playing with the psyche of people special our Muslim brothers leaves in India by saying that they are minors in India and after that they are using them against the India only. starting with What is exactly terrorism. battle on mountains (kargil war). Thank You.On public level all citizens of India should be very clear to what they are? where they leave? WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR INDIA (THEIR INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION) FOR DEVELOPMENT BEFORE DEMANDING ANYTHING EXTRA ORDINARY AND SPECIAL FROM INDIAN GOVT. Rate this: +78 -15 Kaustubh said: (Mon. (Specially in India) ? . Up till now they are quite successful also by not having official war with India in war front but having war inside the India by using loop holes in Indian government system. So. and they lost against India. . And most importantly What they are really going to achieve by changing the side to other country? are they really going in better position by changing side? . Finally. or by arranging some programs which includes going near to people and making them to know etc. These type of warfare was used by Pakistan before and they got defeated by strong Indian Army. if we choose a right leader we can have a good government to take notice of such hazardous issues well. Hope.immediately when they perceived anything suspicious. Lets go for route cause analysis over here. the Mumbai attack will be the last one. The last but not the least. To stop that completely govt. my conclusion is that we Indians should be alert. . battle in Jungle area (attack from POK side where forest area is large) . we have rights to opt our own leaders to rule the country. the warfare techniques they tried is battle on desert (attack from Kach) . So. . Responsible and Knowledgeable. we should make people aware of value of one's life through different kind of medias especially TV.I think to win this type of warfare India is trying a lot and I think they have controlled a lot too.As we all know that Pakistan fought 3 official wars with India. politics etc. Looking closely. 2012 10:26:04 AM) 1. Should eliminate the loop holes in the system like corruption. but not completely. Jan 16.

4. Rate this: +26 -15 . This was about terror from outside. from inside international terrorism got the company like Naxalites which again get the help from international terrorists and more importantly from corrupted politician and wealthy people (that may be by will or under pressure). When India will find the answers of loop holes in our system this terrorism warfare also will get defeated by strong Indian Army for sure. 3. Charity begins at home so lets try combine work to finish this terrorism as we young generations are futures of the India.2.

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