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Waste Management

There is more to waste management than collecting rubbish and dumping it at

landfill! Wanless redirects waste from landfills and seeks environmentally friendly
recycling opportunities for waste resources that are recovered.

Efficient waste management involves:

• considering the amount of waste being disposed of
• considering the type of waste being disposed of
• customising a waste management solution taking both the amount and type of waste
being disposed of into consideration

Wanless is working hard to change the way you think about waste by:
• living and breathing Recover - Recycle - Reuse
• owning and operating Resource Recovery Centres for preparing waste to be recycled
• delivering waste to Resource Recovery Centres where it is sorted and prepared for
• efficiently managing the waste that is recovered
• working with alliance partners to recycle waste streams
• adopting green methods of operation in line with the Greenhouse Challenge

The Five Step Waste Management Cycle

The first step in the process involves developing a waste management solution that meets the
customers' requirements and continually monitoring the solution over time. When developing
a waste management solution the following aspects should be considered: the volume of
waste generated, the equipment required for such a volume of waste being disposed of, a
suitable service schedule, and knowledge of waste streams that are commonly disposed of
and identify recycling opportunities.

The visibility of the service provided by Wanless is viewed at the time of waste collection. The
waste management solution will indicate the type of vehicle/s required to service the bin.
Other elements that need to be considered at the time of waste collection are: positioning of
the bin, the type of bin, the waste stream collected in the nominated bins, and locks, chains
and bars in use. Wanless endeavours to service "every bin, on every scheduled day".

Wanless Enviro Services is largely a transportation company; providing a courier service for
waste resources. Wanless employs a fleet of vehicles to waste and recycling collections: front
lift trucks, rear lift trucks, and hook trucks.

The waste that Wanless collects is transported to a processing facility, commonly called
Resource Recovery Centers (RRC) or Material Recovery Facility (MRF). These facilities sort
the waste resources that are collected using both automated and manual processes. Once
the items are sorted into piles of like materials, the resources are packaged for transportation
to the next phase - recyclable items are sent to a recycling facility; or non-recyclable items or
general waste is disposed at landfill.

This is why it is so important to have recycling bins and use them correctly.

Wanless uses alliance partners' Legal Authority Approved Processing Plants in areas where
we do not own and operate our own centers.

Wanless Enviro Services Resource Recovery Centre

In 2008, Wanless Enviro Services commenced operation of a Resource Recovery Centre in
South Dandenong, Melbourne (Victoria). The introduction of this facility to the Wanless
portfolio has opened doors for similar facilities to be constructed around Australia. Wanless
has plans to commission a further four (4) resource recovery centers by the year end 2010.
Until this time, Wanless will continue to support alliance partners by taking waste to their
Recovery Centers.

Recycling / Disposal
Depending on the type of material will depend on whether it is recycled or disposed of at
landfill. Wanless makes all attempts to ensure recyclable waste is recycled and is diverted
away from landfill. Non Recycables like General Waste are disposed of at landfill.

Wanless Recycling Park

In 2008, Wanless Enviro Services commissioned the Sydney Recycling Park facility which
combines recycling with a dry waste landfill. The recycling section of the facility breaks down
construction waste and recycled the waste into aggregate that can be used for constructing
new roads and buildings. Only the ‘other' general waste items are disposed of at landfill.