Voudon Sorcery Outline

-Voudon SorceryBy: Carus Chapter Outlines Chapter 1: Introduction

A brief introduction (no history lesson) of myself and the Voudon system. Make the reader aware of the type of rituals and loa that will be presented throughout the work (short, sweet, to the point).

Chapter 2: The Grid
Explain the importance of Legba, Kalfu and Ghuede. How to consecrate an altar to the dark workings. Self-initiation. Finding Met-Tet.

Chapter 3: The Family
Describe and give veves of various loa (maybe a few personal anecdotes).

Chapter 4: The Sacred Objects
Explain Asson. The creation of the chicken bones and baptism water. The Poteau-demembre.

Chapter 5: The Weapons
Various wanga, powders and waters. Curses, cursed objects and bindings.

Chapter 6: The Death Embrace
Advanced workings with Ghuede and Ancestors. Attracting, serving, using shades and elementals.

Chapter 7: The Animal Within
Advanced workings with Kalfu – implanting suggestions and demons within a person; opening gates to the underworld for benefit and bane; becoming an animal (predator).

Chapter 8: The Abyss
Advanced workings with the Baron of the Abyss and Damballah.

Chapter 9: The Chapel
Entering the trance – exchange.

Chapter 10: The Father
Introduce Papa. Explain personal vision. Ritual of calling.

Chapter 11: The Gift
Putting it all together.

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