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Skills for Management
Organizational Structure & Culture Individual Behaviours, Attitudes, & Learning Group Behaviour, Power, & Politics Impact of Personality on Performance Job Design, Tasks, Projects, & Resource Allocation Emotional Intelligence & E ective Management Management Styles Project Management & Operations Management Dealing with Con ict, Team Dynamics, & Stress Communication & Information Flows within Organization Technology Integration for Management

Dealing with Corporate Earthquakes & Turbulent Economies Preparing for Black Swan Events Dynamic Business Strategies Turnaround Management & Change Management Developing Sustainable Business Practices People, Planet, Pro t - 3P Solutions to Business Challenges Types & Strengths of Leadership Styles E ective Communication Skills & Message Delivery Leading High Impact Teams & “Wild Ducks” Components of E ective Teamwork & Motivation Shaping Leadership Thought Processes

Are you comfortable where you are now? Learn the skills needed to grow your business.
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Plan. Solve. Grow.

Our courses are meant to be engaging. and techniques that deliver lasting results. while exposing new industry trends and teaching fundamentals. Building tools for instilling a culture based on trust and learn explore your potential. Creating an understanding of the psychological drivers responsible for in uencing motivation. Our approach is to incorporate as many of the real situations and challenges that your business faces and to develop the internal skills and capabilities in order to face them head-on. Participants are supplied with course notes. Structure The management training provided by Nine Mile Management Consulting are speci cally tailored to your company’s needs. Creating communication pathways that will improve the outcome of delegation. Developing skills that will improve company culture. and boundaries—can enhance your ability as a manager to motivate. resolve con icts. online presentations. Course Goals Applying cutting-edge team management skills. Copyright © 2013. and decisions impact the behaviours and performance of organizational team structures. and will leave with an empowered sense of motivation to drive their company in the right direction. needs. and drive leadership during times of change.solving industry relevant problems and nding parallels to the internal challenges faced. TM NINE MILE Management Consulting Management Training This training is an introduction to organizational behavior and focuses on how management level actions. interactive. and improve team performance. wants. Improving management style and capabilities through the application of emotional intelligence related psychological techniques. All Rights Reserved. The Nine Mile Management Consulting Group . comfort. delegate. We employ the case method to place participants in situations where they are required to directly apply learnings . Participants will learn how understanding the psychological conditioning of others—their values. behaviours. and con ict resolution scenarios.

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