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The Challenges of Sales Collateral Management
Traditionally, empowering your sales force with the collateral items and presentation materials they need has been an expensive, frustrating challenge. Your representatives in the field need promotional materials customized to their region, purpose, and client type, but getting this accomplished has proven to be a financial and logistical headache. The problem is that the production and distribution methods that have been available to you up to now are slow, expensive, and insensitive to change. Current methods are slow The success of your business is heavily dependent on getting new products to market quickly. By doing so, your organization is able to attain a larger market share and higher profit margins before competitive products move in. Regrettably, in many cases, your sales force must wait weeks or months for new product collateral materials to be developed before they can sell the product en masse. Especially in lean times, unnecessary delays cost you dearly. Our research indicates that product launches can commonly be delayed by up to three months while you wait for sales collateral to be created and delivered. In fact, multinational corporations sometimes wait an additional one to two months for a collateral item to be localized or regionalized for an international market, even though the product is currently being sold in the United States. While your sales force waits, your competition gains hard-won market share. Current methods are expensive Creating, distributing, and warehousing sales collateral in the traditional manner is also a costly endeavor. A design agency must be employed to create the materials for you. These materials must then be shipped around the globe, often multiple times to multiple locations. Then they sit on the shelf until they gradually become outdated. This process is an expensive one; the cost of

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unnecessary shipping alone can range well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a large corporation with a global reach. In addition to the above costs, perhaps the greatest expense you suffer will occur when you need to make an enterprise-wide change to some or all of your sales collateral items. This can occur when you acquire a new company and must convert all of their product sales collateral to your brand, or when your own brand identity is modified. Across-the-board changes like these cost your company significant resources of both time and money. It is not uncommon for a simple corporate identity change to take six months to a year to be updated across all of your company’s promotional materials. Current methods are inflexible In addition to being slow and expensive, current methods of sales collateral management are highly insensitive to change. A member of your sales force on the road must rely on a one-size-fits-all brochure to leave behind when presenting to a potential client. There is very little provisioning for customization of materials for a particular client in a specific time and place. Perhaps most troubling, after a merger, warehoused collateral items branded with the previous identity must simply be thrown away. This inflexibility of current methods is wasting your time, wasting your money, and costing you new customers.

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The Benefits of a Sales Collateral Management System
Description The BrandWizard Sales Collateral Wizard is an Internet-based system that can be accessed through any standard Web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) running on a PC, Mac, or Linux operating system. Your users simply log on to the BrandWizard system and choose from various layout, copy, and image options. The system will then automatically produce customized sales collateral items that meet your corporate graphics standards exactly, every time. Process The following steps outline the procedure of loading master sales collateral templates to a server and producing a customized sales collateral piece using the BrandWizard system: Step 1: Master collateral template files are created and uploaded to the BrandWizard system by your internal art department or an outside agency. These master files can be created in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator software with Postscript or Truetype fonts. Sample BrandWizard master templates for the American Cancer Society are illustrated on the left. Step 2: The BrandWizard Administrator sets up the rules and constraints for the system. − A Setup Wizard, similar to the ones used to set up most Windows-based programs, prompts the Administrator through the procedure. − Possible parameters include: - user group access levels - image and copy selection options - layout options

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Step 3: The user logs on to the secured BrandWizard system using any standard Web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). − The system serves up copy and template options appropriate for the user’s access level, as previously determined by the Administrator. − The user selects the appropriate layout, copy, and art elements and enters the information that BrandWizard needs to complete the piece. − The request is sent to the BrandWizard server. Step 4: The BrandWizard server automatically builds an original piece of sales collateral based on the user’s selected master template and content choices. − Our patented Adobe plug-in technology dynamically builds the piece from the constituent elements chosen by the user, and inserts any original copy the user has keyed in. − The system can output any standard file format, including but not limited to: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. Step 5: The file can now be routed to a professional offset printer for a large run, or to a color laser printer for a short run.

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Branding at the Speed of Business
You need a branding system that keeps up with the speed of business. Whether a business change results from changing market conditions or a new corporate merger, your branding system needs to immediately adjust to the new reality. Simply put, your branding process must be as flexible as the business world is unpredictable. BrandWizard’s Web-based technology can help you to achieve this. Implement identity modifications quickly after mergers Successful mergers depend upon successful communication, both internally among the employees of the combined company and externally to the general public. BrandWizard’s Sales Collateral Wizard will allow your company to implement instant, worldwide updates to your brand identity across all of your promotional materials, instead of waiting months for the new identity to trickle down your supply chain. Respond quickly to changing market conditions Marketing and pricing strategies can change from day to day when you are looking to gain a temporary competitive advantage over your competition. These strategies can also differ from one region to another in a concurrent timeframe. Your BrandWizard system will allow you to make changes to your pricing on the fly, and give you the ability to roll out region-sensitive marketing strategies to your sales force overnight. Customize sales collateral materials for specific clients It is now a given: people have come to expect personalization in all areas of their lives. A sales meeting is no exception to this rule. The standard dog and pony show will not cut it anymore when your competition is developing customized presentations. BrandWizard will give your sales representatives the tools they need to create sales collateral that is customized to a specific client or opportunity in a specific place and time, which will lead to more closed deals and wider profit margins.

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Immediate Global Coordination
For a large national or multinational company, coordinating sales and marketing efforts across the entire organization has posed a difficult challenge to conquer. With no enterprise-wide internal system to distribute information and encourage collaboration, corporate headquarters has no way to control how their initiatives are carried out. The end result is inconsistent marketing materials across the world. BrandWizard leverages the full power of the Internet to solve this problem. Immediate access to the latest information The faster you can get your sales collateral updates into the hands of your sales force, the faster they can start selling. BrandWizard’s automated, database-driven technology gives System Administrators the facility to make real-time updates to collateral information that can be propagated worldwide at the click of a mouse. This will ensure that the information available to your sales representatives is always the most current. Centralized knowledge management As important as it is to tailor a sales pitch to a specific target, your sales force shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Pitches that were successful for clients in a particular industry in the past are very often successful again in the future. The Best Practices Gallery of your BrandWizard system will allow your sales reps 24/7 access to the most effective collateral materials your company has ever produced, which will provide them with a blueprint for success in the future. No wasted inventory or distribution costs Corporations are spending billions of dollars every year distributing and storing printed promotional materials. BrandWizard servers will keep all of your sales collateral files securely stored in a central database, where they may be accessed by authorized users at all times, which will eliminate the need for shipping. Your sales force will also be able to print short runs of up-to-date collateral pieces when they need them, which will save you the costs of keeping inventory on hand.

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Consistent Brand Alignment
Nowhere is it more important than in your marketing communications to present a unified brand voice to the world. Sales collateral materials are often the first experience that potential clients will have with your new products and services, so it is critical that the way they are branded agrees completely with your master brand. Business-as-usual methods of sales collateral production commonly leave your brand image open to a local vendor’s interpretation, and this can cause significant erosion of your brand equity as the effect becomes compounded over time. By regulating the number of ways your brand can be represented change across sales collateral to pre-approved configurations, BrandWizard’s automated technology is stalwart in protecting the integrity of your brand on a global basis. Consistent brand image worldwide Especially for large multinational corporations, consistent global branding has been almost impossible to achieve. Lingual and cultural differences can cause even the simplest initiatives to be lost in translation. Your BrandWizard system will provide the platform for all of your global employees and vendors to create sales collateral pieces that meet your corporate branding requirements, quickly and easily. This means that the brand identity chosen by corporate headquarters is the one that will be applied in sales presentations around the world. Consistent corporate information With BrandWizard, the information contained in your sales collateral can be instantly updated and quickly promulgated throughout the world. Master product and corporate information can be updated on BrandWizard instantly. This will save you time and money while ensuring that your vital corporate information is always kept current.

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About BrandWizard Technologies
BrandWizard Technologies is a consulting firm that offers companies a fully integrated global solution for all of their brand management requirements. Our Web-based custom tools work in concert with an organization’s wide array of digital assets, empowering employees and vendors around the world with instant access to corporate identity materials, brand guidelines, packaging artwork and more. Our patented Wizards offer clients unparalleled branding automation. No matter how large the corporation or how complex its product offerings, BrandWizard can harness the reach and speed of the Internet to tailor a complete turn-key brand management solution. The branding elements illustrated here were all created with BrandWizard Systems. For more information on these and other BrandWizard systems, please call or e-mail us at our corporate offices. BrandWizard Technologies is a subsidiary of Interbrand Corporation. As part of its commitment to being the world’s leading strategic branding consultancy, Interbrand Corporation has set up BrandWizard Technologies to provide Internet-based brand management tools and consulting. Interbrand Corporation is a member of Omnicom Group, a strategic and financial holding company that manages a portfolio of market-leading companies in the disciplines of advertising, marketing services, specialty communications, interactive media, and media buying services. Omnicom is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (OMC).