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1.1. The Spelling Competition is an English spelling competition that is open to all primary students aged 10 until 12 years old.

1.2. The Spelling Competition will be held for Zone.

2.1. To enhance the students spelling capabilities and enrich their vocabulary.

2.2. To improve the standard of English among the students.

2.3. To encourage reading habits among the students since they may have to read a variety of English-related materials in order to prepare for the spelling competition.

2.4. To give an opportunity for the students to participate is a spelling competition at school, zone, district, state and national level.


3.1. The spelling competition is open to all Malaysian primary students aged 10 until

12 years old years old (Standard 4, 5 and 6).

3.2. Four (4) students from each school.


4.1. The Zone Level spelling competition will be in written form. All the students

taking part in this spelling competition will be tested on their spelling skills in written form.

4.2. Rules of the competition 4.2.1. The competition at zone level will be held in a hall.
4.2.2. The teachers (_________) will distribute a spelling set to each student.

The set includes a clue sheet (that contains information like definitions and sample sentences without showing the spelling of the word) and an answer sheet (where the answers will be written).
4.3. The Judges will need to prepare the word list that the Master Speller will read

aloud during the competition and a clue sheet will be given to the students as a guide.
4.3.1. Listening writing manner (the Master Speller pronounce the words

clearly and the students will write down the word on the answer sheet)
4.3.2. 50 words - from Textbook (Year 4, Year 5 And Year 6)

15 words elementary 15 words intermediate 20 words advanced The information given for each of the words will be taken from the Oxford English Dictionary)

4.3.3. The specification of the rubric will be at the officials discretion. 4.3.4. Timekeeper and a log keeper (the person who keeps a record of what

happens and who wins).

4.3.5. The Master Speller (who spells and pronounces the words) will read aloud

3 times and the students will be given 1 minute to write the word.
4.3.6. The Master Speller will not repeat the words after they have been read

aloud 3 times.

4.4. Once the one minute is up, the Master Speller will proceed to the next word

without waiting for those who have not yet finished. 4.4.1. At the end of the session, the students will be given 15 minutes to check their answers. 4.4.2. During the competition, students are allowed to refer to the clue sheet to help them with the spelling. 4.4.3. Students are not allowed to sit close to each other and discussion is not permitted. 4.4.4. Students are not allowed to bring anything. Writing instruments will be prepared.

4.5. If the writing of the contestants is not clear, incomprehensible or causes

confusion. The Judges marking the answer sheet may deem the answers as incorrect.

4.6. All the words must be spelt using Standard British English. Other types of spelling like the American variation will not be accepted. 4.6.1. Students who are found to have cheated, talked or discussed with others during competition will be disqualified.
4.6.2. Once the spelling competition is completed, the teachers (___________) will

collect the answers sheet from the students. The Judges will then correct/mark the answer sheets.
4.6.3. The top five (5) winners from each zone will proceed to compete at district level. 4.6.4. Should there be a tie, the students with the highest correct spelling words at the

advanced level will be chosen as the winner. If there is still a tie, the Judges will choose the winner based on an oral competition.


5.1. 70% of the words used in the competition from Zone level will come from

Textbooks (Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6) in order to encourage the students to read English reading materials. The remaining words will be taken from other reading materials e.g. books or dictionary. 5.2. The word list will comprise words that have simple words and then progress into more difficult ones.
5.3. All the oral spelled by spellers during the competition, either the written or oral

spelling competition must follow the British Standard of English. 5.4. The Oxford dictionary will be the reference for the word list in terms of spelling, definitions and pronunciations.
5.5. The words will be chosen based on a specific rubric. Te specifications of the

rubric will be at the discretion of the teachers/officials/organizers.

6. OFFICIALS 6.1. Master Speller

6.1.1. The Master Speller will pronounce all words clearly and provide the definition and

sample sentences upon request from the contestants.

6.2. Judges
6.2.1. The judges will decide on the correctness of the spelling of each word. Judges

may be teachers, headmaster/headmistress or any other adult deemed to be qualified to hold this position. The 3 judges will comprise of a judge, a jury and a time keeper.

6.2.2. The judges will judge the competition and have complete control over the

competition and no objection will be entertained. As the students spell the words, it is the judges responsibility to check the correctness of the spelling. The judges have the final say on whether the spelling is correct and will deal with any dispute that may arise.


No. Items 1 Timer

Quantity 1

Usage The time keeper will monitor the time. 1 min to write 15 minutes to check


Master speller Judge


To inform the pupils about the time level 10 seconds to check the spelling

4 5

Buzzer Number tags

Spelling is incorrect (oral spelling) To cover the school logo

7. INFRIGMENT 7.1. A speller will be disqualified if : 7.1.1. he/she continues to spell the word after the time has elapsed/the buzzer is heard. 7.1.2. he/she begins to spell the word but pauses and retraces the letters differently from the first time he/she begins to spell. 7.1.3. he/she speaks loudly or causes disturbances while the spelling competition is in progress.

8.1. Three judges will judge the competition.

Position Judge Jury Time - keeper Log keeper

Number of people

8.2. The decision of the judges is final. 9. PRIZES 9.1. Prizes for the Zone level competition are as follows: 9.1.1. The top five (5) winners from each zone will proceed to compete at district level certificates. 9.1.2. Consolation prize certificates 10. CONCLUSION 10.1.It is hoped that the Spelling Competition will encourage students to improve their proficiency in English and widen their English vocabulary. 10.2.It is hoped that students will allocate more time to read English materials, books, magazines and dictionaries in order to prepare them for this competition. 10.3.It is hope that this competition be able to provide an avenue for the students to participate in an educational out-of-classroom activity and to be able to represent their respective schools at national level. 10.4. The cooperation of the State Education Departments, schools, schools principals and teachers are greatly appreciated to ensure the smooth running of this competition.

The cooperation of the Ministry of Education in endorsing this competition and in getting the relevant State Education Departments to cooperate this event is very crucial in ensuring the success of this Spelling Competition.