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March 2008

Shri Sai Pran Pratishtha Program in Singapore
was performed from 6.30 pm. onwards. On 5th Feb. the program started with Ganpati Puja followed by Nav Graha Puja, Homam Kalash Puja and Vishnu Sahastranamam, Shri Sai Pran Pratishtha Program was organised at Shirdi Sai Worship Centre, Singapore on 4th & 5th February 2008. The program was organised by Tikoo Gayatri Homam, Dattatraya Homam, Sri Sai Homam, Netra Puja, Pran Pratishtha, and Maha Abhishek. Baba's Murti was arranged & brought from Mumbai by Tikoo family. After Pran Prthishtha the devotees experienced spiritual serenity and unforgettable joyous moments.

Bhumi Pujan ceremony for Sai Ashram Project in Shirdi
K. V. Ramani, Managing Trustee, Shirdi Sai Trust, Chennai, Mr. R. Bhaskaran, Mr. Nirmal Humbad, Managing Director of Dorsch India (PMC for the project), Mr. D.O. Nikam - Architect, Mr. R. B. Aher Chief Engineer of Sansthan, Mr. Sanjeev Jain Managing Director

family with support of Sai devotees of Singapore. All Sai devotees of Singapore participated in the ceremony with great enthusiasm.

The Ground breaking from India. He enthralled the ceremony and Puja for the devotees with most Sai Ashram Project was melodious, devotional, and held on 10th January 2008 heartfelt Bhajans of Sai Baba, Before evening aarti Shri Sai Naam Jaap was chanted. At 6.30 pm Bhajan & Kirtan program resumed. Tikoo family the great devotees of Sai Baba have contributed to many Sai Temples in India, besides full heartedly extending a helping hand to deserving poor and in Shirdi at the construction site. needy people. program They are involved with The started with Shirdi Sai Worship Centre in Havan and Puja Singapore. The aim is to bring all Sai devotees in its fold to to Shri Saibaba, form a huge family of Shirdi followed by puja Sai devotees to create an to equipment and the atmosphere of religious and breaking ground to start social harmony in Singapore the work at the site. The as well. In the words of Sh C.L.Tikoo function was conducted in "Sai of Shirdi is in Singapore the presence of Sh. J.M. because of the devotees who Sasane, Chairman, Shri were already performing Saibaba Sansthan, Sh. bhajans and puja with great S.G. Kolhe, Vice Chairman, devotion in the temple hall. ‘’ & other Trustees of Sansthan, Shri. Sulakhe, Chief Priest, devotees, Mr.

of Parsvnath Developers Ltd (Contractors) and other senior members of Parsvnath.This function was followed by honoring of all the persons associated with the Sai Ashram project by Shri Saibaba Sansthan.
Source-Shirdi Sai Trust, Chennai

Sai Darshan Sai Prachaar TV Serial on Sky Channel
On 4th Feb Digpal Puja After Noon Aarti everybody (Worship of guardian of the took Prasad. A program of eight directions) & Dwaja Sai Bhajan was performed Puja (Worship of the flag) by renowned Bhajan singer Tikoo family was only instrumental as Baba wanted them to do so’’,this is what they strongly believe in. Here is a sensational news for all Sai devotees- A TV Serial titled "SAI DARSHAN SAI PRACHAAR" will commence telecast from 6th March on Sky Channel 833 DD RAYAT TV network, (Doordarshan Rayat TV), based in London. The Serial on Sai Baba is very first of its kind, a world exclusive in the U.K. and Europe. The progarm will be telecast regularly every Thursday at 7.30 AM. The program "Sai Darshan Sai Prachaar" will reach the entire Europe from London to Athens (U.K to Greece), and all the countries in North Africa, including the La Palmas Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This programme is offered to Lord Sai and dedicated to every one who relies on His compassion and protection. The Program is hosted by Mr. Jayant Khushwaha from U.K.The web site for more information http://

Navneet Agnihotri Honoured
Mr. Navneet Agnihotri, a well known painter of Shri Sai Baba paintings was honoured by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi. Mr. Agnihotri presented a portrait of Shri Sai Baba to Sansthan. The said painting has been displayed at new Prasadalaya building. Inauguration of the building was done by the auspicious hands of Her Excellency Smt. Pratibhatai Patil, President of India. The said painting was appreciated by all dignitaries. He received a certificate of honour from Sh. B.R.Wakchaure, ExExecutive Officer, Shri Sai Baba Sansthan.
Shirdi. H.P.Sharma


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New Delhi - March 2008

Shri Sai Sumiran Times

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A Doctor
Once a Mamlatdar came to Shirdi with a doctor friend of his. The Doctor said that his Deity was Rama and that he would not bow before a Muslim, and so, he was unwilling to go to Shirdi. The Mamlatdar replied, that nobody would press him to make a bow to Baba. So he should come and give the pleasure of his company. The Doctor agreed and they came to Shirdi, and went to the Masjid for Baba’s darshan. All were wonderstruck to see the Doctor going ahead and saluting Baba. They asked him how he forgot his resolve and bowed before a Muslim. Then the Doctor replied that he saw his beloved Deity, Rama, on the seat and he, therefore prostrated himself before Him. Then as he was saying this, he saw Sai Baba there again. Being dismayed, he said, “Is this a dream? How could He be a Muslim? He is a great Yogasampanna (full of Yoga) Avatar.” Next day, he made a vow and began to fast. He absented himself from the Masjid, resolving not to go there until Baba blessed him. Three days passed and on the fourth day, a close friend of his from Khandesh, turned up, and with him, he went to the Masjid for Baba’s darshan. After the salutation, Baba asked him, whether anybody had gone to call him, so he had come? Hearing this vital question, the doctor was moved. The same night he was blessed by Baba, and he experienced the Bliss supreme, in his sleep. Then he left for his town, where he experienced the same state of a fortnight. Thus his devotion to Sai Baba increased manifold.The moral of all the stories mentioned above, specially, that of Moolay Shastri, is this that we should have firm faith in our Guru and nowhere else. -Sri Sai Satcharitra Subscribe for Shri Sai Sumiran Times. Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- only For Subscription & Advertisements contact:
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Sai Baba Tastes the Prasadam Kept at our Restaurant Sai Baba has many ways to talking about Col Chopra
reveal to his devotees of His Presence anywhere in the world. On 14 January, 2008 the auspicous movement of the Sun towards North was celebrated by donating grains and other things. One devotee in Delhi Col Ashok Chopra, wanted our restaurant to make Rice and Dal Khichri with Pure Ghee for distribution at temples. We made the required amount which was in two big containers kept ready for Col. Chopra to come and pick up. He came and asked us to give the kichri from the two containers in two disposable plates. He brought to the Alter in the inner rooms and places both the plates before Sai Baba. Since Mrs Shad was also there when he came out and joined us in at our meeting table. We had a brief satsang. I went to the inner office for something and noticed the khichri in two containers in front of Sai Baba. As we were mentioned that his niece Micky was coming from Pune on her way to

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The Omniscient Baba
There is an very interesting and instructive incident which happened in Shirdi, as all the incidents related to Sai Baba could also be called a parable. In 1912 Dada Kelkar visited Shirdi and stayed in Sathe Wada. Sathe Wada was built by Mr. Sathe and Dada Kelkar was his brother in law, so he made it is home and remained in Shirdi for a long time. Sathe Wada was built adjacent to the holy neem tree, the Gurustan and was used by the visitors of Shirdi as Dharmashala. Once an old lady from Dahanu visited Shirdi for Sai Baba’s darshan and she took the lodging in Sathe Wada. Dada Saheb Kelkar was a Brahmin and followed strict religious rules. He would not eat onions and garlic as they suppose to aggravate tamasic energy in individuals. Tamasic energy is the negative energy which is responsible for negative feelings like anger, mental and emotional down. Sai Baba had a special love for onions and onions were a regular part of His meals. The old lady had spent her whole life in village and had some rustic habits. For the evening meal, after the dawn she bought some onions from nearby shop and started peeling and cutting them outside the Sathe’s Wada. Dada Kelkar on seeing this started shouting in anger at the old lady about the act what he thought was irreligious. The old lady emotionally hurt by this and startled in a unknown village far from her home, went inside her room with a gloomy heart. There was no other way for her to sit alone and cry. Dada Kelkar’s grand daughter used to live with him. Suddenly she had a pain in her eyes. They tried different remedies for the same and none worked. In the evening Sai Baba’s darbar took place in Dwarkamai. The old lady also came to the Darbar with a heavy heart still wounded by the harsh words of Kelkar. Dada Kelkar too came to the Darbar and told Baba about her grand daughter’s painful eyes. Sai Baba said, “If you foment the eyes with warm onions, the agony of eyes will end.” Pointing to the old lady Sai Baba added, “That old mother is sitting there, she resides in the room next to yours. She has some onions, take a onion from those, and foment the eyes after warming it, relief will be felt.” The old lady still in the agony created by Dada Kelkar first refused to give the onion to him, but how could she deny the words of Saibaba? She agreed to give the onion to Dada Kelkar so that the paining eyes get the relief. The omniscient Baba had remedy for everything.
-Sudesh Johar, Sydney

Lucknow. She is daughter of Sai Maa of Lucknow. Col Chopra is the brother of Sai Maa. Col Chopra asked me if there was anything to send to Sai Mandir at Lucknow. I recalled there was a devotee”ks letter with me for Sai Maa. I went inside to get that letter and as I was moving out I noticed that Sai Baba had come and tasted the khichri from one of the plates. He had probably dipped his finger to lick it up. We were all thrilled and Swami being Omnipresent feeling was doubly reinforced. - Sudesh Johar, Sydney

Govinda Rao Garde and His Vow
“I forgot my vow to Baba,” thought Govinda Rao Garde of Nagpur. He recalled, how his nephew was suffering from some disease when he visited him. At that time, Govinda Rao vowed that if his nephew recovered, he would send him to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. The nephew did recover in two days but he forgot his vow, although his nephew visited him three times, hoping that he would remember, after seeing him hale and hearty. Some time later, the nephew visited his uncle only to find that he was sick with the same disease. Since it was a Thursday, all the family members gathered together and prayed and sang Bhajans. They entreated Baba for his recovery. That day, he was well enough to attend the pooja when he was reminded of his vow. He vowed again saying, “Baba if you cure me, I and my nephew will come for your darshan,” He found that he recovered quickly and hurriedly went with his nephew to Shirdi to thank Baba.
courtesyAmbrosia In Shirdi by Vinny Chitluri

Shirdi Sai Kathamruth Week In Bangalore
All Sai Baba devotees were invited to attend Pujya Shirdi Sai Baba Kathamruth program from Sunday the 3rd February to Saturday, the 9th February 2008, The program was conducted daily in the evening from 5 PM to 7 PM. Shri Sai Baba”ks wonderful life, His teachings & preachings written by Sri Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemad Pant were narrated by Sri Naresh ji Maharaj at Sri Bangalore Vaishnav Samaj. No.21, Ist Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore. On all days after pravachan, and Baba”ks Aarati, Prasad was distributed to all devotees. The program was being organised by Sri Shirdi Sai Trust, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. -Chandrakant Jadhav, Bangalore

Shri Sai Sumiran Times

New Delhi - March 2008


Ullasji and Baba
Ullasji bought a small site in shirdi and he wanted to construct a house there. But there was no water fecility in that surrounding area. Digging a borewell was out of reach financially, so he was looking for people who can carry water from his friend’s well to fill the tank in his site.Meanwhile he saw one small house close to his site. He saw a 12 year old boy playing in front of that house. Ullasji went and asked him” Boy, can I get a coolie here ? Boy - “ why ? “ Ullasji - “ I am looking for a coolie to fetch water from the well to fill our tank.” Boy - “shall I come uncle?” Ullasji -”No can you do this job ? “ Boy - “ It is ok uncle, I can do this , no problem. I don’t have money for my school fees. If you pay me it would be helpful for my studies uncle.” Meanwhile that boy’s grandmother came out of the house and said “ listen, this boy does’t have parents. see...he goes to that school” she showed one big building which was located a little away from their house. Ullasji was very new to that place and he was not aware of that locality. He said ok and asked him to start work from the next day. He agreed to pay him Rs.25 per day. He showed his site and well to that boy and returned home. From the next day onwards the tank was always filled with water. once in a week that boy used to come to take his salary. Nobody knew when he used to fetch water from the well to fill the workers also said that they have not seen any boy filling the tank.After a few months the house construction was completed. Gradually that boy stopped coming.Ullasji was worried why is the boy not coming? He was so punctual, let me go and enquire.He went to the place where he met him.But he could not find that boy’s house, he was confused wether he came to a wrong address. He asked a person about that boy and his grand mom who were staying there. That fellow said “No no, there was no house , no hut, nothing was here. you are mistaken.” Ullasji said “ that boy showed me his school also “ but he could not see that big school building now. That person said “ No, there is no school here. If there is, our children would have been going to the same school. “ Ullasji was so depressed and returned home. He was worried about that boy. Atleast he should have come for his salary, where do I search for him? He kept thinking about that boy the whole day. Next day after the abhishek Ullasji was decorating Baba. Suddenly Baba asked him “ Give me one week’s salary.” Then Ullasji realised that who is the boy. He smiled and put the money to the Hundi and said “Baba everything is yours” Baba’s account never goes wrong. It is always accurate.He knows how to take it. We need not worry about it.

Free Service Camp of Healing Touch by Sh Jagtap
of healing touch by giving me little vibhuti mixed in water which I drank after chanting Om Sai Rama 9 times. Then, Jagtap ji applied little vibhuti on my forehead and asked me to chant Om Sai Rama 9 times which I did. Then he asked me to check the tumor/hard lump on my chest. What a MIRACLE ! My left side breast which was having the hard LumpTumor was instantly gone, it just disappeared and there was no pain even after pressing hard. Shri Jagtap Babaji gave me some vibhuti prasad for my financial and family problems. Thanks to Shri Sai Baba and Shri Jagtap Babaji who has come from India and I hope GOD only sent him to cure my cancer. Mrs. Christina is a christian and for Sai Baba, human being is the only religion. There is yet another experience; TESTIMONY Miss. Kanageswari a/p Shanmugam, No.216, Jalan Timur, 10, Taman Samudra, Battel Caves, Malaysia. Tel. No. 016-3011041. I am Ms. Kangeswri, aged, 21 years, from Malaysia. On 6 Dec 2007, I came to attend the Free Service Camp of Healing Touch at ‘Stapa’ in Malaysia. Shri Jagtap Babaji had come from India to Malaysia for the Healing services which were done freely. I registered my name and was waiting for my turn. I was suffering from a cystcum-tumor in my right side breast and it was giving me severe pain since long. No doctor could cure it without surgery and that also was doubtful. When I was called upon, I went to Shri Jagtap Babaji to get the blessings of Shri Sai Baba through him. Shri Jagtap Babaji did the service of healing touch with the vibhuti, by mixing it in water, he asked me to drink it after chanting Om Sai Rama 9 times and apply the vibhuti on my forehead and chanting again Om Sai Rama 9 times which I did accordingly. Then, Shri Jagtap Babaji asked me to check up the cyst-cumtumor. And what a Miracle ! There was no cyst or tumor in my breast and no pain also, which has gone instantly. Thanks to Shri Sai Baba and Shri Jagtap Babaji. If any body wants to contact Shri Jagtap (Guru ji) for any problem/ disease , may call on at- 09841586849 at Chennai (FREE SERVICE).

Shirdi Sai Baba has blessed some of the Devotees to carry on His service (of blessing) to various people at various places at an appropriate time only. And Sh Jagtap of Chenna, India among them. He goes to various places, as per HIS ADVICE and does the FREE Services of Healing Touches. Last month he had gone to Malaysia and did the service of free healing touch and so many miracles were witnessed by the devotees over there Some of the incidents narrated by the devotees are reproduced here TESTIMONY MRS. Christina. No.1116, Jalan RJ, 2/3, Taman, Rasah Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.Tel. No. 016-6001390. I, am Mrs. Christina, aged 48 years. I, came to know about the free service camp of Healing Touch has been organized at ‘SunWay’ Center in Malaysia, on 12th Dec 2007, and Shri Jagtap Babaji from Chennai, India has come to Malaysia to bless the devotees. So I also came to the center and registered my name and was waiting for my turn. When I was called upon, I went to Shri Jagtap Babaji to seek the blessings of Shri Sai Baba through him. I was suffering from the hard lump as Tumor on my left side breast since long. I was afraid of surgery/ radiation which are required (By Manjula Umesh, Bangalore) Courtesy: for the cancer patients. Shri Shri Saipadananda Jagatp Babaji did the service build bridges between both the families again. The relationship between my inlaws and me had healed by that time by Baba’s grace, but there was absolutely no hope about my husband’s relationship with my side of the family. I had heard through my friends that by reading Sai Satcharitra one can find new meaning and wisdom about life, relationships & God. So I read Sai Satcharitra on Thursdays. I started seeing some positive changes. We had fewer disagreements

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Unforgetable Miracle of Sai Baba In My Life
I have been Sri Sai Baba’s devotee since 1998 which was prior to my marriage. I got married in 2001 and moved with my husband to US. During our initial years of marriage we went through a lot of misunderstandings between us and both our families also went through some rough times. The gap between them had widened and my husband had also restrained himself from being cordial with my side of the family. The relationship between my husband and me had also become very fragile. In the meanwhile he had lost his job and it was the most challenging time for us. A friend had forwarded Sri Sai Chalisa in the email and I chanted it every Thursday, to this day. My husband got a job within 6 months by Baba’s grace. I went through a phase where our relationship was on a downhill and had no hopes of anything at all. I prayed ardently to Baba during such times to help me get through it and to restore the family peace and and our relationship got a bit stronger. I started concentrating on my family life and gave up hope about my husband’s relationship with my side of the family. My parents visited US in summer and they stayed with my brother and I had no hope that they would ever visit us. Things were changing slowly but steadily and then one day an unexpected thing happened. My husband personally invited them to our place and even booked the air tickets! This is when I realized that even though I gave up hope Baba did not give up on me. He taught me the valuable lesson of patience and perseverance. I have a stronger and renewed sense of faith in Baba and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for restoring the family bond and peace. Baba’s mercy and grace has been with me all this while even in my most challenging times I was ignorant not realizing it. Thank you so much Baba! Archana, Texas USA courtesyHeritage of Shirdi Sai


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Shri Sai Sumiran Times

New Delhi - March 2008

Main Temples In Shirdi
Khandoba Mandir:
Shri Sai Satcharita, stands This temple is located near here. It is the experience of devotees that if they burn incense here on Thursdays and Fridays, their ailments get cured.

Samadhi Mandir:
Sai Baba’s Sacred Body has been laid to eternal rest (Samadhi) here. The edifice of this main Mandir (Temple) was constructed, with Baba’s blessings, by Shri Gopal Rao Buti of Nagpur,

Baba used to cook food here and distribute it among a program of Sai Bhajans His devotees. was organised in Shri Dhara Chavadi: Singh Girls Inter College, Chavadi is located near Ghaziabad Dwarkamai. On every The most famous alternate day, Sai Baba used Bhajan Samrat to proceed in Procession Saxena Bandhus from Dwarkamai to Chavadi were invited to recite bhajans. Shri Amit Saxena started the program with Ganpati Vandana and presented many soulful bhajans. Thereafter Shri Surendra at night and sleep there. Even now, on every Thursday, Sai Baba’s Photo, Holy Padukas (Foot-wear) and Sataka (Baton) are taken in Palki (Palaquin) Procession to the Chavadi, between 9-15 p.m. and 1000 p.m.

Sai Bhajans in Shri Dhara Singh Girls Inter College Ghaziabad
Saxena recited bhajans. All present were mesmerized by the Soul stirring bhajans sung by Saxena Bandhus.

The program was organised by MD of School Shri Choudhary and Sh. Raj Kumar. G.R.Nanda

Sai Baba School, Faridabad
Sai Baba School at Sai Dham Temple, Tigaon Road, Faridabad is run by ‘Sai Baba Temple Society, Faridabad under guidance of Shri Moti Lal Gupta who is engaged in activities of uplifting the poor and needy. The said school has around 480 students. They get free education with meals, uniform, books and other study material. You can also contribute in the noble cause by donating Rs.3000/for sponsoring a child for his education. On 10th February 2008 under mass marriage programme marriage ceremony of 12 poor couples was performed in the temple. The next mass marriage ceremony would be on 27th April 2008. For any further information contact: Ph9910036912, 9310601400, 9810397034.

Shri Sainath Hospital, on Nagar-Manmad road. When the marriage party of Chand Patil’s wife’s nephew came to Shirdi, they had taken shelter under the banyan tree located near this temple. When Shri Sai Baba, who had accompanied this marriage party, alighted with others in the open ground of this Temple, the Pujari (Priest) of the Temple welcomed this Young Ascetic with the words “Iya Sai” (Come Sai).

Sai Baba was first spotted here (within Samadhi Mandir Complex) when he was a lad of sixteen. Sai Baba used to refer to this spot as His Guru’s (Mentor’s) location. The famous Margosa (Neem) tree, referred to in

an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. It is, therefore, also known as ‘Buti Wada’. Sai Baba’s beautiful life size idol is installed near His Samadhi in this shrine. Articles sanctified by Sai Baba’s divine touch have been preserved and displayed here in a special show-room. All rituals, comprising Pooja, Abhishek and daily four Aartis, are performed here.

Other Samadhis:

Samadhis of Shri Tatya Patil Kote, Shri Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar, Shri Padmanabha Iyer, Shri Nanawali and Shri Abdul Baba, who were Baba’s ardent devotees and were closely associated with Him during His life time, are located within Samadhi Dwarakamai (Masjid): Mandir Complex, near lendi This was Sai Baba’s abode Baug. continuously for sixty years Lendi Baug: till He took Samadhi. It is Baba used to go for a stroll located within Samadhi to this Baug (Garden), Mandir Complex. Sai Baba which is located within blessed innumerable devotees here. The Stone on which Sai Baba used to sit,

Seminar in Sai Temple Noida
Shri Sai Samiti, Sai Temple, Sector- 40, Noida, is organising a seminar on relevence of Sai Bhakti in todays world on Sunday 30th March 2008 at Community Centre, Sec.-40 Noida, adjcent to Sai Temple between 10 A.M. to 2 pm. followed by Aarti & Prasad. Emphasis of Seminar will be on the following aspects of Sai Bhakti. 1. Universality of Thought & Action 2. Simplicity of Approach 3. Projection of Baba vis-a-vis of His miracles 4. Present day approach to Sai Bhakti . Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, former Governor of Karnataka has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. Other eminent speakers at the Seminar are a. Justice K.Ramamoorthy (Retd.) New Delhi b. Dr. Vinny Chitluri, Shirdi c. Shri. R.C. Das, IAS (Retd.) Kolkata. d. Shri Suresh Gupta, New Delhi. Those interested in Seminar may please contact the General Secretary Shri Sai Samiti Noida 64-D/2, F - Block Sector- 40, Noida 201303 email : Ph. 95120-4238672,4238676 Mobile. 9310067555

is placed in Dwarakamai. The sacred Fire (Dhuni) lit by Sai Baba is also eternally burning here. Sai Baba used to give Sacred Udi (Ash) from this Dhuni to His devotees to fulfill t h e i r wishes. Even now the Udi is b e i n g distributed to devotees from this Dhuni. Sai

Samadhi Mandir Complex. Nanda Deep (Sacred Oil Lamp) is kept continuously lit near the Pipal tree planted by Sai Baba Himself in this Garden. A small Datta Mandir is also situated in this Garden. Baba’s beloved horse Shyam Karna (Shyam Sunder) was laid to eternal rest here. There is also a Well, called “Baba’s Shivadi” in this garden. Besides the forgoing, there are three other Temples located within Samadhi Mandir Complex: Shri Ganesh Temple, Shri Shani Temple and Shri MahadevTemple and Shri Hanumaan Temple.


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