My Wan ted

By Krystin Steelman

Chapter 1
Hello. My name is Rosemarie Collin. I am seventeen years old and I love books and music. I go to school at BHS, Blue High School. I graduate next year, but I’m still not sure about college yet. My first day of summer started out like any other summer day, hot and very humid. I didn’t care thought, because that meant I would have unlimited reading time and that my eighteenth birthday was almost here, June 26. But, until then, I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend in any

sense of the word (sucks, I know.) I live with my grandparents and they say they trust me not to do anything wrong, like having sex with a guy, but they wont let me date. Today’s date is June 1st, only twenty-six days left. I already had my party planned out. I was inviting the whole school, all 500 people, over to my house. The party was going to start at 6pm and end at 12am. My two BFF’s were helping me plan and wanted to have the party at their house. They are sisters and are very rich, too, so they had no problem with getting me to move the party and so we had a lot of calls to make. We each had a list of people to call, them 200 each, me 100, so we got busy. I realized after about the fifth phone call, that I had all the guys and that the next guy on my list wasthe guy I knew I could never call because, well, I was too scared and just couldn’t. So, I skipped him and kept going. When I was finished, and had called everyone on my list but him, his name is Christian Dove, I waited then called. “Hello?” It sounded like an older-than-me female, his mom maybe. “Hi. Is Christian there?” I tried to hide me small bubble of hope that he was busy or gone, without success. “Of course he is. Hold on, and I’ll go get him for you.” She sounded very nice. “Thank you”, was all I could say. I heard a small knock on a door and hoped he couldn’t answer the phone. “He’s in the shower, but I’ll tell him you called. What’s your name, sweetheart?” “Rosemarie Collin.” “I’ll let him know. Bye.” “Wait!”

Surprised, she asked, “What is it, sweetie?” “Sorry”, I apologized. “Can you tell him my party was moved to Casey and Lesia’s house, please?” “Sure.” She sounded happy that everything was alright. “Thank you. Good night.” I was very glad I didn’t have to talk to him. It was 9:30 at night, so I got ready for bed because I had to get up early the next day. I had fallen asleep at around eleven. So when my cell phone rang, I looked at my clock and shocked that it was 3am. I answered my phone and nearly passed out when I heard his voice. “H-h-hello?” I managed to stammer out. “Hey. What up?” it was Christian, Christian Dove, I couldn’t believe it. “Just sleeping”, I said. “Oh! I’m sorry!” he sounded shocked that I was asleep at 3am. “I guess I’ll talk to you later?” he was asking me? “You have to go?” “No, not really. I thought you might want to sleep, though.” He sounded sincere enough. “That’s okay, I can talk.” I meant it, too. “If you want to.” I had to add on. “I’d love to talk with you all night.” The way he said love… “But?” I asked hesitantly, scared he might have to go. “No but. We can talk until one, or both, of us fall asleep. “Sounds great! So, you got my message?”

“Yep. Why did you move the party though?” “To have more room.” “Oh! Duh!” he laughed and so did I, I couldn’t help it. “So, what are you getting me?” I was joking, but he stopped laughing and so did I. “I can’t tell you that, because then it wouldn’t be a surprise.” I was shocked, I didn’t answer. “Are you okay?!” he sounded anxious. When I didn’t answer after a few minutes, he asked again. This time I answered. “Y-y-you really did get me something? You didn’t need to waste money on me.” He sounded relieved when he said, “Yes, I did need to “waste” money on you,” he quoted me, “you’re a friend, and friends get gifts for each other. We are friends. Right?” he waited for an answer silently this time. “Of course!” I couldn’t believe it! “Well, I wanted to ask you a question.” Oh no! “What did I do wrong this time? I laughed. So did he, “Nothing.” “Now I’m safe.” “Yeah. I know you can’t date anyone until you turn eighteen, but when you do, would you, could you even, think about dating me?” he sounded very nervous. I sounded even worse when I asked, “Huh?!” I couldn’t comprehend it; Christian really wanted to date me? Wow! “I’m asking you if you want to be my girlfriend.” “You have to ask?” I was still shocked.

“It is the right way to find out. So, does that mean you want to?” he sounded very hopeful. “Yes, yes, yes!” I think I was screaming. “Sorry about that.” “That’s alright. I’m so glad you said yes!” he sounded truly pleased. “Me, too! Glad you asked, I mean.” “Well, I’m falling asleep, so I’ll call you tomorrow, ‘kay?” “Or you can come over to Casey and Lesia’s house and help, if you want.” “Great! I’ll be there at two?” “Sounds great! Later!” “You know, I’ve liked you since we were ten years old.” Really? Me too!” “I’m glad I waited for you.” I was crying from joy, “Bet I’m happier.” “Doubt it.” “This might sound strange, but I’ve loved you forwhat-six years now? And I’m glad you called tonight, even this early.” He was silent for a so long that I thought he might have fallen asleep. Then I heard him shout. “What’s wrong?!” I was worried something might have happened. “Nothing. I’m just glad we feel that same way about each other. I love you, too! I like saying that. I wonder…I love you, Rose. I love that!” he was so happy!

“I love hearing you say that! I love you, too. Maybe…I love you, Christian or I love you, Chris? What do you think?” “I like them both. But, it doesn’t matter how you say it, as long as you feel it. I know I do.” “I feel it now more than ever. I truly do love you.” “I don’t think I can sleep now.” He sounded tired, though. “You need to sleep. I feel the same, you know, like I’m too hyper to sleep. Even if I do, I’ll dream of you. Crap!” I was walking when I said it and I tripped over the dog on my way to the living room because it was already 5am, too bad I fell and hit my head. “Are you okay?” he sounded fully alert now. “Yeah, fine. I just tripped over the dog.” “Okay. I dream of you every night.” “Me too. About you, I mean, not me.” “Well, you sound tired and I feel tired, so I’ll see ya tomorrow, ‘kay? I love you, baby girl.” He said it so sincerely; I had no choice but to believe it. “I love you, too, baby. Good night.” Then we hung up and I fell asleep immediately.

Chapter 2
When I woke up, it took me a few moments to realize what had happened at 3am, and then it hit me. Christian Dove. Me. dating. No way I couldn't believe it was a dream. I got up and got ready to leave the house by 12pm. Still early, so I read vampire academy for a little while. My grandma usually got up at two, so I was surprised when she got out of bed at 12:30. “I need to talk to you,” Mawmaw said. “Sure.” I wondered what had happened. “Well, you have gone along with our no boyfriend policy so far. So, we decided you can have one, as long as you don’t do anything you shouldn’t.” “I don’t deserve this. I got asked to be his girlfriend by Christian Dove last night. I told him yes.” Here it comes, a long speech on responsibility. “I know. That’s why you do deserve this, because it took you almost eight years to disobey us. Plus, Christian is a great kid.” She actually sounded proud.

"R-really? Great! Oh, crap! I have to go. Love you, bye!" I ran to my car, a Ford something or other. But before I could get in, an UPS truck came up the driveway. After I took the mail in the house, I walked back to my car. Then another car came up my driveway and I realized it was Christian. I walked over to his car and asked, “What are you doing here?” He shrugged, “Picking you up. Your grandma called me.” “Oh, that’s great. So, do you want to come in?” “We should go, it is almost two.” “Okay.” While he drove, he told me about the deer he had shot during hunting season, all six of them. He still wasn’t done with the fifth buck’s story, so when we got to Casey and Lesia’s house, we didn’t get out until he finished. We got out and went in about an hour after we got there “Hey Casey. Hey Lesia.” “Hey!” they both said it at the same time. But, when they saw Christian, Casey passed out and Lesia just stared. “Oh my God!” I ran to Casey to make sure she was okay. “Are you alright?” “Is it really Christian?” she was still shocked. “Yeah, it’s me.” he was standing behind me. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you, like, too good for us?” “Casey!” I was over being shocked; now I was getting mad.

“It’s fine Rose. I don’t think of myself as the same person you think I am. I’m here with rose, but I can leave if I’m not wanted.” He was too nice to them. “You don’t have to go anywhere.” I was really angry at Casey now. “My house and I say he does.” She sounded mad, too. “Fine. Please talk me home.” I turned to Christian. “No. you should stay.” “Then, I’ll walk home.” I walked out and slammed the door behind me. “Rose! Wait!” it was Lesia behind me. I stopped, waiting. She came up beside me and said, “She was way out of line and I want you to come back.” “Not without Christian.” “Okay. Are you and he----you know? Or just dating?” “No! Just dating! He asked me last night and my grandma said I can date now, so I am.” “Oh! That’s great! I’m happy for you.” “Thanks. But Casey’s not, is she?” “She doesn’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.” “She is the one hurting me.” “I can see that. Maybe you should talk to her.” “I’ll try. Let’s go.” When we walked in, we saw Casey and Christian kissing. “Hope you like it.” My voice was filled with disgust. “Huh?” It was Casey. “Oh! Hey! I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You did. If you don’t want me to get hurt, then why are you kissing him? And you!” I pointedly glared at Christian. “You say you love me, but, yet you’re in here, kissing her! Glad I’m so loved!” I was crying. I ran out and ran home. When I got home, I ran to room and passed out on my bed. I woke up at 3am, again, to my cell phone ringing. “Hello?” I sounded like I had been crying all day and night. “Can I come over?” “Christian! You really have the nerve to call me after what you did?!” “Let me explain! She kissed me! I tried to push her off, but you walked in before I could get her off.” “Liar. You kissed her back.” I wasn’t sure and I sounded unsure, he heard it in my voice. “If someone kissed you, you would automatically kiss back. But I didn’t. I tried to stop her. My lips never moved. I told you, I love you not her.” “But…” “But what?” “You really don’t have like her?” “No, I really don’t.” I could hear the truth in his voice. “I’m sorry about everything.” “Don’t worry about it.” Then I heard a car drive up. “I have to go. Later.” I hung up and went to the front door. I never would have expected what I saw, Christian getting out of his car at my house, at 3:30 in the morning. He didn’t say anything, he just walked up to me and cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips to

mine. We stood like that for what seemed like forever. When we broke apart, he smiled and caught me as I started to fall. He carried me to my room and layed with me for a long time. Then, at 10:30, we both got hungry. He went with me to the kitchen and ate a bowl of Coco Puffs with me. I didn’t want to ruin a perfect day, but I had to ask, “When did you leave their house?” “Five minutes after you did.” “Oh.” “I’m glad I came.” “Me too, but I need to take a shower, so you can----“ He cut me off with a kiss, more urgent than the first, but even better. “Wait here if you want.” I finally finished breathlessly. “I’ll wait,” he whispered in my ear. “Okay.” I was still breathless. Then he kissed me again before I walked out.

Chapter 3
Christian had been dating for almost four weeks and it was going great. Tonight is the night of my party. Everything was going great when I remembered that Casey and I still hadn’t talked all night. Around eleven o’clock, I found her dancing with trey, Christian’s best friend, and asked her if we could talk. She agreed. “Look, I’m sorry for the way I ran out the other day.” I didn’t know if she should apologize or not. “Thanks. But, I should be saying sorry, not you. And I should never have touched him. Can you forgive me?” she was so sad.

Of course I can forgive you. You are my very best friend.” We hugged and then went back to dancing with the guys. When the party was over, my gifts included a new car from Christian and a new stereo sound system for the car from trey, Casey, and Lesia. The car was the same color as Christian’s eyes, a deep blue and light green mix. It was a ferri with my name on the sides and windshield. The interior was a light blue and dark green mixed color. “I love it!” I had exclaimed when I saw it. He had just smiled and kissed me. Now, we were alone in his house playing video games. It was around 4am and he was losing big time. “I should go.” I was really tired. “You can’t drive when you’re this tired, let me talk you home.” “You sound as tired as I feel. Maybe I should just stay here.” “Sure. I call the floor.” “Okay, you are laying with me, and the floor sounds good.” “Great! Help me fix this up then.” We managed to perfect the floor pallet into something that felt as comfortable as the bed. “Love you baby. Good night.” I was almost asleep when he turned me over and, like the first time, cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. After a short time, he pulled one hand off my face and put it on my back, pulling me, if possible, even closer to his body. When he pulled away to take a breath, I sighed softly. I knew where this was headed, but I wanted

this now more than I thought was possible. He locked me in place with his eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Then, very slowly, he took my clothes off, then the rest of his clothes. All we had on was, me: rings and him: a huge smile. I wont go into detail about what we did, use your imagination, but I will tell you that it felt better than all the good things in the universe put together, times infinity plus! It was amazing! It proved that we were made for each other, two perfect “peas in a pod”.

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