About the College

Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science (MITS) was established in 1998 in the picturesque and pleasant environs of Madanapalle and is ideally located on a sprawling 30 acre campus. It has a resort like atmosphere, which is refreshing and exhilarating at the same time. The campus comprises of aesthetically designed buildings that are networked by Wi-Fi technology. This institution is established with the modern workshops and labs, computer and internet facilities, seminar halls, well equipped library and sports facilities that provide an excellent learning environment for the students. MITS Offers Diploma,UG & PG courses in Mechanical, Electrical & electronics, Electronics &communications, Computer Science and Information Technology, MBA & MCA. MITS, originated under the auspices of RatakondaRanga Reddy Educational Academy under the proactive leadership of Sri N.Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, M.Com(Ph.D), Secretary & Correspondent and Sri N. Krishna Kumar, M.S.(USA), president of the academy. MITS enjoys constant support and patronage of NRIs with distinguished academic traditions and vast experience in Engineering and Technology. The management spares no effort to develop the institution as one of the best centers of academic excellence. MITS, selected for TEQIP-II as one among the Top 25 private Engineering Institutions in the country.

Chief Patron Sri. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, M.Com., (Ph.D) Secretary & Correspondent Patron Sri. N. Krishna Kumar, M.S (USA) Chairman Chief Co-Ordinator Dr. K. Sreenivasa Reddy, M.E., Ph.D. Principal Co-Ordinator Dr. C. Yuvaraj, M.E., Ph.D. Professor& Head Convenor
Dr.G.Harinath Gowd ,M.Tech., Ph.D.

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Organized by
Mechanical Engineers Association

Professor Organizing Committee:
Mr. G. Sadasiva Prasad M.Tech., (Ph.D.)., Assoc. Prof. Mr. Ch.Sreenivasa Rao M.Tech., (Ph.D.). , Assoc. Prof. Mr.P.Rayudu, M.Tech. , (Ph.D.). Assoc. Prof. Mr.V.Vamsidhar, M.Tech. (Ph.D)., Assoc. Prof. Mr. B. Sreenivasulu, M.E. (Ph.D.) Asst. Prof. Mr. Vamsi Krishna M.E. (Ph.D.) Asst. Prof. Mrs. V. Nalini, M.Tech, Asst. Prof. Mr. P. Venkataramana, M.Tech, Asst. Prof. Mr. S. Praveen Kumar, M.E, Asst.Prof. Mr. Bezwada Sreenivasulu, M.E, Asst.Prof. Mr.G.GuruMahesh, M.Tech, Asst.Prof. Mr.V.Ajay, M.Tech, Asst.Prof. Mr. M.Gunasekhar Reddy M.E., Asst. Prof. Mr. S.Akbar Basha M.Tech., Asst.Prof. Mr. S.Sharrmas Vali M.Tech., Asst. Prof. Mr. M. Raja Sekhar Reddy M.Tech, Asst.Prof. Mr.M.Subbarao M.Tech, Asst.Prof. Mr. Manu Ravuri M.Tech., Asst.Prof. Mr. S.Kareemulla M.Tech., Asst.Prof. Mr.Suman Suthari M.Tech. , Asst.Prof.

About the Department:
The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established at the inception of the college. The course offers a deep insight into the discipline and enables promising engineers to acquire skills required to succeed both individually as well as in Industry. Keeping in view of the technological advancement, the department is fortified by the most qualified and experienced faculty. The department is well equipped with modern laboratories and offers three year Diploma, four year B.Tech and two year M.Tech Programmes in Machine Design and Advanced Manufacturing System.

Location of the College:
MITS is located at Angallu, which is 10 kms away from Madanapalle and it is 120 kms from Tirupathi, 125 kms from Bangalore, 250 kms from Chennai and 130 kms from Vellore.

S.VinodKumar, B. Eshwar D.Phaneeswar, D. Lekya A.Sindhuja, K.Vivek -- IV B.Tech -- III B.Tech -- II B.Tech

Department of Mechanical Engineering Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science Post box No. 14, Angallu, Madanapalle- 517325 Chittoor (District), Andhra Pradesh. Ph.: No: +91-8571-280255, 280706 (Extn: 66) Fax: 08571-280433 Mobile: +91-9441190044, +91-9000012459 Email: mechonance2013@gmail.com Website: www.mits.ac.in

Address for Communication: CONVENOR.  Decision of the organizing Committee is final in all matters. Address for Correspondence: 4. Use font size of 12 on A4 size paper only. Whether accommodation is required: YES/NO Phone No: E-mail : Station: Date : Signature of the Head of the Institution with seal IMPORTANT DATES: Submission of full paper: 9th February. Engines Computational fluid dynamics Recent trends in R&A/C systems Non-Conventional Energy Sources CIM/FMS Rapid Prototyping Advanced Forming Techniques Mechatronics Composite Materials Recent Trends in Welding Recent Trends in Manufacturing Robotics Quality Control & Reliability TQM/JIT/ERP Supply Chain Management Value Engineering Optimization Techniques Six Sigma Concept Production Engineering & Industrial Engineering 3.  To make the students improve their presentation skills and art of writing technical papers. Engineering Design & Thermal sciences  Machine Design  Tribology  FEM  Vibrations  Tool Design  Recent Trends in Design MECHoNANCE ’13 Can u match the frequency? Registration Form 1. Angallu.  Filled in registration form of the contestant must be duly attested by head of the institution and can be sent. Andhra Pradesh. 14.  To expose students to the techniques and management practices to achieve the optimum utilization of available resources. 2. Pin: 517325 Ph: No: +91-8571-280255. 2013 Intimation of the selected papers: 11th February. +91-9000012459 First Prize Second Prize : Rs 2000 /: Rs 1500/- (Also fabulous prizes available for Technical quiz and Project Exhibition events) Participation Certificates will be given to all the participants.  Registration fee of Rs.  To provide a platform for fruitful interaction and exchange of ideas among student participants. MECHONANCE’13 DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science Post box No.in . 2013 Objectives:  To spread awareness on latest technologies among students in their chosen areas of specialization. Madanapalle. and postal address of the college.  No Paper should exceed by 10 pages including figures and references.  Abstract should not contain more than 300 words.ac. PRIZES Cash prizes will be given for the best three papers in each stream.  Subscribe the stream of paper on postal cover. Name &Address of the Institution:                      Heat Transfer Energy Conservation Alternative Fuels I. Chittoor (District).100/-per participant has to be paid on the day of registration. Website: www. 280706 (Extn: 66) Fax: 08571-280433 Mobile: +91-9441190044.  Times New Roman font should be followed throughout the paper.C. E-mail IDs. (Please enclose the bonafide Certificates And two stamp size photographs) 2.MAJOR TOPICS FOR PAPER PRESENTATION: INFORMATION TO PARTICIPANTS  Maximum of two authors per paper  An author can submit a maximum of two papers  Two hard copies and one soft copy of papers should be sent.  The first page should contain the title of the paper followed by authors’ names.mits.  LCD projector will be provided  Two stamp size photographs of authors should be sent along with the paper. Name(s) of the participating students: 1.

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