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CSWIP :Basic scheme structure

NDT entry (3 approved inspection qualifications)

CSWIP approved Level 1 course
ONC or mature candidate entry (approved experience)

CSWIP Examination for Level 1 Plant Inspector qualification

Approved experience + Plant Inspector Level 1


‫ﺎ دﯾ‬
5 years approved experience + Plant Inspector Level 2

HNC or IEng 5 +years approved experience


CSWIP Level 2 prequalification exam (for direct entry only)


CSWIP approved Level 2 course

CSWIP Examination for Level 2 (basic) Plant Inspector qualification (Non-statutory inspections)

Level 2

Statutory Plant endorsements A, B, C

CSWIP approved Level 3 course

CSWIP Examination for Level 3 (basic) Plant Inspector qualification

non-statutory plant

Level 3 statutory and

endorsements A to I