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Assignment on functional strategy formulation of a company Course Name: Strategy Formulation and Implementation Course no: SIM-510

Submitted to: Dr. M. A. Mannan Professor Department of Management Studies University of Dhaka

Submitted by: Muhammad Abdur Rahman Roll:266 SIM-13th Batch MBA Department of Management Studies University of Dhaka

Date of submission: 13th October, 2012

Objective of Inventory function: To stock 15000 units of bulbs in next 30 day. 2. Related strategies: 1. Stock adequate raw materials. b. Employ10 more workers for next 30 day. e. 2. Objective of production function: To produce 1000 units extra bulbs in 24 hours in next 30 days. Employ 20 more surveyor. 3. Here an electric bulb producer is taken as example. 2. Approve additional budget. 2. Related strategies: 1. 4. Approve the budget from accounts department. Place order of 1500 units of bulb each day to the production department for next 30 day. Employ 20 more worker. 6. Objective of Marketing function: To survey additional two cities within next thirty day. 7. 5. Plan the survey. A company’s functions may include: 1. In the following I tried to establish an objective of each of the functions stated above along with the related strategies to be taken. Related strategy: 1. Objective of assembling function: To assemble additional 1000 units of ballast each day to meet the production demand for the next 30 day. Order purchase department for adequate raw materials. 3. 8. a. Production function Marketing function Inventory function Assembling function Packaging function Accounting function Finance function HR function etc.Overview: In this assignment we were supposed to establish objectives of a company’s functional divisions and formulate strategies related to those objectives. 3. c. d. . Objective of packaging function: To meet the demand of the inventory department pack 1500 units of bulb each day for next 30 day while the capacity is 1000 units. Related strategies: 1.

Related strategies: 1. Employ 5 more worker. Conclusion: From above stated objectives and related strategies we can understand how a company’s functional objectives could be set and related strategies could be formulated. Select suitable candidate. h. 2. Objectives of finance function: To add extra 50 lac tk to the company fund within 6 month. Search for bank loan. Advertise for openings. .Related strategies: 1. Objectives of accounting function: To cut overall cost up to 2% within next 6 months. 3. Find the area to decrease cost without loosing profitability. f. g. 4. Related strategy: 1. Related strategy: 1. 2. Test the candidates. Implement cost cutting strategy. Place order to purchase department for additional packaging materials. Issue joining letter to the selected candidates. 2. 2. Find internal source. Objectives of HR functions: To increase employees from 20 to 25 within next 6 months.