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A Real Time Precrash Vehicle Detection System A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power

with Fuzzy Logic based DC Bus Voltage Controller – A Three-Level DC-Dc Converter with Wide-Input Voltage Operations for ShipElectric-Power-Distribution Systems A Three-Level Single-Phase single-Stage Soft-Switched AC-DC Converter Comparison of Traditional Inverters and Z-Source Inverter for Fuel Cell Vehicles Control and Monitoring of Mobile Robot system using Bluetooth Control of a Simple DC Motor Robot Equiped with Ultrasonic Sensors via a Field Programmable Gate Array and a Custom Architecture for Fuzzy and Neural Networks Controllers Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design based on a Multi-Objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm

Voice operated dish positioning System

With this. people would be able to turn on and off. One of the very basic examples of an utility of this is switching on the air conditioner in the room just some time before reaching home. It replaces the Manual Switching of the Bell in the College. somewhere in the near future. so that the room is sufficiently cool by then. it get the time through the keypad and store it in its Memory. clothing and shelter". and to some extent. then the Relay for the Bell is switched On. Improvements in the Networking technologies have fostered growth of very dense networks. And when the Real time and Bell time get equal then the Bell is switched on for a predetermined time. The usefulness of a long range remote control to home appliances has no limits. with tremendous power of mobile computing to supplement the same. when a mobile phone is referred to in the same class of Food. The Bell Ringing time can be Edited at any Time. When this time Equals to the Bell Ringing time. we can think of connecting their home appliances to a mobile phone wirelessly. Various technical arenas in the field of Telecommunication and Embedded Systems have come very near to the common people. It has an Inbuilt Real Time Clock (DS1307) which track over the Real Time. Land line telephones have been becoming less and less popular and people now prefer communicating while on the move. A day will come. The number of people with cell phones is on the rise. but is also enhancing its scope and domains. Wireless Notice Board Mobile Phones and the related technologies are becoming more and more ubiquitous. The Microcontroller AT89S8252 is used to control all the Functions. Right from the intense creativity of remotely controlling laser chip markers to the highly destructive remotely ignitable bombs. A Remote Control is perhaps the most popular gadget today. from the pins to the planes. so that it can be used at Normal Class Timings as well as Exam Times. A setup facilitating such a thing would be . control the appliances at their home even from a distant place. remote control is not only occupying a omnipresence state.RFID based ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Automatic College Bell This Project takes over the task of Ringing of the Bell in Colleges. The Real Time Clock is displayed on four 7-segment display. When people have a good connectivity at their disposal.

with the transmitter and the LDR sensor of each pair on the opposite sides of the road. The system performed as desired with a 10cm diameter antenna attached to the transponder. Speed checker for highways While driving on highways. RFID Reader Module. RFID systems use many different frequencies. which areinstalled on the highway 100 meters apart. decodes and checks the information available in its Database and Manchester code was used to send those information. The system displays the time taken by the vehicle in crossing this 100mdistance from one pair to the other with a resolution of 0. The Base Station is built by using the Popular 8051 family Microcontroller. The system was based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and consists of a passive RFID tag.The system basically comprises two laser transmitter-LDR sensor pairs. RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. The base station receives.01 second from which the speed of the vehicle can be connect the home appliances to a microcontroller interfaced to a GSM modem that receives the controls from the user. The passive micro transponder tag collects power from the 125 KHz magnetic field generated by the base station. gathers information about the Tag ID and sends this information to the base station. However.This speed checker will come handy for the highway traffic police as it will not only provide a digital display in accordance with a vehicle‟s speed but sound an alarm if the vehicle exceeds the permissible speed for the highway. motorists should not exceed the maximum speed limitpermitted for their vehicle. RFID Based Security System This project aimed to develop a wireless system to detect and allow only the authorized persons. which can make use of it. It gets the tag ID and if the tag ID is stored in its memory then the microcontroller will allow the person inside. are also called as interrogators. accidents keep occurring due to speed violationssince the drivers tend to ignore their speedometers. The installation of lasers and LDRs is shownfig below. . They convert radio waves returned from the RFID tag into a form that can be passed on to Controllers. the means of sending signals to the appliances being a mobile phone. This project is an implementation to the idea of the wireless communication between a mobile phone and a microcontroller. but the most common and widely used Reader frequency is 125 KHz.

This project is very useful to the EB board because there is no need of employee to take consumed power unit in the every house. RS232. The function of the RTC is to fixing the corresponding data and time. Instead of that. The GSM modem performs both the transmitting and receiving functions. The GSM modem receiver receives the transmitted signal and then it is given for FSK demodulation. LCD. The RS 232 performs the encoding. the microcontroller will send the corresponding signal. The demodulated original signal is now transferred to the PC. It reduces the man power. If the particular data and time is reached. This type of system reduces the burden of the electricity people. This is a type of data transfer through wireless communication by using RTC. It is not necessary for the EB people to monitor or to check the data for each and every independent house regularly. keypad. The signal is given to the signal conditioning circuit. When this data and time is arrived in RTC. This circuit delivers the output in terms of pulses to the microcontroller. The modulated signal is then transmitted through the GSM modem. RTC. The RS 232 functions for the demodulation purpose. the microcontroller sends the signal for FSK modulation. Moreover it is less time consuming. The digital energy meter is directly connected to the power supply. GSM Modem and PC. This type of communication system involves certain components like digital energy meter. PIC (AT89C51).WIRELESS ENERGY BILLING SYSTEM The objective of this project is to transmit the consumed power unit to EB office by using GSM modem. by using a real time clock we can transmit electricity bill data to the pc through wireless communication. . SCU.

These two IR TX – RX pairs are arranged either side of the gate. the microcontroller decrements the count whenever the car leaves the park and displays it on LCD. Since we use EEPROM in this project.Microcontroller based moving message display This project is a scrolling dot matrix LED message display powered by 8051 microcontroller. We can not only set type of messages to be displayed on LED display. UDN2981 can also be replaced by a 8 pnp transistor to use it as a switch. Here we use a VB software for easy configuration of message display from our pc. Project code is written in 8051 assemmbly language.public offices. In this way. The project is designed for car parking. Message to be displayed is stored in EEPROM memory which is configurable through UART. the IR signal gets disturbed and the microcontroller will open the gate by rotating the stepper motor. In the circuit we use two decoder ICs 74LS138 and 74154. the messages remains in the display even if the power supply is failed. RP1 is a trimmer-potentiometer which is used for adjusting the values of output. the LCD displays the message “parking space for 10 vehicles”. Whenever the mains are switched on. LED based moving message displays are becoming popular for transmitting information to large groups of people quickly. In the circuit for driving rows a pnp logic array UDN2981 is used which tranfer power to row when controller logic is 1 and no power when logic is 0. The code is written in assembly language to control four 8x8 dot matrix LED display segments. Two IR TX – RX pairs are used in this project to identify the entry or exit of the cars into/out of park. Now the microcontroller decrements the value of the count and displays it on LCD. The aim of this project is to atomize the car park for allowing the cars into the park. LCD is provided to display the information about the total number of cars that can be parked and the place free for parking. Whenever a car comes in front of the gate.banks. The number indicates the maximum capacity of park in this project. but also control scrolling speed of message. We can find such displays in areas like railway platforms. .hotels etc. Automatic car parking system The Project Automatic Car Parking System using 89C51 Microcontroller is an interesting project which uses 89C51 microcontroller as its brain. The TX and RX are arranged face to face across the road so that the RX should get IR signal continuously. The gate will be closed only after the car leaves the second IR pair since the microcontroller should know whether the car left the gate or not.

7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/12Vstep down transformer. If any vehicle leaves the park. the controller will increment the count and allows the other vehicles for parking. 500mA power supply. This project uses regulated 5V. . the gate will not be opened since there is no space. i. if the park is completely filled.If the count reaches ‘0’. Unregulated 12V DC is used for relay.e. the microcontroller will display “NO SPACE FOR PARKING” on LCD. And now if any vehicle tries to enter the park.

LCD. This project is designed with certain components. ZCD. The voice signals are stored in IC using a MIC. The worm gear is also used to change the dish position in horizontal and vertical directions. The inputs to the microcontroller are voice signals. PIC (16F877). We can change the location of the dish antenna through voice commands. Dish Antenna and Pot. To obtain a specific frequency range position of dish antenna is changed and control is made through voice commands and thus reducing human efforts. It minimizes the man power. . According to the voice command the DC motor will rotate the dish antenna to a predefined angle. There is no need to position the dish manually.Voice operated dish positioning System The objective of this project is to control the position of the dish antenna through voice commands. DC Motor. The ZCD converts the voice signals to certain sequential pulses. The voice signals are amplified by using amplifier. They are Microphone. The stored voice signal is used in controlling the position of the dish antenna. The pulses are then applied to the microcontroller by using the switching circuit. amplifier. The DC motor with relays used to change the position of the dish antenna.

Unauthorized person cannot operate such a machine because we cannot make the duplicate RFID card. This project is designed with RFID tag. RFID reader is interfaced with micro controller. This project is used to improve the security performance in the industry machine. The inbuilt embedded chip represents the 12 digit card number. Nowadays most of the industrial machines are controlled by computer. RFID reader is the circuit which generates 125 KHZ magnetic signal. RFID reader. LCD. Here the RFID card is used to operate the machine. Here this project is applied to the industrial machine. DC motor and Door model. The magnetic signal is transmitted by the loop antenna connected along with this circuit which is used to read and write the information on the RFID card. . So the literate people only can operate this type of machine. So authentication person only can operate the highly precious machine by using RFID card. RFID is the special type wireless card which has inbuilt the embedded chip along with loop antenna. So the authentication person has the individual RFID card which represents the authenticate card to operate the machine. Alarm driver circuit. In this project RFID card is used to operate the highly precious industrial machine.RFID based ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM The objective of the project is to improve the security performance in the industrial machine by using RFID technology. PIC (16F877). relay driver circuit.