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SLS in G450

The G430 and G450 have "SLS" which stands for "Standard Local Survivability", the gateway can be administered with a mini dial plan, and work with PRI and we have to add station manually.

If we didn’t add gateway node-name, the phone won’t register in G450 in SLS Mode.

Step 2: Enable SLS in Gateway

=============================================================== Step 3: Adding Station in G450 Gateway SLS Designed By: K.Balajikumar Email:

www.Balajikumar Email: Designed By: .

com .Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail.=============================================================== Designed By: K.avayavideos.

Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail.. lots of features there like adding DS1 Trunk... when we make a call between then we can’t trace between them. .com Designed By: K.avayavideos.Step 4: Adding COR for the station. So u please check Step 5: Main Server is down and SLS came active in G450 and 2 phones get reg in sls. Designed By: .G450 Active in SLS Mode: www.Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail.

Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail. www.In Mainserver # List Media-gateway We can this SLS G450 Gateway as in state of Registration as rd rd = The media gateway was denied registration to a server because the disable nr-registration [network region] command was Designed By: . .com Designed By: K.If Main server down and SLS is active we see like IDEL3003-SLS(super)# www.Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail.

avayavideos. Station Mapping to automatically register to G450 when main is down Step 1: Add host name for G450 www.Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail.…………………………………………………………………………………………….com .com Designed By: K..

com Designed By: K.avayavideos.Step 2: Mapping Host Name of G450 in Node-names of Main Server ASA Step 3: Add Host Name of G450 in Station www.Balajikumar Email: .

2) Daily programming adding station and keeping the SLS up to date is a HUGE. *** So u have to disable the SLS in this gateway # set sls disable … #reset . if there is no DHCP . So.when the phone in Discover mode plz give call server IP add as Gateway IP address or add in DHCP scope of G450 gateway IP address. When SLS is enabled. the LSP won’t get registered with main server.G450 *** Now check LSP will be registered to main server. *** If i Insert LSP in this G450. SLS is enabled and phones registered in G450. Overview: On a Media Gateway.. the gateway can be adminsitered with a mini dialplan. Documents: LSP ICC.Internal Call Controler ECC. www.avayavideos. and the programming that runs IS what is on your main switch. Now. better to remove LSP server.Balajikumar Email: zekumar@gmail. Standard Local Survivability (SLS) can be enabled to provide limited call processing in survival mode. Difference Between LSP & SLS: SLS: 1) SLS is not as simple as this and needs totally separate administration/maint. 3) After Removing LSP from G450. and work with either a PRI or POTS lines installed. the Media Gateway will add an IP address on the fifth entry of the MGC list. I am enabling nr-reg for Network region g450 in Main Server ASA. eventhough if you configure SLS it wont work. the phone in your region automatically go to discover mode. LSP: "LSP". *** Concept is the same one G450 gateway won’t support LSP & SLS same time we have disable anyone of it. the failover is automatic. all phones and G450 will get register to Main Server.External Call Controler The G430 and G450 have "SLS" whicih standds for "Standard Local Survivability".com . 2) If LSP server is Present in Designed By: K.Hints: 1) Disable the nr-registration of Media gateway network region in the Main Server.. but only for the hardware/stations/trunks at that site and save translation done automatically. it search for LSP so please remove LSP server also from Media Gateway G450 then the Phone check for SLS Gateway IP address.

busy.) Emergency Transfer Relay (ETR) in case of power loss Automatic return to primary MGC IP station registration www. DCP. When SLS is active.Balajikumar Email: Designed By: K. SLS is activated.When the Media Gateway can not communicate to the active Avaya Communication Manager. the MediaGateway can perform only basic PBX functions. etc.These functions include: Call capability for .avayavideos. and IP phones Outbound dialing through the local PSTN Inbound calls from each trunk to pre-configured local analog or IP phones that have registered Direct Inward Dialing Multiple call appearances Hold and call transfer functions Contact closure feature Local call progress tones (dial tones.