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Literary Mission Statement
To entertain, inspire, and enlighten through romantic fiction. *** One way Suprina attempts to fulfill the above literary mission statement is through her Edgy Inspirational Line, Secular Line, and Buxom Beauties Line. Suprina’s Edgy Inspirational Line consists mostly of contemporary romance novels that are great for Christians to read and also share with their unsaved loved ones. This collection of novels is edgier than most inspirational fiction because they:
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Are more true-to-life. Are not too preachy, but have just enough Biblical appetizers to whet the spiritual appetites of all. The delightful nuggets of truth that are cleverly threaded throughout each story will cause light bulb moments to occur. Reflect real struggles and triumphs - what people are actually going through in their lives. Show how couples (married or otherwise) really act towards each other even when no one else is watching. Show people’s unique journeys to salvation (bumpy or smooth). Show what happens AFTER people are converted – particularly how hard it can be to remain on the straight and narrow when there is so much temptation around. Can be raw at times, but are always tastefully written. Don’t flinch at the topic of sex, but rather embraces the fact that we are sexual beings as well as spiritual. Although some love scenes are consummated, Suprina’s highest goal is to show the beauty of the marital bed and the wisdom of abstaining from premarital sex.

Through her Edgy Inspirational line, Suprina also seeks to show the triumph of true love over adversity and the need to establish or re-establish healthy relationships with God and man. That ordinary people can have a lively connection to an extraordinary God. Suprina’s Secular Line deals with more secular issues and is a bit steamier. However, the uplifting plots, believable characters, and the realistic situations make for satisfying reading. Suprina’s Buxom Beauties Line features heroines and even some heroes who are fullfigured. After all, big girls and guys need love, too. This line has a mixture of secular and edgy inspirational novels.

What others are saying about Suprina’s work:
Reader comments:

“I feel a part of story.” (Jiwan)

• “Refreshing, honest and very well written.” (Marilyn) • “Inspiring and deep.” (Ess) • “I found peace for my weary soul in reading your novels. They are refreshing, enlightening, and encouraging.” (Carrie) • “Absolutely fantastic. Awesome…I really loved it. I can’t wait for more.” (Kayo) • “I like the fact Suprina introduces realistic characters who love with the passion of secular romances but try to put God first.” (Tonia) • “Influenced the way I look at my own relationship.” (Jessica) • “I liked the message. Reading it made me realize that it was the mistake I was making in my marriage. Thanks for making me see light.” (Hope) • “It kept me fully involved.” (Lauretta) • “The message in your story is powerful.” (Nell)

“This was an incredible read. Just like others, I didn’t want to quit reading…The best thing about this piece, in my opinion, is the underlying message of the importance of God and Christ in a relationship. I hope you’re blessed with the inspiration for many more stories to be written.” (Kristen) “I love books that are so real and have a God centered theme in them.” (Rose) “It flows nicely and just made me want to read more.” (Nat) “Your work was tremendously done. I assure you that if you create anymore books, they will be quite satisfying to read as your Bound By Love.” (Alexia Reid) “I just finished reading Defining Moments. I thought that the story was another great one. I love the characters. You did a great job with bringing them to life. I found so many messages in the story that I can apply to my own life. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one. You are a great author. Keep up the FANTASTIC work and God bless.” (Jerryce) “Bound By Love…is one of the best romance novels I have read recently. It truly captured the meaning of true soulmates. It also had a wonderful way of enforcing that God is our Almighty Lord and Savior and that we should always try to lead our lives in His name sake. Thank you again for writing this wonderful novel.” (Crystal) “Your novel was really refreshing…Your style is really unique and I pray God will bless you abundantly for your conviction to write for the Christian audience!” (Charlie)

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“Some plots just moved me to tears...” (Sandy) “I just finished reading My Lover, My Friend and I have to say that it was amazingly captivating. I couldn’t stop reading and often times I even spoke aloud in response to some of the events happening within the story. It was absolutely magnificent!” (Brandy Justavino) “I really like your book My Lover My Friend. It came at a really good time in my life as I am just going through a divorce. Thank you for the great story. It gives me faith that it can happen again.” (D. Moore) “I like the way you are able to combine tenderness and passion in your stories.” (Mary) “You can make an erotic scene very tastefully written. I like how you write each character as having a deep spiritual relationship with God and not just being a Sunday Christian.” (Subrina Alls) “I thought your novel very inspiring. I could sense the love of God, family and life through every word you wrote.” (Shirley) “I really loved your books, showing that being a Christian is not the boring life that some people portray it to be and that even as Christians we do succumb to temptations.” (Shana Antoine)

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Professional Reviews:

“Side Dishes is truly an inspirational romance. It is about making choices for yourself and mending wrongs. Every character in this story has a realistic quality to them. I found myself involved in Sage and Delane’s life, which was very enjoyable experience. As a reader, I came to care for them. Even Sivilla, with her flaws, reaches out to the reader…We are not perfect and the characters we read about, shouldn’t be either. For an inspirational romance, I was pleasantly surprised at the passion that was described so eloquently well. If you're looking for a story with meaning, Side Dishes will satisfy your appetite for it!” (Anita from Fallen Angel Reviews)

“I was hooked on this story (Side Dishes) from the very first chapter. Sage was such a normal, likeable character and I truly felt sorry for her having to deal with such a domineering mother. I was jumping up and down when she and Delane married, and through the ups and downs of their relationship, it felt like I was experiencing things with them. This story has a delightfully refreshing dose of Christian values, combined with a compelling crescendo of action. This lovely tale will appeal to the romantic at heart, and is definitely one that I would love to see hit the Bestseller List. Ms. Frazier weaves a wonderful tale, and has gained a new fan in this reviewer.” (Sue F. from Coffee Time Romance)

“I was hooked from the very first page (of Side Dishes). Ms. Frazier's characters are loveable, hateable, and believable. She shows that by the grace of God people can truly change. Her story also has a serious message about breast cancer that should be taken to heart by all women.” (Phyllis Muhlhauser from Romance Book Café)

“Threefold Cord is a MUST READ! If you miss this, you will miss the opportunity to be blessed by a truly talented author. Avis, LaRose and Precious will come to life from page to page and as you read, you'll even recognize yourself there, too. What a marvelous way that God has used Suprina to bring to the forefront real life issues and show that through the healing power of God, we truly are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. It has been my absolute pleasure to share in the life of these three main characters, the trials and the triumphs that they experience and the absolute Glory that is on this writer’s life.” (Prophetess Latrice Williams, Author of Life’s Experience)

“The characters in this book (Enticing Mr. Wrong) have heart-felt emotions. Anticipation in every move is just another reason I could not put this book down for nothing. I would struggle every time so I could get other things done. Ms. Frazier has a fantastic spiritual story full of great major and minor characters. Even the little storylines on the side kept me reading. This is one author I would definitely recommend to anyone who not only wants a true romance but one that has spiritual undertones as well!” (Krista from Coffeetime Romance)

Where can readers find Suprina online?
You can find more samples of my writing at the following websites: - this is my main website. Most of my books can be bought here. There’s a free book featured at this site in its entirety. - this is my inspirational blog. Books featured here are given in samples. Some of them are pretty lengthy. - this is another inspirational blog. Another free book is featured here. - this is my western website and features a lengthy sample of one of my western books. - this is where most (not all) of my paperbacks can be found. - this blog contains all of my literary updates and announcements. - this blog features lengthy samples of my secular books. My pen name here is Mi’Chelle Dodson. - this blog features lengthy samples of my books and short stories. There are even pictures to go along with each story. *** Suprina can also be contacted at the following email address:

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