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Planquadrat Elfers Geskes Krämer


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OFFICE HISTORY The architects’ office Planquadrat was founded in 1994 by the partners Herbert Elfers, Martin Geskes and Jörg Krämer and is operated as a partnership. 1998 saw the founding of the architects’ office Planar GmbH in Kielce/Poland together with Jacek Augustin and Slavek Studniarek. Since 2001 Planquadrat has been operating in the People’s Republic of China, since 2003 in Dubai, U.A.E. In 2005 the architects’ office Planquadrat Middle East, Dubai was founded. Since 2011 Planquadrat has been operating in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and India.

FIELDS OF ACTIVITY The service spectrum comprises all fields of activity from the fields or urban planning and architecture. Included among the architectural projects are industrial, commercial, laboratory, administrative and residential buildings, schools, shopping centres and special usage buildings. The field of urban planning includes feasibility studies, urban master plans, legally binding land-use plans and services accompanying marketing. We support projects in all work phases up to general planning. Expert reports and client consultancy likewise count among our fields of activity as well as the regular participation in national and international competitions.

THE PARTNERS Herbert Elfers, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt (graduate architect) Born 05.06.63 in Kassel Professional experience since 1992 Member of the Chamber of Architects Hesse, No. 13413 Martin Geskes, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt und Städtebauarchitekt, (graduate architect and urban planner) Born 19.07.61 in Frankfurt Höchst Professional experience since 1986 Member of the Chamber of Architects Hesse, No. 10872 Jörg Krämer, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt (graduate architect) Born 23.07.59 in Höhn Professional experience since 1992 Member of the Chamber of Architects Hesse, No. 13414 ASSOCIATIONS Membership in the Deutscher Werkbund / and on the board thereof Membership in the BDA / Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects) Membership in the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung

Planquadrat Elfers Geskes Krämer


Part.G. / dwb BDA DASL


Architects and Urban Planners

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SOFTWARE Plan development Graphics and visualisation Tender INTERNAL NETWORK The network is based on Windows including approx. 70 clients, 3 servers. Administration of network in cooperation with Save.IP GmbH, Darmstadt. Visualisation, presentations and architectural films in cooperation with formhouse GmbH, an in-house company with Planquadrat as a shareholder. 4 Servers (1 MS Exchange Server, 1 Domain Server, 1 File Server, 1 Backup Server) 70 work stations, of these 55 CAD and VectorWorks work stations 10 Laptops, of these 5 including docking stations 1 scanner A3, 1 slide scanner, 1 deck scanner A4 2 multifunctional systems - printing/scanning/copying DIN A4/A3 - RICOH MP C2500 und RICOH 3224C 2 colour plotter A0 - HP DesignJet T1200 PostScript und HP DJ 500PS 1 inkjet printer - Epson Stylos Photo 2100 A3 colour 3 laser printers - Lexmark A4, HP 4500 DIN A4, HP 5500 A4/A3 colour 2 data projectors 3 digital reflex cameras and 2 digital cameras 3 Apple iPads photo reproduction system workshop for model making PROJECT DATABASE The office has a web-based database individually designed and configured for Planquadrat with a link to the Planquadrat homepage. Updating of database and hompage takes place in real time. The database serves as a tool for all employees with the purpose of project documentation and constant information comparison of running and completed projects at home and abroad. PROGRESS CHART / COST CONTROL Cost estimation, calculation, estimate and statement are ascertained via own control systems and are verified and completed using the Baukosten-Index (BKI). The time management is done via MS-Project and pro-Plan. We perform our own control and efficiency calAutoCad, VektorWorks, ArchiCad Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp Arriba (RIB Bausoftware GmbH), Standardleistungsbuch Bau

PLANQUADRAT HANDBOOK The Planquadrat handbook we developed ourselves offers an overview for all staff on the rules and standards of architecture. administration.Planquadrat Elfers Geskes Krämer - Part. tried and tested control systems. / dwb BDA DASL - Architects and Urban Planners Office Profile Quality Management QUALITY MANAGEMENT We always aim to optimise our services taking into account temporal and material specifications while at the same time enhancing the value. from planning to execution. > Training High level of training standard for all staff as well as regular specialised training courses for each individual as well as coaching sessions and seminars to develop the organisation for the whole team. > Close cooperation with clients The close cooperation with the client over the whole period of planning and execution. The quality assurance for all work processes. It is constantly updated. internet links.G. The handbook is divided up into 5 parts – project files. > Administrative and archiving systems An internal quality assurance with the aid of administrative and archiving systems in the form of a digital handbook and a project database – both include general and the company’s own standards and norms. always with the aim of increasing the client’s satisfaction even further. It is accessible for every employee from his/her workplace. whereby costs and time management are constantly monitored with our own. systematically further developed and adapted to new requirements. supplemented by an internal newsletter that conveys the contents of the meetings as well as event and training offers. is constantly updated and is accessible to each member of staff at the workplace. . guidelines on the applied computer programmes as well as the internal office structure. > Hardware / software equipment High quality equipment with state-of-the-art hardware and computer programmes. archiving and forms. planning standards and information. is always guaranteed through the following aspects: > Company structure Clear company structure and classification of fields of activity – illustrated in the organigram. > Internal communication Optimum internal communication as a result of office and team meetings taking place regularly on Mondays. support provided by internal as well as external administrators.

G. Martin Geskes. Management/partners Architects Master of spatial and environmental planning Bachelor of Arts Architectural draughtsmen/women Site management Students of architecture and student apprentices Management assistant/accounting/personnel Secretariat/Administration Public Relations/Documentation Workshop for model making Visualisation/architectural films Herbert Elfers. Jörg Krämer 49 employees 1 employee 1 employee 8 employees and 1 trainee 2 employee 10 employees 1 employee 2 employees 2 employees 1 employee in cooperation with formhouse GmbH .Planquadrat Elfers Geskes Krämer - Part. / dwb BDA DASL - Architects and Urban Planners Office Profile Personnel PERSONNEL At present we employ 74 members of staff.

Krebs formhouse GmbH . Becker U. Miranda-Halblaub F. Wirth MODEL MAKING IT-ADMINISTRATION SITE MANAGEMENT VISUALISATION J. Forthuber S. Lutz C. Souza E.Planquadrat Elfers Geskes Krämer - Part. Vlasenko L. Fritsche M. Hartmann T. Acosta PROJECTMANAGER C. Schirmer S. Weimar M. Hofmann B. Waldinger Firma save. Hirth C. Roßkopf ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMEN/ WOMEN STUDENTS H. Samurovic V. Trautmann N. Zimmermann G. Schulte A. Meckel H. Elfers M. Gruber U. Krämer C. Reitmeier A. Weil M. Schweickhardt C. Ritter M. Geskes J. Machtolf S. Tillmanns R. Fischer F. Bauschert F. Trautmann C. Weitzel J. Kalinova S.ip H. Schneider H. Esmer H. Gasanovic S. Nagel M. Hartmann A. / dwb BDA DASL - Architects and Urban Planners Office Profile organogram / team expertise PARTNERS MEMBER OF THE MANAGEMENT ADMINISTARTION PUBLIC RELATIONS H. Hahn C. Schultheis T. Voss-Stolte G. Mende P. Forstreuter N. Stenzel E. Eggert M. Müller D. Wöll N. Opel F. Rasche C. Caspani F. Sobe I. Ritter B. Kölling M. Bösz N. Becker J. Soldan O. Hechler S.G. Schnabel M. Schäfer K. Schlepckow A. Boicekofski C. Helfrich P. Roth-Schömer S. Miklosi S. Kügler O. Konradt M. Kopf R. Müller J. Hafner D. Jauer M. Wöber A. Grobe G. Klauser J. Meiners St. Russo C. Uguzoglu B. Mühlfeit B. Müller ARCHITECTS TEAM K. Karaca U.

planquadrat Residential buildings .

Wohnhof in Mainz-Kastel Teilbare Wohneinheiten in ökologischer Bauweise .

Erlangen Exclusive living in Erlangen .Villa Burgberg.

02. 125m² ca.60 DACHTERRASSE GARTENGESCHOSS GF ca.2012 Stand BAUHERR: ARCHITEKT: M 1:200 ARCHITEKT: VORENTWURF / Grundstück 3 T GMBH Exclusive Living in Burgberg. ErlangenVORENTWURF / Grundstück 3 M 1:200 Stand 14.19.02.Villa Burgberg.2012 ca.40 ZWISCHENGESCHOSS Straße 13% 6% ERDGESCHOSS VELOPMENT GMBH M 1:200 VORENTWURF / Grundstück 3 BAUHERR: Stand ARCHITEKT: Schlafen Bad Sauna Stand 14.6m² LECHNER DEVELOPMENT GMBH Küche Kamin M 1:200 VORENTWURF / Grundstück 3 Zimmer ca.17.02.2012 ARCHITEKT: Gäste ca. 145m² Arbeitszimmer Zimmer ca.0m² Stand 14. 6.2012 ARCHITEKT: Client: Lechner Group .2012 OBERGESCHOSS GF ca.4m² Terrasse Loggia OBERGESCHOSS VARIANTE 2 GARTENGESCHOSS RD NO BAUHERR: LECHNER DEVELOPMENT GMBH M 1:200 LECHNER DEVELOPMENT VORENTWURF / Grundstück 3 GMBH 14. Erlangen Exclusive living in Erlangen ANSICHT ca.6.

Haus Salvenblick. Kirchberg Luxusappartements .

Haus Salvenblick. broadminded and outstandingly fitted out apartments. Underground parking with 11 parking spaces and exclusive access of the garage directly in the houses. Bright.278 m³ Gross square area: . Modern and contemporary architecture with reminiscence in locally usual building materials.534 m² 73. Differentiated outside spaces of different qualities. With balcony. or terrace and with own Swimmingpool. Kirchberg Luxusappartements Exclusive houses in exclusive position at an exclusive place. Client: Work phases: Lechner Projektbau Tirol 1-5 7.

Urban villas Kaetcheslachpark Frankfurt am Main-Riedberg High quality residential buildings .

Multiple asssignments 2005. 1st prize Selected for the Tag der Architektur 2008 Client: NCC Deutschland GmbH. Euro Gross square area: 6.61 Mio. The cubic volumes are supplemented by a layer of covered terraces and balconies facing south.Urban villas Kaetcheslachpark Frankfurt am Main-Riedberg High quality residential buildings The first three in a row of six Urban villas at Kaetcheslachpark occupy one of the most attractive sites within the Riedberg quarter facing Taunus mountains and Frankfurt Skyline.570 m³ .090 m² Gross cubic volume: 13. Frankfurt am Main Work phases: 1-5 architectural planning Start of planning: July 2005 Completion: October 2007 Total building costs: 2.

Winterhafen. Mainz Urbanistic competition 1997 "Waterfront" Conception of 200 residential units plus industrial real estate and underground parking at the Winterhafen in Mainz. Client: Mainzer Aufbau-Gesellschaft mbH and Deutsche Bahn Immobiliengesellschaft mbH zones view noise protection parking hanging gardens noise protection open space reference .

winter gardens and balconies characterise the facade and guarantee a special quality of living conditions. Mainz Urbanistic Concept 2001 The residential buildings are all facing the haven and the river Rhein .green roof terraces. .Winterhafen.

Mainz Revision / building application 2007 .Winterhafen.

Urban villas Kaetcheslachpark 7-10 Frankfurt am Main-Riedberg High quality residential buildings .

The villas are located in one of the most attractive areas in the district of Riedberg with a view of the Taunus mountains and Frankfurt's skyline. They each have seven units and two separate underground garages.2009 . parts of 5 Planning period: 2006 .Urban villas Kaetcheslachpark 7-10 Frankfurt am Main-Riedberg High quality residential buildings New building of four town villas continuing the row of point houses already existing at Kaetcheslachpark. Client: Lechner Massivhaus GmbH Planning phases: 1-4.

Bonn Residential Quarter .Rheinauer Gärten.

1st prize Client: LEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft NRW Work phases: 1-4 architectural planning Completion: expected 2010 . Invited to realisation competition 2007. Bonn Residential Quarter Planning for the residential quarter Rheinauer Gärten on the site of the former utility services of the American housing estate in Bonn.Rheinauer Gärten.

Brems'sche Hoefe. Cologne-Zollstock Residential and commercial buildings .

Development of residential and commercial buildings in collaboration with Bauwens.715 m² . Client: ZETA Immobilien.Brems'sche Hoefe.372 m² Residential floor space: 7.und Projektentwicklung GmbH Work phases: 3-5 in parts Planning period: 1999-2001 Commercial space: 1. Including 116 residential units. Cologne. Cologne-Zollstock Residential and commercial buildings Competition 1998 1st prize.

Westhafen Frankfurt am Main Building sector 4 Multi-unit apartment buildings with underground parking Photographs: Frank am Westhafen GmbH & Co. KG .

KG. M. Work phases: 1-3 architectural planning Planning period: 2005 . Client: Frank am Westhafen GmbH & Co. KG The apartment complex within the new building area Westhafen Frankfurt am Main between Speicherstrasse. 2 and 3) and 40 exclusive freehold units at waterfront. Frankfurt a.Westhafen Frankfurt am Main Building sector 4 Multi-unit apartment buildings with underground parking Photographs: Frank am Westhafen GmbH & Co. Hafenstrasse and Bachforellenweg includes 101 apartments for rent (building 1.

Dubai Residential Building .Al Warqua Residence.

146 m² Building Costs: 5. The design allows up to ten different apartment types from one to four bedrooms. Client: Mr.Al Warqua Residence. Dubai Residential Building Design of a 10-storey residential building with representative foyer on the groundlevel.312. as well as a swimmingpool and fitness area on the roof.000 EUR . which are arranged by maisonette over two storeys. Farhan Faraidooni Conception: 2003 Work phases: planning 1-4 GFA: 8.

Rostamani Tower. Dubai High-rise Building .

offices. Dubai High-rise Building Design of a high-rise building with appartements. car park and retail areas. Client: Hassan Al Rostamani Work phases: Design planning up to approval Conception: 2004 .2005 GFA: 38.Rostamani Tower.000m² elfers n n r t .

Dubai High-rise Building The building is part of a sequence of high-rise buildings flanking the arterial route to Abu Dhabi. The maze as a strong symbol and ornamental playfullness gives the building its identity and inimitability. the street facade is highlighted to convey a special image.Rostamani Tower. . Due the urban situation and the unique location.

Mumbai Residential Tower .K1 Apartment.

The Tower houses single four bedroom unit in each floor. .: 6175 Sqm K1 Apartment is a posh residential tower overlooking Golf course. Kharghar hills and Isckon temple.U. Sector 21. Mumbai Residential Tower Client: Ashta Vinayak Developers Location: Kharghar. Category: Residential Status: Under construction.K1 Apartment. of Floors: Stilt + Podium + 18 Typical floors Total B.A. No. Navi Mumbai.