Session No. 1 Topic / Theme International trade, WTO & Globalization – Current trends in international trade, reforms for the growth of foreign trade challenges and oppturinites in international trade Agreements of WTO India and WTO Readings International business by Charles Hills International business – Justin Paul – websites

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International business – Justin Paul – websites Theories of international International business – trade – comparative Justin Paul – website advantage, H-O theory, Porter theory India’s trade policy, Website of DGFT – Min History of India’s trade of commerce policy, long term export import policy, highlights of foreign trade policy’ 2009-2014 Global monetary system IMF EXCHANGE RATE MANAGEMENT AND FEMA STRATEGY IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PRODUCT AND EXPORT IMPORT BY PRCICING STRATEGY DC KAPOOR IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Regional trading blocks International business – and India Justin Paul – websites Global financial International business – management, benefits of Justin Paul – websites global capital – FDI, FII, ECB, GDR, ADR International capital, International production, International business – distribution(logistics) and Justin Paul – websites

International Business. TATA MCGRAW) Suggested readings: (daily reading of Economic Times. case study. RBI. Economic Survey. DGFT. Ministry of Finance’ . and material given in the class from time to time). Justin Paul. Websites of Ministry of Commerce. .12 13 promotion Global HR PRACTICES International business – Justin Paul – websites AN OVERVIEW AND International business – EXAM PROBABLES Justin Paul – websites Essential readings (text book – International business. by Charles Hills. Business Standards.

India’s trade policy. trade performance. international business strategy.Evaluation scheme: Mid term examination – 15 marks End term examination – 60 marks Class participation – 10 marks Project / presentation -15 marks Objective of the Course: The course will expose students about WTO. foreign exchange and international capital markets including international risk management and important aspects of import and export documentation. . practical aspects of export and import management. The course will focus on blending theories with practicals so that participants get a fairly good idea of foreign trade in contemporary times and take up assignments in International business. International trade theory.