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1FEU-URC Research Proposal

Far Eastern University


From: NOVEMBER, 2012 To: MARCH, 2013

RESEARCH TITLE: (the distinctive name given to the research proposal which describes the scope of work in specific, clear and concise terms.)


BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: (an overview of the project, discussing the factors that lead to the conceptualization of the problem)

Needless to say, the environment threat has been an ongoing and worsening global concern. The United Nations and other worldwide/local agencies have been relentless in the pursuit of solutions wherever and whenever possible. For its part, Far Eastern University (FEU), has identified environment as research and action priorities. In view of this, the International Studies Department (IS) of FEU proposes to undertake an exploratory/feasibility study of an actual environment program that can be submitted for technical assistance & funding with the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP) & United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP), respectively. The source of funds will be United Nations Foundation (UNF), which houses the billionaire, Ted Turner’s, billion dollar donation.


Rev. No.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011

ideas and resources to help the United Nations solve global assistance has increased significantly.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 . -UNOP works in close collaboration with the United Nations Foundation to further promote & implement partnership advisory services & outreach initiatives.2FEU-URC Research Proposal RELATED LITERATURE: (a discussion on how the research proposal is related with the current researches in the field United Nations Office for Partnerships/UNOP Website CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: (the different theories or models that provide the conceptual underpinning of the study or the legitimate bases for defining its parameters) Trajectory of United Nations System for Private Sector Partnerships UNOP UNFIP UNF -Acts as the interface between The UN Foundation and the United Nations system.13 Rev. an advocate approached the UN seeking advice on how to engage & provide problems for the United Nations and a platform for connecting people. . & the reporting requirements involved in the monitoring & implementation of projects & activities.Works with the United Nations Foundation to support its role as founder of projects delivered by the UN. & foster innovative strategies for engaging non-state actors with the UN System. No. -In the last decade the number of private sector entities who -Central interface with the –TedTurner pledged United Nations Foundation of $1 B money -Stands for the United Nations for the UN. UNOP-involved in identifying project & activities to be funded. the handling of contributions to UNF. Different sized FEU/QSF-URC.

what is the future scenario for FEU & specific area &/or beneficiaries of this proposed project? c. disaster prevention. In the event of approval. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: (the problems both general and specific which the research proponent hopes to offer solutions to) General: What critical environmental issue/project can FEU focus/resolve on for submission to UNOP& UNFIP successfully? Specific: a. have approached the Office to offer help or to seek advice on how to join the UN in finding sustainable solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems. education.13 Rev. as well as disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. What are implications & outcomes of this project to FEU & to the environment? b.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 . producing a wide spectrum of goods and services. No. What is (are) the strategy & tactics that FEU can employ to assure successful UNOP & UNFIP application of this projected beneficial proposal? FEU/QSF-URC.Has received strong interest in partnering in United Nations-led poverty reduction. health and environmental programmes. in the least developed countries.3FEU-URC Research Proposal companies. .

through the United Nations Office for Partnerships website: UNOP @ a Glance PDF Public Private Partnerships @ the UN UNFIP Environment Programme FEU/QSF-URC.13 Rev. sampling plan. instrumentation. No.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 .4FEU-URC Research Proposal METHOD: (the detailed technical/scientific activities which include: the research design. statistical tool and treatment of data) REFERENCES: (partial list of literature surveyed) Access the ff.

.e. land transportation. proposal generation.5FEU-URC Research Proposal PROPOSED BUDGET FOR RESEARCH EXPENSES: (may include photocopying. etc. you might need to pay for your statistician.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 .xx xx.xx FEU/QSF-URC. This is obtained from the sums of the costs per phase of the project.) Particulars Identify the different activities that will incur expenses per part or phase of the study. printing expenses.xx xx. Unit Cost Spell out the projected expense per activity per phase or aspect of the study.xx xx. Total Cost Give the total cost per phase of the study. For example in your data analysis.xx xx. data collection. and binding) Phases or Parts of the Study Identify the different phases or parts of the study (i.13 Rev. SUMMARY OF EXPENSES (below is an example) Phases Proposal Generation Crafting the Questionnaire Data Collection Data Analysis Write Up GRAND TOTAL Total Cost xx. writing up of the terminal report. etc. data analysis. Give a grand total (cost of carrying out the study). office supplies. No.xx xx.

URQUICO ______________________________________________________________________ NAME & SIGNATURE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES __________________________________________ PROGRAM/DEPARTMENT STATUS (please check)  RFT  LFT IAS ______________________________________________ INSTITUTE  RPT  LPT _____09279168883______________________________belita_golda_amery@yahoo. No.com_______ _______________________________________________ CELL PHONE NUMBER EMAIL ADDRESS CO-PROPONENT 1: ______________________________________________________________________ NAME & SIGNATURE __________________________________________ PROGRAM/DEPARTMENT STATUS (please check)  RFT  LFT ______________________________________________ INSTITUTE  RPT  LPT __________________________________________ CELL PHONE NUMBER _______________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS CO-PROPONENT 2: ______________________________________________________________________ NAME & SIGNATURE __________________________________________ PROGRAM/DEPARTMENT STATUS (please check)  RFT  LFT ______________________________________________ INSTITUTE  RPT  LPT __________________________________________ CELL PHONE NUMBER _______________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS DEPARTMENT CHAIR’S ENDORESMENT Teaching load for this semester: ____________ Department Chair’s Signature: FEU/QSF-URC.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 . LUISA M.6FEU-URC Research Proposal Submitted By: PRINCIPAL PROPONENT: MA.13 Rev.

:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 .7FEU-URC Research Proposal Recommended ETS units: _________________ Date: DEAN’S ENDORSEMENT: Recommendation: Dean’s Signature: Date: RESEARCH PROPOSAL RECEIVED BY UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTER Date: _____________________________ by: ____________________________________ RESEARCH PROPOSAL DELIBERATION BY UNIVERITY RESEARCH COUNCIL Date: _____________________________ R Recommendation : ( ) project favorably endorsed to the Execom with the following units deloading /ETS and research expenses of P______________ for the _________semester. PROPONENT/S INSTITUTE STATUS RESEARCH UNITS ______ ______ ______ _______ _______ _______ SALARY RATE ____________ ____________ ____________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ( _________ _________ _________ ) proposal returned to proponent/s with the following comments: _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ( ) proposal rejected SIGNATURES OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCH COUNCIL _________________________________ Vice President for Academic Affairs ________________________________ Member _________________________________ Director. No. University Research Center _________________________________ Member FEU/QSF-URC. academic year _____.13 Rev.

8FEU-URC Research Proposal _________________________________ Member _________________________________ Member FEU/QSF-URC. No.13 Rev.:01 Effectivity Date:18 August 2011 .