Intelligent InSites Integrates Censitrac Surgical Instrument Management System f rom Censis Technologies Real-time operational intelligence

platform provides hospitals with a streamline d solution to track surgical instruments and manage sterilization processing wor kflow Fargo, ND, United States., February 27, 2013 -- Intelligent InSites, Inc., the l eading provider of real-time operational intelligence for healthcare, has announ ced an integration with Censitrac, the end-to-end tracking and sterilization wor kflow system from Censis Technologies, Inc. Censitrac enables hospitals and surgery centers to track and manage the location and history of each surgical instrument used in the facility, including its age , previous procedures, sterilization history, maintenance, and suitability for u se. The data captured by the Censitrac system provides valuable information to h ealthcare providers as they manage and improve their surgical instrument process es. “Enhanced efficiency, cost containment, and risk mitigation are all traits of toda y's peak performing operating rooms,” said Randy Smith, President and Chief Execut ive Officer at Censis Technologies. “Our solution ensures surgeons have the right instruments, at the right place, at the right time, which provides means to achi eve maximum performance in the OR.” “The integration between the Censitrac surgical instrument management system and I ntelligent InSites’ real-time operational intelligence platform directly addresses the growing need of healthcare organizations to heighten the degree of interope rability between hospital information systems,” said Ralf Mehnert-Meland, Director of Developer/OEM Relationships at Intelligent InSites. “With the real-time data i ntegration capabilities of our software platform, healthcare providers experienc e more streamlined access to the information they need, improving operational ef ficiency and positively impacting the process of care delivery.” The integration between Intelligent InSites and Censis Technologies is already b eing leveraged by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Adm inistration, the United States’ largest integrated healthcare system, which is dep loying Intelligent InSites’ real-time operational intelligence platform across 152 VA Medical Centers and seven Consolidated Medical Outpatient Pharmacy facilitie s. The Censitrac InstrumenTrac solution, currently utilized by 47 Veterans Affairs facilities, guides sterile processing professionals through proper sterilization procedures; tracks the location, usage and maintenance of every uniquely identi fied instrument and mobile assets; and interfaces with OR scheduling systems to ensure surgeons have the right instruments when they need them. With Censitrac t he reprocessing data and procedure case history for every instrument and endosco pe is readily available for root cause analysis. This means the OR efficiency an d infection control are aligned, thereby improving the path to patient safety. The Intelligent InSites real-time operational intelligence platform—which collects and processes data, in real-time, from healthcare information systems, nurse ca ll systems, communications platforms, building management systems, electronic he alth records, and wireless sensory networks, including multiple RFID and RTLS ha rdware technologies—empowers multiple healthcare operations applications, includin g patient flow, staff communications, infection control, bed management, asset m anagement, rentals management, environmental monitoring, surgical instrument tra cking, and consumable asset management, with real-time, actionable information. This ability to leverage real-time information across the enterprise enables hea lthcare organizations to optimize operations and care delivery processes, result

ing in more affordable care and improved patient satisfaction. Healthcare providers can learn more about Censis Technologies’ integration by visi ting Intelligent InSites at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems So ciety (HIMSS) 2013 Conference and Exhibition, March 3-7, in New Orleans, LA. Int elligent InSites can be found in booth #8025 and in the Intelligent Hospital Pav ilion. About Censis Technologies Censis Technologies, Inc. provides a flexible portfolio of surgical instrument t racking options using Censitrac, a highly advanced, web-based, customer-friendly platform. Censitrac facilitates an increase in patient safety, productivity, tr ay accuracy, and peace of mind, knowing that surgical instruments are in the rig ht place at the right time. Censis Technologies’ management tools are already in u se or scheduled for implementation in approximately 250 hospitals in the United States, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit About Intelligent InSites Intelligent InSites helps transform healthcare with real-time operational intell igence that improves care, enhances the human experience, and increases efficien cy. Through its open, real-time, healthcare platform, Intelligent InSites automa tically collects and processes data from multiple data sources such as EHRs, fin ancial systems, building systems, sensory and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), mobility solutions, and other healthcare IT solutions–then provides actionable in telligence to achieve cost savings, operational excellence, and better care. By utilizing the enterprise-wide architecture of the InSites platform, healthcare s ystems can leverage all legacy, current, and future data sources to optimize the ir technology investments across the entire organization, then have the flexibil ity to meet changing organizational, regulatory, and compliance needs. For more information, please visit Intelligent InSites and the Intelligent InSites logo are trademarks or registere d trademarks of Intelligent InSites and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Contact : Joanna Wyganowska Intelligent InSites 102 Broadway Fargo, ND 58102 701-893-2080