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Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts

In Administration of Rookie President

By Michael Collins Piper


George Washington, probably wouldn’t be ready to celebrate
his birthday on Feb. 22 if he were alive today. Having led the
13 colonies to independence from the British Empire in 1783,
following the course of a difficult eight-year struggle by those
freedom-loving American colonists who followed him,
Washington (who lived from 1732 to 1799) would most
assuredly be appalled to see that the liberties achieved from
the American Revolution are now being flagrantly defied by a
number of figures who populate the upper ranks of the
administration of Barack Obama.

Six former Rhodes Scholars (educated at Oxford University in

Britain) and four others associated with the London School of
Economics are serving in key posts in the Obama
administration. That’s not good.

Here are 10 of the key “British”—that is, Rothschild —

operatives now ensconced in the Obama administration (more
can be expected):

Susan Rice—ambassador to the UN; Michael McFaul—head

of the Russian desk at the National Security Council; Elena
Kagan—solicitor general of the United States; Anne-Marie
Slaughter—State Department policy planning staff; Neal
S.Wolin—deputy counsel to the president for economic
policy; Ezekial Emanuel—senior counselor at the White
House Office of Management and Budget on health care
policy; Lawrence Summers—head of the National Economic
Council; Peter Orszag—director of the Office of Management
and Budget; Peter Rouse—senior advisor to the president;
Mona Sutphen—deputy chief of the White House staff.
The truth about the Rhodes Scholarships is not known to the
average American who is constantly told by the mass media
that Rhodes Scholars (such as former President Bill Clinton)
are among “the best and the brightest.”

The Rhodes Scholarships—awarded to Americans and

students from other former British colonies—are funded by a
trust set up by 19th Century British imperial figure Cecil
Rhodes, whose intent was to indoctrinate these scholars with
the theme that the American colonies should be reunited with
the British Empire and that they should work through “public
service” to achieve that goal.

But Rhodes wasn’t just some rich madcap dreamer. His

ventures were underwritten by the international Rothschild
dynasty operating from the financial district in London known
as “The City”—the banking center of the Rothschild
controlled British empire that also includes the London
School of Economics.

So now a clique of internationalists trained in the idea of

extinguishing American independence are ensconced in the
Obama administration.

And another Rhodes Scholar, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is

widely touted as the great Grand Old Party candidate to “take
back the White House” in 2012. Jindal doesn’t offer “change.”
He—like the other globalists in the Obama administration—is
part of the problem.

All of this is not a “conspiracy theory.” Rather, these facts are

well known to those familiar with what the Rhodes
scholarships are really about.

A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins

Piper is the author of The High Priests of War, The New
Jerusalem, Dirty Secrets, The Judas Goats, The Golem,
Target Traficant and My First Days in the White House
All are available from AFP.

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(Issue # 8, February 23, 2009)

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