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Three Basic Geometry Figures and Its Definition
A. Point - The first of the three undefined terms in geometry - Has no size at all - Often named by “ capital letters ” B. Line - The second undefined term in geometry - Made up of points and extends infinitely in two opposite directions - To indicate its affinity, you need to draw “arrowheads” at both ends - Can be named using a “ small letter ” C. Plane - Third undefined term in geometry - A perfectly flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions - Is a set of points. The points actually make up its surface - Points that are lying in the plane: Other Basic Geometry Figures:  Line segment/ segment – is a subset of a line with two endpoints  Ray – is a subset of a line with one endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction  Coplanar lines - lines lie in exactly one plane - either be parallel lines or intersecting lines  Noncoplanar lines - Skew lines - Lines that do not lie in the same plane  Collinear point- points that can be contained in exactly one line  Noncollinear point- points that do not lie in the same line

Union of three or more segments that intersect at their endpoints forming only one closed figure Means “many angles” NAME OF THE POLYGON NUMBER OF SIDES/ ANGLES Triangle 3 Quadrilateral 4 Pentagon 5 Hexagon 6

Bases of a cylinder and a cone are circular regions  Prism The bases are parallel Lateral faces intersect at the lateral edges and the edges intersect at the vertices  Right prism Lateral edges are perpendicular to the congruent bases Lateral faces are rectangles  Pyramid The faces are triangular regions Edges intersect at a vertex opposite the base  Right pyramid – the altitude from the vertex to the base is perpendicular to base  Right cylinder – the altitude is perpendicular to the congruent bases at their centers  Right circular cone – the altitude from the vertex to the base is perpendicular to the base at the center of the base  Sphere – is a set of points in space that are equidistant from a point called center - Formulas for Finding Perimeter to Circumference . hence they are referred to as polyhedrons D.) Rhombus – is a parallelogram with four congruent sides c. The faces of the prism and the pyramid are flat surfaces called polygonal regions.union of the polygon and its interior  A polygon is regular If all its sides are congruent and all its angles are congruent  Parallelogram is a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel Three special parallelograms : a. Some of the space figures are the prism and pyramid C.) Square – is a rectangle. These sides are called bases SPACE FIGURES A.) Rectangle – is a parallelogram with four right angles b. It is also a rhombus  Trapezoid – is a quadrilateral with one and only one pair of parallel sides.- Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon Undecagon Dodecagon n-gon - 7 8 9 10 11 12 n -  Polygonal region . Are also referred to a solids or solid figures because there is no space inside them B.

the length of the closed curve  Area – measure of the region bounded by the plane figure  We use units for perimeter and square units for area PLANE FIGURE Square Rectangle Parallelogram Triangle Equilateral triangle Trapezoid PERIMETER OR CIRCUMFERENCE P = 4s P = 2l + 2w P = 2x + 2y P=a+b+c P = 3s P=a+b+c+d = h( Or ) AREA = = lw = bh = bh Circle C= Formulas For Finding the Surface Area of Different Space Figures : SPACE FIGURE Rectangular prism Triangular prism Cube Cylinder Square pyramid Any pyramid SURFACE AREA SA = 2lw + 2lh + 2wh SA = 2( lw + lh + wh ) SA = ab + c ( b+d+e ) SA = 6 SA = 2 +2 SA = ( ) SA = area of the polygonal base + sum of the areas of the triangular faces of the pyramid SA = SA = Cone Sphere Formulas For Finding the Volume of Different Space Figures : SPACE FIGURE Rectangular prism Cube VOLUME V = lwh V= .Is the distance around the polygon . Perimeter . that is.The distance around a circle.The perimeter of a polygon is the sum of the lengths of its sides  Circumference .

SPACE FIGURE Cylinder Cone Sphere Square pyramid Any pyramid VOLUME V= V= V= V= V= .