Fresh Configure: U'll need: Windows, Quintum Manager application, telnet/hyperterminal, unique modem connect ion (USB better

), console cable, Lan. Steps: 1. Connect LAN to Gateway LAN directly.Also console cable with PC. Turn on inter net connection. 2. Detect in which port console is connected to pc. 3. Open hyper terminal and configure it with bit rate 38400, Flow connection "no ne" then connect. 4. If u can write on HT then write telnet and Enter the predefined ip. 5. To see the pre defined if u need the help of quintum monitor (or the one u kn ow already), using telnet command. 6. If it is connected then press and hold then release reset button for 5 to 10 seconds. 7. You'll see something will going through press "r" then "y" within 5 seconds s o see carefully. 8. then it will be factory reseted. At the same time do it for ur eurotech machi ne also (do reset by pressing and holding reset button) 9. Use login and pass then enter in quintum. 10. To set a ip type: ei>config>set ipa urIP>set subnetmask subip>siprd>change 1 g urDefaultIP*>submit>maint>mc>reset>yes ** If it is not worked, try changing ur lan port manually to set the default ip which u know ur device's ip. 11. Off on ur device again. Ip: Sub: GW: (Assume that u wanna set or ur device's predefined was 192.168 .1.152) then it'll be connected through ur lan. ** here, 3rd part of ip always have to same. 11. Now open quintum config manager. U can try with discover option. 12. If it gets then its fine otherwise choose RS232 and show then ur port. 13. If u can do correctly it will log in with connection manager. 14. Otherwise u r in trouble! 15. Here u go with wizard by clicking next, auto dhcp, hopoff number enable, PRI NI2, PSTN, SIP only, Sip IP, And disabling ur DS1 line 2. 16. then it'll restart again. 17. ur tenor is ready.but dnt try to connect it in same lan port it already exis ts! it'll not be found! 18. Connect gateway's lan with SWITCH. 19. Config will be: modem in 1st port, then pc, then gateway. 20. in server pc login with telnet and see if its ok or not! 21. then for configuring sip write config>epad>sh if sip is there then ok, or fo r remove type remove 1. 22. to add a new: add ip sipIP>mask>submit>maint>mc>reset 23. to remove or add hopoff number type: config>hnd>remove 1 (forremoving) or "a dd 8801 r 01" then press enter. here 01 is replacement number and 8801 is hopoff number. 24. again do a reset with maint>mc>reset>yes. 25. then it is ready to work. 26. If u do with putty, make sure u connect ur putty computer after all three co nnection u had in ur switch! otherwise it'll fail to connect. 27. And if u configure gateway before from ur pc or laptop and now u wanna use p utty in same pc/laptop then after connecting ur lan port to switch u must reconf igure ur connection settings of ur laptop. 28. Go to adapter settings>LAN connection>set it to obtain ip automatically, the

n telnet will connect. 30. 29. Dont forget to restart ur server pc after all these connection and changes m ade. Now u have learnt how to configure this Extreme tough conguration of Eurotec h. .