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HOWEVER, SHORTY WENT TO JAIL DUE TO THE STOLEN HANDGUN IN 1986)* From: Shorty To the City of Zion, This is my third letter to you. This is an informative letter to let you know what I intend to do next. The Zion Police Department has refused to speak to me until recently, January 16, 2007. I’ve been here since December 6, 2006. They have refused to return any calls from myself or Shaun (Gerrell’s Mother). I was told by a state attorney investigator that nothing is going to be done concerning the death of my son. So, this is where I stand. If you were at the town meeting on the 11th of January you heard me loud and clear. If you know me from the streets you know I’m built like that. Everything I have said or done has been written or taped so there can be no mistake on what I say, mean, or do. Shariff Darr should be charged with something. IL Criminal Law 5/24-16 Aggravated unlawful use of weapon, a person commits this offense when he or she knowingly: A. the firearm possessed was uncase, loaded, and immediately accessible. B. the person possessing the firearm has not been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card. There are other amendments.

Arm habitual criminal, a person commits the offense of being a armed habitual if her or she receives, sells, possesses, or transfers any firearm after having been convicted a total of 2 or more times. Let me remind you Shariff Darr is a Duffy. The name has changed but that D.O.C. number is the same. I can use the freedom of information act to pull up his criminal background. That’s coming out in the next letter to Zion. Unlawful use or Possession of Weapons by Felons or Person in custody of D.O.C. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly possess on or about his person or on his land or in his abode or fixed place of business any weapon prohibited under Section 24-1 of this act or any firearm or ammunition if the person has been convicted of a felony. The defense of necessity is not available. Now saying all that to get to this point. The Zion police Department is denying me due process under my constitutional right. My son was murdered. This was not a home invasion. It was a set-up and revenge for a robbery that took place in July of 2006 (of which Mr. Darr did not file a police report). A burglary at best. By Mr. Darrs own statement that he, “believes the young man may have been hoping that they had merchandise in the house from their eBay business.” So he put the bait out for the fish to bite. Mark probably set everything in motion. I went down to the Lake County building and I can’t find any record of a home business license or peddler permit. He lives in Section Eight housing, I was told, if that is true that’s against the law in a few areas. #1. No elicit activities on property or in the home. #2. No Ex-felons #3. No home businesses

I am going down to the housing to see if it is true or not, if so, shouldn’t some other needy family be utilizing this voucher? Now that I have set the groundwork here is where I am going: I’m going to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Cook county IL. Against the Chief of Police of Zion, the Darr family, the owner of the handgun, and the Manufacture of the handgun and riffle (NRA). My witness against Darr will be Lake Count States Attorney, Mr. Waller. I need his to clarify all the charges and explain why he feels nothing should be done. I’m filing the lawsuit in Cook County because of Lake County’s relationship to the police department and my own history in Lake County. I will not get a receive a fair trial here ad I am going to prove that by exposing my relationship with Zion, North Chicago, and Waukegan Police Departments. I came in peace. I just wanted the truth and to bury my son. Instead you make me fight for the truth. Like I said at the meeting on the 11th of January. I am not scared. Remember me. I tell all of my kids that you can’t get answers if you don’t ask questions. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “ Never let anyone tell you No if they don’t have the power to tell you Yes.” The Police Dept is here to serve and protect. To serve and protect all of its citizens. The Police are here for you; you shouldn’t be scared of them. Their treatment of you or how they respond to your care and concern shouldn’t depend on the color of your skin. Racism should not exist or be permitted at any Police Department. Chief Malcom, how many of your officers are like Mark Fermon? Is arresting African-Americans at the top of your list? As long as a black man kills a black man it rally isn’t serious or it doesn’t deserve the intensity that would have been exhorted for a white person. I’ve been gone for 18 years,

nothing has changed. African-Americans is still filling the graveyards and the D.O.C. My lawsuit is going to become a class action suit the second time around. If you have a wrongful death due to handgun and don’t feel that Lake County has given you a fair deal, call me. Peter Angelos owner of the Baltimore Orioles started taking Tabasco companies to court for wrongful death and health reason. Martin Luther King showed me how to organize. Jesus showed me how to walk in the path of goodness and truth. I came here for that. Now it’s going to cost you. Look at CNN, on January 17th a woman got 18,000,000 and the Goldman’s go awarded 38,000,000 from the OJ Simpson trial. Do you think that the city of Zion could come up with that type of money? Even the legal fees? My lawyer is going to work pro bono, He doesn’t get paid unless I get paid. I have nothing to loose. North Chicago’s Mayor Bobby Thompson took my 1st child 30 years ago Shariff Darr took my last. I feel like Job from the Bible. I still praise my God because he has been good to me. I’ve been walking in the valley of death most of my life. The Lord kept me and he’s going to help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINISH