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Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal of the employees in the organization should be an effective tool for measuring the employee’s performance. If the performance not measured in a real manner it will be a critical issue. A study on impact of performance appraisal was undertaken to study the reasons and ways to improve the condition. Performance Appraisal helps the organization to keep the employees in a Right position i.e, promoting and demoting the employees according to their performance.

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Performance Appraisal Human Resource Management
Human resource management is concerned with the human beings in an organization. It reflects a new philosophy, a new outlook, approach and strategy which views an organizations man power as its resources and assets. Human resource management function that helps the managers to recruit, select, train and develop the organizational members for the purpose of achieving the stated organizational goals. Human resource management is used as synonym to personal management and the personal department is called as human resource department.

Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating performance of the employees for purposes of administration including Placement, Promotions and Rewards and needs of development and other actions which require differential treatment among the member of a group as distinguished from actions affecting all members equally. Performance appraisal has been considered as most significant and indispensable tool for organizations for the function it provides is highly useful in making decision regarding various personnel aspects. Through the process of appraisal leader try to help the subordinate understand area of deficiency and strength, so that future can be improved. The appraisals of individuals in an employment has been labeled and described by experts over the years in different ways; common descriptions include performance appraisal, merit rating, behavioral assessment, employee evaluation, personnel review, progress report, staff assignment, service rating and fitness report. Performance evaluation is a systematic evaluation of the individual in respect of his or her performance on the job and his/her potential for development.

The Function Of Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal
1. It seeks to provide an adequate feedback to each individual for his or her performance. 2. It supports to serve as a basis for improving or changing behavior towards some more effective working habits. 3. It aims at providing data managers with whom they may judge future job assignments and compensation.

Approaches To Performance Appraisal
Generally speaking 2 approaches are used in making performance appraisal. 1. A casual, unsystematic and often haphazard appraisal main basis being seniority or quantitative measures of quantity and quality of output for the rank and file personnel. 2. The traditional and highly systematic measures of employee characteristics and Employee contributions or both. It evaluates all the performances in the same manner utilizing the same approach, so that the rating obtained of separate personnel or comparable.

Uses Of Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal system can be put to several uses covering the entire spectrum of personnel, human resource functions in an organization. The illustrative list of uses of performance appraisal to promote a variety of management includes. • • Improve productivity. Create a positive work environment.

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Chocolate History The tasty secret of the cacao (kah khow) tree was discovered 2000 years ago in the tropical rain forests of the Americans. Since then. Later. Chocolate dates back to the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica who drink chocolates as a better beverage. chocolate wasn’t just a favorite food – it also played an important role in their religious and social lives. Select which part of chocolate’s long history you’d like to explore first. INTODUCTION: Chocolate’s History at a glance. For these people. the drinks popularity spread through out Europe. Eventually. Milk shakes. These people including the Maya and Aztecs Mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasoning to make a spicy. But actually.Performance Appraisal Introduction to chocolate or confectionery Candy bars. The story of chocolate spans more than 2000 years and now circles the globe. The story of how chocolate grew from a local Mesoamerican beverage into a global sweet encompasses Many cultures and continents. The first people known to have made chocolates were the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. but it still remains one of the world’s favorite flavors. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree. The tale began in the tropical rain forest of central and South America where cacao (kah kow) first grew. where new recipes were created. even cereal and Medicine chocolate is a key ingredient in many foods infact it ranks as the favorite flavor of Most Americans and yet few of as know the unique origins of this popular treat. new technologies and innovations have charged the texture and taste of chocolate. Vijayam Degree College Page 4 . cookies flavored coffee. The pods of this tree contain seeds that can be processed into chocolate. frothy drink. Chocolate’s roots in Ancient Mesoamerica We tend to think of chocolate as a sweet candy created during modern times. the Spanish conquistadors brought the seeds back home to Spain.

Like the earlier Maya. Chile peppers. Vijayam Degree College Page 5 . this paste made a frothy. roasted and ground the seeds into a paste. Chocolate: A contemporary confection: For hundreds of years. corneal. When Mixed with water. The Aztecs traded with Maya & other peoples for cacao & often required that citizens and conquered peoples pay their tribute on cacao seeds a form of Aztec Money. priests.D]). the Aztecs also consumed their bitter chocolate drink seasoned with spices – sugar was an agricultural product unavailable to the ancient Mesoamericans. primarily rules. But by the mid 1700’s the blossoming industrial revolution saw the emergence of innovations that changed the future of chocolate. The Aztecs adopted cacao By 1400. and honored Merchants could partake of this sacred brew. But in Aztec society.Performance Appraisal The ancient Maya grew cacao and made it into a beverage The first people clearly known to have discovered the secret of cacao were the classic period Maya (250 – 900 C. the Aztec empire dominated a sizeable segment of Mesoamerica. The Maya and their ancestors in Mesoamerica took the tree from the rain forest and grew it in their own back up roll. where they harvested. Drinking chocolate was on important part of Maya and Aztec life Many people on classic period Maya society could drink chocolate at least on occasion although it was a particularly favored beverage for loayality. Chocolate also played a special role on both Maya and Aztec royal and religious events priests represented cacao seeds on offering to the goods and served chocolate drinks during sacred ceremonies. decorated soldiers.E[A. spicy chocolate drink. fermented. and other ingredients. the chocolate making process remained relatively unaltered.

The Spanish added sugar and honey to the bitter liquid and then fell in love with it. on sweetened liquor from the fermented cacao beans. The beans were being used as currency. The Aztecs believed that drinking chocolate. Made and used cacao in the recent past & present. which was the undiluted. would bring great wisdom understanding and energy. Baker’s chocolate In 1755 the processing of chocolate Moved back to the new world when john Hanau and James baker opened a processing house in Massachusetts which was beginning of the company now known as baker’s chocolate. The creamy chronicle of chocolate Did you know that chocolate was first cultivated and consumed by the Mayans and Aztecs? By the year 1000 AD. Chocolate was kept a secret by the Spanish court for almost a hundred years. Take a more detailed look below at the different ways people obtained.Performance Appraisal A steady stream of new inventions and advertising helped set stage for solid chocolate candy to become the globally favored sweet it is today. As in the Americans. In 1492 Columbus was given some of the cacao beans and took then back to Spain. They took the beans and the process back to Spain. as Cortez organized the area as a Spanish colony but it did introduce Cortez to not only the consumption but the processing of chocolates. but he didn’t know how to process and ferment them. its use was reserved for member of the court. In 1519 Cortez descended upon the Aztecs were convinced that Quetzalcoatl had returned as prophesied and they tried to get him to leave by once again playing him with chocolate. Now for the science staff Vijayam Degree College Page 6 . Its use was reserved for the rating and priestly classes. The 100-years secret It didn’t work very well.

It is a highly saturated fat which consists principally of the fatty acid stearic acid. Chocolate does contain caffeine. It was back in 1984 when I had my first little. “She said: All the San macro merchants were giving away from samples at the annual holiday magic celebration. Why we love Chocolate The loveliest thing about chocolate. For comparison. How Phyllis invented chocolate covered popcorn Phyllis Lockwood Geiger. Chocolate shop on San macro square.” laughs Geiger. “A true holiday blessing!”. Chocolate does not cause acne. I ran down to the theater. a mono unsaturated that neither raises nor lowers serum cholesterol oleic acid is also a present in olive and canola oils. a six-ounce cup of coffee contains 100-150 Mg.Performance Appraisal Cocoa batter as a trigly cevide which begins to soften at 75 f. which is the chemical produced in the brain when a person is in love. It’s turned into our most popular item.. Vijayam Degree College Page 7 . one ounce of semi-sweet usually has 5-long and a six-ounce cup of cocoa usually has 10Mg. Watch this space for more information about chocolate from peter book chocolatier. Stearic acid is rapidly converted by the liver into oleic acid . but not much one ounce of milk chocolate usually contains 5 Mg of caffeine. the sugar in chocolate does not cling to one’s teeth. This past holiday seasons peter Brooke sold more than 5tons of chocolate covered popcorn”. It does obtain a protein that in habits bacterial growth on teeth and since it meets at body temperature and melts off one’s teeth. which is found in higher concentration in chocolate that in any other food. where we fall in love with chocolate a new every day. got some fresh popcorn and sprinkled chocolate on it so we have something to give too. and Melts at 97 f. that I inadvertently invented it. owner of peter Brooke chocolatier says the company is chocolate covered popcorn which she calls a “pare gift from God was created by accident”. and I had a shop fall of very expensive hand made items that I couldn’t afford to give away. the thing that makes us all so happy when we eat it is that it contains the highest concentration in any food of phenyl ethylamine.

The consumer can choose whatever he Sugar Confectionery Sugar confectionery means sweets in which sugar is the main ingredient either they consists of sugar in very fine crystal from dispersed in sugar maintained in a solution of careful blend of different types as sugar i. Parry’s. toffees or caramels. Confectionery as a product is in early growth stage. parley. But the demand has been observed to be increasing gradually over a long period of time. Cadbury’s. Flavors confectionery. Flavors Confectionery Flavors confectionery consists of parties and fancy cakes having flavours as their basis sweetens and mixed with variety dairy products such as butter and eggs. van Elle. wants from the market. ravalgon. fate. At the national companies that are in market are Nutrine. The competition resulting in plenty of varieties. Confectionery consumption is primarily confined to children.Performance Appraisal Introduction to confectionery In India confectionery industry is one among the earliest establishment industries. National products etc. nuts are employed to obtain a variety of flavors and textures. It consists of both chocolates and biscuits. In other words “A place where the sweets are made” is called “confectionery”. Before the 9th century sweets candies were the monopoly of apothecaries who made them to hide the taste of their drugs. It has a large market and potential to grow so many folds. Confectionery is of two types   Sugar Confectionery. boiled sweets. Vijayam Degree College Page 8 .e. milk. The word “confectionery” was derived from the Latin word “confection” which means “Preparation”. perfetty.

and BONSONS were first made in the 13th century. Eating Chocolate can be derived into two types   Molded confectionary Covertures Confectionery covertures for converting fruits. known as DRAGEES is said to have been introduced by ROMAN. Pastries in the 15th century and fondants in the 17th..Performance Appraisal Cocoa And Choudate Chocolate was derived from “cocoa” been see of tree “Theo bream Cocoa” originally wild in central America and is not cultivated in the tropical bet coca powder contains cocoa butter added to compensate for increased bulk due to inclusion of sugars. preserves and other centers need high proportion of better than chocolate for molding into block. Vijayam Degree College Page 9 . The great present day volume of manufactures is due to introduction of automatic and semi automatic machines about the middle of the century. DRAGATUS. The manufactures of sugar coated nuts etc. nut biscuits. JULIUS.

fruit bars. V. B. Reddy. (Madras). Its holds 35% market share in India. V.V. After the demise of Sri. Vikram Reddy. The NCCL was established on February 1953 by Page 10 Vijayam Degree College . took over reins of the industry Sri. Madhusudhan Reddy and Sri. Adyar. Dwarakanath Reddy gains in valuable insight into the confectionery manufacturing and Marketing. The leader in the confectionery industry in India as well as an organized sector. USA. M. V. Dwarakanath Reddy nephew Sri. chewing gum. granite marketing and surface transport. Establishment NCCL was established in 1952 by late B. V. The chanedor of this university then was Sri. He is a visionary bound by an obsessive commitment to quality and uncompromising faith in business ethics. Crucial functional area are being efficiently monitoring by directors Sri. Dwarakanath Reddy. Company Status : India’s highest selling sweets.Sc. The management of the Nutrine group & currently headed by Sri. Nutrine of the Business Year of Establishment : : Sugar Boiled Confectionery. Reddy a graduate from national University. V. Rabindranath Tagore. Noble laureate NCCL was started as a small Manufacturing unit to produce different type of candies. Market research and product quality and range have been the key factors of success. Managing director. Dinesh Reddy. has been given valuable guidance to the functional management. Chemical Engineering.. V.Performance Appraisal COMPANY PROFILE Introduction Nutrine confectionery company limited (NCCL) is the flags ship company of nutrine group spanning diverse products and services like confectionery. The NCCL is the manufacturing and Marketing of confectionery products since 1952. his son Sri V.

Manufactures Products : More than 20 varieties of candies. of workers : : 100 tonnes per day (rated capacity) Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Total Number of staff : Mangers Officer Trainers Total Total number of employees working is No. Venkatarama Reddy. south Africa and New Zealand. Australia.Performance Appraisal Late Sri. 225. a graduate form national University. toffees. Middle East Europe. Adyar. Every effort is being made to establish Nutrine household name as international player in order to establish the brand strength in many international markets. Fruit bars and lozenges. B. of verities in PDN Mahalacto Vijayam Degree College Page 11 : 25 5 42 347 80 474 17 54 4 75 549 . NCCL. of workers Annual Sales turnover Company Capital Principal Export market : : : : Around 482 workers on all over factory. Production setup : NCCL produces its confectionery with a main Factory at Chittoor Production setup No. No.. Exports confectionery products to Various international markets via.3 Crores 2009 – 2010 30 Crores in 2003.

  He would fight for his rights that were a matter of principles. But. “They must be room for one better brand in this vast country”. Well – meaning friends as also skeptics told him he had no chance against the old brand name that had been for decade’s synonyms for confectionary in India. principle. B. Put yours money into quality.V. but the tradition has not left us it never will. Reddy merely said. Never compromise Profits will come in good time. Maintain it at all cost That was what B.  Location Factors Nutrine Confectionery limited is situated in the border town of Chittoor on the national Highway–4 in AP.Performance Appraisal Eclairs Cookies Assay Deuble hit Carmella Nutrine Confectionery Company began as an idea around 1950 and became a reality in 1953. The company is established in an area when the basis raw Vijayam Degree College Page 12 . Quality      Quality that was the key.V. Reddy thought us. He would never knowingly trespass on another’s rights that too was a matter of He left us in 1964.

New Zealand and Africa. guava. Singapore. Company has grown to multi market grains multi core. It is concentrating mainly on the domestic market. Vijayam Degree College Page 13 . Myanmar. Nepal. toffees. papaya. are available in plenty and easily procurable. banana and papaya are grown in abundance. fruit pulp. Saudi Arabia. using an innovative technology. Banana. which manufactures only candies in the early 60’s Nutrine Confectionery (P) Ltd. New Zeland. Malaysia. While Nutrine does export some products to Dubai. Diversification Since 1985 Nutrine has diversified into other food products like chewing gums. Research and Development Nutrine is the only company in India producing dehydrated fruit bars. Bangladesh and Srilanka.. Nutrine has always endeavored to satisfy the customers changing wants and desires with its special emphasis on quality range and cost effectiveness. Company Growth & Performance For a small scale unit. Chittoor lies in an advantageous. Mauritius. Sugar etc. processed fruits . Djibouti. lozenges etc. Hallway. Being the leader in the industry for more than a decade. instant feeds dehydrated fruit bars of mango. horticultural belt where tropical fruits like mango. Exports Nutrine exports confectionery gums and fruit bar’s to Canada.Nutrine has a wide range of more than 72 varieties of candies. Where continuous product testing and product development is organized nutrine produces its confectionery with a main factory at Chittoor and with packing arrangements at various centers nutrine enjoy a high market share of 34% in confectionary in the organized sector in china. Nutrine produce its confectionery with a main factory at various centers.Performance Appraisal materials milk. Mozambique. Nutrine has a well equipped research laboratory.

shoes. with the advert of WTO. V. The production strength and the quality assurance given to the market the company is due to the biz acumen of the bound members particularly chairman Sri. Europe. processing.. The new plant which would go into commercial production in April 2002 planned and commissioned on HACCP & ISO standards. Middle east south Africa. Sri. Manpower Today Nutrine has more than 560 employee including worker on employment rolls. Dwarkanath Reddy and M. Current operations and future outlook NCCL exports confectionery products to international market Via. fees and stationery.D. Washing & Medical allowances subsidized tiffin and meals. with superior technology for maintaining high quality standard and hygiene factors at every stage of procurements. Apron. Corporate Image Nutrine have built up an evitable corporate image among most consumers by effective advertising strategy and promotional input while investing in brand Vijayam Degree College Page 14 . canning and packaging. New Zealand. free tea dresses intuits eve of the festival to the family school uniform.Performance Appraisal multi production and has been the single largest manufacturing company of confectionery and toffees in India since 1982. Nutrine has international Marketing plans to reach the further markets. V. Australia. Nutrine CCL has build in a reputation of excellent employee relationship continuously reinforced by generous benefits offered which includes free uniform. Vikram Reddy who have added a number of sophisticated machinery imported form many equipped R&D laboratory where continuous research and development and production of dimensions to biz philosophy by the nutrine corporate. Nutrine is actively planning to diversify into processed food processing units. preservation.

Board of Directors Mr. Nutrine identifies itself with popular sports like cricket.Gunasekaran Mr. There is only one recognized workers union out of two registered unions and the industrial relations are maintained peacefully.. Technologies.Performance Appraisal promotion. hockey etc. Matthew Lindsey Mr.Srinivas Managing Director EVP-pso Unit Head Manager HR Employee Relationship Nutrine Confectionery Company limited has built up a reputation of excellent relationship reinforced by generous benefits to the employees free clothing on the eve of festivals.Gia Suddin Mr. • • • TNTUC YSRTUC INTUC Working conditions Vijayam Degree College Page 15 .G.B. Trade unions The following are the trade unions commonly formed in NCCL. in its brand strategy in India. IT Strategy Nutrine is seriously perusing integrated IT strategy for Phased automation of all its business processes while strategically evolving SCM<CRM<ECOM. S.S.

the employee have been provided good ventilation and good atmosphere at work place there are three shifts for workmen. They are 1st shift 2nd shift 3rd shift General shift Computerized attendance recording system:Attendance recording system is working on computer. The employee should not leave the premises of the company without written permission. Raw Materials departments Vijayam Degree College Page 16 . Leave particulars Earn leave Casual leave National and festival holidays : : : As per factory act 12 days 10 days Various Departments in the Confectionery Nutrine Confectionery Company limited has 10 sectors as its various departments like. The employee will be given an identify card/punching card at the joining of company. The employee had to record their attendance by inserting their punch card in the punching machine at their entering and leaving the company at time office.Performance Appraisal Working conditions in NCCL are very good.

which takes care or provision of raw materials required for the manufacture of products and also availability of raw materials.    Confectionery department Toffee department Wrapping department Confectionery department In this department the company produces more than 45 varieties of hard body confectioneries. Production Department In this department the company looks after the production process. Wrapping Department This department deals with the packing of the final products. which has a well equipped state of the art R&D laboratory to check the quality of the products. Finance department Vijayam Degree College Page 17 . This department under takes the repairs and snags besides Maintenance. Workshop It has its own well-equipped workshop it deals with the machinery. Quality controlled Department This department looks after the quality of the product.. which further divided into three sub departments Viz. The company has automated the wrapping section. Toffee Department In this Zone the company manufactures more than 75 varieties of toffees.Performance Appraisal The company has a raw materials department.

Nutrine was selected as the BEST BRAND among fast moving consumer goods industry. become of its inherent. Competitions In the confectionery field the major competitors of the Nutrine are        Parle Parry’s Rovalgon Cadbury Nestle Vanmelle ITC Popular & leading brands of Nutrine are      Nutrine Mahalacto Nutrine cookies Honey fab Assay Chocolate éclairs NCCL has a well equipped research a development laboratory where continuous product testing and product development is organized.  During the recently held AD ASIA conference at Jaipur. innovative product development capabilities.Performance Appraisal This department looks after all the cost transactions & maintains looks of accounts from all the department of the company. Vijayam Degree College Page 18 . The markets imported are the 5 or 6 markets of its kind in the world with the use of these markets Nutrine sold to produce good quality confectionery with exacting standards. The company has modernized its plant by importing sophisticated card manufacturing machinery from Robert Bosh of Germany for making hygienic confectionery.

PRODUCT PROFILE Products of Nutrine Confectionery company limited Vijayam Degree College Page 19 . 2003 for then out standing performance in maintenance of industrial relations & labor welfare. Nutrine is growing stranger in the markets & retaining its no 1 position with the facilities available & those to be decided in the coming years.Performance Appraisal 17 with sustained supple from the valued stocked. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has conferred “Best Management Award”. On 1st May. Nutrine will energy as one of the big food giants in the country on the next few years.

coconut. elachi) Maruel Sunshine fruit Nutrine lollipop The Major Brands of Nutrine are Maha Lacto Vijayam Degree College Page 20 . badam. chaco. kesar) Nutrine gold Nutrine white éclairs Soft heart Pineapple toffee Orange candy Gulkand Mango soft center Pineapple toffee Clubby Milky caramel Assay Nutrine cookies (coconut. kesar) Caramella (mango.Performance Appraisal • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Chocolate éclairs Nutrine Maha lacto Wild coffee Amras Super star delite Ginger caps Chumma – chumma Naturo fruit bar Espresso toffee Nutrine royal (pista. kajur.

1 “Maha Khayega Toh Maha Karega.” Vijayam Degree College Page 21 .Performance Appraisal Maha Lacto brings you the irresistibly rich. creamy & long-lasting flavor at 50p A taste India has grown up with. “Maha Khayega Toh Maha Karega. ”Maha Khayega Toh Maha Karega.” Maha Choco A rich chocolaty candy at 50p with a taste that no-one can resist.” Maha Coffee Eclairs Maha Coffee Eclairs – A unique combination of Coffee and Chocolate which offers you the best of both worlds at Re.

Performance Appraisal Nutrine Lollipops Nutrine presents lollipops in 4 lip-smacking fruit flavors. The outer shell gives a long lasting taste experience while inner juicy center gives a refreshing feeling of a tangy orange juice. Vijayam Degree College Page 22 . 1!” Nutrine Santra Goli Delicious hard candy in tasty tangy orange flavour with soft juicy center. Nutrine Aamras Exotic Indian mango pulp centre in an exquisite sugar candy.1 each. These attractively packaged candies are priced at just Re. You'll unwrap a lingering true mango experience. Nutrine One Two Three Nutrine One Two Three brings to you the magic of 6 new and exciting fruit flavors in this unique and attractive packaging at great value – “3 fruit candies at Re.

Performance Appraisal Nutrine Gulkand Extract of sweet. delicate Indian roses processed in pure honey and encased in sugar candy. “It is so tasty-tasty!” Nutrine Aasay A luscious vanilla-milk toffee. Share your sweet moment with the complete chocolate eclairs. the heart-throb of kids and teenagers. Lacto Bon Bon This ageless mouth watering sweet treat is a classic combination of Milk. Caramel and Ghee. A classic Indian delicacy. Ethnic to the core ! Chocolate Eclairs Ripples of delicious chocolate centre encased with rich creamy caramel will make you relish every bite. Vijayam Degree College Page 23 .

Only one of its kind in the country. rich milk cream and flavour of milk-cream. “Enjoy the real taste of coconut!” Kokanaka Cookies Milk Cream This all-rich. “Real Honey. all-creamy Kokanaka with coconut desiccates is a hot favourite of many for its extra . “Enjoy the creamy Treat!” Honey Fab Rich honey center-filled premium candy. Just bite into and feel the excitement.Performance Appraisal Kokanaka Cookies Coconut The crunchiest tasty treat with real coconuts. pure Trill!” Vijayam Degree College Page 24 . A marvelous blend that sets the cookies trend.

Coconut Coffee Vanilla Twin treat top delite cream coconut pineapple. Assay. Rose. super Assortment. canes from it Nutrine is trying to increase the revenue share of its Rs. Rs. Orange grape coconut balck current mango. Butter. eclairs and candies with ethnic taste. Eucalyptus (OLE) Gingermint. Dishum . Carmella Lollipops Lozenges Nutrine Lollipops Coolers Geamy caramel Milk.750/. Vanilla.currently is the highest price point and less than 10% of its market estimated at Rs.crore.soft for the organized sugar boiled confectionary industry.1/. Amras Toffee Nutrins Gulkland coconut crunch Wild keffy. Mango & Tamarind in the Rs. The company is planning to gradually face out the 25 paisa category which accounts for around 35% of its product portfolio in the next 2 or 3 years. Gold.1/. The company is looking at introducing nut based chocolates. Mall Mango.category and 15% from the present 7%.1/.Performance Appraisal VARIOUS TYPES OF CONFECTIONEIES MANUFACTURED BY NUTRINE Type of confectionery Brand Name: Kokanaka Cookies elachi chocolate chocolate éclairs Flavor Coconut Elachi Chocolate Centre Covered with Haud Boiled Mahalacto Nutrine. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Vijayam Degree College Page 25 . Lollipop Ginger. This category results in maximum loses for the company as it does not enable it to pass on the excise duty it increase to the customer.

” -MICHAEL. planned way to • • Acquire or sharpen capabilities required to perform various functions associated with them present or expected further roles. Concept of HRD in the organizational context is a process by which the employee of organization are helped in a continuous.MEMORIA Vijayam Degree College Page 26 .E.KUZMITS “Performance appraisal is a process of evaluating an employee’s performance of a job in terms of its requirements”. Develop their general capabilities as individuals and discover and exploit their own and organizational development purpose. organizational design and change in the next decade.R. training.B. training and development professionals. Many discussions of HRD have been integrated in to research.Performance Appraisal PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM OF HRD Human Resource department has gained increased attention in the last decade from human resource specialists. normally including both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of job performance. chief executives and line managers. -DR. there is likely to be a knowledge explosion in HRD.CARREL AND FARNK. HRD systems may include the following process mechanisms:  Performance Appraisal  Potential appraisal and development  Feedback and performance coaching  Career planning  Training  Organization development  Rewards  Employee welfare and quality of work life  Human Resource Management HRD MECHANISMS DEFENITIONS “Performance appraisal is a method of evaluating the behavior of employee in the works spot.C.

on the other hand. Where the employees are given responsibilities and duties.” -DALE YODER The firm. society and all benefits. structured system of measuring and evaluating an employee’s job related behaviors and out comes to discover how and why the employee is presently performing on the job and the employee can performed more effectively in the feature so that the employee.S.” -RANDALL. organization .FINES A formal definition of performance appraisal is “It is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his or her performance on the job & his or her potential for development.M.BEACH “Performance appraisal is a formal.YUHONG Vijayam Degree College Page 27 . As such. needs a performance appraisal system in order to establish principles of managerial accountability. One of the functions of performance appraisal is ensure that the people or accountable for their organizational responsibilities -Z.Performance Appraisal “Performance appraisals identify performance gaps. they provide an excellent opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to recognize and agree upon individual training and development needs.” -J.S.” -DALE.SCHULER “Performance appraisal to all formal procedures aimed working organization to evaluate personalities and contributions of one potential group members.

Again. within the area of Performance Appraisal. for the purpose of this study.Performance Appraisal SCOPE OF THE STUDY The Performance Appraisal System will be used to assess the performance of employee and to plan for their development. Vijayam Degree College Page 28 . As is apparent from what has been stated above. the study is confined to the existing system and the manner in which the system is operating so as to identify howfar it has been effective for promoting personal development and effectiveness of managerial personnel in Nutrine Confectionery Company Limited. the area has been confined to a limited no. of executives as well as non-executives. the investigator has confined the study to performance Appraisal System of Nutrine Confectionery Company Limited only. This is more or less of the nature of a subjective evaluation of the personality traits of the employees by their superiors. Although appraisal as a vital tool covers all employees of the organization.

• To know whether the management is showing much interest to performance for rewards as well as carrier development. • To evaluate the effectiveness of performance appraisal system in nutrine confectionary company Ltd. • To design the suitable performance appraisal to the organization so that it can yield better results than the existing system. Vijayam Degree College Page 29 . • To know how frequently the review is done.Performance Appraisal OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • To study the current performance appraisal system. • To find out the opinion of the employees regarding the current appraisal system.

• The period of study. Employees are belongs to various shifts and it is difficult to gather information. Chittoor. • • • The information provided by the respondents in the survey may be biased or may not be viewed as seriously to provide with accurate information. who were otherwise busy in multifarious activities. most of the employees answered favorable to the company. The reach though tried in vain to make personal contacts with the top executives of Nutrine Confectionery pvt.Performance Appraisal LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY • Since names are mentioned in the questionnaire. Response from inexperienced workforce or relatively new workforce in the survey may temper some validity of information. Vijayam Degree College Page 30 . This might have lead to wrong findings in the study. have been very

Sampling Sampling may be defined as the selection of some part of an aggregate on the basis of which judgment or inference about the aggregate is made. Sampling Method Sampling method used here is “Simple Random Sampling”. as it is easy to identify the number of items in the universe. Vijayam Degree College Page 31 .Performance Appraisal RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Meaning Of Research Methodology Research methodology is a way of solving a problem systematically. Research Research is a careful investigation or enquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. It may be understand as a science of studying how analysis is done scientifically from the nature of data. Sampling Size : 50 respondents Sampling Unit: Nutrine Confectionary Company Limited. Type Of Universe The type of universe to be studied is definite. Any aggregate from which data is collected is called “Population or Universe”. Methods Of Data Collection Both primary and secondary data were used in the research. The systematic approach concerning generalization and the formulation of a theory is a research. Chittoor. Sampling should be truly representative of population characteristics without any bias so that it may result invalid and reliable conclusion. Research is an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement.

Statistical Method The role of statistical in research is to function as a tool is designing research. simple and easy to administer among educated respondents. disagree and strongly disagree . Advantages Of Graphical Representation  The information presented in a graph is clearly understandable. Page 32 Vijayam Degree College . Secondary Data The secondary data were collected from library publications of various researchers and from internet.Performance Appraisal Primary Data The primary data were collected directly from the employee’s of nutrine confectionary company limited. Tools For Data Collection Data Collection  The research adopted a neatly prepared English structured questionnaire for collecting primary data from respondents. An every individual clearly knows that the science of statistic cannot be ignored by research workers. analyzing its data drawing conclusion there from. agree. Graphical Representation Graph is a statistical method of presenting of a statistical results or data in a graphical form. which is more economical. which is meant for researchers academy purpose.  The researcher visited the organization during officers hours to distribute questionnaire to the employees with the request to fill up the questionnaire.  A questionnaire has five points like scale with strongly agree. neither agree nor disagree.

lines may be drawn instead of bar to economics space. Bar Diagram Bar diagram are the most common types of diagrams used in practice. Type Of Questions There are two types of questions:  Close ended questions and  Open ended questions. Structural Questionnaire The questionnaire is standardized in this questionnaire that is the questions presented in exactly in the same manner to all the respondents. A very common use of the pie charts is to represent the division of a sum of money into its components. Research Instrument The research instrument used for the purpose of structured questionnaires. A bar is thick line whose width is shown merely for attention they are called one dimensional because it is only the length of the bar that matters and not the width. When number of observations is large. Research Method Vijayam Degree College Page 33 .Performance Appraisal   It has a great memorizing effect. Percentage Method Percentage is used in processing data to charts and pie diagram were used to explain the tabulation clearly. Pie Diagram This type of diagram enables to show the portioning of total into component parts. It helps to make quick and accurate comparison data.

Sampling units. The population of study was limited. Extents time. the sampling unit must be supervised by Nutrine Confectionery Company Ltd. Sample Size A sample size of 50 respondents out of 549 employees in Nutrine Confectionery Company Ltd. Sampling. Population Population is defined in terms of constituent parts namely Elements. Types Of Survey Sample survey was adopted. Analytical Tools The collected data was analyzed with the help of simple percentages and the charts to analyze the data from the responses. a technique through the use of which it is possible for all researchers to  Test the goodness of fit Vijayam Degree College Page 34 .Performance Appraisal The research method adopted was survey method among the employees in Nutrine Confectionery Company Ltd. Tools Of Analysis The tools used for analysis includes:  Percentage analysis  Chi-square analysis Chi-Square Test Chi. The test is in fact. Type Of Sampling The respondents are to be surveyed.square test is a statistical measure used in the context of sampling analysis for comparing variance to theoretical variance.

Performance Appraisal   Test the significance of allocation between two attributes Test the homogeneity or the significance of popular variances. Since how long you are working in this organization? Table:-1 Respondent Opinion 5 to 10 years 11 to 15 years 16 to 18 years Above 20 years Total Chart:-1 s 7 12 11 20 50 Percentage (%) 14 24 22 40 100 Interpretation: Vijayam Degree College Page 35 . DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1.

Performance Appraisal From the above Chart 14% of the Respondents are 5 to 10 Years. 24% of Respondents are 11 to 15 Years. Are you aware of the importance of PA? Table:-2 Opinion Fully aware Partly aware not Aware Total Chart:-2 Respondents 30 20 0 50 Percentage (%) 60 40 0 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 60% of the Respondents are fully aware. 22% of Respondents are 16 to 18 years and the remaining 40% of Respondents are Above 20 years Experienced. Vijayam Degree College Page 36 . 2. 40% of Respondents are partly aware in improtance of performance appraisal.

Vijayam Degree College Page 37 . and the remaining 12% of Respondents are are saying disagree about the Appraisal. Are you information before your appraisal? Table:-3 Opinion Yes No Total Chart:-3 Respondents 44 6 50 Percentage (%) 88 12 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 88% of the Respondents are saying agree about their Appraisal.Performance Appraisal 3.

In your opinion PA is essential for the benefit of? Vijayam Degree College Page 38 . 40% of Respondents are improvement of performance. 34% of Respondents are sales increment. In your opinion PA is a tool for? Table:-4 Opinion Performance review over a period Salary increment Improvement of performance Training need Total Chart:-4 Respondents 9 17 20 4 50 Percentage (%) 18 34 40 8 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 18% of the Respondents considered performance appraisal is a tool for performance review over a period. 5. and the remaining 8% of Respondents are training need for tool appraisal.Performance Appraisal 4.

Performance Appraisal
Table:-5 Opinion Employees Organization Both None of these Total Chart:-5 Respondents 4 29 17 0 50 Percentage (%) 8 58 34 0 100

From the above Chart 8% of the Respondents considered the performance appraisal

as benefit for the employees, 58%, of Respondents considered PA is benefit for organization, and remaining 34% of Respondents considered as PA is benefit for both. 6. PAS provide opportunities to learn, grow and make full use of employee potential? Table:-6 Opinion Vijayam Degree College Respondents Percentage (%) Page 39

Performance Appraisal
Yes No Total Chart:-6 44 6 50 88 12 100

From the above Chart 88% of the Respondents feels they look towards performance appraisal system as platform for growth where as 12% of Respondents are Not able to gain any sort of growth benefits each performance appraisal system.

7. Do you feel counseling is required after PA review? Table:-7 Opinion Yes No Total Respondents 42 8 50 Percentage (%) 84 16 100

Vijayam Degree College

Page 40

Performance Appraisal

From the above Chart 84% of the Respondents are feel counseling is required they performance appraisal, 16% of Respondents are feel counseling is required their performance appraisal.

8. How do you rate the existing PAS? Table:-8 Opinion Very Good Good Average Bad Respondents 7 14 25 4 Percentage (%) 14 28 50 8

Vijayam Degree College

Page 41

and the remaining 8% of Respondents are bad in existing appraisal.50% of Respondents are existing PAS is average.Performance Appraisal Very Bad Total Chart:-8 0 50 0 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 14% of the Respondents are rate the existing PAS is very good. 28% of Respondents are rate the existing PAS is good. 9. Do you feel your past performance should also be considered during appraisal? Table:-9 Opinion Strongly Agree Agree Con't say Vijayam Degree College Respondents 15 19 3 Percentage (%) 30 38 6 Page 42 .

Performance Appraisal Disagree Strongly Disagree Total Chart:-9 3 10 50 6 20 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 30% of the Respondents feel past performance is considered appraisal as stongly agree. Do you agree that promotion is strictly based on performance % rather than rewarding individuals? Table:-10 Opinion Strongly disagree Disagree Can't say Agree Vijayam Degree College Respondents 12 14 15 6 Percentage (%) 24 28 30 12 Page 43 . 10. and the remaining 6% of respsondents are disagree in during apprisal. 38% of Respondents are agree.6% of Respondents are cant say.

and the remaining 12% of Respondents are agree in performance % rather than rewarding individuals.Performance Appraisal Strongly agree Total Chart:-10 3 50 6 100 Interpretation: From the above Chart 24% of the Respondents are strongly disagree .30% of Respondents are can’t say. 28% of Respondents are disagree. The training program conducted for? Table:-11 Opinion Strongly helps in enhancing your job knowledge a individual skill Does not help in any way To know the organizational environment Total Respondents 27 15 8 50 Percentage (%) 54 30 16 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 44 . 11.

12. and the remaining 16% of Respondents are to know the organizational environment in conducted for training programme.Performance Appraisal Chart:-11 Interpretation: From the above Chart 54% of the Respondents are strongly helps in enhancing your jobknowledge and individual skills. PA is able to identify the training needs? Table:-12 Opinion Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Total Chart:-12 Respondents 13 9 22 3 3 50 Percentage (%) 26 18 44 6 6 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 45 . 30% of Respondents are doesnot help in anyway.

44% of Respondents are neutral. and the remaining 6% of Respondents are disagree in training needs are identified. 13. 18% of Respondents are agree. Is the organization fulfilling the training needs as identified during the appraisal? Table:-13 Opinion Completely Moderate Not at all Total Chart:-13 Respondents 18 29 3 50 Percentage (%) 36 58 6 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 46 .Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 26% of the Respondents are strongly agree .

Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 36% of the Respondents are completely fulfilling their training needs. Does your supervisor give you regular feedback on your performance? Table:-14 Opinion Yes No Total Chart:-14 Respondents 36 14 50 Percentage (%) 72 28 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 47 . 14. and the remaining 6% of Respondents are not at all in organization fullfilling training needs are identified. 58% of Respondents are moderate their traing needs.

15.28% of Respondents are disagree in regular feedback of performance. Is PA is essential for every organization? Table:-15 Opinion Yes No Total Chart:-15 Respondents 47 3 50 Percentage (%) 94 6 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 48 .Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 72% of the Respondents are feel agree for performance appraisal is regular feedback for performance.

6% of Respondents disagree PA is essential for every organization performance. Help & guidance provided to you by your reporting/reviewing officers is? Table:-16 Opinion Highly Sufficient Sufficient In Sufficient Highly Insufficient Total Chart:-16 Respondents 5 27 9 9 50 Percentage (%) 10 54 18 18 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 49 .Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 72% of the Respondents are feel agree for performance is essential for every organization. 16.

The PAS helps in? Table:-17 Opinion Promotion Salary Relation/Termination Identification of poor performance Total Chart:-17 Respondents 8 25 9 8 50 Percentage (%) 16 50 18 16 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 50 .18% of Respondents are insufficient. 17.Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 10% of the Respondents are highly sufficient . and remaining 18% of Respondents are highly insufficient are providing help and guidance. 54% of Respondents are sufficient.

and the remaining 16% of Respondents are identification of poor performance in performance appraisal system.Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 16% of the Respondents are promotion. The PAS motivate the employee to perform better in your job? Table:-18 Opinion Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Total Chart:-18 Respondents 10 9 27 0 4 50 Percentage (%) 20 18 54 0 8 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 51 . 18.18% of Respondents are retention\termination. 50% of Respondents are salary.

Does the management spend considerable amount of time & attention for the performance appraisal process? Table:-19 Opinion Considerable time Not much Time Don't know Total Chart:-19 Respondents 33 9 8 50 Percentage (%) 66 18 16 100 Vijayam Degree College Page 52 . 18% of Respondents are agree.54% of Respondents are neutral. 0% of Respondents are disagree.Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 2o% of the Respondents are strongly agree . and the remaining 8% are strongly disagree in employee performing better in job. 19.

18% of Respondents are not much time. Vijayam Degree College Page 53 . and the remaining 16% of Respondents are don’t know in performance appraisal process.Performance Appraisal Interpretation: From the above Chart 66% of the Respondents are considerable time.

.Performance Appraisal FINDINGS  Performance appraisal helps in motivating the employees.  Employees are not fully aware about the relation between profit maximization and performance appraisal system.  The employees gives more importance to performance appraisal system  Superiors give regular feedback on the employee performance.  It should still be used as a proper yardstick and tool for measurement of performances.  Superiors listen to the employee opinions. Vijayam Degree College Page 54 . but they are concerned about salary increments.  The present technique must need more practical approach.

 Conduct performance appraisal regularly\half yearly basis feedback is an consultancy for their employees.  The employees opinions are to improve the production and salary basis. objectives and outcomes. This gives the employee an opportunity to discuss items of interest or concern.  Provide positive feedback as well as negative feedback (but make sure that it will be in constructive way).  As soon as a performance is declined or affected.  Ask probing questions to seek clarification of misunderstandings or views that differ. openly discuss with the employees to try to determine the cause affecting the performance. objectives. expectations and specific areas of accountability  Review actual work performance in relation to the performance plan.  Allow the employee to engage in self evaluation. Vijayam Degree College Page 55 .Performance Appraisal SUGGESTIONS  Make the employee aware of performance standards.

Self Appraisal is necessary for organization. Performance Appraisal can be used to improve performance through appropriate feedback. many of the respondents wants to identify the training needs to improve the performance. Employee grievance can be reduced. Vijayam Degree College Page 56 . working and counseling to develop confidence among employees. promotions transfers and terminations.Performance Appraisal CONCLUSION ` Performance Appraisal is a significant element of the information and control system in organization. Performance appraisal is mostly based on objective setting. It provides valuable information for personnel decisions such as pay increases.

Are you aware of the importance of performance appraisal a) Fully Aware b) Partly Aware c) Not Aware 3. Marital Status: 5. Name: 2. Sex: 3. Since how long you are working in this organization [ ] b) 11 to 15 years c) 16 to 18 years d) Above 20 Years [ ] a) 5 to 10 years 2. Are you informed before your appraisal [ a) Yes [ ] ] b) No 4.Performance Appraisal QUESTIONNAIRE Put Tick On Your Mark Preferred Answer Employee Information 1. In your opinion performance appraisal is essential for the benefit of [ ] b) Organization c) Both d) None of These a) Employees Vijayam Degree College Page 57 . Age: 4. Department: STUDY-FACTORS 1. In your opinion performance appraisal is a tool for a) Performance Review Over a Period b) Salary Increment c) Improvement of Performance d) Training Need 5.

Performance Appraisal 6. Do you feel counseling is required after performance appraisal review [ ] b) No a) Yes 8. How do you rate the existing performance appraisal system [ ] b) Good c) Average d) Bad a) Very Good 9. Do you agree that promotion are strictly based on performance% Rather than rewarding individuals a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Agree [ d) Strongly Agree [ ] ] 11. Performance appraisal is able to identify the training needs [ ] b) Disagree c) Agree d) Strongly Agree a) Strongly Disagree a) Strongly helps in enhancing your job knowledge and individual skills 13. Do you feel your past performance should also be considered during Appraisal [ ] a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Can’t Say d) Disagree e) Strongly Disagree 10. grow and make full use of employee potential a) Yes b) No [ ] 7. Is the organization fulfilling the training needs as identified during the appraisal a) Yes b) No [ ] Vijayam Degree College Page 58 . Performance appraisal system provide opportunities to learn. The training program conducted for b) Does not help in any way c) To know the organization environment 12.

Performance Appraisal 14. Any other opinions organization______________________ Vijayam Degree College Page 59 . Does your supervisor give you regular feedback on your [ a) Yes ] b) No performance 15. The performance appraisal system motivate the employee to perform better in your job a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Neutral d) Disagree [ ] e) Strongly Disagree 19. The performance appraisal system helps in [ ] b) Salary c) Retention/Termination a) Promotion d) Identification of poor performance 18. Does the management spend considerable amount of time and attention For the performance appraisal process [ ] b) Not Much Time on performance c) None of These appraisal system in your a) Considerable Time 20. Is performance appraisal is essential for every organization [ a) Yes ] b) No 16. Help and guidance provided to you by your reporting/reviewing officers is [ ] c) Insufficient d) Highly Insufficient a) Highly sufficient b) Sufficient 17.

www. Human Resource Management : Philip Kotler 2.hersheys. Business News Papers : Business Line Websites Vijayam Degree College Page 60 . 3. www.Performance Appraisal BIBLIOCHARTY 1.scribd. Research Methodology : Kothari Business Magazines : Business Today 4.

Performance Appraisal Vijayam Degree College Page 61 .