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easier decision making process.

How many hours a week do you spend on these processes?
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Recruiting through multiple sources and managing resumes and applications Reconciling carrier billing invoices with your records Gathering, approving and entering time sheet data Keying in deduction, compensation and job changes Making sure you’re in compliance with federal standards (EEO, VETS, FMLA, etc.) Benefits management

All of these processes (and many more) can be easily automated, with valuable data left at your fingertips. With just a few simple clicks you could complete these tasks making your department, and your company, far more efficient and lowering labor costs.

Enjoy full-scale HR and benefits management software which includes:
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Carrier billing reconciliation Electronic transfer of enrollment data to both HIPAA and non-HIPAA insurance carriers Time and attendance tracking Compensation management Federal compliance reporting Online open enrollment/new hire enrollment/life events FMLA tracking Organization charting Benefits management Configurable workflows with built in communication tools Automated employee correspondence Employee self-service Manager self-service Unlimited user-defined fields, with no Ascentis technical staff involvement Flexible workflow builder that can fit your company’s requirements

300+ reports with step-by-step instructions for creating unlimited custom reports Import and export capabilities to reduce data entry time and data duplication errors 30 standard email alerts to keep HR managers ahead of employees’ needs.

How can you make your company more efficient?
With Ascentis HR you would have time to be the HR Manager you’ve always wanted to be able to take on projects that have an even deeper impact on the positive growth of your company and your entire work force.

FMLA tracking. Giving employees direct access to this information. Ascentis HR is an easy-to-use. employees have access to their own data and can manage it themselves. Ascentis HR also features COBRA administration. When linked dynamically with . Carrier Connect Carrier Connect outputs eligibility information in the government regulated ANSI 834 format.With Ascentis Employee Self-Service. then electronically transfers the data to insurance providers. Wizard-based functionality means Ascentis HR is intuitive and easy to learn and master. plus paycheck info (current and historical) and tax information means you’ll never have to rummage around a personnel file. workflow automation and the hiring process. Rate tables are automatically built into the database and virtually any benefit plan can be created. on-demand HRIS that automates critical HR functions including comprehensive benefits management. payroll connectivity. and benefits management processes. but also dependent information. This isn’t just address and phone numbers. A few examples of traditional and non-traditional benefit plans that can be set up in Ascentis HR include: • Medical • Dental • Disability • 401(k) • Life insurance • Paid employee parking • Health club memberships • Voluntary benefits Additional functions Ascentis HR automates include: • Billing reconciliation • Attendance • Compensation • Open enrollment Ascentis HR fully integrates with Ascentis Payroll and also connects to many leading payroll solutions. The Ascentis HR rules-based benefits engine supports multiple types of employee benefits. and supports automated employee correspondence. direct deposit data. All employee information is maintained in a single database that’s instantly accessible and always up-to-date. Description Ascentis HR Designed especially for medium-sized companies.

Employee Self-Service Ascentis Employee Self Service (Ascentis ESS) gives employees immediate access to all of their personal HR. freeing HR staff to focus on other responsibilities. The company leave calendar enables managers to allocate resources more effectively. Accuracy of enrollment data is guaranteed as employees are inputting their own data electronically. Payroll Connect Payroll Connect allows HR departments to easily connect to many leading payroll solutions. MSS simplifies and expedites communication through automation. Alerts The Alerts tool pro-actively monitors HR and benefits information and keeps HR managers ahead of employees’ needs. Additional Ascentis HR software features include: • 300+ reports with step-by-step instructions for creating unlimited custom reports • Import and export capabilities to reduce data entry time and data duplication errors • 30 standard e-mail alerts to keep HR managers ahead of employees’ needs • Electronic transfer of enrollment data to both HIPAA and non-HIPAA insurance carriers • Licensed purchasing options are also available for customers who prefer on-site data management Manager Self-Service MSS automates workflows and delivers data for better decisions Through MSS. everyone in the process is fully informed. resource utilization and more. managers can quickly and easily access pertinent employee information from anywhere. ESS allows you to conduct open enrollment online. Every workflow action in MSS triggers an automated e-mail to affected approvers so a task is never overlooked. and updates information directly to the payroll system. Ascentis Time provides the tools that assist companies in managing labor costs. benefits. MSS also offers workflow capabilities that allow HR to create flexible approval processes that fit within existing company guidelines. Compa-ratio metrics and salary modeling tools assist managers in making equitable salary decisions while gauging the organizational and budgetary implications of their decisions. The amount of paperwork generated in traditional benefits enrollment is staggering. . employee scheduling. Employees are instantly notified when an action is taken on their leave requests. thus eliminating the cumbersome and inaccurate paper process. Data for multiple employees can be analyzed and compared simultaneously. The simplicity of Ascentis ESS drastically reduces the call volume to both the human resources and payroll departments. Payroll Connect automatically compares data from Ascentis HR against the payroll provider’s database. Carrier Connect virtually eliminates data errors and offers a truly paperless open enrollment environment. and payroll information via the Web. eligibility and COBRA reminders. Ascentis Time Fully integrated with Ascentis HR and Payroll. Managers can initiate and approve changes within MSS.Ascentis Employee Self-Service. When managers add comments to a decision. Popular Alerts include birthday.

• Up to 15 labor levels . • Employees can clock in/out from many data collection methods. Ascentis Payroll Ascentis Payroll stands out from traditional payroll systems by providing real-time payroll processing services. online recruiting and applicant tracking system that automates the job posting and candidate sourcing process. • Three levels of approval . and more with Ascentis Employee Self Service Enjoy the many benefits of Ascentis Payroll processing services: .employee. Ascentis Recruiting allows you to embed an application portal right into your corporate website. With a visually appealing interface and intuitive. saving time and ensuring data accuracy. • Automatic tracking of employee attendance. pre. detailed. tax simulation tool. your applicants will experience the kind of high-end application environment that they have come to expect from the world's most prestigious employers. supervisor and administrator. Ascentis Recruiting saves HR managers time and money by making the process much more efficient. • Powerful security configurations.the most in the industry. progressive data-gathering processes.Ascentis Time provides organizations with a user-friendly self-service portal completely automating the labor management process. • Robust reporting Ascentis Recruiting Ascentis Recruiting is a full-featured. Ascentis time features: • Comprehensive integration with Ascentis HR.and post-processing audit reports Ascentis Payroll services include: • Custom reporting and custom programming • Interfaces to time and attendance systems • Interfaces to 401(k) and GL files • Full integration with Ascentis HR • Interfaces to other human resource management software solutions • Tax service (all current state and local taxes are built into the system) • Garnishments and other 3rd party checks • Direct Deposit • Check Printing • Paystub viewing. W-2 generation. Real-time payroll processing services: • No need to transmit data to a processing center • No need to wait for batch processing (MC1) to be completed • No batch uploads • No transmission windows • Audit payroll before creating checks rather than having to correct mistakes afterwards – ensuring 100% accuracy • Instantaneous. In addition. • Web-based time sheet submittal. • Configurable work and accrual rules. Correctly matching the most qualified candidates. and using powerful workflows to automate the application process.

pdf Payroll_Connect. 10am PDT/1pm EST) Feature Sheets:             Ascentis Employee Self-Service Ascentis_HR.pdf Alerts. 26. 10am PDT/1pm EST) Impacting the Bottom Line by Building a Customer Service Culture (Thurs. 10am PDT/1pm EST) Form 941: All You Need to Know (Thurs.pdf Applicant_Manager. March 28. March 14.pdf Ascentis Recruiting.pdf Press Release:  Ascentis' Latest HRIS Release Introduces Mobile-Optimized Capabilities and Powerful HR Analytics White Papers:    Evaluating Workforce Management Solutions Web-Based Online Open Enrollment: How a Paperless Process Saves Time. Feb.pdf Ascentis One Page Brochure.pdf Carrier_Connect.pdf Advantages_on-demand_HR_software.pdf Ascentis_Manager_Self_Service.pdf Ascentis_Payroll.pdf Ascentis_Time.• The control of an in-house payroll solution with the benefits of a hosted payroll solution • Unlimited flexibility by creating custom tabs to communicate employee information • Full integration between Ascentis Payroll and Ascentis HR simplifies the payroll process by eliminating redundancy and minimizing inaccurate information • Eliminate extra paperwork and data entry errors by deploying Ascentis Employee Self Service • Outstanding customer service • Well controlled risk free conversions • Dedicated customer service representatives Free RCH Credited Webinars:     Just Because You're Talking Doesn't Mean You're Communicating! (Tues. ELiminates Errors and Increases Employee Satisfaction Cost Savings in Automating HR and Benefits Vendor Success Stories: . March 21. 10am PDT/1pm EST) Best Practices for Developing Female Employees and Leaders (Thurs.

Features Payroll Attendance Employee Self Service Canadian Benefit Open Enrollment Recruiting Email Alerts Multi Currency Time Collection Number of Installs 1400 Years in Business 33 Purchase Options Subscription Service (AKA Saas or PEPM) Licensed Purchase Licensed Hosted Specifications Software Name Company Version Website Epicor HCM Epicor Software 2011 Epicor HCM (epicor. formerly marketed as HROffice. is one of the most user- Epicor's enterprise software BambooHR's human Company solutions provide the scalability resource software is a Description and flexibility to meet today's refreshingly BambooHR BambooHR BambooHR (bamboohr. .  Ascentis Grows Annual Contract Value (ACV) by 54% and Makes JMP Hotlist 100 Award 2nd Year in a Row Ascentis HR and Payroll Success Stories HRIS System Reviews – Read reviews or let others know what you think about Ascentis HR and Payroll by using the visitor HRIS/HRMS Product Reviews page of our Ascentis HR Ascentis Software Corporation Ascentis HR ( Ascentis HR.

Epicor offers a comprehensive range of services with its enterprise software. friendly HR information systems on the market. optimized. Epicor provides a full enterprise software solution portfolio offering the scalability and flexibility to meet today's business challenges and opportunities. Ascentis offers a wide variety of HR applications on-demand to fit your uniq . providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of challenges. while empowering your organization for unparalleled success. while empowering enterprises for even greater success tomorrow. you†™ made ve an excellent investment € ” for the short and long term.When you implement an Epicor enterprise software solution built on Epicor True SOA and the Microsoft . and affordable solution for small business. Designed for mid-sized companies with 100 to 2. We provide an exceptional experience via the right features for small businesses with unparalleled support.NET Framework.500 employees.