Samba Panda Credit Card Agreement, Approved by the Shariah Supervisory Board

Executed by Consumer Assets Business, Supervised by Islamic Banking Group in Samba

‫ﺑﻄﺎﻗﺔ ﺳﺎﻣﺒﺎ ﺑﻨﺪه اﻟﺨﻴﺮ اﻻﺋﺘﻤﺎﻧﻴﺔ‬

Samba Panda Al Khair Credit Card

Praise is due to Allah, Blessing and Peace be upon Prophet Mohammed, His Family and all His Companions.
This credit card agreement (‘agreement’) is entered into this .................................. day of ....................................., ......................................., by and between:
1. Asset Business at Samba Financial Group, a joint stock company incorporated under the laws of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia with Commercial Registration No.CR1010035319, having its
head office at King Abdulaziz Road, P.O Box 833,Riyadh 1142 Saudi Arabia and its successor in interest, represented herein by Mr. .................................................................................., in his/her
capacity as ...................................................................................... (The First Party-the Seller)
2. Mr. .................................................................................................................. address .............................................................. National Identity card number, residence or passport .................................................
(The Second Party-the Buyer)
Whereas the Card Member wishes to obtain credit from Samba through Samba Panda Credit Card (VisaCard) (the “Card”) as well as the related Samba Phone and ATM Services, and wishes
from time to time to finance his/her purchases through Tawaroq transactions based on the Tawaroq model approved by the Samba Shariah Supervisory Board.
Therefore, in their legal and lawful capacity, the two parties enter into the Agreement in accordance with the following terms and conditions for the Card:
1- The above preamble is an integral part of this Agreement.
2- SAMBA guarantees the Card Member in paying his/her purchases from all merchants and organizations that accept the Card, provided none of the articles below are violated.
3- Upon acceptance of the Card Member’s application, the Card may be collected by the Card Member or sent by post to the Card Member’s mailing address at the Card Member’s risk.
Upon receipt, the Card Member shall immediately sign the signature space thereon.
3.1 The Card Member can activate his Card by calling Samba Phone or visiting any Samba branch.
3.2 The Card Member may, at SAMBA’s discretion, get supplementary cards (the “Supplementary Cards”) for immediate relatives over 18 years of age. The Card Member shall honor all
obligations incurred on the Supplementary Card(s).
3.3 The Card Member accepts full responsibility for all transactions processed by use of his / her Cards / Supplementary Cards to effect banking transactions by electronic means or
otherwise and that SAMBA’s records thereof shall be binding on the Card Member. The Card Member shall settle all his / her disputes with the merchants with no responsibility to SAMBA.
3.4 SAMBA shall debit the Card Member’s Card Account (the “Card Account”) with the amounts of all Card transactions, membership fees, other fees (including legal fees), and other
liabilities incurred by the Card Member as well as actual loss or damage incurred by SAMBA arising from the use of the Card. The Card Member shall pay to SAMBA all amounts to
be debited regardless of whether a sale or cash advance voucher is signed by the Card Member net of existing or future taxes and charges whatsoever.
3.5 The Card Member agrees that SAMBA may at any time and without prior notice, set off any money in any Card Member’s account with SAMBA, against all sums due to SAMBA.
4- The Card Member may use his Card for withdrawing cash. The Card Member will be responsible to bear any charges and fees caused by performing such transactions, however, no
interest shall be applied against the Card.
5- The Card Member undertakes not to use his Card in purchasing any goods or services that are against the Islamic Shariah rules e.g. buying alcoholic drink, pork products or gambling.
6- Settlement of the Card Account:
6.1 In addition to the amount credited to the Card Account, as a result of the Tawaroq transaction, the Card Member shall make a monthly payment on his/her Card. The minimum
payment due shown on the Card Member’s statement will be the minimum amount payable each month on or before the payment due date.
6.2 If the minimum payment amount due is not paid on its due date then the full amount due will become payable and Samba has the option, at its discretion to block the Card, and if
the Card Member continues not to pay, the Card will be cancelled. A new Card shall not be issued unless the full amount due is paid, however, SAMBA may, at its sole discretion,
offer the Card Member a chance to settle the Card Account by entering a Tawaroq transaction with him to avoid cancellation of the Card.
6.3 If the Card’s total spending limit is exceeded, the exceeded amount will be due immediately and SAMBA will have the right to cancel the Card and a new Card will not be issued until
the full amount due is fully paid.
6.4 The amount generated from the Tawaroq transaction will be held by SAMBA for payment of amounts due against the Card.
6.5 The Card Account will be credited, and the credit limit shall be increased, only after the cleared funds are received by SAMBA either for the direct payment of purchases and fees
or for the payment of the Tawaroq monthly installment. Credits to the Card Account, will be made only when SAMBA receives a properly issued credit voucher.
6.6 In case the Card Member fails to make payment on or before the due date for two consecutive months, no Tawaroq transaction shall be executed and all amounts due from the
Card Member shall become immediately payable to SAMBA.
6.7 In case of death of the Card Member, SAMBA shall have the right to demand that his/her inheritance settle the amounts due immediately. If the Card Member declares bankruptcy
all amounts due from the Card Member shall become immediately payable to SAMBA.
6.8 Subject to applicable regulatory requirements, SAMBA shall have the absolute right to determine the cash advance level which is subject to change based on the Card Member’s
credit history as well as his/her credit behavior that is determined by SAMBA’s records..
6.9 The Card Member expressly acknowledges that the books and records of SAMBA shall be the only acceptable evidence that shall verify the exact amount of the Card Member’s debt.
6.10 Settlement of debit balances on the Card Account shall be made on the basis of minimum payment instructions. The option of settling the balances by a single full payment is
available to the Card Member upon request, however, if the Card Account with SAMBA has insufficient funds to cover the outstanding amount due on the payment due date, SAMBA
will apply what is mentioned in Article 6.2 above.
7- The Card Member shall immediately notify SAMBA, in writing, if his/her address, place of residence, or place of work has changed. The Card Member also commits to notify SAMBA, in
writing, if his/her current employment is terminated for any reason.
8- The Card Member shall keep the Card(s) in safe custody and shall immediately notify SAMBA, by telephone and confirm the same in writing by fax or hand delivery, if any of the Cards
is lost or stolen.
9- The Card Member may at any time terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice to SAMBA; to be effective only on receipt of all Cards / Supplementary Card(s) by SAMBA cut in
half and on payment of all Card Member’s liabilities.
10- SAMBA may at any time terminate this Agreement and recall all Cards (which are deemed to be SAMBA’s Property) without any responsibility towards, or prior notice to the Card
Member. The Card Member shall immediately return all Cards cut in half to SAMBA. If this Agreement is terminated, all the outstanding balance in the Card Account shall become
immediately due and payable to SAMBA.
11- In the event if the Card Member loses his / her residency status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SAMBA has the right to cancel his / her Card and request the Card Member to pay all
amounts due to SAMBA.
12- SAMBA may at any time and without prior written notice to the Card Member modify or change any terms herein. However, post any such change, SAMBA will notify the Card Member
about the changes and the Card Member, if he/she does not accept the changes, then he/she must within 10 days of receipt of the notification of such changes, inform SAMBA in writing
and cancel the Card and terminate this Agreement as per Article 9.0 above. The retention of the Card by the Card Member after the effective date of such change shall constitute the
Card Member’s implicit and unconditional acceptance thereof.
13- Any notice required from SAMBA hereunder shall be deemed valid if mailed to the address given by the Card Member or by any suitable means at SAMBA’s discretion, and, as such,
shall be fully binding.
14- In the event of a discrepancy between the amount of any cash deposit as stated by the Card Member and SAMBA’s counting, SAMBA’s counting shall prevail. The Card Member shall be
notified of any such discrepancy.
15- The Card Member agrees to provide SAMBA with any information that it requires for the establishing and/or auditing and/or administrating the Card Account and facilities therewith.
And the Card Member authorizes SAMBA to obtain and collect any information, as it deems necessary or in need for regarding the Card Member, his accounts and facilities therewith,
from the Saudi Credit Bureau (Simah) and to disclose that information to the said company (Simah) or to any other agency approved by Saudi Monetary Agency (SAMA).
16- SAMBA may at any time, assign any of its rights hereunder to any other party without notice to, or seeking consent of, the Card Member.
17- The Card Member understands and consents that information, such as his / her name and address, maybe provided to certain external firms that SAMBA deems reputable and that
may use the information for marketing purposes to offer products or services. If SAMBA is required by law to disclose certain Card Member information, SAMBA will comply.
18- To avail Samba Phone and / or ATM Services (the ”Services”), the Card Member shall select at any SAMBA branch or through Samba Phone, a secret code subject to the terms set forth
herein below.
18.1 Instructions given on Samba Phone (pursuant to the use of the secret code, being in lieu of physical signature), shall be binding on the Card Member even if alleged to be given by
another person, and shall be conclusively relied upon by SAMBA.
18.2 The Card Member shall not disclose the secret code to anyone; otherwise the Card Member shall solely be responsible for any and all consequences thereof. If the Card Member
believes that such disclosure has taken place, he / she shall promptly notify SAMBA and have the said numbers changed. It is advisable to change the secret code on a regular
basis, usage of two or more consecutive identical numbers, usage of leading or trailing blanks and, generally, easily identifiable numbers are to be avoided.
18.3 SAMBA has the absolute right not to act on any Samba Phone or ATM instructions and / or to request a prior written confirmation. SAMBA may tape, or record the phone
conversation or microfilm the ATM instructions. Such taping, recording and microfilming shall be conclusive evidence of the contents thereof and can be used for all purposes
including legal proceedings.
18.4 SAMBA shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense (direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise) incurred by the Card Member due to SAMBA acting / not acting on any
Samba Phone or ATM instructions; or due to the Card Member failing to avail the Services for any reason inside or outside Saudi Arabia; including, without limitation, the failure to
comply with any term(s) hereof. The Card Member will be responsible for compensating SAMBA against such losses, damages and expenses that are due to the consequence of his
18.5 The instructions pertinent hereto are contained in a separate Users Guide, which SAMBA may change at any time without prior notice. More products may be added by SAMBA in
the future. Such changes and additions shall be communicated to and be binding on the Card Member. In relation hereto, SAMBA may, in addition to or in lieu of the secret code
use its own internal manual verification procedures.
18.6 SAMBA is entitled to, impose fees / charges as it deems appropriate for the Samba Phone and ATM Services after advising the Card Member and not receiving any objection during
the period stated in the advice, at any time SAMBA is hereby authorized to, directly and without recourse to the Card Member, debit any of the Card Member’s accounts with SAMBA
for such fees / charges; as the same is reflected in the monthly statements. The monthly statements shall be deemed final and correct unless objected to in writing by the Card
Member within 30 days.
19- This Agreement is governed by the applicable Saudi Laws and / or the laws of the jurisdiction where any transaction hereunder is made and must also not violate Islamic Shariah rules.
The SAMA Committee for Banking Disputes hereto shall finally settle disputes between the two parties.
20- The Card Member gives SAMBA irrevocable standing instructions to enter into Tawaroq transactions based on the Tawaroq model approved by the SAMBA Shariah Supervisory Board
(where SAMBA sells to the Card Member a commodity on deferred payment basis and as agent of the Card Member, sells the commodity on cash basis to a third party at the then
prevailing market price) on or after the payment due date of each month to offset the outstanding amount due if the Card Members fails to contact SAMBA to give instructions to
execute a Tawaroq transaction in any month, on or before the payment due date; the Tawaroq transaction documents will be maintained by SAMBA Consumer Asset Business (CAB);
This standing instruction is valid for as long as the Card Agreement is in effect.
21- If at any time any provision or term of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, such provision or term shall be deemed to be deleted from this
Agreement. Illegality, invalidity, on unenforceability of provision or term hereof shall not affect the legality, validity, on enforceability of this Agreement.
22- The exchange rate between the transaction currency and the billing currency is based on the wholesale market rate.
23- The Card Member understands and acknowledges that SAMBA is not responsible for any defects / interruptions in the services being provided by Samba and accordingly all Samba
service related queries should be directed towards Samba only and; Panda is not responsible for any defects / interruptions in services being provided by Samba and accordingly all
SAMBA service related problems should be directed to SAMBA only .
24- For Card Members using Taqseet program, the entire outstanding amount on Taqseet will become due for immediate payment in case the Card Member becomes delinquent in the
card payment.
25- The card member agrees that SAMBA may contact his/her relatives without informing card holder in case Samba finds its hard to communicate with card holder directly, either
because lack of response at the contact phone numbers provided by card holder, or his/her new contact numbers in case those numbers have been changed/become invalid. The
second party will be responsible for any consequences in this respect.
26- The bank has the right to freeze the account upon the expiration of the customer‘s ID or when customer does not update his personal data and information, addresses,income sources
and signature. I understand and commits my self for updating my personal data when requested by the bank or for period (as specified by the bank) not exceeding 5 years.I also
undertake to provide renewed ID upon expiration of the existing ID , and I acknowledge that if I fail to do so ,the bank will have the right to freeze my account.
27- Credit shield terms & conditions:
A) Credit Shield Group Credit Insurance covers all of participants of Samba Credit Shield Program
B) Sum covered is outstanding balance of participant
C) Events coverd:
i. Death due to accident or sickness
ii. Total permanent disability due to accident or sickness unless excluded as defined herein
D) Entry Age into Scheme:
i. Maximum age is sixty (60) years based on Gregorian calendar
ii Maximum age is twenty (20) years based on Gregorian calendar
E) Termination age:
Cover shall terminate upon participant attaining the age of sixty five(65) years
F) For any clarification call SambaPhone (8001242000)
28- I declare that I am not legally prohibited to be dealt with and I would be liable in front of the competent authorities for the funds deposited to my account by myself, or deposited by
other with or without my knowledge. I would be also liable whether or not I subsequently disposed personally of these funds, but failed to formally report to the bank the existence
of such funds. All funds deposited to my account are from legal sources and I am liable for their being free from any forgery or counterfeiting, and that if the bank receives from me
any counterfeit notes, which will not be refunded or compensated to me by the bank.
29- Please refer to Disclosure Statement below, for Cost of Credit table, a summary of charges as well as examples of Mark up and Foreign Exchange transactions.
Type of Fee

Samba Panda Al Khair Credit Card

Annual Membership (Primary)
Annual Membership (Supplementary)
Annual Membership (Low Limit Card)


Returned Cheque

SR 50 per incidence

Mark-up Margin % /per month


Cash Withdrawal

SR 75

International Transaction

Up to 2.75%

Management Fee


Monthly Minimum Payment

5% of the total due amount, or SR 200, whichever is the higher

Disputed Transaction

SR 250 will be charged for investigating disputed transactions if the result is against the Card Member.

Late Payment

SR 100 to SR 450 depending on the CardMember’s outstanding

Over the limit

If the card limit is exceeded, the excess amount shall become due immediately,
and the card shall become deactivated, and reactivation fee will be charged as below.

Card Reactivation Fee

SR 75

a) The tenor of the installment sale of an executed Tawaroq transaction is 1 month at a profit margin of 2.5 %.
b) Mark-up is in Tawaroq charged by the Bank on the Tawaroq amount which is equal to the unpaid statement balance. To avoid any charging of Mark-up, please pay full amount within
the due date.
c) For every 100 Riyals spent using your Samba Panda Card, card members earn two (2) points for purchases at Panda Outlets, and one (1) point on all purchases outside Panda outlets.
d) The Card Holder is required to make a purchase at Panda or Hyper Panda to redeem the points with a minimum of 100 points. The points will expire at the end of 4 years from the
last month of the year.
e) The Card holder is eligible to redeem the points displayed in his last statement only.
f) The Annual fee redemption will expire at the end of 1 year of the voucher issuance date.

Agency Form

I hereby irrevocably assign Messrs / Office of Abdulaziz Al Qasim for Legal & Shariah Consultation as my agents for purchasing commodities from Samba Consumer Assets Business (CAB)
on installment basis for the purpose of entering into Tawaroq transactions in the event that there is an outstanding balance against my Samba Panda Credit Card on or past the payment
due date of every month as per the bank's records.
I also irrevocably assign Samba CAB as my agent for the purpose of selling the commodities purchased from Samba CAB to a third party, and give Samba CAB the right to appoint another
party as agent of Samba CAB to carry out the sale transaction at the then prevailing market price.
Card Member Name: ......................................................................................................





The Tawaroq markup is calculated on the payment due date, on the unpaid principal balance.
If the Card Member has his billing statement generated 15th day of every month and he does the following transactions between the period 15th November and 15th December in a year.
• Retail purchases for SAR 5,000 on 20th November
• Cash withdrawal for SAR 7,000 on 10th December
Assuming No Previous Balance carried forward from the 15th November statement, the Card Member will get his 15th December statement showing SAR.12,000 of transactions. The Card
Member needs to make payment against the outstanding 21 days from the Statement Date, for anything between the entire amount or 5% of the amount outstanding.
In case the balance outstanding on the statement date is paid in full by the payment due date, No Tawaroq will be entered into and hence no Markup is charged on such balances.
In case a payment of e.g. SAR 3600 is received for the account the Tawaroq Markup is calculated as follows:
• Tawaroq Markup charged in December Statement = Zero
• Tawaroq Markup charged in January Statement = (SAR 12000 - SAR 3600) X 2.5% = SAR 210
Markup on Foreign Transactions
A Markup of 2.75% is charged on the Foreign Transactions.
Transaction Amount: 1000
Transaction Currency: A
Conversion Rate from Currency A to SAR: 4.5
SAR Amount = 1000 X 4.5 = SAR 4500
Foreign Transaction Markup: SAR 4500 * 2.75% = SAR 123.75
The conversion from Foreign Currency to Saudi Riyal is done by the respective schemes that is VISA / MasterCard as per their prevailing rates for that day.
Card Member can view the above Disclosure statement on
The cash back reward will expire at the end of 2 years from the last month of the year.

º«MôdG øªMôdG ˆG º°ùH

áYƒªéª∏d á«Yô°ûdG áHÉbôdG áÄ«g øe Ióªà©ŸG á«fɪàF’G √óæH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£H á«bÉØJG
ÉÑeÉ°ùH á«eÓ°SE’G á«aô°üŸG äÉeóÿG áYƒª› ±Gô°TEG â– »°üî°ûdG ¿ÉªàF’G IQGOEG ÉgòØæJ

,,, ó©H h Ú©ªLCG ¬Ñë°U h ¬dBG h óªfi Éæ«Ñf ≈∏Y ΩÓ°ùdG h IÓ°üdG h ,ÚŸÉ©dG ÜQ ˆ óª◊G
: øe πc ÚH á«bÉØJE’G √òg âeôHCG `g 14 / / ïjQÉJ Ωƒj ‘ ¬fEG
õjõ©dGóÑY ∂∏ŸG ≥jôW »°ù«FôdG õcôŸG ¿GƒæYh 1010035319 ºbQ …QÉŒ πé°ùH (ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áµ∏ªŸG ‘ É¡H ∫ƒª©ŸG ÚfGƒ≤dÉH πª©J, áªgÉ°ùe ájOƒ©°S ácô°T) .á«dÉŸG ÉÑeÉ°S áYƒª› ‘ »°üî°ûdG ¿ÉªàF’G IQGOEG-1
á«bÉØJ’G ΩGôHG ‘ ¬∏ãÁh π«ãªàdÉH ¬Ø∏îëj øeh ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áµ∏ªŸG 11421 ¢VÉjôdG 833 Ü ¢U
(ÉÑeÉ°S) ™FÉÑdG ∫hC’G ±ô£dG .......................................... ¬àØ°üH ........................................................................................................................ / ó«°ùdG -1
RGƒ÷G hCG áeÉbC’G hCG ∫GƒMC’G ábÉ£H ºbQ ........................................ á«°ùæ÷G ...................................................................................................................... / ó«°ùdG -2
(ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ÊÉãdG ±ô£dG ) ............................... ¿Éµ°S øe .......................................................
äÉeóN h ÊhεdE’G ±ô°üdG ä’BG äÉeóNh ‘ô°üŸG ÉÑeÉ°S ∞JÉg äÉeóN ¤EG áaÉ°VE’ÉH (''ábÉ£ÑdG'') (OQÉc Gõ«a ) á«fɪàF’G √óæH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£H ∫ÓN øe (ÉÑeÉ°S) øe ¿ÉªàFG ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°ü◊G ‘ ÖZôj ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¿EG å«M
á«bÉØJG ‘ ∫ƒNódG ≈∏Y Ék eɶfh Ék Yô°T IÈà©ŸG ádÉ◊ÉH ɪgh ¿Éaô£dG ≥ØJG ó≤a Gòd .á«Yô°ûdG áHÉbôdG áÄ«g πÑb øe Ióªà©ŸG ¥QƒàdG á«dBG ΩGóîà°SÉH É¡JÉjΰûe/¬JÉjΰûe πjƒ“ ‘ ôNB’ âbh øe ÖZôjh ,á∏°üdG äGP âfÎfE’G
:á«dÉàdG ΩɵMC’Gh •hô°ûdG ≥ah ábÉ£ÑdG
.á«bÉØJ’G √òg øe CGõéàj ’ Gk AõL √ÓYCG 󫡪àdG Èà©j -1
.ábÉ£ÑdG √ò¡H πeÉ©àdG πÑ≤J »àdG äÉ°ù°SDƒŸG h QÉéàdG øe ¬JÉjΰûe ᪫b OGó°S ‘ ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y á«bÉØJ’G √òg ΩɵMCG ™e ¢VQÉ©àj ’ Éà ÉÑeÉ°S πصj -2
.∂dòd ¢ü°üîŸG ¿ÉµŸG ‘ Gk Qƒa ™«bƒàdÉH Ωƒ≤j ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©dG º∏°ùJ óæYh ¬à«dƒÄ°ùe ≈∏Yh ¬fGƒæY ¤EG ójÈdÉH É¡dÉ°SQEG ºàj hCG ábÉ£ÑdG º∏°ùàH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωƒ≤j ¿CG øµÁ ,ájƒ°†©dG Ö∏W ∫ƒÑb ºàj ÉeóæY -3
.´hôØdG óMCG ≥jôW øY hCG Iô°TÉÑe ÉeEG ∂æÑdÉH ÊÉéŸG ∞JÉ¡dÉH ∫É°üJ’G ≥jôW øY ábÉ£ÑdG 𫨰ûJ AóÑH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωƒ≤j 1-3
™«ªéH AÉaƒdÉH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωõà∏j h .ôª©dG øe áæ°S (18) Iô°ûY áæeÉãdG ¥ƒa ºg ø‡ øjô°TÉÑŸG ¬HQÉbC’ (''á«aÉ°VE’G äÉbÉ£ÑdG'') á«aÉ°VEG äÉbÉ£H ≈∏Y π°üëj ¿CG ,ÉÑeÉ`°S á≤aGƒe ≈∏Y AÉæH ,ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d Rƒéj 2-3
.á«aÉ°VE’G äÉbÉ£ÑdG / ábÉ£ÑdG ∂∏J øY áÄ°TÉædG äÉeGõàd’G
äÓé°S ¿ƒµJ ¿CG ô≤j ɪc ,É¡aÓN hCG á«fhεdE’G πFÉ°SƒdÉH ᫵æH äÉeóN ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d á«aÉ°VE’G äÉbÉ£ÑdG hCG á°UÉÿG É¡àbÉ£H / ¬àbÉ£H ∫ɪ©à°SÉH ºàJ »àdG äÉ«∏ª©dG ™«ªL øY á«dhDƒ°ùŸG πeÉc ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y πªëàj 3-3
.ÉÑeÉ`°S ≈∏Y á«dƒÄ°ùe ¿hóH QÉéàdG ™e É¡JÉYRÉæe / ¬JÉYRÉæe ™«ªL ájƒ°ùàH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωƒ≤j h .¬d áeõ∏eh á«FÉ¡f äÉ«∏ª©dG ∂∏àH á°UÉÿG ÉÑeÉ°S
ÉÑeÉ`°S Égóѵàj á«∏©a QGô°VCG ájCG ᪫bh á«aÉ°VE’G ábÉ£ÑdG øY áÄ°TÉædG äÉeGõàd’G h (á«fƒfÉ≤dG ∞jQÉ°üŸG á∏eÉ°T) É¡H á≤∏©àŸG iôNC’G ∞jQÉ°üŸGh ájƒ°†©dG ∞jQÉ°üeh ábÉ£ÑdG äÉ«∏ªY ≠dÉÑe ™«ªL ÉÑeÉ`°S º°üîj 4-3
…ó≤f Öë°S hCG AGô°T IQƒJÉa ≈∏Y ™bh ób ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y øµj ⁄ ƒdh ≈àM ∂æÑ∏d √ÓYCG IQƒcòŸG ≠dÉÑŸG ™«ªL ™aóH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωõà∏j ɪc .(''ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM'') ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM øe ∂dP h ;ábÉ£ÑdG ä’ɪ©à°SEG áé«àf
.ΩRÓdG ≥≤ëàdG AGôLEG ó©H ∂dP h
.ÉÑeÉ°S iód ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d ÜÉ°ùM …CG ‘ IOƒLƒe ≠dÉÑe ájCG øe ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y á≤ëà°ùe ≠dÉÑe ájCG º°üîH Iô°TÉÑe ΩÉ«≤dG ,É¡d / ¬d ≥Ñ°ùe QÉ©°TEG ¤EG áLÉ◊G ¿hOh ôNB’ âbh øe ,ÉÑeÉ°ùd Rƒéj ¬fCG ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≥aGƒj 5-3
.ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y ᫵æH ä’ƒªY …CG ≥Ñ£J ød ¬fG á¶MÓe ™e , äÉ«∏ª©dG √òg øY èàæJ Ωƒ°SQ …CG øY ’k hDƒ°ùe Èà©j h …ó≤ædG Öë°ù∏d ¬àbÉ£H ΩGóîà°SG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d øµÁ -4
.Qɪ≤dG hCG ôjõæÿG äÉéàæe hCG äGôµ°ùŸG AGô°ûc á«eÓ°SE’G á©jô°ûdG ΩɵMCG ™e ¢VQÉ©àJ äÉeóN hCG äÉjΰûe ò«ØæJ ‘ ¬àbÉ£H ΩGóîà°SG Ωó©H ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωõà∏j -5
:ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM ájƒ°ùJ -6
øµÁ ≠∏Ñe πbG πãÁ …òdGh ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûc ‘ í°VƒŸG ≈fOC’G ≠∏ÑŸG »gh É¡àbÉ£H / ¬àbÉ£H ‘ ájô¡°T á©aO AGOCG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y ¿EÉa ¥QƒàdG á«∏ªY øY œÉædG ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM ‘ ´OƒŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ¤EG áaÉ°VE’ÉH 1-6
.™aó∏d OóëŸG ïjQÉàdG ∫ƒ∏M óæY hCG πÑb Éq jô¡°T ¬dƒÑb
Ωƒ≤«°S ™aódG ΩóY QGôªà°SG ∫ÉM ‘h ,∂dP ÉÑeÉ°S äCÉJQG GPEG ,ábÉ£ÑdG ±É≤jEG ™e ,áHƒ∏£ŸG á«fƒjóŸG πeɵH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ÖdÉ£j ±ƒ°ùa ,™aó∏d OóëŸG ïjQÉàdG ∫ƒ∏M óæY ¬©aO ܃∏£ŸG ≈fOC’G ≠∏ÑŸG ™aO ΩóY ádÉM ‘ 2-6
.≠∏ÑŸG πeÉc OGó°S ó©H ’EG á∏jóH ábÉ£H QGó°UEG ºàj ød h ábÉ£ÑdG AɨdEÉH ÉÑeÉ°S
ójó°ùJ ºàj ≈àM IójóL ábÉ£H QGó°UEG ºàj ødh ábÉ£ÑdG AɨdEG ºà«°S …QƒØdG OGó°ùdG ΩóY ∫ÉM ‘h ábÉ£ÑdG ±É≤jEÉH ÉÑeÉ°S Ωƒ≤j ±ƒ°S h , Gk Qƒa ™aódG ≥ëà°ùe ¿ƒµ«°S RhÉéàŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ¿EÉa ÊɪàF’G ó◊G RhÉŒ ” GPEG 3-6
.áHƒ∏£ŸG á«fƒjóŸG πeÉc
.ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ÜÉ°ùM ‘ ´Oƒj ∂dP øY OGR Éeh ábÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y á≤ëà°ùŸG ≠dÉÑŸG á«£¨àd ¬jód ¥QƒàdG á«∏ªY ò«ØæJ øe á∏°üëŸG ≠dÉÑŸG ÉÑeÉ°S »≤Ñ«°S 4-6
.»eɶf πµ°ûH QOÉ°U øFGO QÉ©°TE’ ÉÑeÉ°S º∏°ùJ ó©H §≤a ÜÉ°ù◊G ídÉ°üd ó«≤J ±ƒ°S ,ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM ‘ ´OƒJ ≠dÉÑe …CG ¿EG 5-6
.Gk Qƒa ™aódG ádÉM ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y á≤ëà°ùŸG ≠dÉÑŸG πc ¿ƒµà°Sh ¥QƒJ äÉ«∏ªY …CG Ö∏W ¬æe πÑ≤j ø∏a, Ú«dÉààe øjô¡°ûd ¥É≤ëà°S’G Ωƒj ‘ ¬«∏Y á≤ëà°ùŸG ≠dÉÑŸG ™aO ‘ 𫪩dG π°ûa ádÉM ‘ 6-6
íÑ°üJ ±ƒ°S ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y á≤ëà°ùŸG ≠dÉÑŸG ™«ªL ¿EÉa ,¬°SÓaEG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ø∏©j ¿CG ∫ÉM ‘h ,ábÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG πeɵH ácÎdÉH ≥∏©àe á«fƒjóŸG OGó°S ‘ ∂æÑdG ≥M ¿EÉa ,ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y IÉah ádÉM ‘ 7-6
.Gk Qƒa ™aódG á≤ëà°ùe
.∂æÑdG äÓé°S ∫ÓN øe ¬à©HÉàe øe ô¡¶j Ée Ö°ùM ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d ÊɪàF’G ∑ƒ∏°ùdG ≈∏Y Ak ÉæH ábÉ£Ñ∏d ¬H 샪°ùŸG …ó≤ædG Öë°ùdG óM Ú«©J ‘ ≥◊G πeÉc ÉÑeÉ°ùd ,¬∏°üdG äGP ᫪«¶æàdG íFGƒ∏d Éq ≤«Ñ£J 8-6
.ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y øjód í«ë°üdG ≠∏Ѫ∏d ∫ƒÑ≤e äÉÑKEG »g ÉÑeÉ°S äÓé°S ¿ƒµJ ¿CG ≈∏Y
k ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≥aGƒj 9-6
iód ¬HÉ°ùM øe ô°TÉÑŸG º°üî∏d ∂æÑdG ¤EG »HÉàc ¢†jƒØJ ∫É°SQEG ¬«∏©a ≠∏ÑŸG πeÉc ™aO QÉ«N ΩGóîà°SÉH ÉÑeÉ°S ™e ÜÉ°ùM ¬jód …òdG 𫪩dG áÑZQ ∫ÉM ‘h ≥ëà°ùŸG ≈fOC’G ≠∏ÑŸG ™aO QÉ«îH äÉbÉ£ÑdG ™«ªL Qó°üJ 10-6
.√ÓYCG 2-6 Iô≤ØdG ‘ AÉL Ée ¬≤M ‘ ≥Ñ£«°S ÉÑeÉ°S ¿EÉa ¥É≤ëà°S’G Ωƒj ‘ ábÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG á«£¨àd ÉÑeÉ°S ™e ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ÜÉ°ùM ‘ ‘ɵdG ó«°UôdG ôaƒJ ΩóY ádÉM ‘h .ÉÑeÉ°S
.ÖÑ°S …C’ á«dÉ◊G ¬àØ«Xh âØbƒJ GPEG Ék «£N ÉÑeÉ°S QÉ©°TEÉH ó¡©àj ɪc. ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y áØ«Xh hCG ∞JÉg ΩÉbQCG hCG ¿Gƒæ©H ≥∏©àj ɪ«a çó– äGÒ«¨J ájCÉH ÉÑeÉ`°S QÉ©°TEÉH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ó¡©àj -7
.ó«dÉH º«∏°ùàdÉH hCG ¢ùcÉØdÉH »£N OɪàYÉH »ØJÉ¡dG ÆÓÑdG ócDƒj ¿CG h ∞JÉ¡dG ÈY ,ÉÑeÉ`°S QÉ£NEÉH Gk Qƒa ΩÉ«≤dG ¬«∏©a äÉbÉ£ÑdG øe …CG ábô°S hCG ´É«°V ∫ÉM ‘h ,øeBG ¿Éµe ‘ É¡JÉbÉ£H / ¬JÉbÉ£ÑH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ßØàëj -8
∂dPh ÚØ°üf ¤EG áYƒ£≤e á«aÉ°VE’G äÉbÉ£ÑdGh á«°SÉ°SC’G äÉbÉ£ÑdG ™«ª÷ ÉÑeÉ`°S º∏°ùJ ó©H ’EG Gk òaÉf QÉ©°TE’G ∂dP ¿ƒµj ’h ÉÑeÉ`°ùd »£N QÉ©°TEG ÖLƒÃ á«bÉØJ’G √òg AÉ¡fEÉH âbh …CG ‘ Ωƒ≤j ¿CG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d Rƒéj -9
.É¡«∏Y /¬«∏Y á≤ëà°ùe òÄæ«M ¿ƒµJ »àdG ≠dÉÑŸG ™«ªL ™aóH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ΩÉ«b ó©H
Gk Qƒa ΩÉ«≤dG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Yh . É¡d / ¬d ≥Ñ°ùe QÉ©°TEG hCG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y √ÉŒ á«dƒÄ°ùe ájCG ¿hO ∂dPh ÉÑeÉ`°ùd ácƒ∏‡ É¡∏c Èà©J å«M äÉbÉ£ÑdG ™«ªL IOÉ©à°SGh á«bÉØJE’G √òg AÉ¡fEÉH âbh …CG ‘ Ωƒ≤j ¿CG ÉÑeÉ`°ùd Rƒéj -10
Ωƒ°SôdG øe ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¬≤ëà°ùjÉe IOÉYEG ºàj h Gk Qƒa ÉÑeÉ°ùd ™aódG k≥ëà°ùe íÑ°üj ±ƒ°S ábÉ£ÑdG ÜÉ°ùM ‘ øjóŸG ó«°UôdG ™«ªL ¿EÉa ,á«bÉØJE’G √òg AÉ¡fEG ” GPEG .ÉÑeÉ`°ùd ,ÚØ°üf ¤EG áYƒ£≤e ,äÉbÉ£ÑdG ™«ªL IOÉYEÉH
.AɨdE’G ó©H Ée IÎa AÉ≤d
Ée IOÉYEG ºàj h É¡«∏Y /¬«∏Y á≤ëà°ùe ¿ƒµJ »àdG ≠dÉÑŸG ™«ªL OGó°ùH áÑdÉ£ŸG h á«fɪàF’G É¡àbÉ£H / ¬àbÉ£H AÉ`¨dEG ‘ ≥◊G ÉÑeÉ°ùd ¿EÉa ,ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áµ∏ªŸÉH É¡àeÉbEG / ¬àeÉbEG »YGhO ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ó≤a ∫ÉM ‘ -11
.AɨdE’G ó©H Ée IÎa AÉ≤d Ωƒ°SôdG øe ¬≤ëà°ùj
á«∏Y Öé«a Ò«¨àdG ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y á≤aGƒe ΩóY ∫ÉM ‘ ,Ò«¨àdG Gò¡H ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ÆÓHEÉH É≤M’ ÉÑeÉ°S Ωƒ≤j ±ƒ°S .á«bÉØJ’G √òg ΩɵMCG øe …CG πjó©J hCG Ò«¨J ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y QÉ©°TEG ¿hOh âbh …CG ‘ ÉÑeÉ°ùd Rƒéj -12
¬ZÓHEG ïjQÉJ ó©H ¬àbÉ£ÑH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ®ÉØàMG Èà©jh .√ÓYCG (9) IOɪ∏d Éq ≤ah á«bÉØJ’G √òg AÉ¡fEÉH ΩÉ«≤dG hCG ,ábÉ£ÑdG AɨdEGh πjó©àdG QÉ©°TEG áeÓà°SEG øe ΩÉjCG 10 ∫ÓN Ò«¨àdG ∂dP ≈∏Y ¬à≤aGƒe Ωó©H ÉÑeÉ°S ÆÓHEG
.∂dòH ¬ÑfÉL øe •hô°ûe ÒZh ɫ檰V ’ƒÑb Ò«¨àdG ∂dòH
.áÑ°SÉæe ÉÑeÉ`°S ÉgGôj iôNCG á∏«°Sh ájCÉH hCG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ᣰSGƒH ≈£©ŸG ¿Gƒæ©∏d ójÈdÉH ¬dÉ°SQEG ó©H Ék eõ∏eh »eɶf πµ°ûH Ék eó≤e Èà©j á«bÉØJ’G √òg ÖLƒÃ ÉÑeÉ`°S øe Ék Hƒ∏£e ¿ƒµj QÉ©°TEG …CG ¿CG -13
.±ÓàN’G ∂dP OƒLƒH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y QÉ£NEG ºàjh .ÉÑeÉ°S äÉHÉ°ùM ≈∏Y OɪàY’G ¿ƒµj ,ÉÑeÉ°S äÉHÉ°ùM ‘ ô¡¶j ɪѰùMh ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¬«Yój ɪѰùM …ó≤f ´GójEG …CG ≠∏Ñe ÚH ±ÓàNG OƒLh ∫ÉM ‘ -14
ƒ°†Y ¢üîJ äÉeƒ∏©e øe ¬eõ∏j Ée ≈∏Y π°üëj ¿CÉH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¢VƒØjh ¬JQGOE’ hCG/h ¬à©LGôŸ hCG/h ÉÑeÉ°S iód ¬HÉ°ùM ¢ù«°SCÉàd ¬æe É¡Ñ∏£j äÉfÉ«H hCG äÉeƒ∏©e …CÉH ÉÑeÉ°S ójhõJ ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≥aGƒj -15
ôNBG ÜÉ°ùM …CG hCG QƒcòŸG ¬HÉ°ùëHh ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©H á°UÉÿG äÉeƒ∏©ŸG øY ÉÑeÉ°S í°üØj ¿CG hCG/h (¬ª°S) á«fɪàF’G äÉeƒ∏©ª∏d ájOƒ©°ùdG ácô°ûdG øe ÉÑeÉ°S iód ¬d ¿ƒµj ôNBG ÜÉ°ùM …CG hCG QƒcòŸG ¬HÉ°ùM ¢üîJ hCG ábÉ£ÑdG
.…Oƒ©°ùdG »Hô©dG ó≤ædG á°ù°SDƒe É¡«∏Y ≥aGƒJ iôNCG á¡L …C’ hCG/h (¬ª°S) á«fɪàF’G äÉeƒ∏©ª∏d ájOƒ©°ùdG ácô°û∏d ÉÑeÉ°S iód ¬d ¿ƒµj
.ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y á≤aGƒe hCG QÉ©°TEG ¿hO iôNCG á¡L ájCG ¤EG Éæg IOQGƒdG ¬bƒ≤M øe …CG ádÉMEG âbh …CG ‘ ÉÑeÉ`°ùd Rƒéj -16
¿Éc GPEG h , ¬«∏Y äÉeóN hCG äÉéàæe ¢VôYh ≥jƒ°ùàdG ¢VGôZC’ ∂dPh ,áæ°ù◊G ᩪ°ùdÉH ™àªàJ É¡fCÉH ÉÑeÉ°S iôj áæ«©e á«LQÉN äÉcô°ûd ÉgójhõJ øµÁ ¬fGƒæYh ¬ª°SG πãe äÉeƒ∏©ŸG ¢†©H ¿CG ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≥aGƒj -17
.∂dòH ó«≤à«°S ÉÑeÉ°S ¿EÉa ,AÓª©dG øY äÉeƒ∏©ŸG ¢†©H øY ∞°ûµj ¿CG Ék eɶf ÉÑeÉ°S ≈∏Y Ú©àj
:√ÉfOCG á«dÉàdG •hô°û∏d Ék ≤ah ∂dPh ¿ƒaÉÑeÉ°S hCG ÉÑeÉ°S ´hôa óMCG ≥jôW øY …ô°S ºbQ QÉ«àNÉH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωƒ≤j ,(äÉeóÿG) ÊhεdE’G ±ô°üdG RÉ¡Lh ¿ƒaÉÑeÉ`°S äÉeóN ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d -18
ÉÑeÉ`°ùd ≥ëjh ôNBG ¢üî°T øe äQó°U É¡fCÉH AÉYOEG …CG ºZQ ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d áeõ∏e ¬≤jôW øY IÉ£©ŸG äɪ«∏©àdG ¿ƒµJh ¿ƒaÉÑeÉ°S øe á«aô°üŸG äÉeóÿG Ö∏W óæY »∏©ØdG ™«bƒàdG πfi πëj ±ƒ°S …ô°ùdG ºbôdG ¿EG 1-18
.Ék eÉ“ É¡«∏Y óªà©j ¿CG
Ò«¨Jh ÉÑeÉ°S QÉ£NEÉH Gk Qƒa ΩÉ«≤dG É¡«∏Y / ¬«∏Y Öéj ,Ò¨∏d Ék ahô©e QÉ°U ºbôdG ¿CÉH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ó≤àYG GPEG h .∂dP èFÉàf øY ’k ƒÄ°ùe √óMh ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y QÉ°U ’EGh Ò¨∏d …ô°ùdG ºbôdG AÉ°ûaEG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d Rƒéj ’ 2-18
.ádƒ¡°ùH É¡«∏Y ±ô©àdG øµÁ »àdG ΩÉbQC’G ÖæŒ ,Ék eƒªYh á«dÉààŸG á¡HÉ°ûàŸG ΩÉbQC’G øe ÌcCG hCG ÚæKG ∫ɪ©à°SG ÖæŒ ºàj ¿CGh Ék ªFGO …ô°ùdG ºbôdG Ò«¨J ºàj ¿CG ø°ùëà°ùŸG øeh .…ô°ùdG ºbôdG
π«é°ùJ hCG áYÉÑ£H ΩÉ«≤dG ÉÑeÉ`°ùd Rƒéj h .äɪ«∏©àdG ∂∏àd É≤HÉ°S É«£N GOɪàYG ¬ª∏°ùJ ó©H ’EG ÊhεdE’G ±ô°üdG RÉ¡L ≥jôW øY hCG ∞JÉ¡dÉH IQOÉ°U äɪ«∏©J ájC’ áHÉéà°S’G ¢†aQ ‘ ≥∏£ŸG ≥◊ÉH ÉÑeÉ`°S ßØàëj 3-18
≥∏©àj ɪ«a á«FÉ¡fh ádƒÑ≤e áæ«H º∏«ahôµjÉe ≈∏Y IQƒ°üŸG hCG á∏é°ùŸG OGƒŸG hCG äÉYƒÑ£ŸG ∂∏J ¿ƒµJh ,º∏«ahôµjÉe ≈∏Y Égôjƒ°üàH ΩÉ«≤dG hCG ÊhεdE’G ±ô°üdG RÉ¡L hCG ∞JÉ¡dG ≥jôW øY IQOÉ°üdG äɪ«∏©àdG
.»°VÉ≤àdG äGAGôLEG ∂dP ‘ Éà ¢VGôZC’G ™«ª÷ É¡dɪ©à°SG Rƒéjh É¡fƒª°†Ã
ÈY IQOÉ°U äɪ«∏©J ájCG ≈∏Y Ak ÉæH πª©dG ¢†aQ hCG πª©dÉH ÉÑeÉ`°S ΩÉ«b ÖÑ°ùH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Égóѵàj (É¡aÓN hCG á«YÉÑJ ,Iô°TÉÑe ÒZ hCG Iô°TÉÑe) ∞jQÉ°üe hCG QGô°VCG hCG ´É«°V …CG øY ’k ƒÄ°ùe ÉÑeÉ`°S ¿ƒµj ød 4-18
äÉÑ∏£àà ΩGõàd’G ‘ ¬∏°ûa ,ô°üM ¿hO ∂dP πª°ûjh ; ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áµ∏ªŸG êQÉN hCG πNGO AGƒ°S ¿Éc ÖÑ°S …C’ äÉeóÿG ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°ü◊G ‘ ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y π°ûa ÖÑ°ùH hCG ÊhεdE’G ±ô°üdG RÉ¡L hCG ¿ƒaÉÑeÉ`°S
.¬«∏Y ÖJÎJ hCG ¬aô°üJ øe èàæJ ôFÉ°ùN hCG QGô°VCG ájCG øY ÉÑeÉ°S ¢†jƒ©àH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y Ωõà∏j h á«bÉØJ’G √òg ΩɵMCG øe …CG
√òg πãe ¿EG .πÑ≤à°ùŸG ‘ iôNCG ᫵æH äÉéàæe áaÉ°VEG ÉÑeÉ`°ùd Rƒéj h ≥Ñ°ùe QÉ©°TEG ¿hO âbh …CG ‘ ÉÑeÉ`°S ᣰSGƒH Ò«¨à∏d ™°VÉN π≤à°ùe ΩGóîà°SG π«dO ‘ ɡ櫪°†J ” ób á«bÉØJ’G √ò¡H á≤∏©àŸG äɪ«∏©àdG ¿EG 5-18
¬æY á°VÉ©à°S’G …ô°ùdG ºbôdG ΩGóîà°SG ¤EG áaÉ°VE’ÉH ,ÉÑeÉ`°ùd Rƒéj ,ôeC’G Gò¡H π°üàj ɪ«ah .¬ZÓHEG ó©H ¬°VGÎYG ΩóY ∫ÉM ‘ É¡d / ¬d áeõ∏e ¿ƒµà°Sh É¡H ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y QÉ£NEG ºàj ±ƒ°S äÉaÉ°VE’Gh äGÒ«¨àdG
.¬H á°UÉÿG á«∏NGódG ájOÉ©dG ±ô©àdG äGAGôLEG ∫ɪ©à°SÉH
Ék °VƒØe ÉÑeÉ`°S Èà©j Gò¡H h QÉ©°TE’G ‘ IOóëŸG IÎØdG ∫ÓN ¬à°VQÉ©e »≤∏J ΩóY h ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y QÉ©°TEG ó©H ∂dP h äÉeóÿÉH ≥∏©àj ɪ«a áÑ°SÉæe ÉgGôj ɪѰùM ÜÉ©JCG / Ωƒ°SQ ¢Vôa ,âbh …CG ‘ ,ÉÑeÉ`°ùd ≥ëj 6-18
á«FÉ¡f Èà©J ájô¡°ûdG ±ƒ°ûµdG .ÉÑeÉ`°S iód ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d ÜÉ°ùM …CG øe ∂dP h ájô¡°ûdG ÜÉ°ù◊G ±ƒ°ûc ‘ É¡ë«°VƒJ ” ɪѰùM ÜÉ©JC’G / Ωƒ°SôdG ∂∏J ≠dÉÑe º°üîH ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d ´ƒLôdG ¿hOh Iô°TÉÑe ΩÉ«≤dÉH
k.Éeƒj 30 ∫ÓN ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ᣰSGƒH Ék «£N É¡«∏Y ¢VGÎY’G ” GPEG ’EG áë«ë°Uh
…CG ájƒ°ùJ ºàJh á«eÓ°SE’G á©jô°ûdG ΩɵMCG ™e ¢VQÉ©àj ’ Éà h á«bÉØJ’G √òg ÖLƒÃ á«∏ªY ájCG ¬«a â“ …òdG ¿ÉµŸG ‘ IóFÉ°ùdG ᪶fC’G hCG /h ¢UÉ°üàN’G äGP ájOƒ©°ùdG ᪶fC’G ΩɵMC’ á©°VÉN á«bÉØJ’G √òg ¿ƒµJ -19
.…Oƒ©°ùdG »Hô©dG ó≤ædG á°ù°SDƒe iód á«aô°üŸG äÉYRÉæŸ Gájƒ°ùJ áæ÷ ᣰSGƒH á«bÉØJ’G √òg ‘ôW ÚH ´Gõf
π«cƒc ôNBG ±ôW Ú«©J ‘ ≥◊G ÉÑeÉ°S »£©jh ,ådÉK ±ô£d ÉÑeÉ°S øe IGΰûŸG ™∏°ùdG ™«H ¢Vô¨d á«Yô°ûdG áHÉbôdG áÄ«g øe Ióªà©ŸG á«eÓ°SE’G ¥QƒàdG äÉ«∏ªY ‘ ∫ƒNódG ‘ ¬æY Ó«ch ÉÑeÉ°S Ú©j ¿CG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d -20
.¬àbh ‘ ¥ƒ°ùdG ô©°ùH ™«ÑdG á«∏ªY ò«Øæàd ÉÑeÉ°ùd
.á«bÉØJ’G Gòg ‘ iôNC’G ¢Uƒ°üædG h OGƒŸG áë°U ΩóY ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áµ∏ªŸG ‘ É¡H ∫ƒª©ŸG ᪶fC’G Ö°ùM ¬H AÉaƒdG RGƒL ΩóY hCG á«bÉØJ’G Gòg ‘ ¢üf hCG IOÉe …CG áë°U ΩóY ≈∏Y ÖJÎj ’ -21
.¥ƒ°ùdG ‘ ±ô°üdG ô©°S ≈∏Y ÜÉ°ù◊G ∞°ûc á∏ªYh á«∏ª©dG á∏ªY ÚH ±ô°üdG ô©°S óªà©j -22
πc áLƒJh ,ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y ôKDƒjh ÉÑeÉ°S áeóN ≈∏Y CGô£j ób π£Y/π∏N …CG øY ádhDƒ°ùe ÒZ √óæHh ,√óæH ¤EG Iô°TÉÑe äGQÉ°ùØà°S’G πc áLƒJh ,√óæH áeóN ≈∏Y CGô£j ób π£Y/π∏N …CG øY ∫hDƒ°ùe ÒZ ÉÑeÉ°S -23
.ÉÑeÉ°S ¤EG Iô°TÉÑe äGQÉ°ùØà°S’G
.GQƒa ™aódG ÖLGh ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG íÑ°üjh §«°ù≤àdG AɨdEG ºàj ±ƒ°ùa OóëŸG ïjQÉàdG ‘ ™aódG ΩóY hCG ÒNCÉàdG ádÉM ‘ ,''§«°ù≤J'' èeÉfôH »eóîà°ùe ábÉ£ÑdG AÉ°†YC’ áÑ°ùædÉH -24
ÉÑeÉ°ùd ÉgójhõàH ΩÉb »àdG ∞JGƒ¡dG ΩÉbQCG ≈∏Y OôdG ΩóY ÖÑ°ùH ÉeG Iô°TÉÑe ¬©e π°UGƒàdG áHƒ©°U ádÉM ‘ ∂dPh , ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†©d QÉ©°TG …G ¿hO,¬HQÉbG øe …G ≈∏Y ∫É°üJ’ÉH ΩÉ«≤dÉH ÉÑeÉ°S á«≤MCG ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≥aGh -25
.∂dP ≈∏Y áÑJÎe èFÉàf …G ÊÉãdG ±ô£dG πªëàjh ∂dòH ∫hC’G ±ô£dG ÆÓHG ¿hO ÉgÒ«¨J hG É¡à«MÓ°U áeóY ádÉM ‘ hCG
Ióe …C’ ∂æÑdG øe áHƒ∏£ŸG á«°üî°ûdG »JÉfÉ«H åjóëàH É«°üî°T ΩõàdGh º¡aCGh ôbCG. ™«bGƒàdGh πNódG QOÉ°üeh øjhÉæ©dGh á«°üî°ûdG äÉfÉ«ÑdG åjó– ΩóY óæY hCG 𫪩dG ájƒg á«MÓ°U AÉ¡àfG óæY ÜÉ°ù◊G 󫪌 ∂æÑ∏d ≥ëj -26
.»HÉ°ùM 󫪌 ∂æÑ∏d ≥ë«°ùa åjóëàdÉH »eÉ«b ΩóY ádÉM ‘ º¡ØJCGh ôbCGh.á«dÉ◊G »àjƒg á«MÓ°U AÉ¡àfG Oôéà ∂dPh áKóëŸG »àjƒg QÉ°†MCÉH ó¡©JCG ɪc.äGƒæ°S ¢ùªN RhÉéàJ’ å«M (∂æÑdG πÑb øe Oófi ƒg ɪc)
:ÊɪàF’G ´QódG ΩɵMCGh •hô°T -27
ÊɪàF’G ´Qó∏d ÉÑeÉ°S èeGôH iód ÚcQÉ°ûŸG ™«ªL »£¨J ¿ÉªàF’G ´Qód ÚeCÉà∏d ¿ÉªàF’G áYƒª› .CG
ÚcQÉ°ûª∏d ≥ëà°ùŸG ó«°UôdG ƒg ÚeCÉàdÉH ≈£¨ŸG ≠∏ÑŸG .Ü
ÚeCÉàdG AÉ£Z πª°ûj »àdG ä’É◊G .ê
¢Vôe hCG çOÉM ÖÑ°ùH 䃟G ádÉM ‘ -1
¢Vôe hCG çOÉM ÖÑ°ùH »∏µdG õé©dG ádÉM ‘ -2
Éæg í°Vƒe ƒgÉe √ øe Éæ«æãà°SG GPG ’G ¢Vôe hCG çOÉM ÖÑ°ùH »Fõ÷G õé©dG ádÉM ‘ -3
:èeÉfÈdG ∫ƒNód 샪°ùŸGôª©dG .O
…OÓ«ŸG ïjQÉàdG ≈∏Y óªà©jh (ÉeÉY Úà°S) ÉeÉY 60 ôª©∏d ≈∏YC’G ó◊G -1
…OÓ«ŸG ïjQÉàdG ≈∏Y óªà©jh ( ÉeÉY øjô°ûY) ÉeÉY 20 ôª©∏d ≈fOC’G ó◊G -2
(Íà°ùdGh á°ùeÉÿG) 65 ôªY ƃ∏H ádÉM ‘ ∑QÉ°ûª∏d »¡àæj AÉ£¨dG :»FÉ¡ædG ôª©dG .`g
(8001242000) ¿ƒa ÉÑeÉ°S ≈∏Y π°üJG äÉeƒ∏©ŸG øe ójõŸ .h
»HÉ°ùM ‘ áYOƒŸG ∫GƒeC’G √òg øY Ék °†jCG ’k hDƒ°ùe ‹ÉàdÉH ¿ƒcCG ¿CGh ,»ª∏Y ¿hóH …ÒZ πÑb øe hCG »∏Ñb øe »HÉ°ùM ‘ áYOƒŸG ∫GƒeC’G ™«ªL øY ’k hDƒ°ùe ¿ƒcCG ¿CGh ,º¡©e πeÉ©àdG Ék «fƒfÉb ´ƒæªŸG øª°V â°ùd »æfCÉH ø∏YCGh ôbCG -28
á∏HÉb ÒZ íÑ°üà°ùa áØjõe ’k GƒeCG »æe ∂æÑdG ΩÓà°SEG ádÉM ‘h ∞«jõJ hCG ôjhõJ …CG øe á«dÉN É¡fƒc øY ∫hDƒ°ùe »æfCGh Qó°üŸG á«fƒfÉb »HÉ°ùëH áYOƒŸG ∫GƒeC’G ™«ªL ¿CÉH ó¡©JCG ɪc .∂æÑ∏d Ék «ª°SQ É¡æY ≠«∏ÑàdG ΩóY óæY
.∂æÑdG øe ¢†jƒ©àdG hCG OGOΰSEÓd
.á«dhódG äÉ«∏ª©dG ÜÉ°ù◊ ô°üàfl ìô°Th á≤ëà°ùŸG ≠dÉѪ∏d íHôdG ¢ûeÉg ÜÉ°ùàMG á≤jôWh ÒNCÉàdG äÉeGôZh ¿ÉªàFE’G Ωƒ°SQ ∫hóL á©LGôe AÉLôdG -29

á«fɪàF’G ÒÿG √óæH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£H
Éq fÉ›
∫ÉjQ 50
∫ÉjQ 75
%2,75 ňM
óLƒj ’
ÌcCG ɪ¡jCG , ∫ÉjQ 200 hG ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ‹ÉªLEG øe %5
ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ó°V ≥≤ëàdG áé«àf âfÉc GPEG ¢VGÎYG á«∏ªY πc øY ∫ÉjQ 250
ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Y ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG Ö°ùëH ∫ÉjQ 450h ∫ÉjQ 100 ÚH Ée ìhGÎJ
ábÉ£ÑdG ±É≤jEÉH ∂æÑdG Ωƒ≤«°Sh ™aódG ≥ëà°ùe ¿ƒµj ÊɪàF’G ó◊G øY óFGõdG ≠∏ÑŸG ¿CÉa ÊɪàF’G ó◊G RhÉŒ ádÉM ‘
∫ÉjQ 75

Ωƒ`````°SôdG ´ƒ```f
á«°ù«FôdG ábÉ£Ñ∏d …ƒæ°ùdG º°SôdG
á«aÉ°VE’G ábÉ£Ñ∏d …ƒæ°ùdG º°SôdG
¢†ØîæŸG ÊɪàF’G ó◊G äGP ábÉ£Ñ∏d …ƒæ°ùdG º°SôdG
™Œôe ∂«°T
¥Qƒà∏d …ô¡°ûdG íHôdG ¢ûeÉg
…ó≤f Öë°ùdG
á«dhódG äÉ«∏ª©dG
Ék jô¡°T á©aO ܃∏£ŸG ≈fOC’G ó◊G
¢VGÎYG á«∏ªY
ÊɪàF’G ó◊G RhÉŒ

.%2,5 íHQ ∫ó©Ã óMGh ô¡°T §«°ù≤àdÉH ™«ÑdG Ióe ¿ƒµJ ¥QƒàdG ≥jôW øY ábÉ£ÑdG á«fƒjóe á«£¨J ‘ ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y áÑZQ ∫ÉM ‘ .CG
.¥É≤ëà°S’G Ωƒj πÑb ≠∏ÑŸÓeÉcójó°ùJ ≈Lôj ,íHôdG ¢ûeÉg ÜÉ°ùàMG iOÉØàdh .ÜÉ°ù◊G ∞°ûc ‘ ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏Ѫ∏d …hÉ°ùŸG ‹ÉªL’G ≠∏ÑŸG ≈∏Y ¥QƒàdG íHQ ¢ûeÉg ∂æÑdG Ö°ùàëj .Ü
.É¡LQÉN IóMGh á£≤f (1) h ,√óæH ÈjÉg hCG √óæH âcQÉe ôHƒ°S ™«H òaÉæe iód ,á«fɪàF’G √óæH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£H ᣰSGƒH ∫ÉjQ 100 ᪫≤H AGô°T á«∏ªY πc πHÉ≤e Úà£≤f (2) ÜÉ°ùàMG ºàj .ê
.áæ°ùdG øe ÒNC’G ô¡°ûdG øe äGƒæ°S 4 ájÉ¡f ‘ •É≤ædG á«MÓ°U »¡àæJ ±ƒ°Sh .√óæH ÈjÉghCG √óæH âcQÉe ôHƒ°S …CG ‘ AGô°T äÉ«∏ªY (á£≤f 100 ≈fOCG óM) •É≤ædG ∫GóÑà°SG á«fɪàF’G √óæH ÉÑeÉ°S ábÉ£H πeÉM ≈∏Y Ú©àj .O
.§≤a ÒNC’G ¬àbÉ£H ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûc ‘ IOQGƒdG •É≤ædG øe IOÉØà°SÓd πgDƒe ábÉ£ÑdG πeÉM .`g
.¿ƒHƒµdG QGó°UEG ïjQÉJ øe áæ°S ájÉ¡æH »¡àæJ ±ƒ°S ájƒæ°ùdG OGOΰS’G Ωƒ°SQ .h

á`dÉ```cƒ`dG êPƒ```‰

πc øe √ó©H hG ¥É≤ëà°S’G Ωƒj ‘ »àbÉ£H ≈∏Y øjóe ó«°UQ OƒLh ∫ÉM ‘ ¥QƒàdG äÉ«∏ªY ò«ØæJ ¢Vô¨H §«°ù≤àdÉH (ÉÑeÉ°S) øe ™∏°S AGô°T ‘ á«eɶædG h á«Yô°ûdG äGQÉ°ûà°SÓd º°SÉ≤dG õjõ©dG óÑY Öàµe / IOÉ°ùdG πchCG
á∏°üëàŸG ≠dÉÑŸG ΩGóîà°SG h ádÉcƒdG á«∏ªY ΩÉ“E’ ôNqBG ±ô£d ÉÑeÉ°S π«cƒJ ≥M ™e ™«ÑdG âbh óFÉ°ùdG ô©°ùdG Ö°ùM ôNBG ±ô£d ∂dP h É¡àjΰTG »àdG ™∏°ùdG ™«ÑH ÉÑeÉ°S πchCG »æfCG ɪc .ÉÑeÉ°S äÓé°S Ö°ùM ∂dP h ô¡``°T
.∫ƒ©ØŸG ájQÉ°S ábÉ£ÑdG á«bÉØJG âfÉc ÉŸÉW ¢†≤æ∏d πHÉb ÒZ π«cƒàdG Gòg Èà©j h ábÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y øjóŸG ó«°UôdG ájƒ°ùàd
¿É©à°ùŸG ˆGh
............................................................................................. : ( ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y) πcƒŸG º°SG


/ :ïjQÉàdG

¥QƒàdG á«∏ª©d íHôdG ¢ûeÉg ÜÉ°ùM
.ÜÉ°ù◊G ∞°ûc ‘ ≥ëà°ùŸG ‹ÉªL’G ≠∏ÑŸG ≈∏Y íHQ ¢ûeÉg ∂æÑdG Ö°ùàëj
»ë«°VƒJ ∫Éãe
:áæ°ùdG øe Ȫ°ùjO 15 ¤EG Ȫaƒf 15 ÚHÉe IóŸG ∫ÓN á«dÉàdG äÉ«∏ª©dÉH ΩÉb óbh ,ô¡°T πc øe 15 ïjQÉàH ÜÉ°ù◊G ∞°ûc ¬d Qó°üj ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¿Éc GPEG
.Ȫaƒf 20 ïjQÉàH ∫ÉjQ 5000 ≠∏Ñà AGô°T äÉ«∏ªY •
.Ȫ°ùjO 10 ïjQÉàH ∫ÉjQ 7000 ≠∏Ñà …ó≤f Öë°S äÉ«∏ªY •
≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG OGó°S ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ≈∏Yh ,∫ÉjQ 12000 √Qób ≥ëà°ùe ‹ÉªLG ≠∏Ñà Ȫ°ùjO 15 ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûc ≈∏Y π°üë«°S ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y ¿EÉa ,Ȫaƒf 15 ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûµd ábÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y á≤ëà°ùe ≠dÉÑe óLƒJ ’ ¬fCG Éæ°VÎaG GPEGh
.≈°übCG óëc ∞°ûµdG QGó°UG ïjQÉJ øe Éeƒj 21 ó©H
.≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ≈∏Y ¥QƒJ íHQ ¢ûeÉg …CG Ö°ùàëj ød ¬fEÉa ,¥É≤ëà°S’G ïjQÉàH πeɵdÉH ÜÉ°ù◊G ∞°ûc ≈∏Y ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ™aO ¬fCG ádÉM ‘h .¬æe %5 hCG Ók eÉc ≥ëà°ùŸG ≠∏ÑŸG ™aóH QÉ«ÿG ábÉ£ÑdG ƒ°†Y iódh
:‹ÉàdÉc Ö°ùàë«°S ¥QƒàdG íHQ ¢ûeÉg ¿EÉa ôjÉæj 6 ïjQÉàH ∫ÉjQ 3600 ≠∏Ñà »Fõ÷G ™aódG ádÉM ‘ ÉeCG
.ôØ°U = Ȫ°ùjO ô¡°T ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûc ¥Qƒàd íHôdG ¢ûeÉg •
.∫ÉjQ 210 = %2,5 * (∫ÉjQ 3600 - ∫ÉjQ12000) =ôjÉæj ô¡°T ÜÉ°ùM ∞°ûc ¥Qƒàd íHôdG ¢ûeÉg •
á«dhódG äÉ«∏ª©dG ≈∏Y íHôdG ¢ûeÉg
á«fɪàF’G äÉbÉ£ÑdG ≈∏Y ºàJ »àdG á«dhódG äÉ«∏ª©dG ≠∏Ñe øe %57,2 ≈àM π°üj º°SQ ™°Vƒj
»ë«°VƒJ ∫Éãe
1000 :á«dhódG á«∏ª©dG ≠∏Ñe
( CG ) :á«∏ª©dG á∏ªY
4,5 :»g …Oƒ©°ùdG ∫ÉjôdG ¤G ( CG ) á«∏ª©dG á∏ªY øe πjƒëàdG áÑ°ùf
∫ÉjQ 4500 = 4,5 * 1000 = ∫ÉjôdÉH ≠∏ÑŸG
∫ÉjQ 123,75 = %2,75 * ∫ÉjQ 4500 = á«dhódG á«∏ª©dG ≈∏Y íHôdG ¢ûeÉg
øj’ ¿hCG ÉÑeÉ°S ™bƒe ≈∏Y ábÉ£ÑdG π«°UÉØJ ìô°T á©LGôe AÉLôdG á«∏ª©dG ïjQÉàd πjƒëàdG áÑ°ùf Ö°ùëH OQÉc Gõ«a ácô°T ≥jôW øY ºàJ πjƒëàdG á«∏ªY
á«fÉãdG áæ°ùdG øe ÒNC’G ô¡°ûdG ‘ »¡àæJh ,Úàæ°ùd óà“ äBÉaɵŸG øe IOÉØà°S’G á∏¡e