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LASER TECHNOLOGY, INC. AT THE ESRI INTERNATIONL USERS CONFERENCE See this video of a GPS World magazine interview at the ESRI show 2012 - Eric Gakstatter is talking with Steve Colburn of Laser Technology. Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), is the designer and manufacturer of the most popular line of mapping lasers and rangefinders. Find out more at: ESRI FORESTRY GIS CONFERENCE MAY 2013. The upcoming Esri Forestry GIS Conference held May 14-16, 2013 will be held at Esri's conference center in Redlands, California. This year’s topics include: - Forest spatial optimization - Integrating data and systems - Automated workflows - GIS as a system (desktop, web, mobile) - Image management, classification, and analysis - Building GIS capacity - ArcGIS Online See the agenda at: DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS FIU is sent to each of the following international lists – all are free, low volume and secure: Forest list – See Global Association of Online Foresters (GAOF) – see International Forest List (IFL) – Nepalese Foresters – Wetlandfriends – see and Global e-Forum on Climate Change and Global Warming Applied-GIS-RS homepage – Silvinet, Portuguese-based – You may receive FIU by joining one of the above. If you wish to receive FIU only – send a blank email to For questions, to submit material, or to sponsor FIU, please contact me, Mike, INPUT – This month’s input comes from: Gary Krupnick, CIFOR, Nelson Wong, Lance Olsen, Gandhiv Kafle, Artur Gil, Ross Mayhew, Selva Escalera, Colin, Infosylva, IUFRO, and many more. Thank you all for sharing your information!

HAVE YOU HEARD? NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD TURKEY TO HOST UN FORESTRY FORUM - The United Nations Forestry Forum is scheduled for April 9-18 in Istanbul. Forestry Ministers from 180 countries are expected to attend the international event where the main theme of the forum would be "forests and economic development." SPACE AGENCY TO TRACK FORESTS WORLDWIDE - Irish forestry company Treemetrics recently signed a $1 million deal with the European Space Agency to monitor forests around the world. Treemetrics provides a 3D laser scanning system to accurately measure the height, straightness, taper, and volume of the trees in a section of forest, a statement said. ‘INDEPENDENT BODY TO HOLD ON TO U.K. PUBLIC FORESTS - The U.K. Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs has announced a new, independent public body will hold in trust the nation’s publicly-owned forests. The announcement came as part of the government’s response to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s report on the future of trees and woodland. and INDIA MISSION AIMING FOR MARS - India will launch its first mission to Mars this year, the News Daily reported President Pranab Mukherjee as saying. The report said the emerging Asian nation was looking to play catch up in the global space race alongside the United States, Russia and its giant neighbor China. REMOTE SENSING SOLUTION TAKES WING ABOARD ULTRALIGHT AIRCRAFT - Using the Headwall Photonics Micro-Hyperspec VNIR sensor, Headwall's integration partner Alava Ingenieros (Madrid, Spain) will provide the worldwide scientific community with a completely integrated airborne remote sensing solution that is currently being deployed. es_Wing_Aboard_Ultralight_Aircraft_999.html IUFRO HEADQUARTERS IS MOVING OFFICES From 18 February onwards the IUFOR HQ new office/postal address is: IUFRO Headquarters, Marxergasse 2, 1030 Vienna, Austria. The phone and email details remain as usual. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED… This section is devoted to resource inventory tips and miscellaneous blurbs for whatever uses you care to make. Please limit contributions to one paragraph or so.

Thanks, Mike Smith. THE CURRENT FRONTIER IN CARBON MAPPING - Thomas Groen, Universiteit Twente asks: “What is the current frontier in Carbon Mapping? I'm curious to know how far we are currently with mapping carbon stocks in natural vegetation.” To join this discussion, go to: g?ev=home_person_post_question_object FEED THE BEST TREEALYZER - The treealyzer is used to identify sapplings dropped from leaves of trees that were crossbred. OPPORTUNITIES - Several readers of FIU are seeking employment in the forestry field. If you have jobs available and are in need of good people, please consider posting your vacancies in FIU (there is no charge for this service): SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE SEEKS PROPOSALS FOR CONSERVATION AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS PROGRAM - The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is accepting proposals for the 2013 SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships program, which aims to foster partnerships between organizations working to improve forest management in the United States and Canada and responsible procurement globally. Conservation grants of up to $5,000 and Community grants of up to $5,000 are available. For more information go to: NATURAL RESOURCE ECONOMIST - The Fisheries Policies Division services the OECD Committee for Fisheries is looking for a Fisheries or Natural Resource Economist to work on monitoring fisheries policy developments, fisheries policy reform and green growth in Fisheries and aquaculture. ALFRED TOEPFER NATURAL HERITAGE SCHOLARSHIPS - EUROPARC Federation in cooperation with the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. awards the Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships to young promising conservationists with practical experience in the field of conservation and in the work of protected areas. Please dowload the flyer and detailed guidelines from the right side download menu for more details. HAVE YOU READ? Obtain from your local library or from the sources provided. BCN - Biological Conservation Newsletter - February 2013 - Issue No. 338. Headline: “Smithsonian Botanical Symposium to Explore Conservation Science”

BIODIVERSITY H.M. Pereira et al. Essential Biodiversity Variables. Policy Forum. Science. Vol 339 18 January 2013. a_et_al.pdf Sarkar, Sahotra, Ecology, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2009 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.) Maria Dornelas et al.Quantifying temporal change in biodiversity: challenges and opportunities. Published online October 24, 2012 doi: 10.1098/rspb.2012.1931 Proc. R. Soc. B 7 January 2013 vol. 280 no. 1750 20121931 BIOFUEL/BIOMASS G. Myhre. Modeling of the solar radiative impact of biomass burning aerosols during the Dust and Biomass-burning Experiment (DABEX). Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984–2012). Volume 113, Issue D23, December 2008. Ilya Gelfand & Ritvik Sahajpal et al. Sustainable bioenergy production from marginal lands in the US Midwest. Nature (2013). doi:10.1038/nature11811. Received 29 March 2012. Accepted 20 November 2012 Published online 16 January 2013. Silverstein, Robin P. et al. Biomass utilization modeling on the Bitterroot National Forest. Date: 2006. Conghe Song. Optical remote sensing of forest leaf area index and biomass. Progress in Physical Geography February 2013 vol. 37 no. 1 98-113. CLASSIFICATION/MAPPING Stephen Wyatt et al. Collaboration between Aboriginal peoples and the Canadian forest sector: A typology of arrangements for establishing control and determining benefits of forestlands. Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 115, 30 January 2013, Pages 21–31. Rodriguez Aseretto et al. 2013. Free and Open Source Software underpinning the European Forest Data Centre. Geophysical Research Abstracts 15, EGU General Assembly 2013. Authors' version DOI: 10.6084/m9.gshare.155700 (FigShare Digital Science) B. R. Leaton Improving World Magnetic Charts. Geophys. Suppl. MNRAS (1957) 7(6): 318-323 doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.1957.tb02886.x (FREE)

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Eleanor Milne & Henry Neufeldt et al. Methods for the quantification of emissions at the landscape level for developing countries in smallholder contexts. CCAFS Report No. 9. Copenhagen, Denmark: CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). %20FINAL.pdf?sequence=6 Chun‐Neng Wang, Michael Möller, and Quentin C. B. Cronk. Population Genetic Structure of Titanotrichum oldhamii (Gesneriaceae), a Subtropical Bulbiliferous Plant with Mixed Sexual and Asexual Reproduction. Ann Bot (2004) 93(2): 201-209 first published online January 5, 2004. LEGAL MATTERS Yun-chien Chang. Tenancy In “Anticommons”? A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Co-Ownership Journal of Legal Analysis (Winter 2012) 4(2): 515-553 first published online August 9, 2012 doi:10.1093/jla/las011 (FREE) Randall S. Abate and Elizabeth Ann Kronk. Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples - The Search for Legal Remedies. Edward Elgar 2013 Price: USD $199.00. Binding: Hardback 616 Pages. Stock Number: EE158. ISBN: 9781781001790. Xiuying Xua, Yaoqi Zhangb, Lanying Lia and Songkun Yanga. Markets for forestland use rights: A case study in Southern China. Land Use Policy. Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 560–569 Walter T. Overton and Hattie Overton, Plaintiffs, v. Evans Logging, Inc. F/K/A/, D/B/A, C.B. Carter and Sons, Inc., Evans Logging, and International Paper Company, Defendants. Regarding the overturning of a court ruling on the case of a logging truck driver injured on a logging skid. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission v. United States; United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In which the court found no solid grounding in precedent for setting flooding apart from other government intrusions on property. MISCELLANEOUS Sharon J. Martinson, Tiina Ylioja, Brian T. Sullivan, Ronald F. Billings, Matthew P.

Ayres. Alternate attractors in the population dynamics of a tree-killing bark beetle. Population Ecology, 2012; 55 (1): 95 REMOTE SENSING/GIS Clark, M. L., et al., Estimation of tropical rain forest aboveground biomass with small-footprint lidar and hyperspectral sensors, Remote Sensing of Environment (2011). %202011%20Mateo%20lidar%20hyperspectral%20LS.pdf Reviewed by Peter Keller. Thoughts on Two New Map Design Texts Designing Better Maps : A Guide for GIS Users - By Cynthia Brewer, ESRI Press, 2005. Making MAPS: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS - By John Krygier and Dennis Wood - Guildford Press, 2005. J Greer. GIS: The Missing Tool for Supply-Chain Design. Upcoming, 2013 – FORESIGHT Winter 2013 RESOURCE ANALYSIS/MODELING H. Pretzsch, R. Grote, B. Reineking, Th. Rötzer, and St. Seifert. Models for Forest Ecosystem Management: A European Perspective. Ann Bot (2008) 101 (8): 1065-1087. doi: 10.1093/aob/mcm246 First published online: October 21, 2007. Paul Abraham & Richard J. Giannone et al. Putting the Pieces Together: Highperformance LC-MS/MS Provides Network-, Pathway-, and Protein-level Perspectives in Populus. Mol Cell Proteomics 2013 12: 106-119. First Published on October 16, 2012, doi:10.1074/mcp.M112.022996 Acevedo, M.A., Marcano, M., and Fletcher, R.J. 2012. A diffusive logistic growth model to describe forest recovery. Ecol. Model. 244:13-19. Beissinger, S. R. and Westphal, M. I. 1998. On the Use of Demographic Models of Population Viability in Endangered Species Management. Journal of Wildlife Management 62: 821 –841. Adiat, K.A.N., Nawawi, M.N.M., & Abdullah, K. (2012a). Assessing the accuracy of GIS-based elementary multi criteria decision analysis as a spatial prediction

tool-A case of predicting potential zones of sustainable groundwater resources. Journal of Hydrology, M. Aloisi et al. Are the source models of the M 7.1 1908 Messina Straits earthquake reliable? Insights from a novel inversion and a sensitivity analysis of levelling data. Geophys. J. Int. (March, 2013) 192(3): 1025-1041 doi:10.1093/gji/ggs062 Dennis Chitty. Do Lemmings Commit Suicide? Beautiful Hypotheses and Ugly Facts. Oxford University Press. ISBN13: 9780195097863. ogy/?ci=9780195097863 SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT Transforming Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Science Education. Science House Foundation in Brazil – 2012. A new White Paper about BraZil - From 20112012 Science House Foundation launched a significant outreach effort in Brazil to explore how globally collaborative science education could transform the science education paradigm. The result can be found here: Planting Empowerment Contributes to Industry-Leading Tropical Forestry Publications CAPTURED ON VIDEO What’s Happening in Our Forests. An animated short by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies exploring how forests affect, and are affected by, the forces around them. Plotting Artists in Miami - Miami Mapping Project Plots Where Artists Once Worked and Lived Gary Johnson, Jr. Service Path Attribution Networks (SPANs): Spatially Quantifying Ecosystem Service Flows. Gund Institute for Ecological Economics : University of Vermont. YOU’RE INVITED! 5-6 Mar 2013. World Forests Summit. Stockholm, Sweden.

19-20 March 2013. The Department of Botany and the United States Botanic Garden will convene the 2013 Smithsonian Botanical Symposium, "Avoiding Extinction: Contemporary Approaches to Conservation Science," to be held at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., on 19 - 20 April 2013. Symposium: Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change – March 26-29, 2013 - Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Call for abstracts, due November 30, 2012. 16-18 January 2013. Building Resilient Communities Through Communitybased Forest Management. Northern Ontario Sustainable Communities. Algoma University, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. 13-15 March 2013. Small Log Conference. Forest Business Network’s 6th BiAnnual Small Log Conference. Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 2-5 April 2013. Forest Cover Change (FoCC). Freising, Germany. Contact: Thomas Knoke, Email: knoke(at) 7-12 Apr 2013. Aspects of sustainable biomass utilization for energy and industrial raw materials. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013: Session ERE1.7. Vienna, Austria, 22 April 2013. UNECE/FAO/InnovaWood Seminar on Innovation in the Forest Sector. Innovation in the Forest-Based Sector – Prerequisite for the Green Economy. Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. 14-17 May 2013. 15th International Symposium on Legal Aspects of European Forest Sustainable Development. Tirana, Republic of Albania. Contact Peter Herbst or Haki Kola at 16-21 May 2013. Planted Forests on the Globe Renewable Resources for the Future – 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests. Estoril, Portugal. IUFRO 8.00.00 Contact: Jean-Michel Carnus, Jean-Michel.Carnus(at) 2-5 June 2013. Forest Operations in Mountainous Conditions. The mission of IUFRO Research Group 3.06.00 "Forest operations in mountainous conditions" is: to provide forest scientists and engineers with a network and focus for the full range of forest engineering practices for accessing and harvesting in mountainous terrain in

an environmentally sound manner. tions 2-9 June 2013. Primeval Beech Forests: Reference Systems for the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, Forest Resources and Ecosystem Services. Lviv, Ukraine. orests/organisation_EN 2-7 Jul 2013. The 1st International Forestry Graduate’s Conference 2013 (FORGRAD2013). Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. Organized by the Faculty of Foresty Graduate’s Students Association (FORGRAD2013) in collaboration with the Management of Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia July 22-25, 2013, the conference Forest Genetics 2013 will be held in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. This conference is a joint meeting of four organizations: 20 July-28 July, 2014 Sixth International Poplar Symposium (IPS-VI). Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. Contact: Cees van Oosten, Email: silviconsult(at) 28-30 August 2013. International conference title: Forests, People and Climate: Changing Paradigm. Conference organizers: Institute of Forestry, Community Based Forest Management in the Himalaya (ComForM) Project in collaboration with the Department of Forest Research and Survey/MoFSC and the Forest and Landscape Denmark, University of Copenhagen. Conference venue: Hotel Fulbari Resort, Pokhara, Nepal. Contact address: Santosh Rayamajhi <> mobile 9840051018 8-12 Sep 2013. Future Directions of Small-scale and Community-based Forestry. Fukuoka, Japan. Contact: Akie Kawasaki, iufro.fukuoka(at) 23-26 September 2014. Fifth Forest Engineering Conference (FEC 2014). Gerardmer, France. XXIV IUFRO World Congress - Call for Session Proposals - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, October 5-11, 2014. Technical Session Proposals will be accepted from January – April 2013. Session proposals will be accepted that address one or more of the following Congress themes: • Forests for People • Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services • Forests and Climate Change • Forest and Water Interactions

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