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Vetlink Employment Service – How to Apply
Your applications should consist of: 1. 2. 3. A covering letter Vetlink Questionnaire CV/Resume

Please email your completed applications to Vetlink. If possible please email the documents as Word documents.


Covering Letter

Although you can send a generic letter we recommend you prepare a separate letter for each position applied for, addressing each job individually.

Example Your address Date Dear Sir/Madam, (or name of practice manager if known) Please accept this letter as my application for the small animal position located one hour of South of Sydney. (Job number:       ) Add several paragraphs explaining why you are interested in and suitable for the position. You may also wish to outline the benefits of employing you. Please also include any other relevant information. Yours sincerely,

G:\OFFICE DOCS\How to Apply\New Graduate Vet\How2ApplyNG Vet

Name of referee . Dr Jo Bloggs (practice owner) Happy Animal Veterinary Hospital 123 Brown Rd. 2. Victoria Tel 03 9876 2222 Mob 0412 863 166 Email G:\OFFICE DOCS\How to Apply\New Graduate Vet\How2ApplyNG Vet . ex employer. This questionnaire forms part of your application package and will be forwarded by us to potential 50% small animal 50% equine practice I undertook practical work with Dr Bloggs for two weeks in July this year. Vetlink Questionnaire Please complete and return the attached questionnaire. CV/Resume Please include: • • • • • • • Your name Contact details Secondary education (high school) Tertiary education Undergraduate work history Veterinary practical experience Referees: Please do not use friends or relatives as referees Please provide a minimum of two referees For each referee please provide: .g.Name of practice/organisation. telephone number and email address .Your relationship with the referee e.g. E.Your name. 3. address.

What happens next? Once we have received your application/s we will contact your referees and put your applications through for the positions you have applied for. as well as the staff at Vetlink. practice owners/managers will often supply us with the contact details of current and/or ex employees who are willing to act as referees for the practice. Please email your application documents to Vetlink as word documents. Practice References At our request. G:\OFFICE DOCS\How to Apply\New Graduate Vet\How2ApplyNG Vet .Submitting your application Please return your application documents to us and do not forward your application direct to the practice yourself. will read your application/s so ensure that you carefully check your application for spelling and grammatical errors. If a practice manager/owner is interested in your application they may either call you direct or ask us to contact you. When you have made a decision whether to accept a placement or not please let us know your decision as soon as possible. We suggest you contact these vets to find out more about the practice from an employee’s perspective. Keep in mind that potential employers. Accepting a Position Please consider a job offer carefully before accepting. We can forward the contact details of the referee for the practice to you. If a practice owner/manager expresses an interest in your application and contacts you please let us know.

Do you hold a current drivers licence? G:\OFFICE DOCS\How to Apply\New Graduate Vet\How2ApplyNG Vet . Please provide us with a brief summary of your background: 9. Do you have any medical conditions or physical injuries that could affect your ability to work? 12. How long would you like to stay in your first position? 5. Interests outside veterinary science: 6. Visa status (if not a citizen of the country): 10. Your career goals in the next 1-3 years: 2. Your availability to start a new position: 4. What are your strengths? 7. Your availability for an interview: 3.Vetlink Questionnaire Candidate: 1. Please comment on your state of health: 11. What are your weaknesses? 8.