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Global Diaper Market ---------------------------------2012

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Executive Summary
Hygiene practices are employed in daily routine to deter and prevent the spread of micro-organisms that cause disease. Hygiene could be a concern at various levels and here the focus is on personal care or personal hygiene. At individual level, hygiene market is characterized by three broad segments, namely baby care products, feminine care products, and adult incontinence products. Diapers are a key constituent of the class of baby care products, while sanitary napkins are the main component in the case of feminine care product segment. As far as adult incontinence products are concerned, they generally talk of „adult absorbent briefs‟, which are used when the person is unable to control the bladder and bowel movement due to certain underlying medical condition. Diapers are of two types - Cloth and Disposable. Cloth diapers are reusable while the disposable ones are thrown after use. Both varieties of diapers have merits and demerits associated with them. This report comprehensively discusses the global hygiene and diaper market along with the regional markets of China and Europe. Also, the diaper market segments like baby diapers and incontinence products are reported in detail. The market dynamics prevalent in the industry like key trends and developments (varying market characteristics, brand power and market positioning strategies, correlation with life expectancy, emergence of private label baby diapers, environment friendly products, diaper buzzer) are elicited in depth. Moreover, the underlying drivers, such as increasing urban population, growing ageing population (+60 years), rising healthcare expenditure, and ameliorating economic conditions, which are expediting the industry growth are explicated. But in sync, there also exist some issues like negative impact on surrounding environment and escalating price pressure, which may hinder the industry expansion process, are also discussed. The respective market is fiercely competitive with numerous local and global players operating in the industry. The leading players profiled herein include P&G, SCA, Hengan and Kimberley Clark. Along with the profiles of key industry players, the competition prevailing in the global diaper market and the competitive landscape of China is also included.

Hygiene practices are deployed to prevent or to reduce the occurrence and dispersion of disease causing agents
Tissue and Hygiene Market Share by Region (2011) Western Europe is the largest region of the global hygiene market with …..% share of the same, followed by Asia (excluding Japan) with ….% of the market share. Other matured markets including North America, Latin America and Japan respectively accounted for …..%, …% and ….% of the global market share as of 2011. Within the Asian region, Indian and Chinese hygiene markets are estimated worth US$...... million and US$.....billion, respectively.  For the year 2011, the segment of baby diapers accounted for the major share of the global market with …….%. Western Europe North America Japan Middle East and Africa Asia (ex. Japan) Latin America Eastern Europe Australia  The developed economies of North America and Western Europe respectively accounted for ……% and ……% of the global market for baby diapers in 2011.

Global Hygiene Market Share by Segment (2011)

Baby Diaper Market Share by Region (2011)

North America Western Europe Baby Diapers Feminine Care Incontinence Care

Asia Eastern Europe

Latin America Others

The market for disposable diapers increased by approximately …..% in 2011 over the previous year..
Incontinence Market Share by Region (2011)

It was estimated worth US$....... billion or EUR……. billion in 2011. In regional terms, Western Europe accounted for a staggering share of …..% of the incontinence care market, closely followed by Asia with US$..... billion or EUR…… billion during the same period, constituting …..% market share.
 AFH incontinence products were the highest contributor to this market, with a share of …..%, followed by moderate/heavy incontinence products and light incontinence products with market shares worth …..% and …..%, respectively, as of 2011.  As of 2011, toilet paper and sanitary napkin recorded the maximum sales in the hygiene market with US$...... million and US$.....million as of 2011. The sales of diapers in China were recorded at US$........million only against the same period. Western Europe Latin Amercia Asia Eastern Europe North America Other China’s Retail Sales by Product Category (2011) Global Incontinence Market Share by Product Category (2011) Other Hygiene Products Tissue Paper Nappies/Diapers /Pants Sanitary Protection Toilet Paper

AFH Incontinence Light Incontinence

Mod./Heavy Incontinence CNY USD






As of 2011, the leading player in the hygiene and tissue market was P&G with …..% share, followed by Kimberley Clark with …….% of the global hygiene and tissue market share
China’s Diaper Industry Size (2007-2012E)
2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Million Asia’s HFS Production Share by Region (2010/11)

US$ Million 2006







 The market penetration rate of disposable baby diapers is around …..% in China. The Chinese diaper industry recorded a significant CAGR of ………% during the period of 2005 to 2011, reaching US$....... million from US$......... million.  The sanitary products market recorded a sharp decline in its share in the Chinese retail market from …..% in 2006 to ….% in 2011. However, the penetration of sanitary napkins witnessed an enormous growth as it increased from ………% in 1990 to ………% in 2011, with an annual consumption of ………….billion pieces a year

 Europe is among the major contributors to the global hygiene market accounting for almost ………% share in the same as of 2011. The retail market of diapers in the Central and Western Europe was worth US$................billion in 2006 reaching US$........ billion in 2011, registering a CAGR of approximately ………..%.
 The key factors driving the market include: - Growing urban population -Rising ageing population

- Increasing expenditure on healthcare
- Augmented economic conditions

Table of Contents

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1. Overview 1.1 Types of Diapers 1.2 Usage of Diapers 2. Hygiene and Diaper Market Structure 2.1 Global Hygiene Market -Market Overview -Market Segmentation -Geographic Breakdown 2.2 Global Diaper Market 2.2.1 Baby Diapers -Regional Breakdown -Market Segments -Per Capita Consumption 2.2.2 Incontinence Products -Regional Breakdown -Market Segments -Distribution Channels 2.3 Diaper Market by Geography 2.3.1 China -Market Overview -Market Value -Growth Rate 2.3.2 Europe -Market Overview -Market Value -Growth Rate

Hygiene Care Segments Types of Diapers Tissue and Hygiene Market Share by Region (2011) Global Hygiene Market Share by Segment (2011) Global Hygiene Market CAGR by Product Category (2006-2011) Regional Per Capita Consumption of Feminine Hygiene Products (2011) Baby Diaper Market Share by Region (2011) Global Baby Diaper Market Share by Product (2011) Regional Baby Diaper Per Capita Consumption per Year Share Regional Baby Diaper Per Capita Consumption per Year Incontinence Market Share by Region (2011) Global Incontinence Market Share by Product Category (2011) Global Incontinence Market Split by Channel (2011) China‟s Diaper Industry Size (2007-2012E) China‟s Retail Sales by Product Category (2011) China‟s Retail Sales Share by Product Category (2011) China‟s Retail Sales‟ CAGR (2006-2011) Central and Western Europe‟s Retail Diaper Market Size (2006-2011) Sales and Volume Growth in European Diaper Market (June 2011June2012) Share of Private Label Diapers in Western Europe (2011) Share of Private Label in Mexico‟s Diaper market (Mar/Apr 2011-Mar/Apr 2012) The US Disposable Diaper Market Share (3Q10-3Q12) Global Urban Population (2005-2011) Global Ageing Population (2005-2013F) Global Healthcare Spending (2005-2015E) Global GDP (2001-2011) World GDP per Capita (2005-2011) Global Hygiene and Tissue Market Share (2011) Global Diaper Market Share by Company (2011) Training Pant‟s Market Share by Company (3Q10-3Q12) Adult Incontinence Market Share by Company (3Q10-3Q12) China‟s Diaper Market Value Share (2011)

3. Market Dynamics 3.1 Key Trends and Developments 3.1.1 Varying Market Characteristics 3.1.2 Correlation with Life expectancy 3.1.3 Emergence of Private Label Baby Diapers 3.1.5 Environment Friendly Products 3.1.6 Diaper Buzzer 3.2 Growth Drivers 3.2.1 Increasing Urban Population 3.2.2 Growing Ageing Population (+60 Years) 3.2.3 Rising Healthcare Expenditure 3.2.4 Ameliorating Economic Conditions 3.3 Challenges 3.3.1 Negative Impact on Surrounding Environment 3.3.2 Escalating Price Pressure 4. Competitive Landscape 4.1 Competitive Scenario in the Global Diaper Market -Global Market Share -Market Share by Region - Incontinence Market Share 4.2 Rivalry in China‟s Diaper Market -Overall Diaper Market Share -Baby Diaper Market Share 5. Company Profiles 5.1 Procter & Gamble 5.1.1 Business Overview 5.1.2 Financial Overview 5.1.3 Business Strategies

List of Charts
China‟s Baby Diaper Market Share (2011) P&G‟s Revenue Share by Business Segments (2012) P&G‟s Net Sales and Net Earnings (2008-2012) Kimberly Clark‟s Revenue Share by Business Segments (2011) Kimberly Clark‟s Net Sales and Net Income (2008-2011) Net Sales of SCA by Operating Segments (2011) SCA‟s Net Sales and Profit (2008-2011) Hengan‟s Revenue Share by Business Segments (2011) Hengan‟s Net Sales and Profit (2008-2011)

List of Tables
Diaper Market Share by Region (2011) China‟s Top Baby Diaper Brands (2011)

-Focus on Value Creation -Strong Brand Portfolio Management
5.2 Kimberly Clark 5.2.1 Business Overview 5.2.2 Financial Overview 5.2.3 Business Strategies -Employee Empowerment -Growth through Strategic Acquisitions 5.3 SCA 5.3.1 Business Overview 5.3.2 Financial Overview 5.3.3 Business Strategies -Growth through Innovation -Strong Positioning Tactics 5.4 Hengan International Ltd. 5.4.1 Business Overview 5.4.2 Financial Overview 5.4.3 Business Strategies -Intense R&D Activities -Stringent Internal Audits

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