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1st Specs

Functional Spec? Functional Spec is mainly prepared for the purpose of developing the new reports (this happens only when SAP standard report not achieve the client purpose) using the ABAP Program. for ABAPers you need to give the details of the Tables , Fields and the logic how to pick the value and get the report.

The information contains in the functional specs are:

a)Document segment (BSEG): which contains the company code,posting keys, vendors,etc.

b)the line items(BKPF) consists of document type, etc.

for example: from BSEG table you have to go to the field of BUKRS for company code, BSCHL for Posting Keys. From BKPF table you have to go to the field of BELNR for document Number, etc.

Based on your functional specification the Abaper will design the report using his technical specifications.

The above are examples only to understand. There are plenty of tables & fields for FI, CO and Assets separately.

time and productivity are saved during development stage because the programmers can program instead of also working out the logic of the user experience S/W or program will be developed based on the functional specs it consist of business requirments.who all can have access to this program and level of security whether it is at co.code level or country level .brief detail about the business process and the need of your cutomized program/report security consideration.Please assign points. if the above are useful. Functional spec are based on the business requirment and contains details of end user expectations of the product Functionality document describes requested properties of inputs and outputs the blueprint for how you want a particular application to look and work it details what the finished product will do who a user will interact with it and what it will look like the key benefit of writing up a funtional spec is streamlining the development process.

material reprot etc. Team (lead) Zaid Azam (phone #) (member) (phone #) Phase / Priority Phase 1 Medium The above part is just a header. we couldnt add this so we we went for a new report with all the fbl3n fields + vendor name. lead name etc. low.e sales dependences. then the consultants name.whether is there any other process / program should have been completed before the execution of this program Data requirement priority. DEV ID Sales tax report Functional Team Zaid Azam (phone) SAP Dev. which system the report is in what report is it i.whether the failure lead to production stoppage or any work around error management how the program retrive the data if it is a report program Eg:The requirement was to add the vendor name to the fbl3n screen. high . This is a spec for the program. how important it is medium .

Revisions Rev. date Author Description 00 Initial release 1 Report definition Basic Information Report type 1 Report type 2 Language requirem. Printer requirement Paper requirement Source environment: Module: A/P Printed Local printer / system printer Landscape R/3 FI Suggested technique ALV / other Triggered: Frequency: Volume: Manually On-demand Daily Then in the report definition . Id Rev.

MM etc what subledger AP/AR etc how often it will be printed etc etc ( nothing really usefull here. It should list the vendor name and number when a G/l transaction is of a vendor Assumptions / issues Should have the capability of being exported to excell This is the important part here you tell what are the fields on the selection screen. G/l account Narrative flow The report should list the all the transactions of the G/l account( all items i.Functional Requirements Functional Requirements Selection Posting specify what module it is in i.e FI. eg apart from above get the sales . just giving a business touch) 2.e open and cleared) selected on the initial screen. Then in the narative flow you should tell the abapper what thre report should do like its mentioned above.

from BSAK ( cleared) if item is paid. Step 8 Should get the vendor name from LFA1 for the vendor number from BSIK or BSAK Step 9 Step 10 Processing Logic tells him in detail about which fields should come and from which table( not necessary to give technical names and tables.Processing logic Processing logic Step 1 Enter g/l account (HKONT) on the selection screen and run with or without a date range Or run by a date range only without specifying a G/L Step 2 Get the G/L number from BSIS that was selected on the initial screen Or get all the G/ls that had postings in the posting date ( BUDAT) specified on the initial screen. Step 3 Get the amount ( WRBTR) from BSIS ( Open and cleared both are in BSIS) Step 4 Take the Document Number (BELNR) from BSIS and get the vendor number for that doc number from BSIK ( open item). he could find that out.for customers who reside in California between the date range specified on the selection screen 3. depends on the abbapper) .

2 Header elements SAP Field Report Field Comment BSAK _LIFNR.4.3 Line item .Output Output 4.1 Layout FORMAT G/L Posting date Amount Doc type Doc number Pk Vendor # Name 650100 12/03/2006 19000042342 40 500 10229 SA GMC Text Test for report In the format i put an excell view of how the final report should look like 4.BSIK_LIFNR Vendor number LFA1_NAME1 Vendor Name BSIS_BUDAT Posting Date BSIS_HKONT G/l account 4.

account assigned.SAP Field Report Field Comment BSIS_WRBTR amount BSIS_BLART Document type BSIS_SGTXT Item text BSIS_BSCHL Posting Key Then i enter the fields that should be there in the report first the table name is liste then the technical name and then the english name. Vendor number and recon. Both header and line items are sprecified. like as below: Company Code account 1000 156001 1000 Vendor Recon 90000001 90000002 . Additional topics Unit Test Suggestions: Same as the standard SAP report FBL3N. Only addition is the vendor name and number Security/ Authorizations: .Eg I need one new report like in the output i need only company code. Error handling Dependencies References Out of scope requirements NA 2.

if you give the .156001 2000 156002 90000001 for the above requirement with the input selection criteria like as below Company Code ( ) ( ) Vendor ( ) ( ) if you give input selection as above as required you will get the output as given above Logic should be as below: for input selection Company Code .LFB1-HKONT You will get the recon account details in the LFB1 table .BUKRS is the ABAP field for the company code Vendor .LFB1-LIFNR Recon account .LFB1-BUKRS Vendor .LIFNR for the output Company Code .

logic as above . . ABAP er will write the program for the same.