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A Fruitful Journey By Mark A.

Noquera Internship program is the best opportunity for us to take a glimpse on our prospective work place. The finest opportunity to apply any knowledge we gained in the four corners of our teaching space. Onthe-job training is the oldest and most effective form of job training. Prior to the advent of off-site training classrooms, the only practical way of learning a job was working alongside an experienced worker in a particular trade or profession. It was the 10th day of April year 2012 when I started my internship contract with the First Consolidated Bank, also known by its initials FCB. It is a private, independent development savings bank organized in 1982 in the province of Bohol in the Philippines by a group of Filipino business people. It operates out of Tagbilaran City and has 58 branches in different parts of the country including San Pedro, Puerto Princesa branch where I served as an intern. I was first assigned to loan department of the bank where I met Mr. Nahreus Bandojo which is the bank’s loan officer for over three years. He is the one entitled to supervise my job performance. It has been pleasant and easy for me to start my training at the bank’s premise because of the approachable and great working personality of the bank’s staffs. During my first few days of my internship, I was able to operate a photocopy machine and stamp documents in a properly manner. Photocopying is necessary for us to learn because doing such a thing is a routine job of the bank’s interns. Some documents of the clients are needed to be photocopied and this will become part of the bank’s other income. As the summer rapidly approach, the loan department becomes busy due to the increasing number of the clients that wished to avail the salary loans offered by the said department. At first, I thought that having an on-the-job training at banks will become tedious but this thought has been gradually reversed as I spent time working at the bank. Indeed, I felt grateful that I’ve now erudite a lot of things for my first two weeks at the bank’s loan department under my superior’s guidance. By observing my superior in processing loans and helping him in some small things needed in processing loan applications, I learned unique techniques in dealing with different clients. I deeply understand now that clients are the heart of every business establishments. I also learned some technical skills such as proper use of a photocopy machine, encoding of documents, and vigilant use of check encoder. Furthermore, I learned some facts regarding bank checks as Mr. Randy Favila, clearing clerk, has told me. Check clearing will take place within 3 days. This is the period to distinguish whether checks are

Du Ek Sam Marketing. I was a little bit eager in marketing the product which made me transform some of my personality. This has become productive and definitely rewarding. . Yet. I always doubt and almost lose my self-confidence every time I do something that he has commanded. Self-confidence must be developed in every individual because it will make us more powerful and better persons in the future as we take our paths and careers. There are six months to consider in order for checks to become STALE which means the check cannot be withdrawn anymore. Ardent Hotel. On the other hand. and stale checks. Department of Agrarian Reform. Accordingly. there is something valuable facts that I had proved to myself that is time. The internship program has given me the opportunity to grow and became a better individual. A week after. Hence. RKP Trading. as being part of the bank as an intern I managed to properly observed care and diligent in everything that the staffs has commanded to me. I was reassigned at the Managers office as an intern of Mr.bounced or not. After the fruitful weeks at the loan department. I was just surprised that the old shy Mark has become more approachable and aggressive towards getting clients. something that empowers me to do better and create positive thoughts in life. proper segregation of duties is strictly observed for every transaction that the bank will make through its staffs. as part of our marketing activities. I was first a little bit nervous because Managers are known to be very strict concerning works. etc. During these internship days at FCB loan department. There should be no rooms for error if possible. Estoperez. There are many kinds of bounced checks and he told me some like DAIF. Yamaha. I noticed that proper diligent was strictly observed by every staff. The main difference between DAIF and DAUD is that DAIF has no fund at all unlike DAUD which has fund but not yet cleared. Time came so fast that I didn’t realize that my stopover at first consolidated bank is about to terminated. as time passes by I had regained my selfconfidence and takes away all hesitations inside me and planted new sets of thoughts. Postdated. I was then summoned to different parts of Puerto Princesa together with the bank’s marketing staff to do summer campaign regarding the bank’s products and services particularly the ATM card known as the PITAKard. self-confidence and experience is the solution in every hesitation. PALECO. I have also given the chance to transact in different government and private offices such as LBC. Athoy has imparted to me during my training. Fortunato A. This will certainly aid me as I continue my journey to the extensive and perplexing path of my career. However. Branch Manager. That was the lessons that Mgr. DAUD. nervousness and questions inside our hearts and minds. Things didn’t end yet there. Honda.

Internship program is definitely a good training ground for every individual that dreamt to be successful professionals someday. Maybe it is more satisfying if the program administrator will provide agencies for the incoming interns both BSA and BSBA-MA because they are the one that can recognize better offices than interns. We should also take into consideration that every students possess potentials that fair treatment should be observed. .