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The advertisements about gilette display of how a man who has a face problems trying to solve the problem by using gilette. Semiotic theory is one of the theory pascamodern it important enough and widely used.The bottle of Coco cola is given physically descriptive qualities. freshness and health. This theory holds that in a text there a many signs and reader or analyst should be understand what is meant by these signs. freshness and vigor. hope happiness. This advertising also reflects the best a man cans get. happiness status of the product through the relationship between the signifier. refreshing. This is because. The advertisement The New Skin Care Range from Gillette India signifying the advertised product display features such as personal hygiene. energy.1) Name the theory at the outset. and even as drinkable as the coco-cola in which the subject is shown to be immersed in. The advertising used to reflect the semiotic theory is related advertising The New Skin Care Range from Gillette India and Coca-Cola Fizz City taken from youtube. Enforcing this image are signifiers which allow the recipient to view the product as hygiene and refreshing. when using gilette this guy has a lot of confidence to style. This advertising has its own interests and privileges to be discovered by the advertiser. . 'Coco-cola Fizz City‟ it is signifying the products supposed qualities.As the result. chilled appearance insured through the droplets of water on the bottle of implies the tangible. This theory invites us to understand works of literature through signs or symbol that we find in the text. namely through its cold. which is cold. Indicate very loosely what the theory is about and give a general and brief description of what the advertisements are about. the 'droplets' and the signified. this man can get skin fresh and healthy.

Denotation system is a system markers first floor. In detail.2) Give a summary description of the theory (based on your understanding) The semiotic history have started since Greek time. Its central figure is Roland Barthes. Semiotics connotative greatly expanded in the study of literary works. whereas in connotative system is expansion on sign significance (E) in denotative system. consisting of chains of markers and signs. Significance of the sign system is divided into a system of first (primary) called denotative system and the second system (secondary) are divided into two the system and the system connotative metalanguage. The verbal side of the field is called linguistics. Barthes developing two tiered labeling system. who indulged in the second meaning behind certain forms. this theory is felt to be appropriate. and thus related to the other sign on the chain markers higher. Both figure commenced a language the theory and meaning. the relationship materiality markers or abstract concept behind it. that is time Plato and Aristotle. However shortly after era. The goal of semiotics is interpreting both verbal and nonverbal signs. Meanwhile in . Roland Barthes was mainly interested in the nonverbal side multifaced visual signs just waiting to be read. which he called the denotation and connotation. Barthes in his book Mythology explains that the significance of the system consists of a sign relation (R = relation) between the sign (E = expression) and meaning (C = content). and use and the dominance began to fade. In donatative system exist among sign and the meaning. Based on the developed Saussure semiotics. On the connotation or labeling system for the second floor chain markers /signs on the denotation be a marker.

step-by-step. Advertising is one driving factor in the advance of globalization. happiness.Sign also means as visual of language. C) Discuss the relationships between the theory and the advertisements that you are examining. design. passion and evil. red is a powerful signifier of danger. Every aspect of the theory should be addressed in the analysis. the display of bottle showed water that can be drink. 2006). Semiotics Aspect A) The term "sign"was introduced around 1900 by the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure.15 to 00. Moreover. according to Flaminggo International.a term. Thus it can be concluded that the system connotative and metalanguage system is an extension of denotative system . power. In its advertising. advertising and marketing strategy are what make products distinct in the minds of consumers.Cola have a relationship with Semiotics Theory.metalanguage system on expansion on meaning significance (C) in denotative system. lust. For many brands. then the color red depict the power of the company -which symbolize the . the lettering style and the related visual images of young people at a sunlit beach provide connotations of youth. Show. vitality. Colour represent the denotative meaning of the color of red will automatically reminds us to the Coke. B) The term signifier is term of colour. In the video minute 00. It is important to understand the advertise of Coca . logo or feature that sets one brand apart from another (Badal. freedom.18 showed that when young man drink the Coca Cola imposed them to happiness and feel satisfaction in attitude when dancing after drink Coca Coa. Based on advertise of Coca cola. how each part of the advertisements can be addressed by a particular part of the theory. who is sometimes called "the father of modern linguistics". Melewar & Small.

they can feel a connection with that celebrity on some levelthrough that product. Apart from this dominating the world indirectly. there a lot product of skincare have their brands to influence customers.30 already display the term colour of Coca Cola. C) Next is the term of signified “cool”. white. In the minute 00. Lastly he drink Coca Cola and feel fresh and gain back his energy. And when a customer buys a product endorsed by a celebrity they admire.logo that have been used in this video is “The Best a Man Can Get” The Gillette Fusion advert is not „male‟ in that it can be sexed. Next is the study of Gillete Skncare advertisement. it is also a dominant color. The video also showed a group of people who watching game football and does not comfortable but after drink Coca Cola they gain back their spirit from feel weak. The usage of the color red is quite common in the food sector. While the red background attracts the attention. Coca Cola‟s second color choice.authority of bourgeois society. white logotype is more perceptible. In this context. Otherwise. A) The term of sign “brand”. B) The term of signifier “Logo”. Its explain the words of refreshing and cool.27 to 00. This color combination is very suitable for a product sold on the shelves. regardless of whether the celebrity actually uses it. This brand use celebrities to promote their brands. The brand of gillete skincare is a commercial international product. In the case study of this video the term of semiotics related to explaining the video. but instead male orientated: the product is aimed at men and the advert thus uses . Video display this term in minute 00:01 until 00:25when one young man walk at the street in hot weather and feel sweat. is understandable. Red is firstly the most recognizable color. This language persuade people to have a try of Coca Cola when feel hot and does not comfortable in the situation.

instead simply identifying the amount of stereotypically male and female codes in each text respectively.Within the „male‟ advert. indicating that is product is for men. may feel emasculated and thus may be less inclined to purchase the product. is difficult to make appealing. cited in Cook. 2006: 66) . . Many signs are „arbitrary‟ there is no direct resemblance between a sign and that which is represents. when viewed through a western schema: that which a subject has learnt through experience (Colman 2001: 653) but it is noted that these codes are recognisable to both men and women and that the impact of them differs depending on the gender orientation of the reader. Codes can also be read against their intended meaning. 2002: 14). only a connection known by users of the framework between sign and meaning (Saussure. This product also rates explain that the visual as a object of health. C) The term of “ Beauty and health”. personal hygiene and beauty being associated with domesticity and thus. Cleansing failure lead to other and conventions that are stereotypically masculine. aimed at men. In the video we can see that the celebrities wash his face to refresh back their face and to removed the dirt that has been absorbed by the skin. A beauty product. and asserting the masculinity of the target demographic by confirming how masculine this beauty product is. encouraging men to use cosmetics is one such example of this (Brierley. Advertisers are constantly trying to tap into new niches to boost sales.When customer know the brand and logo of product they will understand that the effect that they get as a result of beauty. their are used many stereotypical male markers. but for the purposes of simplicity I will not be attempting to read feminine codes into the „masculine‟ text. men conforming to stereotypes.

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