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Scholarships for pursuing Universi ty education in India

Applications for the 2013 academic year for the Government of India sc holarships provided by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) are now being accepted in the Emba ssy of India in Jakarta. Last da te for acceptance of applications is 15 February 2013. Scholarships are offered to Indonesian students for study a t undergradua te and post-gradua te levels, including Master and Doctoral progra mmes. Students applying for the award of scholarship must pass the English Proficiency Test to be conducted at the Emba ssy of India in Jakarta. The sc holarship will cover tui tion fees, living allowance, accommoda tion charges, contingent grant and other benefi ts. However, the cost of to and fro air passage to India is excluded. Scholarships are not provided for medicine (MBBS), dentistry (BDS), nursing & other courses related to medicine. For more informa tion, please vi si t: www.indianembassyjakarta .com or or contact: Education Wing, Embassy of India, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kav. S-1, Kuningan, Jakarta Tel: (62-21) 520 4150/52/57/526 4931/ Ex t. 28 & 521 3775 Fax: (62 -21) 520 4160 & 5265622 E-mail: or or educa

jkt@gmail. please refer to the Application Form and the detailed Guidelines. Embassy of or Education and doctoral and post-doc toral courses in various disciplines. tui tion f ee and other benefits.75) in the last qualifying examination at the School or the University  Syllabus of the last qualifying examination  Certified/sworn copies of all documents such as marks sheets etc. with English translations  To pass an English Proficiency Test to be conducted by the Embassy  For Students applying for doctoral/post-doctoral courses or architecture: Synopsis of the proposed area of research  Certificate of Physical Fitness. please www. (S3). For detailed infor mation on ICCR scholarships. post-graduate (S2) and Ph. However. Jl.Embassy of India Jakarta Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi Scholarships for pursuing Universi ty education in India The Government of India scholarships are provided by the Indian Council for Cul tural Rela tions (ICCR) through i ts General Cultural Scholarships Sc heme (GCSS) for the year 2013-14. contingent grant. the cost of air passage to India and back for all students and expenses on laboratory chemicals and related incidentals for science strea m students would have to be borne by them or by their sponsors. Last da te for acceptance of applications is 15 February 2013 . Scholarships are not provided for medicine (MBBS). as prescribed in Appendix-2 of the Application Form  Medical certificate attesting that the candidate is free from AIDS  Curriculum Vitae in English (HP and e-mail required)  Certificate in English-language course/TOEFL score minimum 500  Recommendation letter from former School/University/Office *Information above is only a summary. The scholarships are offered to meri torious Indonesian students to underta ke higher studies in India under undergraduate (S1).com . accommoda tion charges. Jakarta Tel: (62-21) 520 4150/52/57/526 4931 & 521 3775 Fax: (62-21) 520 4160 & 5265622 E-mail: ssedu@net-zap. Mandatory requirements for GCSS Scholarships application*:  A record of high-level academic achievement (with GPA of at least 2. or contact: visit: www. li tera ture.or. nursing & other courses rela ted to medicine. HR Rasuna educa or cg. Government of India will provide living allowance. dentistry (BDS). Applications for the 2013-14 academic year are now being accepted in the Embassy of India in Jakarta . archi tec ture. For detailed information. performing arts. Kuningan.bali@mea. Kav.congendiamedan. degree courses in engineering and agriculture. commerce and science. including expenses on medical trea tment and study tour to the students selec ted for the scholarship. Students can opt for any course in the fields of or edujkt@net-zap.

Students applying for the award of scholarship must pass the English Proficiency Test to be conducted a t the Embassy of India in Jakarta . S. Kav. who fulfill the eligibility cri teria and who possess ba sic working knowledge of the English language. Jakarta Selatan 12950 Tel: (62-21) 520 4150/52/57/526 4931 & 521 3775 Fax: (62-21) 520 4160 & 526 5622 E-mail: edujkt@net-zap. through the Embassy of India in . The scholarships a re for full-ti me study in one of the course of study a t one of the participa ting Universi ties and other Insti tutions of Higher Learning listed in the Application Form. Eligibility criteria are set out on page-2 of this Broc hure. Applications from all students. Rasuna Said. twenty (20) scholarships to meri torious students from Indonesia for studying in Universities and Colleges in India. Embassy of India.Embassy of India Jakarta Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi ICCR Scholarships for studying in Universities in India SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION BROCHURE To be read in conjunction with the Scholarship Application Forms & Guidelines The ICCR scholarships provide opportuni ties for Indonesian students to study a t the higher educational insti tutions in India. Kuningnan. including Master and Doc toral progra mmes. The closing date for applications is Friday. Jalan H. are invi ted.1. ICCR awards. Scholarships a re for study a t undergradua te and post-gradua te or ssedu@net-za p.R. 15 February 2013 Applications should be submitted to the Education Wing. Under i ts General Cultural Scholarship Scheme (GCSS).

WHO CAN APPLY? To be eligible to apply for ICCR scholarship. applicants for studying performing arts would need to submi t video/audio cassettes of their recorded performances. all applicants for M. Department. Ministry. an English Proficiency Test will be conducted a t the Embassy of India in Jakarta on Februa ry 28. to verify the English language competency.D) must already hold a recognized Ma ster’s degree (S2) with good academic record. Specifically: all applicants must have very good English language skills. not currently hold a scholarship from ICCR under GCSS. applicants for post-gradua te study must already hold a recognized und er -gradua te d egree (S1) with good academic record. applicants for doctora te (Ph.e. be endorsed by your sponsoring organization. 2013. priori ty will be given to candidates who ha ve not had scholarships and ha ve not been awarded scholarship previously to study in India.D). be usually and currently resident in Indonesia. agency. sta tutory authori ty. you must: be an Indonesian na tional. Post-doc tora te Research. all applicants must: be commi tted to return to Indonesia upon finishing their course of study Applications from candidates who are not eligible will not be considered .Phil. be applying to commence a new course of study at a level higher than your current qualification. be able to ta ke up the scholarship in the yea r in which it i s offered (2013). and for civil servants. be a mini mum of 18 years of age a t the ti me of commencement of sc holarship in India. only those candidates whose Application Forms and Documents have been found to be in order will be eligible for appearing in the English Proficiency Test. Casual Researc h or Archi tecture would need to submi t a synopsis of the proposed a rea of researc h. Doctora te (Ph. not a vailed of a scholarship from ICCR under GCSS. In addition. not have permanent resident sta tus for any other country. i.

. at which they would like to study. Final acceptance is up to th e University concerned. NOTE ON RESTRICTIONS ON ICCR SCHOLARSHIPS:  There will be no scholarship award ed for medicine (MBBS). students must ensure tha t they possess requisi te qualifications for the course which they choose to study. the students a re required to indicate a t lea st three courses. students may ref er to the ‘Universi ti es Handbook of India’ available at the Emba ssy of India in Jakarta or browse the official website of the concerned Universi ty. For selecting the course of study or the Universi ty. dentistry (BDS). A scholarship is awarded only when admission is confirmed by the concerned University/ICCR. nursing and other courses related to medicine during 2013-14. When considering a course. which they would like to pursue in Indian educational insti tutions. in the ord er of preference. Students a re also required to indica te a t least three Universi ties/ Insti tution of Higher Lea rning. It may be noted that Indian Universities/ educational institutions are autonomous and independent and hence have their own eligibility criteria. Doctoral and Post-gradua te (including Masters) applicants should generally choose an area consistent wi th previous studies they have completed. A list of participa ting Universi ties (total 202) is included at Appendix-5 to the Scholarship Application Form. Students must also ensure tha t the chosen course of study is a struc tured course of study at the Universi ty of their preference.CHOOSING A COU RSE OF STU DY In the Applica tion Form. Forwarding of applications is thus not a guarantee of admission. in the ord er of preference. Students may also apprize themselves of the requirements expec ted to be fulfilled by the Foreign Students a t the concerned Universi ty.

Medan. Sugiopranoto No. For applicants from all other provinces in Indonesia Contact: Education Wing Embassy of India [Add: Jl. and. Surabaya and all other parts of Indonesia a t Jakarta Forwarding the shortli st of 30 applications to ICCR Last da te for receiving applica tions in ICCR.congendiamedan. Bali Tel: (0361) 259502/3 Fax: (0361) 222253 E-mail: cg. Rasuna Said Kav. Selection Process Ti me-Table 07 January 2013 15 February 2013 18 – 25 February 2013 26 February 2013 28 February 2013 4 – 8 March 2013 11 March 2013 15th March 2013 May-June–July 2012 July-August 2012 Opening da te of applications Closing date for applications Scrutiny of applications Short list of applicants eligible for English Proficiency Test posted English Proficiency Test. Academic meri t. only 20 scholarships will be finally awarded. Jakarta Selatan 12950 Tel: (021) 5204150/52/57/ 5264931 & 5213775 Fax: (021) 5204160. 19. All candidates whose dossi ers will be found in order shall be called for an English Proficiency Test For applicants in North Sumatra Contact: Consulate General of India (CGI) in M edan [Add: Jl. Interviews will be undertaken in English. S-1. All candidates called for English Proficiency Test will also be interviewed on the sa me day by an interview tea m which will assess the candida tes’ academic ability. 5265622 E-mail: edujkt@net-zap.R. Fax: (62-61) 453 Website: www. followed by personal Interview Compiling and processing of applications from Bali. and cul tural adaptability and the relevant of their proposed For applicants in Bali Contact: Consulate General India Bali [Add: Jl. clarify of study goals.SELECTION PROCESS The Embassy will consider all eligible applications. Tel: (061) English language proficiency. New Delhi Awardees notified. Likelihood of successful study 2. Pre-departure formalities Depart for India . ssedu@net-zap. However. Denpasar. 163. Medan 20152.or. Selection Cri teria: Scholarships will be awarded on the basi s of: 1. Uskup Agung A. Renon. A short-list of thirty (30) candidates who will qualify the English Proficiency Test and the personal interview will be forwarded to ICCR for considera tion of award of scholarship.bali@mea. Raya Puputan No. The final selection is objecti ve and meri t-ba sed. E-mail: cgimedan@indosat. H.

would not be entertained. or post-doc toral) would require ‘Researc h Visa’ instead of ‘Student Visa’. Pre-departure and Visa Application Immedia tely upon being advised of award of scholarship.NOTIFICATION OF THE AWARD OF SCHOLARSHIP Students who are awarded scholarships will be notified through a formal mail as soon as their admissions are confirmed in a Universi ty in India. all awardees will be fully briefed about the living conditions in India. the student would have to go for AIDS test before the admission is finally given to overseas scholars. the concerned student must complete his travel document (passport) and also make booking for tra vel to India. Any request for change in course of study or University. Before leaving for India. In case. on the details of scholarships. provided documenta tion ha s been completed sa tisfac torily. All students ad mi tted to M. He should thereaf ter approach the Education Wing of the Emba ssy of India in Jakarta. the scholar will be repatriated immediately and the ICCR would not bear any expenses on this account. the type and duration of th e course to which he/she i s admitted course. Once in India. . and higher course (Ph.Phil. The concerned students may ascertain the requirements and procedure for ma king applications for the Research Visa.D. once admission of a scholar i s confirmed and the scholar has arrived to join the course. The processing ti me for ‘Resea rch Visa’ is may take up to one month. Vi sa will be provided on ‘gratis’ basis for the entire dura tion of the course. any of the students is found HIV positive in India. which will assist successful candidates with applica tion for vi sa.

) @Rs.500 per month for Post-doctoral research students @Rs. 5000 per month in metropolitan cities of Delhi. Bills on medical treatmen t are settled by the Council as per rules.500 per month for Under-graduate courses (BA/B. Technology) @ Rs. in Humanities.Phil/Ph. In case of scholars pursuing science courses.Tech and other courses requiring submission of project Students/scholars are expected to seek treatmen t at the medical centre/dispensary attached to the University/Institute where they are enrolled or in the nearest Government Hospital./B. HRA etc.Sc. 7.Tech/ME) @Rs.000 for BBA/BCA/MCA/MBA/M. . Chennai.D. would be provided on ‘gratis’ basis.D. FAMILY ENTRY: Families must meet the Government of India i mmigra tion requirements. Bangalore.Lit/Fellow) @Rs. Hyderabad and Pune @ Rs. the student would be liable to rei mburse all expenses incurred on tui tion fee.Com/MBA/MCA/MSc/ME/M. Student vi sa. 10. 5000 per annum for Under-graduate courses @Rs.500 per month in other smaller cities @Rs. S&T/M. Scholarship awardees may bring their i mmedia te families (spouse and children) to India at their own cost. the interna tional airfare from Indonesia to the place of study in India and back has to be borne by the stud ents themselves. the following are provided/covered: Tuition Fee / Other compulsory fee Living Allowance (Stipend) Contingent Grant House Rent Allowance Thesis and Dissertation Expenses Medical Benefits Study Tours Full academic fees and other fees tha t are compulsory for all international students undertaking the course @Rs.) @Rs. ICCR meets the expenditure on train/bus fares and daily allowance./D. 5. valid for the enti re dura tion of the study. 12. In case. Scholars @ Rs. any stud ent returns prema turely to Indonesia without completing hi s/her course of study. stipend. 7000 per annum for Post-graduate courses @Rs. 4. However. 15. the expendi ture on labora tory c hemicals and other related incidental cha rges a re also to be borne by the scholars themselves. Kolkata.Scholarship Terms and Conditions The ICCR scholarships awarded under GCSS are fully-funded scholarships. Important Note: Students awarded the scholarship must give an underta king to complete their course of study in India. Under the scholarships.D. etc. Mumbai. 7.Phil/Ph.Tech. to ICCR . 7. Students must contac t the Emba ssy of India in Jakarta to asc ertain the current requirements for fa mily entry/vi si t to India.Com/BBM/BCA/BBA/B. Engineering.500 per month for Post-doctoral research courses (Humanities.Tech.000 for Ph.500 per annum for Research courses (M. Government of India does not provide any financial or other support for the dependents of the students.000 per month for Research courses (M. after award ees have joined their respec tive course of studies and settled into their formal academic courses. 6000 per month for Post-graduate courses (MA/M. etc.