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Symsoft has local presence in four regions and operational systems in more than 30 countries. Polkomtel. 2 . Symsoft’s customers include leading telecom operators such as Millicom. Sweden. All application solutions are based on the carrier grade Nobill platform which exceeds operators’ requirements for business critical functions due to its modular platform architecture and innovative technology. Renowned for its ability to deliver. Telenor and TeliaSonera. messaging and value added services. Symsoft enables operators in an increasingly competitive world to improve both attractiveness and ARPU. Saudi Telecom. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Stockholm.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E C H A RG I NG SYS TE M Symsoft develops leading real-time telecom solutions for mobile and convergent operators within the areas of charging. Telefonica. Qtel.

Nobill OCS enables operators to build tariffs. it is important to have powerful tools to communicate campaigns to customers based on their subscription type and usage history. 3 . the needs and habits of mobile subscribers are also becoming more diverse. This underlines the need for operators to have a constantly updated control of subscriber credit to minimize credit risk and revenue leakage. Naturally. REACH THE RIGHT SUBSCRIBERS With mobile penetration reaching saturated levels all over the world. Using Nobill OCS. Subscribers are also more willing to use new services if they feel that they are in control of the spending. operators today manage a constantly increasing amount of money on behalf of their customers. Nobill Online Charging System (OCS) offers flexibility so that operators can focus on growing their business without being limited by technological constraints. different subscriber segments have different expectations on their mobile service. payment for external services and money transfer. Used by operators all over the world. To maintain profitability and avoid being caught in costly price wars. a few examples are settlement of content purchases. Nobill OCS offers operators a versatile marketing toolbox. With a powerful rating framework that can charge based on a wide selection of service and subscriber related parameters. mobile operators must create unique offers that target the needs of specific market segments. During service use. It is also essential that charging systems offer momentarily updated information on subscriber information such as account balance and service use. meaning that funds are reserved on a subscriber’s account before a service is delivered. funds are continuously committed and new funds reserved. The built-in support for customer interaction and notifications also makes it easy for subscribers to keep continuous track of their spending. Also.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E CH A RG I NG SYS TE M GAI N I NG EG dE wITH NOB I LL ON LI N E CHARG I NG SYSTE M Being able to charge for services is crucial to all operators. Furthermore. giving them the freedom to design service offers with a short time-to-market. STAY IN CONTROL As a result of higher mobile penetration and a wider variety of monetary transactions being executed over mobile connections. but today they are expected to manage so much more. Just a few years ago. An operator’s success depends on its ability to create service bundles and campaigns that attract the most valuable subscriber segments. all charging transactions are made in real time. This ensures that services are only provided if there are funds to cover for them. Nobill OCS allows for a subscriber to have multiple communication sessions open simultaneously while maintaining firm control of the account balance. Nobill OCS meets up to the challenges that operators are facing today. Additionally. effectively making charging an integral part of service delivery. its extensive support for real-time subscriber communication provides operators with an excellent tool to selectively reach out to subscribers with campaigns based on their subscription types and service usage history. and charging solutions must be flexible to adapt offers to changing market demands. charging systems mostly handled transactions related to the use of voice and messaging services. notifying them of upcoming bonuses to trigger additional usage. bundles and campaigns to reach specific subscriber segments.

This community can be joined by calling to the customer care or by self-service via IVR or USSD. As people within communities often interact with each other. All functionality is accessible through an intuitive graphical user interface. The operator is able to define and create any number of communities in the system. The operator can also offer discounts for other services. Several types of communication are enabled with this feature. Nobill OCS provides the availability that operators require. for instance to download clips related to this community. USSD End of event communication With this feature it is possible for the operator to communicate with the subscribers in real time. community members effectively participate in marketing the services they use themselves. Once a subscriber has joined a community the system will give him or her discount when calling or texting another member of the same community. At the same time. detailed traffic. Using Sun Microsystems hardware implies that it is available on a broad range of platforms to meet any capacity need and allowing for future growth. and any number of subscribers can then join the community. the solution must be easy to expand and simple to maintain and configure. Another example is a promotion related message that can inform about an awarded bonus or a discounted tariff. transaction tracing and customer care. the Nobill Client. Built on proven hardware and software technologies. Community charging Community charging makes it possible for the operator to segment the subscriber base and tailor campaigns to communicate offerings to a subscriber community with specific interests. all members of the community get 20 % discount on all football movie clip downloads. for instance information messages notifying the subscriber about the current balance or that a threshold has been passed.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E C H A RG I NG SYS TE M KEEP IT SIM PLE It is essential to have a charging solution that allows for the rapid creation of attractive offers and keeps an updated view of transactions. Below are a few examples of how Nobill OCS can provide a competitive edge to operators. Furthermore. Messages can also be set to inform the subscriber about the cost of the latest call or about upcoming bonuses. NOB I LL OCS FEATU R ES Nobill OCS provides an extensive set of marketing tools to let operators differentiate their mobile offers and reach their target subscribers. campaign management. An example of community charging could be the Manchester United Football Club Community where all members get 10 % discount when calling each other during weekdays and 20 % during match days. for instance to subscribers that are part of a community. A message can be tailored for a specific customer segment. This feature improves 4 . where operator staff can access functions such as rate plan.

with the possibility to integrate it with external systems. This feature will stimulate longer calls and more usage of the network. a prolongation of the subscription or to get a certain number of MMS messages for free. the amount of money to transfer and a PIN code. The system will analyze the call and during the call adjust the rates in real time. Telescope charging for voice – cheaper rate for longer calls Using real-time charging. A number of balance thresholds can be configured in the system and if a threshold is passed a new tariff will come into effect when the next session is initiated. operators can apply different tariffs during the same call. Subscriber self care Nobill OCS provides extensive self care tools using different interfaces. For instance it is possible to apply one rate for the first five minutes and a cheaper rate for the next coming minutes. Cross service promotions are also possible with this feature. The bonus that can be activated might come in different shapes. the more money available on the account the less the subscriber will pay for voice and/or SMS and/or GPRS traffic. A higher balance on the subscriber account will lead to more usage among subscribers and an increased cash flow for the operator. Bonus for top-ups To stimulate the subscribers to do more top-ups to their accounts. USSD and IVR. it reduces the load on voice machines and customer care. Based on the usage. Tariff – based on current balance With this feature it is possible to adjust the tariff based on the level of funds available on the account and switch tariffs depending on threshold levels set on specific accounts. service usage history. the operator can grant specific recharging bonuses with this feature. This can be done by sending a USSD message including the receiving number. send one more and you will get five SMS for free!” This is a powerful tool when building loyalty programs and it can be used to stimulate usage among the subscribers. The bonus can be granted based on number of top-ups during a specific time period or on the total amount of money refilled. Bonus for accumulated usage Nobill OCS can keep track of a subscriber’s accumulated usage during a predefined period.g. all in real time. Furthermore. For instance a move up to become a gold subscriber. It can for instance be the number of minutes used or the number of sent SMS messages during the past week. This is done with counters that can be associated with any type of service such as voice usage.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E CH A RG I NG SYS TE M customer intimacy and increases customer control. the operator can grant bonuses or adjust tariffs. This feature will help increase the number of top-ups in the system. The subscriber can interact with the system to check current balance. The rate adjustments are created and administered in the tariff tool. 5 . and even a free tariff after 30 minutes. For instance. activate and configure services and more. e. Inter-account money transfer Nobill OCS can allow one subscriber to transfer funds from his/her account to another subscriber’s account. mega bytes of data sent/received or number of SMS sent. for example: * “Get five free MMS after 50 minutes of voice calls during next week!” * “Get 10Mb of free GPRS traffic when 100 SMS have been sent!” * “Get one free MMS for every 10 SMS sent!” * “You have sent 9 MMS.

The Back End consists of a pair of Sun servers.000 transactions per second. The system can be dimension to handle from 100. Rating also scales with CPU power. Voucher Management system. as well as INAP. Symsoft has developed the SS7 software in-house. Customer Care and Customer Database in order to increase capacity. Nobill OCS can be integrated into an existing system environment to capitalize on established alarm. Symsoft´s tools and expertise can be used. Nobill tools for ETSI SS7 facilitate the integration of Nobill OCS into the existing mobile network. where one is active and the other is stand-by. For the Front End. It handles all system administration. GPRS charger.000 to over 20 million subscribers. The administration server. Nobill Client Nobill Charging Nobill Front End SCP SMS Charger GPRS Charger MMS Charger USSD GW IVR Nobill Back End SDP Rating Engine Voucher Mgnt Customer Care Customer DB Administration Servers Data Warehouse The Nobill Client is a Java-based graphical user interface. Nobill OCS communicates with mobile networks using CAMEL phase 1. Availability – The availability of a delivered Nobill OCS is normally equal to or greater than 99. it is easily adapted to various vendorspecific protocols. A real-case benchmark has proven a capacity above 5. Hardware Platform – For the hardware platform Cisco IP switches and Sun servers are used. Migration of Customer Data – Symsoft works closely with the operator to ensure smooth migration. 2 and 3. can be allocated to separate servers 6 . along with the creation of prepaid products and subscription types. Nobill OCS consists of a number of components that are modular and separately scalable.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E C H A RG I NG SYS TE M NOBILL ® TECH FACTS Software Architecture – Nobill OCS consists of two main parts: ● Front End: SCP. Scalability & Capacity – To meet future capacity demands. Therefore. the system scales linearly with the addition of each new server. The database server scales with the hardware capacity of the server and the disk solution selected. Rating Engine. and operations and maintenance equipment. if the operator so desires. MMS charger. Operations & Maintenance – This can be handled centrally or managed remotely from several locations. USSD gateway and IVR ● Back End: SDP. SMS charger. which handles all configuration including customer care and web interfacing. The Oracle database in the Back End is typically located on a separate machine.999 % The system is designed with hardware that is capable of handling high-level peak loads.

It offers excellent performance and superior availability. Symsoft works closely with operators to innovate. Nobill serves operators in more than 30 countries together having more than 100 million users. 7 . The Nobill platform is easy to use. develop and deploy competitive services.N O B I L L ® O N L I N E CH A RG I NG SYS TE M Symsoft takes great pride in having the expertise and ability to combine the quality standards of the telecom industry with the versatility of the computer industry.

PO Box 1219 SE-164 28 Kista. 5700 Granite Parkway. All rights reserved. Renowned for its ability to deliver. 4 February 2010 . All application solutions are based on the carrier grade Nobill platform which exceeds operators’ requirements for business critical functions due to its modular platform architecture and innovative technology. Polkomtel. Ste 200 Plano. Sweden Tel +46 8 566 166 00 Middle East & Africa Symsoft MEA Dubai Internet City P. Telefonica. Sweden. Corporate Headquarters Symsoft AB Kista Science Tower Färögatan 33. Symsoft has local presence in four regions and operational systems in more than 30 countries.O. Symsoft’s customers include leading telecom operators such as Millicom. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Stockholm. Symsoft enables operators in an increasingly competitive world to improve both attractiveness and ARPU. Symsoft AB. United Arab Emirates Tel +971 4 36 16 637 Americas Americas Symsoft Inc. Saudi Telecom.Symsoft develops leading real-time telecom solutions for mobile and convergent operators within the areas of charging. Texas 75024. messaging and value added services. Qtel. Box 500649 Dubai. USA Tel +1 972 731 6708 Asia Pacific Tel +46 8 566 166 00 © 2010. Telenor and TeliaSonera.