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"McDonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile." • • • Entered in India 1996 McDonald's India is a 50 – 50 JV partnership between MCDONALD’S CORPORATION (U.S.A) and two Indian businessman Amit Jatia and Vikram Bakshi Localisation:  DON’T OFFER ANY BEEF OR PORK ITEM IN INDIA  IN PRODUCT LIKE MCVEGGIE, PIZZA MCPUFF ETC.THEY USE SPICES FAVOURED BY INDIANS  SOFT SERVES AND MCSHAKES ARE EGGLESS  Actively Involver in many social activities likegi CHILD EDUCATION, PULSE POLIOiesetc.

Vegetarianism – India - McDonalds McDonalds had trouble in India initially. Vegetarianism is taken very seriously in India. And the definition of being a vegetarian is very different than many other meat eating countries. E.g. Animal fat, Oil, fish, eggs are all considered non vegetarian food. Only plant products are consumed by vegetarians in India. To see all the law suits against Mc Donalds visit McDonalds policy for vegetarian food <McDonald's worldwide is well known for the high degree of respect to the local culture of each market it operates in. In line with this respect for local culture, India is the first country in the world where McDonald's does not offer any beef or pork items. McDonald's has developed a menu especially for India with vegetarian selections to suit the Indian palate and has also re-engineered its operations to address the special requirements of vegetarians. Special care is taken to ensure that all vegetable products are prepared separately, using dedicated equipment and utensils. This separation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food products is maintained throughout the various stages of procurement, cooking and serving. So much so that the mayonnaise and soft serves are also 100% vegetarian and McDonald's uses only vegetable oil as a cooking medium in India.> - taken from Further McDonalds has an open kitchen policy in India where customers can walk in and check the kitchen for themselves and be sure that the food served is vegetarian. All vegetarian and non vegetarian food is marked with either a green or a red sign respectively as per the government policy. Price – India – McDonalds When McDonalds started in India it started off as an aspiration for Indians. But gradually the numbers increased and prices fell. McDonalds India generates its revenues through is low priced products and standardized taste. Supply chain development in India to keep costs low. Strategic tie ups like the ones with Georgia for coffee and Coca Cola for beverages. <McDonald's India is committed to sourcing almost all of its products from within the country. Prior to its launch, the company invested six years to develop its unique cold chain, which has brought about a veritable revolution in food handling, immensely benefiting the farmers at one end and enabling customers to get the highest quality food products, absolutely fresh and at a great value. McDonald's India today has developed local Indian businesses, which can supply the highest quality products required for its Indian operations. .> - taken from

I have never seen such a Ronald in <Global fast food major McDonald's says it survived and expanded in India by developing innovative menus to cater to the Indian taste bud.5 Tastes – India – McDonalds Indians like spicy food. McDonalds has value meals and happy hours where the low priced products are given for two third the price. Cottage cheese and potatoes are very popular in India.> Culture – India . (Please see attached menu). Benefits Observed McDonalds offers flexible replacements in the meal packages it offers. wraps and French fries in India. This shows the detailed attention they give to cultural sensitivity.375 (McSwirl) Most expensive Rs100 = 100/40 = USD 2. the firm has major growth plans. A customer can replace a coke with coffee in a meal and several such replacements are possible. As it completes 10 years of serving burgers. All of McDonalds products have been modified to suite the Indian tastes. It was a challenge for McDonalds to introduce such a process and be successful at it. to double its turnover every three years in the next decade. A product accidently dropped by a customer is immediately replaced by McDonalds at no charge at all. initially against opposition from nationalists. however Mcdonalds must have introduced this when they launched themselves here.dnaindia. The chicken has Indian (spicy) variety. Even now McDonalds India has personnel who clear plates once customers have their fill.Mc Donalds offers such competitive prices that it can now be quoted to be one of the lowest priced places. something it has not done anywhere else in the world. The cheapest product today at McDonalds India is Rs15 = 15/40 = USD 0. This is in line with the Indian belief that water can never be charged for and should be available to all freely. McDonalds has started home delivery at nominal charges in India. McDonalds also offers water for free in India which I believe is not the case elsewhere.McDonalds The above picture shows Ronald McDonald in a NAMASTE pose. . McDonalds has maintained its hygiene and cleanliness standards despite the growing franchise model. NEWS : http://www. In India people were not familiar with the self service system.

com/watch?v=jmNrvlQ73pU Toys are a major attraction for the kids. Indian parents believe a fat and healthy child is a happy child. See attached menu card for details. So though catering to health food is the right thing to do for McDonalds it may not be the most profitable one in India.Kids – India – McDonalds Kids is the biggest target audience McDonalds caters to in India. . However it is important that McDonalds do the right thing because it has received criticism from various health conscious organizations and people. Hence introducing healthy products is the only way McDonalds can have sustained growth in these changing times. They also have party rooms which they let out for parties. View http://www. The percentage of obese people in India is far less as compared to the west which has been battling with this problem for some time now. Indians love oily and spicy food and will not give up on taste for The SUBWAY way. Hence you will never find kids eating a salad sandwich. To make this transition it is important for McDonalds to introduce TASTY (no compromise on taste) YET HEALTHY food. Also obesity is only slowly becoming a problem in India. They do not like their thin children. The only healthy chain successful in India is Subway. However the growth has been substantially low. The success of which can also be associated to the fresh vegetables and the spicy/tasty sauces. All the McDonalds ads are around children and low prices. Health – India – McDonalds The growth potential is tremendous in the health food sector.