PA04CMSW 01 Organizational Behavior and Employees Development

Unit: 1 Foundation of Organizational Behavior 1. Historical background – Hawthonnsstudy 2. Nature and Critical basis of Organizational Behavior 3. Organizational Behavior Model 4. Emerging organizational information, total quality and organization Unit: 2 Global and Cultural Diversity 1. Contemporary changes, diversity and ethics 2. Managing diversity 3. Ethics and Ethical behavior in organization Unit: 3 Micro Perspective of Organizational Behavior 1. Perceptual processes impression management 2. Personality attitudes and values 3. Motivation- Need, concept and process 4. Motivation Performances through Job design goal setting 5. Learning Process, reword system and behavior management Unit: 4 Micro Perspective of Organizational Behavior 1. Communicational Technology and Interpersonal Process 2. Decision Making 3. Organizational Theory and Design 4. Organizational Culture

Problem of a. Beggary i. 2. Criminal Procedure Code c. Sex-Trad Unit: 3 Institutional Correctional Services 1. Services and programme in India 4. Alcoholism g. Crime and its consequences Unit: 2 Criminal Justice and System Process and Perspective 1. Historical Development 3. Child Labour Act h. Introduction to Indian Penal Code b. Prison Remand Home Observation Home Special School . Anti Beggary Act f. Concept 2. 4. 3. Drug Abuse h. Juvenile Delinquency b. Female Criminality and Atrocities against women e. Social Defense Legislation a. Prison Act d. Youth Deviance f. Child Abuse and Child Labour d.PA04CMSW 02 Social Defense and Correctional Services Unit: 1 Social Defense 1. Laws relating to Atrocities against women and drug abuse 2. Immoral Traffic Prevention Act g. Destitution c. Juvenile Justice Act e.

Beggar Home 6. Application of United Nations Standards and Norms b. Role of Social Work in Institutional. non-institutional services and programmes and Voluntary organization in Crime prevention 5.5.  Probation  Parole  Adoption  Foster Care  Sponsorship  Child Guidance  Family Counseling  Crises Intervention Centre  Neighborhood  SHGs 2. After care – rehabilitation and re-integration of Offenders 3. Victimology – Functionaries 4. need for co-ordinate holistic approach to crime prevention and promotion of Peace 6. Emerging Discussion a. Rescue Home 7. Short Stay Home 8. Public Interest Litigation c. De-addiction Home Unit: 4 De-institutionalization of Correctional & non-correctional Services 1. Human Rights Perspective and Community Corrections . Half Way Home 10. Protective Home 9. Role of Judiciary and Police in Crime Prevention.

Concept of Mental Health and Mental Illness and Mental Health Problem in other field and services provided. Concept and Historical Development of Psychiatric Social Work in India and Abroad 2.R.PA04CMSW 03 Clinical Psychiatry and Community Mental Health 1. 12. 11. Biological Therapy Psychotherapies and Counseling and Alternative Methods of Child Psychiatry – Treatment  Eating Disorder  Sleeping Disorder  Somatoform  Anxiety . Psychiatric Social Worker and Patient Relationship 3. Mental Health Act (1987) 6. Mood Disorder 9. 7. Community Psychiatric. Importance of Case History Taking and Mental Status examination in Psychiatry 4. Schizophrenia 8. rehabilitation services for Mental Health 5. Adjustment Disorder and Personality Disorder 10. Definition. Classification in Psychiatric DSM-IV (4) T. Role of Psychiatric Social Worker in Psychiatric setup.