Contemporary Tourism System

Baikuntha Prasad Acharya

Visa. Changes that influence: Transportation. Political Condition etc. Forex Rate. Tourism & Hospitality.“The tourism system is like a spider’s web – Touch one part of it and reverberations will be felt throughout” . Pokhara University . MBA.Mill & Morrison (1985: xix) CHANGE is another big component of tourism system.

MBA. Pokhara University .“Tourist” Reviewed Key words:  Voluntary  Temporary  Mobility Not“Tourist”:  Refugees  Trafficked Involuntary  Migrant Tourism & Hospitality.

Regional & International Tourist 4. Space (Distance): Localized leisure & Commuting 3. Time: Less than overnight stay – a day drifter. Boundary Crossing: Domestic. Purpose of Travel: Military & Diplomat: – not Tourist Tourism & Hospitality. Pokhara University .1. tripper & excursionist/ More than 12 months a Migrant 2. MBA.

Pokhara University .Generating Region (Residence of the Tourist) TRANSIT ROUTE Destination (The Temporary Residence) Travel to Destination Return Home The Environment Tourism & Hospitality. MBA.

Tourism & Hospitality. MBA. Pokhara University .

MBA. Pokhara University .Service Dimension of Tourism  Tourism as a service is produced with an agreement & cooperation of the consumer Agree ment Consumer Service Co operation Tourism Tourism & Hospitality.

Tourism & Hospitality. MBA. Pokhara University .

MBA. Pokhara University .Experience Product Consumption Production Locating tourism experience & tourism product Tourism & Hospitality.

Activities at Destination 4.Consumption of Tourism 5 Stages with different psychological elements: 1. Travel to Destination 3. Decision to Travel 2. MBA. Recollection of the Trip & Destination upon Return to Permanent Residence Tourism & Hospitality. Travel from Destination 5. Pokhara University .

The Trip Product The Destination Product The Tourism Business Product The Service Product 2. 4. 3.The Tourism Product System 1. MBA. Tourism & Hospitality. Pokhara University .

10. 3.1. Income Time Political Rights Health Information & Education Safety & Security 7. 5. 9. 8. Family Legislated Holiday Work Location Gender Culture Tourism & Hospitality. 4. 6. MBA. Pokhara University . 11. 12. 2.

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2. List at least five attributes that you can be hospitable in tourism. What are the five stages of a trip in relation to the tourism system? Discuss how the different stages of a trip might lead to different psychological dimensions of tourism. Define the terminologies “Tourism” & “Hospitality” as you have understood after the session. 3. Recall the four different characteristics that help define and hence study tourism activity. 4. .1.