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1i G9ris'tmas' Garol
Vaughan proudto presentCharles is Dicken's classic Christmqs of the tale miserable Scrooge, hofinallylearnsthe w error of.hiswaysandturnsfrommiserto well-doer. ." Packed fuI!of colourful haracters, oth c b realandsupernatural, thisstory makes for a rivetingread,perfect or allthefamily. f


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1i G~rjs\mas' &-01
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By Charles Dickens

1t had not been light all day. No-one asked Scrooge for anything. Candles were burning in the windows of the neighbouring offices. Scrooge: Bah! Humbug (paparruchas)! l Hay dos pronunciaciones estándar de la palabra clerk. Scrooge kept the coal-box in his own room. Once upon a time-of all the good days in the year. The door ofScrooge s counting-house was open so that he might keep his eye (vigilar) upon his clerk. Scrooge was his sole (Único) executor (albacea). 1t was the voice of Scrooge s nephew. Scrooge had a very smallfire. (tacaño) secret. Nobody ever stopped him on the street to say. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman (cura). and solitary as an oyster (ostra). The fog was so dense outside that the houses opposite were mere phantoms. on Christmas Eve-old Scrooge sat busy at his counting-house (contaduría).\) for many years. The cUy clocks had only just gone (dar la hora) three. la pronunciación es la estándar en Estados Unidos -5- . and the chiefmourner. Scrooge and he were partners (socio. There is no doubt about that. his sole administrator. "My dear Scrooge. but it was quite dark already. Más adelante en el texto. biting (cortante) weather. to keep all human sympathy at a distance. La pronunciación utilizada en este primer párrafo es la estándar en el Reino Unido.~~ track 1 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Narrator: Marley was dead. bleak (crudo/ gris). No man or woman ever once in his liJe inquired the way to such and such (talo cual) a place. his sole friend. uncle! God save you! Narrator: cried a cheerful voice.lt was cold. No children asked him what time it was. Ohl But Scrooge was tight-fisted. The clerk sat in a dismat (mmbrío) little room copying letters. the clerkt (contable). Scrooge signed it. But what did Scrooge carel lt was the very (preciso) thing he liked. how are you? When wil/ you come to see me?" No beggars (mendigos) asked himfor money. but the clerksfire was so very much smaller that it looked like one piece of coal. and sole mourner (doliente). the undertaker (director de lafil11eraria). Nephew: A Merry Christmas. Ambas pronunciaciones están incluidas en esta primera sección del Narrador.

then. you never carne to see me before 1 got married. 1 ask nothing of you. pleasant time. Have I the pleasure of addressing (dirigirse a) Mr.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Narrator: Scrooge S nephew. forgiving (indulgente. though it has never put a scrap (pequeña cantidad) of gold or silver in my pocket. or Mr. Nephew: Come. Why give it as a reason for not coming now? Scrooge: Good afternoon. unele. Scrooge: Are there no prisons? el> 3 -6- -7- . But I'll keep my Christmas humour to the last. 1 believe. Bis eyes sparkled (brillar). Bisface was glowing (radiante). and let me keep it in mme. He died seven years ago. to find you so resolute (empecinado). Mr. Scrooge: Let me leave it alone. Nephew: Keep it! But you don't keep it. hundreds of thousands are in want of cornmon comforts. who suffer greatly at the present time. My elerk. talking about a Merry Christmas. Marley? Scrooge: Mr. uncle! You don't mean (decir en serio) that. Scrooge. First Vzsitor: At this festive season of the year. Scrooge. ~ 2 Nephew: Christmas a humbug. who. cold as he was. a kind. Nephew: Vnele! Scrooge: Nephew! Keep Christmas in your own way. but not an hour richer. Second Visitor: Many thousands are in want of cornmon necessities. First Visitor: Scrooge and Marley's. Scrooge: Because you fell in love! Good afternoon! Nephew: But unele. for he returned the Christmas greetings cordial/y. when men and women open their hearts freely. Nephew: 1 am sorry. unele! And A Happy New Year! Scrooge: Good afternoon! Narrator: Bis nephew left the room. with all my heart. Scrooge: Let me hear another sound fromyou. it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and destitute (indigentes). So A Merry Christmas. a time for balancing your books (hacer cuadrar las cuentas). was warmer than Scrooge. permisivo). charitable. I am sure? Scrooge: 1 do mean it. Scrooge: NO! Nephew: But why? Why? Scrooge: Why did you get married? Nephew: Because 1 fell in love. Narrator: As the clerk let Scrooge S nephew out (acompañar a la puerta). It's the only time 1 know of. he let two other people in (recibir/invitar a pasar). had been walking rapidly in the fog and frost (escarcha). God bless it! Narrator: The clerk involuntarily applauded. Come! Dine with us to-morrow. and you'll keep your Christmas by losing your position! Nephew: Don't be angry. And therefore. and a wife and family. and wi/l do me good. Merry Christmas! What right have you to be merry? What reason have you to be merry? You're poor enough. sir. Fred. Scrooge: There's another fellow. uncle. Much good may it do you! Much good it has ever done you! Nephew: I have always thought of Christmas time as a good time. this very (misma) night. Scrooge: Bah! Nephew: Don't be cross (enfadado). 1 believe that it has done me good. Marley has been dead these seven years. Nephew: 1 want nothing from you. a time for finding yourself ayear older. with fifteen shillings (chelines) a week. why canoot we be friends? Scrooge: Good afternoon. and I say. unele! Scrooge: Merry Christmas! What's Christmas time to you but a time for paying bilis (facturas) without money. What right have you to be dismal? What reason have you to be miserable (abatido/deprimido)? You're rich enough. then. Be stopped at the door to wish a Merry Christmas to the clerk. in the long calendar of the year.

the gentlemen lefl. and those who are badly off (estar en malas condiciones) must go there. lt is also a fact that Scrooge had as little imagination as any man in the cUy of London. Bob Cratchit: It is only once a year. that something had occurred to stop them. 3 En el siglo XIX. It is a fact that Scrooge had seen it. Scrooge: A poor excuse for picking (robar) a man's pocket every twentyfifth of Oecember! 1 suppose you must have the whole day. it is a fact that there was nothing at all particular about the knocker (aldaba/l/amador) on the door.org Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Second Visitor: Plenty of prisons. and many would rather die. The other rooms were alllet out (alquilar) as offices. Scrooge: And the workhouses?2 Are they still in operation? Second Visitor: They are. His memory of the face on the knocker made him want to do that. Marleysface. Good aftemoon. With an ill-will (mala gana) Scrooge got off (bajarse) his stool. Scrooge: The Treadmill3 (molino disciplinario inglés) and the Poor Law are in full vigour. turned it. un tipo de molino utilizado para realizar tmbajos forzados en las prisiones británicas. gentlemen. 1 don't make merry myselfat Christmas and 1 can't afford to make idle people merry. from what you said at first. 1 wish 1 could say they were not. Narrator: The clerk promised that he would. 1 suppose? Bob Cratchit: If convenient. and decrease the surplus (excedente/sobrante) population.englishtips. Meanwhile thefog and darkness thickened (espesarse) and the cold became intense. sir. sir. gentlemen! Narrator: Seeing clearly that it would be useless to pursue their point. He lived in a gloomy (lÚgubre) suite ofrooms. for nobody lived in it except Scrooge. What shall 1 put you down (apuntar) foro Scrooge: Nothing! First Visitor: You wish to be anonymous? Scrooge: 1 wish to be left alone. and sat down before the fire to take his gruel (gachas). Scrooge: !t's not convenient and it's not fair. I'm very glad to hear it. Before he shut his heavy door. Scrooge saw not a knocker.elefanta . and Scrooge liked it. !t's enough for a man to understand his own business. deprimente). and means ofwarmth. because it is a time. Scrooge: Oh! 1 was afraid. My business occupies me constantly. that is my answer. Darkness is cheap. The house was old and dreary (lÓbrega. Secured against surprise. Scrooge: If they would rather die. Still. At length (finalmente) the hour of closing the counting-house arrived. And yet you don't think me ill-used. of all others. He took out the key. lt had a dismallight about it The eyes were wide open (como platos/muy abiertos) and were perfectly motionless (inmóvil). Yet on that Christmas Eve (Nochebuena). having read all the newspapers and studied his banker s book. sir. but Marley s face. Second Visitor: A few ofus are trying to raise funds to buy the Poor some meat and drink. Since you ask me what 1 wish. If 1was to stop half-a-crown (media corona) for it. -8- -9- . it was a knocker again. t!> 4 2 Asilos para pobres donde daban comida y alojamiento a cambio de tmbajar. they had better do it. The clerk put on his hato Scrooge: You'll want all day to-morrow. every night and every morning. you'd think yourselfill-used (maltratado). Be here all the earlier (más temprano aún) next moming. he closed his door and locked himself in (encerrarse). First Visitor: Many can't go there. He took his melancholy dinner in his usual melancholy tavern and. Quite satisfied. when 1paya day's wages for no work. then? Second Visitor: Both very busy. slippers (zapatillas) and nightcap (gorro de dormir). and Abundance rejoices (regocijar). walked in. and lighted his can die. Now. and Scrooge walked out with a growl (gruñido). To say that he was not troubled (azorado/turbado) would be untrue (mentira). Up Scrooge went. for many years. Thefog andfrost hung about (rodear) the black old gateway (ve/ja) ofthe house. he walked through his rooms to see that everything was all right. 1 help to support the prisons and workhouses-they cost enough. when Want (la necesidad) is keenly (profundamente) felt (sentir). he went home to bed. We choose thjs time. he put on his dressing-gown (camisón). except that it was very large. and not to interfere with other people's. As Scrooge looked fixedly at this phenomenon.

) houses were described as dragging chains. But why do spirits walk the earth. 1t was Marley s Ghost. or a minute. keys. They were fol/owed by a clanking (metálico) noise from down below in the cel/ar (. then coming straight towards his door. and so did every bel/ in the house. 1t swung so softly that it scarcely (apena!. then coming up the stairs. inexplicable dread (temor) that. This might have lasted half a minute. Marley. Scrooge then remembered that ghosts in haunted (encantada!. as he looked. The bel/s stopped as they had begun. and deeds (escrituras). and then he heard the noise much louder on the floors below. His eolour changed though.) made a sound.<. The chain he dragged was fastened (atada) about his middle (cintura).'lameface. The cel/ar-door flew open (abrirse súbitamente) with a booming (retumbante) sound. why do you trouble (molestar) me? Ghost: Man ofthe worldly (materialista) mind! Do you believe in Scrooge: 1 do. he saw this bel/ begin to swing (moverse de uno a otro lado/balancearse). without a pause. he glanced up (levantar la vista) at a disused (en desuso/que no utilizaba) bel/ that hung in the room. Scrooge: It's humbug still! 1won't believe it. His body was transparento Scrooge: Marley's Scrooge: Marley's Scrooge: Marley's Scrooge: Marley's me or not? How now! What do you want with me? Ghost: Mueh! Who are you? Ghost: Ask me who 1 was. and passed into the room before his eyes. the very same. and why do they eome to me? -11- . The .ótano)as if someone were dragging (arrastrar) a heavy chain. 1t was with great astonishment (asombro) and with a strange. 1t was made of cash-boxes (cajas para el dinero). but it seemed an hour.A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens As he threw his head back (recostar) in the chair. Who were you then? Ghost: In life 1 was your partner. when. together. 1 must. Jaeob Marley! Merey! Dreadful apparition. but soon it rang out (sonar/resonar) loudly. it came on (pasal) through the heavy door.

and that there was no noise of people running in the streets.in esvestirse). Scrooge went to bed again. and have it over. Ifthat spirit does not travel in life. wandering here and there and moaning (gimiendo) as they went. when the bell tolls (dar/tocar) One. Weary (cansado) joumeys lie before (esperar) me! No rest. Tell me why. and travel far and wide (por todas partes). It is condemned to wander (vagar) through the world and witness (presenciar) what it might have shared on earth and might have tumed to happiness! Scrooge: You are chained. it was dark. My spirit never walked beyond our counting-house in life. The third upon the next night at the last stroke (campanada) ofTwelve. Old Jacob Marley. dark night. Hear me! My time is nearly gone Scrooge: 1 will. Jacob? Marley's Ghost: Expect the second on the next night at the same hour. But don't be hard on me! Jacob! Pray! (te lo suplico) Marley's Ghost: 1 am here to-night to wam you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. The misery with them al! was. 1 cannot stay. Expect the first to-morrow. Every one ofthem wore chains. Al! he could make out was that it was still very foggy and extremely cold. Narrator:' The idea alarmed him. tell me more. At last the bel! sounded One. Scrooge: But you were always a good man ofbusiness. Scrooge: 1-1 think I' d rather not. Scrooge fol!owed to the window. he was in great need of resto He went straight to bed.so he lístenedfor the hour. Jacob. "Was it a dream 01'not?" Scrooge remembered that the Ghost had warned him of a visitation when the bel! tol!ed one. Twelve! Scrooge: Why (vaya/anda). remember what has passed between us! Narrator: Scrooge became aware of confused noises in the air. Marley's Ghost: 1 wear the chain 1 forged ([or:jar) in life. It is a ponderous (pesada) chain! Scrooge: Jacob. clearly. that they sought (tratar de) to interfereJor good. andfrom seven to eight. desperate in his curiosity. He scrambled out (levantarse apresuradamente) ofbed and went to the window. When Scrooge awoke. 01'the dul! (triste) conver- sation of the Ghost. From the emotion 01'fatigues of the day. without undressing (. merey (misericordia).<. Scrooge c/osed the window. The spectre floated out (salirflotando) into the bleak. in human matters. Speak comfort (consuelo) to me. The common welfare (bienestar) was my business. and the more he tried not to think. He looked out. Lightflashed up (encenderse) in the room and the curtains ofhis bed were opened. 1 made it link by link (eslabón a eslabón). He resolved to líe awake (estar tumbado despierto) until the hour was passed. The more he thought. 01'his glímpse (vistazo) ofthe Invisible World (el más allá). Marley's Ghost: Without their visits you cannot hope to avoid the path 1 walk. The dealings (asuntos/negocios) ofmy trade were but a drop (gota) ofwater in the ocean ofmy business! At this time ofthe year. Thank'ee! Marley's Ghost: You will be haunted by Three Spirits. and thought. Jacob? Marley's Ghost: It is. The chimes (campanadas) of a neighbouring (cercana/vecina) church began to strike (. and 1 wore it ofmy own free will (por mi propia voluntad). Scrooge found himself face to face with an unearthly (de otro mundo) visitor. Jacob! Marley's Ghost: 1 have no comfort to give. no peace. and fel! d asleep instantly. the more he thought. my business. and up to twelve. And for -121 your own sake.\'Onar). Charity. then stopped. Scrooge: Couldn't 1 take 'em all at once. the more perplexed he was. 1 cannot linger (permanecer) anywhere. Scrooge: Are you the Spirit whose coming was foretold (anunciar) to me? ~ 5 -13- . Scrooge: You were always a good friend to me. Marley's Ghost: Business! Mankind (la humanidad) was my business. 01'the lateness (lo tarde) of the hour. 1 suffer most. To his great astonishment (asombro) the heavy bel! went onfrom six to seven. The air was fil!ed with phantoms. and had lost the power for ever. Ebenezer. Scrooge: Is that the chance and hope you mentioned. and benevolence were all. it is condemned to do so after death.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Marley's Ghost: It is required of every man that the spirit within him should waIk abroad among his fellowmen (prójimo). it isn't possible that 1 can have slept through (dormir de un tirón) a whole day and far into another night. 1 cannot rest.

And he sobbed (lloral~.W pobre y olvidada persona) as he used to be. and the schoolroom became a little darker and dirtier. but it's too late now. They have no consciousness of uso Narrator: The merry riders came on. 1 should like to have given hirn sornething: that's all. winter day. lt was a e/ear. when all the other boys had gone home lor their holidays. Narrator: As the words were spoken. and as they came. until the fields werelull 01 merry sounds. children. came in and put her arms about his neck. horne. glanced anxiously towards the door. Little Fan: Dear. Scrooge: One child. much younger than the boy. they passed through the wall 01 the house. and tree. Scrooge wept (llorar) to see his poor lorgotten self (. There he was. The city had vanished. and the darkness and the mist had vanished with it. dear brother! To bring you horne. He said Yes. Ghost ofChristmas Past: Let us see another Christmas! Narrator: Scrooge s former self grew larger at the words. you should and sent me in a coach (coche de caballos) to bring you. cold. 1 was not afraid to ask hirn once more if you might come horne. Ghost of Christmas Past: What is the rnatter? Scrooge: Nothing. horne! Young Scrooge: Horne? Little Fan! Little Fan: Yes! Horne. Horne is now like Heaven! He spoke so gentIy to me one dear night when 1 was going to bed. They left the high-road and soon approached the school. All these boys were in great spirits (muy animados). neglected by his friends. Narrator: Scrooge said he knew it. Scrooge: Good Heaven! 1 was brought up (criar) in this place. He was not reading no~ but walking up and down despairingly (con desesperaciÓn). There was a boy singing a Christmas Carol at rny door last night. They entered the dreary hall. 1 was a boy here! Ghost of Christmas Past: Let us go on. Young Scrooge: You are quite a wornan. And you're to be aman and are never to come back here. and have the rnerriest time in all the world. Your nephew! Scrooge: Yeso Narrator: They left the school behind them and were now in the busy streets -15- t:!) 6 . dear brother. and river. Scrooge: Poor boy! 1 wish. with a mournful (lastimero) shaking 01 his head. Father is so rnuch kinder than he used to ~e. Do you rernernber the way? Scrooge: Rernernber it! 1 could walk it blindfold (con los ojos cerrados). and shouted to each other. 1 have come to bring you horne. they lound -14- them poorly lurnished. and glancing (echar un vistazo) through the open doors olmany rooms. as 1 think. often kissing him. little Fan! Ghost of Christmas Past: She died a wornan and had. its church. Ghost ofChristmas Past: These are but (sino) shadows ofthe things that have been. Why was he so happy to see them? Why was hefilled with gladness when he heard them wish each other Merry Christmas as they parted (separar) at the cross-roads lor their homes? What was Merry Christmas to Scrooge? What good had it ever done to him? Ghost of Christmas Past: The school is not quite deserted. for ever and ever. Scrooge looked at the Ghost and. until a little market-town appeared in the distance. is left there still. Scrooge knew and named every one olthem.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Ghost of Christmas Past: 1 arn! Scrooge: Who and what are you? Ghost of Christmas Past: 1 arn the Ghost of Christmas Past. and stood upon (estar en) an open country road. alone again. with snow upon the ground. Scrooge recognised every gate. cold and vasto In one 01 these a lonely boy was reading near a leeble (débil) jire. But first. we're to be together all the Christmas long. Narrator: They walked along the road. with its bridge. A little girl. Some ponies now were seen trotting towards them with boys on their back. A solitary child. and post. thefields on either side. Nothing. Ghost ofChristmas Past: True. It opened.

englishtips.org A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens of a cUy. and there were mince-pies. It was plain enough (muy claro) that here too it was Christmas time again. In came Mrs. Then old Fezziwig danced with Mrs. and the streets were lighted up (iluminadas). "Well done!" but the fiddler instantly began again. Dick. there! Ebenezer! Dick! Narrator: Scrooge s former self. In they all came. but it was evening. Old Fezziwig. There were more dances. He was very close to me. my boys! No more work to-nighí. Ebenezer! Narrator: In came afiddler (violinista) with a music-book. was Dick. Scrooge s heart and soul were in the scene and wUh his former self He remembered everything and enjoyed everything. In came the housemaid. Scrooge: Dick Wilkins. beaming (con sonrisa radiante) and lovable (adorable). and there was a great piece of Cold Roast. the ball (fiesta) ended. and wished him 01'her a Merry Christmas. with her cousin. now grown a young man. Fezziwig. dear! Old Fezziwig Yo ho. the baker. Fezziwig shook hands (dar la mano) with everyone individually as he or she went out. accompanied by his fellow apprentice. Poor Dick! Dear. Christmas Eve. It's Fezziwig alive again! Old Fezziwig: Yo ho. and there was cake. it's old Fezziwig! Bless his heart. cried out.elefanta . During the whole of this time. In came the three Miss Fezziwigs. Scrooge: Know it! 1 was apprenticed (estar de aprendiz) here! Why. In came the cook with the milkman. Ghost o/ Christmas Past: A small matter to make these silly folks so full of t:!} 7 -17-. In came the six young men whose hearts they broke. one vast smile. to be sure! Bless me. Away they all went dancing. one after another. yeso There he is. . The Ghost stopped at a warehouse (almacén) door and asked Scrooge if he knew it. Fezziwig. In came all the young men and women employed in the business. came in. Christmas. When the clock struck eleven. Dick. Mr. and Mrs. (Bendito sea). twenty couples at once. clapping his hands (aplaudir) to stop the dance. and plenty of beer.

He was not alone. but older now: a man in the prime of his lije. Have I not? Scrooge in his prime: I am not changed towards you. three or four perhaps. I saw an old friend ofyours this aftemoon. He was back in his own bedroom. /t was father come home bringing Christmas toys and presents. but full of comfort. He has the power to make us happy or unhappy. quite as graceful (llena de gracia) and asfull ofpromise. Ghost ofChristmas Past: My time grows short (acabarse). I amo That which promised happiness when we were one in heart is fraught (lleno delcargado) with misery now that we are twO. until the master-passion (pasión que controla). in an altered spirit. Scrooge in his prime: Have I ever sought (buscar) release? Young Belle: In words. One by one. Near the winter fire sat a beautijul young girl. Scrooge awoke and sat up (incorporarse) in bed to get his thoughts together (aclarar/poner en orden). Gain (ganancia). no. older now. Scrooge s sight grew very dim indeed when he thought that such another creature. His partner lies upon the point of death. Spirit. Haunt me no longer! Narrator: Scrooge was conscious of being exhausted. He barely (apenas) had time to get into bed before he sank (. I will not sayoIt is enough that I have thought of it. But the bell was again on the stroke (campanada) of -19- ~ 10 . Scrooge: Spirit! Show me no more1 Why do you delight (disfrutar) to torture me? -18- Hu$band: Belle. Scrooge in his prime: In what. When our agreement was made. until we could improve our worldly (material) fortune by our patient work. It was made when we were both poor and content to be so. Young Belle: Another idol has displaced me. controls you. and overcome (vencido) byan irresistible drowsiness (suelio/sopor). Nowa knocking (golpe. until he saw Belle. Scrooge: Small! Ghost of Christmas Past: Why! Is it not? He has spent only a few pounds of your mortal money. And now Scrooge looked on more attentively than ever as the master of the house sat down with his eldest daughter and his wije Belle at the fireside (hogarlchimenea). but sat by the side of afair (bella) young girl in whose eyes there were tears. quite alone in the world. Quick! Ghost of Christmas Past: One shadow more! Scrooge: I don't wish to see it. Young Belle: Your own feeling tells you that you were not what you are.'Iumirse) into a heavy (profundo) sleep. You are changed. It isn't that. They were in another scene and place: a room. sitting opposite her daughter. How often I have thought of this. Never. Oh the shouts ofwonder (asombro) and delight with which each package was received! The evening passed. 1 could scarcely help (evitar) seeing him. Mr. There he sat alone. and can release (liberar) you from your promise ofmarriage.VauglJan Radio A Christmas Carol by ClJarles Dickens gratitude. Is that so much that he deserves (merecer) this praise (elogios)? Scrooge: It isn't that. I hear. not very large or handsome. Scrooge. The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune. and as it was not shut up (cerrada) and he had a candle inside. ~ 9 ~ 8 Narrator: Scrooge saw himself again. Scrooge: Spirit! Remove (llevar) me from this place. His daughter leaned (recostarse) fondly (con carilio) on him. so like Belle that Scrooge believed it was her.\) was heard at the door. Young Belle: Our contract is an old one. I have seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one. There were more children there. then? Young Belle: In a changed nature. the children and their emotions got out of the parlour (sala de estar) and up to the top of the house. Belle. 1 do believe. 1passed his office window. I cannot bear (soportar) it! Take me back (llevar de vuelta). you were another mano Scrooge in his prime: I was a boy. May you be happy in the life you have chosen. Show me no more! Narrator: But the relentless (implacable) Ghost forced him to observe what happened next. might have called him father and been a spring-time (alegría) in the haggard (triste/solitario) winter ofhis lije. where they went to bed.

Ghost of Christmas Present: Ebenezer Scrooge. Cratchit: And how did little Tim behave (comportarse)? 4 Relleno de salvia y cebolla: el relleno típico para el pavo o el ganso del día de Navidad. Basking in (di. Alas for Tiny Tim. my dear. if you have anything to teach me. Martha: Here's Martha. and held the robe fasto Suddenly. screaming that outside the baker s (panadería) they had smelt the goose (ganso). and have a warm.~'fi'utal1dode) thoughts of sage (salvia) and onion4. Tonight. mother! Two young Cratchits: Here's Martha. Tiny Tim! And Martha wasn't as late last Christmas Day. and known itfor their own. 1 am the Ghost of Christmas Presento Look upon me! Scrooge: Spirit. no! Here's father coming. while the two young Cratchits took Tiny Tim into the kitchen. Martha! Mrs. 1 went last night and 1 learnt a lesson which is working now. And now two smaller Cratchits. and his legs were supported by an ironframe (armazón)! Martha ran into her father s arms. A voice called him by his name. -21- . mother! Hurrah! There's such a goose. Lord bless you! Two young Cratchits: No. Cratchit: Sit down before the fire. laid (pone'~ the table. assisted by Belinda Cratchit. Cratchit. came tearing in. Mrs. he carried a little crutch (muleta). while Master Peter Cratchit plunged a fork into the sauce pan of potatoes. these young Cratchits danced about the table. that he might hear the pudding cooking. Mrs. boy and girl. Mrs. dressed poorly. second of her daughters. take me where you will. (fJ 11 Narrator: In came Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim on his shoulder. Ghost of Christmas Present: Touch my robe (túnica)! Narrator: Scrooge did as he was told. Cratchit: Whatever is keeping your precious father then? And your brother.A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens One. they were inside Bob Cratchit s four-roomed house. let me profit by it.

l. coming home. with Christmas holly (acebo) stuck into the topo Oh. The mention of his name cast (proyectar) a dark shadow on the party. a wonderful pudding! Bob Cratchit said that he regarded it as the greatest success achieved by Mrs. it was sufficÜint for the whole fami/y. and blind (ciegos) men see. Narrator: Bob s voice trembled when he told them this.that's the truth: and not so pleasant as he might be. Ghost of Christmas Present: I see a vacant seat in the comer. and dreaded (temer) that he might be taken from him. Accompanied by apple-sauce and mashed potatoes (pure de patatas). Scrooge: No. He told me. te11me ifTiny Tim willlive. Somehow he gets thoughtful (quedarse pensativo). God bless us! All: God bless us! Tiny Tim: God bless us every one! Narrator: Tiny Tim sat very close to his father s side upon his little stool (banqueta). -2211 t! 13 Scrooge's Nephew: He said that Christmas was a humbug! He believed it too! Scrooge ~ Niece: More shame (vergüenza) for him. Cratchit: 1'11drink his health for your sake and the Day's. Cratchit since their marriage. Scrooge: What place is this? Scrooge: Spirit.my dears. blazing (ardiendo) in ignited brandy. Scrooge. Fred! Scrooge's Nephew: He's a comical old fe11ow. to drink the health of such an odious. because he was a cripple (lisiado). unfeeling (insensible/poco compasivo) man as Mr. Every one had had enough. without a word ofwarning (advertencia) from the Ghost. After the shadow had passed away. Oh. Narrator: Scrooge hung (agachar) his head to hear his own words quoted (citar) by the Spirit. and a crutch without an owner. the Founder ofthe (! 12 cooked. Robert! Nobody knows it better than you do. Bob said he didn ~ believe there ever was such a goose Ghost of Christmas Present: If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future.wfocadalcolorada). The goose was served. stingy (tacaño). and it might be pleasant for them on Christmas Day to remember Him who made lame (cojo) beggars (mendigo) walk. no. sitting by himself so much. Bob Cratchit: My dear. Now Mrs./ill1dapena). hard. Long life to him! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! He'l1 be very merry and very happy.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Bob Cratchit: As good as gold (como un ángel). Cratchit left the room to bring the pudding in. Christmas Day. the children! Christmas Day. they were ten times merrier than before. and thinks the strangest things you ever heard. none other ofmy race will find Tiny Tim here. kind Spirit! Say he will be spared (perdonado). You know he is. Scrooge. and better. not for his. However. poor fe11ow! Bob Cratchit: My dear. What then? Ifhe is to (tener que) die. which was not dispelled (disipar) for five minutes. no. I'd give him a piece of my mind to feast upon. I have no doubt! Na'rrator: The chi/dren drank the toast (brindis) after her. and was overcome (sentirse abrumado) with penitence (arrepentimiento) and grief (pro. Bob held (sostener) his withered (atrofiada) little hand in his as Feast! Mrs. and decrease the surplus population. they stood in Scrooge s nephew s house. Mrs. his offences carry their own punishment (en -23- . he had better do it. Scrooge was the Ogre (ogro) of the fami/y. but smiling proudly (con orgullo) -with the pudding so hard and firm. And now. the child will die. If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future. Scrooge! 1'11give you Mr. She enteredflushed (. if he loved the chi/d. Cratchit: The Founder ofthe Feast indeed! I wish I had him here. All the Cratchitfami/y gathered round the hearth (hogar). lts tenderness andflavour. At last the dinner was over. I am sure. Mrs. that he hoped the people saw him in the church. Cratchit: It has to be Christmas Day. Bob Cratchit: Mr. and wished to keep him by his side. Bob Cratchit: A Merry Christmas to us a11. size and cheapness were the themes (temas) of universal admiration.

Beware (cuidado con) them both. 1 mean (tener la intención) to give him the same chance every year. and they were close at home. 01'a tiger. After a while they played a Game called Yes and No. the Spirit brought two children. It would be ungrateful (desagradecido) ofus not to drink his health (brindar a su salud). He doesn't make himself comfortable with it. Narrator: After tea. if it were only a night. They knelt down (arrodillarse) at its feet.s). This boy is Ignorance. if the Ghost had given him ~ 14 time. Scrooge s nephew had to think ofsomething. ragged (harapientos). and they were cheerful (alegres). Scrooge's Niece: I'm sure he is very rich. but most of all beware this boy. At least you always tell me so.). they had some music. and lar they went. He doesn't do any good with it. Man! Look here. 01'a cow. At last Scrooge s niece cried out: Scrooge's Niece: 1 have found it out (averiguar)! 1 know what it is. Scrooge: Spirit! Are they yours? Ghost olChristmas Present: They are Man's. 01'a bull. abject (míseros). an animal that growled (gruñi1: bramQ/~ and grunted (gruñir) sometimes. What is it? Narrator: From its robe (túnica). for 1 see Doom (muertelfatalidad) written on his brow (frente). sullen (hurmios). Look. whatever he is! He wouldn't take it from me. bastante) savage animal. The Spirit stood beside sick (enfermos) beds. my dear! His wealth is ofno use to him. hideous (espantosos). down here. whether he likes it or not. for (porque) 1pity (dar lástima) him. 'Vnele Scrooge!' A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the old man. and he won't come and dine with usoWhat's the consequence? Scrooge ~ Niece: Indeed.). abandoned by their fathers. 01'a dog. which could do him no harm (mal). nevertheless. in misery s every refuge the Spirit left his blessing. 1 couldn't be angry with him if 1 tried. And they cling to me. and 1 have nothing to say against him. a rather (ciertamente. and taught Scrooge his precepts. by poverty. appalled (horrorizado). the nephew burst into (desternillarse) afresh roar of laughter (risotada. In hospitals. 01'a bear. 'miserable (triste::. Scrooge's Nephew: Oh. onforeign lands. but always with a happy end. 01'a pig. Who suffers by his ill whims (caprichos negativos)? Himself. He takes it into his head (empeñarse) to dislike (detestar) us. and talked sometimes. Scrooge's Nephew: 1 was only going to say that the consequence ofhis taking a dislike to us is that he loses some pleasant moments. But he and the Spirit were again on their travels. Fred. This girl is Want (necesidad). Fred! 1 know what it is! Scrooge's Nephew: What is it? Scrooge's Niece: It's your Vnele Scro-o-o-o-oge! Scrooge's Nephew: He has given us plenty ofmerriment (diversion). and jails. Scrooge's Niece: 1 have no patience with him. and they were patient in their hope. and clung (aferrarse) to the outside ofits garment (prenda). frightful (temerosos). It was a long night. look. and the rest had to discover what he was thinking of He answered only yes 01'no to their questions. wretched (desdichado::. always. unless the -24- -25- . and it was rich. But they didn ~ devote the whole evening to music. Scrooge started back (asustarse). 1 am sure.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens el pecado lleva la penitencia). The animal was not a horse. The questions showed that Fred was thinking of an animal. Ghost 01 Christmas Present: Oh. and 1 say. 1 think he loses a very good dinner. by Ounto a) struggling (que luchaban) men. Much they saw. and lived in London. but may he have it. and wolfish (voraces). Vnele Scrooge! would have thanked Narrator: Uncle Scrooge had become so light of heart (tranquilo) that he them in an in audible speech. a live animal. and many homes they visited. At every fresh (nueva) question that was put (formular) to him. 1 have! 1 am sorry for him. but Scrooge had his doubts of this. Scrooge's Nephew: What ofthat. 01'an ass (asno). Narrator: They were a boy and girl: yellow (macilentos). 01'a cat. Here is a glass of mulled wine (ponche c~liente de vino con especias). Scrooge: Forgive me for what 1 ask but 1 see something strange under your skirts.

silently. Suppose we volunteer? Red-faced Gentleman: 1 don't mind going if a lunch is provided. Scrooge: Lead on. their conversation. Scrooge looked about him for the Ghost. Scrooge: Ghost ofthe Future! 1 fear you more than any spectre 1 have seen. There they were. Great Fat Man: No. and ofgreat importance. and their parting. which carried him up and away. which concealed (ocultar) its head.org A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens writing be erased (borrada). Red-faced Gentleman: What has he done with his money? Great Fat Man: 1 haven't heard. as ifthe Spirit had inclined its head. Observing that the hand was pointed to them. But as 1 know your purpose is to do me good. very wealthy (rico). Scrooge listened. and do it with a thankful heart. for we used to stop and speak whenever we met. No. Something else to think of. First Wealthy Businessman: Well! Old Scratch has got his own (recibir su merecido) at last. and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand. It's likely (probable) to be a very cheap funeral. They were men ofbusiness. like a mist (neblina) along the ground. That was their meeting. Scrooge followed in the -26- -27- . Scrooge bent down upon his knee. bye! Narrator: The Phantom glided on (deslizarse) into a street. That was the only answer he received. ltsfinger pointed to two business men talking. either way (de uno u otro modo). The Spirit stopped beside two business men. Red-faced Gentleman: When did he die? Great Fat Man: Last night. but will happen in the future. and conversed in groups. its form. in the heart of the City amongst the merchants. Will you not speak to me? Narrator: lt gave him no reply. as Scrooge had seen them do so often. Re hasn't left it to me.1'm not at all sure that 1 wasn't his most particular friend. perhaps. Scrooge: You are about to show me shadows ofthe things that have not happened. He knew these men. You're not a skater (patinador). Scrooge: Rave they no refuge or resource (medios)? Ghost of Christmas Present: Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses (asilos para pobres donde daban comida y alojamiento a cambio de trabajar)? shadow of its dress. isn't it? First Wealthy Businessman: Seasonable (propio para la época del año) for Christmas time. When 1 come to think ofit. Good morning! Narrator: Not another word. The hand was pointed straight before them. who hurried up and down. Great Fat Man: 1'11offer to go. towards him.Vaughan Radio elefanta . 'j} Narrator: The bell struck twelve. It was covered in a deep black garment. 1 believe. 1 only know he's dead. he remembered the prediction of old Jacob Marley. The Phantom slowly. 15 and did not see it. and lifting up (alzando) his eyes. Scrooge: 1 am in the presence ofthe Ghost ofChristmas Yet To Come? Narrator: The Spirit did not answer. for upon my life 1 don't know anybody who will go. Left it to his company. and chinked the money in their pockets. 1 suppose? Second Wealthy Businessman No. if anyone else will. 1s that so. Spirit? Narrator: The upper part ofthe garment movedfor an instant. Scrooge advanced to listen to their talk. Bye. hey? Second Wealthy Businessman: So 1 am toldo Cold. and as 1 hope to live to be a different man from what 1 was. Spirit! Narrator: The Phantom moved away (apartarse). When it carne near him. gravely. That's a111 know. 1 don't know much about it.englishtips. 1 am prepared to keep you company. its face. but pointed onward with its hand. saw a solemn Phantom coming. approached. At the last stroke.

As they went along. What they wanted in the room of death. Very quieto The noisy little Cratchits were as still (quieto3~ as statues in one corner. little child! My little child! Narrator: They sat around thefire and talked. was the body of aman. Quiet. and set him in the midst (en medio) of them. The girls and mother continued sewing. They entered poor Bob Cratchit s house. Scrooge: Spirit! This is a fearful (horrible) place. beneath a sheet. and now Scrooge almost touched a bed. there lay (yacer) something covered up (tapado). Let us gol 1I 1I -29- "a. who had met him in the street that day. unkept.A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Narrator: The scene changed. unwatched (. On it. then. My little. But you'll see it often. ~ ' 16 I Spirit! This is a fearful'place. a woman. He lay in the dark empty house. Bob told them of the extraordinary kindness of Mr. uncurtained bed. to say that he had been kind in this or that.' he said.! . Bob Cratchit: 1 told him. Scrooge did not dare (atreverse) to think. a bare (desnuda).seeing that he looked a little down (abatido) . my dear. 1 wish you could have gone. A cat was tearing at (arañar) the door.' Mrs.5invelar). uncaredfor (sin cuidados). Robert? Bob Cratchit: Yes. and sat looking up at Peter who was readingfrom a book. and there was a sound ofgnawing rats. Scrooge looked here and there to find himself. Let us gol Narrator: The Ghost then conducted him through several streets familiar to him. but he was nowhere to be seen.inquired what had happened to distress (disgustar) him. and found the mother and the children seated round the fire. and . Mr. A pale light fel! straight upon the bed. But surely they were very quiet! Peter Cratchit: 'And He took a child. '1 am heartily sorry for it. Scrooge s nephew. Cratchit: And here is your father at the door! You went to the graveyard (cementerio) to-day. with not a man. 1 promised him that 1 would walk there on a Sunday. Cratchit. or a child. It would have done you good to see how green a place it is. The mothel' and her daughters were sewing (coser). on which. The room was very dark.f.

by an altered life! I will honour Christmas in my heart. as long as I live! I scarcely (apenas) ever looked at it before. if I am past all hope! Good Spirit. my dears. Scrooge: Spirit. the Present. The Spirits have done it all in one night. and felt with uso I am sure we shall none of us forget poor Tiny Tim-shall we? All the Cratchits: Never. and try to keep it all the year. Scrooge: !t's Christmas Day! I haven't missed (perderse algo) it. Come back (regresar) with the man. Of course they can. ready lor the coming 01 the butcher s mano As he stood there. I am as giddy (mareado) as a drunken manoA Merry Christmas to everybody! A Happy New Year to all the world. Spirit! Oh no. or are they shadows of things that may be. Pray (le ruego) come to me. my fine fellow? Boy: Today! Why. the Present. answer me one question. the wretched man. Scrooge: An intelligent boy! A remarkable (excepcional) boy! Do you know whether they've sold the prize Turkey that was hanging up there? Boy: What. and the Future. I am as merry as a schoolboy. I am very happy! importa). Come back with him in less (menos) than five minutes and I'll give you half-a-crown (corona)! Narrator: The boy was off (marcharse) like a shot. Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point. father! Bob Cratchit: And I know. Scrooge: I'll send it to Bob Cratchit's! He won't know who sends it. Here. we shall not quarrel (pelear) easily among ourselves. He went downstairs to open the street door. I will not shut out (olvidar) the lesson that they teach. the one as big as me? Scrooge: What a delightful boy! It's a pleasure to talk to him. at the comer? Boy: I should hope I did. -30- . my boy! Boy: !t's hanging there now. but he wrote it somehow. it's impossible to carry that to Camden Town. never. Narrator: The hand in which he wrote the address was not a steady one.' he said. They can do anything they like. Scrooge: I shalllove that knocker. Scrooge advanced towards it trembling. CHRISTMAS DAY. 'that's where I live. that I may give them the address where to take it. You must have -31- I willlive in the Past. assure me that I may yet change these shadows you have shown me. lay underneath the ground. no! Spirit! Hear me! I am not the man I was. I willlive in the Past. Hallo. The Spirit stood among the graves (tumbas) and pointed down to one. little child. and 1'11 give you a shilling. !t's twice the size (abulta el doble) ofTiny Tim. What'stoday! Boy: EH? Scrooge: What's today. only? Am 1 that man who lay upon the bed? No. Scrooge: Is it? Go and buy it and tell ' em to bring it here. in the next street but one. What an honest expression it has on its face! It's a wonderful knocker!-Here's the Turkey! Hallo! Whoop! How are you! Merry Christmas! Why. my fine fellow! Boy: Hallo! Scrooge: Do you know the butcher's. father! Bob Cratchit: I am very happy. I don't know anything. tell me what man that was who we saw lying dead. ' It really seemed as if he had known our Tiny Tim. the knocker caught his eye. and the Future! The Spirits of all Three shall be within me. IfI can be of service to you in any way. Why show me this. The Spirits of all Three shalllive within me. Never mind (no . that when we remember how patient and how mild (dulce) he was. Yes. All the Cratchits: No. giving me his card. I don't care (me da igual). whose name he had now to learn. and forget poor Tiny Tim. Are these the shadows of the things that wil/ be. although he was a little. Oh Jacob Marley! Heaven and Christmas Time be praised (alabados sean) for this! I don't know what to do! I am as light as a feather. tt Narrator: The Ghost 01Christmas fet To Come conveyed him to a church- 17 yard.Vaughan Radio A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 'and heartily sorry for your good wife. I don't know what day ofthe month it is! I don't know how long I've been among the Spirits. I am as happy as an angel.

who did not die. He was eighteen and a half minutes late. He passed the and to Tiny Tim. my good fellow. he was early there. Bob's hat was off before he opened the door. as he had seen them with the Ghost of Christmas Presento Scrooge regarded every one with a delighted smile. I am not going to stand (soportar) this sort ofthing any longer. He did it all.englishtips. ifyou please. Wonderful party. No Bob. Bless you! I ti> 18 Narrator: He went to church. sir. Fred? Narrator: Let him in! It is a mercy (milagro) he didn ~ shake his arm off (arrancar). In the afiernoon he walked towards his nephew's house. He was on his stool (banqueta) in ajif. He was at home infive minutes. . before he had the courage to go up and knock. Bob! Prepare the fires. Scrooge sat with his door wide open. elefanta . and the chuckle with which he paid for the cab. Narrator: The chuckle (risita) with which he said this. Scrooge. "Good morning. Bob Cratchit! Narrator: Scrooge was better than his word. Will you let me in. than I have given you. and catch Bob Cratchit coming late! That was the thing he had set his heart upon (empeñarse positivamente). He became as good a -32- -33- . I am late. And will you have the goodness .~inaliento) in his chair again. sir. he did! The c/ock struck nine. First Visitor: Lord bless me! My dear Mr. were only to be exceeded by the chuckle with which he sat down breathless (. I assure YOU. A Merry Christmas to you. sir. So did everyone when they came. He dressed himself "all in his best.Vaugban Radio A Christmas Caro) by Cbarles Dickens a cab (taxi). Bob! A merrier Christmas. A great many back-payments (pagos atrasados) are inc1uded in it. " and at last got out into the streets. 1f he could only be therefirst. wonderful games. and buy some more coal before you dot another i. and had said. sir. Scrooge? Scrooge: YesoThat is my name. I was making rather merry yesterday. Bob Cratchit: It's only once a year. Allow me to ask your pardon. and the chuckle with which he recompensed the boy. and found that everything could give him pleasure. No Bob. Oh. and I fear it may not be pleasant to YOU. for many ayear! 1'11raise your salary. and try to assist your struggling family. he saw the fat gentleman who had walked into his counting-house the day before. . He looked so irresistibly pleasant that three 01'four good-humoured fellows said. Come and see me. my friend. and irifinitely more. A quarter past. and did it: Scrooge's Nephew: Why bless my soul! Who's that? Scrooge: It's I.lY (en un segundo). Step this way. 1 believe?" Scrooge: My dear sir. are you serious? Scrooge: Ifyou please. The people were by this time filling the streets. and we will discuss your affairs this very aftemoon. sir! A Merry Christmas to you!" He had not gone lar when. He had never dreamed that any walk could give him so much happiness. how do you do? I hope you succeeded yesterday. Your unc1e Scrooge. "Scrooge and Marley's. 1'11tell you what (le dire una cosa). won-der-ful happiness! But he was early at the ojJice next morning. It was very kind of you. Scrooge: Now. coming towards him. that he might see him come in. Scrooge: You are? Yeso I think you are. ill you do me that favour? W First Visitor: My dear sir. His niece lookedjust the same. and walked about the streets. Will you come and see me? First Visitor: I will! Scrooge: I am much obliged to YOU. sir! First Visitor: Mr. But he made a dash. thank you fifty times. And he did it.org door a dozen times. he was a second father. I have come to dinner. and patted (acariciar) children on the head. yes. It shall not be repeated. And I am about to raise your salary! A Merry Christmas. and chuckled till he cried. not a penny less. I don't know what to sayo Scrooge: Don't say anything. please. working away (ajcmándose) with his peno Scrooge: Hallo! What do you mean by coming here at this time of day? Bob Cratchit: I am very sorry. and the chuckle with which he paid for the Turkey.

as good a master. Every One! -35- . and he had no further encounters with the Spirits. as the good old city knew. as Tiny Tim observed. Tiny Tim: God bless Us. and it was always said of him that he knew how to celebrate Christmas better than any man alive.A Christmas Carol by CharlesDickens . friend. and as good a man. May that be truly said of al! of us! And so. Every One! 111 I~ ~ ~ God bless Us.